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RHR: How to “Hardwire Happiness,” with Dr. Rick Hanson
How do we build happiness, resilience, and gratitude? In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Dr. Rick Hanson explains how the relationship between traditional Eastern wisdom, psychology, and neuroplasticity impacts our well-being and how embracing...
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Your Gut Microbiome and Anxiety: What’s the Connection?
Did you know that your gut bacteria can influence your mood? Find out how the gut and brain communicate with each other, what connects the gut microbiome and anxiety, and how to fix gut dysbiosis.
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RHR: The Functional Medicine Approach to Anxiety
Anxiety impacts quality of life. Conventional medicine focuses on balancing neurotransmitters in the brain. Functional Medicine looks for the root cause. Here are the three pathologies that contribute to anxiety and how to correct them.
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RHR: Is Bipolar Disorder Caused by Chronic Inflammation?
Bipolar disorder affects over 5 million Americans. Today I’ll explore the link between bipolar disorder and chronic inflammation, as well as the most common causes of inflammation, and how it can be treated.
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RHR: The Healing Power of the Placebo Effect—with Jo Marchant
Can placebo heal underlying conditions or just change our experience and perception of them? Jo Marchant and I explore the placebo effect — problems with how it is defined, the measurable biological and physiological effects,...
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Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Brain
Are you among the 20 percent of adults suffering from anxiety and depression? Find out how nourishing your gut microbiome can make you happier and more relaxed.
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