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What Is the Role of Health Coaches in Public Health?
Health coaches play a vital role in public health. Check out this article to find out what that role is, and learn why we need health coaches now more than ever.
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RHR: The Shift from Treatment to Prevention, with Vipul Vyas, Laura Conley, & Pat Charmel
Historically, medical care has focused on treating injuries or illnesses. Now, we’re seeing a shift in focus towards helping people manage their health and prevent illnesses from developing in the first place.
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RHR: Dr. Mark Hyman on the Future of Medicine
Mark and I discuss the failures of conventional medicine, research that supports functional medicine and discovering the underlying roots of illness, and what the future holds for the delivery of care.
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Transform Your Practice, Change the World
In this episode, strategic advisor Keith Rhys discusses the two most important strategies that helped Chris build a impactful practice and business.
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Healthcare vs. Disease Management
We don't have healthcare in the U.S.. We have disease management. And there's a world of difference between the two.
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Chinese Medicine Demystified (Part VI): 5 Ways Acupuncture Can Help You Where Drugs and Surgery Can’t
Five reasons acupuncture beats western medicine as a primary healthcare modality.
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The Fatal Flaw of Prescription Drugs
The fatal flaw of most prescription drugs is that they don't cure illness - they just suppress symptoms.
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The Failure of U.S. Healthcare
The U.S. spends $2 trillion per year on healthcare, yet recent studies indicate that medical intervention is the 3rd leading cause of death each year.
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