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COVID-19 Prep: How to Stock up Your Paleo-Friendly Pantry and Freezer
How can you maintain a healthy Paleo diet without easy access to fresh foods? In this article, I discuss your options for COVID-19 prep and the best shelf-stable and frozen foods out there.
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The Top 4 Benefits of Raising Chickens (And How to Do It)
There are benefits to raising chickens—like the quality of eggs you get in return. Check out this article for more benefits and to learn how to start your own backyard coop.
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Animal Protein and a Whole-Foods Diet: What the Science Says
Science supports the consumption of animal protein as part of a whole-foods diet. Find out why, and learn more about why we should think twice before accepting claims that meat is harmful.
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What Is an Ancestral Diet and How Does It Help You?
What did our Paleolithic ancestors eat? While there was no “one” ancestral diet, they all shared common features. Find out what an ancestral diet looks like and how it can fight chronic disease.
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Do Your Kids Need to Eat Meat to Thrive?
Are you considering a vegetarian or vegan diet for your child? Here’s my take on why kids need to eat meat to grow into healthy adults.
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What Is Nutrient Density and Why Is It Important?
You’ve probably heard the term “nutrient density,” but do you know what it means? I’ll explain the concept of nutrient density and you can use it to choose the right foods for your nutrient needs.
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Do Vegetarians and Vegans Live Longer Than Meat Eaters?
Despite what common myths state, there’s no proof that vegetarians and vegans live longer than omnivores. Find out how this misconception got started.
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Vegetables – How Many to Eat and What Kinds
In this episode, our primary discussion centers around a listener question about vegetables. Be sure to tune in for the full scoop!
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Could ‘Eating Wild’ Be The Missing Link to Optimum Health?
Today, we're talking with Jo Robinson to discuss the value of "wild" fruits and vegetables versus cultivated produce, among other topics. Tune in!
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