Paleo f(x): A Kickstart for Lasting Change

Paleo f(x): A Kickstart for Lasting Change


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Paleo fx 2016
The best tools for getting on board with an ancestral lifestyle are at the annual Paleo f(x) event, held in Austin, Texas.

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Let’s face it, you can have all the information in the world about diet and exercise, but that information won’t do anything for you unless you put it into action. “You should do this” and “You should do that,” but how many of those “shoulds” are you actually doing?

It can be tough to go it alone. There’s so much information out there about the Paleo diet and lifestyle, some of which can even be contradictory. You want to adopt the “ancestral” lifestyle, but where do you begin? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. You need three things in addition to information: tools, practice, and support.


There’s no better place to find the best tools for getting on board with a Paleo lifestyle than the annual Paleo f(x) event, held in Austin, Texas, April 27–29. It is a gathering not only of your tribe, but also of companies developing the best, cutting-edge products and tools to support you in reaching your health goals. You’ll find tools in every category:

  • Diet: cooking equipment, cookbooks, and lots of yummy Paleo-friendly snacks
  • Lifestyle: products for everything from sleep to stress management to detoxing
  • Fitness: equipment, coaches, movement programs, and even Paleo footwear
  • And so much more


You might have heard me say this before, but you cannot become good at basketball by just learning about basketball. The same can be said about a Paleo lifestyle. You must practice and actually DO things. At Paleo f(x), you’ll find things to actually TRY and DO.

For example, there’s a dedicated Strength & Conditioning area where you can find a variety of demonstrations and workshops by world-class coaches and athletes. These are taught in small-group settings. Are you looking to perfect your squatting technique? Have you always wanted to incorporate kettlebells into your workout? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for you. 


It’s one thing to choose a Paleo lifestyle for yourself. It’s another to be surrounded by thousands of other people who love it too. Paleo f(x) is exactly that. It’s the largest gathering of Paleo / ancestral health / keto / Functional Medicine / strength & conditioning experts in the world.

It’s where we get to connect with thousands of like-minded people pursuing a Paleo-inspired diet and lifestyle—and not in a buzzy, superficial way, but in a way that embraces Paleo as a 360-degree template for adapting your habits to reverse countless chronic conditions.

Paleo f(x) is the who’s who gathering of the ancestral health movement. Gather with your tribe as you grow and learn together. You’ll find the latest, most cutting-edge science as well as a strategy on how to create the best version of your life.

Imagine spending three days with like-minded people who are just as eager as you to change their lives for the better. Meet the leading names in the Paleo world, and meet each other. One of the best ways to stay on track is to have a support group. You can create a network of people that will help you reach and maintain your goals.

And that doesn’t include the experts you can hear from and even meet. Who can you find at Paleo f(x)?

You’ll get to hear from speakers such as:

  • Joseph Mercola
  • Mark Sisson
  • David Perlmutter
  • Robb Wolf
  • Yours truly
  • And so many great others

(You’ll also be more likely to catch me at our booth this year since most years I take some time to go play at Austin’s amazing surf park, which is closed this year.)

The event takes place April 27–29. Get your tickets now before prices go up on April 24.

If you can’t make it to Austin, you can virtually attend all the keynote sessions for $99, or get livestream access and recordings of all the keynote sessions for $199.

The Kresser Institute team and I will be at Booth #44—make sure you come say hi. And throughout the conference, I’ll being talking about such topics as:

  • How to end chronic disease (my keynote address on 4/28, 4:25 p.m.)
  • The biomarkers of health, wellness, and vibrancy (panel talk, 4/28, 10 a.m.)
  • Care and feeding of a healthy gut microbiome (panel talk, 4/28, 5:35 p.m.)
  • Expert health coaching techniques to change your health—and your life (TBD)

I’ll also be sharing information about the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program, our first-in-the-nation health coach training to take an ancestral approach to diet and lifestyle. The program is specifically designed to equip, support, and train health coaches to do paradigm-shifting work that reinvents healthcare.

Making real, lasting lifestyle and behavior changes isn’t a switch you flip. It takes ongoing effort and support. Paleo f(x) can help kickstart those behavior changes.

Get your tickets before prices increase or even worse, sell out, and join me and thousands of others April 27–29.

Learn more about Paleo f(x) and get your tickets here, or learn more about the virtual sessions and get access here.

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