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Your digestive health might be the most important health issue that you’re not managing. Read these articles to learn more about optimizing your digestion and how it relates to the gut microbiome.

The Little-Known Connection between Leaky Gut, Gluten Intolerance, and Gallbladder Problems
Recent evidence suggests that inflammation in the gut is closely related to gallbladder function. Read on to learn about the gut–biliary connection, how gluten might be involved, and how to get things flowing again.
RHR: Unanswered Questions About SIBO
In this podcast, I’ll discuss the questions I think still need to be answered about SIBO diagnosis and treatment—and maybe challenge a few “truths” in the process.
Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
RHR: New Treatment for SIBO and IBS-C—with Dr. Kenneth Brown
As you know, I treat a lot of patients with gastrointestinal issues. Two of the most challenging conditions to treat are methane-predominant SIBO and constipation-predominant IBS. Join me as I talk with Dr. Kenneth Brown,...
Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
RHR: How To Tell If You Have A Leaky Gut
The intestinal barrier plays a critical role human health and disease. It allows for the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat, while at the same time, it protects against the entry of allergens,...
Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Still Think Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Real?
Catchy media headlines often poke fun at gluten sensitivity, and a considerable percentage of the population, including many doctors, still do not believe that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is real. Yet many people without celiac disease...
The Hologenome: How Our Relationship with Microbes Drives Our Evolution
Is the secret to human intelligence lurking in our guts? Learn how microbes impact our evolutionary fitness and made our species what it is today.
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