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Healthy Skin

While some dermatologists say diet doesn’t affect your skin, the truth is that how well you eat can show clearly on your face. Learn more about nutrition for skin health here.

Bioidentical Hormones, Acne Scars, and Heavy Metal Toxins
In this exclusively Q&A episode, I answer your questions on bioidentical hormones, acne scars, heavy metal toxicity and more.
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The Gut-Skin Connection: How Altered Gut Function Affects the Skin
Researchers suspected a link between gut and skin health a long time ago. Modern research has confirmed the importance of the relationship.
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Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Silica, Niacin, Vitamin K2, and Probiotics
In this final installment, I will discuss the benefits of four more nutrients that can play an important role in improving the look and feel of one’s skin.
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Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, and Selenium
In this installment, we're going to look at three more nutrients beneficial for skin health: vitamin E, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).
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Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Biotin, and Sulfur
Contrary to what many conventional doctors and dermatologists may believe, nutrition plays a critical role in the health of your skin.
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Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin C
Certain vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds are effective at treating skin conditions and improving one's skin.
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Tips for a Healthy Summer: Part 1
Summer is here and warm weather plus longer daylight hours means opportunities for better health and wellness.
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Naturally Get Rid Of Acne By Fixing Your Gut
We talk a lot about the "gut-brain" axis.  But did you know there's also a "gut-skin" axis?
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How Too Much Omega-6 and Not Enough Omega-3 Is Making Us Sick
We’re consuming up to 25 times more omega-6 fat than we need, and too much omega-6 is contributing to the epidemic of modern, inflammatory disease.
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