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Mind-Body Medicine

Understanding mind-body medicine is essential in the Functional Medicine approach to healthcare. Learn more about how the mind and body are connectedand how that link impacts health.

Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic State: How Stress Affects Your Health
If you’re chronically stressed, your body is spending too much time in the sympathetic state, rather than the parasympathetic. Find out the difference between these two states and the impact long-term sympathetic activity has on...
sympathetic vs parasympathetic
What Is the Biggest Obstacle to Perfect Health?
For many people, the biggest obstacle to perfect health is their mind. Find out how to help others address their weak spots and improve their health.
Perfect Health
How to Make Lifestyle Changes and Build New Habits
Many chronic diseases can be prevented, significantly improved, or even completely reversed simply by making diet and lifestyle changes. Find out how habits form—and how to make good ones stick.
If you’re making lifestyle changes, like this person getting ready to run on a track, understanding how habits form can help.
How Relationships Affect Health—and How to Feel More Connected
We’re social creatures. We thrive when we feel connected, and we suffer health consequences when we feel alone. Here’s how relationships affect health, and four ways you can build closer connections in your life.
These people holding hands are likely experiencing a rush of hormones, which are integral players in how relationships affect health.
RHR: The Power of Motivational Interviewing, with Ken Kraybill
Today, we talk with Ken Kraybill about the importance of motivational interviewing, how it’s being applied today, and why every coach can benefit from learning this collaborative style.
Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Busyness: Badge of Honor or Cultural Disease?
Status symbols are a part of every culture. Conspicuous consumption and expensive brands have been the dominant status symbols in America. Now “busyness” is overtaking them. But is being busy a good thing?
Is It the “Terrible Twos”? Or Is It a Disrupted Gut Microbiome?
Kids out of control? New evidence suggests that a disrupted gut microbiome could be partly responsible for unruly behavior in children.
terrible twos
RHR: Do Emotions Impact Our Health?
In today’s podcast, I discuss how our emotions can affect our health and why focusing on emotional well-being may be a key part of the healing process.
Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Do Gut Microbes Control Your Food Cravings?
Do you have cravings for particular foods? Your gut microbes can influence your food choices. You can also manipulate your gut microbes to curb cravings.