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Paleo-Nerd-A-Thon with Robb Wolf & Mat Lalonde


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Robb Wolf, Mat LaLonde and I will be doing a special two-part (i.e. two-hour) podcast we’re calling the Paleo-Nerd-A-Thon. The show will be recorded on Friday, April 15th and broadcast as an episode of my podcast on Tuesday, April 26th.

During the first hour each of us will spend some time discussing research or other topics we’ve been thinking about lately. During the second hour, we’ll answer your questions in a roundtable format.

I’m sure you know Robb – he’s a former research biochemist, New York Times Bestselling author of The Paleo Solution and contemporary father (or cool uncle, if you like) of the modern Paleo movement.

Mat is a Harvard Ph.D research chemist that has examined the scientific literature on the subject of nutrition with passion and rigor. He teaches seminars with the aim to help the general public attain optimum health and fitness through proper nutrition.

Please leave your questions for Robb, Matt or myself in the comments section of this post. Comments will be closed on Monday, April 11th to give us time to sift through the questions.

  1. Hi Chris, I just love your site as I am learning quite a bit from it. I’m very hearing impaired and I would love to be able to have in print some of the pod casts you are doing. Anything that is sound only is hard to impossible to glean the information. So, in the future is it possible to offer pod casts in text? Thanks, Nancy

  2. Hi Chris,
    having completed 30 days without dairy, potatoes, eggs and carbs. I would like your assistance in deciding what and how to re-introduce some of those foods I had cut out.
    Just to give you a little background. I am male 62yrs, 6 feet tall and 175 lbs. Diagnosed ceoliac disease in Nov 2012.
    Having changed diet to gluten free, this did not rid me of bloating etc. So I have adopted the Paleo diet and improved results were almost immediate, but I am experiencing chronic constipation but I am not feeling ill. I do however, suffer with acid reflux and to help with this I have introduced some fermented vegetables at every meal (just one tbsp) for last two weeks. I had a Vit D Serum 25-HO vit D3 level blood test which proved to be low 37.4 nmol/L
    My GP advised Vit D supplement 1000 iu once a day.
    Hope you can help.
    Best regards


  3. I can’t wait until tomorrow! Love your stuff Chris. I was introduced to you via Robb Wolfinator and really enjoy your thoughts about nutrition and health!

  4. I have been taking synthroid for over 30 years. I had never heard of Hashimoto’s until I listened to Robb Wolf’s podcast. My question: should one be taking multivitamin supplements with iodine in it if one has hypothyroidism? If the main cause for hypothyroidism is Hashimotos, (Kresser, Krarrazian), should I be strictly following the Robb’s protocol for auto-immunity?

    I am a 67 woman who became interested in Paleo diet after reading Boyd Eaton and Loren Cordain’s early books. It wasn’t until the connection was made between thyroid and gluten that it seemed important for me personally to be strict about this way of eating. It is wonderful to see so many young science minded people involved in this effort to change the way we use food. I love the geek stuff of the new movement- it is not just an idea but there is real science behind it with people having different opinions that are always being tweeked and changed with research and experimentation. ( I taught biology and chemistry for 24 years)

    Thanks to all of you

  5. I know two people who are suffering with Polymyalgia Rheumatica that I am trying to help, and would like to advise them on how to use paleo diet to reduce their symptoms and get off the prednisone. I like the autoimmune protocol that Mat laid out a little while back on Robb’s podcast, but it is rather extreme for someone not already tuned in to the paleo concept. I’m hoping any of you could point me towards any success stories for that particular malady, any anecdotal evidence that would help these folks take the plunge. I have not found any on the internet. Mat said that every autoimmune condition that has been looked at closely from the right point of view has been found to have a dietary/molecular-mimicry involvement. The standard medical claim is that PMR is purely genetic, but I haven’t been able to find anything about identical twins or a high concordance rate that specifically had to do with PMR. And I have come across another possible way for molecular mimicry to occur that doesn’t have to do with diet or leaky gut: a virus or other pathogen could bring in foreign proteins. Further question: even if the cause isn’t diet-related molecular mimicry, would Mat’s protocol reduce symptoms? And why?

  6. Hopefully, I’m getting this in right under the deadline. Here’s my question/topic. If a person is looking to get into the health field promoting this “whole foods/low carb/paleo/primal (however you want to define it) lifestyle” where would you recommend someone go for education (university, cert, etc…). The reason I’m asking is that I’ve seen some great benefits in my life and been able to better the life of others from the bit of knowledge I’ve gained from “geeking out” on this stuff. It’s sparked a real passion for the science and understanding and I want to be able to help as many people as I can in the future. My particular background is that I have a bachelors and masters degree in a completely unrelated field (Computer Graphics), so some education, but nothing related at all to the health field. Any advice for someone looking at going back to school and re-evaluating their current life goals would be greatly appreciated.

    Can’t say enough positive things about the information and advice you guys have been giving. I’ve been reading your blogs and listening to your podcasts since the very beginning and look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding in the future.

    Thanks again,
    – Justin (aka Listener #6)

  7. My friend was diagnosed with lupus last summer. Robb mentions lupus a few times in The Paleo Solution and discusses a lot about autoimmune diseases on the podcasts. Can you talk a little more in depth about lupus? Anything on specific causes and possible solutions would be appreciated.

  8. A friend of mine who is a PHD and RD were having a discussion about “leaky gut” she mentioned there is no scientific evidence for it. Could you define ‘Leaky gut” and you mention some research that backs that up. Thanks for all the great info.

  9. Ok, big fan here of all three of you paleonerds!

    I have a lot of different things going on, but my two primary concerns are:
    1. I have chronic lymphocytic leukemia, stage one, stable for four years this month (the crowd goes wild!) even though I was told I would be six feet under in 7-10 years. No symptoms, no treatment, just watch and wait. For about two 1/2 years I did a raw vegan diet to help control my cancer, but abandoned it nearly two years ago. The weight came on hard and fast.. and does not appear to want to leave.

    2. I will be 52 in May. I have been in ‘the pause’ for about 3 years and last test panel says I have nearly no testosterone, no progesterone and some estrogen, rendering me estrogen dominate. It seems even though I am super active, lift weights and do interval training and walking, I cannot lose a lb. Or if I do, it flys right back on, esp on my stomach. My blood glucose at last test was good at 78. My thyroid was normal but I did not get the numbers from the dr. I am fearful of taking hormone therapy due to cancer already being present.

    I have flirted with paleo, most of the time I do the no dairy/grains/legumes. My exceptions are some raw cream, butter occasionally and corn torillas and just good old organic corn.

    Now finally, to my actual question: What will help me stay strong, alive and NOT fat (gained about 18 lbs over the last 2 years)?
    I seem to not build much muscle, no surprise there. Sleep is good, body temp is good usually 97.9-98.2. I feel that I am about 8-10 lbs too heavy for my five foot six inch self. My blood pressure is arounf 120/66, my resting pulse is 60.

    Hope this is enough (and not too much, go ahead and laugh at me if you must) detail,
    Deb aka Grass Fed Momma

  10. Hi Rob, Mat and Chris,

    Thanks for all the great work you do to help us navigate the inadequate health care system based on drugs.

    I was diagnosed with “unspecified” hypothyroidism about 5 years ago. I suspected Hashimotos and told my endocrinologist that I removed gluten from my diet. She protested and insisted I do a 3-6 month gluten challenge to determine if I really had a problem with gluten. BIG MISTAKE!

    I lasted 6 weeks before I quit due to severe joint pain in my fingers and toes and horrible digestive problems. In the immediate aftermath of this disaster I developed intolerances to foods that never bothered me before (nightshades and dairy, particularly).

    I did a 30 day elimination diet and found that egg whites and nuts did not bother me. So I have been following Rob’s autoimmune protocol, but with some egg whites and nuts.

    I made no progress at all over 4 months, and have eliminated nuts and egg whites. I will give it another few months, but do you think I need to tighten the diet up more? Chris Kessler has talked about a combination of the paleo diet and GAPS.

    What do you think about the GAPS / Paleo Autoimmune protocol? How is it implemented?

    How long should I wait to see if the paleo autoimmune diet is working?

    Finally, what do you think about decaf coffee – it is a problem?

    Stress levels have been high, but they are improving as is sleep.


  11. I’ve got a seasonal hay fever/seasonal rhinitis question that is very topical for me.

    I developed hay fever 7-8 years ago at 33 – it only lasts for 4-6 weeks each year but wakes me up at 5AM most days in a big sneezing/irritation session and I mostly don’t get back to sleep again. I have been “Paleo”, with dairy, for the past 12 months and was hoping that this year would be better. After a regime of Grape Seed Extract, high does of Vitamin C, Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) and using a Neti pot to rinse my nose each evening before bed I have reached for the Loratadine hay fever relief tablets from the pharmacist.

    What is the Paleo/nutritional thoughts on hay fever?

    What theories and evidence is there for foods, “Paleo” or “Neolithic” , causing or alleviating hay fever symptoms?

    What so you guys think regarding use of Loratadine or other pharmaceutical remedies? Is it better in some circumstances, as Robb Wolf has suggested in one of his podcasts talking about the use of antibiotics to halt an infection and subsequent inflammation, to use the pharmaceutical solution?

    What does Kurt Harris and the panel think about the use of grape seed extracts and pycnogenol?

    Are there other good reasons not to reach for the antihistamines?

  12. In a LLVLC interview, Mat noted his respect for Dr. Lustig. The question is Dr. Lustig’s recommendation of 100-300 gm of daily fiber (“50 may be enough”). If we avoid grains, legumes and certain fruits how does one get to that amount of fiber in the diet and do the Three Amigos agree with Dr. Lustig on this point?

    Thanks for the consideration.

  13. Woohooo! Three of my favourite expertstogether in one show. This is great. Thanks for this opportunity Chris.

  14. Hey Chris, I’m totally stoked for this podcast!! Paleo geeks unite!

    Here’s my (long-winded) question…when it comes to coconut products, can too much of a good thing be bad? Since going paleo a few months ago, I love to snack on a teaspoon or five of coconut butter once a day and I’ve also replaced milk with the “so delicious” coconut milk. I feel great eating this stuff since I no longer feel bloated, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to go overboard. This is the first time in my life that I’ve eaten coconut on such a regular basis, so I would like to know if you have any words of caution. Thanks!

  15. To peel, or, not to peel?

    I believe I’ve heard Matt and Robb say that if you are going to eat potatoes you should peel them because of the anti nutrients in the skin. I’ve been wondering if that is the case with the skin that’s left on a coconut after you peel the meat out of the hard shell. Along the same lines, what about carrots, beets, parsnips etc…. Was all that stuff your mom told you growing up about the vitamins being in the skin just a load of hogwash? Thanks. All three of you have been very enlightening and entertaining as well.

    Thanks for all you do.

  16. Hi there,
    these are questions I would be interested in knowing answers:
    Is contraception consistent with presumptions of healthy diet?
    Do you know any adverse health effects of consumation of smoked food?
    Should I care about the Ph of my urine, which never get to 7?
    What are the health arguments against having dairy in my everyday food (yogurt, kefir, cheese, butter)?
    Thanks and wishing you best from Prague.