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All about CBD Oil: How It Works and Its Potential Benefits
Have you come across CBD oil and wondered about its potential health benefits, safety, and effectiveness? Read on to learn why you should try CBD oil.
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Is Fibromyalgia Caused By SIBO and Leaky Gut?
Fibromyalgia is the second most common musculoskeletal ailment behind arthritis. Read on to learn more about possible causes and approaches for treatment.
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Natural Childbirth V: Epidural Side Effects and Risks
Epidurals cause unintended side effects in both the mother and baby, and interfere with the natural birth process and bonding between mother & baby.
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Tribute to Darlene Cohen: Finding Joy in the Heart of Pain
My Zen teacher Darlene Cohen passed into the great mystery on January 12th, 2011.
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Chinese Medicine Demystified (Part V): A Closer Look at How Acupuncture Relieves Pain
Research continues to shed light on how acupuncture relieves chronic pain and inflammation without significant side effects or risks.
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Chinese Medicine Demystified (Part IV): How Acupuncture Works
Modern research demonstrates that acupuncture can relieve pain, reduce inflammation and restore homeostasis. In this article I'll explain how it works.
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Acupuncture Provides Headache Relief
For chronic headaches the best treatment may be one of the oldest: acupuncture.
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