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October 2018

Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
How to Address the Root Cause of Your Asthma
In this episode, I'm answering a listener question about asthma. I’ll explain four common asthma triggers and talk about how to balance your immune system.
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These three people—holding lattes and iced coffee—can all enjoy the health benefits of coffee
The Top 5 Health Benefits of Coffee
Centuries ago, coffee was viewed with suspicion. However, according to the latest studies, it may have many health benefits, and it could even contribute to longevity.
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CT scans are used to generate images—such as these images of a patient’s chest—that can help doctors diagnose an illness or injury. However, there is a small, but non-negligible, link between CT scans and cancer.
CT Scans and Cancer: What Are the Risks?
The doctor orders a CT scan for your recurring abdominal pain. When you ask about radiation, she assures you that the dose is low and that CTs are safe. But are they? Is there a...
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
How to Use Tech to Improve Your Sleep with Harpreet Rai
In this episode, I talk with Oura Ring’s Harpreet Rai about how to use technology to track your sleep habits and improve your shuteye.
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Contrary to some common myths about meditation, you don’t have to sit cross-legged—like this young man is doing—to meditate.
The Top 5 Myths about Meditation
Meditation has gone mainstream, much more so than it once was. Yet, there are a lot of misconceptions about meditation that may be stopping you from starting and sticking with your own practice.
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Xanthan gum can add elasticity to gluten-free baked goods, like this dough being kneaded.
What Is Xanthan Gum—And Is It Safe for You?
If you’ve given up bread and other traditional baked goods in favor of gluten-free options, you’re probably eating xanthan gum. But what is xanthan gum? Is it safe to eat regularly?
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A woman adds sugar cubes to her tea, instead of choosing sorbitol.
Is Sorbitol Safe for Your Health?
You probably already know about some of the health concerns associated with refined sugar. What about low-calorie substitutes like sorbitol? Is this sweetener safe to eat? Is there room for it in a healthy diet?
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This glass of homemade soy milk is unlikely to contain carrageenan.
Carrageenan: Everything You Need to Know
While concerns about carrageenan have risen recently, the data on this food additive is complex. Find out if carrageenan is bad for your health.
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Chris Kresser explains why you should eat meat to Joe Rogan and Dr. Joel Kahn.
Why You Should Eat Meat: My Appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience
Omnivore or vegan—which is healthier? This is the question that Dr. Joel Kahn and I debated live on the Joe Rogan Experience. Read on to get the highlights from the show.
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