The Acid-Alkaline Myth: Part 2

162749707In Part 1 of this series, I talked about why the basic premise of the acid-alkaline theory is flawed, and I showed that the evidence doesn’t support the idea that a net acid-forming diet is harmful to bone health. Now I want to look at the effect of dietary acid load on other health conditions.

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Muscle Wasting

There is some research claiming that acid-forming diets cause muscle wasting, and the proposed mechanism is similar to that of the acid-ash hypothesis of osteoporosis. Some researchers hypothesize that in order to eliminate excess acid and maintain homeostasis, the kidneys must steal amino acids from muscle tissue. (1, 2) Just as a higher acid load increases calcium in the urine, it also increases nitrogen in the urine, leading some to believe that an acid-forming diet causes net nitrogen loss. However, some of these studies neglect to measure nitrogen balance, so this is not necessarily true. (3, 4) In fact, one study showed that a higher acid diet improved nitrogen balance! (5) This theory also does not acknowledge that protein, although it’s acid forming, actually increases the body’s ability to excrete acid. (6) Finally, the one observational study concluding that alkaline diets improve lean muscle mass didn’t even measure the overall acid load of the diet. (7) Instead, they used potassium intake as an approximate measure, and just assumed that the observed improvement in muscle mass was due to the diet being more alkaline. This, in addition to the limitations that always accompany observational data, makes the evidence less than convincing, especially since the clinical trials have conflicting results.


One of the more popular claims of the alkaline diet is that it can cure cancer. Proponents say that because cancer can only grow in an acidic environment, a net-alkaline diet can prevent cancer cells from growing, and can eliminate existing cancer cells. This theory is incorrect for a few reasons. First of all, the hypothesis depends on the ability of food to substantially change the pH of the blood and extracellular fluid, which I’ve already shown is not the case. (8, 9, 10) Second, cancer is perfectly capable of growing in an alkaline environment. The pH of normal body tissue is 7.4, which is slightly alkaline, and in almost every experiment done with cancer cells, they are grown in an environment at that pH. (11)

Now, cancer cells do tend to grow better in an acidic environment, but the causality is reversed. Once a tumor develops, it creates its own acidic environment through up-regulated glycolysis and reduced circulation, so the pH of the patient’s blood no longer determines the pH of the cancer. (12) It’s not the acidic environment that causes the cancer; it’s the cancer that causes the acidic environment. To top it all off, the only comprehensive review on ‘diet-induced’ acidosis and cancer did not even acknowledge this as a valid mechanism by which an acid-forming diet could increase cancer risk. They discuss a few biological pathways that could potentially link dietary acid load and cancer, but they admit that it’s mostly speculation and there’s no direct link. (13)

Other Effects

There are a few observational studies attempting to link acid-forming diets with hypertension, but the results are mixed. (14, 15) There’s also limited observational data associating higher acid loads with things like high cholesterol, obesity, and insulin resistance, but there are no proposed mechanisms or clinical studies to validate the hypotheses. (16, 17)

There are a few review papers examining the effect of acid-forming diets and health, but as you’ve seen above, the evidence they have to review is sparse. (18, 19, 20, 21, 22) If you read these papers, you’ll notice that whenever they cite trials showing the deleterious effects of acidosis, those trials were done on patients with chronic kidney disease or diabetes-induced acidosis. In the studies done on healthy people, they’re given ammonium chloride to induce acidosis. What you won’t see are clinical trials showing health consequences from purely ‘diet-induced’ acidosis. (Perhaps because ‘diet-induced’ acidosis doesn’t exist!) You’ll also notice that the strongest two hypotheses deal with osteoporosis and muscle wasting, and that links with other diseases are speculative or based on observational data. And although conflicts of interest don’t necessarily mean their conclusion can’t be trusted, it’s interesting to note that one of these reviews was funded by “pH Sciences®,” which “develops and manufactures patent-protected ingredients that safely and effectively manage biological pH levels.” (23)

In sum, I am not convinced that an acid-forming diet has negative effects on healthy people, based on the science. But just to be sure, it’s always a good idea to observe healthy cultures to see if there’s any anthropological evidence to support or refute the hypothesis.

Evolutionary Data

There are a few studies where researchers attempted to approximate the net acid load of Paleolithic diets. One estimated that 87% of pre-agricultural people ate net-alkaline diets, and proposed this discrepancy with our modern diets as a possible reason for our declining health. (24) However, a more recent study estimated that only half of the world’s hunter-gatherer societies eat net-alkaline diets, while the other half are net acid-forming. (25) They reason that the other estimate is likely accurate for our earlier ancestors, because their tropical habitat would’ve provided ample fruits and vegetables. This idea is confirmed by another analysis that showed increasing acid load with increasing latitude. (26) Even without the study, it stands to reason that as humans moved into less hospitable environments, the animal content (and acid load) of their diet increased.

Given the subpar clinical science on this topic, I think the evolutionary argument is far more convincing. If half of the world’s hunter-gatherer populations avoid the ‘diseases of civilization’ on an acid-forming diet, it would seem that acid load has little to no bearing on overall health. For some case studies, we can always look to Weston Price’s work to see quite clearly that acid-forming diets are not detrimental to health. Based on Price’s descriptions, many of the traditional diets he studied would have been primarily acid-forming, including the Swiss, the Masai, and the Inuit. Yet despite their high intake of animal foods or grains and their comparatively low intake of fruits and vegetables, they maintained excellent health.


I don’t deny that many people have seen significant health improvements when switching to an alkaline diet, but there are many possible reasons for this not having to do with pH balance. Eating more fresh produce is rarely a bad idea, especially when it displaces nutrient poor processed foods. A person switching to an alkaline diet would significantly reduce their consumption of grains, which could cause dramatic health improvements for somebody with a leaky gut or gluten sensitivity. Dairy would also be minimized, which would help those with dairy sensitivities. And although pure sugar isn’t an acid-forming nutrient, many laypeople claim that it is, so alkaline diets tend to contain far less sugar than a standard Western diet.

Between the scientific evidence (or lack thereof) and the anthropological research, I think we can be confident that the acid load of our diets doesn’t negatively impact healthy people. For those with renal failure or similar conditions that affect kidney function, it’s a different story—there’s certainly room for manipulation of urine pH in the treatment of those conditions. But for someone with functioning kidneys, there should be no concern that an acid-forming diet will harm health.

Now I’d like to hear from you: what are your opinions on the acid-alkaline diet theory? Have you ever tried eating an alkaline diet, and if so, did you experience health benefits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Katie Crosslin says

    I am alkalizing my body to reduce a candida overgrowth I have been struggling with. I do feel better and can tell a huge difference!

      • says

        Haven’t had white sugar since my children were babies, 51 yrs. ago…..makes no difference to ph balance….still acidios unless I totally eat alkaline…..

        • Webb Norfleet says

          I think it’s interesting you use “evolutionary evidence” to suggest the fact that acidic Paleolithic diets had no adverse health effects are applicable to modern day human couch potatoe acidophiles. As I recall, the hunter-gatherers did not have an enviable lifespan regardless.

          • Lori says

            Their short life span no doubt had to do with the savage world they lived in, no health care, no dental care….be honest.

              • James says

                They did not eat things like fruits? What about meats that still contain sugar? Think about it, what fuels the muscle cells? So what is trapped in the meat when the animal is killed?

                Dental care may also be needed due to fracturing or loss of teeth from trauma. Or chewing on bone or other hard materials. Also from getting sand on their food that is abrasive on enamel. And yet there are still other reasons.

                • sbrack says

                  My son took this in university as I made a comment to him once because I had to start eating paleo. He told me that the age that is referenced is an average. The average looks really low because most died in infancy, those who survived past infancyusually lived a long life

                • sunflower says

                  Oh James, I have been following your entries now for a while and am starting to wonder if you have actually any practical/clinical experience in the field of acid/alkaline balance at all. Also …have you ever been to a slaughter house….what animals have within their flesh at the time of killing is pure fear and trauma…it may pay to analyse the flesh and see what hormones are present at the time of slaughter and at normal times.

                • James says


                  My body has been balancing its pH just like it is supposed to do my entire life. So yes, I have lot’s of personal experince.

                  As for you comment about the slaughter house, so what? We are discussing pH, not the elevated cortisol in the animals tissues when they killed. So what you need to be really asking yourself is what causes rigor mortis when the animal is killed? An influx of alkaline calcium. What is released from the cells, but remains in the tissues when the animal is killed? Alkaline potassium.

                  Keep to the topic of pH.

                • sunflower says

                  James….The only reason I mentioned the slaughter house was in response to your statement of what do you find in a killed animal.
                  Anyway James…I wanted to acknowledge you for your continued effort to reply to peoples statements. You have been very patient with many of us and repeated your info over and over again. I am impressed with your convictions and agree with some of your statements as well.
                  Saliva pH indicates the potential you have to alkalize the food you are eating…the urine pH indicates your tissue pH and not your blood pH….your blood pH is measured via a blood test and is maintained by the body as one of its major priorities. Blood pH changes under severe circumstances such as trauma, blood loss and schock…this is often taken care of via immediate transfusions of alkalizing saline or even Bi-carbonates. Tissue pH can be altered via the diet you eat and the water you drink…in my practice this has proven to be the case hundreds of time and resulted in significant improvement to the health of my clients. I also understand that there are dynamics occurring within our bodies that still need to be discovered and understood…the worst thing we can do is be ignorant of these processes by adhering to what we already know so tightly that anything new has no room to establish itself within our thinking. As I said earlier James your knowledge is not being questioned…it is the lack of receptivity to anything outside your paradigm that is in my opinion limiting. I have learnt a lot from your comments and feedback and for that I thank you. I do not believe in the Paleo diet as it does not reflect the need of todays population…eating meat is no longer a “must do” component within our society…it has been proven that red meat has the potential to increase violence within society…for early men thousands of years ago that was a desired effect to make sure one was able to establish authority…I have been living w/o meat for 33 years and have more energy than people half my age(61) I love though the diversity of opinions in this forum and am happy to embrace anyone opinion be it true or misguided.

                • James says

                  sunflower: “Saliva pH indicates the potential you have to alkalize the food you are eating…”

                  Saliva has several functions, Lubrication, protecting the teeth from food acidity and aiding salivary amylase to work. But all food will be made acidic in the stomach, alkalized in the intestines and eventually metabolized in to acids. Therefore, salivary pH really does not tell us anything of importance.

                  Sunflower: “the urine pH indicates your tissue pH and not your blood pH…”

                  Urinary pH DOES NOT reflect tissue pH either. Tissue pH is controlled by several things depending on the tissues you are referring to. Stomach tissues, and areas with acid forming beneficial flora will tend to be acidic is everything is working properly. Other tissue pH levels are primarily regulated by the blood. Blood pH is then kept in check primarily through respiration.

                  Urinary pH can be affected by a number of things including the amount of water being ingested, the excretion of excess supplements, bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, etc. Thereforee, urinary pH does not reflect blood or tissue pH.

                  Sunflower: “.your blood pH is measured via a blood test and is maintained by the body as one of its major priorities. Blood pH changes under severe circumstances such as trauma, blood loss and schock…this is often taken care of via immediate transfusions of alkalizing saline or even Bi-carbonates.”

                  Saline IVs are not used to buffer acidity. Read this:


                  IV bicarboante can be used to buffer acidity, but it must be used very carefully since IV bicarbonate can cause acidosis through the byproduct formed, which is carbonic acid.

                  Sunflower: “Tissue pH can be altered via the diet you eat and the water you drink…in my practice this has proven to be the case hundreds of time and resulted in significant improvement to the health of my clients.”

                  Again, tissue nor blood pH is significantly altered by diet. Respiration is the body’s primary means of pH regulation of the blood, and blood is the primary means of tissue pH regulation.

                  What alkaline supporters keep overlooking is that the foods they are consuming are generally more nutritious, which is why they can feel better. This is not the result of a change in pH since the body maintains its blood, and thus pH, in a tight regulation despite what foods are consumed.

            • John R says

              Agreed, the harsh environment contributed greatly to the “overall” life spans. But, in order to make any comparisons relevant to that era, you have to look at the health of the two different groups at that time, not compare them to any group at a different time. Most archaeological evidence shows that hunter gatherers who usually ate more meat and fresh vegetable and fruits had less dental caries and healthier skeletons that those who settled into farming grains.

          • klancy kennedy says

            Infant mortality = skewed data on life spans. For those who lived past childhood, they had decent life spans.

    • imppress says

      Candida as in skin rash?

      I cured my wife of that after her Caesarian:
      1) Wipe the affected area with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. ONLY the affected area, try to avoid healthy skin next to it! (Feel free to wipe parts you’re unsure of. Better to be aggressive)
      2) Wipe a healthy part of the skin with your finger and then “paint” the affected skin with the sweat/skin oil of the healthy area to recolonize the infected skin with benign, normal skin flora.
      3) For more aggressive treatment, apply a little anti-fungal ointment. Yeast infection cream worked for us even though it isn’t specifically for skin.

      Sweat between folds of skin may be the problem. Consider applying antiperspirant after the bacterial recolonizing in step 2.

      If you r case follows my wife’s the affected areas should become smaller and fewer in number until the candida is out-competed by the harmless microbes.

        • says


          Candida is naturally occurring in humans as a normal resident of our gut. Candidiasis is when it gets “out of control”, usually do to the administration of antibiotics, which kill off the “good guys” and let candida flourish. Taking nystatin will usually cause a rebound effect, and there are several “natural” (and better) choices to deal with candida overgrowth…

          • Leslie says

            Mr Paleo, I paste an extrat for your consideration:
            Where the Yeast is & Why it Causes Problems
            Tartaric acid is an analog (or close chemical relative) of malic acid. Malic acid is a key intermediate in the Krebs cycle, a biochemical process used for the extraction of most of the energy from our food.

            Presumably tartaric acid is toxic because it inhibits the biochemical production of the normal compound, malic acid.
            Tartaric acid is a known inhibitor of the Krebs cycle enzyme fumarase which produces malic acid from fumaric acid

            A large percentage of patients with fibromyalgia respond favorably to treatment with malic acid. I presume that supplements of malic acid are able to overcome the toxic effects of tartaric acid by supplying deficient malic acid.
            Treatment with the antifungal drug Nystatin kills the yeast and values for tartaric acid steadily diminish with antifungal treatment.
            Hope this is of interest

      • MR PALEO says


        Interesting, yes… applicable, not in my experience. What most people do not comprehend is the adaptive complexity of the candida organism, and the fact that it is a natural resident of our gut… I strongly recommend against antibiotics of ANY sort, except in “worst case” scenarios where “natural” treatments have failed or repeatedly have shown no efficacy under clinical conditions. I don’t usually use Wikipedia as a reference, but this entry is well written, and, as far as I can tell, accurate…

        • Leslie says

          Mr Paleo
          Many thanks for the replies.
          Yes. Antibiotics save lives, unfortunately at the expense of our Gut flora.
          I think that a more insidious culprit is the inhalation, ingestion and skin contact of Chlorine which is daily weakening/killing our Flora.
          All reviewers of the Paleo diet never mention that they didn’t drink Chlorinated water!
          I can find no research into how yeast spores can be prevented from becoming systemic.
          I believe that chlorine is the primary cause of Leaky Gut Syndrome. Candida is also being investigated for implications in vascular and cancer diseases!. The Italian Doctor Tullio Simoncini believes that cancer is caused by Candida and killing the candida cures cancer.
          I am not convinced Candida causes cancer, but I do believe they both feed the same way so candida growth feeds cancer cells.

          • MR PALEO says

            Dear Leslie,

            LOL…. yes, I DO NOT consume chlorinated water, bath in chlorinated water, swim in chlorinated pools, use brominated hot tubs, etc…

            Arnold (MR PALEO)

            • Leslie says

              Hi Arnold
              Obviously you have done your research!
              But still many websites on paleo diets and candida still miss this important point, don’t you think?
              By the way, there is another Leslie posting here so I am going to change to an avatar as you have. Will be yannibenji (names of my dogs joined together from now on!

              • MR PALEO says

                Dear YB,

                There are many factors influencing our health that I feel are significant… for instance, fluoride, parabens, BPA, GMO’s, and man-made biologicals like lyme disease… the list just goes on and on. To me, the most important aspects of good health are diet, exposure, and genetics… and, as a “health-care” provider, the most critical aspect of my job is accurate diagnosis…


          • James says

            Candida rarely goes systemic. If it does the person will end up in the hospital or would be dead.

            Candida is kept in its benign yeast form through the acids produced by our flora. The acids turn off the Candida growth gene and again keeps the Candida in a benign yeast form. When the flora levels are reduced the pH of the terrain becomes too alkaline. This turns on the Candida growth gene and converts the dimorphic microbe Candida in to its pathogenic fungal form. In its fungal form the Candida forms finger-like projections known as hyphae that allow the Candida to dig in to tissues causing damage and inflammation.

            Leaky gut results from the hyphae damage to the intestinal lining. The resultant inflammation makes the intestines permeable to protein solutes that can now enter the bloodstream triggering immune responses to these antigens.

            The flora can be easily built back up with cultured foods such as kefir, miso, tempeh, etc. And by increasing fiber intake to feed the flora.

            Simoncini claims cancer is Candida. He clearly does not understand the differences in cell structure. Of course he also claims that Candida and Aspergillus are the same thing, which again is not true. I wold not follow anything that Simoncini claims.

            • MR PALEO says

              James, (is there only one?)
              Would like to discuss a few things that really are “off-topic” here… you can contact me thru my blog, which has been mentioned several times… ?

    • says

      Candida is kept in control by the acids produced by our flora. The acidity turns off the Candida growth gene and keeps the Candida in its benign yeast form. In an alkaline environment the Candida growth gene is turned on and the Candida morphs in to its pathogenic fungal form.

      The so-called alkaline diets help because they are high in fibrous foods that feed the flora. As the flora ferment these fibers the produce various acids to kill pathogens, increase nutrient absorption and to control Candida.

      • martin says

        What do you think about probiotic pills?
        I am taking Solgar’s ‘Advanced 40+ Acodophilus.
        Does it survive the stomach acid intact enough to get to the intestines?
        Is there enough live bacteria in it to start with?
        Should I be alternating it with other strains? etc

    • Lllleo says

      Candidiasis is when the candida in your gut turns into a multi-celled pathogen that can the ability to dig into your gu, eventually spreading into your blood (leaky gut). This is pathogen is allowed to take palce when your stomach goes alkaline (when there are not enough probiotics to make acid by products). When the candida is triggered by eating sugary foods or starches that break down into sugar you feel hungover for a few days and will often get a yeast infection on your sex gland. I have had this infection for 3 years since receiving antibiotics and steroids and the same time when I had mononucleosis.
      I am finally overcoming it by:
      Eating ONLY eating low starch veggies, fish/meat, rice (needed to help cure leaky gut), lots of kefir (with rice bran, a prebiotic, added), vitamin B and C supplements, and probiotic pills everyday. I also use olive oil or coconut oil to cook, no vegetable oil or canola oil type stuff. No vinegar, sugar, etc I’m sure you know the list by now.
      The main thing is that you should focus on pre and probiotics over eating lots of antifungals that kill both probiotics and candida (whose biomembrane often protects it completely). I havent had an eposide in months and feel amazing.

    • Leslie says

      Won’t do any good! Yeast spores are everywhere even in the air we breath!
      The best we can do is try and stop overgrowth.
      Tip 1: eat and cook with Coconut oil – its a natural yeast killer.
      Tip 2: Crush and slice a whole garlic bulb then fry in a little olive oil (coconut oil is better.). until light brown. Then eat. It will taste quite sweet.
      Tip 3: (this is powerful!) Crush and dice a garlic bulb, put it in a glass of water and leave for an hour or two (or longer) Then drink. You can increase the amount of garlic to your taste. Your next stool might look greyish!
      Best of luck
      Not only does this kill Candida but also retains the Allicin which is good for the heart.

      • says


        I won’t give specifics on a blog entry, but Candidiasis usually requires four to six weeks of treatment to regain homeostasis, and yes, coconut oil (caprylic acid), and fresh raw garlic (allicin) are an excellent place to start, but there are other requirements including probiotic therapy…

        • Leslie says

          In answer to taking probiotics. I have spent hundreds of pounds on pro and pre biotic supplements but none worked!
          Q: It is said that we have between 300 to 1000 strains of gut bacteria. When antibiotics kill off most of them, how do we get them back when most supplements I have seen only contain from around 3 to 14 varieties? (Apart from faecal transplants!)
          I theorise, that all health depends on our cellular health. Gut bacteria are cellular. so if we adopt a diet to improve the cells of our bodies then perhaps we can strengthen the bacteria in our gut making them stronger to fight for their place on the gut lining. (having first made room by killing as much of the yeast as possible.)
          Prolification of yeast spores is the main concern. As we can never stay free of yeasts in our environment. Diets for candida control is virtually impossible for the average person living in the west. (Interesting that Candida diets are akin to the Paleo diet!)
          It seems that yeasts are only a problem when they spore. Does anyone know of any substance which prevents this? Some say Biotin does, others say it feeds yeast. Which is correct?
          My thanks to all for these informative comments on a subject which greatly affects so many in the western world today.

          • MR PALEO says


            Probiotics by themselves will not mediate candidiasis… and yes, fecal transplants do show promise, but I hesitate to recommend them for a very simple reason… what ELSE are you transferring that you are NOT aware of ?
            The majority of your gut flora are established from birth, and re-established by what you eat.
            Yes, the “paleo” dietary regimen is a part of my approach to resolving most health issues…

            • Leslie says

              Yes. There is danger from getting the matter from unknown sources. I believe the Australian experiments used a close, healthy relative who shared the same diet so therefore had the right strains of bacteria.
              It has been shown to be the only cure for Clostridium difficile (C. diff).

      • Sarah says

        Response to the suggestion about putting garlic in water and drinking it. Sounds like a great idea! I would first allow the crushed and diced garlic to sit for a few minutes to allow the allicin to form before putting it in the water. Allicin forms when the garlic is exposed to air.

    • yannibenji says

      I applaud you for ‘listening’ to you own body! May I suggest that you eat Molasses and broccoli every day. They are both ‘Super’ foods. (Molasses are a high mineral food especially calcium and Copper (which is a powerful fungicide).
      There are many critics of ‘alkalizing diets’ saying that they don’t work! But they do if one is suffering from mild or severe acidosis!
      Most ‘western’ diseases are caused by an over acidic diet depleting the body of calcium which results in inflammation. This diet is deficient in magnesium and vitamin D which are required to properly assimilate calcium and stop it being ‘deposited’ in the wrong parts of the body such as arteries, and not in the bones where it should be. The process of building strong bones is when exercising, the body takes calcium from the bones to work the muscles. Then when resting it drives the calcium back into the bones. This is what gives the bones their ‘honey comb’, structure which is stronger than solid bone.
      Citing the Inuit, they have tremendous amounts of calcium AND vitamin D from the fish in their diet which continually offsets the acidic meat they eat. – it’s all about balance.
      Many meat eaters suffer from Indigestion, acid reflux, arthritis etc. This is due to a too high Omega 6 to Omega 3 oils. The Inuit have a ratio of around 1:1. The average American has a ration of around 20:1. I recommend (having experimented on my own body as I am not a fish eater apart from Sardines!) that as fats are absorbable through the skin, that people rub extra Virgin Olive oil (high in Omega 3 and vitamin E) into their skin – I rub it around my stomach area daily. A noticeable difference in lessening of inflammation in the body will quickly become apparent!
      Regards to all you people who are analyzing what your own body needs and not following the ‘One size fits all’ current medical advice.

      • James says

        Molasses is also high in iron, which promotes cancer, promotes oxidative damage to tissues leading to inflammation, feeds many pathogens and can be extremely detrimental to a person with hemochromatosis.

        As far as acidosis goes, the body rarely ever goes acidic because of the numerous redundant systems the body has to maintain pH. Therefore, the only times we see acidosis is in rare cases of some poisonings, hypoventilation, diabetic ketoacidosis, and a few other rare incidences. Diet plays virtually no role in pH control of the blood. The body’s primary means of pH control is respiration, not diet.

        Depleting the body of calcium does not cause inflammation. Inflammation is the result of hormones known as prostaglandins that can over dilate blood vessels causing them to leak fluid. This is want results in the pain and swelling. This is also why non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are used to control inflammation. They have nothing to do with calcium, but they counter inflammatory prostaglandins.

        Calcium is supposed to be in a lot of places other than the bones since it is used for other purposes other than being one of the numerous components needed for healthy bone.

        The role of magnesium is not to enhance calcium absorption as it is a calcium antagonist. Both are required for strong bones, but in the blood magnesium helps to prevent the side effects of excess calcium such as high blood pressure, constipation, muscle spasms/cramping, heart arrhythmias, etc.

        Vitamin D does help with calcium absorption, but has nothing to do with where calcium goes. That role belongs almost exclusively to silica, which also aids in the absorption of calcium and is the most important nutrient for bone strength there is.

        By the way, there are over 20 forms of vitamin D. There are only 3 we are concerned about for the human body. Two are inactive forms and one active.

        Your discussion of how strong bones are built is completely wrong. During exercise calcium is not taken from bones. That would be completely stupid as the calcium would be taken from the bones at the one time the bones would need mineralization the most.

        Bones are built during exercise by the removal of calcium and other minerals in the blood. These minerals are electrodeposited in to the collagen matrix of bone during exercise due to the piezoelectric effect of the stress applied to the silica in bone during exercise.

        The Inuit eat a lot more than meat. During the warmer months they collect and stock up on plant materials such as berries. They consume their stockpiles of plant material throughout the year, which is also why they don’t get scurvy.

        Indigestion and acid reflux have nothing to do with eating meat. Indigestion and acid reflux are more apt to happen from the consumption of plants that provide a lot more fermentable sugars as well as lower esophageal sphincter relaxers such as caffeine or the oils in mints. See:

        The claim about arthritis is very misleading. Arthritis is not a singular disease. There are over 120 forms of arthritis with different causes. Although consuming high levels of meat does increase the intake of inflammatory arachidonic acid this does not necessarily mean it will contribute to inflammation. Take deep cold water fish for example, which is still a meat source. But they are also high in anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils. In addition, we can obtain other anti-inflammatories from our diet and our body generates its own anti-inflammatory corticosteroids. Bottom line is that there is so much about this topic you are overlooking.

    • says

      I had cancer my blood sugar was 600 and 8 sleeping disorders.mayo in minn. I bought a kangen water machine and I started sleeping my sugars went down and I know-longer have cancer.

      • James says

        The problem is that we have no idea what other things you did. There had to something as alkaline water does not cure diabetes or cancer.

        There is a possibility that the water was high in magnesium, which can help with type 2 diabetes that accounts for about 95% of diabetic cases. In early stage type 2 diabetes the high blood sugar is not the result of pancreatic failure but rather a closing of insulin receptors on cells. This prevents the proper uptake of glucose by cells so the blood sugar remains high. The primary cause of closed insulin receptors is a lack of chromium and/or magnesium. See:

        As for cancer, cancer cells have a more alkaline pH than healthy cells and it has been shown that excess alkalinity of healthy cells causes them to become cancerous.

        In addition, the hydroxides in the ionized water are caustic and strong radicals that can cause tissue damage and inflammation believed to be risk factors for cancer. And the neutralization of stomach acid by the hydroxides in ionized water increases the risk of cancer by making a more suitable environment for cancer pathogens and by reducing methylation in the body.

        You made no mention of what kind of cancer, what therapies you received, what dietary changes or other changes you made, how you determined you were cancer free and for how long, etc. Therefore, even if your claims are true there is no way to determine what really dropped your blood sugar and got rid of the cancer without more details. But again, alkaline water is not the answer.

    • xcheshirecat says

      You have no proof it’s because of that thing. It happens that cancer disappear without any treatment nor change in lifestyle.

      It’s like prayer, it,s not because sometimes there’s a coincidence that we have to forget all the tim it does nothing

  2. Laurel says

    Man, I’m so glad you decided to tackle this topic, Chris! Another myth that is extremely pervasive is the concept of food combining; that the human body is somehow incapable of digesting protein and starch together in the same meal! It’s completely absurd – anyone familiar with even the most basic concepts of how digestion works should realize that. I think the problem is that so many people make these kinds of dietary changes in their lives, replacing a highly processed diet with an “alkaline” diet of mostly fresh foods, and they do feel better, so they feel that is confirmation that the theory is true. Or they start following the rules of food combining, and find they digest better. Which, of course, doesn’t mean that food combining is necessary, it only means that that person has impaired digestion of one or more dietary components. Because a person with a normally functioning digestive system is perfectly capable of digesting protein, starch, and fat all in the same meal. I do it every day! And another myth that drives me crazy is the blood type diets. According to my blood type, I should be a low-fat vegetarian, but I already tried that years ago with disastrous consequences for my health. Fortunately I’m now thriving on a higher fat animal product based diet. But unfortunately many well-meaning books, including the Body Ecology Diet, perpetuate all of these myths. It’s unfortunate that such BS is intermixed with a lot of really good information about the benefits of fermented foods.

    • Corey says

      Man, I’m so glad you decided to tackle this topic, Chris! Another myth that is extremely pervasive is the concept of food combining; that the human body
      is somehow incapable of digesting protein and starch together in the same meal! It’s completely absurd – anyone familiar with even the most basic concepts
      of how digestion works should realize that.

      They don’t simply argue that your body is incapable of performing digestion of that combination, they argue rather that such a digestive process is highly inefficient. The issue is does the food contain enough digestive enzymes to complete the bulk of digestion or must it toss the bulk of the job of digestion to your body to expend it’s own supply of enzymes to complete digestion. Consequently, it is important to note that the food combination community is not simply arguing that ph is a problem here, but also arguing that enzymatic supply and demand is at issue as well.

      (You continue:) I think the problem is that so many people make these kinds of dietary changes in their lives, replacing a
      highly processed diet with an “alkaline” diet of mostly fresh foods, and they do feel better,
      so they feel that is confirmation that the theory is true.
      Or they start following the rules of food combining, and find they digest better. Which, of course, doesn’t mean that food combining is necessary, it only
      means that that person has impaired digestion of one or more dietary components. Because a person with a normally functioning digestive system is perfectly
      capable of digesting protein, starch, and fat all in the same meal. I do it every day!

      The food combination advocates would argue that your digestion will seem relatively normal in this case, provided that your body’s supply of enzymes remains abundant enough to help complete digestion. Their concern is that your body eventually will run out of these enzymes and digestive demand will exceed your body’s enzymatic supply. So, the only way to truly debunk the food combination theory is to prove that the body’s supply of enzymes available for digestion is not limited, hence implying that the body will always be able to produce enough of a supply of enzymes to meet the demands of completing digestion. Else, if the supply runs out or gets too low for completing digestion, then their theory would predict that digestive distress from improperly combined meals is a mathematical inevitability governed by the afore mentioned supply and demand concerns.

      • Dan says

        The enzymes in food provide absolutely nothing towards the digestion of that food. The notion that eating foods with their enzymes reduces the work the body has to do is silly. Think about it, how long does a food substance spend in your body? A few hours? Chop up a vegetable, leave it on a plate for a few hours and see if it breaks down within the same amount of hours. It would take days for a chopped up vegetable to break down in a similar way to digestion. The enzymes in a food are there for the growing process of the food, not to help us break it down in our GIT.

        • Cheryl says

          So your saying live enzymes in food don’t help us break it down in our body? ? I’m not sure where you got your info but I believe that is incorrect. Mastication starts the process in our saliva and food

          • Dan says

            Please provide proof that fruit and vegetables contain any adequate amount of protease, lipase & amylase. If you think I am incorrect, then correct me. You have made the claim first that “food enzymes help digestion” without providing evidence. I researched this topic last year and found no evidence that enzymes in food help digestion. I am not saying supplemental enzymes don’t help, they are a different kettle of fish. Im saying there is no proof that any small amount of enzyme in a food survives the stomach acid environment, effectively reducing the amount of enzymes the pancreas or other areas of the GIT has to release.


            • Leslie says

              Dan. Surely this is what our Pancreas is for!. It provides all the enzymes needed to digest food in the gut. However, as we age it produces less so supplementation may be the answer.
              Of course, most of us cook our food to make it more ‘digestible’ This kills any useful enzymes anyway.

          • says

            Dan brings up an excellent point I have heard before. If these plant enzymes are so active as some people believe then why aren’t these plants digesting themselves when their cell walls are broken releasing the enzymes?

            Furthermore, are you aware that enzymes are proteins and the plant enzymes simply get digested by our own digestive system?

      • says

        You are 100% correct. The body is very capable of digesting multiple types of foods at once. And the body continually produces digestive enzymes throughout life. We do not have a limited enzyme supply as the enzyme sellers claim.

      • Little Bit Farm says

        All I know is that after my eldest son was born, I had a year long bout with nausea. I was too broke to go to the doctor, being young, married, and full of dreams rather than cash. I was just getting worse, and one day this couple asked us to their home. They had just started this new diet, and felt great! I was so sick all the time, that I was interested in anything that made me feel great. I asked them what it was, and they told me, Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. I was desperate. They explained the simple principles, and I started it that day before I read one word about food combining. I got better almost immediately. I lost thirty pounds. The nausea went away and never came back. I had three times as much energy. Over the years since, whenever I feel an energy lull, I go back on it. I’ve heard all the hype, and criticism. However, like it or not , experience when it comes to health is a much better teacher. If you know what makes you feel good, and your nails get stronger, your skin glows, your energy increases, your digestion is better, then whatever makes that happen for you, more power to ya! Diets that have made me feel lousy or over bloated: High protein, low carb, and the Rotation diet, which made me feel like I was at death’s door! All I can say is that Fit For Life did exactly what the Diamonds said it would do for me, I had way more energy, my digestion was better, and I could feel that my meals were lighter and weighed me down less. I didn’t stop eating meat. Had it most nights. I was healthy. My opinion is that its easy to point fingers at something that you’ve not experienced. In my case it helped me improve my diet. There were things I did not do that they espoused. 1) I drank plenty of fluid with meals and throughout the day. 2) I ate one meat meal a day 3) I went off it once a week on Sunday and had a hamburger, which felt like a stone in my stomach but made my taste buds happy. 4) I ate cheese on my bean burritoes. 4) I drank milk, usually in the late afternoon or with my protein dinner.

  3. says

    Loved this article Chris. Thanku!
    I’ve a few questions:
    What are your thoughts on alkaline water?
    And improving on low and decreasing HCL levels (with age and otherwise)? :)

    • Jolene says

      I’m curious what his thoughts are on alkaline water as well! A friend of mine does this alkaline filtration thing and it’s thousands of dollars to buy the system so I want more information before I invest.

  4. jude austin says

    why do researchers keep on quoting about the inuit and massai when they are the shortest lived people on earth, that doesn’t seem healthy to me

    • Mark says

      Are they short lived because of diet induced disease or is it injury and communicable disease? And have the Inuit and Massai always been so short lived or is that a recent issue?

  5. Kathy Kelman says

    Chris – Your critique of the acid/alkaline theory causes me to wonder what DOES bring about osteoporosis and cancer. Would you say that it is from eating sugar and grains, and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lack of exercise? I would very much like to know what causes these all-too-common diseases.

    • Beth says

      Kathy, Google “osteoporosis + vitamin K2″, and you’ll find out how osteoporosis can be both prevented and reversed.
      As for cancer, it feeds on sugar. Dr. Mercola has quite a few very good articles discussing that link.

    • says

      Osteoporosis has nothing to do with acidity nor mineral loss. These are both very persistent myths though. Osteoporosis is the result of a lack of collagen matrix, not a loss of bone minerals. Without sufficient collagen matrix there is not sufficient mineral binding sites in the bone. Loss of actual bone minerals result in conditions known as osteomalacia and osteopenia.

      Bones require a number of nutrients for health. Silica is the most important as it not only helps in the formation of the collagen matrix, but it also aids in calcium absorption and is the actual component of bone that allows bone mineralization. Next are the amino acids proline, lysine and glycine then the minerals zinc and copper that are all also required for the formation of the collagen matrix. Next are calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, strontium, natural fluoride, vitamins A, D, E and K and essential fatty acids.

      A lack of silica is the most common cause of osteoporosis. Silica levels decline with age due to decreasing stomach acid levels leading to decreased conversion of silica in to the absorbable form orthosilicic acid.

      Decreased vitamin C levels are the second leading cause of osteoporosis. Vitamin C levels can decline from low intake, stress, the use of stimulants like caffeine and nicotine and various medications such as steroids.

      Cancer does not result from acids either. The vast majority of cancers have been linked to viruses. This includes most of the so-called “hereditary” cancers such as breast cancer. There has never been a hereditary component linked to breast cancer, but breast cancer has been linked to several viruses. In fact, every oncogene (cancer causing gene) ever discovered has been viral. No human oncogene has ever been discovered. Here are a few old posts I did that discusses this more:

      I am in the process of writing tow books regarding holistic therapies. One I have been writing is on osteoporosis, osteomalacia and osteoarthritis. The second book I started is a review of holistic cancer therapies and covers a lot of these myths about cancer. The book also goes over various therapies showing what actually works such as ozone therapy and some herbs, what is highly questionable such as cesium chloride and what has been proven to be outright quackery such as “oleander soup” and other oleander compounds. i am heavily referencing the books from medical journal studies since so many people want to hold tightly on to their beliefs even in the face of real evidence to the contrary.

        • James says

          The mutations they are referring to ARE NOT inherited. They are mutated by the insertion of viral genes.

          All this information including the link of viruses to most cancers can be found on Medline (PubMed).

            • James says

              You just posted it yourself. Don’t you read your own evidence? The first sentence of your link clearly states:

              “The majority of cancers are sporadic. They are caused by the progressive accumulation of genetic mutations and/or epigenetic changes during a person’s lifetime. These are known as somatic mutations – they affect a particular tissue and are not heritable.”

              So they are not heritable, which means “not inherited” or otherwise “not hereditary”.

              There has never been a human oncogene ever found. All oncogenes have been found to be viral.

              Cancer viruses have been known since 1908 and therefore there has been a lot of research on their role in carcinogenesis. That is why I told you to search Medline. Here is just a small sampling of some of the research studies I have found linking viruses to various cancers. These include breast, vaginal, vulvar, uterine, cervical, prostate, penile, brain, colon, skin, nasopharyngeal, oropharynx, esophageal,
              laryngo- pharyngeal
              anogenital, bone, bladder, kidney, intestinal, lung, gastric and liver cancers. Also leukemias, lymphomas, insulinomas, leiomyosarcomas, ependymomas, Kaposi’s sarcoma and breast, post-transplant lymphoproliferative

              Barbanti-Brodano G, Sabbioni S, Martini F, et al. BK Virus, JC Virus and Simian Virus 40 Infection in Humans, and Association with Human Tumors. In: Madame Curie Bioscience Database [Internet]. Austin (TX): Landes Bioscience; 2000-.

              Antibody levels against BK virus and prostate, kidney and bladder cancers in the EPIC-Oxford cohort. Br J Cancer 2005 November 28; 93(11): 1305–1306

              Association of BK virus with human brain tumors and tumors of pancreatic islets. Int J Cancer 1987 Jan 15;39(1):60-7

              Human cytomegalovirus and mucoepidermoid carcinoma of salivary glands: cell-specific localization of active viral and oncogenic signaling proteins is confirmatory of a causal relationship. Exp Mol Pathol 2012 Feb;92(1):118-25

              Glioma-Associated Cytomegalovirus Mediates Subversion of the Monocyte Lineage to a Tumor Propagating Phenotype. Clin Cancer Res 2011 Jul 15;17(14):4642-9

              Detection of human cytomegalovirus in medulloblastomas reveals a potential therapeutic target. J Clin Invest 2011 Oct;121(10):4043-55

              Detection of human cytomegalovirus in normal and neoplastic breast epithelium. Herpesviridae 2010 Dec 23;1(1):8

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              The ONLY cancer that has any evidence that it may be hereditary is familial retinoblastoma.

              By the way, I have been researching cancer for 33 years. So if you want to convince me of your claims you better come up with some really solid evidence and not just opinion sites.

              • SarahN says

                You need to read beyond the first sentence of the link I posted instead of spamming up your reply with lots of links. The next sentence reads

                “Certain inherited, natural variations in our genes (known as polymorphisms) may also influence the risk of developing a sporadic cancer.

                In contrast, some individuals are born with a markedly increased susceptibility to cancer. The inheritance of a single genetic mutation may be sufficient to greatly increase the susceptibility to one or more types of cancer, and this susceptibility can be passed from generation to generation.

                The inheritance of these mutations results in families in which a number of individuals develop a certain type(s) of cancer. These are generally referred to as inherited cancers.”

                No one is denying that SOME viruses cause SOME cancers.
                And my link is from Cancer Research UK who are one of the world leaders in cancer research and treatment. You may have been researching cancer for many years, but if you just keep looking for selective evidence to back up your a priori belief then you have just wasted years of your life confirming your personal prejudices. That is not research, that is self-pleasuring.

                • James says

                  Yes, go back and look at the second part of your link. Note where they keep saying “MAY”. In other words will not necessarily cause. You are suffering from a condition known as “selective reading” and you clearly know as little about cancer as you do the definition of “spam”.

                  YOU asked me for evidence to my claims. I provided the evidence and now you are bitching about my providing the evidence YOU requested and probably have not even checked any of the research I presented proving most cancers have been linked to viruses. Therefore you are just wasting space on this forum and wasting both of our times since you clearly are not interested in real research or the facts.

                  Again, the ONLY cancer that has any evidence to a possible hereditary cause is familial retinoblastoma. If you knew anything about hereditary conditions you would also know why this is.

                  Try learning a little something about medicine and how the body really works then get back to me.

              • Anna says


                What do you think of the theory that root canals cause breast cancer? I’ve seen statements by doctors to the effect that they have never treated a breast cancer patient who did not have a root canal on the same side as the cancerous breast, suggesting to them that the hidden bacteria in the root canal is the cause of the cancer. Would this just be a case of the bacteria causing immune suppression that makes the body susceptible to a virus, or what?

                • James says

                  A lot of things are claimed to be hereditary when they are not. Diabetes for example, which gas often been claimed to be hereditary even though NO forms of diabetes are hereditary.

                  The ONLY cancer that has been shown to possibly be hereditary is familial retinoblastoma. The reason this appears to be hereditary is because the infants are born with it.

                  If a condition is really hereditary then the person is born with the mutation and thus develops the symptoms of the mutation early in life, not decades later.

                  Look at the hereditary condition cystic fibrosis for example. People with CF have symptoms from birth since they are born with the mutation. They do not develop the symptoms 40, 50, 60…. years later in life.

                  The biggest problem is that people keep confusing genetic with hereditary. They ARE NOT always the same thing. A person can have a genetic disorder that is hereditary, but they can also have an somatic of viral induced genetic disorder that IS NOT hereditary such as gliomas.

                  Gliomas are most often caused by viral oncogenes. For example:

                  Glioma-Associated Cytomegalovirus Mediates Subversion of the Monocyte Lineage to a Tumor Propagating Phenotype. Clin Cancer Res 2011 Jul 15;17(14):4642-9

                  Gliomas have also been linked to the JC virus and mycoplasmas. But no hereditary glioma gene has been proven.

                  The other part of the confusion people have is that they hear about a gene associated with cancer and they automatically think it is either human, or even if it is that is causes the cancer. Again, most of the genes are not human they are viral. And the few, very rare, genes most often associated with cancer forming claims DO NOT actually cause the cancer. These are genetic mutations such as neurofibromatosis type I, Turner syndrome, neurofibromatosis 1 or 2, tuberous sclerosis, etc. These hereditary genetic mutations DO NOT cause the cancer, they only increase the risk of developing cancers.

                  This is why in your link they say “Aproximately 5-10 percent of gliomas ‘MAY’ be related to inherited gene mutations”.

                  Again these gene mutations ARE NOT the cause of the cancer they only make the person more susceptible to the cancer. Just like immune suppression does not cause cancer, it just makes people more susceptible to cancer from the microbes that actually induce the cancer.

          • martin says

            So why do you think breast cancer seems to be clustered in some families?
            Do you think Angelina Jolie needn’t have removed her breasts?

            • James says

              Martin:: “So why do you think breast cancer seems to be clustered in some families?”

              There are several reasons for this.

              For one cancer viruses can be spread among family members.

              Secondly, families can be exposed to the same viral activators. The most common viral activators for breast cancer viruses are the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen in particular since it is much more prevalent. I am not just talking about the estrogen produced by the body or estrogen replacement therapy. There are non-natural estrogens, known as xenoestrogens, that can be thousands to hundreds of thousands of times stronger than human estrogen. These compounds include dioxins, DDT, PCBs, phthalates, etc. These can can come from a variety of sources such as contaminated waterways where dioxins are being dumped from paper mills. Waterways contaminated from plastics manufacturing plants, agricultural sprays (herbicides and pesticides), some plastics such as polycarbonate (some water bottles, lining for canned goods), and soft plastics like pacifiers and teething rings, etc. A less common known source is thermal paper receipts we get from machine printed receipts. These contain the hormonal compound biphenol-A.

              So one of the factors is exposure to these compounds. For example, a family can be exposed to the same xenoestrogens from living in the same place where they are being exposed to xenoestrogens such as dioxins or herbicide or pesticide sprays.

              Also keep in mind that many xenoestrogens are extremely stable and can persist for decades. For example, they stopped spraying DDT I think it was back in the 50s, but it takes 100 years to break down in the soil so it is still present where it was sprayed. This could account for some of the “pockets” of cancer incidences reported in some cities sprayed with DDT.

              These compounds also have a high affinity for fats and therefore can store in the body. Many people serving in Vietnam for example are developing cancers long after due to Agent Orange exposure, which is a dioxin source.

              Another source of hormone exposure that can be shared by families is diet. Meats and dairy contain hormones. Most of these are added to increase animal growth or milk production. Keep in mind though that animals also produce their own hormones, so they are even found in “organic” meats and dairy.

              Not everyone is gong to be affected the same though as their are other factors involved. For example, dietary phytoestrogens are actually estrogen antagonists. And liver function plays a big role since the liver breaks down excess estrogens.

              Martin: “Do you think Angelina Jolie needn’t have removed her breasts?”

              I think she was a fool for doing this.

              First of all the media has created so much confusion by incorrectly claiming she tested positive for the gene that causes cancer. The gene they are referring to though is the BRAC-1 gene, which is a tumor SUPPRESSOR gene. This gene does not cause cancer, it stops it. It is mutations in this gene, again normally from viral infections, that lead to the formation of cancer since its job of tumor inhibition is blocked.

              Does removing the breasts of ovaries get rid of the virus causing these cancers? Of course not. So what she did is as stupid as removing the engine from your car to stop an oil leak.

              If someone thinks they are at high risk for breast cancer because other people in their family had it then there are some simple things that can be done to reduce the risk:

              -Digestive bitters and B vitamins to help the liver function better and to help the liver properly break down excess hormones.
              -Antivirals such as chaparral, andrographis, chagas, quercetin, etc.
              -Support the immune system by doing things such as avoiding caffeine and nicotine, more vitamin C rich foods, more dietary fiber, immune supporting herbs and supplements, etc.

          • Donna says

            James, about the BRAC1 and BRAC2 are in fact mutations. The National Cancer Institute began a study on my family back in the 70′s. All of my grandmothers female blood relatives died of either breast or ovarian cancer. They discovered that unlike my grandmothers female relatives, my grandmother didn’t have a mutation on the BRAC1 or BRAC2. The conclusion of the study stated that it would be impossible for my grandmother to pass those mutations down to her offspring. I would like your feed back on this.

            • James says

              Hi Donna,

              There is no real evidence that these mutations are hereditary in the first place. There is a lot of evidence that viruses induce genetic mutations leading to cancer. For example, it is known that human papilloma viruses alter BRAC genes increasing the risk of cancer.

              The only cancer I have ever seen that has even the slightest link to possibly being hereditary induced is familial retinoblastoma.


        • James says

          Hi Anna,

          I don’t buy it. Where is the evidence? It does not exit. Interestingly, Mercola keeps harping on how there is no evidence that root canals are safe, yet he provides no real evidence to back his claim.

          I am not a big fan of Mercola anyway. In my opinion he has become too sensationalistic in his writings hyping stuff up and presenting just flat out false information. I have written rebuttals to many of his bogus claims a number of times. You can find many of these on my site by searching for “Mercola” on the site.

          Mercola is on the board of the Weston Price Foundation, which in my opinion is just as much of a joke. For example, Mercola and the Western Price Foundation keep posting completely bogus information on soy since its biggest competition is the beef and dairy industries that help support the Western Price Foundation. The one I find most ridiculous and funny is their claim that consuming soy is the equivalent of taking 5 birth control pills due to soy’s high phytoestrogen content. Not only is this an outrageous lie, but it is also funny because Mercola claims flax seed a “health food”. Apparently Mercola does not realize that flax seed is nearly 4 times higher in phytoestrogens than raw soy!!! In addition, Mercola sells resveratrol, which is a concentrated phytoestrogen. And he makes no mention of the naturally occurring estrogen in beef and dairy that is thousands of times more powerful than the phytoestrogens found in ALL plants. This is just one of many claims made by Mercola I have debunked so I don’t put any real faith in anything he claims anymore.

          In fact, the article by Mercola you linked gives a great example how Mercola really sensationalizes his articles. He is discussing how Price was able to cause heart attacks and diseases in rabbits by implanting tooth fragments from root canals in to the rabbits. Mercola continues with his claim saying that the rabbits died within a few weeks from a heart attack, which he implies is from induced heart disease 100% of the time. If Mercola really understood medicine then he would realize that putting ANY bacterial contaminated foreign object in to the rabbits will cause disease. You can swab someone’s mouth with a toothpick then shove that toothpick in to a rabbit’s bloodstream and the rabbit is going to develop diseases and possibly even die from a heart attack as the rabbit’s immune system tries to fight off the foreign object and foreign pathogens it harbors. After all are human tooth fragments naturally found in the bloodstream of rabbits? How about human mouth bacteria? And what happens when an animal is exposed to pathogens they have not been exposed to before? For example, what happened to the Native Americans when the white settlers brought previously unknown pathogens to the shores of the Native Americans land? Many of the Native Americans were decimated by these new diseases since they had never been exposed before to these pathogens and therefore had no immunity. So is Mercola really so stupid that he does not understand that implanting foreign bacteria alone in to the rabbits will cause disease? Or that implanting a foreign body that can provide a source of infection will cause disease including blood clots that can cause a heart attack?

          In fact, he tries to imply the rabbits are dying of heart disease, which is misleading. A heart attack from a blood clot induced by the immune system fighting foreign is not the same as heart disease, which can take decades to develop.

          The other diseases Mercola claims Price could induce in this manner is still subject the same flaws I mention above. For example, the immune complexes that will be formed can cause kidney disease.

          Therefore, not only was Price’s research SEVERELY flawed, but Mercola’s interpretation of this flawed research was even more flawed.

          I also looked at Mercola’s references from medical journals he linked to his article. I don’t see where any of them support his claim. They discuss how pathogenic bacteria have caused disease in some isolated cases. No surprise there. But they DO NOT support the claims that any of these bacteria are causing cancer in humans, especially breast cancer.

          I could go through the medical journals and find all sorts of articles showing how bacteria can cause diseases other than cancer. But it would be ludicrous if I posted these studies as proof to a claim that these bacteria caused cancer, but this appears to be what Mercola is doing.

          For example, let’s look at his most current reference, J Clin Micr Feb 2007 in which they are talking about brain abscesses occasionally being caused by bacteria associated with dental procedures. A brain abscess IS NOT cancer. So how is this reference supposedly going to support Mercola’s claim about root canals and cancer? It doesn’t!!! In fact, NONE of his medical journal abstracts he references back the root canal-cancer connection.

          Again pretty ironic that Mercola harps on how their is no medical evidence that root canals are safe but Mercola himself has no real medical evidence proving a link between root canals and cancer.

          The second link you provided is to the Weston Price Foundation, which again I have no faith in since so many of their claims have been discredited.

          The third link falsely claims that most cancers are caused from root canals. The vast majority of cancers have been linked to viral infections, not bacteria associated with the mouth. In fact, bacterial induced cancers are rather rare.

          Bottom line is that there is absolutely no real evidence to back the root canal-cancer claims.


          • Anna says

            Hi James,

            Thanks for your long and thorough response. I haven’t been able to find any evidence other than anecdotal evidence about the root canal-cancer link either, but I did find the descriptions by scientists alarming about how noxious the mouth bacteria are. So I supposed that at least these super-lethal bacteria may compromise the immune system, if not actually cause cancer. I wondered about the rabbit experiment though, and you’ve explained that to my satisfaction. I would be interested to read more about the virus theory though, if you can provide links.

            I think in one of your other comments you also said that the idea that the body naturally produces cancer cells that are digested by the pancreas is also bogus. Was it you who said that? There are all sorts of ideas floating around about peoples’ ability to digest their own tumors if they stop feeding the tumors protein.

            Here’s a link Dr. Kelley’s hypothesis stating such a thing to be true:


            I would b e interested to hear your thoughts on this theory. The reason I’m asking you these questions is that I’ve read all of the comments on the two PH articles and you seem to know a lot about the body.

            • James says

              Hi Anna:

              I already posted some links to to the association of viruses with cancer previously. See my post on
              January 9, 2014 at 4:14 am.

              “I think in one of your other comments you also said that the idea that the body naturally produces cancer cells that are digested by the pancreas is also bogus. Was it you who said that?”

              It may have been. There is a common myth that everyone has cancer cells and they simply get destroyed by the immune system in most cases. None of this is true. These people are confusing overgrowth of cells with malignancy. Even though malignancies are an overgrowth of cells, not all overgrowths of cells are malignancies. Malignant cells have morphological differences from healthy cells and benign overgrowths.

              They are also overlooking the fact that cancer cells are extremely good at evading the immune system and are rarely detected by and destroyed by the immune system. If everyone had cancer cells as they claim then people would dropping dead from cancer left and right since cancer cells do evade immune detection and destruction in most cases.

              And taking digestive enzymes is not going to cure cancer. Digestive enzymes are proteins and if taking digestive enzymes these enzymes will be digested just like any other enzyme. This is important since if these enzymes were to enter the bloodstream they could cause serious damage and even death since they will digest the body in the same manner they digest other proteins. Using some common sense how are protein digestive enzymes, supplemental or produced by the body, supposed to reach cancer cells in various parts of the body without digesting the healthy tissues made up of the same proteins?

              The Kelly article you linked is full of errors.

              For example, he claims that cancer is from an excess of “female sex hormones”. Although estrogen and progesterone both can activate cancer viruses they are not the cause of cancers. If this were the case then we would have all died of cancer a long time ago as we all have female hormones throughout life.

              And what about the role of testosterone in some cancers, which is not a female sex hormone. Same with radiation exposure, which can also cause cancer.

              In addition, many tissues produce estrogen within the body including the ovaries, testes, adrenals, fat cells, bone and brain tissue. So why don’t all these tissues constantly develop cancer, which according to Kelly’s hypothesis should be happening.

              I also disagree with Kelly’s recommendations to do coffee enemas and the so-called “liver flush” with oil, magnesium and citrus.

              Coffee enemas are hard on the immune system because the caffeine overstimulates the adrenal glands. I have had a number of people ignore this fact when I told them and came back to tell me that they learned their lesson the hard way by ignoring that fact.

              The whole “liver flush” thing with the oil, magnesium and citrus is also completely bogus. First of all the oil stimulates the gallbladder, which is not the liver. These so-called “liver flushes” do not even affect the liver.

              And the big, green, squishy blobs people are passing are not gallstones, but rather saponified oil and sterol-cholesterol complexes formed in part from the “liver flush” ingredients. I did a series of videos explaining the myth of the so-called “liver flushes” here:



              • Anna Biller says

                Hi James,

                Thank you again for your long and thoughtful response.

                I don’t think Dr. Kelley is saying that the enzymes enter the bloodstream and kill the cancer cells in the body. I think he is saying that if we overload our bodies with excess protein, then the pancreas can’t do its job properly and metabolize foreign proteins such as cancer cells, which he claims are always being created and digested without disease or malignancy as long as the pancreas is functioning normally. So he is in agreement with you that not all cancerous cells are malignancies, but it sounds as if he is saying that all fast-growing suspicious cells, including malignant ones, can be digested by the pancreas if the pancreas is fully supported. I think you’re saying that that is just silly, right?

                I don’t think he says that all cancers are caused by hormones, but that they can, as you stated, be activated by hormones.

                Basically what he is saying is that cancer is a disease of the pancreas in the same way that diabetes is, and can be cured by reducing meat and taking enzymes in the same way diabetes can be cured by reducing sugar and taking insulin. Or, that eating too much meat is for the pancreas what drinking too much alcohol is for the liver; that it eventually produces a diseased organ leading to various other disease states throughout the body.

            • James says

              Hi Anna,

              “I don’t think Dr. Kelley is saying that the enzymes enter the bloodstream and kill the cancer cells in the body. ”

              Actually he does specifically state this claim. Look under where he is talking about the “third law” where he specifically states that the pancreatic enzymes need to circulate through the blood to dissolve the “placenta”. Again, if active pancreatic enzymes were circulating in the blood then the body would be digesting itself leading to severe damage and possibly death.

              “I think he is saying that if we overload our bodies with excess protein, then the pancreas can’t do its job properly and metabolize foreign proteins such as cancer cells, which he claims are always being created and digested without disease or malignancy as long as the pancreas is functioning normally.”

              I am going to apply a little common sense here. How are the enzymes supposed to ‘metabolize foreign proteins such as cancer cells’ unless the enzymes can first reach the cancer cells? In order to reach most cancer cells the enzymes would have to travel through the bloodstream, which means they would also be digesting healthy tissue, including blood vessels, in the process. This is why digestive enzymes do not enter the bloodstream and thus do not reach cancer cells to digest them as Kelley is trying to imply. So yes, his claim is just plain silly.

              “I don’t think he says that all cancers are caused by hormones, but that they can, as you stated, be activated by hormones.”

              He specifically refers to the requirement of female sex hormones for cancer to form several times under his “four laws”.

              Actually he contradicts himself by first claiming that all cancers are caused by germ cells converting to trophoblast cells. Then he claims all cancers are caused by female hormones. Then he claims that all cancers are caused from a lack of pancreatic enzymes.

              He also claims that cancers are “a placenta” growing outside of the uterus, which is also totally ludicrous. The placenta is a very particular type of tissue with a specific morphology. For example, if you were to thin section a piece of placenta and a malignant brain tumor are they going to appear as the same tissue? Of course not since they are not the same tissue. Malignant tumors are not placental tissue unless the tumor is a placental tumor such as a gestational trophoblastic tumor. Since the tumor is composed of placental cells then it is still placental tissue. Just like a malignant lung tumor is still made up of lung cells, not placental cells. Or bone cancer is still made up of bone cells, not placental cells.

              As for his claims about diabetes , such as adult onset being degenerative are also wrong. There is a lot more to diabetes than he realizes, such as the pancreas working fine and kicking out too much insulin at the onset of type 2 diabetes. But that is a whole other issue.


              • Anna says

                Ah okay, I see. I didn’t realize he was claiming that the enzymes actually travel through the blood stream. That would indeed be ridiculous. I thought he was suggesting that the abnormal cells naturally go to the pancreas to be digested, like food, and that without the proper support they can grow and become malignant. But you’re right, if one applies common sense then one would have to wonder why the body’s cells would ever do such a thing as to try to travel to the pancreas to digest themselves!

                I think in Dr. Kelly’s case enzymes worked to cure his cancer because the type of cancer he had was pancreatic cancer, so he really did need enzymes to heal his pancreas. But he seized on the earlier work of Beard to assume that all cancers are about a lack of digestive enzymes.

                Still, the diets we eat are so noxious and organ-damaging that any time we give our body a break by just not pouring poisons into it and supporting it with proper nutrients can seem to people like a miracle cure. And his advice (if not his science) is probably good for others with pancreatic cancer.

              • Anna says

                Hi James,

                In the enzymes theory link I provided, I was inly interested in the claims Dr. Beard made, not in the rest of the article.

                Here is a brief description of Beard’s ideas from another website:

                “In 1902 a Scottish doctor, John Beard, published an interesting paper. He drew attention to the fact that when the placenta implants into the uterus, the way it burrows in and invades the mother’s tissue is exactly like a cancer.

                Why didn’t the placenta just keep going and take over everything – like a cancer does? Nobody knew at the time but John Beard noticed that the placenta stops invading at exactly the moment when the infant’s pancreas starts to produce enzymes. If that doesn’t happen, the deadly cancer of pregnancy – chorion-carcinoma – ensues which is capable of killing the mother and baby very quickly.

                The cells of the placenta which invade are called the trophoblasts. These cells set out to establish the food supply line for the baby fetus.

                Beard began to ask himself whether cancer cells, which look exactly like trophoblast cells—young, vigorous, unspecialized—could also be turned off by enzymes from the pancreas. In fact he went even further and speculated that cancer came from hidden trophoblasts cells in the body, left over from days in the womb, which got activated again, by stress and toxins. Perhaps normally these get picked off by enzymes but sometimes they do not and cancer is the result. So Beard called this the trophoblastic theory of cancer.”

                In this description, Kelly’s theories of enzymes and trophoblasts are not actually contradictory. But I’m still trying to understand this theory – especially in how it relates to more current research on stem cells. There’s not a lot about this in the medical journals, but it seems that Beard’s ideas are taken seriously by a few scientists now, although Kelly and others who have used his ideas are considered quacks.



                • James says

                  Hi Anna,

                  First of all where is the proof that pancreatic-type enzymes stop the growth of the placenta? Could it be that the placenta’s size is simply genetically determined just like the liver, lungs, intestines, etc? Even the pancreas itself?

                  And it is a big jump to assume that just because malignant tumor cells have so many characteristics of fetal cells that they are composed of placental tissue as he repeatedly claims. I do agree that malignant tumor cells are embryonic tissue, I have said that for years. But I still think Kelley makes too big of jump in his hypothesis without the proper evidence to back his claims.

                  You may be interested in this article, which would call in to question the premise of some of Kelley’s claims:


            • James says

              “Here’s a link that briefly explains the enzyme theory adopted by Dr. Kelly:”

              Again this is full of misleading information.

              For example they claim that cancer cells are killed by enzymes. That may be true in a test tube where healthy cells would also be digested by the same enzymes. This does not mean the same will occur by ingesting enzymes. As I pointed out before enzymes are proteins that get digested within the digestive system in the same manner as other proteins.

              Another common sense moment. They claim that cooking, irradiation, etc. decreases the digestive enzyme ability of plant enzymes. If these enzymes are so active to begin with then why aren’t the plants digesting themselves?

              More evidence that they are either completely ignorant of the subject or are being deliberately misleading is evidenced by the fact that the pancreas IS NOT the only source of digestive enzymes. The protein digestive enzymes pepsin and lipase are secreted by the stomach. Digestive enzymes are also secreted by the salivary glands and intestines. Therefore, even if the pancreas was not up to par there would still be digestive enzymes being secreted.

              And cancer cells DO NOT hide from the immune system using fibrin. They hide from the immune system through a coating of human chorionic gonadotropic hormone. Same way a fetus is hidden from the mother’s immune system so the immune system does not destroy the fetus since it is a foreign protein source to the mother’s immune system. I have had people try to argue against that fact but remember that only half the DNA came from the mother. The male DNA present makes the fetus foreign to the mother’s immune system.

              • Anna says

                Hi James,

                I don’t think that study is conclusive of anything. You can always find studies which refute other studies. It’s always good to keep questioning everything though.

                What I find interesting is when therapeutic approaches work before the science is totally in place. With Beard’s work, he really was making a big leap, but the results of his therapy on patients was a reduction of tumors:


                The reason you need coffee enemas when you are doing this sort of therapy is so you don’t die from the toxins being released into the bloodstream as the tumor is killed. In this study, one patient did die as the tumor was suddenly “sloughed off.”

                • James says

                  Hi Anna,

                  I still don’t buy it for several reasons.

                  In the beginning of the discussion paper they talk about injecting the tumor directly with enzymes. This would work since the enzymes will digest the proteins they come in to contact with.

                  But this brings up several questions as far as the oral administration. First of all how are the enzymes going to reach the tumor without being digested themselves since enzymes are proteins that get digested just like other proteins? They do give extremely high amounts of enzymes orally. So let’s assume they gave the patients such a high level of enzymes that they managed to escape digestion and somehow managed to be absorbed in to the bloodstream despite intact proteins not being absorbed through the intestinal wall. So we already have a number of variables that don’t add up. But again let’s assume that the enzymes somehow make it intact to the bloodstream despite being basically impossible. If this did happen then would stop the enzymes from digesting healthy tissue and blood cells as it circulated around trying to reach the tumor? More damage would occur to the healthy tissue than the tumor itself. Again, there is a reason our own digestive enzymes do not enter in to circulation.

                  As for the coffee enemas the biggest risk of killing off cancer cells too quickly is tumor lysis syndrome, in which excess potassium dumps in to the bloodstream. Coffee is a diuretic due to the effects of the caffeine so it will reduce potassium levels. But the caffeine will still suppress the immune system by suppressing the adrenals, which also leads to thymic suppression. Not a safe idea for someone suffering from cancer.


                • Anna Biller says

                  Hi James,

                  It does seem unlikely that enzymes would work if ingested according to your logic. But for me the jury is still out until I read further studies.

                  As for coffee enemas, I think whether they are valuable depends on the state the body is in. If I was dying of cancer I would prioritize differently than as a healthy person. For example, I would never do a strict raw foods or juice diet now, because I don’t want to become deficient in anything and I am sensitive to all of the sugar from juices. But if I had cancer I would temporarily try such diets based on anecdotal evidence of their efficacy. As for coffee enemas, they are often recommended even to adrenal burnout patients, as they temporarily correct the inverted sodium/ potassium ratio that many of these patients have.

      • martin says

        So helpful, thanks! Would you please include ‘rheumatoid arthritis’ as well in your book? How and when can we read them? Do you also happen to have any info on Parkinsons or how to combat it? Would love to hear your views.

        • James says

          Martin: “So helpful, thanks! Would you please include ‘rheumatoid arthritis’ as well in your book?”

          I touch on it in the book. Rheumatoid arthritis is a bacterial induced autoimmune disorder. Here is a more detailed write up I did on autoimmunity:

          I recommend antibiotic herbs such as chaparral and pau d’ arco, vitamin D3 (no more than 2,000IU daily) and building up the adrenal glands:

          Avoid adrenal glandulars:

          Martin: “How and when can we read them?

          I have to finish them first. This may still be a while. Backing everything with solid research is very time consuming.

          Martin: “Do you also happen to have any info on Parkinsons or how to combat it? Would love to hear your views.”

          Parkinson’s is best treated by elevating dopamine. The amino acids phenylalanine or tyrosine can be used to elevate dopamine.

          Trimethylglycine (TMG) can also help increase dopamine.

          The herb magnolia bark also increases dopamine.

          These are all best taken on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before meals.

          Sage leaf is great for the nervous system and helps to control the Parkinson’s tremors.

      • Kelcey says

        I have read that silica supplements can be harmful and that many silca supplements are not very absorbable; do you feel supplementation is necessary, especially for an older individual?

        • James says

          Silica is poorly absorbed. And the ability to absorb silica declines as we age since stomach acid levels decline with age. With the loss of silica absorption we start seeing a lot of what we consider age-related diseases/disorders. These include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, diverticulitis, aneurysms, atherosclerosis, emphysema, wrinkles, etc. The primary reason is because silica absorbs as orthosilicic acid, which is used by the body to form the structural proteins collagen, elastin and chondroitin. Orthosilicic acid also has a mild anti-inflammatory effect.

          Is it dangerous if ingested? No. Whatever does not absorb simply passes through the body harmlessly.

  6. says

    I don’t follow an ‘alkaline’ diet per se and I do include mostly plant-based foods, minimal grains and with some high quality animal products/fats. I used to do dairy/meat every day and I could tell it wasn’t for me and I experienced heartburn, etc. Once I stopped doing dairy and focused on plant-based diet, my symptoms improved. I’ve also done the master cleanse several times which has helped to remove the toxic junk as well. All dis-ease really comes down to autointoxication and stress whether it be psychological, physical, environmental. Most people are overly toxic and the body does not function optimally like it should.

      • Corey says

        The problem with appealing to the allergy hypothesis is that the food combining advocates argue that you wouldn’t have allergies to begin with if you would combine foods properly and stop eating such an acid forming diet, which in turn sends that acid right into your gut where it kills off the good probiotics. The idea is that you need the good probiotics in sufficient quantities to break down proteins that provoke an allergic response down into harmless amino acids that do not provoke an allergic immune response. So, you may want to do more here than simply blame allergies as being the culpret, since food combination advocates will agree that you are likely right, and argue that the reason is because too much acid in the diet is causing the allergies to emerge as a direct result of that dietary acidity killing off too much of the beneficial probiotics in the gut.

        • says

          The gut flora produce acids to aid in mineral absorption, to kill pathogens and to control Candida. So why would acids kills them? More importantly, if they understood how the digestive system works they would realize that any acid leaving the stomach would be immediately neutralized by pancreatic bicarbonate. Therefore, no acids leaving the stomach ever reach the lower intestines.

          And the flora do not break down proteins. That is done in the stomach by the action of the enzyme pepsin, which is activated by stomach acid. The enzymes produced by the flora are cellulase and hemicellulase, which they need to break down fibers for a food source.

          Allergies themselves are the result of adrenal dysfunction, which decreases output of epinephrine and corticosteroids that normally counter allergic responses.

          The “leaky gut” being referred to is most often the result of not only adrenal dysfunction leading to increased inflammation from decreased corticosteroids, but also Candida overgrowth from an overly alkaline intestine. The alkalinity from a lack of acid forming bacteria turns on the Candida growth gene and coverts the Candida in to its pathogenic fungal form. In this form the Candida form finger-like projections known as hyphae that allow the Candida to dig in to the intestinal wall leading to gut damage and inflammation. The inflammation increases intestinal permeability allowing the passage of protein solutes in to the bloodstream that can act as antigens.

    • says


      Were you consuming fruit juices (in particular, orange juice) often ? And was the dairy raw ?

      I will assume you were not consuming sodas, artificial sweeteners, or additives in your diet, as all of the above can cause heartburn and acid-reflux….

    • says

      Hi Joanna….good question! One of the body’s main purpose is to maintain the iso-structure of the blood…that is to also maintain the blood pH…as such the body will use any alkalizing minerals including Calcium from the bones or Magnesium from muscle tissue to keep the blood pH at 7.365. Considering that death occurs at a blood pH of 6.9 and coma at 7.0 one can see how preoccupied the body must be to maintain Homeostasis of the blood at any cost…Osteoporosis is a consequence of an acidic diet and lifestyle…that is mentally, emotionally and physically…pulling calcium from the bones into the blood may save your life whilst creating brittle bones at the same time.

      • Corey says

        It’s interesting how the body goes acidic at death to help its own decomposition. My concerns with ph during digestion mostly center around what it does to the probiotics in the gut. If too much acidity kills them off, then allergies and disease are pretty much an inevitability.

        • Keen says

          Corey, too much acid does not kill off good probiotics, most of them live better in a very acidic environment. Google it, alkaline favours candida and acid favours the probiotics that kill off candida.

          Allergies and intolerances are caused by leaky gut. Google this, you are completely off on your concerns.

        • says

          Acidity does not kill the flora not is it the basis for most disease as so many sales and propaganda sites promote.

          And where did you get the body goes acidic to promote its own decomposition claim? First of all if that were true then why don’t are bones that would be exposed to all those acids also decompose?

          Secondly, do you know what causes rigor mortis? Its an influx of calcium in to the muscle cells. Since calcium contracts muscles the influx keeps the muscles in a contracted state until enzymes start breaking down the muscle tissue. Here are some old posts I did on this subject:

          So with this influx of calcium, which would neutralize the acids how does muscle decompose?

      • says

        That is not true. First of all osteoporosis is not a loss of bone minerals it is a loss of collagen matrix and has nothing to do with an “acid diet”. I posted a more detailed answer on this already above.

        The body has numerous redundant systems though to maintain its pH. Respiration is the main means of pH balance. Using bones to balance the pH is only used by the body as a very last resort and would require severe chronic acidosis, which is super rare.

        The most common reason for bone loss is excess parathyroid hormone from hyperparathyroidism or pseudohyperparathyroidism and thus has NOTHING to do with acidity.

        Normal blood pH is about 7.35-7.45 so the claim that coma occurs at a pH of 7 is also incorrect.

        • Hardo says

          Science has shown quite clearly that when the body does not have sufficient food it goes through what is called tissue wasting ….in order to maintain the iso-structure of the blood the body will draw alkalizing minerals from any available tissue…including bone and muscle. Regarding coma at a blood pH of 7.0 or 6.9 it is a fact…. ask any nurse and they will tell you when trauma victims are admitted and the blood pH drops due to blood loss the patient will be connected to an IV with alkalizing minerals as their first action….sometimes this occurs already in the ambulance.

          • James says

            I have been in medicine for 32 years and can tell you for a fact that you are making things up. Blood loss DOES NOT cause acidity. If anything the pH can rise because of increased respiration as the body tries to increase oxygen levels to compensate. The increased respiration reduces carbonic acid raising the pH.

            As for your claim about IVs again you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. We use various types of IVs depending on the need. For example, D5W (5% dextrose in water) is used for drug delivery. Then there is normal saline (0.09%), other concentrtions of saline, lactated ringers, dextran, etc.

            Saline Ivs can be used as a short term blood volume expander to prevent the vascular system from collapsing due to blood loss. It cannot carry oxygen like blood though, nor can the sugar compound dextran used as a long term blood volume expander.

            Saline IVs are not used to adjust pH.

            If acidosis does occur, which is a very rare thing then IV bicarbonate is used. This is a controversial procedure though as the use of bicarbonate can paradoxically cause acidosis. The reason is the neutralization of acids by bicarbonate yields carbonic acid.

      • says

        Hey there Hardo! Great to mkeet you here. I wish I as an alkaline advocate could agree with you that osteo is simply a result of an acidic lifestyle but after 13 years on an alkaline diet and with a recently diagnosed case of serious osteo… I am so glad I found K2, which is now (as evidenced by my latest Dexascan) rebuilding my bones.


  7. Dwayne says

    Great article.I wonder though about the findings of Paleoanthropoligist Aidan Cockburn who found that Inuit who ate 95% meat had rampant osteoporosis in well-preserved mummies, whereas the Aleutians (I believe, I don’t have the reference on hand) who lived at similar latitude had robust skeletons and the only difference was the that they had ample plants in their diets. Cockburn concluded that it was the plants that were the difference in skeletal robusticity. Any thoughts? Mineral content? some other mechanism?

    • says

      Minerals are only part of the answer to healthy bones. We can get the amino acids needed for healthy bone from plants or animals. So it is not the protein.

      What meats do lack is sufficient silica to maintain healthy bones. We get most of our silica from unpurified waters since the water dissolves rock and soil silica and from the plants that uptake that silica.

      I have an earlier post on these comments that discuss the various other nutrients needed for healthy bones. One of these nutrients is vitamin D, which is not a singular vitamin. There are actually around 20 forms of vitamin D, but we are mainly concerned with vitamins D2, inactive D3 and active D3. D2 is inactive and is the form we get from plants and dairy. D2 can be converted in to inactive D3 by the liver then in to active D3 by the kidneys provided everything is working properly. The Aleutians though would get more vitamin D, especially active vitamin D from their diet. That world explain part of it.

      Another major factor is activity. Bone cannot mineralize without being stressed from either exercise or electrical stimulation. So if you took a bottle full of minerals daily and just sat around those minerals are not going to do squat for your bones.

      So other factors that can explain the better bone health in the Aleutians can include more activity, more vitamin D in the diet, more silica in their diet from sea vegetables and even boiling bones for bone broth for starters.

  8. says

    “Now I’d like to hear from you: what are your opinions on the acid-alkaline diet theory?”

    I think you’ve nailed it. We can put this one to rest.

    • fredt says

      The other thing is carbonated beverages, and acid load. The acid is neutralized, largely through the use of calcium, and calcium is stored in bone. Osteoporosis can occur with high acid load. Usually through carbonation is the issue, not food, as the source.

      • says

        All sodas contain carbonic acid that is also produced by the ingestion of baking soda. Most of this decomposes releasing the carbon dioxide that we simply burp up. Any carbon dioxide entering the bloodstream would simply be exhaled right away and thus the bones are not affected at all. The teeth may be though from the acids in sodas.

        Colas on the other hand also contain phosphoric acid. But again this does not affect the bone due to acidity. Instead, the rise in blood phosphorus creates a calcium-phosphorus ratio imbalance. In response the parathyroid glands release parathyroid hormone that breaks bones down to raise calcium levels in response to the perceived calcium-phosphorus ratio imbalance. This is known as pseudohyperparathyroidism.

        Keep in mind that regardless of what you eat or drink the material will have to be made very acidic before the stomach will empty out and once the chyme leaves the stomach and and all acids present will be neutralized by pancreatic bicarbonate. This is what is commonly referred to as the “alkaline response”.

  9. John says

    I tried to go with the alkaline diet, tried very hard. Being a personal trainer having access to software that tracks diet and nutrition I knew exactly where I was on the acid/alkaline chart. The software calculates it automatically which took the guess work out of my meal plans. I stay in shape by doing some kind of exercise 6 days per week. I got weaker the longer I stayed on the diet. Plant based protein or animal based protein, according to the acid/ash hypothesis, is all the same, it creates an acidic environment. I could not get enough protein into the body without going to the acid side of the equation. It seamed when I got over about 60 grams of protein at the end of the day I was considered on the acid side of the equation. I played with this thing for about 1 year.

    We definitely need to balance our diets, proper amount of protein, plant or animal, with a good variety of vegetables. For most of us meat or eggs is the only source of vitamins B12 and B6. I gave up on the acid/alkaline diet about a year ago, but it did teach me to eat more vegetables and I am thankful for that.

    • Glenn says

      John, I had similar situation. I try to get as much plant food as I can, juicing, smoothies, salads, and heated veges with dinner, while eating my egg, fish, and occasional other meats. I put hemp and whey in the smoothies too. its a compromise for sure. taking alkaline diet too serious seems unrealistic and overly stressful. Paleo with alkaline trends seems most sensible and maintainable I found.

      • Colleen K. Peltomaa says

        FYI only: Nutritional Yeast Flakes claim to have high level of B vitamins. Not the Brewer’s Yeast, rather nutritional yeast flakes.

  10. says

    Has anyone ever tried or looked into Baking Soda as a health supplement? Why it seems helpful is often cited because of the acid-base balance but could it be helpful just as a source of bicarbonate? Given that we need it for healthy digestion? Would love to know more about this! There are cancer treatments based around this and lots of stories on the web.

    • Glenn says

      Kirsty, I have books that say to do that as option 5 or more, but does not feel right. Using a juicer is the best bet. Celery works awesomely well.

    • says

      Taking baking soda as a health supplement is a disastrous plan. It will neutralize the stomach acid- which is absolutely fundamental to our digestion. It’s true that sodium bicarbonate is released during digestion- but it’s after the food has moved from the acidic stomach through the pyloric sphincter (Which operates on an acid trigger, by the way) into the duodenum. Then the PANCREAS releases enzymes and sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the pH of the food being digested, but it’s only at this point that you want that to happen. This is another reason the whole acid-alkaline food thing is bunk- our natural digestion involves both acid and alkalizing substances- and it must be that way, regardless of what you eat and what it’s mineral ash is (acid or alkaline).

        • Glenn says

          Mr. Paleo, I wonder when consuming a high alkalizing meal say salads or green smoothies does the stomach still require acid to breakdown? often if I eat a acid forming meal without any veges I would get minor acid reflux but if I just have some smoothie reflux goes away.

      • Hardo says

        The only place of digestion actually happens in the mouth….once the food hits the stomach the body produces as much Sodium Bicarbonate as needed to alkalize the food in preparation for its journey through the small bowel…HCL is a by-product/waste product generated during the production of Sodium Bicarb….to much HCL hence means too much S/B had to be produced to alkalize the acidic food ingested…the rest I totally agree with regarding the pancreas/ Gallbladder etc are all injecting alkalizing fluids into the small bowel. Years of practical applications have shown that the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function….emotional and physical stress can produce more acid than any food you may eat….people challenged with these issues are almost always acid even if they are on an alkaline protocol.

        • James says

          That’s not true. Digestion starts in the mouth, and continues in the stomach and intestines.

          The mouth DOES NOT release protein digestive enzymes, only for starch. This is the enzyme amylase. Protein and fat digestive enzymes are released in the stomach and intestines. These are pepsin and lipase.

          The pepsin is dependent on sufficient stomach acid to function, so this is one of various functions of stomach acid.

          Stomach acid also kills pathogens, allows for the absorption of B6, B12 and folate and converts minerals in to more absorbable salts. It IS NOT a waste product but a very important component of the digestive and immune systems.

          As the chyme leaves the stomach pancreatic bicarbonate neutralizes the acid.

          The pancreas then secretes a variety of enzymes to continue digestion in the intestines. These enzymes are pancreatic amylase, pancreatic lipase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase and nucleases.

          Small intestinal cells also release peptidases, sucrase, lactase, maltase and intestinal lipase.

          The intestinal flora release cellulase and hemicellulase to digest fibers so they can among other things produce beneficial acids that help protect us from pathogens and increase nutrient absorption.

  11. Elena says

    It seems to me the real problem is not the PH of blood or urine but the body tissue acidosis. Acidic pancreas = pancreatitis or diabetes and so on.

    • Glenn says

      Elena, I think urine PH reflects average tissue acidity. I experimented for 3 years. It took me a year of trying to stick closely to the alkaline diet to really see urine ph go up. So you are 100 % correct in my experience. I cannot measure tissue ph, only Urine though. After a few months I had no more asthma, no more acid reflux, no more high Triglycerides, no more headaches, no more congestion at night, no more fat guy pants, and other better things. That sort of speaks to tissue acidosis relief, while the urine PH was less meaningful as read on a log scale of color code. While i was having the health benefit observations I rationalized that my body was slowly dumbing acid month after month after month. Finally the color changed and never went backward. urine can fluctuate on the strip from meals after your total body tissue has been renormalized. I can drink a cup of juiced celery carrot and beet, and minutes later the PH goes up 2 colors. when normalized tissue levels are very acidic the urine does not get to show you a delta. Like one cup of water dropped on hot beach sand will not moisten the beach would it? But if the beach was all wet a cup of water will drain over the top. I think the goal of raising ph of the urine is pointless until a person first learns to focus on alkaline eating over a long time. If you are way younger than 50 results could be lots faster.

      • says

        Hi Glenn and Elena,

        I had a similar effect. It took me 6 months to get my urine pH over 7 on a 80% vegetable diet, probably 50% greens. First my pH fell from 6 to 5 and stayed low for many months, so much so that I thought vegetables weren’t helping. Then I read in a few forums how others had the same effect, and people thought the tissues were releasing their acids. I also lost 45 pounds and surely there must have been toxins and acids in my fat cells being removed as well.

        So a question for Chris, do acids go into the blood stream, and if they do, does the blood dump it into tissues immediately (to maintain pH) as Dr. Young states in the pH Miracle book?

        If so, then everyone on the Standard American Diet (SAD) should probably alkalize until they get over 7 like you and I, Glenn, and then can incorporate more acid-forming foods and become more paleo. I also had many symptoms dissappear (acid reflux, headaches, lung issues, insomnia, etc) as I went to 7 pH. My exercise was similar throughout, and for me it seemed to be the alkalizing. Now, after getting to 7 pH, I eat meat and don’t have as much of an issue (only a little lethargy).

        I’m very impressed with Chris, and I hope everyone on this board respects the societal progress he is making with his research and thoughts, even if we don’t yet know all the answers. He is awesome and I definitely subscribe to his blog.

    • says

      Pancreatitis is not caused from acidity. Most often it is caused from a gallstone lodged in the bile ducts, but can also occur from other things such as alcoholism, trauma and infection.

      Diabetes is not caused from acidity either. Type 2 diabetes is the result of insulin resistance from excess body fat or a lack of chromium and magnesium needed to maintain the insulin receptors in an open state:

      Type 1 diabetes is a rare autoimmune disorder most often caused from viral infections or giving cow’s milk to infants. It can also result from alloxan exposure, anesthesias used in surgery, some medications or pancreatic trauma.

      Gestational diabetes is the result of a hormone imbalance during pregnancy and generally clears up on its own after the woman gives birth.

      Diabetes insipidus has nothing to do with the pancreas.

  12. Nic says

    Hi, I’ve just started taking 2 spoons of non-pasteurized apple vinegar 3 times a day, since I’ve read it can be a good probiotics. From this post, I can tell there’s probably not a harmfull effect to it, but…do you think is there a good outcome of it? Thanks!!

  13. Glenys says

    Kris – Is there any such thing as hard data on the health, bone condition and longevity of races such as the Inuit? People quote on the one hand how healthy they were, then others say they were short-lived and had osteoporosis. What’s the truth? I’m 60 years old and have been seeing this same question come up for decades now. I think YOUR analysis of whatever evidence there might be on this topic would help us all dissemble fact from fiction. Or can you point us to sources where we can investigate ourselves. Thankyou.

  14. Glenn says

    Well this throws my belief system into a tizzy. I experience a better feeling of well being as I see my urine PH rise relating to the dominion of plant food versus animal. I found out I was Paleo by accident as I had already found grains of any kind to make me more lethargic, especially processed. I was following the Alkaline diet to a good degree, and fish or meat with dinner. But I always struggled with the question of getting protein if you don’t bring eggs, fish, and the like into the daily diet. Thus I gravitated to an Alkaline/Paleo hybrid as my mental image of the daily plan to regiment by, to the normal extent possible with a family lifestyle. Age age 56 It keeps my weight stable, my muscle mass grows slowly if I use weights/pullups/pushups etc., and I feel pretty good all around. I had struggled with weight gain and health problems before shifting into the plant & fish dominated meal plans. The plant foods definitely cleared up the need for medications to which I believed was based on alkalinity and mineral/phytochemical content. I can pass for 40 at age 56, compared to when I was 50 I could maybe pass for 45 at best. Bottom line is plant foods are really really good while they do increase your urine PH. It took greater than a year to go from about 4.0 to 5+. and another year to 6. Worst case,you use this as as guide to see if you should eat more plants I suppose; even if the number means nothing per the Myth article.

  15. Kevin says

    I’ve had some swallowing problems, a swollen lymph node, heartburn, recurring athlete’s foot, constipation, various small bumps and a pituitary tumor. As I’ve sought remedies to these issues, I found that eliminating some foods from my diet helps. Once I found the alkaline diet, I could finally expand the diversity in my diet without negative effects. The more alkaline my diet, the more issues are resolved. I can even eat animal meat and sweets without negative effects as long as I balance it with fruits and vegetables.

    The pH balance in our blood is tightly regulated, just like body temperature. So, I don’t believe the diet changes our body’s pH. But something about this diet works in a big way. How about figuring out why it works rather than “debunking” a diet with clear benefits.

    And Nic, don’t overdo the apple cider vinegar. There are better long-term solutions.

    • says

      Hi Kevin….some good points….just one note that may interest you….whatever imbalances there are re pH in our blood is being thrown out into the tissue to maintain that stable pH of 7.365 in the blood….so when you test your urine it is reflecting your tissue pH not the blood ph…when our tissue is acidic for too long due to an acid lifestyle and diet …this very tissue will change/adapt in order to survive….this tissue change is the start of a cancerous condition. So diet has a lot to do with the acid/alkaline balance of the blood and tissue.

    • Nic says

      Thanks, Kevin! I’ll go slow with the vinegar and see where it takes me. I also agree with you on how to approach things in a “non-debunking” way. We see so many people attempting to debunk a paleo diet, for example, and know that it helps no one…

  16. says

    I’m the author of the book “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.” What is missing here is the little known work of Dr. Revici. Revici discovered that there are three distinct urine pH patterns when the urine is checked four times a day.

    In one pattern, the person’s urine is too acidic AS A PATTERN and in the other the person’s urine is too alkaline as a pattern. The third pattern is that of a healthy person where the pH readings are balanced.

    The symptoms manifested by the two unbalanced patterns are the opposites.For instance one could have high blood pressure while the other low blood pressure. One has trouble sleeping, the other has no trouble sleeping. One feels worse as a result of eating while the other feels better.

    These are distinct patterns, not just happenstance.

    Cancer is dualistic in that either imbalanced pattern promotes cancer activity. The symptoms are different, however.

  17. Eve says

    THANK YOU! As a chiropractor, I’ve recommended the alkaline diet concept to patients for awhile, but felt uneasy about it because of the fact that physiology textbooks do not make ANY mention of a mechanism by which the body would “pull Calcium out of the bones to buffer the blood”.

    What makes more sense, having read your concurrence that such evidence DOES NOT EXIST*, is the idea that when people eat more fresh vegetables, their urine pH goes up – and they feel / function better – but then they mistakenly attribute the “feeling better” to the increased urine pH, rather than the increased vegetable intake.

    * to be evidence, a study’s results must be reproducible – and it looks like attempts to validate any prior “research” supporting the acid/alkaline ash theory of health/disease/osteoporosis have ended up REFUTING the original (non-peer-reviewed) work rather than supporting it.

    I would ask, Chris, what you think the explains the correlation between dairy intake and osteoporosis? This shows up in the Harvard Nurse’s Study, as well as studies that compare dairy intake and osteoporosis rates of different countries.

    Proponents of the alkaline diet blame protein intake in countries and individuals with high dairy consumption/osteoporosis, but that seems unlikely if the other studies you cite are true…

    To those of you (on this site’s comments) either asking or answering the question “What causes cancer?”, it is ridiculous to imagine that we know the answer to this question! We may be able to come up with health strategies that help people get well when they have cancer – but that is NOT THE SAME as knowing what causes cancer. Science just isn’t there yet, and may never be.

    My guess is that our environments and lifestyles have become so polluted on so many levels over the years, and our nutrition so depleted, that a vast number of factors combine to raise cancer rates to the shocking levels they are today. Looking for ONE cause is likely futile – but I do understand how comforting it is to imagine we can find ONE cause and therefore, cancer-proof ourselves by avoiding that one thing.

  18. MichaelM says

    The conclusion here is pretty much what I’ve long believed (and kept quiet about for the past 15 years because of the proselytizing and hate mail that happens when I call bullshit on things people take as gospel).

  19. Kelli says

    I am so glad you did this!!! I have had a hard time communicating this to others and this was very helpful!
    Green Blessings!

  20. Lars says

    As long as you are eating a well balanced diet, plenty of fruit, veg, meat and dairy and of course healthy fats( like nuts), you need not worry too much. With regular exercise you will be fit as fiddle. So enjoy eating healthy and don’t over analysis your diet!

  21. Glenn says

    I can’t see how the conclusion is not contradicting itself. Not denying more vegetables is a good thing is like the opposite of saying the acid forming diet is just fine for healthy people. There is nothing wrong with feeling healthy eating what you want, until eating what you want is making you feel unhealthy. Being 56 and having to deal with that, and overcome ill feeling by turning to a more alkaline rich approache to diet, I can say I notice the general demise of others around age 50. So the conclusion would seem sound to me up to age 50 give or take. At that point forward, continuation of the acid life style puts you in the cross hairs of the pharmacuetiical industry. Granted, eating a more alkalizing rich diet is a hard pill to swallow. Like my Doc bellowed at me at age 50, Just take this one stinking little pill and stop trying to help yourself with all that fiber. he was referring to statin lipitor that lowered my cholesterol into spec, but made my health grow worse. So the heck with that crap, I would learn to blend avocados with spinach and alkalizing whey protein and feel and look like a new younger person. So everyone who can’t swallow the pill can fall in line with the rest of the old farts at the Prescription counter. I will keep filling the blender and juicer and enjoy being out with people half my age and wearing their clothes.

    • Lisa says

      It has been said by. Chris, I believe , and many othets that digestive enzymes decrease as we get older. So it would make sense, that any diet that would support digestion over the age of 50 would be beneficial. I don’t think this artical denys that in ant way.

  22. val says

    I have just started the alkaline diet and have read several books on the subject but nowhere have I read that this diet can change the blood ph. Furthermore the literature I have looked at does not state that calcium from the bones is taken in an acid diet but that that which is taken in with food is not absorbed.

  23. says

    Dear Val,

    Blood pH is maintained at a very thin margin between 7.45-7.35. It is in the MAINTENANCE that calcium is taken from the bones to buffer the acid-ash created by a higher-than-necessary protein diet. This is the BIG misunderstanding between the two camps. Blood pH, cannot fluctuate beyond those parameters without major physiological reprucussions.

  24. Brad says

    Personally, I think going off sugar and gluten/wheat does more for health than all the other theories combined. Even when I make my berry based smoothies I use stevia and a little pinch of salt to boost the flavor. Using stevia instead of sugar has made a huge difference in my health, but I would like to get to a point where I can use a small amount of molasses or honey and add stevia to the balance for taste. Eating a low glycemic diet has more to do with health management than this silly PH nonsense.

    • says

      Why? Stevia has a 0 glycemic index and doesn’t add to a sugar addiction, unlike xylitol.

      Between xylitol and sugar, sure, I’d take xylitol every time since it is lower glycemic and almost all sugars are processed.

        • says

          It depends a lot on the grade of stevia. Some of the liquids are really nasty. And the green powder can also have a bitter aftertaste if to much of the stem is left in the product. The stem has a bitter alkaloid that gives the aftertaste. The extracts though vary from lower grades such as 70-80% stevioside all the way up to 95-99% stevioside. The higher grades do not have that aftertaste. For that matter neither does the 80% extract I often use.

          But stevia is not cheap and manufacturers often want to go with the cheaper grades and count on the public’s ignorance of the differences in grades. Only a few companies use grades from 95-99% stevioside. And these products are almost always cut on top of that as flow agents. I have seen all sorts of things used as flow agents including FOS, erythritol, lactose, maltodextrin and even xylitol. The flow agents used can also affect the taste of the product.

  25. Doug says

    Hello Chris,

    I was wondering if you could get to the bottom of this baking soda thing. It seems to have miracle properties for stain and odor removal. Some say it’s a powerful antifungal. Some say it can improve athletic performance, reduce muscle cramps, cure cancer, alkalize the body, prevent a hangover, and dissolve kidney stones. I wonder if these are all connected somehow? Could it be an essential nutrient or something we are missing?


  26. Dee says

    Sure, the Swiss, Inuit and Masai diet is high in animal food and grains and low in fruits and vege, but the comparison to other diets should be complete and well-rounded before a conclusion drawn. I doubt their diet is also high in McDonalds, Krispy Kreme and other processed foods that are not so much an occasional indulgence in our diets but a frequent enough attack on our systems. Eating animal foods, which tend to be more acidic, may not be the issue. Our digestive systems can cope with fresh, wholesome, unprocessed food. And the body is a smart sensor, it recognizes when unnatural molecules are invading it. It goes into protection mode. Unfortunately, the modern diet (overprocessed food being the main culprit) is bombarding our systems in a way that leaves the body no time or ability to heal or repair. It is like trying to defend against a constant shelling by 21st century artillery with medieval bows-and-arrows and shields.

    The alkaline diet may seem a weak proposition because acid-forming diets, as you conclude, may not be an issue for already healthy people. Trouble is, how many of us are? So the arguments you have against the alkaline theory may be valid, but the premise of the arguments is not. In all fairness, your conclusion wraps up what should be the thrust of your article – that alkalising the over-acidic diet of an unhealthy person could see a lot of benefits.

    Homeostasis is part and parcel of all things living. The theory of balance should still hold true, no matter what kind of medicine one practises. Nature is rife with examples of an inherent need for balance.

  27. Lisa truitt says

    It could be that better supply of nutrients from consuming more of certain foods could explain various health improvements such as more fruits and veg providing more potassium and magnesium rather than because of changes in ph. Magnesium and potassium are important in the function of the pumps in the cell and mitochondrial function.

  28. Alwyn Wong says

    I’ve been researching and writing on the benefits of alkaline foods for a few years now. I respectively disagree with the notion that an acidic diet doesn’t harm bone health. Here’s an excerpt from an article that I wrote on this topic:

    Calcium is a strong base (alkaline substance) and bone contains the largest calcium stores in the body. When the body enters an acidotic state, osteoblastic (bone forming) activity decreases and osteoclastic (bone destroying) activity increases. In fact, bone destruction has been shown to increase six-fold with a decrease in pH from 7.25 to 7.15. Once CMA (chronic metabolic) acidosis initiates breakdown, other factors perpetuate the process, such as parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, ATP, and ADP. At a pH of 6.9, mineralization by osteoblasts is completed inhibited. This occurs due to increased solubility of bone, and inhibition of alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme required for mineralization. It must be noted that these changes in osteoblastic function occur at the DNA level, which may explain why there is a lag in the normalization of function after alkalizing measures have been taken.

    Another mechanism by which metabolic acidosis causes resorption is the stimulation of prostaglandin E (pgE). In response to a reduction in pH, pgE stimulates the production of osteoclasts, and thus promotes osteoclastic activity. Recall, osteoclasts break down bone.

    Little or no resorption takes places at a pH of 7.4. Why does this happen? As is outlined The Kick Acid Diet, acidosis is a condition that must be prevented and corrected at all costs. Stimulation of osteoclastic activity is a “fail-safe” mechanism ensuring adequate alkaline release into the blood via bone demineralization when the kidneys and lungs are unable to remove hydrogen ions.

    Other experts claim that physico-chemical resorption occurs more often than the cell-mediated process described above. If respiratory buffering at the lungs can no longer handle excess acids, the body will call upon another potent buffer – calcium. And since bone is the largest reservoir of this mineral, calcium will be leached from the bone. The process known as demineralization buffers these acids. A reduction in bicarbonate (one of your body’s natural buffers) concentration results in increased calcium release from bone to buffer the acidosis. This process is mediated by calcium carbonate and calcium apatite, two storage forms of calcium.

    Not only does acidity result in the loss of calcium from the bone, it also results in the loss of sodium and potassium.

    The differing contributions of cell-mediated and physico-chemical bone destruction may be attributed to the severity and duration of the acidosis. The cell-mediated process occurs in acute metabolic acidosis, whilst both processes occur in chronic metabolic acidosis.

    This effect is even more pronounced in post-menopausal women. There is a direct relationship between net acid excretion (in the urine) and bone resorption during this period of a women’s life. Diet does, in fact, play an important role in the contribution of chronic, long-term, low-grade metabolic acidosis over a lifetime. However, it probably goes undetected (as it is within normal limits), but will have a chronic effect on bone health.

    If buffering at the lungs fail and the calcium from the bones is no longer an adequate supply, the body will then turn to its next largest supply of calcium, skeletal muscle.
    Interestingly, it is only metabolic acidosis that results in calcium loss from bone, not respiratory acidosis. In fact, respiratory acidosis promotes calcium deposition in bone. The detailed explanation is beyond the scope of this article.

    As described above, calcium is not the only mineral stored in bone, and therefore, is not the only osseous mineral affected by metabolic acidosis. Magnesium, sodium, potassium, and zinc are lost from bone in the obligatory buffering of metabolic acids.

    To summarize, bone contains substantial amounts of buffering alkalizing minerals, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals are rapidly available for exchange with the fluid outside of bone. Potassium and sodium are the body’s first line of defense in preventing metabolic acidosis. Once these reserves are depleted, the body calls upon its calcium and magnesium stores.

    Let’s now specifically address how dietary protein, acidity, and bone loss are related. It has been postulated by many that high protein diets do increase one’s risk of bone breakdown (also known as resorption) due to the formation of the chemicals ammonium and sulphate. Ammonium and sulphate are both acidic. As a result of this acid formation, citrate and carbonate attached to calcium are leeched from the bone to buffer.

    However, long-term dietary protein intake acts anabolically on various parts of the bone, most notably the shaft, or diaphysis. This results in increased bone strength. Interestingly, this bone forming property of protein has been shown to occur only in animal proteins, and in the presence of alkalizing minerals. Another way of putting this is, animal proteins are beneficial for bone health only if the PRAL overall of the diet is alkaline. In fact, low protein intake may be detrimental to bone health.


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    • James says

      One of the biggest flaws in your hypothesis is the fact that acidosis is extremely rare to begin with. This is because the body has numerous redundant systems to maintain its proper pH since both acidosis and alkalosis can be deadly. Demineralization of bone is only use by the body as a last ditch effort in cases of severe acidosis, which again is super rare.

      By the way, osteoclasts generate their own acid to break down bone for bone remodeling, which is essential for healthy bones.

      The main reason for bone loss depends on the disease.

      Osteoporosis for example has absolutely nothing to do with pH. Osteopososis is not a loss of bone minerals, but rather a loss of collagen matrix. Without sufficient collagen matrix there is not enough surface area for minerals to bind and therefore there is a loss of bone density. The most common reason for osteoporosis is a lack of stomach acid, which leads to a decline in silica absorption as orthosilicic acid (OA). OA is not only essential for collagen formation, but the silica in OA also aids in calcium absorption and is what actually causes bone mineralization.

      Osteopenia and osteoporosis are the result of mineral loss from bones. The main reasons for these two conditions are hyperparathyroidism and pseudohyperparathyroidism. The first is caused from benign parathyroid tumors, which are believed to occur from a lack of vitamin D. Pseudohyperparathyroidism results from the over consumption of phosphorus. In both cases the parathyroid glands release excess parathyroid hormone, which breaks bone down to increase serum calcium.

    • Hardo says

      Thank you Alwyn for your contribution….it seems we are on the same page.
      James, I do appreciate your statements and a lot of it makes sense…at the same time I must admit most of my research is based on my clients experiences and as such more valid to me than any research based on theory and old school knowledge. And I do not disagree with everything you say…there are many valid points. And also thank you for taking the time to reply!!!!

      • James says

        Ignoring research is just plain stupid. Would you want someone with absolutely no medical background operating on you or even giving you medical advice? I hope not. It is very important that if someone is giving medical advice and especially if working with clients in a medical capacity that they have a good solid understanding of how the body really works. You do not obtain that knowledge by guessing, such as guessing stomach acid (HCl) is a waste product. We learn this information by reading what has been found in medical research so we get facts instead such as HCl is not only essential for digestion, but also for destroying ingested pathogens, to allow for the proper absorption of certain vitamins, to aid in the absorption of minerals, etc.

        As another example, as we have seen your claim that digestion only occurs in the mouth is also incorrect. Enzymes responsible for digestion are released in the mouth, stomach and intestines. If you read actual medical studies verifying these facts then you would have known that your hypothesis that digestion only occurs in the mouth was wrong.

        Again, we cannot be guessing on how the body works if giving medical advice, and especially when we have clients we work with on a medical basis.

  29. Karl says


    I am always interested in research, and you’ve quoted a bunch of it in your article on alkalizing.

    However, I disagree with the thrust of some of what you said, namely your caviler attitude regarding the body’s ability to adapt to our current diets.

    I do not make my living from this, so I don’t have 100 hours to spend looking up research papers to support me; so I’m just going to wing it from memory.

    A hundred years ago, cancer was a rare disease. Now, it’s epidemic.

    In the last 30 years, macular degeneration has increased 10 TIMES.

    The rate of diabetes has risen enormously.


    As far as I can tell, from an enormous amount of reading, it seems to be primarily due to changes in our diets. So, SOMETHING different, or, MANY somethings different, about our diets, compared to even our recent ancestors, is causing a vast increase in a number of diseases that used to be rare (longer lifespan has been factored into this already).

    My belief is that changes in our diet, are overwhelming our body’s long term ability to function properly.

    2 centuries ago, the average yearly consumption of sugar was maybe a pound a year. Now it’s over a HUNDRED pounds a year! This is a phenomenal dietary change! Diabetes has skyrocketed.

    Don’t you think there’s a connection?

    I think that the pancreas is being absolutely overwhelmed by the enormous amount of sugar that IT WAS NOT DESIGNED to handle. Yes, maybe it can take it for a while, but eventually it just can’t handle the enormous amounts of sugar anymore.

    While you quote research saying that some primitive people had a “net” acid diet, just what does that MEAN exactly? Just a touch under alkaline, or much, much more, like today’s diets? You did not make that clear.

    If our diets are substantially more acid than our ancestors (even recent ancestors), then maybe the same thing is happening here, as is happening with sugar, namely, our body’s ability to handle the enormous amounts of acid, over time, takes it’s toll on our organs.

    I COMPLETELY disagree with your thinking that our kidneys can just take this assault indefinitely without problem.

    Also, the liver/bile ducts/gallbladder, and pancreas, also handle bicarbonate in addition to the kidneys. You will notice that the pancreas is getting a DOUBLE assault, having to handle both a high sugar AND a high acid load. Diabetes is skyrocketing.

    Don’t you think there’s a connection?

    The body is NOT just an infinitely adapting machine that you can continue to assault for decades in manners that it was NOT designed to handle, without parts of it failing!

    I ALSO disagree with your caviler statement about the body’s regulation of blood pH. “…tightly regulates…”, you said. I’ve seen this phase over the internet SO many times, I’m sick of it. Someone says, “tightly regulates”, as if it’s a statement from God, and just goes on with no further examination, as if their conjecture were proven. I disagree.

    This comes from incorrect thinking about HOW much the pH has to change, to create problems. In terms of blood pH, just TINY changes
    in the blood pH, can make very large differences in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Changes that most doctors would not think about twice, as it would be in the “normal” range. An over acid diet causes an inability of hemoglobin to carry the oxygen that it could.

    You don’t think that this is important?

    Another thing, caries (cavities), are rampant now. Two centuries ago, this was NOT the case. Even a century ago, the amount of enamel on teeth was DOUBLE what it is today! Yes, DOUBLE. A number of research studies that I have read, show that alkaline conditions in the mouth, stop much of the bacterial assault on the teeth. Most people’s mouths are quite acidic. To change this, you have to change your diet to more alkaline. YES, the blood pH will only change slightly, BUT, the saliva pH will change dramatically; when the body stops dumping so much acid to keep the blood pH stable.

    You again dismissed, without much discussion, pH testing. Yes, urine testing is all over the place, based on what you’ve eaten recently. HOWEVER, saliva testing, done first thing in the morning, right after getting up and BEFORE drinking or eating or brushing your teeth, is quite stable, and a good indicator of the state of your acid/alkaline balance.

    I’ve brought my morning saliva pH up from 6.4 to 7.0, and, just as the research indicated, most of my bad oral bacteria simply died off. Even this result alone would seem to indicate a better functioning body. Urine pH isn’t too bad a guide, if taken first thing in the morning just after getting up. Saliva pH testing is still probably better, though.

    I mean, this isn’t that complex. If your blood pH is slightly alkaline at 7.368, give or take, if you can get close to that in your saliva pH reading, you are probably not overloading your body one way or the other with either acids OR alkalines.

    My 2¢ worth.


    • says

      Hi Karl….Great thoughts and I agree with most of what you are saying….regarding your saliva pH …this reading only tells you how much alkalizing POTENTIAL you have whereas the urine tells you your tissue pH….so if your saliva pH is low…below 7…than your ability to alkalize acidic food is compromised.

  30. says

    What about this. Processed foods which are full of chemicals tend to be more acidic than natural organic foods. Because of all the toxins and inorganic components causing it to be an acidic, I assume in my opinion this would provide no health benefits in preventing illness (quite the opposite). Or are you saying that acid forming foods such a meats, fish, nuts, seeds, etc which were in the paleolithic diets that are closer to from the earth and natural and don’t increase sickness?

  31. Susan says

    It sounds like what you are saying, Chris, is that it doesn’t much matter what I eat relative to my body pH, and that the body’s pH will be maintained within a small acceptable range by the kidneys, never mind what I eat… that my health is not related to my body’s pH.

  32. V S Mani says

    A wonderful article. It is always regrettable to deal with two handed Clinical experts in that they usually say you can do this or that. Better to deal with one-handed clinicians so that the take home message is clear and reader not left in confusion.
    I have diabetes 2 and feel taking Honey in moderation – 3-4 tea spoons a day may not affect diabetic glucose values. Is it correct?
    V S Mani

    • srh says

      It also depends on the *honey* itself, not all honey is equal! It depends on how it is processed, what kind of bees, what did the bees harvest from, etc.

      As mister paleo said, it also depends how “reactive” you are, some people can handle it better than others. It is also hard to give advice without knowing anything about your diet. But it is certain that it will affect your glucose values.

      If i were you, i’d moderate using so much honey (3-4 tea spoons every day sounds like alot to me), I would eat any product with a relatively high GI as honey with moderation. But this also depends on your general diet, if you haven’t already, read up on Glycemic Load (GL), it helped me alot when i tried to eat healthier and get rid of excess fat :)

      It can be a chore to map the GL values of your foods (especially if the information on the label is lacking), but i think it is worth it :)

      I’m sure that if you work about on your diet and take GL into consideration that you will be able to incorporate some honey into your diet :D

      What also worked wonders for me was to reduce all intake of carbohydrates (starch, etc), which means reducing intake of pasta, potatoes, etc while still eating more vegetables (note: not a “low-carb” diet, more like a “carb-reduction” diet). What also helped me regulate my diet was exercising daily (20-40 minutes of medium level activity that got your back sweaty ever day, i did it by speed walking home from work).

      Hope I gave you some tips, if you already know all this I apologize for wasting your time :p

  33. says

    Here’s a video (30Sep2013) from citing recent articles (2011 & 2012) that show that the calcium in urine that occurs after eating a highly acidic protein meal is NOT from the bones, but due to improved calcium absorption from the diet. The (acidic) dietary protein helps to improve calcium absorption, the excess of which gets urinated out.

    Of course, just about everyone can benefit from eating more vegetables, I don’t think one can really dispute that.

    • MR PALEO says


      One can always find the truth, if one perseveres…. but be very careful….

      “” sounds great, very impressive, great title, and really presents the idea that this website is the ultimate, up-to-the-minute, most factual nutritional information out there… except for one “minor” detail, Dr. Greger is a staunch vegan on a mission, and is VERY good at presenting “information” with a hidden bias…. this does not mean that there ISN’T accurate information to be found there, just watch your back !!! LOL….

  34. margaret says

    I have spasmodic dysphonia, a spasming of the vocal cords and some people say that lowering acid can help this condition? Do you know anything about this and/or do you have any recommendations? Thank you!
    Margaret P

    • James says

      Hi Margaret.

      Have you tried supplementing with magnesium malate? Magnesium relaxes muscles preventing spasms by antagonizing calcium. Therefore, don’t take it with calcium and watch your calcium intake. If your serum calcium is high this can also aggravate this kind of condition.

  35. Julie Evans says

    I tried drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline foods only to learn that it was shutting down my digestion. I lost way to much weight and was sick from it. I learned that we need to have adequate stomach acid to digest food and that you can harm your health by becoming overly alkaline. It was a hard lesson learned.

    • Lisa says

      I agree. I only drink my alkaline water on an empty stomach between meals, and then with meals I take HCl. It works great.

  36. Hardo Bottin says

    Hi Julie….I am sorry for your negative experience…..please consider the latest findings re: digestion…it only really occurs in the mouth through mastication …as the food enters the stomach large amounts of Sodium Bicarbonate are produced to alkalize the food you have eaten….HCL is a by-product of the production of Sodium Bicarbonate and gets resorbed and eliminated. NaCl + H2O + Co2=NaHCO3 + HCL….as you can see the HCL is a waste product rather than something needed for digestion. Any access of alkalinity is being eliminated via urination …so the body will not allow alkalosis unless there is a failure in the elimination via urine. Becoming alkaline the body sheds fatty tissue which it used previously to store toxins and acidity.

  37. Zachary says

    this blog is misleading. Raising ph has been proven to kill cancer and cancerous tumors. The medical industry would not want you to know due to the money they would lose from the high number of patients they treat daily. It would break the system!!!

    • Lisa says

      Did you read the article?
      He specifically addresses the theory about tumors and pH and why the theory doesn’t hold. A healthy diet/cleanse might kill cancer, but what Dr. Kresser writes is that this is not necessarily caused directly by the acid/alkaline balance in the urine.

    • James says

      Raising pH DOES NOT kill cancer cells. I really wish people would stop reading bogus propaganda sites and repeating this myth.

      Fact: Cancer cells have a more alkaline pH than healthy cells.

      Fact: Research has shown that excess alkalinity of healthy cells causes them to convert in to a cancerous state.

      Fact: Cancer cells require an alkaline internal pH to survive and thrive. Studies have shown when the proton transporters of cancer cells are blocked their internal pH goes acidic killing the cancer cells.

      • Matt says

        Hi James,
        I’ve been reading about this topic (mainly alkalizing through the injestion of Sodium Bicarbonate) and have seen studies such as “Implications of acidic tumor microenvironment for neoplastic growth and cancer treatment: a computer analysis.” which states – “The acidic microenvironment found in most solid tumors appears to be a main regulator for the self-organized development of neoplastic growth and invasion.”
        “Tumor acidity, chemoresistance and proton pump inhibitors.” which states ” The extracellular pH of solid tumors is significantly more acidic than that of normal tissues, thus impairing the uptake of weakly basic chemotherapeutic drugs and reducing their effect on tumors. An important determinant of tumor acidity is the anaerobic metabolism that allows selection of cells able to survive in an hypoxic-anoxic environment with the generation of lactate. However, this is not the major mechanism responsible for the development of an acidic environment within solid tumors.”
        They even conclude “These data suggest that tumor alkalinization may represent a key target of future antitumor strategies.”

        Following from that “Manipulating tumor acidification as a cancer treatment strategy.” They state that oral administration of sodium bicarbonate can raise the extracellular pH of tumors”
        “dietry measures that boost the bicarbonate level of plasma can elevate the subnormal pH of tumors to some degree, without noticeably influencing the pH of blood and health tissue”
        “These findings thus raise the possibility that systematic buffering, acheived by oral administration of high doses of agents such as sodium bicarbonate or trisodium citrate – or possibly even a natural diet of low to moderate levels of protein content, but high in potassium rich fruits, vegetables, and juices – could dampen the aggressiveness of certain cancers by partially alleviating their extracellular acidity.”

        Would this not count as evidence that an alkaline diet (be it in the food or through the use of sodium bicarbonate) can combat some cancers?


        • James says

          Hi Matt,

          In short, no.

          This was brought up by someone else previously who did not understand what the studies he was posting was referring to. So I have addressed this before, but will do it again since sometimes re-explaining something in a different way can sometimes make things clearer.

          Let’s start with the pH of cancer cells. Cancer cells actually have an internal pH more alkaline than healthy cells. It is this excess alkalinity that allows the cancer cells to survive and thrive. In addition, studies have also shown that when healthy cells become overly alkaline these healthy cells will morph in to cancer cells.

          So what is all this about the acidity? What they are referring to is the acidity of the extracellular matrix, which is the space outside of the cells, not inside the cells. The reason the external matrix becomes acidic is because the cancer cells cannot tolerate an acidic internal environment. In fact, one therapy being studied is to block the proton pumps of cancer cells. This causes the internal pH of the cancer cells to become acidic, which kills the cancer cells. To protect themselves from the acidity the cancer cells export the acidic hydrogen ions (protons) in to the external matrix. This maintains the alkaline internal pH the cancer cells need to survive and flourish while making the external matrix acidic, which can promote metastases through the activation of the enzyme hyaluronidase. Some people have incorrectly assumed that this also means the acidity promotes cancer growth. Growth and metastases though are not the same thing. Intracellular alkalinity promotes cancer growth while extracellular acidity promotes cancer metastases.

          Does this mean trying to alkalize with baking soda to inhibit metastases is a good idea? Not at all for several reasons.

          First of all, what is the byproduct of the neutralization of acids by baking soda? Carbonic acid!!! Same reason when giving sodium bicarbonate intravenously in a hospital setting can case acidosis.

          A second issue is that in order to have any alkalizing effect on the blood you would first have to overwhelm various pH buffering systems of the body. This includes the stomach acid. Neutralizing stomach acid presents all sorts of problems, but even more so with cancer patients. For instance, stomach acid is a first line defense against ingested pathogens. Therefore, neutralizing the stomach acid will leave these already immunocompromised people at even higher risk of pathogenic infection. Neutralizing the stomach acid will also interfere with nutrient absorption in cancer patients that may already be subject to cachexia. The nutritional deficiencies also increase the risk of cancer itself due to decreased methylation.

          This is not to say that other alkalizers such as the sodium citrate would not be a good idea. Personally I like nettle leaf in cancer formulas for a variety of reasons including its ability to reduce acids while supplying a lot of nutrition and for its ability to help interfere with the Cori cycle. These will not adversely affect nutrition uptake of cause rebound acidosis though like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) will.

          As for the alkaline chemo drug statement, I really don’t think it will make any significant difference. Chemotherapy drugs are well known in the medical field to be rarely effective. Research has consistently shown that the very low success rate of most chemotherapy drugs has nothing to do with pH, but rather from the hypoxic microenvironments within the tumors.

          Most chemotherapy drugs work on the principle of creating oxygen radicals that kill the cancer cells. Same reason doctors don’t like patients taking antioxidants while on chemo. Taking antioxidants while on chemo will not interfere and is beneficial, but that is a different story. Anyway, in order to create sufficient levels of these oxygen radicals there must be the presence of sufficient oxygen. During the initial process of tumor formation though the tumor is reliant on diffusion to get oxygen. Once the tumor reaches a maximum size of 3mm the oxygen can no longer diffuse in to the center of the tumor and the center of the tumor dies from a lack of oxygen. This stimulates the release of angiogenic growth factors (AGFs) such as vascular endothelial growth factor. The AGFs stimulate the formation of blood vessels that increase oxygen levels to the tumor that the tumor needs to survive and proliferate. Studies have shown that once the oxygen level is increased to the tumor that the growth rate of the tumor increases significantly. The cancer cells are anaerobic thing is just another long held myth. Cancer cells derive at least 50% of their energy through oxidative phosphorylation, and studies have shown that cancer cells have a higher affinity for oxygen than healthy cells. Despite their need for oxygen the malignant tumors still develop a very disorganized vascular network. This disorder creates hypoxic (low oxygen) levels within the tumor. These hypoxic regions will be slightly more acidic, but again this really does not change the effects of the chemo drugs. The chemo drugs will still fail due to the lack of oxygen in the hypoxic region that therefore interfere with oxygen radical formation.

          If anything, alkalizing the tumor microenvironments will make matters even worse since oxygen release from hemoglobin is acid dependent and is inhibited by alkalinity. This could contribute to the tumor hypoxia allowing more of the cells in the hypoxic regions to survive.

          Also keep in mind that sodium, which can be provided by sodium bicarbonate, displaces potassium, which is even more alkaline than the sodium displacing it.

          • Matt says

            Hi James,

            I see this blog is seeing an amazing amount of activity!

            I was wondering how you would raise the pH of your tissue fluid or intertstitial fluid to inturn affect the extracellular pH of a tumor cell?

            You mentioned the byproduct of the neutralization of acids by baking soda is Carbonic acid and that the reason Chemo doesnt really work is the hypoxic microenvironments within the tumors. Wouldn’t Carbonic Acid then be a good thing if this increases the oxygen to the cells from hemoglobin?


            • James says

              Hi Matt,

              Not necessarily. Keep in mind the fact that the more oxygen cancerous tumors receive the faster they also grow.

              For example, we all know that cancer cells have a higher metabolism than healthy cells. How can they have a higher metabolism if they are not using oxygen more efficiently since anaerobic glycolysis is significantly less efficient in ATP production?

              Also keep in mind that ingesting sodium bicarbonate does not guarantee that any of it will reach the tumor. It is first going to react with stomach acid meaning most if not all is going to be destroyed depending on how much is ingested compared to how much stomach acid is present. And if you do manage to overwhelm the stomach acid with enough baking soda this is just gong to lead to whole host of other health issues.

              And the problem is not really with pH but rather the poor vascular organization of the tumors that leads to the hypoxic regions. Therefore, altering the extracellular pH is not going to change the lack of effectiveness of most chemo drugs.

              Maybe if they combined hyperbaric with chemo may help since this should theoretically increase oxygen levels within the tumor even in the poorly vascularized areas. If they can kill the cancer cells faster than they can vascualrize as which happens in ozone therapy then maybe they can achieve higher success rates with chemo.

              Or they can start using ozone therapy, which has been proven effective at selectively killing cancer cells and for which cancer cells cannot develop a tolerance as with chemo or radiation therapies. See:


                • Matt says

                  Those videos are very informative. If the bicarbonate was to be completely destroyed by the acid in the stomach, why is it that 1/2 tea spoon mixed with water raises my urine pH the following morning? It seems to be absorbing.

                • James says

                  Hi Matt,

                  In order for any of the bicarbonate to reach the blood it would first have to overwhelm the stomach acid. How much baking soda it will take to overwhelm the stomach acid will depend on how much stomach acid is present to begin with. various things can affect stomach acid levels including age, H. pylori infection, antacids, acid blockers, alkaline waters, certain nutrient deficiencies, etc.

                  Urinary pH can also be affected by various things including high sodium intake, such as from the ingestion of baking soda, which reacts with stomac acid forming sodium chloride (“table salt), water and carbon dioxide. High sodium intake can displace potassium and calcium through the urine raising urinary pH. Therefore the rise in pH is not necessarily from the absorption of bicarbonate. It can be from the sodium chloride formed instead. Without testing for urinary bicarbonate it would be impossible to say what is alkalizing the urine.

  38. Gergana says

    I have been struggling with urethral pain and discomfort, much like the symptoms of an UTI. It seems related to my low carb diet, which naturally includes a high protein consumption. After visiting my doc and a urologists and having a million tests done, with no reults, i decided to do some research on my own. Some of the information I found suggests that the high acidity of my urine, caused by my diet could be the culprit. So I have been taking these drops to alkalize my water and measuring my pH and it seems like the pain is related. I really don’t know what to do because I don’t want to give up my diet. Staying fat is not an option. I like the way low carb high fat diet makes me feel other than this stupid urinary problem. Any suggestions? Should I be taking soda bicarbonate? Should I be taking magnesium supplements? I don’t eat sugar, and I eat a fair amount of veggies, but apparently not enough. All the information out there is overwhelming…

    • MR PALEO says


      I cannot give medical “advice” on a blog but, there are several “conditions” which can result in low urine pH. You state that you have had quite a few “tests”, and that the results were inconclusive ?
      Sodium Bicarbonate would alkalinize your urine, but at the price of your stomach’s ability to properly digest. Almost everyone in America should be taking a magnesium supplement, as most of us are deficient. Time-release is best. It might be of benefit to add white potatoes and starchy root vegetables to your intake. And, are you eating to satiation ?

    • yannibenji says

      Hi Gergana
      If your UDI was made of copper you may be suffering from copper toxicity.
      If your body is acidic it will do everything it can to get rid of it and bring the ph up to 7.3, including robbing your bones of calcium!
      I would recommend calcium & magnesium supplementation (Magnesium is required for your body to properly utilize calcium, along with vitamin D of course. Eating more vitamin D foods may also help.
      If you are suffering from inflammation, then check your Vitamin B12 levels.

      • Lisa says

        Dr. Kresser explains in this article that science does not support the theory of calcium being pulled from your bones, but rather that the kidneys buffer acidity.

    • Lisa says

      Hi Gergana,
      Are probiotics and lactofermented foods a part of your diet?
      Are you drinking pure water (not from the city water system)?
      Are you drinking enough water?
      Are you using soap or anything else that could irritate the urethra?
      Hang in there! It sounds like you are on a really great track and are committed–keep trying different things and don’t get discouraged. There’s always an answer out there; sometimes it just takes more time to find them :)

  39. Simon says

    I have two friends, people that I have known personally for many years, who decided to quit the chemo and radio and cure treat their cancer by switching to a mainly raw, alkaline based diet. They are both healthy and cancer free many years later.

    I do not know if it was specifically the alkalinity of the diet or not but the decision to stop following western medical advice and rely wholly on nutrition and a shift in attitude towards personal responsibility seemed to have played a crucial role in their survival.

    • Lisa says

      Thanks for sharing that link!
      The foods consumed might have more to do with the diabetes risk than the acid/alkaline balance–not neccessarily a direct link to acidity but a correlation.
      ie, If a person is of healthy weight, exercises, eats lots of veggies but also lots of meat and eggs and overall lower carb diet, he/she might have acid load but from healthier sources and not be a diabetes risk.

    • James says

      Right off the bat I can see where the study is severely flawed. Look at how they tested for “acidity”. They were not testing blood pH, which is the only way to accurately determine if acidosis exists.

      By the way, type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 95% of diabetic cases most often results from a decline in chromium and/or magnesium levels, which leads to the closing of insulin receptors. See:

  40. Jakub Lehotsky says

    One more idea : isn’t it true that any kind of anaerobic activity (strength training, high-intesity workout, etc.) produces lactic acid as a by-product of metabolism? This really does increase acidity of blood (lactate blood levels/workout intensity are actually regularly measured in sport medical labs)

    That said, acid-alcalic diet theory would suggest that doing any anaerobic exercise is pretty unhealthy to do.

    • James says

      No, this is an old, outdated myth. It was once thought that muscles cells generate lactic acid during intense exercise. If you look at recent studies it has been proven that NO human cells produce lactic acid. Even cancer cells do not produce lactic acid. Cells produce lactate, which is non-acidic and reduces acidity during its formation. Lactate is then used as fuel by cells.

      Unfortunately, too many researchers incorrectly use the terms lactic acid and lactate interchangeably even though they are not the same thing. This contributes to the confusion and the myth that humans cells produce lactic acid.

  41. Lisa says

    Thank you for this very informative article.
    I came here feeling frantic and as if I am in a death sentence because of my acidic urine.
    I know from past experience that I need animal fats and protein in order to feel good, and this seems so contradictory to all of the alkaline/juice diet/raw food propaganda. I feel a bit lost and confused.
    My goal now is to make sure I drink clean water with minerals added, lots of greens and vegetables and as much raw as my gut can handle–in addition to my good eggs and meat.
    Thank you again for your balanced and scientific article.

    • Devin says

      Many people have food intolerances. No single diet works for everyone. Good for you for paying aattentionto what you eat and how you feel. I did an elimination diet last December. No wheat, corn, soy, dairy, sweeteners, peanuts, and eggs. In 3 weeks my IBS symptoms cleared, total cholesterol dropped 100 points (even though I had double the red meat intake), I lost 25 lbs of inflammatory water weight, my bacne cleared up, and the funny rashes I was getting went away. I re incorporated those foods one at a time and discovered that wheat and dairy were causing most of my problems. Lots of soy gives me a headache. Lots of eggs were causing the intermittent rashes.

    • James says

      Normal urinary pH is 4.6 to 8.0.

      Highly alkaline pH levels can indicate kidney disorders or urinary tract infections or can occur from vomiting. It can also be increased by some medications.

      By the way urinary pH does not reflect blood or tissue pH as some keep falsely claiming.

      • Hardo says

        Wow James that is a loaded statement…..There are tons of research papers confirming that urine pH indicates the pH of your tissue….I am not sure what research you are quoting here???? If your urine shows a pH of 4.6 -6.0 in my experience people are pretty sick….Our urine is most acidic at around 2am and most alkaline at around 2pm….so testing it around those times is misleading.

          • Hardo says

            It is amazing how much valid info is out there…I respect your statements and am always open to new insights…and there are so many conflicting messages coming into play….tell me then how do you measure tissue pH?

            • MR PALEO says


              This is not my area of expertise, but as far as I know, the only truly accurate determination of tissue pH is thru electrode analysis…

        • James says

          If there is tons of research then you should have no problem providing links to some of this research so it can be reviewed. I hear claims of so much research all the time but when called on their bluffs of course these people never supply any links to the studies since they don’t really exist in the first place.

          Again, urinary pH DOES NOT reflect blood or tissue pH. The body’s pH is primarily regulated by respiration. This means most of the acidic protons formed during cellular energy formation are dealt with by respiration, not excretion through the urine.

          In addition, as I already pointed out there are various things that can alter urinary pH such as medications, foods, supplements or bacterial infections.

          As for normal urinary pH values, if you don’t believe me then look it up from another credible source. Any medical site will tell you the same thing I already told you.

          • Hardo says

            Thank you James for your effort and time spent in sharing your opinion.
            I am always interested in learning more and happy to alter my opinion when it is called for….and at the same time there are aspects in your reply that are offensive in nature as you have absolutely no idea who I am and what my back ground is…as such it is arrogant to judge me just because I have different experiences and opinions…I do respect yours and am happy to work with them as part of my continued education. I have high regard for emergency medicine and no regard for general medicine…it is at best a trap for easily influenced sick people. In my 29 years of working with people I have at least 3500 individuals who have greatly benefitted from my work and guidance….including myself who only 3 years ago was gravely ill due to wrong medical treatment. If the medical establishment knows so much about cancer why has this disease not been eradicated? To close my part in this chapter I would like to suggest James…without prejudice…that history has shown us clearly that we have been wrong so many times ….eg: blood letting etc….I would never insist on being right but more so committed to learning more and happy to alter my opinions….have you ever considered that you too may be wrong and all those that you use as backup. Humility is something we must learn it does not come with a degree. I wish you well!

            • James says

              “you have absolutely no idea who I am and what my back ground is”

              That goes both ways Hardo. One of the things you do not know about me is that I have worked my butt off for decades trying to get holistic medicine legitimized in the allopathic arena. When someone comes along with completely bogus information they post as fact such as digestion only occurring in the mouth, urinary pH reflecting tissue pH, etc. this gives the allopathic medicine even more ammunition to call us quacks. So if a few egos have to be bruised to keep legitimate, not bogus, holistic claims from being presented then so be it. This is not about you nor is it about me. It is about maintaining our freedom to utilize what therapies we choose and see fit to use. We have already lost so much of this freedom and we don’t need people who know nothing about real medicine or how the body really works spouting disinformation to give the establishment more reason to further take away our rights.

              • Hardo says

                James….Thank you once again for dedicating your life to such noble cause….I mean that!!
                I have worked in conjunction with MD’s , Psychologist and other and often there is mutual respect for one another…which is great…I have no problem sending my clients to their MD and it seems some are open to referring them to me as well. I am sharing opinions here on this site for respectful discussion and am open to all comments …positive or not so positive…hence thank you for your contribution …no doubt I will do my bit to make sure I continue to create a balanced view. Keep up the good work!!!

  42. Matt G. says

    First, in the interest of full disclosure I eat the same acid forming diet most Americans enjoy. However, this summer myself and three friends ages 34 to 42 started drinking baking soda and water everyday. We had heard it was a natural way to cut down on soreness after working out (none of us are spring chickens anymore and were getting fairly sore). We all drink a little under a teaspoon on an empty stomach at least 2 hours before eating two to three times a day. The results have been pretty amazing:

    1) Cut down soreness one and two days out after a workout amazingly well. I would say at least 50% to 75% less sore.
    2) Oddly, and I haven’t read this anywhere else: After two months one guy had a wart on his hand go away and two guys had all their skin tags go away.
    3) December 20 as I type and none of us have had a cold or flu yet this year in spite of all our wives/girlfriends/children having caught the flu at least once since we started. We lovingly refer to them as our “control group.”

    The theory behind it was simple enough. Baking soda gives you’re body an easy way to neutralize acid, including lactic acid buildup after working out. As far as we’re concerned it’s better than steroids and truly works

  43. Poria says

    How come that most of the disease you have in the USA for example cancer are 600 times more than in India? Can it be because of your diet?
    One of my closest friends here in Sweden cured her arthritis by becoming a vegan after the best doctors in the country told her that she had a future in the wheelchair!

    You only need to take a look at the health situation you have in the us to see that something is very wrong with your diet…. Another friend of mine his father ( who is a doctor) got cancer and when the doctors told him he had maximum 6 month left he cured him selv only by changing his diet.

    Here you have a good explanation why one should become a vegetarian :

      • Devin Shadde says

        Most people in India don’t live long enough to get cancer due to the lack of sanitation and malnutrition. Also most Indians are not vegan but are ovo-lacto vegetarians.

      • Poria says

        No I’m not From India, I’m originally from Persia ( Iran) but I live in Sweden.
        It is true as you say, specially in later years many Hindus have learned from the Muslims and Britains and adapted ( from their masters) the meat eating diet and India is actually one of the bigger biff exporters in the area despite the Cow being considered a holy Creature….but still there are many who are vegetarians and a big part of the most Indians diet is still vegetarian food.

        Also in other countries where people mostly consume vegetarian food the same lack of cancer and other western diseases are to been observed!
        When one observes the human body and how it is designed one dos not have to be genius to realise that it is a body created for a vegetarian.

        And also beside the health issue any intelligent and conscious person should underestand how wrong, sinful/harmful it is for us humans as spiritual beings to imprison, harm and kill other living beings….. And not to mention after doing that feasting on their dead bodies.
        I’m not a hindu or Buddhist, nor am I a Muslim or christian. My thoughts are not based on any religious believe.
        But I do believe that the first step toward a higher consciousness is by purifying ones body and by not eating dead food you get a better health on the way!

        • says

          Dear Poria,

          I must respectfully disagree with your comments… Hindus comprise approx. 75% of the Indian population, but only Brahmins are vegetarian (lacto). There are a few Buddhists as well. But the vast majority of the population are NOT strict vegetarians.
          I also must disagree with your take on “spirituality”… Everything comes to this planet to die. Your assumption that plants are somehow less “valuable” in the grand scheme of things, and don’t feel pain, or deserve respect, is fallacious at best. Some of this world’s most “spiritual” personas have consumed flesh, including Jesus and Mohammed. Believe what you wish… but we (humans) are DESIGNED as omnivores… and that is what is required for most of us to be “healthy”.

          • Poria says

            Dear Mr Paleo

            When it comes to the spiritual aspect I would not say that the plants are not valuable.
            Everything do come to this planet to die but a rabbit is not created to feast on a rat! Some animals are created as carnivores and some are not. The human body is not a body of a carnivores.
            In India there are as you say 25% vegetarians but the rest of the populations diet is also very much vegetarian influenced. That is the reason why you dont have cancer and many other diseases.

            Now when it comes to spirituality and higher consciousness, I really don’t mean to offend or provoke but regardless of what the story of Muhammed and Jesus is about let me ask you a question:
            Imagine if some creature much more advanced and stronger than human beings would invade our planet and the first thing they do is to capture al of us and keep us in cages. Then starting with our elders they skin them and use the skins to create things with and using there boned to decorate their homes with. Then they separate the new born babies from our female and slaughter them for their tender meat and feed us adults with the rest products so that we can become fat and juicy. They are also very clever so they start to manipulate our genes so that we can become more fat and juicy and they turn the population of earth to a meat industry to provide for their families.
            My question is, would these being represent for you a symbol of higher consciousness ? Would you then say oh Muhammad and Jesus eat flesh so let these creatures do as they will or would you use your own instincts to deside what’s right or wrong?
            The Veda scriptures which are the greates and oldest literature we have talks about not killing and vegetarian diet, how about that?

            Now same question applies but what if those creatures came to our planet and helped al the living creature to evolve and the were al vegetarians would they represent for you a higher consciousness?

            Now an experiment: take out some meat fromYour refrigerator and leave it on your table beside some fruits and vegetables a couple days, will the vegetables and the fruits smell as dead as the meat?

            Thou shall not kill!
            Thou shall keep you body pure!
            And when you learn that let us meditate.
            Peace and respect.

        • Colleen K. Peltomaa says

          It is too easy to say the health discrepancy is solely due to being vegetarian — or not. Consider the differences in how the water is treated (additives of chlorine and fluoride, etc.), and the chemical additives in processed packaged and canned foods. Consider the hormones and feed and antibiotics administered to the meats Americans eat. Do East Indian people ingest huge quantities of white sugar and monosodium glutamates?

          Given the above hazards you are correct in a way. Choosing to eat organically grown fruits and vegetables, minimally processed, instead of the above would help to restore body balance.

          Probably prayer and fasting (de-toxing) too. Also joyful exercise.

  44. Poria says

    Thank you for the invitation. I’m sorry for the off topic.
    It is a fine blog you have there by the way.

    A last comment about Jesus and Mohammed:
    You are right Mohammad did eat meat but there are stories about him that claims he did try to eat less meat and that he said many times to his followers that the animal that was going to be slaughtered should not feel fear and specially when it came to camel slaughtere that the knife should be hidden so that the camel would not realize what was going to happen before the last second…

    When it comes to Jesus the white man he was according to the roman story a meat eater and he died at the cross…. But Jeshua the black man from North Africa who was stoned to death was a strict vegetarian, his parents was also strict vegetarians and the same applied to the tribe he came from… They were al strict vegetarians according to the cosmic bible OAHSPE.

  45. MRPALEO says

    I welcome intelligent discourse, and one should never be sorry for having an opinion… however, having said that, I have addressed most of the supposed “rational” arguments for humans being vegetarian on my other blog, and I invite anyone who thinks that the practices of Halal or Kosher are “humane” or “proper”, to witness these practices firsthand by going to the butcher and actually seeing how the animals are slaughtered…

  46. Emilie says

    I am not an expert but of what I understand the alkaline diet does not say that we should eat very little protein. We should eat reasonable amount of proteins at every meal but it is very important to combine it with alcaline based foods like salads and vegetables that will balance the acidity. I think it is a matter of proportion. If for example you are an athlete and need to consume a little more proteins you should not forget to eat lots of salads too, to balance the acidity.

    I am not a scientist and don’t know if our diet can really affect acidity levels in our blood, but I think that at the end of the day it is all about balance. I have personally observed that eating too many animal proteins is not good for me by many aspects. Of what I understand the animal proteins produce toxins in your organism that if consumed in excess intoxicate your body, tiring your organs especially liver that tries to process them and eliminate them, leading to several health problems. This toxins can be neutralized by consuming lots of vegetables and fruits.

    Proteins are good to consume in reasonable amounts and are essential to built muscle, energy and strength (the reasonable depending on your age, activity and any particular health condition) but it is very important to alternate the sources of proteins with fish and also vegetable proteins (different kind of beans, lentils and other high protein vegetables) which many people often forget.

    The Mediterranean diet is ideal for that which includes many vegetarian dishes that are high in proteins (lentils, beans, chickpeas) as alternative to meat dishes.Also It is known that Japanese nutrition is also very healthy which includes lots of fish and vegetables.
    An article that I read was saying that asiatic women ( I think especially Chinese and Japanese) did not have menopause syndrome ( which includes osteoporosis) until the western way of eating was introduced into their culture (much higher in animal proteins especially dairy products). Despite the fact that in the Western culture they advise us to consume a lot of dairy products as the ultimate food that will keep our bones strong, we still have big rates of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

  47. James says

    You are right that we do not need to consume large amounts of protein. The body can only utilize roughly 90 grams of protein a day. Even major athletes can only utilize a tiny amount more. So these athletes who are loading up on protein thinking they are going to build muscle are fooling themselves. Taking excess protein will only make the body work harder trying to deal with the metabolites of the amino acids from the protein. This starts with the highly alkaline and highly toxic ammonia, which is then converted in to uric acid. Uric acid is a primary antioxidant for the body, but is problematic in excess so the body has to hydrolyze the excess uric acid to safely pass it through the urine and feces. It does not matter if the amino acid comes from meat or plants though, they will all be metabolized in the same manner.

    What a lot of people do not realize is that plants also contain proteins, and in some cases can contain more protein than meats.

    Also, there is no real alkaline or acid food. This myth is based on the ash analysis of foods, which does not take in to account the naturally occurring acids within the plants, nor the acids formed from their metabolism.

    And no, diet plays virtually no role in pH regulation. Respiration is the body’s main method of pH regulation. And there are still various other mechanisms the body uses beyond respiration that the body uses to maintain pH.

    Asian women on a traditional Asian diet do not go through menopausal symptoms, but this has nothing to do with the supposed pH of diets. The traditional Asian diet is rich in phytoestrogens that have a weak estrogenic effect, but block the effects of stronger estrogens. Therefore, they have a balancing effect on the hormones and help support bone health.

    Dairy is not good for bones at all. The protein from milk blocks calcium absorption, but not the absorption of phosphorus. The increased absorption of phosphorus leads to the development of pseudohyperparathyroidism. In response the parathyroid glands release parathyroid hormone leading to the loss of bone calcium. This results in osteomalacia or osteopenia, not osteoporosis, which is a loss of collagen matrix instead of bone minerals.

  48. PJane says

    I want to thank you for this article about the alkaline diet and the science (or lack of science) behind it. Unfortunately, it’s easy for a layperson, such as myself, to get lost trying to follow the evidence (or lack of…).

    I was having severe headaches – or one perpetual headache – for months. I saw four different doctors, was given many different meds, had several different tests, suffered injections…nothing helped. I even had my mother move in with me! I was hurting.

    Finally, I stumbled upon an article about magnesium deficiency and headaches. Started supplements. Glory halleluiah. I was just thankful. Days later – I was mad. Why didn’t any doctor think to tell me this?

    Now I take magnesium daily and when I forget for any length of time, head pain reminds me. Eventually, I wanted to know, Why am I deficient in magnesium? Which brought me to an alkaline diet.

    A myriad of ailment subsided and I dropped significant weight early on. However, started having cramps in my calves. I went off the diet, went back to eating meat and drinking milk, and the cramps went away. So did the inflammation and blah, blah, blah.

    I returned to the alkaline diet but made sure I got plenty of calcium. The cramps returned, I went off the alkaline…inflammation returned. I was starting to feel crazy.

    I want to do what is best for my body! I want to be educated. I read your article and it gave me permission to think about the fact that maybe omitting bread, sugar, milk, and processed stuff made me feel better…and that had nothing to do with ph levels.

    Thank you again for the information.

    If you can say something about the causes of magnesium deficiency, I would be grateful.

    • James says

      I can see part of your problem is where you said “but made sure I got plenty of calcium”. Most people do not realize that calcium is a muscle contractor and magnesium is a muscle relaxant. The reason magnesium works for migraines and tension headaches is because the magnesium works as a calcium channel blocker (CCB), or put more simply a calcium antagonist. See these:

      Same reason IV magnesium is used to treat the severe hypertension associated with preeclampsia in hospital settings. So the principle of magnesium acting like a natural CCB is known by doctors, but there is no incentive for them to recommend magnesium over the pharmaceuticals the doctors get kickbacks on or are invested in to.

      By antagonizing the action of calcium the magnesium allows the muscles, including blood vessels, to relax. This relaxes the muscles in the neck to prevent tension headaches and prevents the initial blood vessel contraction that are the onset of migraines.

      Although there is no real such thing as an “alkaline diet” the foods generally promoted in this diet tend to be high in magnesium, which again relaxes muscles by antagonizing calcium.

      If you taking extra calcium you could have caused a calcium-magnesium imbalance since they are antagonistic to each other. High serum calcium can cause high blood pressure, constipation, mental fogginess and muscle spasms/cramping.

      Why your diet in meat and dairy helped is unclear since these actually promote inflammation due to the increased intake of pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid. There is obviously a lot more to your health issues that has not been presented. For example, you mentioned that you started feeling better after losing the weight. Maybe a lot of your issues were due to having a diabetic or pre-diabetic state, or the pain was in the joints being irritated by the extra weight.

      There could have also been something else in your previous diet contributing such as if you were consuming too much phosphorus, which can cause cramping due to pseudohyperparathyroidism. Or you were not getting enough vitamin D in your “alkaline diet” leading to cramping from hyperparathyroidism, which is often caused by benign parathyroid tumors believed to be caused by a lack of vitamin D.

      The drop in inflammation when going back to meat may have to do with the kinds of meat you are consuming as well. As where meats provide the inflammatory omega 6 fatty acid arachidonic acid, if the meat you were primarily consuming may have also been rich in anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. For example, deep cold water fish are high in anti-inflammatory omega 3s.

      Magnesium deficiencies can occur for different reasons. Digestive or absorption disorders, form of magnesium being ingested, consumption of processed carbohydrates or alcohol, etc.

      • PJane says

        You have no idea how enlightening this is! I have always been a dairy freak! Which, thanks to you, now easily explains the calcium magnesium imbalance.

        The lack of vitamin D is likely an issue. I’ve been in a windowless classroom for years and then moved to Seattle.

        My words must have twisted in meaning, because when I returned to eating regardless of alkaline my cramping lessened. However, the inflammation did come back. I now understand about the omega differences and will pay attention to that.

        Can’t thank you enough.

  49. MR PALEO says


    There are many variables concerning low Mg…
    One of the most critical is the lack of bio-available Mg in our soils… no Mg in the soil, no Mg in the plants we (and our animals) consume…
    Mg is best supplemented in the diet with time-release capsules (NOT tablets), and externally applied Mag chloride.
    Women should apply from just below the breasts to just above the pubic bone, men on shoulders and upper back, right before bedtime.

  50. PJane says

    Thank you! I have been taking tablets! I bought a magnesium lotion a while back, but thought I didn’t need it because of the tablets.

    I will switch to the time released and start using the mg lotion. I didn’t know the locations on the body mattered, but I will try your suggestions.

    Can you say more about hyperparathyroidism?

    • James says

      Hyperparathyroidism is simply overactive parathyroid glands. The most common reason for hyperparathyroidism are benign tumors of the parathyroid glands that cause the parathyroid glands to secrete excess parathyroid hormone (PTH). PTH in turn releases calcium from the bones leading to increased serum calcium. These benign tumors are relatively common, and are believed to result from insufficient levels of active D3.

      Keep in mind that simply getting sunlight or ingesting vitamin D from food or supplements does not guarantee sufficient levels of active D3. Plants and milk contain inactive D2. This can be converted in to inactive D3 if the liver is functioning properly, then in to active D3 if the kidneys are functioning properly. Supplements contain either inactive D2 or inactive D3, both of which need to be converted in to active D3.

      The parathyroid glands will also release PTH in response to low serum calcium and perceived low calcium.

      In the later case this would be pseudohyperparathyroidism. In this case there is a perceived low calcium state due to an increase in serum phosphorus. When the phosphorus levels are excessive the there is an imbalance between the calcium-phosphorus ratio. This is perceived as low calcium by the parathyroid glands. Therefore, in response the parathyroid glands release PTH to release calcium from the bones to balance out the calcium-phosphorus ratio.

      Common sources of excess phosphorus consumption include red meats, dairy and colas.

      And again I want to clarify that the loss of bone calcium results in osteopenia and osteomalacia, not osteoporosis. Osteoporosis results from the loss of collagen matrix, not mineral loss. The most common causes of collagen loss or deficiencies of silica and/or vitamin C.

  51. Jane says

    Hi, I have found the post very interesting, however lacking in scientific evidence to support the claims by referencing “observational studies” – any academic knows this simply lacks credibility and is straight out embarrassing. I note the “observational studies” were referred to when it came to the reason why alkaline diets don’t work.

    Further, the writer makes a comment about clinical trials being the appropriate, then why embarrass yourself and refer to observational studies.

    The writer has made some good points, but the truth is, nutrient devoid foods is what is causing illness and disease. When you understand biochemistry of the human body, and understand that water, vitamins and minerals and proteins including animal proteins are essential to health.

    pH is essential to health and I have seen the changes in people who adopt these principles.

    • James says

      For someone who believes so much in the scientific process I am very surprised that you are ignoring so much proven science. For example, the fact that diet has virtually no influence on the blood pH of the body.

      Then there is the vague claim of “nutrient devoid foods causing illness and disease”. That may be the case is some rare cases such as scurvy or beriberi, but they do not account for the majority of illnesses or diseases.

      If someone really understands the biochemistry of the human body then they will also know that not only is the body composed primarily of various acid compounds, but also the fact that cellular energy production is also dependent on acids (citric, malic, pyruvic).

      People get so hung up on the alkalize for health myth. The body regulates its pH tightly regardless of what you eat and there is no such thing as a truly acid or alkaline food.

      All foods are made acidic in the stomach then the chyme alkalized in the intestines. From there the fibers and digestive byproducts are metabolized further in acids in the long run.

      The whole alkaline food myth is based on the ash content of food, which does not take in to account the naturally occurring acids in the foods, nor their acidic byproducts from metabolism. That is really bad science.

    • MR PALEO says

      Jane, et al,

      The “positive results” observed by people when the diet is altered, is usually due to the ELIMINATION of a causative agent(s). This is typical of nonsense diets like the blood-type, the alkaline diet, and others of that ilk… and can often be relatively short-lived. The human digestive system is far more complex than scientists had really understood, until recently…and doesn’t “modify” itself according to what we wish to believe…

  52. Dominique says

    Look up Dr. Sebi
    He has helped people cure themselves of many diseases with an alkaline diet and other principles, including AIDS, Herpes, Cancer…. and well you will find out – when you do the research. I think the author of this post should look this up as well. I am sure he has the best interest of his readership in mind.

    • James says

      Sounds like you took that information straight from his sales site. Problem is that there is no evidence to back the claims.

      From reading his product site I see he also claims that all diseases stem from acidity, which is blatantly false. In fact, most pathogens thrive in an alkaline environment. And cancer cells have a more alkaline pH than healthy cells since an acidic internal pH rapidly kills cancer cells. Therefore, this casts doubts on his other claims as well.

  53. Que Trac says

    Hi, all. Reading the two-part posts have left me more confused than ever. First of all, I am not of the medical field nor of the chemistry field, but of a different science field; thus, I can only draw conclusions based on the perspective and evidence provided by the writer. I have read quite a lot of articles in regard to this topic of alkaline forming diet theory and so far, I think I can conclude for the following ideas below:

    (1) From what I learned, everyone has a chance of forming cancer. That chance will rise or drop depending on lots of factors like the age of the person, the health of the person (in term of their immune system), exposure to radiation, etc. Since the immune system is in charge of fighting most of the diseases, I would assume that it will be the main standing point for all cancers. If it is weaken (like in the case of acidity), cancer would likely to thrive much easier than if it isn’t.
    (2) An imbalance in the body’s pH often lead to lots of health problems such as hormone level, kidney problems, low energy, immune deficiency, acnes, etc.
    (3) Foods and drinks should affect the body’s pH in some ways or forms. While our body has lots of regulating functions, there must be some external factors that would cause our body’s pH to change. If not, our body’s pH level would stay in the nominal range for the majority of the time. Since we typically can’t control much of our exposure to the environment, the only thing we can control would be what we eat or drink.
    (4) Alkaline and acid balance diet is a common practice for Cantonese speaking people and Chinese herbalists.

    Apart from those ideas mentioned, I am still at a lost on how foods affect our body. For starter, one would speculate that high pH foods and drinks would make the body higher pH, but most articles indicate otherwise. They state that eating more alkaline forming foods and drinks would achieve this goal; yet, what confuses me is how lemon and lime being such a low pH would end up being alkaline forming.

    Then I learned about the buffer system and kidney involvement in the link below, which lost me on how food would even affect the pH level while these are in the work:

    After reading these posts here, I think I need some good clarification, which bought me to here writing this comment given that lots of people here are somewhat understanding the work of our body.

    • MR PALEO says

      Que Teac, et al…

      James and I have explained that there is no such thing as “body” pH… you have numerous “ph’s” in your body at the same time… blood, urine, tissue, stomach, colon, bile, CS fluid, semen, etc… there is no such thing as ONE acid/alkaline balance… this is a COMPLETE misnomer.

      • Que Trac says

        Oh, sorry about the confusion. I should have mentioned that “body” pH refers to blood’s pH level since blood’s pH level should be a good representation of your body’s overall health. Still, my question remains to be unanswered.

        • MR PALEO says

          Que Trac,

          FYI, blood pH is held within a VERY narrow range, or you’re dead… so I don’t see how it is an indicator of “health”… so, what EXACTLY, is your question ?

          • Que Trac says

            Thank you so much for that information. It allows me to search for answers to most of the questions I had, so I am done with my questions for now.

            I just found out that the word(s) I should be using is called “acidosis” or “alkalosis”. It is extreme case of pH imbalance in the blood, so it is possible for the blood to be off the nominal range and the source is our long term diet.

            Even though the pH level of food and drink don’t affect much in term of pH level in the blood, they do affect the amount of fats we have in our body. Eating too much acidic foods and/or drinking too much acidic drink, for instance, would lead to gained fat that can’t be excreted from our body. As these stored fats accumulate over time, it would bring upon a lot of complications such as acidosis and alkalosis. Obesity problem would, in turn, mean a higher risk of cancer for people as well. Thus, it explains why alkaline forming diet would typically lead to be a better health and why many people draw the connection of diet and pH balancing even though diet has an indirect connection to pH balancing.

            • James says

              Again, acidosis or alkalosis are EXTREMELY rare.

              And again, diet plays virtually no direct effect on pH of the body.

              The accumulation of body fat DOES NOT cause acidosis or alkalosis. As stated many times the body’s main means of pH regulation is respiration. We continue to breathe regardless of how much body fat we have and thus our respiration maintains our pH regardless of how much body fat we have.

              • Que Trac says

                First of all, sorry that I missed reading your post; it was a separate comment rather than a reply. And thank you for pointing out most of the flaws in my statements. It has allowed me to fully understand the whole confusion now.

                The whole problem starts with this confusion: When someone tell you are “too acidic”, you are supposed to eat more alkaline forming foods. When someone tell you are “too alkaline”, you are supposed to eat more acidic forming foods. In reality, being “too acidic” supposed to mean “not enough acid” (or hypochlorhydria) and being “too alkaline” supposed to mean “not enough alkaline”; thus, when you are “too acidic”, you are supposed to eat more acidic foods or alkaline forming foods to balance out the pH imbalance in the stomach. The stomach needs to be within pH level of 1.5 to 3.5 to digest properly. When you are “too acidic”, it means that you eat too much alkaline foods (e.g. junk foods) for your stomach to be able to digest. Thus, it would explain why drinking acidic fluids like lemon or lime helps with digesting. On the other hand, if nothing is done to help the stomach with the digestion, waste acid would be drained from the bowel to balance out the pH level. This will lead to the experience of burping, bloating, heartburn, and if worse, GERD. Fortunately, if you are “too alkaline” meaning that you eat too much acidic foods, your stomach can easily balance the pH level with the help of pancreas and gallbladder.

                Going back to the “too acidic” problem, as a result of the waste acid being drained from the bowel, most of the nutrients absorption that supposed to occur in the small intestine doesn’t occur. Over time, this causes malnutrition, which will in turn leads to inefficiency of acid excretion. Excess acid would cause the pH level of blood to drop. Of course, to maintain normal operation for the blood, each part of the body would have to make up for the changes in pH level just to keep pH level of blood within the right level. Depending on which part of the body is making up for the changes, negative symptoms would appear in that area. Acnes, for example, would mostly likely occur when the skin cells become acidic. And the skin cells become acidic due to the fact it is making up the changes in pH level in blood. Thus, your body works around the pH level of blood.

                That explains why blood acidosis or alkalosis are EXTREMELY rare. Your body would have adapted to the changes before you are able to measure it. Going back to the main question at hand “does food affect pH level?”, the answer is “yes and no”. Food doesn’t affect pH level directly, but it does indirectly through a chain of problems later on.

    • James says

      “From what I learned, everyone has a chance of forming cancer.”

      Yes, just like everyone has the chance to be struck by lightening, but this does not mean it is going to happen.

      “Since the immune system is in charge of fighting most of the diseases, I would assume that it will be the main standing point for all cancers.”

      Actually no. Cancer cells have several mechanisms developed that make it extremely difficult for the body to detect the cancer. If they were readily detected by the immune system they would be destroyed as the first cancer cells start to develop

      “If it is weaken (like in the case of acidity), cancer would likely to thrive much easier than if it isn’t.”

      The immune system is not weakened by acidity. If anything it would be weakened by excess alkalinity since 1. Most pathogens thrive in an alkaline environment. 2. The immune system is reliant on acids such as ascorbic acid to function properly.

      Furthermore, studies have proven that cancer cells are highly alkaline and excess alkalinity of healthy cells morphs the healthy cells in to cancer cells.

      People need to keep in mind though that excess alkalinity and excess acidity are extremely rare since the body maintains such a tight pH control

      “An imbalance in the body’s pH often lead to lots of health problems such as hormone level, kidney problems, low energy, immune deficiency, acnes, etc.”

      Excess acidity again is extremely rare and has basically nothing to do with most diseases. In the case of kidney problems an excess of uric acid can cause kidney problems, but excess alkalinity of the urine can also cause kidney problems.

      “Foods and drinks should affect the body’s pH in some ways or forms.”

      As explained so many times food and drinks have virtually no direct effect on pH.

      “While our body has lots of regulating functions, there must be some external factors that would cause our body’s pH to change. If not, our body’s pH level would stay in the nominal range for the majority of the time.”

      The body’s main means of pH regulation is respiration. If the body starts becoming acidic respiration increases to reduce acidity. If the body starts becoming too alkaline then respiration slows to build of acidity.

      “Alkaline and acid balance diet is a common practice for Cantonese speaking people and Chinese herbalists.”

      Says who? I have been studying herbalism for decades including Chinese herbalism and have NEVER seen anything about pH balance being brought up by traditional Chinese herbalists.

      “Apart from those ideas mentioned, I am still at a lost on how foods affect our body. For starter, one would speculate that high pH foods and drinks would make the body higher pH, but most articles indicate otherwise.”

      Again, foods and drinks do not really affect pH directly. All foods and drinks are made acidic in the stomach, then alkalized in the intestines and finally end up metabolized in to beneficial acids for the body.

      “what confuses me is how lemon and lime being such a low pH would end up being alkaline forming.”

      Simple, ALL foods and drinks are made acidic in the stomach. Then as the chyme leaves the stomach the pancreas releases alkaline sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the acid in the chyme to protect the intestines. This is the so-called “alkaline response”. It does not matter if you ingest lemon juice, cake, steak, pie, spinach, fruit, candy bars or whatever, you will still cause this same alkaline response. So the claims that lemon juice is one of the few foods that cause an alkaline response is misleading. All foods will cause the same alkaline response.

      “Then I learned about the buffer system and kidney involvement in the link below, which lost me on how food would even affect the pH level while these are in the work:

      Because food has virtually no direct influence on pH. Again, respiration is the body’s main means of pH control, not diet.

  54. Teresa says

    Hi. I have an hereditary kidney disease (ADPKD) and although my kidneys are still working 100%, my Nephrologist was concerned about my stubbornness of following a paleo-diet instead of a vegetarian diet. He gave me ph strips to check my urine and I got worried when I found out that my urine’s ph is usually acid. Happy to learn that that just means my kidneys are working fine! But that said, how harmful can animal protein really be to kidneys? Does animal protein itself could accelerate the renal failure when there is an existing condition?
    Also, two of my siblings are at about 50% renal function and their doctors have recommended to decrease considerably their intake of animal protein. When and how exactly does animal protein impair renal function? I recognize that this is a complicated topic, but most Nephrologists seem to praise the intake of grains and legumes above animal protein and fat and I am having a hard time finding arguments against that. All the paleo gurus are so focused in Diabetes, Heart disease and Cancer that no one talks about Kidney disease.
    Thanks a lot!

    • MR PALEO says


      To quote the “Paleo Doc”,.. “The first step in a diet for people with chronic kidney disease is to make sure you don’t eat too much protein. Protein intake in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) 15% of total calories consumed while Paleo folks consume 20% to 30% of their calories from protein. This is way too much protein for someone with kidney disease. Although there is still some debate on the benefits of a low protein diet in kidney disease, it appears prudent to limit the amount of protein consumed to 0.6 to 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.”

      • MR PALEO says


        Just so I am clear, I am NOT a doctor, and as you state, have had very little exposure to kidney disease, per se. Having said that, I personally would choose NOT to revert to consuming grains if I was diagnosed with a medical condition of any sort… but that is just me.

        • Teresa says

          Thanks for your reply. The thing is, 0.6 to 0.8 grams of protein would be in my case one can of tuna a day, for example. What should I replace the extra protein with so I am not starving? It is almost as if I would have to be vegan for 2 meals a day (assuming I could) and eat animal protein in the third meal only. I do appreciate your advice, don’t take me wrong, but it is easier said than done. I agree that there is strong evidence against including grains in the diet, but I wish the evidence against protein intake in chronic kidney disease was equally convincing and offered real alternatives.

          • MR PALEO says


            There is a common misunderstanding that PALEO means HIGH PROTEIN… this is incorrect, it is HIGH SATURATED FAT… and this is what I would add to your diet for satiation… particularly items like organic butter and coconut, sour cream and yoghurt (full-fat/organic), etc. As far as I know (you might want to double check with your physician), tubers should be ok also… perhaps you can slowly increase the overall protein (meat) with non-meat sources such as whey, hemp, etc., without causing problems with your situation. I am curious, have you had testing for genetic markers and food intolerances ?

            • MR PALEO says

              The journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study that evaluated the antioxidant activity of the oral application of oil palm leaves extract (OPLE) in mice with diabetes. Just 4 weeks after administering a relatively high dose in the animals, scientists observed that OPLE began to improve kidney dysfunction and fibrosis, which are commonly associated with diabetic neuropathy.
              You may wish to consider adding cold-pressed, organic palm oil to your diet. A word of warning however, REAL palm oil has a VERY distinct taste that many westerners do not care for…

    • James says

      It does not matter the protein source, high protein is hard on the kidneys regardless. The reason I say “protein source” is because a lot of people do not realize that not only do plants contain protein, they can contain significantly more protein than animal protein. For example. beef is 22% protein while fish is 24% protein. On the other hand plant pollen is 30% protein while chlorella is 60% protein.

      The risk to the kidneys comes from the uric acid formed from the breakdown of the amino acids. Amino acids are ammonia based. As the ammonia is released the ammonia is highly alkaline and super toxic to the body. To protect the body the ammonia reacts with carbonic acid to form uric acid. Normally uric acid is hydrolyzed and passed safely through the kidneys and intestines. If someone eats high protein though and does not drink enough water to properly hydrolyze the uric acid the uric acid will pass through the kidneys as very sharp crystals cutting up the kidney tissue.

      Keep in mind that many people go way overboard on their protein intake. A person can only utilize about 3 ounces of protein daily. Even major athletes will only utilize maybe 3 1/2 ounces of protein daily. Taking anything beyond that does not increase muscle mass as some believe, it is just waste. And again, the body has to spend more energy to deal with first converting the toxic ammonia in to uric acid then hydrolyzing the uric acid for safe passage.

      Americans tend to have a higher percentage of kidney disease in part due to the high protein consumption and lack of water intake. Although, there are other causes such as the hereditary conditions, high blood pressure and insulin damage in diabetics.

      • MR PALEO says


        While I respect your knowledge and apparent experience, there has been some debate in recent years if this is actually the case… referencing that the human body processes plant and animal protein identically… new studies are conflicted in this area. You might want to look into this on your own. There are also other potential factors that may contribute to “kidney disease”, and we don’t know everything. I tend to err on the side of caution…


        • James says

          There are chemical differences between animal and plant protein sources such as their fatty acid profile. But the body cannot differentiate between an amino acid such as tryptophan from a plant versus tryptophan from an animal source. The tryptophan from both sources is chemically identical. And since the amino acids are the source of the uric acid that can lead to the kidney damage that is what I am focusing on in my statement and not the other compounds such as the fatty acids.

          As for other potential factors involved in kidney disease, yes I pointed that out in my last post and gave some examples. One I did forget to mention that is a fairly common cause is the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that include aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin, etc), naproxen (Aleve), celecoxib (Celebrex), etc. NSAIDs work by constricting blood vessels, which can shut off the blood supply to critical organs. Therefore, known side effects of NSAIDs include kidney failure, liver failure, heart attack and stroke. Contrary to popular belief these DO NOT require long term use nor an overdose. I know of 4 people who developed kidney failure after taking a single recommended dose of ibuprofen. And there were 2 dozen deaths from ibuprofen induced hepatitis that occurred during clinical trials of ibuprofen.

    • Teresa says

      Thanks for your valuable comments and for the link. I have emailed the authors, I hope they are willing to disclose some information about the diet they are testing.
      My husband and I had come to the conclusion of eating more healthy fats to replace the carbs when we switched to the paleo diet. We buy most of our meat, butter, and eggs at the farmers market, but recently I started worrying that excess fat could also damage my kidneys. The thing is that my doctor also told me that animal fats could be harmful to the kidneys. But he hasn’t been able to explain me why and we haven’t found any scientific evidence showing that saturated fat could impair kidney function.
      I believe that having eliminated grains, legumes and all kinds of processed foods from my diet, is already having a very positive impact in my health that might even delay the onset of renal failure (if it ever happens). The inflammatory response is certainly very harmful to the kidneys!
      So for now I will follow your recommendation on keeping the protein low but increasing the fats, until a good scientific study proves the opposite… Thank you again!

      • MR PALEO says


        I have no knowledge as to why your doctor would indicate that “fats” are harmful to the kidneys, since the liver is primarily responsible for fat metabolism once the small intestine breaks down it down…
        There are several possibilities where altered kidney function is involved. I would recommend both genetic testing and testing for heavy metals, etc…

      • James says

        Fats are not going to directly affect the kidneys since they are not excreted through the kidneys. And a little inflammation is not necessarily harmful to the kidneys. Actually the opposite.

        I know this sounds weird, but to understand what I am saying you need to understand the process of inflammation. In short, when there is irritation or damage to tissues hormones known as prostaglandins (PGE) are released. PGE dilates blood vessels to increase oxygen and nutrients to the tissues to promote healing of the tissues. If the blood vessels over dilate though they become permeable and the blood vessels leak fluid in to the surrounding tissues leading to the swelling and pain.

        Countering these prostaglandins is actually more dangerous to the kidneys because this decreases blood flow to the kidneys and can even cause the blood supply to completely cut off to the kidneys leading to kidney failure. As I mentioned in my previous post I know of 4 people who developed kidney failure after taking a single recommended dose of the prostaglandin inhibitor ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin, etc.).

        In addition, to help heal tissues prostaglandins also stimulate the release of angiogenesis growth factors (AGFs) such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). AGFs stimulate blood vessel formation in damaged tissues to help promote the healing process within the tissues by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the injured site.

        So some inflammation can actually increase the blood supply to the kidneys helping the kidneys to function better and to promote healing.

        The inflammation with the kidney disease would more likely be a result of the injury, not the cause of the injury.

  55. MR PALEO says


    Absolutely correct. I did not bring up NSAIDS because I would hope her nephrologist would know this. As for “molecular recognition”, there are other factors such as “handedness” that could play a role. I do my best to keep my scientific “verbiage” to a minimum when replying to someone on a blog, as most do not have our background and understanding of medicine, biochemistry, and physiology. I have offered to continue our discussion “off-site”. I am also on LinkedIn… Arnold Wiseman

  56. Ellen says

    Is it your belief, then, since diet can not change the body’s PH, that the baking soda/molasses attempt to kill cancer cells is not possible?

    • James says

      Hi Ellen,

      Correct, it will not work. Keep in mind that cancer cells already have a more alkaline pH than healthy cells. They need this high alkalinity to survive and thrive. This is why cancer cells export the acidic hydrogen ions produced by energy production in to the external matrix so they can maintain that highly alkaline pH. Research has shown that when cancer cells are blocked from exporting these ions the cancer cells become acidic killing them. The whole alkalizing to kill cancer cells is just another myth.

      Even using a little common sense the whole concept does not make sense. The idea claimed is that the molasses provides sugar that the cancer cells thrive on. So the sugar is supposedly used to draw the alkaline baking soda in to the cells. If cancer cells already have a high affinity for sugar, particularly glucose, then why would we need the molasses at all? Glucose is abundant in the body, even if we supposedly cut out sugars from our diet since the body can produce glucose from various sources including glycogen, amino acids fats and lactate. Therefore,even if this principle was sound then the molasses would not be needed since the body’s own glucose would do the same job.

      Using more common sense, if we ingest baking soda the baking soda will react with the stomach acid neutralizing both the stomach acid and the baking soda unless you dangerously overwhelm the stomach acid. Even at that how much, if any of the baking soda could ever remain intact to get inside the cancer cells considering all the other neutralizing acids the baking soda would encounter in the blood, including the acidic ions exported by the cancer cells in to the external matrix.

      So the baking soda is not going to make any difference as the internal pH of cancer cells. But neutralizing the stomach acid can lead to all sorts of problems including nutritional deficiencies, which kill the vast majority of cancer patients, and immune suppression, which is also a very bad idea for someone with cancer.

      In addition, molasses is high in iron that can also be a major problem for cancer patients. Iron is essential for many pathogenic microbes to flourish. Secondly, excess free iron is known to promote oxidative damage promoting cancer and in general promoting cancer cell growth, See:

      Bottom line is that both the attempting to alkalize with baking soda and the iron from the molasses can be detrimental to a cancer patient.

  57. Claire says

    totally confused now about alkaline/acid balance. Just been listening to BulletProof Executive podcast #94 with Steven Fowkes ‘Hacking you pH’. any feedback from anyone?

  58. James says

    Never heard of him so I looked up the video and it is nearly 50 minutes long so I am not going to sit and watch it.

    Bottom line is that the body already maintains its pH in a very tight range since excess alkalinity or excess acidity can be deadly. Therefore, you cannot really force the pH either way safely. And trying to do so just stresses the body more as it has to work harder to try and counter the dangerous shift in the pH.

    In addition, many alkalizers, such as baking soda, antacids and alkaline waters will neutralize the stomach acid, which can lead to all sorts of health issues including an increased risk of infection, heart disease and cancer.

    If someone wants a great example of over alkalinity just hyperventilate. Hyperventilation will alkalize the blood quickly as it decreases carbonic acid levels. And what happens when you do this? You pass out because we need the carbonic acid to maintain dilation of the blood vessels. Therefore, the excess alkalinity causes the blood vessels to constrict, including around the brain. The reduced blood supply to the brain causes us to pass out. Respiration temporarily stops or slows down to build up the carbonic acid levels restoring blood flow to the brain.

    • James says

      What he is saying is still ridiculous. For example, claiming how the body has to be kept below baseline temperature to prevent oxidative damage. First of all the body needs to maintain its temperature in order to properly function. Many of our enzyme processes require sufficient body heat to function. In addition, the process of oxidation can be problematic if we lack antioxidant functioning, but at the same time oxidation also protects us from toxic compounds such as estrogenic substances that are broken down by oxidation. He is also overlooking the fact that we need free radicals to be healthy and survive:

      The claim about the immune system being revved up during the day and decreasing at night in a crock as well. He does not think we are exposed to pathogens at night? Fact is that we are exposed to pathogens every second of the day, which is why our immune system is working every second of the day.

      And as I have explained numerous times salivary and urinary pH DO NOT reflect blood pH. The ONLY way to determine blood pH is with a blood test. I addressed this myth as well as many of the other alkaline myths here:

      In addition, the kidneys ARE NOT the main means of pH regulation. Respiration is. In fact he contradicts himself without realizing it when he talks about how we breathe on a CO2 (carbon dioxide) drive. The higher the CO2 in the blood the higher the carbonic acid level and CO2 and water in the blood combine to form the carbonic acid. Therefore, as acidity builds up in the blood we breath faster to reduce acidity. If we start becoming too alkaline respiration slows down to build the acidity back up.

      Even the host drinking the carbonated water will not really affect his blood pH for the same reason. First of all most of the carbon dioxide will be burped out. Any that gets absorbed will simply be utilized by the body as carbonic acid is ESSENTIAL for various processes in our body and any excess rapidly eliminated through increased respiration,

      Did you note where the host stated that when he used baking soda to try and alkalize that he said he started panting? There is a simple explanation for this that I just explained above. What is the byproduct of acid neutralization in the body by baking soda? Carbonic acid, which increases respiration. When people are given IV sodium bicarbonate in the hospital it is very important to monitor their blood pH as the sodium bicarbonate (“baking soda”) can cause rebound acidosis through this same exact mechanism.

      His claims about the fight or flight response are also very misleading. When in a stressful situation yes our respiration goes up, but it does this in response to a higher metabolic rate. Think about it, what are two of the parameters measured in a polygraph (“lie detector”) test? Heart rate and respiration. Unless a professional liar such as a politician, lawyer or car salesperson the heart rate and respiration will BOTH go up when telling a lie as this is a form of stress. As the heart rate goes up there is more demand for oxygen to supply the heart muscle, but then heart’s higher workload also produces more CO2 during energy production. Therefore, the respiration has to increase to both provide more oxygen and to reduce carbonic acid levels. Therefore, what Fowkes is overlooking is the fact that yes the increased respiration is blowing off CO2, but it is in response to increased CO2 in the first place maintaining that balance.

      If the person was blowing off too much CO2 as he is implying then the person would over alkalize the blood causing the blood vessels supplying oxygen to the brain to constrict causing the person to pass out. Respiration then slows or stops temporarily to build carbonic acid levels back up thus restoring blood flow to the brain.

      I have also explained the alkaline response that occurs from the ingestion of lemon juice. What Fowkes is overlooking is the fact that ALL foods stimulate this same alkaline response. This response has absolutely nothing to do with the alkaline ash. If that were the case then beef would be considered alkaline due to all the sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in the meat, which are all alkaline. The alkaline response is from the pancreatic bicarbonate release that occurs when the acidic chyme leaves the stomach. Therefore, it does not matter if you are consuming meats, fruits, vegetables, junk foods or whatever you will still get the same exact alkaline response.

      And the cells do not release lactic acid. Cells release non-acidic lactate. The only cells in the body that release lactic acid are the acid forming bacteria that inhabit our bodies to help keep us healthy. The lactic acid myth was disproven over a decade ago.

      The claims about exercise and acidity and alkalinity are complete garbage as well. And Fowkes does not seem to understand the concept of “hitting the wall”, also known as “bonk” in bicycle racing. This has NOTHING to do with acidity or alkalinity. Hitting the wall refers to when the body uses up all of its normal energy stores. These are initially glycogen for a very short period of time and eventually the body’s fat stores, which are the most efficient fuel source. When these energy stores are used up the brain needs to be protected so any fuel being generated from other sources the brain gets priority over and the muscles start shutting down to leave the extra fuel for the brain. This is why so many major athletes carbo load, to build up their glycogen stores.

      In endurance athletes though studies have shown that the glycogen is only the primary fuel source for a short distance, then the body turns to the more efficient fatty acids as its primary fuel source conserving glycogen. A small amount of caffeine before a race will also help the body to burn fats and conserve glycogen since the caffeine and other xanthines block the enzyme cyclic adenosine monophosphate phosphodiesterase (cAMPPDE). By blocking cAMPPDE cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) is protected from breakdown allowing it to continue its one job of allowing brown adipose (fat) tissue to burn the white adipose tissue for energy. Same principle by which stimulant containing fat burners work. Coffee is not making the body alkaline as is being claimed.

      Nor is it true that the body is alkalizing with endurance exercise. Actually just the opposite, which is also very easy to prove. When we exercise heavy we need increased oxygen intake for two reasons. One, the muscles need more oxygen for increased energy production. But what is the byproduct of cellular energy production? Not lactic acid as is incorrectly claimed, but rather acidic hydrogen ions (protons). The non-acidic lactate that people often confuse with lactic acid is actually another primary fuel source for the muscles to help maintain the endurance. When we stop the heavy exercise though we continue to breathe heavily though despite the muscles no longer needing the increased oxygen for increased energy production. So why do we continue to breathe heavily? Because the increased oxygen helps remove the acidic protons. When the level of protons drops so does our respiration. If we alkalize during prolonged heavy exercise as claimed then how can we have a build up of acidic protons during exercise? Answer, we can’t. Again, the body does not alkalize during heavy exercise as was claimed. And again, the lactic acidosis myth during exercise was disproven over a decade ago.

      The host also made a mistake by stating the anti-inflammatory compounds in coffee like the polyphenols. These are actually antioxidant, not anti-inflammatory, acids found in coffee, tea, berries, etc. Coffee is not anti-inflammatory but rather pro-inflammatory. Let me explain the stimulatory effects of coffee first, then I will explain why coffee is pro-inflammatory.

      Coffee helps keep us awake in the short term through several mechanisms. First of all the xanthines in coffee, such as caffeine stimulate the release of highly stimulatory epinephrine (adrenaline) and alertness promoting and blood sugar raising cortisol from the adrenal glands. In addition, the caffeine blocks adenosine receptors that when activated would normally calm us.

      The adrenals are designed for short term use though during the fight or flight response. They are not designed to run for hours on end. Therefore, when we run our adrenals constantly on stimulants like coffee we actually crash our adrenal glands. When we crash our adrenal glands the stimulants will not cause the adrenals to release the small amount of epinephrine still in the adrenals, which is produced slowly, and then the person gets tired immediately. This is why so many people claim they can drink a cup of coffee and go right to sleep. They have crashed their adrenals with the regular use of stimulants.

      Crashing the adrenals also leads to inflammation in the body as the adrenals produce the body’s anti-inflammatory adrenocorticosteroids.

      The claims about the pH of urine in the morning are also misleading. One of the factors of urinary pH is simply the dilution of the acid in the urine. Just like the pH of any acid can be altered by dilution. When we are sleeping we are not drinking water and thus the acidity of the urine is increasing since we are ingesting less water to dilute the urine. Simple common sense. The urine is not acidic because the blood is acidic because the blood RARELY ever goes acidic.

      By the way, cesium is extremely dangerous to ingest. It has been shown to be a strong cancer causing agent

      Relative protection given by extract of Phyllanthus emblica fruit and an equivalent amount of vitamin C against a known clastogen–caesium chloride. Food Chem Toxicol 1992 Oct;30(10):865-9

      Inhibition of clastogenic effects of cesium chloride in mice in vivo by chlorophyllin. Toxicol Lett 1991 Jun;57(1):11-7

      Comparative efficacy of chlorophyllin in reducing cytotoxicity of some heavy metals. Biol Met 1991;4(3):158-61

      Modification of cesium toxicity by calcium in mammalian system. Biol Trace Elem Res 1991 Nov;31(2):139-45

      Cytogenetic damage induced in vivo to mice by single exposure to cesium chloride. Environ Mol Mutagen 1991;18(2):87-91

      Clastogenic effects of cesium chloride on mouse bone marrow cells in vivo. Mutat Res 1990 Aug;244(4):295-8

      And can have detrimental effects on the heart:

      Cesium toxicity: a case of self-treatment by alternate therapy gone awry. Ther Drug Monit 2003 Feb;25(1):114-6

      Acquired long QT syndrome secondary to cesium chloride supplement. J Altern Complement Med 2006 Dec;12(10):1011-4

      Acquired long QT syndrome and monomorphic ventricular tachycardia after alternative treatment with cesium chloride for brain cancer. Mayo Clin Proc 2004 Aug;79(8):1065-9

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      Cesium-induced atrial tachycardia degenerating into atrial fibrillation in dogs: atrial torsades de pointes? J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 1998 Sep;9(9):970-5

      Spontaneous, electrically, and cesium chloride induced arrhythmia and afterdepolarizations in the rapidly paced dog heart. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 2001 Apr;24(4 Pt 1):474-85

      And liver:

      The high pH therapy for cancer tests on mice and humans. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 1984;21 Suppl 1:1-5

        • Claire says

          @ Mr Paleo
          this is a site for the general public as well as those with more advanced knowledge. If you find it beneath you then you should consider joining another forum to be around those of your advanced standing.

          • MR PALEO says


            You can take offense at my comment, if you wish, but how many times do we have to explain that blood pH is held in a very tight range, and the idea of “body pH” is a non-sequitur?

      • Claire says

        thank you James for responding and taking the time to share your knowledge, it’s appreciated here.
        I will go over their radio show again and follow your response and try to make sense of it all.
        thank you

  59. J. Han says

    Wow, just blew my whole sleep schedule reading all these comments. I am not a professional anything, just a person trying to find their way through the minefield of life. One thing I thought of as I kept reading about the sodium/acid comments was this. If people think that drinking baking soda/alkaline, is somehow going to be of great help to them, then since so many canned foods, processed foods are already so over brimming with them, you would think that the whole world would be free of cancer. Of course it is not. Their thoughts on this do not make very good sense at all.

  60. Joseph Mahoney says

    If blood ph stays at 7.4 at ALL times. How do you suppose it does that in a body that is always 5.5? It is also a fact you can raise your bodies ph to higher levels for about 10-15 days (without killing you or doing harm) and then allowing it to drop back to around 7-8. Interesting is the fact many made same claims about polio…Oh wait..don’t see polio around much anymore..wonder why? Oh but no cures have been found since that SUCCESSFUL vaccine…. Only treatments and faulty vaccines making particular inviduals and organizations billions a year. James your feb. 15th post is rediculous…you probably believe everything you read on the internet too…. wow! You are manipulated by those who want you to believe that garbage.

    • James says

      Joseph Mahoney: “How do you suppose it does that in a body that is always 5.5?”

      If a person has a pH of 5.5 then they would be dead. Coma or death occurs at a blood pH starting at 6.95 and death definitely occurs if the pH drops below 6.8. So you are proving how little you really know about the subject.

      Joseph Mahoney: “It is also a fact you can raise your bodies ph to higher levels for about 10-15 days (without killing you or doing harm) and then allowing it to drop back to around 7-8.”

      Again you are showing your complete ignorance of the subject. If blood pH exceeds 7.8, which is below a pH of 8 that is the minimum you are talking about letting the pH drop to, death also occurs. When the blood becomes too alkaline the muscles start contracting, which is also why we pass out when we hyperventilate as I mentioned before.

      The hyperventilation blows off carbon dioxide decreasing carbonic acid levels leading to alkalosis. This causes the blood vessels to constrict, including those supplying the brain. The loss of blood flow to the brain causes the person to pass out. Respiration then slows or ceases temporarily to build carbonic acid levels back up to restore blood flow to the brain.

      This is also why controlled hyperventilation is used to reduce brain swelling. Swelling is the result of over dilation of blood vessels, which makes them permeable and thus allows fluid to leak in to the surrounding tissues. By doing controlled hyperventilation this causes the blood vessels supplying the brain to constrict so they stop leaking fluid, thus reducing the swelling.

      If a person over alkalizes their blood, raising the pH above 7.8 the person quickly dies as the muscles of the lung spasm so strongly as to cause the person to suffocate to death.

      Therefore, I can care less of what you think of my Feb. 15 post since apparently the only reason you did not like it is because you don’t have a clue how the body works and therefore failed to understand the facts presented.

      • Joseph mahoney says

        Not true…really don’t have time for a useless arguement. Again you speak of what you have been taught or read. Similar to Studies, surveys, etc. All of which can be manipulized to get the result your looking for. Facts, the bodies ph level can be raised higher tan youstate for a short period, then loweredto normal…I used an example between 7-8…7.4 is between correct?

        • James says


          I speak on what is fact, not bogus propaganda like you are presenting.

          Joseph Mahoney: “Facts, the bodies ph level can be raised higher tan youstate for a short period, then loweredto normal…I used an example between 7-8…7.4 is between correct?”

          No, not correct. Here is your quote again:

          “It is also a fact you can raise your bodies ph to higher levels for about 10-15 days (without killing you or doing harm) and then allowing it to drop back to around 7-8.”

          So you clearly DO NOT state “between 7-8″. You CLEARY state “then allowing it to DROP BACK to around 7-8″. To “drop back” to at least 8 this would require the pH to be above 8 in the first place, which would be deadly even for a short period of time.

          By the way, 10-15 days is not a “short time”. I don’t know of a single person on Earth that go without breathing due to having a pH that high for 10-15 days. Do you? Unless you do then your claim of being able to raise the pH that high for that long without harm or death is an outright lie based on your clear lack of knowledge on the subject.

      • Joseph mahoney says

        Also…5.5 ph …obviously, not blood ph. Saliva and urine is just a simple test people can do to be healthier. Speaking of ignorance, must you pick apart every little detail rather than look at the fact some of your theories could be flawed?

        • James says


          As pointed out salivary and urinary saliva are meaningless when it comes to measuring blood pH, which is what we are discussing when referring to health and pH.

          Salivary pH can change by doing as simple as brushing your teeth or thinking of a particular food. Salivary pH is also affected by the amount of saliva being produced at the time. Urinary pH can also be affected by a number of things that have nothing to do with blood pH such as urinary tract infection and the amount of water you are drinking.

          Therefore, if you want to discuss pH and health then stick to blood pH and its measurements and not inaccurate salivary or urinary pH measurements.

          • Joseph Mahoney says

            That’s the best you can do? I’m done here. However, with a bit of common sense and no manipulating the saliva or urine ph test by drinking or eating before testing. (everything has a specif method for testing, you should know that) Hmm which would be smilar to many inacurate testing,research, and surveys. A person can get a good understanding of what is happening within their bodies. Contrary to your beliefs, these two do have an effect on the body. Good day, it’s been a pleasure.

            • James says


              How many times do I need to repeat the fact that salivary pH DOES NOT reflect blood pH whatsoever. Use some common sense and maybe try this simple experiment. Test your salivary pH first thing in the morning before eating, drinking or brushing. Then brush your teeth and then test your salivary pH again. It should rise for a very simple reason. During the night levels of acid producing bacteria in the mouth will rise as they multiply and there is less saliva to flush them away. So the salivary pH will be more acidic first thing in the morning. When you brush your teeth you are removing a lot of those acid forming bacteria so the salivary pH rises (more alkaline). Your blood pH has not changed at all, just the pH of the saliva because salivary pH has NO correlation to blood pH.

                • James says


                  That is not manipualting the results. It is just a simple way to prove that salivary pH does not reflect blood pH as has been pointed out over and over.

                  Have you ever had your blood pH tested and tested your salivary pH at the same exact time? If you had then you would have found that they do not correlate with each other because salivary pH has nothing to do with blood pH. Same for urinary pH, which does not reflect blood or tissue pH as some claim.

  61. Joseph Mahoney says

    For those who believe James is correct about beverages not changing the bodies ph…test your ph before a night on the town and then test it again the next day :) or when your feeling great and have a cold…etc. etc. Personally, I know when I have a cold coming on by testing my ph. I’ve done it for years. I feel like shit when my ph is low, eat,drink, etc. and a day or so ph levels out, and once again I feel fabulous. So your theory of food and beverage not making a difference…False! Quit reading, buy some litmus paper, and try it for yourself!

    • James says

      If you are using litmus paper then you are either testing your salivary or urinary pH. NEITHER of these reflect blood pH. The ONLY way to determine blood pH is with a blood test. And the body maintains tight control on its blood pH.

  62. Joseph mahoney says

    James the body “tries” to maintian is what you mean. Yes of course it’s saliva or urine…bit of “duh” factor there. With that said, Let me know of “any” cancer patient that had a blood ph of 7.4 or higher. Chances are you will find 0. People with cancer that I know of had acidic blood pH. But while the doctors are pumping the patient full of chemotherapy,acidic foods, and presciptions that poison, followed by radiation and surgery, they are ignoring the fact that cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment. Oxygen cannot stick to blood cells if the pH of the blood is acidic. And rather than do everything that they can to raise the pH back up to a normal pH of 7.4 so that the blood can function properly, they prefer surgery.Agian I ask, How does the body maintain a blood ph level of 7.4 when urine,saliva, and everything you put into your body is acidic? It’s simple, It doesn’t! Blood level ph decreases and you are prone to disease, infections, etc.Yes, if your body does not recover from the drop in blood ph, you will die. However, as soon as the body does get the food it needs to do so, it instantly works at raising the blood ph level. Oh, but what about those bad cells,diseases coming in,other illnesses, they will have to wait because the body is busy controlling blood ph and is lacking healthy food.

    • James says

      Joseph Mahoney: “James the body “tries” to maintian is what you mean.”

      No Joseph, it “DOES”. If it didn’t we would be DEAD. The body can only live with a very narrow pH range of the blood. This is why the body very effectively maintains that very narrow pH range except in very rare conditions. Even at that being very slightly acidic or alkaline is harmful but not deadly. As I pointed out though it does not take much of a shift out of normal to induce death. This is why the body has so many redundant systems to tightly maintain its blood pH.

      Joseph Mahoney: “Yes of course it’s saliva or urine…bit of “duh” factor there.”

      Which once again DOES NOT reflect blood pH, which is what has been being discussed. If we were discussing cars I would not expect you to start discussing your peddle tricycle. So why do you want to keep discussing salivary and urinary pH when they do not reflect on blood pH that everyone else is discussing in relation to health?

      Joseph Mahoney: “Let me know of “any” cancer patient that had a blood ph of 7.4 or higher.”

      Again, why are you bringing up something that was never claimed?

      Joseph Mahoney: eople with cancer that I know of had acidic blood pH.

      Obviously you were not measuring their blood pH. Cancerous tumors will make an acidic microenvironment around the tumor. But this DOES NOT make all the blood acidic. Again, if it did the person would die of acidosis.

      Your comment is also contradictory of the other bogus claims being made by the alkaline supporters who keep claiming bones are frequently used to buffer acidity. According to the hypothesis combined with your bogus claim, if the blood was actually acidic from the cancer then the bones would quickly dissolve away in an attempt to buffer the acidic blood. Therefore, a cancer patient, especially with late stage cancer would have no skeletal system as all the bone minerals would have been used to buffer the acidity. See how ridiculous your claim is?

      Bones can be used as a buffering agent for acidosis, but this is only used by the body as a very last resort. Respiration is still the body’s main means of pH balance followed by hydrogen ion dumping through the kidneys. And the body still has various other means to maintain its pH.

      Please stop repeating the same bogus information that has already been addressed and proven wrong.

      Joseph Mahoney: “they are ignoring the fact that cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.”

      This myth was disproven decades ago and again has already been addressed. Cancer cells grow faster when they have a sufficient supply of oxygen. That is the purpose of angiogenesis is malignant tumors. Do the research from credible sites, not propaganda and sales sites!!!

      Cancer cells derive at least 50% of their energy production through oxidative phosphorylation (OxPhos), which by the name should tell you requires sufficient oxygen. Cancer cells have also been shown to have a higher affinity for oxygen than healthy cells because they are so reliant on oxygen for survival and proliferation.

      Joseph Mahoney: “Oxygen cannot stick to blood cells if the pH of the blood is acidic.”

      Again, you have no clue how the body works. Research how oxygen is released from hemoglobin to tissues. The tissues must be slightly ACIDIC for the oxygen to release from the blood. If the blood is too alkaline this not only decreases circulation through vasoconstriction, but also inhibits the oxygen release from hemoglobin leading to tissue hypoxia (low oxygen). The hypoxia leads to a build up of carbonic acid that restores circulation and allows the cells to receive the oxygen from the hemoglobin.

      Joseph Mahoney: “How does the body maintain a blood ph level of 7.4 when urine,saliva, and everything you put into your body is acidic?”

      Really?!!! First of all I don’t put urine in to my body. I excrete it and leave it excreted. Secondly, urinary pH can vary from acidic to alkaline and saliva has an alkaline pH. What makes salivary pH reading acidic are the flora acids in the mouth. Again, the saliva itself is alkaline.

      It is true that all foods will eventually metabolize in to acids. most of these are essential to and utilized by the body. The rest is either neutralized or eliminated from the body through the body’s numerous pH regulation methods. This really should not be that difficult of a concept to grasp for you.

      Joseph Mahoney: “Blood level ph decreases and you are prone to disease, infections, etc.”

      Again, the body maintains a very tight control on its pH so acidosis, as well as the more dangerous alkalosis are both EXTREMELY rare. Although, it has been shown that most pathogens thrive in an alkaline environment. For example, the Candida growth gene is turned on and Candida morphs in to its pathogenic fungal form in an alkaline environment. Bacteria causing urinary tract infections secrete an enzyme to split urea in to highly alkaline ammonia to protect themselves from acidic urine. The ulcer and cancer causing Helicobacter pylori bacteria secrete highly alkaline ammonia to protect itself from stomach acid…….. One role our stomach acid is to kill ingested pathogens. The flora that inhabit various parts of our body also secrete acids that have one role of killing pathogens, and controlling Candida. Cancer cells maintain an alkaline internal pH to allow them to survive and thrive. If their internal pH becomes too acidic the cancer cells die. Studies have also shown that if the internal pH of a healthy cell becomes too alkaline the healthy cell will morph in to a cancer cell.

      By the way, try looking up what happens to a person if they build up too much ammonia in their system, which is highly alkaline. Then stop repeating the acidity causes disease myth.

      Joseph Mahoney: “However, as soon as the body does get the food it needs to do so, it instantly works at raising the blood ph level.”

      You are finally getting closer to the truth. “Instantly”? No. When the food goes through its primary digestion in the stomach the mix is known as chyme. As the acidic chyme is released in to intestines the pancreas releases alkaline sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the acid in the chyme to protect the intestines. This is the so-called “alkaline response” and it occurs with ALL foods, even junk foods.

      This takes time though, it is not “instantly” as you incorrectly claimed.

      • Joseph Mahoney says

        You continue to add a whole lot of information that is not required…My ending note, your claim is rediculous. Cancer cells and high oxygen levels..Ha! Not a chance..but whatever. My guess, your in the pharmaceutical industry or similar. Good day sir. People, get some litmus paper its $4 and I dont sell them, keep records, and see how you feel accordingly. There is your truth.

        • James says

          Joseph Mahoney: “My ending note, your claim is rediculous. Cancer cells and high oxygen levels..Ha! Not a chance..but whatever. ”

          I guess some people need to learn the hard way:

          On the use of oxygen through oxidative phosphorylation by cancer cells:

          Oxygen Consumption Can Regulate the Growth of Tumors, a New Perspective on the Warburg Effect. PLoS One 2009 Sep 15;4(9):e7033

          Choosing between glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation: a tumor’s dilemma? Biochim Biophys Acta 2011 Jun;1807(6):552-61

          On the fact that low oxygen levels slow cancer growth and an absence of oxygen kills cancer cells:

          Oxygen consumption can regulate the growth of tumors, a new perspective on the Warburg effect. PLoS One 2009 Sep 15;4(9):e7033

          Anoxia is necessary for tumor cell toxicity caused by a low-oxygen environment. Cancer Res 2005 Apr 15;65(8):3171-8

          Relationship between oxygen and glucose consumption by transplanted tumors in vivo. Cancer Res 1967 Jun;27(6):1041-52

          On the fact that acidity is required to release oxygen from hemoglobin:

          Biochemistry, Mary Campbell, Ph.D. and Shawn Farrell, Ph.D. 2005

          Regulatory mechanisms of hemoglobin oxygen affinity in acidosis and alkalosis. J Clin Invest 1971 March; 50(3): 700–706

          Hematology in clinical practice: a guide to diagnosis and management Robert S. Hillman, Kenneth A. Ault, Henry M. Rinder 2002

          On cancer cells having a more alkaline internal pH than healthy cells:

          Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase in Cancer Cells: Structure and Function. Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology Sept. 2011

          Vacuolar H_-ATPase in human breast cancer cells with distinct metastatic potential: distribution and functional activity. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 286: C1443–C1452, 2004

          And on a build up of internal acidity causing cancer cell death:

          Targeting vacuolar H+-ATPases as a new strategy against cancer. Cancer Res 2007 Nov 15;67(22):10627-30

          Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase signaling pathway in cancer. Curr Protein Pept Sci 2012 Mar;13(2):152-63

          On high alkalinity morphing healthy cells in to malignant cells:

          Na+/H+ exchanger-dependent intracellular alkalinization is an early event in malignant transformation and plays an essential role in the development of subsequent transformation-associated phenotypes. FASEBJ 2000 Nov;14(14):2185-97

          Tumorigenic 3T3 cells maintain an alkaline intracellular pH under physiological conditions. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1990 October; 87(19): 7414–7418

          On the higher affinity for oxygen by cancer cells than normal cells:

          Utilization of Oxygen by Transplanted Tumors in Vivo. Cancer Res 1967;27:1020-1030

          Growth-related changes of oxygen consumption rates of tumor cells grown in vitro and in vivo. J Cell Physiol 1989 Jan;138(1):183-91

          On the fact that cancer cells produce a vascular network to increase oxygen levels they need to survive and thrive:

          Computational models of VEGF-associated angiogenic processes in cancer. Math Med Biol 2012 Mar;29(1):85-94

          Blood Flow, Oxygen Consumption, and Tissue Oxygenation of Human Breast Cancer Xenografts in Nude Rats. Cancer Res 47, 3496-3503, July 1,1987

          A Mathematical Model for the Diffusion of Tumour Angiogenesis Factor into the Surrounding Host. Tissue Math Med Biol (1991) 8 (3): 191-220

          The History of Tumour Angiogenesis as a Therapeutic Target. University of Toronto Medical Journal Vol 87, No 1 (2009)

          Now, you cannot tell us that all these researchers who have actually done the research are wrong and you, who has not done any real research is the only one that is right.

          As for your comment that I am in the pharmaceutical industry or something similar you are just as wrong. I have been working in holistic medicine for 23 years. So stop assuming everything and try posting some real facts by actually researching what you are talking about from credible sources, not the propaganda sites you have been your bogus information from.

          • Joseph Mahoney says

            Once again James posts what could be and more than likely, a bunch of manipulated test results, bla bla bla. Nobody will know unless you were standing right there doing it yourself. Even taking the word of many year professionals now a days wouldn’t be truthful. Anyone wanting to see those facts. Look up a Drs, Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis. They wrote an article back in 2001 that will knock your socks off. As far as making asumptions..I will do so at my free will…your continued posts of such nature for a man with so much experience,could lead one to assume you are selling something. Do you in fact have a product for sale?

            • Joseph Mahoney says

              Secondly, a cancer cell is (extremely simple terms here) we both know the complexity of the subject. A cell that has no (or lost) its functionality. The cell is now taking on what I call (it’s right to live) only at the beginning stage does the cell have an alkaline presents (reason for the misguided tests results they can put out) quickly the body tries to kill that now disfunctinal cell forcing it to take on lesser properties (an acidic form doing all kinds of wonderful things..note being sarcastic) believe the false reports if you wish, be one of the millions manipulated by people who want you to believe untruthful statistics. Billions of dollars a year towards research…think about that! No cure since the polio vaccination…really? Only treatments, treatments that have a low success rate mind you. Doesn’t take a whole lot of common sense to figure out something is going on….

              • James says

                You keep saying you are leaving then come back to argue without any evidence to back your claims. And when evidence is presented you claim it “could be” manipulates because you have no other argument to come up with.

                And I agree with Mr. Paleo’s suggestion of never argue with an idiot so I am going to drop it. You are never going to accept the truth including cancer cells maintaining their alkalinity throughout their life cycle. So posting evidence to you is just a complete waste of time.

                The evidence has been presented though for those who do care about the truth and want to actually do the research and see the facts.

  63. MR PALEO says

    To: Sunflower,

    Emotional statements like “consuming meat makes one violent” is absolute scientific nonsense… and has no historical or factual basis…
    And while you may, or may not be healthy, 90% of my “clients” are female, and at least 70% are/were vegan or vegetarian… and almost all are VERY sick…
    I have addressed most of the irrational arguments for being vegan/vegetarian on my blog…

    • sunflower says

      By the way, I said MAY lead to violence ……Non-violence and vegetarianism have a long history together — perhaps best articulated by Leo Tolstoy’s observation that “As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields”. At the most basic level, the killing of another animal is, just like the killing of another human, an inherently violent act.
      For theoretical discussion of the links between meat consumption and violence see, for example: Patterson, Mathew. 2001. Understanding Global Environmental Politics: Domination, Accumulation, Resistance. Palgrave Macmillan
      The consumption of animal products in general, and meat eating specifically, is certainly not the only or even necessarily a primary cause of human conflict and violence. It is self-evident, however, that meat eating is inherently violent and there is strong evidence that the environmental degradation it fuels sometimes contributes to human on human violence

  64. Julie says

    @ James and Mr Paleo

    Will the two of you give it a rest please! Both of you want to have the last say, and no one is interested except your egos!

    • James says

      It does not matter who you meant. Clearly you don’t care that people get the proper information to stay safe and remain healthy as we do.

      I for one though do care that people get the proper health information. If someone posts bogus health information like telling someone that if they hop on one foot while spinning counter-clockwise and chewing on sugar free gum that they can cure their stage 4 cancer I am going to call them on the BS. Why? Because unlike you I care that people remain safe and get the proper information to make sure they stay safe and healthy.

      Furthermore, NOBODY is forcing you to read this blog or any of the comments. If you don’t like it then don’t read the comments. You are not the all high an mighty speaking for the rest of the world. There are other people reading this blog and its comments because they do care about the truth and are seeking proper health information.

      So get over yourself, you are not more important than everyone else like you think you are.

    • MR PALEO says

      Dear Julie,

      Please leave me out of this… and skip the judgment… you don’t know me, or what I do, or what I am about… try actually READING my blog which, unlike the others, I have proffered…

      ‘Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.’ — George Carlin

      • Julie says

        @Mr Paleo
        No, I will certainly not be reading your blog! I’ll stop judging you when you stop hijacking Chris’s site, promoting yourself, and riding on his coat tails.

        • MR PALEO says

          sigh… has it even occurred to you that being that this IS Chris’s site, he could easily block myself, or James, or anyone else for that matter, including you, from commenting ???

  65. John R says

    Dr. Otto Warburg received 46 Nobel Prize nominations over a period of 9 years, including 13 nominations in 1931, the year he won it.

    How many Nobel nominations has Mr. Kresser had?

    All depends on who you accept as the authority.

    • James says

      John R,

      It does not matter how many Nobel Prize nominations Warburg got for several reasons.

      First of all Warburg’s receipt of the Nobel Prize was for the discovery of an enzyme he called “iron oxidase”. It was not for anything having to do with the subject here of pH. So you can use the same argument on any off topic subject, such as what is the healthiest ice cream to buy and it would mean just as much.

      Secondly, Warburg’s hypotheses about how cancer cells utilize oxygen and derive energy were later disproven by a number of scientists. Part of the reason for this is that Warburg was guessing on these claims. That is why they were hypotheses and not theories. In addition, the technology did not exist in his day to confirm things such as the high oxygen utilization by cancer cells or the highly alkaline pH of cancer cells.

      This is why research is always continuing. If we would have accepted everything learned about science and medicine discovered by the early 1900s as fact and halted all research assuming that everything that can be learned has already been learned we would still be stuck with early 1900s technology and thought.

      Luckily we have a piece of MODERN technology called the internet that makes it much easier for people to look up modern research and see what has been been learned and verified since the early 1900s. That is if they wish to catch up on the modern age as opposed to holding on to old beliefs such as the world is flat and you can sail off the edge of the Earth.

  66. sunflower says

    All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception. – Dr. Otto Warburg

    • James says


      As with John R. you need to catch up to modern research. Warburg’s hypotheses about oxygen utilization by cancer cells and energy production by cancer cells were disproven decades ago.

      • Joseph Mahoney says

        Yes please Sunflower,

        Do jump on the bandwagon to the new manipulated research statistics paid for by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, and -or- a government and FDA that authorizes a huge increase % on pesticide use.. like we didn’t have enough cancer. Oh wait..they must need more money! Just sayin …

  67. Irfhan says

    Every reported case of cancer has begun in an acidic body. Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments and do not like alkaline environments. This second statement cannot be refuted please try and find contrary information. Also, , please everyone do significant research before making your decision on treatments. A slightly alkaline ph is not only healthy it is recommended by doctors! Some of the information in this article is actually harmful and could sway cancer patience from helping create an environment that cancer cells do not like. In my research I found that there has not been a documented case of cancer forming in an alkaline environment. On top of this, foods do influence ph level. They provide sodium bicarbonate in chemotherapy to keep the ph at an alkaline level for lymphoma! Research many articles, journals etc before making any health changes!

    • MR PALEO says


      The first course of treatment I would probably pursue MYSELF if I was diagnosed with cancer (and wanted to continue living) would be massive doses of intravenous vitamin C… Ascorbic ACID… please use due diligence when advising others… we have already explained a dozen times that there is no such thing as “body” pH.

      • James says

        Mr. Paleo: “The first course of treatment I would probably pursue MYSELF if I was diagnosed with cancer (and wanted to continue living) would be massive doses of intravenous vitamin C… Ascorbic ACID…”

        This is one thing we would disagree on. Synthetic ascorbic acid is very unstable. See:

        • MR PALEO says

          Actually, we do not disagree… I was simplifying my answer, since cancer does not “thrive” in acidic environments, as you have already pointed out. And yes, I would probably choose chelated forms such as magnesium ascorbate over straight ascorbic acid… as this is recommended in the usual treatment protocol. Intravenous ascorbate becomes an oxidant, and overcomes the rapid elimination that oral route vit. C encounters, which would make it relatively ineffective in this particular situation. Agreed ?

          • James says

            Mr. Paleo: “Actually, we do not disagree… I was simplifying my answer, since cancer does not “thrive” in acidic environments, as you have already pointed out. ”

            I agree with that. What I was referring to was the comment “if I was diagnosed with cancer (and wanted to continue living) would be massive doses of intravenous vitamin C”. Massive doses of vitamin C will not cure cancer. Just look at Linus Pauling who advocated massive doses of vitamin C and still died from cancer. The body cannot utilize such high levels of vitamin C, and again in an IV solution most of the ascorbic acid will have decomposed in to oxalic acid long before it can be infused in to the body. This is also why I think IV ascorbic acid is a waste of time and money.

            And yes you are right that high doses of ascorbic acid, IV or oral, are not antioxidant but rather pro-oxidant.

            Magnesium ascorbate is not a chelate. Chelates are minerals bound to amino acids. But mineral ascorbates are easier on the body for most people since the acidity of the ascorbic acid has been buffered. Although I have never seen anything on their stability compared to straight ascorbic acid and have never tested the stability.

            I still prefer to get my vitamin C from natural sources such as foods or herbs. Natural vitamin C sources tend to be much more stable and stronger than synthetic vitamin C. An exception is camu camu, which is also very unstable.

            Vitamin C should not be relied on as a sole means of cancer treatment regardless. Vitamin C will boost the immune system because it helps boost white blood cell activity. Problem is that the white blood cells known as natural killer (NK) cells must first be able to detect the cancer cells before they can destroy the cancer cells. But cancer cells have developed the ability to evade immune detection pretty well, which is why the cancers are not destroyed at their earliest stages. Along that same line, it is a myth that we all have cancer cells and the immune system simply destroys them normally before they can take hold. These people are confusing cancer cells with other rapidly dividing, but non-malignant cells. Cancer cells have specific traits that set them apart from most other rapidly dividing cells.

            • MR PALEO says


              Several times I have requested that we take our conversation “off-site”, since it really isn’t directly relevant to the original topic of discussion, and really isn’t fair to Chris…
              Since you have not agreed, I have no choice but to answer you here…

              1) Massive doses of parenteral vitamin C administered sequentially over an extended period of time have been shown to “eliminate” several forms of cancerous growth…
              2) Linus Pauling’s death proves nothing, since he used the ORAL administration route…
              3)“There’s been a bias since the late 1970s that vitamin C cancer treatment is worthless and a waste of time,” said Dr. Jeanne Drisko, a study co-author and the director of integrative medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. “We’re overcoming that old bias.”
              “When high concentrations of ascorbate entered the space between cells, it formed hydrogen peroxide.”
              Senior author Qi Chen, an assistant professor of pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutics at the University of Kansas, said the hydrogen peroxide went to work on cancerous cells in several ways: It damaged their DNA, it stressed their metabolism and inhibited their growth. Surprisingly, the hydrogen peroxide did not harm the non-cancerous cells, researchers found. While they said it remains unclear exactly why this is the case, they suspect it has to do with the inefficient way cancer cells convert glucose to energy, when compared with regular cells…
              “Ascorbate causes an energy crisis for the cancer cells,” Chen said.
              4) Apparently you were educated in the 70′s or later, because originally, the term “chelated” referred to any mineral attached to an organic compound. It was in the late 60′s or early 70′s that “amino acid chelation” became all the rage, and hence your thinking that it has to be an “amino acid” complex.
              “Magnesium chelate” is slightly ambiguous, but chelated “magnesium ion” means a magnesium ion that is bonded by at least two coordinate covalent bonds to a single molecule, usually an organic molecule with two functional groups… with amino acids, this would be a “ring” molecule. If you don’t believe me, check out current soil science references…
              And, I stand by my assertion that given the choice between radiation and chemotherapy, and vitamin C/HBOT, I still choose the latter… read my blog, as this is REAL personal to me…

              • James says

                MR PALEO: “1) Massive doses of parenteral vitamin C administered sequentially over an extended period of time have been shown to “eliminate” several forms of cancerous growth…”

                Any studies to show this? I am very leery about people claiming such things without providing any real evidence. For example, there is a guy on Curezone pushing “oleander soup” for cancer even though it has been proven ineffective over and over. He even misinterprets the studies to make it sound like oleander works when this is not the case. The last study he tried to quote was only a safety study that he claimed proved oleander worked for cancer. This is not what the study showed though. In fact, the study showed that the people who were in the study died in a shorter time than they were estimated to have without the treatment. Because of people pulling crap like that on unsuspecting victims I like to see the evidence to such claims so I can review how the study was done and the person is interpreting those studies.

                MR PALEO: “2) Linus Pauling’s death proves nothing, since he used the ORAL administration route…”

                So where are the studies showing that IV ascorbic acid is somehow utilized by the body in a different manner than orally ingested ascorbic acid?

                The only difference I can see would be in the fact that the IV ascorbic acid would mostly decompose in to oxalic acid long before it can be infused as previously pointed out.

                MR PALEO: ““When high concentrations of ascorbate entered the space between cells, it formed hydrogen peroxide.””

                Again questionable. The body does form hydrogen peroxide, but this is formed from the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is not in the space between the cells though, but rather is inside the cells. So I would like to see the mechanism by which mineral ascorbates in the extracellular space is supposed to stimulate SOD to form hydrogen peroxide.

                This also brings up the question as to if this is true was it the mineral or the ascorbic acid stimulating the hydrogen peroxide formation?

                MR PALEO: “Senior author Qi Chen, an assistant professor of pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutics at the University of Kansas, said the hydrogen peroxide went to work on cancerous cells in several ways: It damaged their DNA, it stressed their metabolism and inhibited their growth. Surprisingly, the hydrogen peroxide did not harm the non-cancerous cells, researchers found. While they said it remains unclear exactly why this is the case, they suspect it has to do with the inefficient way cancer cells convert glucose to energy, when compared with regular cells…”

                How old and outdated is this information? I have known how hydrogen peroxide selectively attacks cancer cells without harming healthy cells for about 20 years. It’s actually pretty common knowledge. All some researcher has to do is look up how natural killer (NK) cells destroy cancer cells when they are capable of detecting them. The NK cells attach to the cancer cells and inject peroxide in to the cancer cell causing the cancer cell to swell and burst. This is also the main mechanism by which ozone therapy works. Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells lack sufficient levels of antioxidant enzymes such as catalase, peroxidases and SOD that also happens to break down peroxide. These enzymes protect healthy cells by breaking down the peroxides in to water and oxygen. Since cancer cells are deficient in these enzymes they cannot tolerate the peroxide load and therefore are destroyed by the peroxide.

                Peroxide also helps activate white blood cells. For example, during a viral infection interferon is released that among other things stimulates SOD to form peroxide, which in turn activates white blood cells.

                None of this has anything to do with the “way cancer cells convert glucose to energy”.

                MR PALEO: “4) Apparently you were educated in the 70′s or later, because originally, the term “chelated” referred to any mineral attached to an organic compound. ”

                I stick to updated terms. For example, I don’t use the term adrenaline since this is an outdated term. I use epinephrine, which is the current term used and use “adrenaline” in parentheses for those not familiar with the current term.

                Regardless, what you are describing is not an outdated term. You are just using it in the wrong context. What you are referring to is the current definition in chemistry. We are talking about the holistic health field though in which the definition is more narrowed and refers to a mineral bound to an amino acid.

                The terms you use should be consistent with the topic. For example, the term electrolysis is not the same in chemistry as it is on cosmetology.

                MR PALEO: “And, I stand by my assertion that given the choice between radiation and chemotherapy, and vitamin C/HBOT, I still choose the latter…”

                Fine that is your choice. I would NEVER do chemo or radiation either, but if I needed a cancer therapy I would go with something proven such as ozone therapy or herbs proven to work by research, not hearsay.

                As I mentioned earlier one of the main functions of ozone in the destruction of cancer cells is peroxide formation. Bot the lipid peroxide and hydrogen peroxide formed by the reaction of ozone on lipids and water respectively will selectively destroy cancer cells on contact. See:


                • MR PALEO says

                  James, Apparently, you missed my statement that I don’t feel it is appropriate to have this discussion here…

                  My last remark, Linus Pauling died at the age of 93 from a cancer that even by today’s standards is considered UNTREATABLE… please read “Vitamin C, The Real Story” by Drs. Levy & Saul, “Primal Panacea” by Dr. Levy, and everything by Drs. Hickey and Roberts.
                  I’m done.

              • James says

                Mr Paleo: “Apparently, you missed my statement that I don’t feel it is appropriate to have this discussion here…”

                No, I did not miss it. You are entitled to your opinion but I disagree. Furthermore, if Chris has a problem with the discussion he would not approve the messages. So as long as he is fine with the discussion here I am as well.

                I asked for evidence to back your claims that the IV vitamin C worked for cancer and that taking the vitamin C orally somehow is used differently by the body than IV vitamin C. Giving me a list of books to read that may or may not provide the research to back these points is not providing evidence to your claims.

                Mr Paleo: “Linus Pauling died at the age of 93 from a cancer that even by today’s standards is considered UNTREATABLE…”

                I don’t consider any cancer untreatable until the person is dead. Ozone for one can be highly effective in reversing cancer, even in late stages. The biggest danger is killing the cancer cells too quick, which can potentially cause sepsis if the immune system is overwhelmed. Otherwise it is the safest and most effective cancer therapy I have ever found when performed properly.

                Ozone therapy has been around since 1898, and therefore was in existence when Pauling died of cancer.

                You are also overlooking another simple fact. If high dose vitamin C is so effective against cancer then how did Pauling get cancer in the first place? After all the cancer did not pop up suddenly as a stage 4 cancer. It had to grow from a single malignant cell. By standards back then and by today’s standards early stage cancers are still considered curable. So why did his megadosing of vitamin C fail to prevent the initiation of cancer and fail to halt Pauling’s cancer even in its earliest stages?

    • James says

      Irfhan: “Every reported case of cancer has begun in an acidic body.”

      Not even close to being true. Especially considering the fact that the body RARELY ever goes acidic since the blood must be maintained with a very narrow range to prevent death from acidosis or the more dangerous alkalosis.

      Irfhan: “Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments and do not like alkaline environments. This second statement cannot be refuted please try and find contrary information.

      This myth has already been addressed over and over. Cancer cells have an internal pH more alkaline than healthy cells because they are killed by acidity.:

      Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase in Cancer Cells: Structure and Function. Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology Sept. 2011

      Vacuolar H_-ATPase in human breast cancer cells with distinct metastatic potential: distribution and functional activity. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 286: C1443–C1452, 2004

      To protect themselves from the acidity they export the acidic hydrogen ions in to the external matrix to maintain their alkalinity. If their proton pumps are blocked the cancer cells become acidic and are killed:

      Targeting vacuolar H+-ATPases as a new strategy against cancer. Cancer Res 2007 Nov 15;67(22):10627-30

      Vacuolar H(+)-ATPase signaling pathway in cancer. Curr Protein Pept Sci 2012 Mar;13(2):152-63

      Even though cancer cells derive at least 50% of their energy through oxidative phosphorylation:

      Oxygen Consumption Can Regulate the Growth of Tumors, a New Perspective on the Warburg Effect. PLoS One 2009 Sep 15;4(9):e7033

      Choosing between glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation: a tumor’s dilemma? Biochim Biophys Acta 2011 Jun;1807(6):552-61

      the high alkalinity of cancer cells increases the cancer cells reliance on glycolysis.:

      Role of the Intracellular pH in the Metabolic Switch between Oxidative Phosphorylation and Aerobic Glycolysis-Relevance to Cancer. Cancer 2011;2(3):WMC001716

      Cancer cells are not only more alkaline than healthy cells, but research has shown that excess alkalinity of healthy cells can morph them in to cancer cells:

      Na+/H+ exchanger-dependent intracellular alkalinization is an early event in malignant transformation and plays an essential role in the development of subsequent transformation-associated phenotypes. FASEBJ 2000 Nov;14(14):2185-97

      Tumorigenic 3T3 cells maintain an alkaline intracellular pH under physiological conditions. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1990 October; 87(19): 7414–7418

      31P NMR analysis of intracellular pH of Swiss Mouse 3T3 cells: effects of extracellular Na+ and K+ and mitogenic stimulation. J Membr Biol 1986;94(1):55-64

      Extracellular Na+ and initiation of DNA synthesis: role of intracellular pH and K+. J Cell Biol 1984 Mar;98(3):1082-9

      Irfhan: “In my research I found that there has not been a documented case of cancer forming in an alkaline environment”

      Well, now you have seen the real research proving your claims are wrong. All cancerous tumors have highly alkaline internal pH levels.

      Irfhan: “On top of this, foods do influence ph level.”

      Again, pH levels are primarily regulated by respiration and dumping of hydrogen ions through the kidneys, not diet.

      Irfhan: “They provide sodium bicarbonate in chemotherapy to keep the ph at an alkaline level for lymphoma!”

      Yes, do the research. IV sodium bicarbonate therapy can induce acidosis very easily since a byproduct of sodium bicarbonate neutralizing acid is carbonic ACID!!!

  68. sunflower says

    James you mentioned Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy….how can this Therapy be of value to cancer patients if cancer feeds on Oxygen?

    • MR PALEO says


      Because ALL life on this planet functions within set parameters, exceed either boundary condition, and life ceases. You would die in an excess of oxygen, just as you would from insufficient oxygen. Cancer is no different…

    • James says

      Sunflower: “James you mentioned Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy….how can this Therapy be of value to cancer patients if cancer feeds on Oxygen?”

      What I was saying was that hyperbaric may increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Should help with radiation therapy as well.

      Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) will not cure cancer on its own. This is because cancer cells ARE NOT killed by a high oxygen atmosphere as is often claimed.

      Let me explain HBOT first for those not familiar with it. In short oxygen solubility in a liquid, such as blood, increases with increased atmospheric pressure. Therefore, in HBOT the patient is placed in a chamber where they are subjected to increased atmospheric pressure while being given 100% oxygen. This supersaturates the tissues with oxygen.

      Most chemotherapy drugs as well as radiation therapy have extremely low success rates in the treatment of cancers. The reason is that the chemo drugs and radiation therapy are both reliant on the formation of oxygen radicals to kill the cancer cells. Due to the poor vascular arrangement within the tumors though there are hypoxic regions that make the chemo and radiation therapy worthless in these regions. Therefore, these areas of the tumor survive and the tumor grows back.

      By combining HBOT with these therapies the HBOT would force oxygen in to the previously hypoxic regions of the tumor giving chemo and radiation therapies some significant response.

      • JosephMahoney says

        There ya have it folks. Yet, another money grabbing treatment. Soon this will be required by law as well. For those who don’t know….In most states in the U.S. it is illegal for a doctor to treat your cancer with anything other than Chemo, radiation, or surgery.

        • James says

          Joseph Mahoney: “There ya have it folks. Yet, another money grabbing treatment. Soon this will be required by law as well. ”

          You said you were leaving how many times Joseph, yet here you are still are whining. I guess you cannot tell the truth about much of anything.

          Tell me Joseph, if you get all banged up in a serious auto accident are you going to whine like this when the ambulance comes to pick you up? “Oh, here comes the ambulance to give me more money grabbing treatments then take me to the hospital for even more money grabbing treatments so I can survive”.

          HBOT has been around for a very long time and has its purposes. I first heard about HBOT back when I took up scuba diving 37 years ago. Back in those days its main use was for treating life threatening diver injuries. Since then it has been found to help with carbon monoxide poisoning, healing burns and certain infections that cannot be treated successfully with antibiotics, central retinal arterial occlusion, crush injuries, skin graft issues, etc. HBOT, which is not that expensive has done a lot of great things and saved many lives without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

      • sunflower says

        James I did know this regarding Hbot…as part of my clinical work here we use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
        It has been very effective in treating brain injuries and stroke conditions as well as Autism spectrum etc.
        Everything I have learnt over the last 5 years in relation to the blood and tissue is based on one principle: Our bodies are alkaline by design and acidic by function.
        I always send my clients to their MD to have their CBC”s done which I then follow up with a live blood analysis….I can actually see when the blood becomes slightly acidic and the impact that has on the RBC’s and WBC”S …now we are not talking about a huge shift in pH but a more subtle change that straight away has an impact on my clients health. The problem I found to be most common is the fact that most people do not have sufficient alkaline reserves to keep the internal pH balanced…this is due to stress, illness…and I know you do not agree diet and lifestyle. A positive change in these areas has seen many of my clients improve their health significantly.

        • James says

          Sunflower: “I always send my clients to their MD to have their CBC”s done which I then follow up with a live blood analysis….I can actually see when the blood becomes slightly acidic and the impact that has on the RBC’s and WBC”S ”

          Sounds like you are referring to the live blood cell analysis, which I generally have a big problem with. The problem is that most people using live blood cell analysis have no idea what they are doing or talking about. For example, blood RARELY ever goes acidic yet many people doing live blood cell analysis falsely claim that the blood is acidic if the red blood cells are clumping. I saw another company using live blood cell analysis claiming that the clumping was not from acidity , but a lack of enzymes, which is also false. I discussed this here and give real examples of what causes the clumping of cells:

          Note that one of the reasons is cancer. So what happens when a person has cancer and this is what is causing their red blood cells to clump but they are simply told to alkalize, which will not take care of the underlying problem? Again, the blood RARELY goes acidic, and even if it does this is not what causes the red blood cells to clump as I have seen claimed and people should not be told this myth.

          Sunflower: “The problem I found to be most common is the fact that most people do not have sufficient alkaline reserves to keep the internal pH balanced”

          As has been stated over and over the body’s primary means of pH balance is respiration, which does not require any “alkaline reserves”. The second primary means of the body maintaining its pH is through dumping hydrogen ions through the kidneys, which again does not require “alkaline reserves”. And there are still other means of pH balancing that does not require “alkaline reserves” so that statement makes no sense. The primary alkaline reserve though produced by the body is sodium bicarbonate, which the body produces sufficient levels of throughout life.

          Since respiration is a primary means of pH balance and we breathe throughout life this is why we RARELY ever see true acidosis or alkalosis. And most people’s kidneys function fine allowing the dumping of hydrogen ions through the kidneys as a secondary major backup for pH regulation…… See the pattern? Again, this is why true acidosis or alkalosis are rarely seen. The body has various redundant systems in place to maintain its pH even if we eat like crap all the time.

  69. sunflower says

    Cancer cells….I have been taught over and over again that there is no such thing as a Cancer Cell….like there are dogs and cats and horses….a specie of its own…but only cancerous cell…that is healthy cells that have become cancerous. If the environment changes cells will adapt …driven by the need to survive….coming back to the Live Blood Analysis….I agree that many of these so called Blood Analysis people are not trained sufficiently….I can tell you though that I have saved lives by identifying problems before they became symptomatic and was able to refer them to a specialist or even directly to the nearest hospital. It is not about diagnostics but an investigatory service…at all times designed to identify a problem before it takes on the signs of disease…what I call the practice of “PREVENTOLOGY”. and the live blood and dried blood communicates in ways no pathologist will ever know about….here we are talking about the qualitative aspect rather than the quantity of cells within a sample.

  70. James says

    Sunflower: “Cancer cells….I have been taught over and over again that there is no such thing as a Cancer Cell….like there are dogs and cats and horses….a specie of its own…but only cancerous cell…that is healthy cells that have become cancerous”

    There is absolutely such a thing as a cancer cell. Yes, there are dogs, cats and horses, which are all animals. But they all have specific differences just as cancer cells and non-malignant cells may both be cells but they have their specific differences.

    Sunflower: “If the environment changes cells will adapt …driven by the need to survive…”

    That is not how cancer forms. The vast majority of cancers have been linked to viral infections. The viruses insert their own genetic material in to a healthy cell creating changes such as turning off tumor suppressor genes within the healthy cell.

    • sunflower says

      Ok…if I read this right there are cancer cells…and then you say that viruses enter healthy cells resulting in them becoming cancerous….this is supporting what I said…is it not? It does not matter initially what causes it but the fact that healthy cells become cancerous due to external influences…eg virus…

  71. James says

    Sunflower: “Ok…if I read this right there are cancer cells…and then you say that viruses enter healthy cells resulting in them becoming cancerous….this is supporting what I said…is it not?”

    No, here is your WHOLE quote:

    “If the environment changes cells will adapt …driven by the need to survive….”

    The cells ARE NOT adapting driven by the need for survival. They are being infected forcing the changes on the cell.

    This would be like claiming GMO crops have changed from their normal genetics because they were “driven by the need to survive”. GMO crops have forced alterations of their genes just like viral induced cancers. These ARE NOT adaptive changes.

    What you are referring to as far as mutations for survival would have to do with normal mutations that allow the organism to adapt to its environment as in evolution. For example how marine iguanas have adapted from terrestrial reptiles to allowing them to survive in water with the webbed toes and ability to hold their breath under water.

  72. MR PALEO says

    To anyone reading this blog interested in the potential of megadose parenteral Vitamin C treating cancer…
    FYI: vitamin C administered orally quickly reaches body tolerance and is eliminated by the digestive system, thus severely limiting the maximum amount available to the body, however, when administered intravenously, much higher doses (20 to 30 times as much, or more) can be administered. Please note that I know of no one single treatment that works across the board on EVERY type of cancer, at least, at this moment, and to the limit of my awareness…
    I don’t use, nor recommend “ozone” therapy… this DOES NOT MEAN IT ISN’T A VIABLE, EFFECTIVE TREATMENT ! And please don’t confuse ozone therapy with HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) which I do endorse, in MOST situations, but not all. Please do your own due diligence before choosing ANY therapy, no matter who recommends it…

    • James says

      Mr. Paleo: “FYI: vitamin C administered orally quickly reaches body tolerance and is eliminated by the digestive system, thus severely limiting the maximum amount available to the body, however, when administered intravenously, much higher doses (20 to 30 times as much, or more) can be administered.”

      Any proof that the excess ascorbic acid does not reach the bloodstream and is eliminated in the feces? Problem I see here is that you are assuming something again. Just because the ascorbic acid induces diarrhea at such high doses this does not mean that it is not reaching the bloodstream, where like all excess ascorbic acid the excess is broken down in to oxalic acid and eliminated through the KIDNEYS, not the intestines.

      There can be various factors that can explain the differences in effect between oral and IV ascorbic acid. For example, it could be that the oral ascorbic acid may be binding to minerals from food forming mineral ascorbates as opposed to pure ascorbic acid. Or it could be that the highly unstable IV ascorbic acid is breaking down almost entirely in to oxalic acid in the IV bag due to the light and moisture exposure. As I pointed out earlier IV ascorbic acid will mostly break down before it can be infused since it is so unstable. The synthetic ascorbic acid breaks down completely within 40 minutes and it takes a lot longer than 40 minutes for the IV ascorbic acid to be infused. So use a little common sense here Mr. Paleo. What is the byproduct of ascorbic acid breakdown? Answer is oxalic acid. What is one the primary things oxalic acid has a high affinity for? Answer is iron. What promotes cancer growth as I have provided references to before? Answer is iron. Therefore, it is possible that the IV ascorbic acid is forming oxalic acid, which in turn binds iron and thus helping to SLOW, but not cure the cancer.

      Point is that there is the possibility of a lot more going on than you are assuming. That is why real research is needed and you should be posting credible research, not bogus propaganda sites like Natural News, for your references.

      Mr. Paleo: “Please note that I know of no one single treatment that works across the board on EVERY type of cancer, at least, at this moment, and to the limit of my awareness…

      You have to be kidding!!! You are referencing the quack site Natural News? I have addressed this quack site before:

      Furthermore, did you read their references? If you had then you would have seen the journal Nature they referenced. What did this journal article point out? Well first of all that the vitamin C was not curing the ovarian cancer but was rather helping to relieve the adverse effects of the chemotherapy. Hate to break this to you but there is a major difference between alleviating the symptoms of a therapy and actually curing a disease.

      If you read the reference then you would have also read where it clearly stated “Early studies championed by Nobel-prizewinning chemist Linus Pauling in the 1970s suggested that vitamin C could help to fight tumours. But larger clinical trials failed to substantiate those claims”. Again that is a massive jump to go from the research that shows high dose vitamin C being shown to be ineffective in fighting tumors to your claim of “I know of no one single treatment that works across the board on EVERY type of cancer”.

      I guess you also missed this quote in the article “McConnell, who was not involved in the study, cautions that the approach might not work for every type of cancer. She notes that some cancers express low levels of a molecular transporter that takes up vitamin C, and therefore may not be as susceptible to the treatment..”.

      Mr. Paleo: “I don’t use, nor recommend “ozone” therapy… ”

      Clearly you don’t understand ozone therapy then. I have yet to find any cancer therapy safer and more effective than ozone for cancer. Unlike HBOT, which cannot cure cancer, ozone therapy selectively destroys cancer cells, which cannot build a tolerance to ozone the way they can to chemo or radiation.

      I also like ozone because it attacks and destroys the cancer cells through a variety of mechanisms that no other therapy can do. It’s inexpensive, does not require a massive, expensive HBOT chamber, it can be done at home with little training unlike HBOT and unlike HBOT, which can increase vascularization and oxygen levels in tumors promoting cancer growth, ozone destroys cancer cells on contact. Therefore, even though ozone also promotes vascularization, it destroys the cancer cells faster than they can grow so it does not promote tumor growth like HBOT.

      Mr. Paleo: “And please don’t confuse ozone therapy with HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) which I do endorse, in MOST situations, but not all. ”

      If you known anything about HBOT it is good for certain conditions such as diver injuries, crush injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, certain infections, burn care, etc. As for cancer though HBOT IS NOT a good idea for two primary reasons.

      First of all cancer cells are highly reliant on oxygen for growth . This is why they rely on angiogenesis to promote vascularization so they can increase their oxygen levels for survival and growth. Studies have shown that low oxygen levels inhibit cancer growth while higher oxygen levels promote cancer growth. Cancer cells also have a higher affinity for oxygen for the sane reason. Go back and look at the studies already presented earlier that prove these facts.

      Secondly, HBOT will not only temporarily increase oxygen levels to the tumor increasing its growth, but HBOT also promotes vascularization, which increases oxygen levels to the tumor long term, which also promotes their growth.

      This is why I mentioned earlier that HBOT may be a good idea to use in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which both rely on sufficient oxygen to work properly. At least this way the oxygen would be used against the cancer cells by eliminating the hypoxic areas of the tumor that render chemo and radiation therapies ineffective. And there would be something present to kill off the cancer cells faster than they could grow even with the increased growth rate from the HBOT.

      Mr. Paleo: “″

      Nice try. But first of all they mention problems if you have respiratory issues. That is ONLY if you are inhaling the ozone. Ozone therapy is not given by inhalation so you are once again showing your ignorance of the subject by posting this bog article of someone else that does not really understand it either.

      Also note where the author mentions the formation of peroxides, which we both know kills cancer cells. So you advocate high dose ascorbic acid IV, which is ASSUMED to form peroxide but are against ozone therapy, which has been proven to form peroxides.

      Mr. Paleo: “”

      So do you have the whole history on these patients? First of all did they really even exist in the first place or are these made up people to make ozone look dangerous? If they did exist how close to death were they when they started the ozone? How was the ozone administered including concentration, duration and within what time frame? What other things were they doing at the time? For example, the first one lists using cesium chloride at the same time, which has been proven not to work and is a proven cancer promoter.

      Any therapy can be dangerous if done improperly. Look I can even find people killed during HBOT, which you advocate:

      When properly done though ozone is very safe. One study done in Germany followed over 6.5 million ozone administrations. There were just over 30 adverse reactions. Most of these were due to improper administration and most of the adverse reactions were reported as pain and redness at the injection site.

      How many therapies proven to cure cancer can you name with this type of safety record?

      Mr. Paleo: “”

      This article was pretty useless. The fact is that ozone has been shown to kill cancer cells and various pathogens including many viruses such as HIV. The research is out there if someone knows how to really do research. For example, I posted in my article about ozone the study Ozone selectively inhibits growth of human cancer cells.:

      Funny how you can so easily find bogus propaganda sites to reference, but don’t seem to be able to find any real research to cite.

      I recommend you obtain a copy of the book The Use of Ozone in Medicine for starters. The book was written by doctors for doctors. The book goes in depth in to how ozone works chemically and its biological effects on the body as well as PROPER administration methods and levels.

      Let me help you out since you clearly don’t know how to do proper research:

      There are so many more references readily available from credible sites instead of the bogus propaganda sites you are referencing. All it takes a little work to search for them. For example, this site gives all sorts of references that can be searched out:

      You are not going to help your credibility referencing quack sites like Natural News and where the clams are not substantiated with any real reference sources.

  73. MR PALEO says

    FYI, I am well aware that ozone is toxic if inhaled, that was not the point. And the fact that you appear not to know that ascorbic acid has a “bowel tolerance” makes me question your background. Given the choice between Mike Adams, and you, I’ll take the Health Ranger. He has done more to further the truth about nutrition in one year than you will in a lifetime of harassing people… and if you REALLY paid attention, BOTH PubMed and Medline have been caught with their “pants down” recently. I’m going to also recommend you look up the RIORDAN CLINIC, and Dr. Hunninghake, and actually READ the books I referenced, for your own edification. (As for the German “study” you quoted, please provide a DIRECT LINK to said study.)

    Unlike you, I don’t claim to be omniscient, or to be perfect. Nor do I need to justify my stance to you or anyone else…
    I am NOT a medical doctor, and I do NOT diagnose or treat. I DO provide extensive nutritional counseling and energy healing in conjunction with several excellent physicians…
    I choose to err on the side of caution, that is my choice, and don’t have the time or inclination to argue with people who claim to have “practical” experience but seem to spend ALL their time puffing out their chest and demeaning others…
    I do however recommend mega-dose B-vitamin therapy for your possible megalomania… or just “get a life”…

    • Julie says

      Oh wonderful news, so this means Mr Paleo and James will now surrender their egos and restore peace to this site for all. thank God, hallelujah! Hopefully this is the end of it, but both of them seem to want the last say, so being the childish creatures they are, the battle of egos will continue.

      • Joseph Mahoney says

        Nooooo ! No more paid off research links :)

        Btw James: I would only whine if they did reseach on how they might have been able to save me rather than doing so :) (they as in your accident scenario) You know, research like cancer research costing billions to accomplish “Treatments”

        • James says

          Joseph Mahoney: “You know, research like cancer research costing billions to accomplish “Treatments””

          So Joseph, how do you explain the numerous medical studies proving the effectiveness of various herbs and supplements for cancer? For example, the studies proving the anti-cancer benefits of betulinic acid derived from black conch mushrooms for cancer and HIV?:


          Milk thistle:



          These are just a few of many examples. For example there are numerous studies on the anticancer effects of curcumin from turmeric. And other compounds within herbs such as quercetin and chrysin.

          Instead of constantly whining about things like Julie why don’t you spend some of that energy actually doing some research. You will be surprised at how much research is readily available on the anticancer effects of various foods, herbs, essential oils, supplements, etc.

            • James says

              Give it up Julie. You have done nothing but whine about other people and attack them in every one of your posts. You have contributed NOTHING to the discussion of the topic here. How is that being graceful or respectful of Chris and his site? if you are going to post why don’t you put your whining away since I assume you are an adult and if you have something to add make it about the topic instead of posting personal attacks.

              • Julie says

                why don’t you get a job, a life, a personality, and some humanity. While you’re at it, why not go to anger management class, or better still see a spiritual teacher to address your ego issues. The ego has a dark possession over people to distract them from what they are meant to be doing in this world and arguing at every opportunity like you are doing is a clear indication you are possessed. Maybe an exorcism is in order?

                • sunflower says

                  Dear Julie,
                  I think this is enough! Your posting is repugnant and I am sure not a reflection of who you are. You can do better than using this kind of language and approach. I have been a Therapist for nearly 30 years and would like to give you some free suggestions….look at what you have written to James and then ask yourself how much of what you have said relates to you…please don’t take this the wrong way…it is not meant to be negative but more so supportive. Please let it go now and enjoy every minute of your day celebrating the fact that you are here and alive. Anger is like a hot piece of coal that is thrown at us from time to time…and the thrower is the one that gets burnt every time.

              • James says

                Uh oh, Julie is having a conversation with herself again.

                She has done nothing but post personal attacks to argue and has yet to provide even one on-topic post to contribute to the discussion. Therefore, her last attack post has described her and her actions perfectly.

                Now Julie, did you have something to add that is not a personal attack to start an argument and that has something to do with the topic of the alkalinity myth? If not, you really should move on. Your games have been exposed and are just wasting everyone’s time.

                • Julie says

                  ahhh, I knew you were possessed! the fact that you responded to my post speaks volumes. I will pray for you.

          • Joseph Mahoney says

            Research research…bla bla bla. You and I know there is no way to know which are accrurate and which are manipulated. As educated as you are,you tell these readers why the effective cancer (solutions) in other countries like Canada for instances, are not in the U.S. Also, why is it after chemo, radiation, which, is well known, to polute the body with poisons, is follow up care to rid the body of toxins not done by hospitals. Again and again, it’s a cover up, cures are available, but will never be made public unless the public forces a change. Research, research and more research, leading people to believe they are close. Much like that slot machine almost hitting, but, never paying out, continuing to suck you in …..much respect to you sir, but, 81% of Americans hate our government for a reason. (more so congress) but still. People want answers, not research!

            • James says

              Joseph Mahoney: “cures are available”

              Well, something we can agree on. I have been discussing one called ozone therapy, and just got done posting a bunch of references to herbs and herbal extracts shown to work.

              Joseph Mahoney: “People want answers, not research!”

              And how do you suppose people are supposed to get those answers Joseph? Guessing? Crystal ball? Flipping a coin?

              I don’t know about you, but I would rather see the research showing how the body works as well as how what herbs and supplements work and why.

          • Joseph Mahoney says

            Btw James..Nice promotion of med capsules there, I see you are the administrator to that forum…Hmmm no cut from selling those I suppose. Just give your educated research for free lol Just sayin…looks bad.

            • James says

              Joseph Mahoney: “Btw James..Nice promotion of med capsules there, I see you are the administrator to that forum…Hmmm no cut from selling those I suppose. Just give your educated research for free lol Just sayin…looks bad.”

              Boy, you will find anything to bitch about won’t you?!!!

              Pay careful attention Joseph so I don’t have to repeat myself. MedCapsules is a non-commercial site. Notice it has NO ads and yes, I give my time freely answering the questions when I have time. And I don’t make a cent posting the studies, nor do I manufacture ozone units for the public, or sell them. Maybe you are one of those people who cannot do anything for anyone unless there is something in it for you. I am not that way.

              • Joseph Mahoney says

                I live in the U.P. lending a helping hand is in our blood (not literally lol ) Oh James, because this is typed words one doesn’t always (notice) sense the sarcasm or tone… In person such a comment would consist of a gab to the arm and a “Oh I see how you are” with a chuckle….However, though I use humor, sarcasm, etc. This subject is very important to me and a serious matter. ( Just so people do NOT get the wrong impression)

      • Sunflower says

        Mr. Paleo and James….thank you for your heated exchange….I have been enjoying your interactions.
        It is not about being right or wrong…what matters is the intention behind it….and from where I stand all of us have only one intend and that is to find life saving answers to painful problems. I must admit …and it has been obvious here…that I do not agree with a number of things you guys have uttered here…and at the same time I love looking at things from different points of view…either to strengthen mine or to question my approach.
        What I consider silly is the fact that this forum is being used for personal judgements….I really thought that our common desire for answers would eliminate such rather immature behaviour.
        I would love to here more from others and their opinions…with a common denominator…mutual respect!!!

    • James says

      Mr. Paleo: “And the fact that you appear not to know that ascorbic acid has a “bowel tolerance” makes me question your background. ”

      LOL!!! Who said I am not aware of bowel tolerance. In fact, I was discussing the side effect of bowel intolerance in my last post. The fact that you did not know that this was what the bowel tolerance causes shows your complete ignorance of the subject.

      Mr. Paleo: “Given the choice between Mike Adams, and you, I’ll take the Health Ranger.”

      The difference between Adams and I is that Adams has been caught many times making up “facts” in his scare tactics to sell his products. And he likes to censor anyone who questions his claims. For example, my post providing evidence that microwave ovens did not pose the health risks he claimed was deleted because he did not want people seeing the actual research proving his claims were bogus. And he claims his clean chlorella is cleaner than the chlorella coming out of China. Yet, I pulled up Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for chlorella from both places. The COAs showed the Taiwanese chlorella he was selling was just as contaminated to more contaminated with heavy metals than samples coming from China. Once again he deleted the post with the actual COAs to prove this and I was banned from making any posts on Natural News articles because I was exposing the massive amounts of false information posted there. So the fact that you would accept the proven bogus information presented by the “Health Ranger” over someone who actually provides solid evidence from medical studies instead of repeating propaganda site crap says volumes about you.

      Mr. Paleo: “and if you REALLY paid attention, BOTH PubMed and Medline have been caught with their “pants down” recently.”

      The “Health Ranger” has been caught with his pants down numerous times yet you act like he is some health God. I guess you only believe what you want to believe and not real facts.

      If you know anything about research then you would know how research can be manipulated. Mike Adams has manipulated his “research” numerous times. Yet you accept his bogus claims like a little puppy begging for treats. A real researcher actually looks at the studies being referenced and reads those studies. In the process they look for things such as how was the study conducted? How was it interpreted? Was there conflicts of interest? And they look at other studies from independent sources so see if the information has been confirmed by other researchers. I see you don’t do any of this. You just read whatever article that says what you want to hear and accept is as fact without question.

      Therefore, to simply claim PubMed and Medline were caught with their pants down with such a broad brush shows your complete ignorance. Are there some bogus studies on these sites? Of course, corruption happens all the time. Using your reasoning though since Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” has been caught with his pants down so many times this would have to mean that no information coming from his site has any credibility. Yet you accept that site’s information as fact without question.

      In reality people realize that yes there are some bogus research on both sides, allopathic and holistic. But this DOES NOT mean all of it is bogus. Again, there is a reason for actually reading the studies and related studies looking for things such as conflicts of interest of flaws in study design or interpretation.

      Mr. Paleo: “I’m going to also recommend you look up the RIORDAN CLINIC, and Dr. Hunninghake”

      So did you read any of the studies given in the links you gave? Right off the bat I notice that in the first link they keep saying ascorbate, which is not the same as ascorbic acid. Mineral ascorbates by their name should tell you that the ascorbic acid is bound to minerals. And some minerals help to form the various superoxide dismutases (SODs) that form peroxide. Therefore, is it the ascorbic acid or the minerals from the ascorbates that are increasing the peroxide? See why you need to actually understand what is being said, how the body works and actually need to read the studies?

      By the way, did you catch the part in your link where they talk about the case of oxalic acid induced nephropathy (kidney disorder), which also backs up the fact I mentioned earlier about the ascorbic acid in the IV breaking down in to oxalic acid? Thanks for providing the evidence backing up the things I have been trying to tell you all along that you have been ignoring.

      And as I brought up in my last post how do you know that the supposed anticancer effects of high dose IV ascorbic acid is not due to its breakdown product oxalic acid, which binds the iron cancer cells need to thrive? Ironically, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is well known for increasing iron absorption, which is the basis for the danger with people that have hemochromotosis mentioned in the link you provided.

      Your link is basically full of assumptions without any solid evidence.

      Your link for example claims that high dose vitamin C inhibits angiogenesis, which otherwise would promote cancer. What do blood vessels need to form? Well among other things vitamin C. Maybe this helps explain this research that shown vitamin C promotes cancer growth:

      “Our experiments in homozygous Gulo-/- mice indicate that dietary ascorbic acid restriction in these mice retards both initial tumor outgrowth and the growth of previously established tumors. Histopathological data from tumors in ascorbic acid-restricted mice demonstrate a paucity of blood vessels (from both microscopic examination and staining for vWF) and areas of hemorrhage. In contrast, tumors grown in mice supplemented with ascorbic acid have numerous and well-defined blood vessels and few areas of hemorrhage. Collagen staining of tumors in ascorbic acid-deficient and ascorbic acid-replete mice also suggests that collagen synthesis in these tumors is affected by dietary restriction of vitamin C. The possibility of using ascorbic acid restriction clinically is supported by our observation that restricting ascorbic acid to 10% of the full supplementation dose delays the onset of scorbutic symptoms in Gulo-/- mice while still significantly retarding tumor growth. Interestingly, we observed a trend toward increased tumor growth in mice that had been depleted of and then made replete with ascorbic acid. We postulate that host support for tumor growth may be increased secondary to overcompensation after ascorbic acid depletion.”

      “Our results, although obtained with a single mouse model and a single type of implantable tumor, support the idea that ascorbic acid depletion powerfully restricts tumor growth in vivo, likely through interference with angiogenesis.”

      Then there is this study that found ascorbic acid enhanced tumor growth in previously ascorbic acid deficient animals:

      Why is this important? According to your link, the link states that cancer patients are vitamin C deficient to begin with.

      As we can see the research on ascorbic acid for cancer is very contradicting.

      Also note that the ascorbate used IV for cancer is not the common ascorbic acid or ascorbates we commonly ingest. It is a synthetic compound known as 5,6-benzylidene-l-ascorbate, which is classified as a chemotherapy drug. This compound decomposes releasing benzaldehyde, which is considered a hazardous substance.

      Let’s see how smart you really are. Answer this question for me. Why do cancer cells have such a high affinity for vitamin C? There are actually two parts to this answer. Good luck!!!

      Since we are playing let’s see what you really know I have another one for you. What is the principle behind the IV ascorbate increasing peroxide levels and why is this dangerous to the body? I already know the answer so don’t try to give me some BS answer.

      Mr. Paleo: “As for the German “study” you quoted, please provide a DIRECT LINK to said study.”

      Too lazy again to do some real research without assistance? I don’t have time to do your homework for you. I am leaving shortly for a birthday party. But as I mentioned before you can get the book “The Use of Ozone in Medicine” and you can find the reference in there.

      Speaking of references I added more research abstracts on ozone showing you there is research available if you actually take the time to look:

      Also note the several studies showing ozone is superior to hyperbaric oxygen.

      Mr. Paleo: “Unlike you, I don’t claim to be omniscient, or to be perfect.”

      I NEVER claimed that, so you must be projecting again. In fact, I will prove I am not omniscient or perfect. I made a mistake on the number in the German study. It was just over 5.5 million, not 6.5 million.

      Mr. Paleo: “I choose to err on the side of caution, that is my choice, and don’t have the time or inclination to argue with people who claim to have “practical” experience but seem to spend ALL their time puffing out their chest and demeaning others…”

      How do you put up with yourself then? After all the chest puffing you have done and posting demeaning remarks such as FALSELY claiming that I claimed to be “omniscient” or “perfect”. Clearly you are just putting down other people to make yourself feel more important. The peacock puffing his chest and flashing his feathers.

      Let’s see if you can answer my questions above and we will see if you have even the slightest clue what you are talking about. When you can’t answer I’ll bet that chest of yours is going to deflate really fast and your feathers are going to be all ruffled!!!

  74. MR PALEO says


    I have offered, several times, to take this offsite. The FACT that you are unwilling to do so proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you do what you do for your own egoic needs…
    When I check your MEDCAPSULES site, you may not have advertising per se, but it does present a company, MOUNTAIN MIST BOTANICALS, Las Vegas, NV, which you are listed as co-owner, and a product line which, apparently, you “advise/formulate” ? And, when I run your “profile” on LinkedIn, you have all of six connections and ONE apparent “testimonial”, from your significant other? You appear to be of above average intelligence, and I truly believe you may care. But I am not going to continue this…. you have lost a potential connection, and that is sad.
    Call it your “triumph” if you wish…but PLEASE, let it go….

    • James says

      Mr. Paleo: “I have offered, several times, to take this offsite. The FACT that you are unwilling to do so proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you do what you do for your own egoic needs…”

      LOL!!! What egoic needs? You are the one that has been trying over and over to get the discussion moved over to your blog site to drive traffic there and feed your own egoic needs. There is nothing wrong with addressing the article topic right here where the people who are reading these comments came here to read and follow. How would posting comments here as opposed to your blog site be any different other than the fact that you have such as strong desire to feed your ego?

      Mr. Paleo: “When I check your MEDCAPSULES site, you may not have advertising per se, but it does present a company, MOUNTAIN MIST BOTANICALS, Las Vegas, NV, which you are listed as co-owner, and a product line which, apparently, you “advise/formulate” ? And, when I run your “profile” on LinkedIn, you have all of six connections and ONE apparent “testimonial”, from your significant other? ”

      Wow, getting in to cyber-stalking in a poor attempt to dig up dirt on me to make yourself feel superior. How egotistic is that!!!!

      By the way, I don’t have a significant other. I do have a lot of people who I have helped with their health issues with the PROPER information and we have become friends.

      In addition, I rarely do anything at all with Linkedin. I have a lot of requests by people to add them as connections. But I rarely do this because again I don’t do much of anything with Linkedin. In fact, since you looked when was the last time I did an update or anything on Linkedin? So stop with the cyber-stalking. It just shows how low you are wiling to go and makes me want to avoid your blog site even more!!!

  75. KJ says

    I’ve been drinking alkaline water for 8 years and haven’t got sick since then. I feel from my experiences and reports that by drinking this water you immune system is far stronger. This is the first time I’ve never heard that cancer can grow in an alkaline environment. I’ve only heard the opposite. Make it a great day and stay healthy..:)

  76. James says

    Hi KJ,

    The confusion with the cancer comes from the fact that cancer cells have a more alkaline internal pH than healthy cells. They need this high alkalinity to survive and thrive. But they maintain this alkalinity by exporting the high number of acidic protons generated during energy production in to the external matrix. This makes the area surrounding the cancer cells acidic while maintaining the highly alkaline internal pH. This acidic external pH does help promote metastases since the enzyme hyaluronidase needs to acidity to function. But this IS NOT the same as the cancer cells thriving in an acidic environment as many people claim. To actually survive and thrive the pH of the cancer cell must be highly alkaline. Research has shown that when the proton pumps are blocked the internal pH of the cancer cells become acidic killing the cancer cells.

    As for alkaline waters supposedly boosting the immune system, this is not the case. Alkaline waters can do a lot to suppress parts of the immune system though primarily though inhibiting nutrient absorption, which among other things decreases methylation needed for about 4,000 reactions in the body including proper immune function.

    What people need to realize though is that the immune system IS NOT a singular thing. Instead the immune system is comprised of numerous components. Various glands, various cytokines, various white blood cells, peroxide, etc. Therefore, various things can affect the immune system, even placebo effect. Therefore, people can do a lot of things that can support their immune system without realizing it such as reducing their stress, giving up caffeine, increasing their fiber intake, etc. We cannot just assume it is one thing when there is no scientific basis for that one thing having any supportive effect on any component of the immune system.

  77. Carey Dunn says

    Not to start an argument, but i honestly think that both James and Mr Paleo could have ended on better terms. Instead of attacking each other, politeness could have helped, as well as the capability to admit wrongs. Honestly, both have provided viable info and have been a major help in clearing arguments, however tedious.

    • MR PALEO says

      Dear Carey,

      Thank you for your sentiment, it is appreciated.
      I hold no grudge against James, he appears to be an intelligent individual willing to spend his own time to educate others.
      I simply have no desire to have to defend myself, especially when voicing my own “personal” opinion, nor engage in a “battle of wits”…


  78. Irfhan says

    James. I am a cancer patient. I was given 10 sodium bicarbonate pills every 4 hours for the reason of keeping me in a high alkaline state. I was told to check my ph to make sure it was in a high alkaline state. This is being done in hospitals so why would you say SB causes acidosis? Are hospitals wrong too?

    • James says

      “James. I am a cancer patient. I was given 10 sodium bicarbonate pills every 4 hours for the reason of keeping me in a high alkaline state. I was told to check my ph to make sure it was in a high alkaline state. This is being done in hospitals so why would you say SB causes acidosis? Are hospitals wrong too?”

      First of all it is virtually impossible to maintain a higher than normal alkaline state. The body will just work harder to reduce its pH back to normal since being too alkaline can kill you by reducing oxygen levels to the tissues. So in essence you would suffocate if you became too alkaline.

      Also keep in mind these two facts. The sodium bicarbonate would be mostly broken down by the stomach acid forming sodium chloride as well as carbon dioxide and water that combine themselves to form carbonic acid. Secondly, the only way to check blood pH is with a blood test. You did not mention how they were supposedly monitoring your pH, but it sounds like it was not with a blood test.

      It is well known in medicine though that when sodium bicarbonate is administered in an hospital setting, which is normally done by IV, that the patient must be carefully monitored for acidosis since again the reaction of sodium bicarbonate with and acid produces an excess of carbon dioxide (hypercapnia), which reacts with water in the body forming carbonic acid resulting in acidosis.

      • Joseph Mahoney says

        As you will notice with James, he only reads what he wants for sake of arguements. I don’t recall anywhere that anyone said over alkalizing, but, yet thats where he goes… The alkalizing stabilization is done so your body doesn’t have to work so hard doing it and tend to the cancer… James also uses “most likely” alot, along with adding a ton of information not needed…trying to force his “so called” knowledge on the subject.

        • James says

          You will notice that Joseph never responds unless he can attack the messenger. People attack the messenger when they are completely ignorant of the subject and therefore cannot attack the message. So they attack the only thing they can which is the messenger.

          The simple fact that Joseph has not been able to grasp is that the body regulates its pH tightly without assistance. This is why acidosis and the more dangerous alkalosis are such extremely rare occurrences. When people try to force the blood in to an alkaline state, which is already maintained in an alkaline state, the person is simply making the body work harder as it now has to address the induced alkalosis. This extremely simple concept does not even require a bunch of research, it only requires some simple common sense. Although, all the facts I have presented can be verified easily with a little simple research. People like Joseph though are too lazy to do that simple research and prefer to remain bliss in their complete ignorance.

          Once again, alkalosis can kill you just as acidosis can. This is why the body maintains such tight regulation on its pH. The primary means of pH regulation is respiration, not diet. Next on the list is dumping of hydrogen ions through the kidneys, not diet. And the body still has various other means of pH regulation that do not require dangerous alkaline substances such as baking soda or ionized water. If you try to force the pH in to an alkaline state though with these substances you can overwhelm the pH balancing systems of the body thus inducing a dangerous state of alkalosis that kill a person from a lack of oxygen. Therefore, when you induce this alkalosis the body has to work harder in an attempt to bring the pH back down in to a normal range to prevent death.

          The body has managed to maintain its pH since humans have existed on Earth. Let the body do its job as it is designed to and stop trying to force the body into an unnatural and dangerous state of alkalosis.

          And since Joseph decided to bring up cancer it needs to be pointed out once again that research has shown over and over that cancer cells have an internal pH more alkaline than healthy cells and that excess alkalinity of healthy cells morphs these healthy cells in to cancer cells.

  79. Irfhan says

    Another question, and I quote directly from you: ” cancer cells do tend to grow better in an acidic environment”. Why is this if you have also said they grow better in an alkaline environment. Which one is it James? May I also ask are you a practicing doctor? Jus curious…

    • James says

      Irfhan: “Another question, and I quote directly from you: ” cancer cells do tend to grow better in an acidic environment”. Why is this if you have also said they grow better in an alkaline environment. Which one is it James?

      First of all that was not my quote. That was a quote made by Chris Kessler in his article. Secondly, I never said cancer grows better in an alkaline environment, I said the internal pH of cancer cells is alkaline. So both Chris Kessler’s and my statements are 100% correct. The cancer cells maintain the internal alkaline state they need to survive and thrive by exporting the acidic hydrogen ions (protons) in to the external matrix, which is outside the cell. So inside the cell is alkaline and outside the cell is acidic. Cancer cells do rely on this external acidity to metastasize since the acid activates the enzyme hyaluronidase that breaks down hyaluronic acid allowing the cancer cells to migrate through tissues.

      Irfhan: “May I also ask are you a practicing doctor? Jus curious…”

      Again this article is not about me. So if you have on topic questions I will be happy to answer them but I am not going to keep responding to off topic posts.

  80. Irfhan says

    Well, for me personally I will leave this forum with actual and solid personal data for all here. After my first round of chemo I started researching alkaline effects. I took baking soda and lemon juice in the hospital, and for the first time in 2 weeks my back pain where I had metastasis was gone and slept without morphine for the first time in a couple weeks. I already had ph strips given to me by the hospital so I kept alkalizing even after it wasn’t monitored by the nurses. I am home now. Completely pain free. After only one round of chemo when they scheduled 4 rounds. Mri’s show complete recession. They are reconsidering doing stem cell. Whether it’s all related I am not sure but I will say ever since I have been monitoring my ph I am completely pain free, my weight is back up, my counts are normal and am starting to feel like my old self. These are my experiences. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Cheers everyone!

    • James says

      Glad you are feeling better Irfhan, but there is still no evidence here that you were altering your blood pH. First of all the acidity of the lemon juice would neutralize the alkalinity of the baking soda as would the stomach acid.

      And I am skeptical about a lot of the story such as what kind of hospital would give a patient pH strips. It is well known in medicine that you cannot measure blood pH with saliva or urine. And I have never seen any hospital allow patients to do self diagnosis by giving them anything to do so. To the contrary hospitals are very much against patients self diagnosing and patients self “medicating” while in the hospital since interactions with treatments they are giving are not known.

      In addition, PET scans, not MRI are generally used to determine if any cancer is still present. The reason is that PET scans look for higher than normal glucose consumption that is a hallmark of malignant tumors. MRIs can look for masses, but cannot tell if that mass is malignant or something benign like scar tissue.

  81. Irfhan says

    One more thing, at the end of the day the body’s healthiest state is slightly alkaline. James or Chris or anyone cannot deny that is the recommended state of the body. So why not do it if it is the healthiest, natural state of the body. And if the doctors asked me to check my ph with the urine strips then it has to have some medical validity as a tool of measuring ph. Stay healthy everyone. Love to all.

    • James says

      Irfhan: “One more thing, at the end of the day the body’s healthiest state is slightly alkaline. James or Chris or anyone cannot deny that is the recommended state of the body.”

      Nobody ever denied that. But the key words there are “slightly alkaline”, not excessively alkaline which puts more stress on the body as the body has to work harder to lower its pH again, and if severe enough can be deadly. As I said before human bodies have been doing an excellent job of maintaining its proper blood pH levels, except is extremely rare cases, ever since humans have been on this Earth. It DOES NOT need assistance from drinking dangerous compounds such as baking soda or ionized alkaline water.

      As I pointed out also in previous posts anyone who wants to alkalize quickly for free can simply hyperventilate. This will make the person over alkaline just like what can happen when people try to make their already alkaline blood more alkaline by other means. And what happens when they alkalize by hyperventilation? The blood vessels around the brain constrict from the alkalinity cutting off the blood supply to the brain and the person passes out. When they pass out they fall down, which helps with restoring blood flow to the brain. The person will also stop breathing temporarily or breathing slows considerably to build carbonic acid levels back up to dilate the blood vessels and restore blood flow to the brain.

      The body really is smarter than most of the people who inhabit them.

      Irfhan: “So why not do it if it is the healthiest, natural state of the body. And if the doctors asked me to check my ph with the urine strips then it has to have some medical validity as a tool of measuring ph.”

      Any doctor that thinks that testing urinary pH reflects blood pH needs to have their license taken away because they don’t understand how the body works. You cannot determine blood pH through urine or saliva. You can only test blood pH with a blood test.

      And don’t start with it is the pH of the tissues, not the blood argument again. It is even more difficult to measure tissue pH, and this DEFINITELY CANNOT be done with pH test strips.

      • JC says

        As I understand it, it is oxygen that is responsible for whether cancer grows or dies. Cancer likes an anaerobic state, lack of oxygen. Baking soda provides oxygen to the cancer, therefor preventing its ongoing life! So, blood alkalinity or acidity has nothing to do with it! The alkaline state of urine or saliva is an indication that sodium bicarbonate is in the body! Of course, the agreed upon fact that human bodies strive to maintain a slightly alkaline blood state is evidence enough for me that, conservatively, acid forming foods lean towards being “not good,” and alkalizing foods lean towards being “desirable!”

        • James says

          JC: “Cancer likes an anaerobic state, lack of oxygen.”

          This myth was disproven decades ago. It has since been proven that cancer cells die in the lack of oxygen leading to the process of angiogenesis. Angiogenesis brings more oxygen to the surviving cancer cells allowing the cancer cells to grow faster.

          Cancer cells derive at least 50% of the energy from oxidative phosphorylation, which requires oxygen. And cancer cells have been shown to have a higher affinity for oxygen than healthy cells.

          JC: “Baking soda provides oxygen to the cancer”

          No it does not. Most baking soda is going to be broken down in the stomach forming sodium chloride salt and carbonic acid. Even if any baking soda reaches the blood excessive alkalinity leads to tissue hypoxia (lack of oxygen) since alkalinity decreases circulation and inhibits the release of oxygen from hemoglobin. If the alkalosis becomes too severe the person suffocates from severe contraction spasms of the lungs.

          JC: “The alkaline state of urine or saliva is an indication that sodium bicarbonate is in the body!”

          Not quite. The blood always contains bicarbonate in about a 20:1 ratio to carbonic acid. Yet urine is often slightly acidic to help fight pathogens and to prevent mineral precipitation forming kidney stones.

          Urine alkalinity can also indicate urinary tract infections as the bacteria secrete the enzyme urease to split urea in to highly alkaline ammonia. The alkalinity helps the bacteria to thrive since they are killed by acidity.

          JC: “Of course, the agreed upon fact that human bodies strive to maintain a slightly alkaline blood state is evidence enough for me that, conservatively, acid forming foods lean towards being “not good,” and alkalizing foods lean towards being “desirable!””

          There is no such thing as a truly acid or truly alkaline food. Many of the so-called alkaline food have acidic pH levels to begin with and ALL foods eventually metabolize in to acids. Most of these acids are ESSENTIAL to the body.

          And the so-called “alkaline response” occurs with ALL foods, even steak and junk foods.

  82. JC says

    In your treatise on Alkalinity vs Acidity I couldn’t help notice that, in effort yo be honest and thorough, you repeatedly found yourself mentioning studies that supported the health benefits of alkalinity and/or the ill health associated with acidosis. Then you found ways to discount those studies, of necessity, to support your stance regarding the Paleo diet. My makor was anthropology, so I appreciate the philosophy of Paleo. However, I also find validity in veggie diets, and notice greater health among them than among non-vegetarians. I find you to be highly intelligent and logical. Just be wary that your logic may be affected by your Paleo philosophy. Finally, after doing my own research, I am not convinced that any diet extant today is the final answer regarding health. Sisson’s Primal exercise and diet philosophy, so close to Paleo, is very attractive. So is Paleo. But I think it would be difficult for a person who has had a heart attack, to fully subscribe to loading up on cholesterol laden fat or food substances! In conclusion I ask you this: What is your opinion about Vernon Johnston’s recovery from Stage IV, inoperable prostate cancer, metastasized to his pelvic bones, by drinking baking soda and molasses in water, that raised his PH litmus test to 8.5, in only a few weeks. It’s been over five years now, and he’s going strong!

    • James says

      JC: “What is your opinion about Vernon Johnston’s recovery from Stage IV, inoperable prostate cancer, metastasized to his pelvic bones, by drinking baking soda and molasses in water, that raised his PH litmus test to 8.5, in only a few weeks. It’s been over five years now, and he’s going strong!”

      Here is a response I did elsewhere concerning the claims about Vernon Johnston:

      “Nowhere have I found evidence that his cancer is gone. Even if it is gone we still do not know what got rid of it. Ingesting baking soda has NEVER been shown to be effective against cancer as where dietary acids from plants have been shown to help. So people need to stop focusing on one thing the person did and assuming it was responsible for something. As an example we can state that 100% of people who have ever been successfully treated for cancer were breathing air. Therefore, breathing air is what cured their cancer. See how ridiculous such generalizations are? Yet this is exactly what is being done in Johnston’s case where people are ignoring the other changes he made, and only focusing on the baking soda ingestion for which there is no evidence whatsoever that it has any effect on cancer cells.”

      By the way salivary pH testing ONLY tells you the pH of the saliva. It does not reflect blood pH whatsoever.

  83. JC says

    I find your mention of Eskimos in support of your philosophy has a flaw! As an anthropology major, I was taught that historically, the average life span of eskimos was 35 to 40 years. The Masai men expect to live only 43 years today. Of course, disease and other factors of a more primitive difficult life and poor medicine play a role. Still, using these peoples as support for high fat, high cholesterol diets seems unwarranted. Please respond.

  84. Mary Jane says

    This is interesting. I’m not quite sure I’m convinced, but it does open me up to the idea that alkaline vs. acid might might just be a myth.

  85. JC says

    No reply to my last post. Is it a problem?
    Boron is the element most responsible for calcium being deposited where it is supposed to be, the teeth and bones; not silica! Boron is deficient in the western diet because the soil our food is grown in is severely deficient in it. Lack of it is responsible for osteoporosis/arthritis. Read this:

    I am constantly amazed at how otherwise intelligent folks can learn one thing, then think it is the be-all and end-all of knowledge; always neglecting to realize the obvious fact that the history of human knowledge is basically one of past fact becoming false as new fact takes its place, over and over again!
    We should all remember how bad butter became, to be replaced by the horrors of hydrogenated fat in margarine! Now we’re being told that wheat kills brain cells. Well, tell it Einstein, Newton, and all the great scientists of western history, all of whom ate wheat and grains! don’t you think that, just possibly, not everything pertinent is known by the pundits of extant “knowledge?” A little humility please; and this includes not only you, James, but also myself, and my current post!

    • James says

      JC: “Boron is the element most responsible for calcium being deposited where it is supposed to be, the teeth and bones; not silica!”

      Actually it is silica, not boron.

      Boron is great stuff. I have used it in my formulas for a long time. It does aid in the absorption of calcium and helps with hormones. But it is only ONE of numerous nutrients needed for healthy bones and joints.

      And again, silica is more important for several reasons. First of all osteoporosis is not a lack of bone minerals, it is a lack of bone collagen. Collagen is composed of proline, hydroxyproline, lysine, hydroxylysine, glycine, vitamin C and SILICA. Copper and zinc are catalysts for the formation of collagen. Boron is not a part of collagen, but rather with other minerals deposits in the collagen matrix. And yet more is still needed to build bone:

      The deposition of minerals in to the collagen matrix is the result of silica, not boron. Silica is a piezoelectric material, which means that when pressure or electricity is applied the silica generates electricity. It is this electricity generated by the silica that electrodeposits the minerals from the blood in to the collagen matrix.

      This is why exercise is needed to increase bone density. Simply taking minerals like boron, strontium calcium, magnesium, manganese, etc. will not create strong bones. When we exercise the pressure on the collagen matrix compresses the silica creating the electricity, through the piezoelectric effect, that puts the minerals, including boron, in to the collagen matrix.

      This is also the same principle by which minute electrical currents have been applied to fractures to accelerate the healing of the fractures. The application of minute electrical currents creates the piezoelectric effect in the silica thereby stimulating increased bone growth.

      Also the same reason astronauts lose bone density in space despite taking nutrients. Again, the collagen matrix must be compressed, which is difficult to do in zero gravity, to stimulate the piezoelectric effect of silica for bone mineralization.

      Silica is not only essential for bone formation, but also cartilage formation. I am sure most of us have heard of glucosamine and chondroitin by now for joint health. Chondroitin is pretty much worthless as a supplement because it is so poorly absorbed due to its large size. What makes it so large? Because chondroitin is formed by the linking of multiple glucosamine molecules together with silica in long chains: glucosamine-silica-glucosamine-silica-glucosamine-silica-glucosamine-silica-glucosamine-silica-glucosamine-silica…………..

      Here are a few articles I have written on silica:

      And a Medline study on silica:

      And silica references:

        • James says

          Hi Martin,

          It’s not just a matter of getting silica in the diet. You still have to absorb it, and silica is poorly absorbed. Low stomach acid further decreases absorption. This is another reason I don’t like things that neutralize stomach acid including antacids, acid blockers, alkaline waters and supplements with calcium carbonate (oyster shell, dolomite, coral) and magnesium oxide.

          Silica does not absorb as silica (silicon dioxide), but rather as orthosilicic acid (OA). OA will form from the reaction of water on silica, which dissolves traces of silica forming OA. The presence of stomach acid or dietary acids enhances the conversion of silica in to OA.

          Silica primarily comes from insoluble fibers. I prefer oat or rice brans.

          I found the best way though to get silica is by adding food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) to water. DE is 80% silica, 10% metal oxides and 10% moisture. I add a spoon full of the DE to a gallon of water and let it settle out. This may take a few days initially. Once it is settled out I drink the water part way down then fill the container again with water leaving the DE in the container. I just keep repeating this. Each time more water is added a little more of the DE will be dissolved keeping the water partially saturated with OA. That spoon full will literally last several years if done right, but I usually change out the DE every 6 months.

          The advantage of doing it this way is if a person takes a silica supplement they may only take it 1 to3 times daily, and again you will only absorb traces with each dose. But you take a drink of water numerous times a day and will absorb a trace of the silica with each drink. Therefore, you end up absorbing significantly more silica this way.

          You can even fill water bottles from the DE water to take with you during the day if you work.

          One of the signs that you are absorbing the silica properly is that your nails will lose their flexibility and become very hard.

    • James says

      The “blue zones” definitely have NOTHING to do with alkalizing. If you look at the diets in these areas you will notice that they consume a lot of foods and drinks that according to the acid-alkaline sites are “acid forming”. Again, there is no such thing, but the point is simply that pH is not playing a role.

      People in these areas are more active, don’t smoke as much as other areas of the world, have less pollution, etc. There are going to be a number of factors. One of the most important being that they also lead more stress-free lifestyles. Stress will kill you a lot faster than poor diet.

  86. chris says

    About the acid/alkaline diet, can you address the claim that combining, for eg, meat and pasta or potatoes, requires different types of enzymes at the same time, that this type of enzyme production is hard on the body, and therefore, is best avoided? It seems reasonable enough on the surface.

    • James says

      In my opinion the concept is pretty ridiculous.

      The enzymes are already produced and are just being released.

      And these enzymes are already designed to work in harmony for a very simple reason. Single foods can contain multiple compounds that will require multiple enzymes to break down.

      Plants for example can contain proteins that require one set of enzymes, starches requiring different enzymes, other saccharides requiring yet other enzymes, fats requiring still other enzymes……….

      So why would eating a plant be any different than eating a plant with let’s say meat?

      • chris says

        Thank you, James. I did not know the enzymes were already there, and your interpretation makes sense to me. I will stop wondering about this. Having tried to avoid the “bad” combinations in the past, I can tell you it drives you nuts and takes all the pleasure away in eating. I generally try to avoid animal food, but only for ethical reasons.

  87. JC says

    Albert Einstein is arguably the single most brilliant human to ever have walked the earth! Of course, we don’t know anything about the millions of folks who walked the earth in prehistory, except that one of these folks invented the wheel! That fact notwithstanding, Einstein said, “The only thing I really know, is that I don’t know!” “I don’t know!” was his credo, the single philosophy that kept him open-minded to all the possibilities that exist, on any and every subject, and that was responsible for his ability to see things no one else did or could! Given “I don’t know!” as an accepted precursor only to currently accepted knowledge. how does the stance, “I know!” stand up as indicative of factual knowledge? It seems to me that the vastness of what we don’t know makes those things that anyone thinks he or she knows, pale by comparison, and essentially dissolve into foolishness! For Example: Margarine is healthier than butter! Wheat causes brain damage and hundreds of other illnesses! Veganism is healthier than being a carnivore! Meat is the way to go! Primal man lived longer than modern man! Alkalinity is healthy! The Acid-Alkaline myth!
    Everything you think you know is up for grabs as fact! The best you can do is mere guess work! AND, IN CONCLUSION: Any and all arguments protesting your
    (I use a universal “you”) “ability to know” just digs you deeper and deeper into a pit of ego driven ignorance! Does anyone care/dare to reply? :)

    • sunflower says

      Thank you JC….it is all about ones ability to respect an opinion….regardless of right or wrong….we need to share these opinions w/o claiming them to be the truth as this sharing is stimulating discussion and allows us to keep doors open for new info. Knowledge is something we collect along the way only to be revised when the willingness is there to be flexible and open. What is true to me may not be true to you…it all depends on what we have experienced.

    • says

      I hear you…that’s how I experience things. There are those who claim to “know” and they have the “truth” and they sell products to make money selling their truth. Typically these folks already have enough money….if it is so “true” why are they not giving these things away free?

      I am one who clearly doesn’t know and I’m always looking for more information…which typically leads me down other paths I don’t know about. I just stay open and listen to my body and work towards learning more. Somewhere in all of this…there must be something of value for each of us or we wouldn’t be discussing it.

  88. PHunter says

    I hate to throw another wrinkle in the complexities of acid vs alkaline, but I went to a holistic blood doctor, just to see what he saw in my blood. He was pretty much on point about what my diet was. Now he believes in eating for your blood type. Most hunter-gatherers are O type and O types are suppose to have a high level of acidity in the digestive system and needs to exercise vigorously to stay even keel. O types, according to him, should eat meat once a day and grains once a day, gluten free of course and the rest fruits and veggies. That being said could the blood type also be a factor in how you handle alkaline vs Acid foods. I mean non processed, no gmo Acid and Alkaline foods. Just a thought

    • JC says

      THANKS Sunflower and PHunter for you considered and informational replies. Being open minded is key to intelligence!
      PHUNTER: I’m blood type A. Do you have any information about preferred eating for my blood type? I hope you do. Or maybe you can refer me to a website on the topic.I live in the Philippines, where services that are available to you, do not exist!

      • Sunflower says

        If we use common sense then eating according to your blood type becomes rather irrational. How long has it been that we are able to identify what blood type we are….sometimes it may well be a good idea to look at the animal kingdom and observe what they do…they seem to know very well what to eat and what not to eat….and they would not have a clue as to their blood type. Eating fresh food as nature intended, mix it up as in a rotation diet and learn how to listen to your body which will always tell you what is right and what is not….I am an advocate for an alkaline lifestyle and diet with the occasional protein like fish or eggs. I have not eaten any other meat for 33 years. The paleo diet is in my opinion totally out-dated and not suitable for people across the board. Intuitive eating can be learnt…all it takes is listen to your body and observe the function of your four channels of elimination. This is an opinion and it is not claimed to be a fact or applicable to all. All research these days needs to be looked upon with a healthy scepticism….look at the attached article:

    • James says

      I don’t believe in the eat for your blood type diet at all. The diet totally ignores metabolic differences in people, which is a major mistake to begin with.

      Let’s say hypothetically that the diet says people with type A blood can eat chocolate. So we take 4 people with type A blood. One is perfectly healthy, one is diabetic, one has candidiasis and one has allergies to cocoa. Is the chocolate still good for all these people just because they have type A blood? Of course not. The diet is ludicrous.

  89. says

    I hear Tony Robbins saying acid is bad for you and he is selling supplements to get more alkaline in your system…is the wrong?

    This is why I have a difficult time following anyone’s advise…one person says one thing, someone says another and I never find out what is best for me.


    • James says

      “I hear Tony Robbins saying acid is bad for you and he is selling supplements to get more alkaline in your system…is the wrong?”

      Was he specific about what acid was supposedly bad for the body and how it is bad? Did he back any of these claims with any real evidence?

      The body is built primarily from acids, needs acids to function and stay healthy, to detoxify, for cellular energy production, etc. So how are any of these bad?

      For example, most of the body is made up of amino acids and fatty acids.

      Many of the vitamins essential to the body are acids.

      Stomach acid is required for proper digestion of proteins, nutrient absorption and to kill pathogens.

      Glucuronic acid is needed by the body for detoxification.

      Malic, citric and pyruvic acids are needed for cellular energy production.

      Bile acids are involved in fat absorption and prevention of gallstones.

      Acids formed from the fermentation of fibers by beneficial bacteria that inhabit the body kills pathogens, increase nutrient absorption, regulate peristalsis and controls Candida.

      Carbonic acid is needed to maintain proper circulation, to allow oxygenation of tissues, to form stomach acid and to neutralize highly alkaline and highly toxic ammonia in the body.

      Uric acid is one of the body’s primary antioxidants.

      Citric acid is required for proper bone remodeling to keep bone healthy.

      Acids formed from bacteria on the skin keep the skin healthy.

      Acids help prevent “yeast infections”.

      Acids help to control pathogens that can cause sinus infections.

      Malic acid dissolves excess uric acid and can help prevent calcium based kidney stones that can result from excessively alkaline urine.

      So how are any of these “bad” as Tony Robbins claims?

      How many of the supplements Tony Robbins promotes contain acids such as ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid, etc? And what about all the acids in his Citrus Harvest product? If he thinks acids are so bad then he needs to be warning people to avoid his products!!!

  90. Sunny says

    How do you explain those cases that the person got cured of cancer ,autoimmune diseases by switching to plant based diet???

    • James says

      Sunny: “How do you explain those cases that the person got cured of cancer ,autoimmune diseases by switching to plant based diet???”

      The answer to this is simple, and has NOTHING to do with pH. A plant based diet provides more nutrients. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and pantothenic acid (B5) for example needed to build the adrenals to address autoimmune conditions.

      Many autoimmune disorders and most cancers are also triggered by viral infections. Plants can also provide antivirals as well such as the polyphenol tannic acid, chlorogenic acid, etc.

      Oxalic acid and phytic acid from plants can bind free iron, which cancer cells and many pathogens thrive on.

      Proper cellular function also requires citric acid and malic acid that can be found in various plants.

      Then there is the magnesium found in plants, primarily in chlorophyll, which is needed for over 300 different functions in the body.

      Again, eating a particular food DOES NOT adjust the blood’s pH to any significant amount. The body maintains a tight control on its pH primarily through respiration followed by hydrogen ion retention or elimination through the kidneys. Any minor shift in blood pH will simply be adjusted by the above means to maintain the narrow pH range the body must remain in.

      This is one of the reasons that ingesting baking soda or alkaline water is not a good idea. First of all these will neutralize the stomach acid, which can lead to whole host of health problems. And if you ingest enough to overwhelm the stomach acid completely, which is required to have any effect on blood pH, the induced alkalosis will simply be met with an increase in blood acid to buffer the alkalosis. All this achieves is putting more stress on the body as it has to work harder to deal with the induced alkalosis, which is much more dangerous than acidosis.

  91. MR PALEO says


    If you take the time to read both parts of the article, and the thread which follows, we have answered this question numerous times… there is no such thing as “acid/alkaline” balance in the “body”, per se.


    As I have said before, it is because of what they ELIMINATED, and possibly what they added, NOT the fact it may have been a “plant-based” diet.

  92. JOEL "JC" says

    Despite your laudable attempts to be thorough, your arguments cannot be other than assumptive, at best! You, and we, lack so much actual data, facts, and general information that even trying to mount a logical argument for any hypothesis is absurd! It’s quite easy to find flaws, and you find many. But it isn’t valid argument! For example: your contention that cancer grows easily in a slightly alkaline environment has absolutely nothing to do with its ability to grow in a more alkaline environment! Your statement that cancer creates its own acidic environment, though it may be true, also bears no weight in refuting a contention that a highly acidic environment would stop cancer growth! Nor does your statement that our internal tissues never achieve highly alkaline conditions despite all efforts, make it true! One would need a biopsy or a test within the tissue, that you do not offer! The prostate is within the genito-urinary tract! Since PH tests are commonly done using urine to determine having achieved a high alkaline state; how can you state with any degree of certainty that creating a litmus reading of 8.5 or higher in ones urine cannot possibly affect the growth of prostate cancer, even when metastasized to the pelvis! You can’t! You don’t have all the knowledge necessary even to offer an opinion, that you have already done, saying that you doubt very much that a man’s prostate cancer has been cured with baking soda and mollasses, even after the fact that he is alive and well after five years on his protocol, that you so arrogantly state can’t be effective! It’s time you admitted your limitations, in both knowledge, and in ability to think logically! You must stop trying to prove your assertions with negative arguments that are logically invalid! In an aside to this topic, I appreciate the real knowledge that you do have, and have begun ingesting silica, along with calcium and boron, all from natural sources, in effort to reverse a diagnosed osteoporosis, and osteo-arthritis. After only three weeks, I have evidence from my own body that it is working. A calcium deposit that had grown over a bruise/irritation on my middle finger. palm side. has reduced and disappeared! The boron I take in borax powder diluted in water 1 tsp to 1 liter, taking three teaspoons of that water/day is also highly alkaline! Lack of boron makes the hypothalamus glands function improperly. Instead of regulating calcium in proper proportion in the bones, it makes calcium leech out of the bones and teeth to be deposited where it doesn’t naturally belong, Consuming proper amounts of born makes the glands operate normally producing normal metabolism of calcium. I also take magnesium supplement as part of the protocol, as well as other supplements, like MSM and glucosamine sulfate. But I’ve taken all of these except the boron as diluted borax powder, with no noticeable effect. Only when I began the borax in dilution did I have definite improvement, fast.


    I will have better proof that my osteoporosis is reversing when I take x-rays of my spine in the future. Current x-rays show osteoporosis and spondylosis (a term referring to degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints between the center of the spinal vertebrae and/or neural foramina). I try not to assume, but I will be quite surprised if my bones do not show definite improvement from current x-rays. I have sciatica, that I believe is a result of my osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, that made injury unavoidable. It has greatly improved to the point where, instead of having to walk like an ape to be pain free, I am now upright and playing tennis again. To be fair, I have been doing yoga stretching designed to improve sciatic pain. However, I think you will agree that, if I do reverse my osteoporosis and arthritis, using boron, magnesium, and silica (from brown rice, cucumber, and two beers a day). I’ve never been a beer drinker but I learned of the silica concentration from the hops in beer from you. Thank you.

    In sum regarding acid-alkalinity, I think you must agree that too little is actually known to draw any definitive conclusions one way or the other. Remember butter v margarine any time you think you know anything! Remember also the credo of Albert Einstein; “I don’t know!” This philosophy is what made him the great thinker he was! He also had a much larger brain than most of us! My philosophy has always been to keep an open mind, and to learn from the great ones. Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana were my guitar teachers. I listened and copied until I could play both their styles, and only then did I create my original style. Unfortunately, regarding human nutrition and disease, there is very little greatness extant! We continue to suffer! I blame my osteoporosis on the fact that I stopped drinking milk 45 years ago, I have thin bones, and that green leaves and broccoli just can’t do the job unless you live on it and have four stomachs! I also never had enough boron in my diet, that I believe is the case with all osteoporosis and arthritis sufferers, the cause of the osteoporosis epidemic. Thank you very much for listening! Sorry for being so frank!

    • James says

      Joel “JC”: “your contention that cancer grows easily in a slightly alkaline environment has absolutely nothing to do with its ability to grow in a more alkaline environment!”

      Cancer can grow fine in an alkaline pH up to a point. The amount of alkalinity needed to kill cancer cells though would also be lethal to healthy cells.

      Joel “JC”: “Your statement that cancer creates its own acidic environment, though it may be true, also bears no weight in refuting a contention that a highly acidic environment would stop cancer growth! ”

      Studies have shown over and over that if cancer cells become internally acidic they will die. Cancer cells require an internally alkaline pH more alkaline than healthy cells to survive and thrive. This is why cancer cells export acidic hydrogen ions in to the external matrix to maintain their highly alkaline internal pH. If the ability of hydrogen ion export is blocked the cancer cells become acidic and die.

      Joel “JC”: “Nor does your statement that our internal tissues never achieve highly alkaline conditions despite all efforts, make it true! ”

      It does not make it false either. But all it takes is a little simple research to find out the body maintains a tight regulation on its pH because excess alkalinity or excess acidity will both result in death. And in order for the tissues to be highly alkaline the blood would also have to be highly alkaline, which would lead to decreased oxygen to tissues and possibly death.

      Joel “JC”: “One would need a biopsy or a test within the tissue, that you do not offer!”

      You can find the studies showing that the internal pH of cancer cells are more alkaline than healthy cells with a little simple research on PubMed. Just because you never looked for the evidence does not mean it does not exist.

      Joel “JC”: “Since PH tests are commonly done using urine to determine having achieved a high alkaline state; how can you state with any degree of certainty that creating a litmus reading of 8.5 or higher in ones urine cannot possibly affect the growth of prostate cancer, even when metastasized to the pelvis! ”

      As pointed out so many times urinary PH DOES NOT reflect blood pH so your attempted argument is irrelevant. And urine DOES NOT affect the pH of the prostate. So again your attempted argument is irrelevant.

      Joel “JC”: “You don’t have all the knowledge necessary even to offer an opinion, that you have already done, saying that you doubt very much that a man’s prostate cancer has been cured with baking soda and mollasses, even after the fact that he is alive and well after five years on his protocol, that you so arrogantly state can’t be effective!”

      How do you know for sure that this is the ONLY treatment he did? You DON’T!!! How do you know for sure he is had cancer to begin with or that he is cancer free today? You DON’T. In short you are ASSUMING a lot just because you saw something on YouTube that you chose to believe without any solid evidence. If you saw the Tooth Fairy on YouTube as well are you going to claim the Tooth Fairy is real as well just because you thought you saw evidence on YouTube?

      Joel “JC”: “The boron I take in borax powder diluted in water 1 tsp to 1 liter, taking three teaspoons of that water/day is also highly alkaline!”

      First of all I already went over boron with you pointing out that it is only ONE of many nutrients required for healthy bone. Just like water is essential for health but we cannot function or survive on water alone. And again, it is silica, not boron that puts minerals where they belong.

      As for the pH of borax, so what? Borax (sodium borate) does have a pH of 9.3, but boric acid with a pH of 5 has the same function. The pH is irrelevant.

      Joel “JC”: “I will have better proof that my osteoporosis is reversing when I take x-rays of my spine in the future.”

      And again, osteoporosis is not the result of bone demineralization, it is a loss of collagen matrix. It is silica and vitamin C primarily that help reverse osteoporosis. Boron will not reverse the condition since boron has no effect on collagen formation.

      Joel “JC”: “I blame my osteoporosis on the fact that I stopped drinking milk 45 years ago”

      Milk does not build bone, it is one of the leading causes of bone loss. This is why the highest milk consuming countries in the world also happen to have the highest rate of osteopenia in the world. The protein in milk blocks calcium absorption. This is why inactive vitamin D2 is added to milk in a poor attempt to counter the calcium blocking effects of milk protein. Phosphorus absorption is not inhibited though leading to bone mineral loss though pseudohyperparathyroidism.

      • JOEL "JC" says

        According to this article high dietary intake of calcium from all sources provides adequate calcium in the diet. Absorption is down regulated with hi intake, as need is diminished. The bottom line is that hi calcium diets provide adequate calcium. Low calcium diets may not, or don’t! It also states that fiber slows down the digestion of calcium compared to non fiber sources such as milk! So, this article supports my contention that my osteoporosis could be due to eliminating milk from my diet for 45 years!

        In addition, regarding boron’s function in regulating calcium/magnesium metabolism via enabling proper functioning of the parathyroid glands, I have this personal anecdotal account for your consideration. I have had at least adequate silica in my diet for the last 45 years due to a diet containing brown rice, whole wheat, barley and other whole grains, along with lots of cucumber in almost daily salad ingestion, and occasional beer. Yet, I developed osteoporosis diagnosed at age 70. I also developed arthritis, as seen in an x-ray of my spine. Recently I grew a hard boney deposit on the palm side of my right middle finger. It was sore, irritated, and hurt when I held a tennis racquet. I assumed it to be a calcium deposit that grew to protect a bruise gotten from my tennis racquet. OK, no technical “scientific” proof. Then again, scientists don’t believe in out of body experiences because they cannot “observe” them! However, when have you had any knowledge of any hard bony growth on bone, reducing and disappearing, as mine has done, in only three weeks of taking boron in a water dilution! This personal experience of mine, supports the description of Walter Last of how boron is responsible for calcium being removed from arthritic deposits and put back into the bones. The thing that bothers me about you, is not your obvious knowledge. It is your lack of consciousness about how much knowledge remains that you don’t know, that no one knows, much of which holds the potential to negate what you now think you know! And, by the way, any good scientist would not negate anecdotal evidence. In fact, it has always been the instigation of thought about what it means, and investigation. Gee, why did that apple fall from the tree?
        And who knows, maybe it’s the molasses with its high mineral content that cured prostate cancer in Johnston! But to call him a liar (even by omission) is beneath you, and not for anyone to do! And to call me gullible or a fool for not being cynical about his account, is also uncalled for, besides being invalid argument! “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” to quote the bard. To not recognize this truth makes you and all others who profess to have “the truth,” arrogant!

        Article on borax/boron!

        Since I began taking boron, pain in various parts of my body has lessened or ended, my sexuality has increased, and now I have a feeling of general well being, instead of being fatigued with pain! Two months ago I couldn’t walk. Now I play tennis again!

        • James says

          JOEL (JC): “It also states that fiber slows down the digestion of calcium compared to non fiber sources such as milk! ”

          Of course fiber is going to slow down “digestion” of calcium. Fiber slows gastric emptying.

          On the other hand fiber increases calcium absorption through the acids formed by the fermentation of the fibers by the flora.

          But as far as milk goes, it is a well known fact that high protein blocks calcium absorption. Again, this is why vitamin D is added to mil in an attempt to counter the calcium absorption blocking effect of milk’s protein.

          JOEL (JC): “So, this article supports my contention that my osteoporosis could be due to eliminating milk from my diet for 45 years! ”

          And once again, osteoporosis IS NOT from a loss of calcium or any other mineral from bone, it is from a loss of collagen matrix. A loss of bone minerals leads to osteomalacia or osteopenia. Therefore, drinking milk or avoiding milk either way DOES NOT cause osteoporosis. The loss of calcium from bone due to milk induced pseudohyperparathyroidism will result in osteopenia.or osteomalacia, which ARE NOT the same as osteoporosis.

          JOEL (JC): “I have had at least adequate silica in my diet for the last 45 years due to a diet containing brown rice, whole wheat, barley and other whole grains, along with lots of cucumber in almost daily salad ingestion, and occasional beer. Yet, I developed osteoporosis diagnosed at age 70. ”

          First of all simply taking silica does not mean you are absorbing the silica. Silica is poorly absorbed to begin with. As we age our stomach acid levels decline leading to even more impaired silica absorption. If people are taking anything that neutralizes or inhibits stomach acid such as antacids, acid blockers, alkaline waters, calcium carbonate (coral, dolomite, oyster shell) or magnesium oxide/hydroxide such as found in many supplements or Milk of Magnesia then silica absorption is impaired even further. Many of the things we associate with aging such as wrinkles, heart disease, aneurysms, emphysema, osteoporosis, etc. can be linked in large part to the decline in silica levels as we age.

          The second thing that you need to keep in mind is that silica is one of two primary nutrients needed to maintain proper collagen levels in bone to prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin C is the other, which can be deficient for several reasons. Stress (including pain) that taxes the adrenals requiring higher vitamin C levels for the adrenals, which get priority over the rest of the body. Collagen is low on the list of tissues that get priority of available vitamin C. Some other factors that can decrease available vitamin C include use of certain medications such as aspirin, smoking, steroids, caffeine use, etc.

          JOEL (JC): “However, when have you had any knowledge of any hard bony growth on bone, reducing and disappearing, as mine has done, in only three weeks of taking boron in a water dilution! This personal experience of mine, supports the description of Walter Last of how boron is responsible for calcium being removed from arthritic deposits and put back into the bones. ”

          For some reason you seem to keep wanting to argue like I don’t believe boron has any benefits despite the fact that I made it clear that boron is ONE of the MANY essential nutrients for healthy bones. All I disagreed with is the claim that boron is responsible for the mineralization of bone, which simply IS NOT true. Already explained why to you.

          From the research I have seen it does make sense that boron can dissolve a bone spur since one of its effects is to increase parathyroid activity, which leads to de-calcification of bones. Keep in mind that parathyroid hormone does not just target bone spurs, which are simply an overgrowth of bone due to the excess stimulation of bone’s piezoelectric effect at one point on the bone. But there is so much more involved in bone growth including boron’s effect on the sex hormones and the piezoelectric role of silica in the collagen matrix that is what actually leads to bone mineralization. Basically you keep seeing only the tree (boron) instead the forest ( all the amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, hormones and acids that are all required to form healthy bone).

          JOEL (JC): “It is your lack of consciousness about how much knowledge remains that you don’t know, that no one knows, much of which holds the potential to negate what you now think you know! ”

          I really hate when people keep trying to change the subject and make this about me instead of sticking to the topic of the alkaline myth. When people attack the messenger they do this for one simple reason. They lack any evidence to back their claim so the only thing they have left to do is to attack the messenger in an attempt to discredit them.

          Do I know everything? NO. Nobody does. Do I know a whole lot more about medicine and how the body works than you do? Definitely. I have spent the largest portion of my life doing research, more research and research on top of that to understand how the body really works so I have a better idea on how to deal with people’s health conditions.

          For instance, I knew the effect boron had on the hormones thus affecting bone health. I also knew that boron can increase parathyroid activity, which is how it can also lead to bone demineralization such as your bone spur. I have also known for decades why silica is responsible for bone mineralization and why boron DOES NOT correct osteoporosis since osteoporosis is not a loss of calcium from bone.

          JOEL (JC): “And, by the way, any good scientist would not negate anecdotal evidence.”

          Never said I did. You are assuming a lot again. But a good scientist is also aware that a single unverifiable claim is not evidence either. A good scientist is also aware that one of the reasons for limited anecdotal reports reporting the same finding is that people often make multiple changes and simply give credit to whatever they chose to believe is what made the difference whether or not that is what really did make the difference. This is why anecdotal evidence needs to be followed up with controlled trials.

          Let me give you an example of how all this is done. Let’s say the drug companies want to find a new plant to cure _______. Do they just start testing whatever plant they can access? Generally no since that would require too much time and cost. Instead they will do something like got to South America and talk to the indigenous shamen to find out what plants are used for whatever condition. But this is still considered anecdotal evidence. So they take the plant and start doing controlled testing on lab animals and then finally on humans so they can prevent secondary things from possibly affecting the outcome. So yes, anecdotal can be part of the scientific process, but it needs backing by more than a claim from a single individual. Any good scientist would be a complete moron to do that.

          JOEL (JC): “And who knows, maybe it’s the molasses with its high mineral content that cured prostate cancer in Johnston! But to call him a liar (even by omission) is beneath you, and not for anyone to do!”

          Again you assume a lot!!! I never called Johnston a liar. I made it clear that we, which includes you, have no idea what his real history is. Have you seen his medical records and can confirm he had cancer, is cancer free and did not do anything other than the molasses and baking soda to cure the cancer? And do people sometimes make up bogus claims or videos to dupe people or to promote something? Of course they do. And as a good scientist I know that just because I saw something on the internet this does not mean it is real. I once saw a horse on YouTube with only two legs running. I did not assume it was true and was not amazed since it was obviously fake. Again, not everything you see on the internet is real. Is the Johnston video and claims real? I don’t know, but neither do you. If real, do you have proof Johnston is still alive and cancer free? And again, one anecdotal claim is not evidence of anything. So where are all the other people claiming to have cured their cancer this way and did they do anything else to treat their cancer? Please supply the evidence to any of this if true.

          JOEL (JC): “And to call me gullible or a fool for not being cynical about his account, is also uncalled for, besides being invalid argument!”

          Again, I did not do this. You are getting ridiculous. All I did was to point out that you were ASSUMING a lot just like you did in your last post. Again, just because you see something on the internet this does not mean it is real. Not a hard concept to grasp. So where is your proof that Johnston had cancer and cured his cancer WITHOUT any other treatment except the molasses and baking soda?

          And again, stop trying to make this about me. Argue your claims, not me. If you want to claim Johnston cured his cancer without anything other than molasses and baking soda then provide the proof to your claim and stop trying to hide your lack of evidence by making your arguments about me instead. All that does as I said before is proves that you don’t have the evidence to begin with so all you can do is to attack the messenger to discredit the messenger. But all this really does is discredit you.

          • JOEL "JC" says

            Before I reply to your extensive comments, for which I thank you for your time, would you please be so kind as to state your formal education; list your degrees, from which universities, and your areas of concentration. Thanks.

            • James says


              If you don’t understand the simple concept that I keep pointing out to you that the topic is not me, it is the alkaline myth, then you clearly won’t understand my background.

              If you have on topic evidence to the contrary then present it and I will address it. My background has NOTHING to do with stopping you from posting evidence if you have it. When people start asking for backgrounds off topic they are doing it for the same reason they attacked the messenger in the first place. They have no evidence to contradict the facts so all they can do is look for ways to try and discredit the messenger. Therefore, the more you play your off topic games the more you keep discrediting yourself.

              • JOEL "JC" says

                2ND! YOU ARE A REPOSITORY OF NAKED FACTS, BUT YOUR MIND IS INCAPABLE OF LOGICAL THOUGHT! You can’t synthesize the facts into knew knowledge! What you think is not equivalent to what is true! You are incapable of simple logic! The fact that protein blocks calcium absorption, doesn’t mean it blocks ALL calcium absorption from milk! I’m done! Anyone who believes what you say to be gospel truth is to sympathized with!
                When you even mention believing in the tooth fairy or the like, you do insult, You’re too stupid to even realize what you say!
                AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: YOU obviously have NO CREDENTIALS!

                • James says


                  Glad to see you got through your temper tantrum OK.

                  Now once again the topic is not about me, it is about the alkaline myth. And the facts I have presented can be verified with a little simple research from anatomy and physiology books or medical journal articles. So I am the messenger as I said before and not the source as you falsely claim.

                  But it looks like you have no evidence to contradict anything I have pointed out which is why you keep going with the personal attacks. So there is no reason to address the rest of your childish tirade since again it has nothing to do with the topic and does not present any evidence to the facts I already presented.

                  So go ahead and keep believing in your falsehoods if that is your security blanket. I just hope you don’t really screw up your health following your own advice.

                  Take care.

  93. JOEL "JC" says

    Correction: In above comment I typed “acidic” instead of “alkaline” environment, It should read:
    Your statement that cancer creates its own acidic environment, though it may be true, also bears no weight in refuting a contention that a highly “alkaline” environment would stop cancer growth!

  94. James says

    Anna Biller: “As for coffee enemas, they are often recommended even to adrenal burnout patients, as they temporarily correct the inverted sodium/ potassium ratio that many of these patients have.”

    The problem I have with this claim is that the sodium-potassium balance is maintained by the aldosterone released by the adrenals. Crashing the adrenals with caffeine will exacerbate the problem. It would be safer simply taking more sodium, which displaces potassium.

    • Anna says

      Interesting. Then you must think Dr. L. Wilson is totally misguided. In fact, are you the one criticizing Dr. Wilson on Curezone? Are you Hveragerthi? A couple of years back I tried researching coffee enemas and couldn’t find anything about a negative effect on the adrenals, so I am interested to read your opinions. It has always been mysterious to me that people who don’t tolerate coffee by mouth claim they can tolerate it by enema.

      • James says

        I have not really researched Dr. Wilson that I recall so I really have no opinion on him directly.

        But I do know that sodium-potassium balance is regulated by aldosterone released by the adrenals. Therefore, crashing the adrenals with coffee enemas does not make sense in cases of already existing adrenal dysfunction.

        Yes, I was posting under Hveragerthi on Curezone, primarily on my forum The Truth in Medicine. That was until I was banned from Curezone for posting evidence against some of the quackery being posted on Curezone forums. When I started posting on the dangers of the amount of iodine being recommended by the iodine sales people there I was banned. I found out after they helped start Curezone. And they can care less about safety. They are recommending 300+ MILLIgrams daily when the safe recommended limit is only 150 MICROgrams per day. When people have adverse reactions to the recommended dose they give them the BS story about having a bromine detox. See:

        Then they tell people to do a salt flush to flush out the bromine, which they are not really detoxing from. The salt flush actually pushes out the excess levels of iodine. But then they tell people to take even more iodine. So they are deliberately poisoning people for profit.

        I had a friend die just over a year ago from excess iodine, which threw him in to such a strong state of hypothyroidism that he was too weak to even swallow sips of water. So yes, I have very strong feelings about the quackery they are pushing, especially when the dose that killed my friend was near the dosing these quacks are pushing.

        Anyway, back to coffee enemas and the adrenals. Caffeine is caffeine whether you drink it, snort it, inject it or shove it up your rectum. The only difference between oral or rectal absorption is that rectal absorption is much faster and thus creates a stronger adverse response. If you look through my old Curezone site you will find people reporting on the adverse effects they had from the caffeine in coffee enemas overstimulating their adrenals.

        • Anna Biller says

          Hi James,

          I think you are the only person on the internet who has made statements about coffee enemas crashing the adrenals. As I said, I was searching for something about that a couple of years ago, because my doctor prescribed coffee enemas and I couldn’t tolerate them. I had to use no more than like a half a teaspoon of coffee, otherwise I felt poisoned. My adrenals had severely crashed already by the way. I also was unable to tolerate adrenal glandulars, as they made me hyper and nervous. But I couldn’t find anyone talking about this so I assumed maybe it was just me.
          But I know people who are doing daily coffee enemas and multiple adrenal glandulars daily.

          Do you think kelp capsules are a safe form of iodine, as long as they are mercury-safe?

          That is awful about your friend. I am so sorry.

  95. Elliot Bowes says

    This article is about as useful as “Global Warming is a Myth” commentary and “911 was an inside job” posts. If eating alkaline food such as wheat grass, avocado, cucumber, spinach, radish, kale etc. is clearly better for you than (acid foods) coffee, hamburgers, ice cream, french fries, what is the takeaway? What is the benefit to mankind if we all believe you?

    “But for someone with functioning kidneys, there should be no concern that an acid-forming diet will harm health.” — That’s your contribution (to the american obesity epidemic)!? Encouraging people to know that “pure sugar isn’t an acid forming nutrient.” Great work promoting inflammation and cell death and acid. Go Acid! You must work for either McDonalds or ACS. $$$$$

  96. Ray says

    I’m starting to change my diet to more ‘alkaline’ foods and cutting out refined and processed sugar (which I’ve read is nothing but a poison). Let’s see if it makes me feel better.

  97. Bill Murray says

    I had a 4 cm mole above my groin which my dermatologist was concerned about but wouldn’t touch. He would just re-measure it each year, and it was continuing to grow. I also had genital warts which he had tried several times to remove with liquid nitrogen, but they just kept coming back.

    I read about how alkaline systems were hard for certain viruses to grow in, so I measured my saliva pH and found it to be about 6.8. I started taking a calcium/magnesium supplement and over time my pH started increasing.

    When it got to about pH 7.4 I noticed that the mole was getting hard and scaly and over a very short period of time it just flaked off in small sections and has been gone ever since. Also the genital warts just disappeared and have never returned.

    My dermatologist just shook his head and said he had no answer for why everything disappeared. That was 8 years ago, and I continue to maintain my pH at 7.5.

    • James says

      If viruses had such a hard time growing in an alkaline environment then there would be a lot less disease since the blood is kept alkaline regardless of what you eat. Even taking calcium and magnesium will not really alter blood pH. Any slight change that may occur would simply be readjusted back to where the blood was originally since the blood must not go too alkaline or too acid.

      It should also be noted that some of the best natural antivirals are also acids. Betulinic acid, chlorogenic acid and acidic polyphenols to name a few.

      Also as has been pointed out a number of timed salivary pH DOES NOT reflect blood pH whatsoever. Neither does urinary pH. The only way to determine blood pH is with a blood test.

      As for warts and moles, which are both viral in origin, both of these are well known for disappearing on their own accord even without any treatment. That;s probably why your dermatologist did not write up this “amazing” case for the medical journals.

      By the way, if your blood pH was really at 7.5 then you would be in trouble since this is more alkaline than the normal pH of blood.

  98. Aubrey G. Yates says

    Is it possible that the optimum diet would tend, on average, to a neutral PH effect? Not every single meal but on average? To state the question differently, is it possible that a diet which is persistently strongly acid (or strongly basic) will eventually cause a problem?

    • James says

      That may be the case if foods really altered pH. But they don’t, which is why there really is no such thing as a truly acidic or truly alkaline food.

      The body’s primary means of pH regulation is respiration followed by retaining or excreting hydrogen ions through the kidneys.

  99. Jose Castro says

    Hi there Chris,

    Thanks for your article.
    I’m researching whether urine pH reflects whole body pH.

    My thoughts about it are that if urine pH is low, that’s because metabolic acids were excreted at a cellular level. So even if momentarily, whole body pH was elevated. Of course if you have a healthy diet and lifestyle that is it.

    But if you don’t? If you keep eating acidic-forming foods won’t your body pH be tending to be low, more or less constantly even if fluctuating? And won’t that be reflected in your urine pH?

    (And if your lymphatic circulation is deficient, won’t these metabolites accumulate?)

    What I read as claims is that food influences metabolites, and in keeping a certain diet that will be an influence in your body pH and consequently urine pH.

    Am I missing something?

  100. PJ (RightNOW) says

    Different areas inside the body have different pH readings. Carey Reams (who invented hair analysis in forensics, the Brix scale in agriculture, and later was involved in nutritional biochemistry) (and mind you the current day interest in him is ‘mostly’ a cult of wingnuts, and he was very religious, but neither of these should dismiss his qualifications though they tend to be a bit offputting when looking into his stuff today) did a lot of work in this area.

    You can measure a couple areas of your own pH either with solution or more easily (though less precisely) with pH sticks, both urine and saliva. For most people they are different. This alone does indicate that the pH of the body is different in different areas.

  101. Tom Jones says

    Good ol internet.. One day I’m reading how drinking baking soda mixed with honey can alkaline the body killing cancer. I’ve read case studies of people who claim to have been totally cured of cancer by this treatment. Doctors who have written papers, and books on this topic claiming how effective it is. And no sooner do I start finding hope here’s an article stating the contrary to all of this. Does anyone know anything anymore?! One person claims this will work while another debunks it saying no it doesn’t! You get to the point you don’t know what to believe anymore. For every report given on something claiming it works there’s always the reports given that it doesn’t. I just dont know who or what to believe anymore. Maybe we are just so different that somethings work for some ppl while it doesn’t help at for others. Who knows!

    • James says

      Anyone can make claims of cures as often happens on the internet. How often do you see actual evidence backing these claims though? Almost never.

      There are other problems with most of these claims as well. For example, most of these people supposedly cured have used multiple therapies, but they simply choose one therapy they believe worked for them. It is like the quackery cesium chloride, which not only does not work for cancer but has also been shown to cause and promote cancer. Most of the belief that cesium chloride works comes from an article written by a doctor promoting cesium chloride for cancer. If you read the paper though the people were given numerous therapies. Then they only focused on the successes while ignoring the failures. They claimed the successes were due to the cesium chloride and gave no credit to the other therapies.

      There is really no way to know what therapies these people really used including changes in diets or the use of herbs and supplements.

      For that matter we cannot even confirm most of the time if these people were ever sick to begin with or even existed in the first place. Many of the stories I have read are so far fetched that I am certain the people in the stories being told never existed in the first place. So much of this crap is just sales hype to push product sales.

      Then there is the problem of follow up. Just because someone has a REMISSION in their cancer this DOES NOT mean their cancer is gone. So where are the follow ups showing these people are still alive and disease free 5-10 years later.

      That is why I prefer to rely on research whenever possible. There is plenty of research showing the effectiveness of holistic therapies for cancer as an example. All people have to do is look.

      There is also plenty of research on the morphology of cancer cells. For example the fact that the internal pH of cancer cells is more alkaline than healthy cells.

      Using some common sense we should question things like how would ingesting baking soda and honey kill cancer cells when it is a proven fact that:

      -Cancer cells are already highly alkaline and need the high alkalinity to survive and thrive?

      -That not only does sugar, including honey, feeds cancer cells and metabolizes in to acids that these same people incorrectly claim causes cancer?

      -That the baking soda will be neutralized by the stomach acid as it is in ingested?

  102. Lisa Yusko says

    I am suffering from Intersitial Cystitis. I have burning pain in the vaginal area and bloating and pain in the abdominal area. I was diaganosed years ago, but had never really experience any pain or major discomfort. I am thinking about an alkaline diet for the obvioius reason of reducing the acid, however, in reading all the posts, I am not sure if that will have any affect on my urine acidity and by reduces urine acidity, will that help my pain. Looking for it just a matter of increasing water?

    • MR PALEO says


      Quoting Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, Chemicals in urine: Urine itself can be an irritant in the urinary tract, mainly if tissues were previously damaged from other primary causes. Urine will change as the diet changes. Studies show that patients with IC have a molecule in their urine called antiproliferative factor (APF). APF inhibits the normal growth of bladder wall cells, making it problematic for your bladder to repair itself if scarred.

      Mast cell activation. Studies have shown that some of the contents found typically in our urine (like potassium, for example) can infiltrate the bladder lining in IC patients, leading to mast cell activation and the release of histamine — which can then result in further damage to the bladder lining and amplified inflammation. More than 70% of women with IC have highly activated mast cells. Again this is an example of the inflammatory system being on high alert.

      Previous bladder damage: A number of factors can damage the bladder, making it more susceptible to the interstitial cystitis. Some of which include:

      •A history of bladder trauma, especially including pelvic surgery
      •Spinal cord trauma
      •Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
      •Bladder over distention
      •Inflammation of pelvic nerves
      •Autoimmune disorders
      •History of frequent bladder infections
      •Chronically Low estrogen

      There is some evidence that quercetin and melatonin may be beneficial for those who suffer from IC. Also, avoiding certain dietary triggers (coffee, diet sodas, acidic fruit juices, and tomatoes) may be of benefit. For what it is worth, I would consider having a hormone panel and follow an elimination diet, as well as diagnosing for potential candidiasis, which might exacerbate your symptoms…

    • Martha Ray Barger says

      Hi Lisa,
      d-mannose helped me with chronic IC please look into it.

      I might add that after dieting my whole life I dropped 50 lbs in 5 months eating vegetarian which was mostly, but not entirely, alkaline foods. I dropped another 20 lbs when I went Vegan for 2 months, after that I went back to vegetarian for a year and a half keeping my weight loss. I also got off gluten and nightshades because I noticed that I was not feeling well when I ate them. After that time I went Paleo I gained 15 lbs but feel good and have remained that same weight for about 4 years. I still eat a mostly plant based Paleo diet.

      For anyone who wants to lose weight eating mostly alkaline worked effortless for me and I found that giving up all meats and most dairy was a lot easier than limiting my intake of food. I was by the way a big meat eater before that but I learned that I loved veggies. Also note that I stopped all dairy except small amounts of butter and I walked my dog on short walks daily and worked out a very light routine 3 X a week during that whole time.

  103. Julia says

    I ate mostly alkaline (body ecology diet) before doing GAPS for gut healing and now a personal paleo approach. The only real noticeable difference is that when I was eating alkaline I had no bad breath or bad taste in my mouth when I woke up in the morning and it was great. I noticed that when I did have meat at night, I would get a sour taste in the morning. Once I switched to a non-alkaline diet, I always have a very sour taste in my mouth when I wake up. A few weeks ago I was sick for a day and had some bone broth, but didn’t eat after about 4 pm and had lots of water and tea w lemon and ginger. I woke up the next day with no taste in my mouth. So that’s the big difference.

  104. Chaya says

    If the body would draw calcium from the bones to balance a slightly acid condition in order to maintain its Ph, wouldn’t the foods we eat (alkaline) support a healthy ph or (acidic) cause the slight acidity that would trigger the use of calcium from our bones?

    It would seem obvious that there would be some connection here???

    • James says

      Hi Chaya,

      The claim circulating around the internet that the bones are a primary means of acid buffering is nothing but hype. Buffering by bone minerals is only done as a last resort in cases of extreme acidosis, which is extraordinarily rare.

      The body’s main means of pH regulation is respiration followed by the retention or excretion of hydrogen ions by the kidneys. These account for virtually all the pH regulation by the body. And even beyond these the body still has other minor means of pH regulation it will utilize before buffering with bone minerals.

      The main processes by which we lose bone are hyperparathyroidism and pseudohyperparathyroidism, which have NOTHING to do with acidity. Bone loss can also result for other reasons including a lack of orthosilicic acid and/or ascorbic acid, lack of exercise, some medications and cancer metastases to bone.

  105. Dr Paul says

    Cannabis oil fight against HIV A Deadly disease which kills, they say there is no cure but there is a cure. contact me for more info for help on how to get cured of Aids and HIV.Due to the numbers of messages i get a day i decided to create this email for those who are interested to contact me.Below is the

    • James says

      Dr Paul: “Cannabis oil fight against HIV A Deadly disease which kills,”

      First of all this has NOTHING to do with the topic of the blog article.

      Secondly, HIV IS NOT a disease, it is a virus formerly known as human T-cell leukemia/lymphoma virus type 3 (HTLV 3). It is one of 3 human leukemia/lymphoma cancer viruses.

      Dr Paul: “they say there is no cure but there is a cure”

      There are various methods that have been shown to destroy the HIV virus for decades. Ozone, Compound Q, St. Johnswort extract, lentinan (shiitake mushroom extract), hyperthermia, etc.

      AIDS on the other hand is not a disease either, it is a syndrome. Look at the letters of the acronym. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Syndromes are not diseases, but rather a group of symptoms. These symptoms can have various causes.

      Ironically, the HIV virus could not cause AIDS under the original definition. This is why the definition of AIDS was changed to fit the virus after one of the government’s top scientists, Robert Gallo lied to the world claiming HIV was the cause of AIDS. Gallo had already embarrassed the U.S. government once when he was busted for scientific fraud. Now he wanted to defraud the people again and make a big profit doing so. Since Gallo held the patent rights on the notoriously inaccurate HIV antibody test the only way he could profit on his patent was to falsely claim that HIV was the cause of AIDS and to make sure the public believed this lie. Again the problem was that the HIV virus COULD NOT cause AIDS under the original definition. The original definition of this syndrome was the development of opportunistic infections such as Kaposi’s sarcoma (a viral induced cancer caused by human herpes virus type 8) and pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, caused by the fungal infection Pneumocystis jiroveci. HIV cannot collapse the immune system to cause opportunistic infections since the HIV virus can only lower CD4 counts. But other immune cells can operate independently of the CD4s and support the immune system even in the absence of CD4s. Therefore, Gallo clearly lied when he claimed before a world wide AIDS symposium that HIV was the cause of AIDS. But the media had already jumped on the claim and it spread worldwide. It was just a matter of time before scientists around the world were going to expose Gallo’s most current fraud so the government scrambled to find a way to cover up Gallo’s fraud. They came up with the idea to change the definition of AIDS so that it would fit the HIV virus. Therefore, the definition of AIDS was changes to include the drop of CD4 counts below 200 so they could now honestly claim HIV could cause AIDS.

      What they still keep leaving out though is the fact that there were causes of AIDS before they changed the definition of AIDS to fit HIV. The ONLY known virus that could cause AIDS under the original definition is human herpes virus type 6 variant A (HHV6-A). Unlike HIV, HHV6-A collapses the immune system by destroying multiple key immune cells leading to the opportunistic infections that defined AIDS originally. HHV6-A also reduces CD4 cell counts leading to AIDS under the new definition made to fit HIV.

      Technically we could consider the pathogens that give an AIDS diagnosis as causes of AIDS as well since they cause the symptoms that define the syndrome. To an extent the government has done this to allow more AIDS diagnoses to push more drug sales. This is evidenced by the government later changing the definition of AIDS again to include repetitive “yeast” infections.

      Anyway, infections are not the only cause of a collapsed immune systems that lead to an AIDS diagnosis.

      The primary cause of AIDS in the U.S. in particular has always been the drug zidovudine (AZT) given to patients testing HIV+.

      One of the things that most people, including most doctors do not realize is that HIV+ means absolutely nothing. There is NO standard lab test that can confirm the presence of any particular virus. This includes antibody testing and polymerase chain reaction (PCR, “viral load”), neither of which prove the presence of any particular virus.

      The biggest problem with HIV antibody tests is the fact that they very often test false positive primarily due to serological cross reactivity. Instead of writing the whole reasoning for the inaccuracies of these tests again here are some posts I did in the past on the inadequacies of antibody testing and PCR. Some of this is in regards to hepatitis testing, which also relies on these highly inaccurate tests:

      If doctors bother to read the inserts provided by the drug companies for these antibody tests then they will see that even the drug companies admit to the inaccuracies of these antibody tests and the fact that they CANNOT prove the presence of any virus.

      Again, most of these false positives occur from serological cross reactivity, but there is another reason. Exposure without chronic infection will still lead to a positive test. A simple example of this is if you had the flu several months ago and were now over it you would be virus, but not antibody free. If they were to test you for influenza antibodies you would still test positive because your immune system successfully fought off the virus and generated antibodies that will hang around for a while despite the virus being gone. Since viruses such as HIV have been shown to be unable to infect healthy CD4 cells most people who are exposed to HIV will not become chronically infected with HIV, even though their exposure can still lead to their testing HIV+.

      The reason all that is important is because people testing HIV+, false or not, are assumed to be infected with HIV and therefore are frequently treated with highly toxic, immune suppressing drugs such as AZT and its analogues.

      Another common myth is that AZT was developed for AIDS. The fact is that AZT came out long before the appearance of AIDS. AZT was developed in 1962 as a chemotherapy drug. The drug was found to be so deadly though that it was initially banned for human use. When AIDS “appeared” the drug was brought back on to the market to recoup the lost pharmaceutical investments despite the fact they knew that AZT would kill a lot of people. In fact, the largest study ever done on AZT, the Concorde Study, found that AZT shortened the lives of people testing HIV+ instead of lengthening their lives.

      So how does AZT cause AIDS and kill people? Simple. AZT is HIGHLY TOXIC to the bone marrow. When AZT destroys the bone marrow it prevents the bone marrow from producing stem cells, which are the precursor cells for every single immune cell in the body. Therefore, AZT collapses the immune system, which HIV cannot do, leading to the opportunistic infections that lead to an AIDS diagnosis. In addition, the lack of stem cells also leads to a decline of CD4 cells, which under the new definition of AIDS also leads to an AIDS diagnosis.

      The destruction of the bone marrow is also the reason that AZT often leads to severe anemia requiring blood transfusions that are extremely dangerous for people with compromised immune systems.

      Bottom line here though is that there is no singular cause of AIDS and thus no single way to address it.

      There have been cases reported in medicine of people testing HIV+ and not becoming sick until they started on the AZT. When they went off the AZT on their own all their AIDS symptoms disappeared and the people tested HIV-. Instead of admitting that these people were never infected with HIV in the first place and that their AIDS was AZT induced the medical community simply refers to these cases as “spontaneous remissions”.

      Whether or not cannabis oil can do anything for AIDS still has to be seen. But I doubt if will do squat for AZT induced AIDS as the cannabis oil is not gong to regenerate bone marrow. High organic germanium sources such as suma or turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor) are excellent choices.

      For the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS my first choice would be ozone therapy. I have also seen several people go from their death bed to healthy with an AIDS diagnosis using herbs. In particular pau d’ arco (lapacho, taheebo, ipe roxo), which is especially effective against leukemia/lymphoma viruses. I generally combine it with highly antiviral chaparral, which increases the antiviral effects of pau d’ arco and the powerful antiviral herb andrographis. The herbs are best taken 3 times daily on an empty stomach.

  106. Jeff says

    Hey James,

    You seem to be a very informed/intelligent individual.
    What are your thoughts on them boys @ Stanford? Also, I recently opted for a
    anti inflammatory diet instead of “the mythical” wheat grass thing (cancer prevention). Your thoughts on this? Oh and honey(sugar) feeds cancer? I just spent 50 bucks yesterday, for the smallest jar of honey i have ever seen! (Organic Raw Manuka Honey) it is SUPOSED to be anti inflammatory being it has a ‘special’ kind of sugar.

    Thanking you in advance for you efforts,


    • James says

      Jeff: “What are your thoughts on them boys @ Stanford?”

      I don’t know who you are referring to.

      Jeff: “Also, I recently opted for a
      anti inflammatory diet instead of “the mythical” wheat grass thing (cancer prevention). Your thoughts on this? ”

      Inflammation does appear to be a co-factor in some cancers. But the primary cause of cancer still remains as viruses. Other less common causes include bacteria, mycotoxin and radiation. Parasites are an extremely rare cause of cancer and heredity the most rare cause as there is only one cancer with any real evidence showing a possible hereditary link.

      So will an anti-inflammatory diet help prevent cancer? Not necessarily. Depending on what you eat it may help in some ways other than reducing inflammation though. For example, fruits and vegetables can boost immunity due their vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and the fibers that feed the flora producing beneficial acids that help reduce the risk of cancer. Fruits and vegetables also contain anti-cancer phytoestrogens and anticancer acids such as chlorgenic acid.

      Jeff: “Oh and honey(sugar) feeds cancer?”

      Yes. In fact cancer cells have a higher affinity for sugar than healthy cells.. But there is more to the story. It is impossible to avoid sugar for one. Many people don’t realize that even something like beef contains naturally occurring sugar.

      And even if we try to cut sugar out of our die the body will still generate its own glucose from a variety of sources such as glycogen, lactate, amino acids, etc. to maintain blood sugar levels. So simply attempting to cut sugar from the diet is not the answer for cancer either. It is a good idea to limit sugar intake and to make sure you get fiber with your meals to slow glucose absorption to prevent spikes in blood sugar.

      Speaking of which, one of the reasons I am not a real big fan of juicing is that most juicers remove the beneficial fiber from the juice. By removing the fiber the sugar in the juice will absorb much faster in to the bloodstream, increasing spikes in blood sugar, which is not healthy cancer or not.

      Fibers are also extremely important for feeding the flora, which account for most of our immune function among other things. The flora generate acids that protect us from pathogens and help with nutrient absorption. They also produce bactericides that kill pathogenic bacteria, compete for food and space with pathogenic bacteria, produce antiseptic and immune stimulating peroxides and produce about 80% of the body’s serotonin. The flora also generate B vitamins and vitamin K for the body. Therefore, removing the fiber from juices is not healthy, it’s ridiculous.

      Getting back to honey really quick a lot of people think honey is better than table sugar (sucrose). But honey contains a variety of sugars including sucrose. So it can still spike blood sugar and suppress immune function just like table sugar. The only real big advantage of honey over table sugar is that the darker honeys are good antioxidants.

      • says

        If I may leave a quick comment, there is a better alternative to Honey… Rice Malt Syrup… It may be worth trying to help substitute your sugar as well as reduce the overall sugar intake – It does help reduce the Inflammation. (I have had major issues with inflammation as part of my injuries, and sugar is poison to my system)

  107. James Wagner says

    Hey Chris, I’ve enjoyed your 2-part article here. The comments certainly run the gamut, don’t they?

    Anyway, a friend of mine is trying to get me to use an alkalizing water machine, and I am skeptical. However, I was just about to drop the subject after reading a bunch of articles when I ran into Ray Kurzweil’s piece on water ionization and alkalinity, here:

    Do his analyses make sense to you? Hope you get a moment for even a brief reply.

    Best wishes,


    • says

      In reply to James – I can truly understand you may be skeptical about Alkaline Water, there has been a lot of negative writing on the net over the lasts few years, but if I can tell you, I have been drinking Alkaline Ionised Water for the past 14 years.

      When I first started drinking the water I wasn’t really aware that there was anything special about the water other than the lightness and good taste of the water. It was in my opinion back then, like drinking velvet! I had suffered massive neck and thoracic injuries that left me almost crippled.

      Within a few short months of drinking the water I noticed that things were changing in my health but attributed them to other factors. Until one day in 2003 when I went on a short trip to South Australia. In the week I was away, I started to feel some of the old health issues arise (arthritis and lack of energy etc) I put it down to the travel. But then, after I returned home and resumed my normal life, all the pains suddenly started disappearing again. So, this had me a little befuddled… and I started experimenting. Within a short time, I realised that it had to be the water, as that was the only thing that really changed for me. I studied as much as I could to understand what it was about Alkaline Water that made is so special, that was when I purchased my own machine, so that I could have a constant and fresh supply of the water. I learned that I only take holidays where I can be assured of my water supply and I live and breathe for this water and nobody will convince me otherwise, I am 56 years old, most people think I am 10+ years younger than my age, I am fit and healthy, my doctor thinks I am boring because there is nothing wrong with me other than my injuries. It seems that most of my friends all have something to complain about… but they still think I am crazy when I tell them to drink the water. I have however had success with a number of friends and family over the years that have been so desperate to find anything to help them with their ailments that they resorted to taking my water in 20 ltr bottles and drinking at least the 2ltrs a day. I have seen what the water has done for IBS, Acid Reflux and much more… I do plan to write a book about my adventure and hope that I can help others along the way.

      Very recently I started a new business in partnership with one of my converts… he was a man who was so sick with Chronic Fatigue, and after trying my water, he asked me if I would be interested in going into business with him. I accepted and the result can be found here… if there is anything you want to know this is the place to find it. (even if you don’t buy anything, it is worth finding as much as you can on the subject) Alkaline Ionised Water

      • James says

        Magreth: ” I had suffered massive neck and thoracic injuries that left me almost crippled.

        Within a few short months of drinking the water I noticed that things were changing in my health but attributed them to other factors. Until one day in 2003 when I went on a short trip to South Australia. In the week I was away, I started to feel some of the old health issues arise (arthritis and lack of energy etc) I put it down to the travel. But then, after I returned home and resumed my normal life, all the pains suddenly started disappearing again.”

        Being that arthritis does not occur that quick this tells me that your arthritis never went away despite drinking the water for 14 years. And if you developed the arthritis after starting on the water this means it did not prevent the arthritis either.

        I see no way that the water could really mask the pain of the arthritis either. The change on your trip could have simply been a change in your diet and you went back to a better diet when you returned home. Again, this is an example of why we need controlled studies to determine is something is really helping and if so how it is helping.

        As I have pointed out in the past several times people often do multiple things that can help them but attribute the benefits to one thing even if it may not have anything to do with it. For example, many people advocate cesium chloride for cancer and base their belief on one study that showed a remission in a small number of people in the study. What they are overlooking if they read the entire study and not just a synopsis on some propaganda site is the fact that the people in the study were given multiple therapies, some of which are known for being beneficial for cancer. The cesium chloride IS NOT one of them. In fact, cesium chloride has been shown in multiple studies to not only cause cancer but also promotes the growth of existing cancers. So people are reading in to the study ignoring the real beneficial therapies while giving credit to a therapy that is not only dangerous and ineffective, but also cancer forming and cancer growth promoting.

        I am glad you are feeling better, but I am not going to accept the claim that the water is what is helping without some type of real proof of how it could help. For example, what is the exact mechanism by which the water is supposedly helping?

        On the other hand, as I have pointed out numerous times neutralizing the stomach acid with alkalizers including alkaline water decreases methylation. The process of methylation is required for around 4,000 reactions in the body including helping with cartilage formation. This could explain why you still have arthritis despite drinking the water for 14 years. Therefore, here is proof that there is more evidence that the alkaline water is doing more damage to the body than it is supposedly helping.

        Magreth: “I have seen what the water has done for IBS, Acid Reflux and much more…”

        Neutralizing the stomach acid is not going to help at all with IBS. In fact, it can actually lead to worse health issues in the case of IBS. The reason is that in cases of IBS there is intestinal inflammation making it more susceptible to absorption of protein solutes in to the bloodstream. These protein solutes form from the lack of stomach acid, which also requires methylation for production. The protein digestive enzyme pepsin cannot function properly without sufficient stomach acid. When the stomach acid is neutralized, and its production decreased by alkalizers the pepsin cannot break down proteins completely leaving the protein solutes. When these protein solutes absorb through the inflamed intestine they act as antigens triggering off allergic responses. This also taxes the adrenals, which further increases inflammation, including aggravating the IBS.

        As for the acid reflux, yes alkaline waters will COVER UP the symptoms just like Tums or an acid blocker. This DOES NOT make it safe or beneficial. Most cases of acid reflux result from a lack of stomach acid to begin with, which increases fermentation in the stomach. The gas formation applies pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter until it tires out. When the LES relaxes the gas and TRACES of acid escape up the esophagus causing the “heart burn”. Further lowering the stomach acid by neutralization and inhibiting further acid production TEMPORARILY masks the symptoms but makes the underlying condition worse, which is a major factor on why people become dependent on acid neutralizers and acid blockers to keep suppressing their symptoms as they make the underlying condition worse.

        Magreth: “he was a man who was so sick with Chronic Fatigue, and after trying my water, he asked me if I would be interested in going into business with him.”

        Chronic fatigue is not a disease or disorder with any specific cause. It is a syndrome, which is a group of symptoms. Again, if you want to convince me then show me exactly how this water can help with any of the things that can lead to the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

      • says

        Hi, Magreth, we sold this brand of water ionizer for 12 years and decided to stop doing so and convert to our own non-electric hydrogen system. I understand you are excited about the possibility of selling ‘alkaline’ water but would suggest respectfully that you take a look at to get the real story about the water you are selling.
        Then ask your supplier if the systems you are selling have been tested for hydrogen output.

    • James says

      Hi Martie,

      No, this is not a sign of acidosis and has nothing to do with acidosis. If you are referring to this giving you an upset stomach then you likely have an ulcer or at least gastritis.


  108. Marianne3 says

    I have changed my diet several times in an effort to treat my chronic pain. The pain is caused by ehlers-danlos, osteoarthritis and firbo. Here is my experience: Years ago, I tried a clean Vegan diet (net alkiline). I had more energy but no change in pain. At the time my mother was also a vegan, worked out like a feen and was still over weight. As of February 2014, I started eating a ketogenic diet (net acidic), like the inuits, and many good things have happened! My pain was reduced by 50%! I lost 30 lbs (bmi from 33 to 22.5) and my blood pressure and pulse has gone down. Plus, my HDL is up and my LDL and triglycerides are down. Now those are realitive markers! I would encourage anyone that is overweight, has inflammation, fibro or yeast issues to try this way of eating. It has given me my life back!

  109. Vedran says

    Body is too complex to reduce that issue on pH. Many important functions are realized in alkaline and many in acidic environment. There is no unique ideal pH that is omipresent in whole body equally.
    Secondly, observational studies by their nature/methodology are not sufficient to prove anything whether it is for or against acidic or alkaline environment. They can indicate but not sufficiently argue so complex issues as it is pH.
    Thirdly, food can influence some parts of activity of kidneys, but it depends on many factors is that sufficient or not. I am afraidthat we talk here in too general terms with wish to be very precise and distinct.

  110. Joseph Mahoney says

    So amusing watching and reading the people praising James for his long winded responses …He simply tries to confuse you with his B.S.

    Do your homework on this man as several of us have and you too will find his motive.

    Health … It’s simple, feed the body what it needs and it will cure, correct, and maintain !

  111. James says

    Here we go again. Joseph Mahoney is tired of being proven wrong and being made to look like a complete fool. So instead of posting on topic, which is not me, and arguing the evidence presented he instead attacks the messenger yet once again in a poor attempt to divert attention away from his complete ignorance.

    Joseph Mahoney: “Do your homework on this man as several of us have and you too will find his motive. ”

    What is my motive? Ah., that’s right to help people as I pointed out to you previously. As I pointed out to you before I posted information on cancer and ozone, including a cancer formula anyone can use. I don’t charge for any of the information, nor do I sell a cancer formula or ozone units. So I don’t make a dime off of the information I post. I do this to help people because unlike you I don’t need to make a profit on every last little thing I do to help people. I realize that my giving FREE information to help people may cut in to your trying to profit off of of conning people but that is your problem, not mine.

    • Joseph Mahoney says

      James, how exactly did you prove me wrong? Several others and myself have already proven you benefit “profit” from your posts. Yes James we know not literally each post or the “so called” advice you give …figured I should throw that in there because of your lack of common sense and the need to take every last word as if it were stone. Some time ago another member here directed others to the site in which you are the admin…..bla bla bla. Your capsules you sell …. So people, believe as you wish. Opinions are just that! your immune system is the strongest and best cure for virtually anything. Feed it well and it will keep you well. Balance is the key !! Peace all !

      • James says

        Joseph Mahoney “James, how exactly did you prove me wrong?”

        Well, for starters you can go b