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Depression & Mental Health

Did you know diet and lifestyle plays an important role in mental health? Read these articles to learn how to boost your mood naturally.

Your Gut Microbiome and Anxiety: What’s the Connection?
Did you know that your gut bacteria can influence your mood? Find out how the gut and brain communicate with each other, what connects the gut microbiome and anxiety, and how to fix gut dysbiosis.
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A disrupted gut microbiome can cause anxiety, like this woman is experiencing.
Changing Habits? You Need to Shrink the Change
Are you changing your habits? Maybe your goal is to eat healthier and lose some pounds or get more sleep. Whatever your objective, you’re more likely to achieve your goal if it's small and attainable.
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If you’re changing habits, shrinking the change can help. Be sure to celebrate your successes, like these runners finishing a race.
How a Technology Addiction Can Hurt Your Health
Technology addiction is a very real problem. Innovations such as smartphones, social media, and the internet are addictive by their very nature. They’re specifically engineered to take advantage of human vulnerabilities and hardwired basic needs.
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People with a technology addiction may feel compelled to check their smartphone wherever they are, including while waiting for the subway, like this group of people.
How to Avoid Burnout at Work and Stay Motivated on the Job
Jobs are often difficult and stressful. If you’re exhausted and feeling detached at work, you’re likely experiencing professional burnout. Here's how to avoid burnout or how to correct it if you’re already experiencing it.
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This doctor is likely experiencing stress. Doctors—and other professionals—may need help learning how to avoid burnout at work.
How to Use Positive Psychology to Improve Your Health
Your emotions impact your health. The good news is that through positive psychology, you can retrain your brain to follow healthier, more beneficial emotional patterns and learn to let go of negative ways of thinking.
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Taking a moment to complete a journaling exercise, like this woman is doing, is an easy way to use positive psychology to improve your mood.
Has Ancestral Health Gone Mainstream?
Not long ago, the concept of “ancestral health” was met with complete skepticism. But a renewed interest in studying the health of modern hunter–gatherer tribes is signaling a change in conventional thinking.
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Ancestral health
New Hope That Alzheimer’s Can Be Prevented—and Even Cured
Dr. Dale Bredesen of the Buck Institute is at the forefront of Alzheimer’s research. His book outlines a program designed to reverse cognitive decline. I spoke with Dr. Bredesen to learn about his groundbreaking program.
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RHR: Do Emotions Impact Our Health?
In today’s podcast, I discuss how our emotions can affect our health and why focusing on emotional well-being may be a key part of the healing process.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
The Little-Known Link between Birth Control Pills and Depression
Do you use the pill or some other form of hormonal contraception? Recent studies suggest that it may increase your risk of developing depression. Read on to learn how these contraceptives change your body, the...
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birth control pills and depression
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