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Blog and Podcast Update


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I just wanted to give you all a quick update on the blog and podcast. As you’ve no doubt noticed, I haven’t been writing or publishing new episodes as regularly as I usually do. If you’ve guessed that has something to do with the recent birth of my daughter Sylvie, you’d be right. 🙂

I feel like I’m just now getting back in the saddle. The plan is to return to a more regular schedule for the podcast and blog. Starting next Tuesday, a new episode of the podcast will be published every other week. Blog articles will be published – for the most part – every other week on either Thursdays or Fridays.

Since I’ve retired The Healthy Skeptic name here on the blog, Danny and I are also planning to rename the podcast. We haven’t settled on a name yet (if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments section.) This won’t affect the feed or your subscription to it. One day you’ll just notice that it has a different graphic and name.

I’ve also got a couple of exciting projects in the works. It’s too early to say much about them, but I can give you a little hint. One is related to weight loss for those who’ve tried everything without success and the other is related to creating your own customized Paleo-type diet – rather than following a canned approach. I’ll keep you posted as they develop!

Happy Fall!

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I’m a big fan of the blog and podcast. You have definitely opened up my eyes to some issues with lowcarb eating. Thanks to you and PHD I’ve adjusted my diet (safe starches, real fish rather than capsules, etc). After a month my uric acid levels have plummeted. Hopefully this addresses this issue with kidney stones that I have encountered since going low carb now paleo several years ago…

    I’m a big fan of Ken Wilber and his Integral philosophy, stating his integral approach he says that we should, “exercise body, mind, and spirit in self, nature, and culture”. I find your approach to be similar, so one recommendation for your blog/podcast would be “Integral Health”?? Rational Health? Best of luck with your endeavors.

  2. So far Health Detective wins by far. Staying with the theme, how about “Investigative Health” or “Decoding Health” podcast?

  3. What’s good for baby is good for Daddy.. and Uncle Danny 🙂
    So I like “Healthy Human Code” or “Health Decoded”. I would stay away from paleo/primal/ancestral labels, as you never know how your info will evolve.
    Love you guys

  4. PS. I just wanted to add that I think if you get too cerebral or clever with the name that the average Joe looking for health advice, i.e. myself, will just pass over it and open something like Jillian Micheals. So keep it simple. Peace!!!!

  5. I thought Kris Kresser “health detective” as well, I think it will draw attention without anyone being confused about content. I don’t think it’s corny either, just accurate. Good luck and I’m looking forward to whatever is upcoming.

  6. Chris, I can’t wait for your thoughts on how to lose that stubborn weight. I’ve been agonizing about it for a few years now. I lost 75 pounds in 2000 on Protein Power, gained back 45 over the years. Low-carb will not work like it did before. Grrrr… I’ve been scouring the web trying to learn why. Several theories seem reasonable but not very helpful. I’ve tried reducing my low-carb/high-fat/adequate protein calories but then just get hungry and eat what I shouldn’t. My weight won’t budge. I’m so frustrated!

  7. How about “beyond dogma” (funny little dog graphic), and if you’re not afraid of a little cheese, the tagline could be “sniffing out the deeper truths about health and nutrition”.