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Optimal Nutrition

Read the latest research-backed articles on optimal nutrition here, and find out how it connects with ancestral health.

How to Supercharge Your Brain with Nootropics
If youʼre like most people in todayʼs fast-paced, information-overloaded world, you might be looking for ways to boost your brainpower,...
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Brain Nootrpics
RHR: Why Eating a Plants-Only Diet Won’t Improve Your Health or Save the Planet, with Jayne Buxton
Jayne Buxton, author of The Great Plant-Based Con, joins Chris on this episode of Revolution Health Radio to discuss how ethical, regenerative farming and an omnivorous diet comprised of whole foods benefits both human and...
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The Gut and Immune Health Benefits of Lactoferrin
The article discusses the crucial link between the gut and immune system, known as the gut-immune axis, emphasizing its importance for overall health and immune function. An imbalance in gut microbiota can lead to immune...
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Lactoferrin powder spilled onto surface
Top 3 Nutrients for Fighting Inflammation and Autoimmunity
The inflammation-busting properties of EPA and DHA, curcumin, and black seed oil show promise in reducing symptoms of chronic disease and other chronic conditions driven by inflammation.
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RHR: The Nutrient Shortfalls of the EAT-Lancet Diet, with Ty Beal
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, global nutrition scientist Ty Beal joins Chris to discuss the planetary health diet EAT-Lancet, its goals for humans and the environment, and how well it actually meets the...
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RHR: Promoting Healthy Longevity with Bone Broth, with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and Jill Sheppard Davenport
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and Jill Sheppard Davenport join Chris to highlight their new book, Better Broths and Healing Tonics, which provides recipes for easy, flavorful, health-supportive broths, and add‑ins to “boost” the broths for maximum...
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RHR: Solving the Problem of Vegetable Oils, with Jeff Nobbs
Jeff Nobbs, co-founder and CEO of Zero Acre Farms, joins Chris on Revolution Health Radio to discuss how vegetable oils drive chronic disease, how years of misinformation led to the prevalence of their consumption worldwide,...
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Tocotrienols: A More Potent (and Safe) Form of Vitamin E
Tocotrienols are a recently discovered form of vitamin E with superior health benefits and a better safety profile than tocopherols, the more common form of vitamin E that is used in most supplements today.
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Vitamin E Tocotrienols
Edible mushrooms: an ancient remedy rediscovered by modern science
Edible mushrooms have become a hot topic, with claims that they can do everything from boosting our defense against viruses...
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Man holding different types of mushrooms