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Don’t Miss the Paleo Summit!


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Sean Croxton over at Underground Wellness is hosting an online Paleo extravaganza called the Paleo Summit.

Whether you’re hardcore into paleo, just getting started, don’t really know anything about it, or hate it and think it’s all hype — this event has something for you.

Mark your calendars, because this event (8 days of in all) starts Sunday, February 26th.

Speakers include Mark Sisson, Mat LaLonde, Jack Kruse, Paul Jaminet, yours truly – and many more. On Day 5 I’ll be giving a talk called “An Update on Cholesterol” summarizing and boiling down the latest research on cholesterol and heart disease.

The best part? It’s completely FREE.

As an added bonus, when you register today, you’ll also get an awesome video interview with Mark Sisson regarding why we should eat like our ancestors, as well as a 40-minute interview with Gary Taubes on why we get fat – I know you’re going to love them.

Pre-registration is now available – so make sure you head over to right now to sign up.