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The Healthcare System

The healthcare system is broken, but the Functional Medicine approach can fix it. Find out more in the articles below, and share your thoughts on our healthcare system.

RHR: Addressing Complex Chronic Illness, with Sunjya Schweig
Dr. Sunjya Schweig, Founder and President of the California Center for Functional Medicine, joins Chris on this episode of Revolution Health Radio to discuss the unique challenges associated with complex chronic illness, the “invisible” experiences...
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RHR: Using Functional Medicine to Reverse and Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, with Dr. Dale Bredesen
In this episode of RHR, I talk with an internationally recognized expert in neurodegenerative diseases, Dr. Dale Bredesen, about preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s disease with Functional Medicine.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Functional Health: What Is It, and How Does it Apply to Health Coaching?
Functional Health coaching allows coaches to view clients holistically, not as a bunch of separate, unrelated parts. This helps coaches to understand the relationships between a client’s past successes, challenges, and their future goals.
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functional health
What Is the Role of Health Coaches in Public Health?
Health coaches play a vital role in public health. Check out this article to find out what that role is, and learn why we need health coaches now more than ever.
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health coaches and public health
The Importance of Social Connection for Functional Medicine Practitioners
Close social connections matter for us as healthcare practitioners—in our personal and professional lives. Find out how to cultivate a supportive professional network in the realm of Functional Medicine.
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importance of social connection for doctors
Effective Communication: Health Coaching in Action
How well a coach connects with a client will determine whether they are a fit to work together, and effective communication is part of building that connection. Find out more from health coach MaryAnn Jones.
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effective communication
Help Clients Recover from Lyme Disease with Diet and Nutrition
Lyme disease can be debilitating, but simple dietary changes can help. Find out how, as a dietitian or CNS, you can help your clients with Lyme disease ease their symptoms using a nutritional approach.
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Lyme disease diet and nutrition
12 Time Management Strategies for Your Functional Medicine Practice
Effective time management strategies can help you run your Functional Medicine practice—without running yourself into the ground. Here’s how to find the time to make a big difference in the world without compromising your health.
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Time management strategies
The Power of Listening: Health Coaching in Action
What’s the power of listening in health coaching? It gives clients the gifts of understanding, acceptance, and trust. In this Q&A, we get to the heart of listening and hearing others.
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The power of listening