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Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Learn more about heart health and how your diet does—and doesn’t—raise your risk for this deadly disease.

Research Update: Carbs Raise Cholesterol & Veggie Oil Associated with IBS & IBD
Dr. Davis shows that eating too many carbs can raise cholesterol and Dr. Groves reports on a study linking consumption of vegetable oil to IBS, IBD and other gut problems.
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Three More Studies That Should Make You Skeptical of Mainstream Health Advice
Lately I've been encouraged by the number of studies being published that undermine the anti-fat, anti-cholesterol dogma we've been brainwashed with for so long. This is good news.
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Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Reduce Brain Function
A recently published study suggests that statin drugs may lessen brain function.
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Inflammation Worsens Danger of Heart Disease
A recently published study adds to the evidence suggesting inflammation is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.
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Research Alert: Statins Dangerous for Pregnant Women!
The mainstream scientific community finally wakes up and publicly acknowledges the risks of statin drugs to pregnant women.
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How to Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease
Dr. Steinberg's new recommendations for preventing heart disease are sure to have the opposite effect, in addition to causing developmental problems in children unlucky enough to be forced to adopt them.
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Statins for Pregnant Women and Kids?
Researcher Chris Masterjohn reveals the negligence and recklessness of recent recommendations that pregnant women and kids as young as 8-years old take statin drugs.
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Vitamin D: The New Super-Nutrient?
The role of vitamin D in promoting strong bones, a healthy immune system and cardiovascular health and protecting us from cancer is becoming increasingly clear.
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Preventing Heart Disease without Drugs
A recent study showed that over 90% of heart disease could be prevented by simple changes to diet and lifestyle. Read on to discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones from heart disease.
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