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RHR: What the EAT-Lancet Paper Gets Wrong, with Diana Rodgers
Meat is in the news again, and, as usual, a new study is claiming that animal products are unhealthy and bad for the environment. In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Diana Rodgers and I...
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RHR: What’s the Best Diet for Diabetes?
If you have diabetes, you’ve probably gotten contradictory advice on which diet can help you manage it. While there isn’t one diet that will work for everyone, there are some changes you can make today...
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RHR: The Health Benefits of Bee Products, with Carly Stein
Bee products like propolis, royal jelly, and unpasteurized honey can strengthen your immune system, improve your memory, and even help you sleep. In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Beekeeper’s Naturals founder Carly Stein joins...
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RHR: Why You Should Practice Nonviolent Communication, with Oren Sofer
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with Oren Sofer about what nonviolent communication is and how it can help you connect with the people in your life.
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RHR: What the Latest Research Says about Probiotics, with Lucy Mailing
What’s the real story when it comes to probiotics? Are they safe and helpful, or should you take them with caution? I discuss what the data really suggests about probiotics with Lucy Mailing.
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RHR: How to Use Tech to Improve Your Sleep, with Harpreet Rai
Blue light, distractions, and nonstop notifications can all destroy your sleep—but this piece of wearable tech can help you repair it. In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with Oura Ring’s Harpreet Rai...
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