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Optimal Nutrition

Read the latest research-backed articles on optimal nutrition here, and find out how it connects with ancestral health.

RHR: What the EAT-Lancet Paper Gets Wrong, with Diana Rodgers
Meat is in the news again, and, as usual, a new study is claiming that animal products are unhealthy and bad for the environment. In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Diana Rodgers and I...
Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Ancestral Health: What It Is and How It Can Help You
We’re living in a time of innovation, yet we’re sicker than ever before. Find out how ancestral health can halt or even reverse the chronic disease epidemic.
Ancestral health means eating, living, and moving like Paleo hunter–gatherers—like this man is doing during an intense trail run.
Paleo Travel Snacks: How to Eat Healthy While You’re On the Go
It’s easy to eat Paleo while you’re at home, but what happens when you take a road trip for pleasure or travel for work? Find out how to pack Paleo travel snacks.
Packing your own Paleo travel snacks can protect from you making unhealthy choices while you’re traveling, like this woman in Budapest.
How Industrial Seed Oils Are Making Us Sick
Industrial seed oils are not beneficial for our health; in fact, a growing body of research indicates that these oils are making us sick. Read on to learn what dietary fats you should eat instead.
Industrial seed oils—like these bottles of sunflower oil—are inflammatory, nutrient-poor additions to your diet.
Meal Prep: Your Best Tool for Healthy Eating
Check out this article to learn all about the art of meal prepping, and get valuable tips for making Paleo affordable and time-saving, even if you’re on a strict budget and tight schedule.
Meal prepping food—like this Greek chicken dish—ahead of time and storing it in reusable containers can help save you time, money, and stress.
Here’s the Research on Sugar and Health
What is our out-of-control sugar consumption doing to our health? Read on to learn about the latest research on sugar and health, including the concept of sugar addiction.
The research on sugar and health is clear: refined sugars and sweeteners like these can be harmful and addictive.
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