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Here is The Roundup, Edition 33, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks!

Blast from the Past

Those of us who recommend alternative nutrition strategies are often fighting against the larger cultural viewpoint that certain foods are unhealthy at best, and dangerous at worst. Foods like egg yolks, bacon, butter, and red meat are constantly considered to be “artery clogging” foods that doctors and conventional nutritionists warn their patients to stay away from. It makes my job that much harder when I have a patient who is terrified of the foods I recommend because they’ve been taught all their lives that these high cholesterol, high saturated fat foods are essentially guaranteed to kill them.

That’s why I was thrilled to finally see a major shift in the cultural perspective on saturated fat. Time Magazine, notorious for their original demonization of high saturated fat foods like eggs and bacon, has finally come full circle and has admitted that we’ve been fighting the wrong dietary battle. The front cover of the magazine is a far cry from their original frowny-face breakfast plate, and it’s great to see such a popular and well-respected news outlet coming to terms with the truth about nutrition and our government’s inaccurate recommendations.

Of course this magazine cover has sparked a lot of debate in the public news sphere, but we’re still moving in the right direction. I’ve been writing for years about this misinformation, and I even have compiled a downloadable eBook on the topic of the Diet-Heart Myth. I’ll continue to expose the truth about saturated fat on my blog, but can’t help being excited seeing the rest of the country really starting to catch on.

As an aside: my only concern is that carbohydrates will now take the place of fat as public enemy #1. We need to shift the discussion away from quantity (of both calories and macronutrients) and toward quality. It should go without saying that not all carbohydrates are created equal; whole fruit and starchy vegetables do not affect the body in the same way as refined flour and sugar. The same is true for fats. Naturally occurring fats are superior to man-made, processed fats. It doesn’t make sense to talk about “carbohydrates” and “fats” as if they’re all the same. I hope this won’t be completely lost on the American public as the pendulum continues to swing on the issue of science-based nutrition recommendations!

Research Report

  • A new study shows that gut microbe levels are linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity.
  • This review suggests that insufficient exposure to dietary and bacterial metabolites might underlie the development of inflammatory disorders in Western countries.
  • Full-fat dairy consumption has once again been shown to be associated with less fat gain over time.
  • Research demonstrates that dietary weight loss and exercise can improve cognition and quality of life in obese older adults, with exercise being the most effective.
  • This study shows that despite being high in calories, nuts are not typically associated with weight gain.
  • You’ve heard about prebiotics and probiotics. But did you know that exercise also improves your gut flora?
  • Pastured cream compared to conventional cream leads to lower fat mass, less inflammation, and better metabolism in mice. Eat your grass fed, full fat dairy!

Worth a Look

For the Foodies

  1. Hi Mary,

    I don’t know about books, but there’s a lot on line about the metabolic theory of cancer. It goes back to the 1930’s and pretty much says cancer eats sugar exclusively and is not very efficient at it. I would never suggest forgoing cancer treatment, but there is actually a lot on the web about the ketogenic diet and cancer. I would actually look at it as a possibility once the cancer is in remission. Personally, I think while the child is sick, your best bet would be to find whole foods that agree with her stomach and she can keep down. If you can get her to eat foods that strengthen her immune system, that’s a bonus. There’s a lot of research on immunotherapies to treat cancer these days.

    One suggestion I would offer is to apply coconut oil to the skin. I know it makes me feel full and energetic and doesn’t upset my stomach the way that eating it can do sometimes.

    Good luck. That’s a hard thing to have to deal with.


  2. We have a 5 yr old with Leukemia & continue to seek and provide the best support to her toxic medical plan required for 2.5 years. Hope it’s ok to post a question here, didn’t know where else to ask. Could someone suggest a couple of books that are written by authors who have cured their cancel while eating meat? In my research, all of the cures result when taking meat, sugar, dairy out of the diet. These health institutes: Hippocrates, Gerson, Hallelujah Diet, Sanoviv (places I personally know) require Vegan diets. Are there health institutes that are Paleo? Thank you prior, your help is valuable.

  3. I thought the health care system article was very interesting, but it completely overlooked the most interesting statistics-the UK was at or near the top of the list for everything except healthy lives while France was near the bottom for everything except safe care and healthy lives. I think I’d prefer to live a healthy life and know that if I need to go to the doctor, they’re not likely to kill me. If I’ve got those two things going for, I don’t really care about the rest of it.

  4. The link to “Full-fat dairy consumption has once again been shown to be associated with less fat gain over time.” links to an page?

  5. Having read your articles and heard you on Robb Wolf and others’ podcasts, I was totally starstruck when I saw I had referrals coming from your site. Thanks for including the ratatouille soup in the roundup, I am honoured, and I promise anyone thinking about making it that it tastes pretty awesome.

  6. The article about exercise and gut diversity was very interesting – I wonder how much has to do with exercise and how much with diet?
    Thanks so much for including the watermelon lemon balm sorbet!

  7. Hi Chris & Staff, thanks for all you do so much! A couple things I wanted to note……1.) The first bullet under Research Report, the working appropriate link I think should be: “” VS the current link of “” 2) Should the 3rd bullet “Full-fat dairy consumption” link lead us to an “Apple” computers page? So yeah, just wanted to pass these two friendly notes. Good day/week/month/year! Steve