The Roundup - Edition 21

The Roundup


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For Edition 21 of The Roundup, I’m covering all the news related to my recent launch of my book, Your Personal Paleo Code (published in paperback as The Paleo Cure in December 2014).

Check out the collection of guest posts, interviews, podcasts, and reviews related to the book. They generally address variety of different topics, demonstrating the wide range of information I cover in the book. I hope you enjoy!

(And don’t forget to get your copy too!)

Guest Posts and Interviews



  • Russ Crandall calls Your Personal Paleo Code “the book he’s been waiting for.”
  • Laura Schoenfeld says my book “could very well be the last nutrition book you ever buy.”
  • Denver-based physician Jeff Gerber, MD calls my book “a must read for my patients and for anyone interested in learning more about the life changing power of real food.”
  • Wellness Mama says Your Personal Paleo Code is “well-researched, easy to follow and fun to read.”
  • Rubies and Radishes says my book helps readers “understand exactly why the changes you are making will help you achieve optimal health and wellness.”
  • Paleo Parents call Your Personal Paleo Code “the answer to Paleo Purists who advocate a strict set of rules that are meant for everybody.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly says “Paleo followers will welcome this flexible and informative science-infused text.”
  • Of course, there are many reviews on Amazon now too!

Recipes for Your 30-Day Reset

  1. Hi Chris. Love your website, podcast, information and looking forward to reading your book! However, I liked the old format of your website better. I hope you will add the date to your posts so one can see what’s new we visit.