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Fitness & Wellness

Do you want to exercise like your ancestors? Check out these articles about fitness & wellness and get the most up-to-date trends from an ancestral health perspective.

Ancestral Health: What It Is and How It Can Help You
We’re living in a time of innovation, yet we’re sicker than ever before. Find out how ancestral health can halt or even reverse the chronic disease epidemic.
Ancestral health means eating, living, and moving like Paleo hunter–gatherers—like this man is doing during an intense trail run.
The Benefits of Using Wearable Technology for Health Tracking
Are you considering using wearable technology for health tracking? Be sure to choose a device that tracks sleep, stress, and more—and make sure you’re willing to wear it.
This woman is jogging while using wearable technology for health tracking.
The Top Health Benefits of Green Space
Spending time outside can reduce your stress and bolster your mood, improve your cognition, lower your risks for chronic diseases, and help you live longer. Find out more of the health benefits of green space.
This woman walking her dog outdoors is enjoying the health benefits of green space.
Changing Habits? You Need to Shrink the Change
Are you changing your habits? Maybe your goal is to eat healthier and lose some pounds or get more sleep. Whatever your objective, you’re more likely to achieve your goal if it's small and attainable.
If you’re changing habits, shrinking the change can help. Be sure to celebrate your successes, like these runners finishing a race.
Estrogen in Men: Why You Need to Balance Your Hormones as You Age
Low testosterone in men is widely studied and discussed, but doctors often overlook the importance of balanced estrogen. Learn about estrogen and men’s health, and what to do if your levels aren’t in line.
Men need estrogen too. Taking time to meditate, like this man is doing, can help manage stress and keep estrogen levels in check.
Why You Need to Move Every Day to Get the Benefits of Exercise
To get the full benefits of exercise, you need to move every day. Find out how to swap your sedentary lifestyle for an active one and start moving like our active hunter–gatherer ancestors did.
To get the full benefits of exercise and combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, you need to move every day.