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Check out my column at The Huffington Post!


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Huffington Post column
I wrote a health column recently for the Huffington Post.

I was recently invited to be a regular health columnist at The Huffington Post. My first article, How Sitting Too Much Is Making Us Sick and Fat—And What to Do About It, was just published today.

Please take a moment to read it if you’re interested in the topic. And if you like it, I’d be grateful if you would leave a comment and forward it to a friend or share it on social media. That will help me gain some traction on over there. If you’re a regular reader of The Huffington Post (and even if you’re not), you can also subscribe via email or RSS to my column there so you’ll be notified when I publish a new article. I will post links to each article I write there on Facebook, Google + and Twitter, but not necessarily here on the blog.


  1. Hi Chris,
    congratulations on your column! This is great. I had a friend on Google+ share your article and I came over here and found your post.
    I usually stand up and walk a little and stretch every 50 minutes or so, but I didn’t realize that sitting for hours was so detrimental to our health; this is really an eye-opener.
    Looking forward to your next HuffPost articles!

  2. Hey Chris:

    Great seeing you in the Huffington Post. Just left a comment there. What I wrote is so funny that I may as well repeat it here. On the very same day your article appeared there, I got an email newsletter from a medical doctor who wrote on the same topic (the problem with sitting too much, the use of standing desks, etc.). Here’s the thing: The photo at the top of the newsletter was of the doctor SITTING AT HER DESK! How funny is that?

    Great blog you have here. I’ve learned so much and have made substantial changes in my approach to nutrition from what you’ve written. Especially loved your recent post on red meat. It’s what finally persuaded me to start eating it again (after decades of eating white meat only). I’m often more influenced by facts than emotion, and your post was full of facts for sure – namely that red meat is a great source of many of the vitamins and minerals I happen to be deficient in. So I decided to make the change. To be honest, red meat still doesn’t look appetizing to me, and hasn’t for a long time. In fact, it looks gross to me. But I’m eating it anyway because, as I’m learning, deficiencies are no fun and they manifest themselves in very tangible ways.

    I think I’ll get to where I enjoy eating it. I’m keeping an open mind and trying not to think about it too much.

    Your post on FODMAPs changed my eating too. Really awesome stuff. Thanks!