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Food Additives

Even if you do your best to follow a Paleo-style diet today, many of the modern “Paleo friendly” foods are actually full of modern additives—and some of them are not so friendly to your health.

In fact, many of these “Paleo” foods have far more additives than the ‘bad’ modern foods you are trying to avoid. For instance, commercial nut milks and coconut milk often contain thickeners like gums or carrageenan, while your run-of-the-mill grocery store whole cow’s milk is additive-free.

These food additives usually give foods a taste, look, and texture that is more appealing to our 21st century palate. But, you don’t have to look far to see dire warnings about how harmful they are to your health.

Are they really harmful? What does the scientific literature really say about them? Which ones should you try to avoid?

In this eBook, we’ll separate fact from fiction and look at the scientific evidence on the health effects of the most common food additives, like:

Download this free ebook now to learn more about if, and how, these additives impact your digestion, immune health, inflammation, hormone balance, and more. Get the evidence-based info you need to make smart choices about modern foods.

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