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mental health

RHR: The Link Between Metabolism and Mental Health, with Dr. Christopher Palmer
Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Chris Palmer joins Chris in this episode of Revolution Health Radio to talk about metabolic psychiatry and his brain energy theory of mental illness. They discuss why classifying mental disorders as “separate”...
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RHR: Understanding the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris reviews research supporting the gut–brain–skin axis, explains the ways these three systems are interrelated, and suggests what you can do to improve your gut, brain, and skin...
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RHR Research Review: Dietary Interventions for Cancer, Vitamin D, Walking, Tocotrienols, Sleep Apnea, ADHD in Kids, Mental Health, and Nanoplastics
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser reviews some of the most interesting recently published studies and shares his thoughts and insights on them. Chris examines studies related to dietary interventions with cancer,...
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RHR: Community Q&A: Hyperthyroidism, Psoriasis, Burnout, and Human Polarization
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I answer questions from our listeners regarding natural ways to treat hyperthyroidism, tips for reducing psoriasis and eczema, strategies to overcome burnout, and the contributing factors that have...
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RHR: Why Humans Need to Reconnect with Nature, with Lucy Jones
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with science and environment journalist, Lucy Jones, about why spending time in the natural world is a crucial element to living a happy and healthy life.
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RHR: How Evolution Has Shaped Our Behaviors, with Dr. Robert Barrett and Dr. Louis Francescutti
In this episode of RHR, I talk with Dr. Barrett and Dr. Francescutti about the influence of evolution and how it affects all aspects of our behavior.
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RHR: An Integrated Approach to Mental Illness, with Omid Naim
In this episode of RHR, I talk with Dr. Omid Naim about the integrated approach to mental healthcare and how belonging, meaning, and connection are foundational pieces of healing and health.
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The Functional Medicine Approach to Depression: Identifying and Treating the Root Cause
The Functional Medicine approach to depression involves identifying the root cause of the problem and treating it. Learn about 10 possible root causes of depression and find out how to address them.
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RHR: Using Positive Psychology to Build Resilience, with Robert Biswas-Diener
The world is reeling from a number of intense events and, in these times of uncertainty, stress, and pain, it can seem gratuitous to talk about positive psychology. However, by recognizing the positive things that...
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