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Raw Milk Reality: Buying Raw Milk Safely
Once you decide on raw dairy, the next step is to find a source. The key to minimizing the risk is to ensure your raw milk source is using best practices.
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Raw Milk Reality: Is Raw Milk Worth the Risk?
Is raw milk worth the risk for you and your family? In this article, I present a framework for making this decision and provide two alternatives to raw milk.
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Natural Childbirth VII: C-Section Risks and Complications
Contrary to popular belief, elective cesarean has significant risks and complications for both mothers and babies.
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Natural Childbirth III: Why Undisturbed Birth?
Women have been giving birth safely and efficiently without medical intervention for more than 100,000 generations.
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Natural Childbirth IIb: Ultrasound Not as Safe as Commonly Thought
A review of the current evidence suggests that routine ultrasound during pregnancy may not be as safe as commonly believed.
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Natural Childbirth IIa: Is Ultrasound Necessary & Effective in Pregnancy?
The use of routine prenatal ultrasound in pregnancy may be the biggest uncontrolled experiment in human history.
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Natural Childbirth I: Is Home Birth More Dangerous Than Hospital Birth?
The common perception is the Western world is that it's safer to give birth in a hospital than at home. But is that really true?
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