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Get Your Period Back: 5 Tips For Recovering From Post Birth Control Syndrome


This is a guest post by Laura Schoenfeld, a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Public Health, and staff nutritionist and content manager for You can learn more about Laura by checking out her popular blog or visiting her on Facebook. One of the downsides of using “the Pill” is that many times it’s hard to get back to a normal menstrual cycle once you stop taking it. Some of my young female clients in their 20s and 30s who were… Read More

RHR: The Right and Wrong Way to Treat Hormone Imbalance


This RHR episode is about how to address male and female hormone issues.  This is a question I get a lot, but I realize I haven’t really specifically addressed it either on the blog or in the podcast, so that’s what we’re going to do in this new, shorter podcast format.  Let us know what you think about these new shorter segments in the comments. In this episode, we cover: 2:55 The right and wrong way to treat hormonal… Read More

5 Reasons Why Concerns About Mercury in Fish Are Misguided


In 2004 the EPA and FDA published new guidelines suggesting that pregnant women (and those who might become pregnant) limit their consumption of fish to 12 ounces (340 g) per week due to concerns about mercury exposure. These guidelines, which were only intended for pregnant women for the sake of their developing children, have quickly become an accepted fact among the mainstream media, the medical establishment, and the general public. They have also been indiscriminately… Read More

RHR: Early Evidence For Meat Consumption, The Cholesterol Controversy, and Additional Magnesium Sources


In this episode I discuss a couple of interesting recent studies, and answer some questions. Enjoy! In this episode, we cover: 1:35 What Chris ate for breakfast 6:27 Early evidence for meat consumption 18:33 Solving the cholesterol controversy 38:22 More details from Chris’s daily routine (and more treadmill desk) 44:00 Additional sources of magnesium 48:35 When should I stop breastfeeding? 52:49 What to do about anxiety during pregnancy Links We Discuss: Oldowan hunting behaviors at… Read More

RHR: Post Birth Control Syndrome, Night Shift Work, and Chronic Constipation


We forgot to do the “What did Chris and Sylvie eat for breakfast?” segment this time, so here it is. I had lamb kefta, plantains fried in a combination of ghee and coconut oil, and collard greens cooked in bacon grease. Sylvie had blueberries, lamb kefta and sauerkraut. This is another Q&A episode, and our last show for 2012. Happy Holidays and see you in 2013! In this episode, we cover: 0:42 Chris unveils his… Read More

RHR: Bioidentical Hormones, Acne Scars, and Heavy Metal Toxins


Another Q&A! In this episode I answer your questions on bioidentical hormones, acne scars, heavy metal toxicity and more. In fact, I think we broke a record for the number of questions I’ve ever answered in a single episode. My producer Jordan told me this morning that Revolution Health Radio just surpassed 1 million total downloads. Thank you for listening and being a part of this community! In this episode, we cover: 1:49 New Segment:… Read More