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cardiovascular disease

Debunking the Myth of Heart-Healthy Oils
The conventional medical community has long promoted the myth of “heart-healthy” oils. Find out why these vegetable oils are dangerous for your cardiovascular system, and learn which fats you should choose instead.
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All About Coffee
The bulk of the research suggests that coffee consumption is beneficial, but as always, whether it works for you depends on a whole bunch of different individual factors. What considerations should you keep in mind?
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How Your Lipoprotein(a) Level Affects Your Risk of Heart Disease
In today's episode, we're addressing a listener question on lipoprotein(a), a small, dense, highly inflammatory lipoprotein. Keep reading for more details.
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Still Think Low-Fat Dairy Is the “Healthy Choice”? Think Again!
Full-fat dairy is not only not harmful, it may help prevent chronic disease. Say goodbye to low-fat dairy and hello to cream, butter and whole-milk!
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Can Vitamin K2 Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?
Vitamin K2 is a topic that doesn’t get a lot of attention in the media, but we’ve definitely talked about it before on the show. More in this episode.
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Ten Steps to Preventing Heart Disease Naturally
Follow these 10 steps to dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.
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The Truth about Statin Drugs
Statin drugs are almost universally hailed as wonder drugs. But are they really as safe and effective as medical authorities claim? The answer is “no.”
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