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Health Begins in the Womb – and Even Before
Recent research suggests that the 9 months of pregnancy are the most consequential period in determining our lifelong health.
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The Fish vs. Fish Oil Smackdown
Should you eat fish or take fish oil? That depends on your goals. Read this article to learn more.
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Three More Studies That Should Make You Skeptical of Mainstream Health Advice
Lately I've been encouraged by the number of studies being published that undermine the anti-fat, anti-cholesterol dogma we've been brainwashed with for so long. This is good news.
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Research Alert: Statins Dangerous for Pregnant Women!
The mainstream scientific community finally wakes up and publicly acknowledges the risks of statin drugs to pregnant women.
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Statins for Pregnant Women and Kids?
Researcher Chris Masterjohn reveals the negligence and recklessness of recent recommendations that pregnant women and kids as young as 8-years old take statin drugs.
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More Mainstream Madness
This week I'd like to bring your attention to three articles I came across on the web which illustrate the utter madness of mainstream medicine and nutrition.
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The Soy Ploy
Soy products are regarded as some of the healthiest on the market. Yet this is not necessarily true. Modern production methods play a key role in determining nutritional quality. Let's explore further.
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Our Children: Well-Fed but Malnourished?
The question of how to nourish our children so they develop into healthy adults is the most important question we can ask. Find out how to make sure your kids are well nourished.
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Whole Fat Milk: Benefits for Moms and Kids
Yet another study has been published that directly contradicts the low-fat dietary propaganda that has unfortunately become so prevalent. Find out more about this research from Harvard.
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