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gut-brain axis

RHR: Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Anxiety and Depression, with Dr. Kenneth Bock
Dr. Kenneth Bock joins Chris in this episode of Revolution Health Radio to discuss the idea that many of the mental disorders most common among adolescents and teens, including depression, anxiety, and OCD, may share...
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RHR: Understanding the Connection Between What You Eat and How You Feel, with Dr. Will Cole
Dr. Will Cole joins Chris on Revolution Health Radio to discuss the bidirectional relationship between the gut and the brain and how you can influence that connection for the better. Will explains how stress, shame,...
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RHR: Understanding the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris reviews research supporting the gut–brain–skin axis, explains the ways these three systems are interrelated, and suggests what you can do to improve your gut, brain, and skin...
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RHR: Planting the Seed for a Stronger Microbiome, with Raja Dhir
Your gut health is connected to the well-being of nearly every system in your body. In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with microbiome expert Raja Dhir about the gut microbiome and the...
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Resolving the Underlying Causes of ADHD and Autism
Today we’ll discuss what the latest research says about the underlying causes of both ADHD and ASD and what areas to investigate if you or a loved one has been diagnosed.
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Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Brain
Are you among the 20 percent of adults suffering from anxiety and depression? Find out how nourishing your gut microbiome can make you happier and more relaxed.
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The Gut as the Second Brain, Group B Strep During Pregnancy and Unwanted Synthroid Side Effects
In this episode, we discuss group B strep during pregnancy, unwanted synthroid side effects and regarding the gut as the second brain.
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