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Vanessa Wong, MD

Vanessa went to medical school in Hong Kong and graduated in 2004 with an MBBS. Then, she spent six years obtaining her specialist in psychiatry degree from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists. She has 15 years of clinical experience working with a wide range of patients and, in the past few years, she has been using Functional Medicine in her private practice. She was in the first ADAPT Practitioner Training Program and benefited a lot from it. She went through her own health issues at the time, which she was able to resolve with a Functional Medicine approach. She hopes to do the same for others.

She believes that Functional Medicine can be effectively combined with her experience in psychiatry for the mental health problems she treats on a daily basis; especially as psychiatry is still based on an archaic system of “treating the symptom,” probably beating out other specialties when it comes to it! She has found that optimizing the gut, nutrition, hormones, detox, etc., and stress management do much more for her patients than a pill, and with much fewer side effects. She gets so excited about progress as her patients feel empowered to find relief from their chronic issues!

She practices what she preaches—a balanced work-and-life ratio; enjoying nature and outdoor activities such as open water swimming, rock climbing, and chasing snow; learning languages, and lots of traveling. Her exercise routine consists of swimming, powerlifting, “spinning”, HIIT, yoga, and Pilates. She meditates daily in one way or another to get to a flow state. She eats a whole-food, mostly Paleo diet with the occasional treat, and she’s learned to eat what’s right for her, both from a subjective feeling and also objective testing.

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