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Important Update on Selenium Supplementation
Sometimes it's necessary to supplement with selenium. However it's important to be aware of potential long-term effects of selenium supplementation.
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3 Ways to Manage Anxiety Without Drugs
After searching for non-pharmaceutical treatments to help manage anxiety, I've found a few methods that have made a big difference for me.
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Do High-Protein Diets Cause Kidney Disease and Cancer?
Recent research suggests that those who consume a high-protein diet are at higher risk for a range of chronic diseases and early death.
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Ask the RD: Paleo Weight Gain and Supplements for Gas
Laura and Kelsey address listener questions about weight gain on a paleo diet and dietary supplements to help supress the effects of gas-producing foods.
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Harmful or Harmless: Xanthan Gum
Xanthan gum is an additive often included in gluten-free baked goods. While opting for gluten-free is healthy, are there adverse effects to xanthan gum?
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Ask the RD: Probiotic Timing and the Blood Type Diet
Today, Laura and Kelsey will be discussing whether to take probiotics on an empty stomach or with a meal and the "eating for your blood type" diet?
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Health Lessons from International Cuisines: Japan
Japan maintains one of the highest life expectancies in the world and is considered one of the world’s healthiest countries. What can we learn from Japan?
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Health Lessons from International Cuisines: France
The French have one of the healthiest attitudes towards food. Quality of food is priority and mealtimes are a social time to enjoy family and friends.
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Are GMOs Safe?
Various media sources have said that genetically modified foods are perfectly safe. There has also been evidence to the contrary. Are GMOs safe or not?
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