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Treating Depression without Drugs – Part I
In this two-part series I present several clinically proven ways to treat depression without drugs.
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How to Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease
Dr. Steinberg's new recommendations for preventing heart disease are sure to have the opposite effect, in addition to causing developmental problems in children unlucky enough to be forced to adopt them.
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The Heart of Depression
The myth that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance has been permeated public consciousness, changing the way we view our lives and ourselves.
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Preventing Heart Disease without Drugs
A recent study showed that over 90% of heart disease could be prevented by simple changes to diet and lifestyle. Read on to discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones from heart disease.
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Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease
The widely accepted theory that cholesterol causes heart disease is not supported by the scientific evidence. In fact, low cholesterol can be dangerous.
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Our Children: Well-Fed but Malnourished?
The question of how to nourish our children so they develop into healthy adults is the most important question we can ask. Find out how to make sure your kids are well nourished.
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Essential Fatty Acids: Not so Essential after All
Essential fatty acids (EFAs) have long been considered to be necessary nutrients in the human diet. However, a survey of the research indicates that EFAs can contribute to chronic conditions when consumed in excess.
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