Best Your Stress Month Wrap-Up: Share Your Success! | Chris Kresser

Best Your Stress Month Wrap-Up: Share Your Success!


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Now that Best Your Stress month has concluded, I’d love to hear from you. Were you able to stick with your commitment? If so, what differences did regular stress management make in your health and your life overall?

If you weren’t able to stick with it, what got in the way? What did you do instead of stress management? It’s crucial not to beat yourself up about this. What’s most important is to be aware of how you get derailed and what stops you from reaching your goals. Then be compassionate with yourself and use this new awareness to improve your success the next time around.

Now that you’ve tasted the benefits of stress management, what commitment will you make to yourself on an ongoing basis? Let us know in the comments section.

  1. Do you have any suggestions for herbs and supplements for stress?

    Maybe…L-Theanine, L-tryptophan, 5 HTP, Ashwagandha, rhodilia, several more…

    • Those are all good choices. Also rehmannia, eleutherococcus, schizandra, panax ginseng, etc.

  2. I am a Recent follower of you, so I’m only just starting my own month of trying to tame stress. But here’s a question for you in the same vein. I understand there can be a stress on your body from toxins when you burn your body fat… not much of an issue if you’re young, healthy, and/or have little to lose. But what if you’re older, unhealthy, metabolically challenged, and obese so have LOTS to lose from years of shamefully SAD eating? Supplements to help the liver like milk thistle and antioxidants seem to universally be recommended, plus the more obvious excercise, keeping hydrated, eating clean, adequate sleep, and infrared saunas (but those are way out of a lot of budgets). Have you any thoughts on how serious a stress to your body released toxins from long term weight loss can be and can you share studies or suggest books to read or have you any other practical suggestions or observations?

    I’m enjoying your blogs and RHR very much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Absolutely the best challenge for me with amazing results, lost 2 kilos – not a goal but a bonus I just feel like I am firing on all cylinders what else can I say I feel and look fantastic!! All I changed was an extra hour or two of sleep and less intense exercise.. Thanks Chris. Loved your latest podcast, some good tips on the GAPS protocol and leg cramps. Are you planning on doing anything on FODMAPS? I have found reducing these foods has improved my digestion. The only thing I am worried about is getting all the enzymes Sally Fallon promotes because a lot of the foods high in these are on the FODMAP list. I was eating a lot of raw and fermented foods but wasn’t doing well on them. Any suggestions would be helpful… Thanks

  4. offered $60 off their emwave products for the “best your stress” month of April, so this (and the constant mention of the benefits of emWave by Dave Asprey) got me off the fence and into action. Although I have had TM training and other stress relief training, it was hard to keep my mind from wandering and sticking with it. The emWave (probably due to the concrete nature of the visualizations) really does it for me. And I can FEEL the difference after just a few short weeks of using it every day. It is reinforcing because I feel better. I love the product, and can “feel” the benefits.