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Environmental Toxins

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The Health Benefits of Saunas
Saunas have long been a relaxing and therapeutic practice. Read on to learn about the many health benefits of regular sauna use, both in healthy people and in patients with a variety of health conditions.
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There are many health benefits of saunas.
Environmental Toxins: Steps for Decreasing Exposure and Increasing Detoxification
Industrialized society has exposed us to thousands of toxins. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Read on to learn how.
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Environmental Toxins: The Elephant in the Room?
Environmental toxins are ubiquitous and almost impossible to avoid. If you are taking steps to limit your exposure, should you be worried about the low levels that are still undoubtedly in your system? It depends.
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Environmental toxicity is all over - not just in the places we think it is.
RHR: Genomic Testing for Chronic Illness—with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker
In this episode, we welcome Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker to explore all facets of genomic testing and how it can influence how we diagnose chronic illness.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Is Your Body a Toxic Waste Dump?
The media is sounding the alarm about Zika virus, but environmental toxins are a much bigger threat to our health. Learn 3 ways that you can protect yourself and your family.
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RHR: How to Test Your Home for Mold, with Mike Schrantz
Learn how environmental professionals detect problems and improve the health of built environments. Mike Schrantz will discuss myths and truths about common mold tests, and where to start if your house needs testing.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Mercury Toxicity, Kids & Fish Consumption
Recent research suggests that kids may be more sensitive to mercury than adults. But does that mean kids shouldn’t eat fish at all?
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RHR: Dr. Chris Shade on Mercury Toxicity
In today's episode, I discuss with Dr. Chris Shade how we get exposed to mercury and the right (and wrong) way to test for mercury toxicity.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
5 Things You Should Know about Toxic Mold Illness
Mold is only one of the many biotoxins found in water-damaged buildings.The illness caused by exposure to these toxins is more complex than we assume.
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