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Diet and Pregnancy: How to Eat Healthy When You’re Expecting
Thanks to ongoing research into the origins of health and disease, we now know more than ever before about diet and pregnancy. And the science is clear: a mother’s dietary choices during pregnancy—and even before...
The connection between diet and pregnancy can span all three generations of the women pictured here.
Do Your Kids Need to Eat Meat to Thrive?
Are you considering a vegetarian or vegan diet for your child? Or perhaps you’re pregnant, and you want to know the health impact of a meat-free diet. Here’s my take on why kids need to...
Kids need to eat meat and healthy, whole foods like this apple.
Sleep Deprivation in Kids and Teens: A Real Cause for Concern
Do your kids get enough sleep? A recent report by the CDC suggests that most middle and high schoolers are missing some Z’s. Read on to learn how much sleep kids really need, how many...
RHR: How to Make Paleo Cooking Fun, Easy and Filled with Umami—with Michelle Tam
It's one thing to tell people what to eat from a health perspective, but it's another thing to actually make it possible and give them support. Michelle Tam knows that it doesn't have to be...
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Heavy Metals and Behavioral Disorders in Children
An epidemic of childhood behavioral disorders is sweeping the globe. Research suggests that heavy metal toxicity may be one of the underlying causes of childhood behavioral disorders, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and tics. Read...
Re-examining the Evidence on BPA and Plastics
Is it time for us to reconsider whether plastics are truly harmful, or do we need to step up our vigilance about plastic exposure? Read on to learn about the most recent evidence on BPA...
BPA plastic safe
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