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multiple sclerosis

RHR Research Review: MS, Teen Prediabetes, Sleep Deprivation & Fat, Cognitive Decline, Leisure & Loneliness, and Sunscreens
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser reviews some of the most interesting recently published studies and shares his thoughts and insights on them. Chris examines studies related to dairy and multiple sclerosis,...
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RHR: A Functional Medicine Approach to Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Disease, with Dr. Terry Wahls
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with Functional Medicine practitioner Terry Wahls about how she beat progressive multiple sclerosis using Paleo principles and Functional Medicine and how her research translates to all...
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What Is Autoimmune Disease?
What causes autoimmunity, and can it be prevented? Can it be cured? Check out this article to learn more about autoimmune disease and get tips on preventing or managing the condition.
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Should You Consider Medical Marijuana?
Medical marijuana is a pretty complex topic. Today I’ll cover the basics and talk about my experience with medical marijuana in my practice.
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AIP Diet: What It Is and Specific Steps for Personalizing It for Best Health Results
Do you need to stay on a strict AIP diet indefinitely? Not necessarily. Learn what the AIP diet is, what foods you need to eat and which ones to avoid, and—most importantly—how you can personalize...
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