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Could Colostrum Be Your Secret Weapon Against Allergies This Spring?
As spring unfolds, bringing the beauty of nature alongside the challenges of allergy season, the search for effective relief from sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose becomes crucial for many. While traditional medications offer some...
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RHR: The Nutritional and Therapeutic Health Benefits of Mushrooms, with Jeff Chilton
Nammex founder Jeff Chilton joins Chris on this episode of Revolution Health Radio to discuss mushrooms and their nutritional and overall benefits as a functional food and supplement. They also talk about some myths and...
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Edible mushrooms: an ancient remedy rediscovered by modern science
Edible mushrooms have become a hot topic, with claims that they can do everything from boosting our defense against viruses...
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Should you take a multivitamin?
A multivitamin should contain food-based, naturally occurring, or bioidentical ingredients—so it can build upon the nutrition we get from a whole-foods diet.
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Magnesium: An essential nutrient that most people don’t get enough of
Magnesium is an essential mineral for human health and optimal function. It plays an important role in bone and cell membranes, it’s involved in over 700 enzymatic reactions, and it’s required to synthesize DNA, RNA,...
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RHR: Why Amino Acids Are the Building Blocks of Life, with Angelo Keely
Angelo Keely, Co-Founder and CEO of Kion, joins Chris Kresser in this episode of Revolution Health Radio to discuss amino acids and their importance. Angelo talks about the difference between essential and non-essential amino acids,...
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RHR: The Powerful Health Benefits of Sulforaphane
In this episode of RHR, we discuss the benefits of sulforaphane, one of the most potent compounds used to upregulate our body’s internal detoxification system.
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RHR: The Functional Medicine Approach to ADHD, with Dr. Jim Greenblatt
When it comes to treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), we need a radically different approach—one that gets to its root cause, instead of relying solely on medication to suppress symptoms. In this episode of Revolution Health...
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RHR: How to Slow Aging and Increase Healthspan, with Dr. David Sinclair
Is aging inevitable, or can it be reduced—or even treated? In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with Dr. David Sinclair about what causes aging and strategies to reduce its effect on our...
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