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Nutrient Deficiency

Why Most of Us Are Nutrient Deficient—and What to Do about It

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In my 15-year career as a Functional Medicine practitioner, I’ve been honored to treat several hundred patients in my clinic from all over the United States.

I’ve also trained over 2,000 healthcare providers from more than 50 countries around the world.

This experience, along with decades of published research, convinced me that the vast majority of us are suffering from an affliction that is slowly eroding our quality of life, increasing our risk of chronic disease, and shortening our life span.

You won’t hear about this affliction from your doctor, and you likely haven’t seen much about it in the news.

Yet it is well established in the scientific literature, and recent statistics suggest it affects almost 100 percent of the population—at least to some degree.

What’s more, unlike some health issues like autoimmune disease, recalcitrant weight gain, or severe mental health disorders, this affliction is relatively easy to treat and doesn’t require a team of physicians, expensive lab tests, or dangerous medications.

And when this affliction is finally addressed, most people experience an upward spiral—problems that they didn’t know were related begin to improve, they have more energy and sleep better, their minds are sharper, their skin is clearer, their digestion is smoother, and their physical performance and recovery are better.

In short, you could say that treating this affliction slows and even reverses the aging process.

What is this mysterious affliction that has such far-reaching impacts on our health, yet few people (including doctors) pay attention to?

Nutrient deficiency.

In this eBook, I’ll explain:

  • Why micronutrients—vitamins, minerals, and other compounds—are so critical to our health
  • Why most of us don’t get enough of not just one but several essential micronutrients
  • Why a healthy diet should always be the starting place for restoring optimal nutrient status
  • Why we can no longer meet all of our nutrient needs through food alone
  • How “smart supplementation” can close the modern nutrient gaps, improve our health, protect us from disease, and extend our life span