5 Reasons You Should Join Me at Paleo f(x) 2017 in Austin

Five Reasons You Should Join Me at Paleo f(x) 2017 in Austin


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For those of you who have not attended Paleo f(x) before or are new to the idea of eating and living according to an “evolutionary template,” here are five reasons you should join me in Austin this year for the world’s premiere wellness event covering health, nutrition, fitness, sustainability, and everything in between.

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1. Because We’re Hardwired to Sit around the Fire with Our Tribe

While you might suspect that diet and other lifestyle factors like sleep and exercise would have a far greater impact on health than social support, research suggests otherwise.

A landmark study exploring social connections published in 2010 involving more than 300,000 participants found that social support was a stronger predictor of survival than physical activity, body mass index, hypertension, air pollution, alcohol consumption, and even smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

Basically, your genes are telling you to join me at Paleo f(x)! Surround yourself with people who really “get” you and share your passion for health.

Not only will this contribute to your overall health, but it will also provide emotional support to keep you on track with your personal wellness goals.

2. Because Paleo Is More Than Just Bacon, Avocados, and Coconut Oil

I’m happy that the Paleo Diet became a popular trend, taking the idea that we could learn about health from our ancestors into the homes of millions of Americans.

Unfortunately, most people get a simplistic version of the potentially life-changing concept. Even people passionate about health are often missing out on the true potential of living in line with your evolutionary template.

This is why I called one of my earliest ebooks Beyond Paleo and introduced the idea of a “Paleo Template.” Paleo goes beyond diet and weight loss.

Following a Paleo template for not only diet, but sleep, movement, and stress management can reverse chronic conditions like digestive disorders, allergies, cognitive disorders, autoimmune disease, blood sugar disorders, and more.

When you join me at Paleo f(x) 2017, you’ll hear from a line-up of truly innovative, intelligent, and passionate experts. Your understanding of a Paleo-based approach to health will explode.

I always come away with something new and useful.

This year, my presentation is called “Too Much Junk in Your Trunk”—and no, it is not about weight loss. I’ll be discussing the growing role of environmental toxins in the chronic illness epidemic.

Where can you find products that are literally better than sliced bread? Paleo f(x).

3. Because Humans Have Been Using Tools for More Than 2 Million Years

Research and theory are important and interesting. And the promised results of living a Paleo lifestyle are exciting. But to get from A to B, you need practical steps and the right tools.

The beginning of the Paleolithic era is, in fact, marked by the earliest known use of stone tools, about 2.6 million years ago. While having tools is not a guarantee of success—just ask the Neanderthals—it does make success much more likely, and a heck of a lot less work.

Would you want to try to take down a woolly mammoth with a stone hammer? No.

At Paleo f(x) 2017, you’ll find practical strategies, tools, and products that help you get real results. You’ll get live instruction and tools for everything, including:

  • Moving like our ancestors – get your free FIT Score
  • Cooking demonstrations using recipes from your favorite cookbooks
  • Practical steps to follow to personalize your diet for your health goals
  • Strategies for improving sleep, reducing stress, and healing your gut
  • And so much more!

4. Because You’ll Find New Products That Are Literally Better Than Sliced Bread

Another great benefit of the popularity of Paleo is that there are now so many innovative people putting their genius to work and creating amazing Paleo-friendly products.

Every year, I’m impressed by the new ideas, foods, and other products that really smart, hardworking people have taken from idea to reality.

For example, if you join me at Paleo f(x), you’ll get …

  • Exercise tools to keep your workout interesting and grounded in natural movement
  • Customized supplements for everything from more energy to better sleep and healthier digestion
  • Amazing personal-care products free of all those harmful chemicals and additives
  • Delicious nutrient-dense foods, snacks, and drink mixes to make eating Paleo easier and tastier

5. Because It’s Fun!

Before I close, let me mention that Paleo f(x) has sold out the last four years in a row. So, if you’ve been thinking about going, don’t wait too long to get your tickets.

I love meeting new people, seeing old friends, learning something new, trying all the new products, and just enjoying the city of Austin in May.

I go every year and wouldn’t miss it. Neither should you!

You can learn more about Paleo f(x) and get tickets here.


  1. Hey dear Kriss, or someone near you.
    Im thinking of comming to the event. I’m from Slovenia and am working towards becomming a PALEO/PRIMAL expert, cause i wanna share my story with others and help em, that they do not need to go through hell, that i went. Huh,my life was so massed up, that i rather not explain it here 🙁

    Now i know, that that’s quite a journey,but if i attend the convention, do i get lots of info,that I can’t find online and while meeting all the PROFESSIONALS of PALEO/PRIMAL, is it then possible to make some business connections?
    As i would so much like to become a part of the PALEO/PRIMAL family, and be right there where the action is!
    Cause here in Slovenia, PALEO is so not recognized. Only LCHF and KETO :/

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