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Recipe: Squash Thickener


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squash thickener recipe
Squash is a great natural thickener.

Today’s recipe isn’t quite a recipe – it’s a useful trick in the kitchen. On a paleo/primal diet, it’s difficult to find appropriate thickeners for sauces and soups. Today, your problem is solved! Try these squash thickener cubes for easy thickening of most recipes.

Note: this trick won’t work very well with egg-based emulsions sauces like Hollandaise, but works very well with stock-based sauces and soups.


  •  2lbs squash (you can make a smaller or larger batch if necessary – use as much squash as you need)
  • Ice cube trays


  1. Steam or microwave (if necessary) the squash. You want to use a cooking method that is low in moisture, so don’t boil it.
  2. Puree the squash.
  3. Fill the ice cube trays with your pureed squash.
  4. Freeze.
  5. Use the cubes to thicken anything you’d like. Use as many cubes as necessary to achieve your desired texture.


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  1. This is actually handy – otherwise you’re stuck buy $3 bags of cut up butternut squash!! It’s crazy how OVER PRICED the bagged frozen stuff is, or even the stuff that isn’t frozen but pre-chopped – I understand it takes a lot of man power to prepare this squash but still!

  2. Anyone know where to buy freeze dried squash? I was thinking of grinding it into powder to use in meatballs – i tried the puree and the added moisture makes them fall apart. Great idea Chris!

    • I made Vietnamese pork meat balls yesterday and used only stevia, salt and garlic and they stuck together fine.

  3. Silcone ice cube trays work great for making bacon grease cubes to freeze, then toss a cube or two into the skillet for frying vegetables. I also soften coconut butter and make cubes of it. And coconut milk, or aything that comes in a container holding more than can be used fresh. But I never thought of doing squash puree cubes … brilliant! Thanks! Possibly I’ve endured my last thin, soupy “sauce” running all over the plate …

  4. I wonder if roasting it and then puree would work. It seems that would keep out the most moisture. Great idea! Thanks!