Join Me in England and Sweden July 2017

Join Me in the UK and Sweden July 2017


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London functional medicine seminar
Get a chance to hear Chris live and in person in London and Sweden!

When I was 20 years old, I spent a couple of months in Sweden. I was visiting a friend that I met while living in Spain that year, and I took several weeks to travel around afterwards.

I had such an amazing time in and around Stockholm, Västerås (where my friend lived), and Göteborg. It was summer, and I remember the long days, festive atmosphere, and beautiful places I visited.

That’s why I’m so happy to announce that I’m finally returning to Sweden after more than 20 years away. I’ve had a number of requests to come talk about functional medicine and ancestral health, which are both increasingly popular topics in Sweden, and I’ll be teaching seminars for both the general public and healthcare practitioners.

Ancestral health events in London and Stockholm this summer

While I’m over on that side of the world, I’m also going to return to the UK. In October of 2015 I visited London and taught a couple of seminars—organized by Chris and his fantastic team at Re-Find Health—that I really enjoyed. There was so much enthusiasm and passion in the room, and I’m looking forward to doing more events in London this summer.

In both Stockholm and London, with the support of Re-Find Health, I’ll be doing seminars for clinicians/healthcare practitioners and the general public, as well as a unique and intimate pop-up dinner.

Here’s the schedule:

Join Chris Kresser in London, UK
July 8th – General Public: Half-day Discussion and Q&A
July 8th – Dinner with Chris Kresser by Chef Holly Redman – limited to 40 seats!
July 9th – Full Day for Healthcare Professionals and Students

LONDON: Learn more and reserve your spot here

Join Chris Kresser in Stockholm, Sweden
July 14th – General Public: Discussion and Q&A
July 14th – Pop-up Dinner with Chris Kresser – limited to 50 seats!
July 15th – Full Day for Healthcare Professionals and Students

STOCKHOLM: Learn more and reserve your spot here

Join me for a lively, interactive conversation about new trends defining the future of medicine, including:

  • The crucial role of the exposome in human health and disease
  • The power of “ancestral” nutrition and living in line with our “evolutionary template”
  • Preventing and reversing disease with functional medicine
  • Creating a career in functional and evolutionary medicine
  • And more!

I’m passionate about educating practitioners and the public on these topics, and I’ve seen a growing interest in them in both Scandinavia and the UK. We’ve had several doctors and other healthcare professionals from both of these areas enroll in my ADAPT clinician training program over the past 18 months, and outside of the United States and Canada, I have more email and social media followers in the UK and Scandinavia than any other parts of the world.

I hope to see many of you at these events. Don’t wait to register, as seats will fill up fast—especially for the dinner event.

P.S. If you can’t make it to the live event, my full-day London seminar for health professionals and students will be recorded and available after the event. If you pre-purchase the video now, you can use the coupon code “prekresser” and get 15% off the post-event pricing.

  1. Exciting! Holly is fantastic, too! And I’m planning a trip to Sweden at the moment, have always wanted to visit there. This is a great opportunity.

  2. London is “in” the uk but not “of” the Uk and certainly not “of” England either. Rather it is a malignant cancer on the English countryside and society.