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Gerard Friedman, BS- Athletic Training, ATC- Certified Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer

Gerard Friedman, MS, ATC, is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Functional Health Coach candidate. Gerard holds a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, a master’s degree in exercise science and rehabilitation, and is a student in the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program.

Gerard’s journey into the Functional Health community started with his diagnosis of colitis in 2011. While doing research to improve his condition, Gerard quickly realized there was conflicting evidence in the healthcare information industry and was forced to self-experiment with a variety of interventions before succeeding with an ancestral approach. Gerard has since developed a passion for helping people succeed in similar ways, and has become a health coach through the ADAPT program. Additionally, Gerard has been drawn to improving the quality, clarity, and specificity of information provided to those in need and dispelling the misnomers that are plaguing the internet.

Gerard’s passion is in helping people become healthy and independent through exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and stress regulation. Aside from working privately with clients to address personal challenges and health goals, Gerard’s mission is to provide overwhelmed health industry consumers with information that clarifies complex topics, details, and nuance; discusses associated positives and negatives; and provides individual application.

Gerard’s passion for improving consumer information and the quality of the health industry is spearheaded by Chris Kresser. The ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible with Chris’s message and assisting him with research will enable Chris to continue to publish information in a sustainable, scalable, and high-quality manner.