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How to Prevent Diverticulitis Naturally Through Diet

by Chris Kresser

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This is a guest post written by staff nutritionist Kelsey Marksteiner, RD. Click here to read her blog or join her newsletter!

If you’ve ever experienced a diverticulitis attack, I’m sure you’d be the first to say that it’s not a pleasant experience. I bet you’d be willing to do a lot of things to prevent it from happening again! Or maybe you’re someone who has been diagnosed with diverticulosis by your gastroenterologist, but you’re not quite sure what to do to prevent those painful attacks you’ve heard about and you want to learn more. Whatever brought you here, I’m happy to have you. Today I’ll be providing tips on how to prevent diverticulitis attacks naturally.

What is Diverticular Disease?

Diverticular disease is the term used to encompass a spectrum of issues from diverticulosis (the presence of sac-like pouches called diverticula that protrude from the colonic wall) to diverticulitis (the inflammation of these pouches and the accompanying symptoms). Diverticular disease is common in the Western world, with the highest rates seen in the United States and Europe. Even in those countries the disease was almost unheard of in 1900, but by the 1970s it was the most common affliction of the colon.[1]

Diverticular disease has been shown to increase with age – by 80, it is estimated that approximately 70% of individuals have diverticular disease.[2] The highest estimates suggest that approximately 20% of patients with diverticulosis (remember these are the people with the pouches, not the acute inflammation of the pouches) will at some point develop diverticulitis.[3] However, newer and more accurate estimates suggest that this rate is somewhere between 1 and 5%, depending on the strictness of qualifying criteria.[4] This is important to note for those who have been diagnosed with diverticulosis but are currently asymptomatic – according to these newer estimates, it is unlikely that you will develop diverticulitis. However, if you have diverticulosis and want be sure to prevent any problems or you’ve had diverticulitis attacks in the past, continue reading!

Despite the fact that diverticular disease is so common, we know relatively little about it and the common recommendations are based on limited data. If you’ve been diagnosed with diverticulosis, you may have received advice from your gastroenterologist about avoiding nuts and seeds and eating more fiber. However, these recommendations are based on inconclusive research and may not provide much benefit to you. In fact, few studies show any benefit to avoiding nuts and seeds and one study even showed that intake of nuts and popcorn was associated with a decreased risk of diverticulitis and diverticular bleeding.[5] High fiber diets are also often recommended, despite inconclusive evidence.[6] It is evident that recommendations for diverticular disease are due for an update.

Underlying Factors That Contribute to Diverticulosis

Newer research suggests that the factors underlying diverticular disease are the following [7,8]:


While inflammation is well-accepted in the model of acute diverticulitis, more and more research points to the involvement of chronic low grade inflammation in the development of symptomatic diverticulosis. In fact, of 930 patients undergoing surgery for symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease (SUDD), approximately 75% of them had evidence of chronic inflammation in and around the diverticula.[9] It is for this reason that drugs used for treating inflammatory bowel disease like mesalamine are being used to treat diverticular disease with good results as well (but hang tight, we’ll talk about natural ways to prevent diverticulitis, of course!). This is also why chronic use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen have been shown to increase the risk of diverticular complications [10,11], since they are known to increase intestinal inflammation. [12,13]

Fecal calprotectin can be measured to identify intestinal inflammation, and is high in those with symptomatic diverticular disease compared to those with functional digestive tract disorders like IBS and those with asymptomatic diverticular disease. [14] If you’re wondering whether you may have intestinal inflammation, it’s a great thing to get tested (and you can order a stool test from a specialty lab like Genova Diagnostics which will measure it). It is clear that chronic inflammation is involved in the development of diverticular disease, and that those who wish to prevent attacks should take steps to reduce intestinal inflammation.

Thankfully, one of the best ways to decrease intestinal inflammation is to eat a paleo diet! By avoiding potentially irritating and inflammatory foods such as grains, omega-6 fatty acids and lactose, we can reduce intestinal inflammation and encourage proper gut health. A paleo diet also positively influences gut bacteria, which in turn results in reduced inflammation as well. A paleo diet for diverticular disease should focus on gelatinous cuts of meat, bone broths, well-cooked vegetables, starchy tubers, and fermented foods.

Reducing your stress level is also important for bringing down levels of intestinal inflammation, as stress has been shown to activate inflammation in the intestine. [15] Stress can absolutely wreak havoc on the gut, so it is essential that any program focused on preventing diverticulitis attacks include proper stress management. This means incorporating mind-body activities such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc on a regular basis. If you’re someone who’s constantly stressed out and never takes time to take care of your own well-being, it’s unlikely you’ll be successful in preventing diverticulitis attacks even if you implement all the other suggestions outlined in this article. This one is important!

Another way to reduce an inflamed intestine is to supplement with soothing and healing demulcent herbs – deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) has been shown to reduce mucosal damage and inflammation in rodents [16,17] and it is likely that other demulcent herbs such as slippery elm and marshmallow root may have the same effect. Take chewable DGL tablets or mix a spoonful of slippery elm or marshmallow root powder in a small amount of water and drink 1-3 times per day to help soothe and heal an inflamed intestine. Another healing substance for the gut – bone broth – should be liberally consumed for this purpose as well.

Altered intestinal bacteria

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is common in diverticulitic patients. [18] Rifaximin, a non-absorbable antibiotic (meaning it only affects the gut, not the rest of the body), has been shown to effectively treat SIBO [19] and this treatment has also been shown to improve diverticular disease outcomes. [20] Bacterial overgrowth, along with fecal stasis inside the diverticula, can contribute chronic dysbiosis which can lead to low-grade inflammation [21], so improving gut bacterial balance is crucial to reducing intestinal inflammation.

Probiotic supplementation has been shown to be safe and potentially useful in diverticular disease [22] and is likely to be even more beneficial when combined with other therapies. If you’re not already consuming probiotics from your food (in the form of kefir, kombucha, kimchi, etc) then you should consider adding a supplement like VSL #3 or Prescript Assist (though even if you are consuming probiotics, a supplement isn’t a bad idea!). As Chris has mentioned, Prescript Assist tends to be the probiotic of choice for those suffering from constipation so start with that if you tend to err on the side of decreased motility.

Prebiotics are also very useful for correcting dysbiosis, and should be considered by those with diverticular disease. Prebiotics “stimulate selectively the growth and/or activity of intestinal bacteria associated with health and well-being” [23], which is exactly what we want when we’re trying to shift the balance of the microbes back to the good guys. My go-to prebiotic is Pure Encapsulations fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) powder, but others include GOS and even lactulose. Supplementation with 10g of FOS per day has been shown to increase counts of bifidobacteria. [24] As with all prebiotics, it’s important to start with a very small amount and increase slowly. If you’re sensitive to FODMAPs you’ll want to be particularly careful as prebiotics are also FODMAPs. However, if you tolerate them well I think prebiotics can be a powerhouse when it comes to correcting imbalanced gut flora.

Most importantly, it’s crucial to treat SIBO or dysbiosis. As we’ve discussed, these conditions are very common in those with diverticular disease so it’s worth checking on your gut bacteria to see how they’re doing, using specialty labs such as Genova Diagnostics (and get your calprotectin tested while you’re at it!). It’s best to work with a practitioner who can test and treat you for these conditions.

Abnormal colonic motility

Researchers have found that those suffering from symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease have what they like to call a “spastic colon” in the areas affected by diverticulosis [25]. This is similar to what is found in patients with constipation predominant IBS and in functional constipation.  These same researchers also found that patients with diverticulitis disease have reduced density of interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC for short – a fun name for the “pacemaker cells” of the intestine) [26]. In studies on animals with a lack of ICC networks, delayed or absent intestinal motility is noted. [27,28] What this means for diverticular patients is that these lack of networks and a spastic colon can cause increased symptoms in terms of constipation and bloating/pain. Though we’re not entirely sure what we can do to directly affect these cells (yet), it’s important to use therapies aimed toward improving motility if this is an issue for you.

Know that correcting SIBO and dysbiosis will go a long way toward improving constipation, so this is a good place to start. Given that our stool is mostly made up of dead bacteria, one can imagine that without proper amounts of good bacteria we’re going to have a tough time bulking the stool. Prebiotics can be particularly useful for constipation given that they selectively increase good bacteria like bifidobacteria. However, if you’re still struggling after correcting dysbiosis, here are some additional recommendations.

First, serotonin is an important player in gut motility. Serotonin concentrations in those with colonic diverticulosis are significantly lower than normal controls and contribute to the type of bowel habit following a test meal. [29] Serotonin transporter (SERT) transcript levels are also lower in those with a history of diverticulitis compared to controls and those with asymptomatic diverticulosis. [30] Inflammation is also known to decrease SERT expression and function [31,32], so following the recommendations to lower intestinal inflammation is of course the first step to improving gut motility. In addition, it is also likely that supplementation with 5-HTP (a precursor to serotonin) may alleviate constipation and increase motility since it will increase serotonin levels. Note: do not take 5-HTP without talking to your doctor first if you are on an SSRI medication.

Second, if you’re currently on a low carbohdyrate paleo diet, you may want to consider increasing your carbohydrate intake. In my experience working with those with constipation on a paleo diet, this is the single most effective diet-based recommendation I’ve seen. If you’re at a loss as to what starches to add in, check out this excellent handout from Balanced Bites. Note: since SIBO is so common for those with diverticulosis, this step may need to wait until that has been treated, and may not be appropriate for some people.

Magnesium supplementation can also be very useful for people with constipation. Given that only about half of US adults consume the RDA for magnesium [33], it’s safe to say that a lot of us probably aren’t getting enough. This is due to the fact that not many foods naturally contain high amounts of magnesium, and even those that do have less due to the depletion of magnesium from our soil. Check out this magnesium soil content map to see how your local area is doing (and think about where most of your food comes from – if you’re not eating local you may not even know what soil your food is being grown in!).


By reducing our intestinal inflammation, balancing our gut bacteria, and improving our intestinal motility it is likely that we can prevent diverticulitis attacks. I’ll leave you with a set of action steps so you remember exactly what to do to improve these underlying factors.

Action Steps to Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks:

  • Eat a paleo diet!
  • Reduce stress
  • Use demulcent herbs such as DGL, slippery elm, and marshmallow root to soothe and heal the intestine
  • Take probiotics like VSL #3 or Prescript Assist
  • Take prebiotics like FOS powder
  • Treat SIBO or dysbiosis
  • Reduce intestinal inflammation to increase SERT functioning, and consider supplementation with 5-HTP
  • If you’re currently on a low carbohdyrate paleo diet, consider adding some starchy tubers to your diet
  • Supplement with magnesium

Now I’d like to hear from you – have you tried any of these tips or do you have additional tips to prevent diverticulitis? Chime in on the comments below!


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 7.10.18 PMThis is a guest post written by Kelsey Marksteiner, RD. Kelsey is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelors degree in nutrition from NYU, and is currently working on her Master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She works in private practice and recommends individualized dietary therapy focusing on biologically appropriate diet principles to aid her clients in losing weight, gaining energy, and pursuing continued health. She is a firm believer that everyone is different, and she tailors her plan for each and every individual. Through her work, she aims to meld the dietary wisdom of traditional cultures with the latest science in integrative and functional medicine to create plans for her clients that work in the modern world. You can learn more about Kelsey on her staff bio page, or by visiting her private practice website. Join her newsletter here!



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  1. Great news people!
    I actually forgot about this site for 2 years. Recent studies show that processed sugar and processed wheat are the 2 main contributors to divertic. I’ve been off sugar for the most part, and wheat for the last 3 years and haven’t had a single problem. I eat tons of strawberries, popcorn, blueberries, chia seeds and have no issues at all. Seeds never were a problem for me but for some reason people attribute seeds to divertic.
    This disease can virtually be graphed over the top of a processed flour proliferation chart.

    • Natano, i am looking for those studies you mentioned but i can’t seem to find them. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  2. Hi, i am new here and I am very interested in this entire topic and I am going to spend the time to read everyone’s previous comments (iv gotten some good ideas so far). My question for the group is “How long do other people’s diverticulitis attacks last”? my story so far:

    I am on my 7th week of an attack and 6th week of an infection and my 5th script (soon to be 6th) of antibiotics (moxiclav duo forte 875/125).

    I was diagnosed last year 30 years old after i had a flare up, I went for a colonoscopy and diverticulitis was found. Since then i had 2 small flare ups (3-4 days) and one massive one (current) that i cannot seem to shake. During this last attack (early stages) i went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and provided some blood and stood tests. These came back with stool infection. I took the remaining antibiotics and had another colonoscopy the week after (did the whole prep and low fibre clear fluid thing that everyone does). Operation revealed that the diverticulitis had spread, they took some biopsies and said see you in another 5 years (wtf). Biopsies showed i still have an infection and that i need to treat it. Back to the doctors for a 2nd course of antibiotics and a repeat script just in case. I then went on a clear fluid diet (mostly water and clear soups / stocks and protein shakes for about 3.5 days while taking the antibiotics. I then got the third script filled as i hadn’t improved yet and was really bloody hungry by then. So i went on soft food / low fibre diet of mostly soup, noddles, plane chicken or fish, some white bread and juices. I had been doing this 2 weeks and now into the start of my 3rd, iv stopped eating chicken and fish and almost all fluids with 1 piece of white bread a day to eat my antibiotics. I’ve been back to the doctors and got 2 more repeat scripts (about to finish my 5th and go onto my 6th) i have noticed over the last 2 days the pain getting worse rather than better. I am back on clear fluid, water, juice and soups. I also take a daily probiotic tablet and multi vitamins.

    From a symptoms perspective, i have the standard pain that everyone would be familiar with, mine is top left (rather than the common bottom left), the pain radiates into my back and it feels like i have kidney pain constantly. I also got some small fevers a few days ago but they have stopped and a also left testicular pain (dull throb) constantly. I have been mostly having loose stools and mild diarrhea with the occasional blood in the stool (fresh bright red). During the last 3 weeks i also got some kind of UTI that only lasted 3 days, i read that might be associated with the constant infection in the gut e.g. traveling into the blood stream and out through the liver and kidneys (thus into my urine).

    I am so over this s**t (pun intended) and need some ideas. 6 weeks seems like way too long and it doesn’t feel like the antibiotics are doing anything at all. The only time I start to feel better is when I don’t eat food and I can only sustain that for 3-4 days.

    • John, I hope that you’re feeling better by now. I wondered, if the docs checked you for C-diff. I was on 3 courses of the standard 2 antibiotics for my first diverticulitis attack and developed C-diff. The symptoms are somewhat similar to the divert…aches in different parts of the colon with diarrhea and/or loose stool. It kept recurring even, but a 6 week step down antibiotic regime saved the day.

    • See info at earthclinic.com I tried what people had success with grapefruit seed extract and vitamin C, (Vit C must be separate from meds by about 3 hrs) I used 15 drops GFSE 4x/day until pain is gone, then 1x/day forever to help prevent.
      Worked for me in a few hours, but I had been taking Vit C for 2 days prior because I thought at first it was a stomach bug.

  3. I have a great question, would make an immense difference to me if you could give me some ideas as to a remedy. Last month I woke one night with intense pain, went to the ER. Diagnosis: Perforation with possible Diverticulitis. Never had GI issues until this. DID Emergency surgery to close the perforation, out of the hosptial in 5 days. Went home on standard low residue foods, but having issues with that, bloating, pain, fever. Now the problem, the GI doc I went to told me they should have set up a temporary colostomy to allow my colon to heal through this but did not, solutin to this is to redo the surgery! NO WAY! What can I do now to help the inflammation and heal my colon. I am having problems eating, so right now, NO FOOD. Any supplements or anything I can do to avoid this? Please! What a mess!

      • The research I’ve done In the last few years points to processed flower and processed sugar as been 2 if the main culprits responsible for the build up in your intestinal walls that can cause infection. I have gone to a gluten-free diet which cleared up the back of my arms and has eliminated the phlegm buildup in my throat. I thought it was normal to constantly be clearing your throat but it’s not. Send switching to a mainly vegetarian diet and eliminating sugar I haven’t had any problems in 3 years. Everyone is different but this certainly works for me.

  4. Kelsey, you did not mention high fiber diets. Many studies show that it can help prevent flare ups. If you agree, what would be your go-to fiber supplement? Thank you so much!

  5. I’ve just been released from the hospital with my first bout of diverticulitis, which was diagnosed via CT scan. I was treated with narcotics, which are making me constipated. I’m home now and off pain meds. What should I do about the constipation?

    • 1/3 cup of All Bran daily has been working for me better than anything I have tried. Occasional does Miralax aoso works but drinks lots of water with Miralax as it draws water to the bowel to soften it and it will draw it from the kidneys if you are not drinking enough water.

    • 1/3 cup of All Bran daily has been working for me better than anything I have tried. Occasional does Miralax aoso works but drinks lots of water with Miralax as it draws water to the bowel to soften it and it will draw it from the kidneys if you are not drinking enough water.

      Also I found that insoluble Fiber works best for me. Soluble Fiber does not digest and causes repeat problems but everyone is different you just have to experiment to find what works best for you.

  6. I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis. I eat raw spinach salads, with dried cranberries and crispy onions every day. Is that bad.

  7. Hi Pj, I’m not sure I’m the best one to answer your question about fiber. I tried Metamucil but preferred taking a daily fiber gummy but both my husband and felt it left us feeling bloated. So now I eat around 1200-1500 calories a day. I eat mostly protein and salad consisting of spinach and romaine, olives and raw onion. I eat yogurt, soup, chicken, beef and eggs and take probotics and my vitamins including turmeric and ginger root. Probably not getting enough fiber but I feel really good.

    • Gail,

      Thank you.
      I won’t take anymore. I took aloe vera and hoping it’ll work me soon.
      I take the ginger root tea and will be getting the gse.
      I’ll try to get my protein else where.

      • Yes, I’ve taken the Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm capsules before bed when I get a mild stomach ache. If I felt discomfort in the morning I would either do a liquid diet for the day or a soft food diet for a few days. I’ve been very fortunate to only have one attack so far. Hoping by changing diet and allowing my colon to rest by intermittent fasting that I won’t experience another attack. My Dr. suggested prunes for fiber but I hate prunes and have read some have problems with the prune skins so felt OK about not eating them.

        • Gail,

          I am glad you mentioned the prunes.
          I was concerned about the skins also so I have eaten any.
          I still eat very lite and I do chicken noodle soup on some days also, like today.
          But I am trying to put on 10 lbs so I need to eat as much regular food as I can.
          Tonight I cooked grilled chicken, sauted red potatoes and carrots, but I won’t eat any tonight.

          • I’m sure your Dr. could give you a recommended diet to gain weight or you can search the internet. Potatoes are easy to digest. I do eat white bread but have to eat it sparingly. I could eat ice cream but I would pick one that doesn’t have nuts. I eat French fries but not too many.

            • I don’t need it myself, but please tell me there’s a weight gain diet that does not involve massive amounts of carbs. Many create dysbiosis in the gut without there being other issues such as diverticulitis…..

                • It’s a blanket term for any imbalance of bacteria in the gut (there’s also SIBO= small intestinal bacteria overgrowth….That’s another whole subject). There are two major types of bacteria in the large intestine. It’s okay to have both, but you want one family to be dominant. The other family can pretty much rule your world by evening out more calories from carbs, make you crave carbs, excrete cytokines which can change moods, etc.
                  Look yup microbiome, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes… Josh Axe and David Perlmutter have lots of info on the importance of this ratio

              • Hi Dawn,

                Is this site still up? I do not see any current post.
                Have you been able to gain weight like you mentioned in your last post.

              • It’s up to you. But I would start by calling your Dr. that has a history of your condition. I’ll be praying for you. Hope you feel better soon.

                • Gail,
                  Went to ER 4am. My bowels moved just as the nurse came in, so I went to the bathroom. I left. I feel better now. I will continue to take the aloe and miralax to be sure it moves and get that fiber drink out. Thanks

                • Gail,
                  Constipation is gone. Went to doctor she said metamucil can and probably did constipate me. Cat scan showed diverticulosis, no active “itis”. Now i’m trying to gain back 10 lbs. Eating potatoes as much as I can.

                • Gail,

                  Can you tell me , since I got the results from my cat scan that I do have diverticulosis, why do I still need to get a colonoscopy to tell me what I already know?

                • Gail,

                  I guess my question about cat scan vs colonoscopy was a little dumb.
                  I realized the colonoscopy will look for polyps and the overall condition of the colon.

                  I am scheduled to have it done on the 20th.

                  But I really woukd like to know what you think of the air fryer?

        • I see different people mention that they have tummy upset that they limit their foods or do a liquid diet. How is this not the start of a flare? I just dont understand.
          Can you have pains with diverticulosis and just stop eating and go liquid diet and it stops it from going into full blown diverticulitis? I had my first bout two months ago. Now I am having my second. This scares me because I went vegan (was vegetarian) and eat super healthy and lots of fiber. I take a fiber supplement on the days I feel I didnt get 25-30 gm. I think the reason for the second flare was eating 4 slices of cucumber, two slices of tomato (with seeds) and some wasabi within a couple days of each other. Help!

          • Susan, I’ve only had one attack. My doctor told me to go on a liquid diet for a few days followed by a soft food diet like jello, mashed potatoes, etc. to let my colon rest. I had an infection caused by popcorn or peanuts that got stuck in the diverticula. So I needed antibiotics. I don’t juice but I can eat romaine lettuce, spinach, olives. Hope that helps a little.

          • I have found oddly enough that too much fiber or too many raw veggies give me a problem. And for myself at least if I feel some discomfort I do go to a liquid diet and eat less when I’m better. I’ve struggled with this for years and this seems to be the most helpful for me at least.

            • Stuart, I agree and also feel better when I eat smaller portions and if it’s something I’m uncertain about I have a very small portion. An example was crushed pineapple. I made a dessert with pineapple, mandarin oranges and coconut. Only had one small serving to see if I got a stomachache and I didn’t. But my ordeal began from eating popcorn and peanuts and sitting for a car trip.

    • Hi Gail,

      I have been feeling well. I am adding to the list everyday of what I can eat. I ate yogurt ice cream for the 1st time today and apple pie for the calories. It digested well. I also ate out for breakfast at a breakfast bar. I had 1-1/2 servings of bacon, eggs, gritts and cornbeef hash. It digested well also. I took a 20-30 min walk at the end of the day. I have not weighed myself to see if I am gaining my weight back. I will wait a few weeks before I get on the scale. I am not sure if this site is still up because I do not see anyone posting. I only get chris’s post on healing regiments. I have found another site.

  8. I don’t know what I have but the main thing is very bad gas that occurs like 40 to 80 times an hr. It is the most foul smelling stuff and will stink up a whole room. Even outside in the wind it is very foul and hangs around for a long time. It gets my clothing and bed cloths smelling like that and can take days to come out unless I wash them. Of course it keeps on keeping on so this does no good.

  9. Well hello everybody my name is Vickie and I have just come across this website,let me tell you that diverticulitis has been a part of my life for almost 10 yrs and its been hell to say the least.
    I just had an episode last Friday and am on medicine right now and over the years I have not been able to take certain meds anymore because they make me sick or give me headaches! I was told 5 or so years ago I should have surgery and with this episode I am seriously considering it, this disease is scary because it could kill a person I have had so many infections I have lost count but its been more than 7, My doctor told me that if a person has more than 3 infections your lining is thinning out where that infection is taking place and is making a rupture more than possible and you know what happens than, as for stress I think thats what brought mine on in the first place years ago I have noticed when im really stressing for a long period of time I seem to get a flare up and depending on what I may be eating at that time too I wish there was a cure for this besides surgery im not looking forward to that.

    • Vickie, so sorry to hear about your long battle with divers. I’m wondering if when we’re dealing with extra stress we just aren’t paying as much attention to our diet? I have read that the list of foods to avoid can “grow” the longer we have this. Can’t advise about surgery but my surgeon said if a pocket perforates it will be emergency surgery. Guess you could always talk to your surgeon and find out how much of your colon he wants to repair and then decide if you should go ahead with it. God bless! Gail

      • Hi Gail
        Well surgery is out of the question for me according to the surgen I saw yesterday, He said my colon has to many pockets all over it so there is no relief there for me, the only way I will get surgery is in an emergency when a perforation happens, all I can do now is be extra careful with the diet and when I feel an attack coming on make sure I get to the ER ASAP!!! and not only that but I need to get a scan done every time cause I need to be checked for a perforation since I have had this issue for so long. Sounds like a death sentence to me!!!

      • Gail are you saying you had surgery? Do you ever feel a warmth coming up towards your chest? Has anyone had the surgery where they stick the tube down your throat and if so can the see more with that, like the lining of the stomach? I ask this because of what Vickie said about the stomach.

        • No, I haven’t had surgery. And can’t remember feeling warm in my chest. At first, I thought I had the flu but then I had terrible pain and it was confirmed after a colonoscopy that I have diverticula.

          • Hi Gail,
            Does this mean you do not have diverticulitis? But you do have diverticula? I’m told “itis” is worse. I am suppose to get a colonoscopy in a few weeks. He said if he see that some of my colon needs to be removed he will do it. I get a cat scan next week. I honestly do not know if I want to have any colon removed. How is it you escaped that? Do you work?

            • It’s my understanding that the diverticula is the pockets that form on your colon. I have one. The diverticulitis is when food gets caught in the pocket. Yes, I would get a colonoscopy so you can see what is going on. They showed me pictures. I would not have any part of my colon removed if this is your first attack until you adjust your diet and add some exercise a few times a week. The colonoscopy doesn’t hurt cause they put you to sleep. The preparation is the worst part you need to stay close to home.

                • Hi Pj, I first went to my family Dr. They scheduled a CT scan. The CT scan showed the inflammation. My family Dr scheduled the apt with the surgeon. I had a consultation with him before they scheduled me for the colonoscopy. They make you wait for about 3 weeks to get the colonoscopy so that your colon has had time to heal. My surgeon gave me a folder with all the info on what to do. Hope that helps some.

                • Gail,
                  Yes that helps. My primary doctor waiting 2 weeks to schedule the CT and the GI doctor is having me wait 4 weeks to have the colonoscopy.

                • To everyone,
                  I think it would be better that everyone posting is honest and clear with exactly what type of Diver they have. The type has a lot to do with the symptoms and healing. Diverticu(la), (osis) or (itis) are all different stages. When you’re posting about your experiences it will be good to know the exact type of the condition.

                • I got to this site looking for an “instant cure” because I too was in Denial and i didn’t want to believe anyone.
                  I took it upon myself to throw away the second prescription “flagyl”
                  both the flagyl and cypro together were making me feel worse than my divers. So I came here and read comments, asked questions and I Changed my eating habits. Now I know what will make me feel bad and how to prepare for it or make myself feel better. Long story short, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink it”
                  So, PJ all of your tests and etc etc sound like the Doctors bilking the Insurance company to me. Diverticulitis doesn’t just go away. My Doctor freaked when I told him I wasn’t taking the Flagyl . I didn’t care, It was making me feel worse. Three thing I got from this site is Courage, GSE, and Olive Oil.
                  My first symptoms of divers I thought it was indigestion , so I juiced 3 days in a row, and it went away. The second time (3 months later) I ate Huge bowls of Bran flakes thinking it was indigestion – huge mistake…. that is what put me in the ER –
                  For anyone to tell you it is OK to poop every other day to me is a QUACK – Please tell me one good reason to retain poop for so long ?
                  Anyways, I am not replying to you anymore, this is no quick fix, this is a new way of life for us. You can either fall into the “Medical” way of doing things and end up pooping in a bag for the rest of your life, or you can make Immediate changes and make yourself better naturally. It is up to you. but it will take time and patience. One last thing, STAY AWAY FROM GLUTEN. good luck on your whatever your doctors are having you do, and please take care.

                • John,
                  I thank you for your concerns and comments. I definitely did not intend to come across in a negative way. I have always been regular on a daily basis with my poops. I still am. I just wanted to share with you all what my doctors have told me in hopes of getting some great advice. My primary doctor and the GI told me people don’t have to poop everyday. I am not saying I agree with that. I have always felt the need to go every morning. Please do not stop responding to my comments. I look forward to them. I am drinking ginger root tea now(it has an acquired taste) and I will be getting the organic tumeric and ginger this weekend for my smoothies. I am watching what I eat. I have no left front pain anymore but my goal is to stop these flu like systems from coming on as well as the numbness and air or gassy feeling I get on my left side some nights when I sleep. I also really need to gain 10 lbs. I am a small framed female so the weight loss shows. Also gaining the 10 lbs will help with my energy and strength. Yesterday I ate mild wings and fries. I never ate things like steak or pork chops or mac n cheese so I won’t miss food like that. I feel like my stomach is trying to settle or move back into place. I hope to get my cat scan results on monday and then maybe I will have an idea of what it shows then I will be getting the colonoscopy in a few weeks. Think of this blog as rehab. We can not turn our backs on someone in rehab who is in the need of help. I thank God for all of you and you sharing your comments. I will still read your comments John. Thanks

                • John,
                  I also feel the antibiotics made me feel worse. Especially the levoflaxin. It made me so weak and I think that is the one that took my weight because I could not eat. I am not on any medicine now.

                • Hi Gail,
                  I want to let you know that I had my cat scan 2 days ago and I go in for a f/u with my doctor on Monday and I should get the results then. I do not have any more pain. My appetite has improved a lot so hopefully I will gain 10 lbs out of the 20 that I lost back. I watch what I eat. The types of food I have eaten is mild wings, fries, salmon, mashed potatoes, cereal, almond milk. I am affraid to eat salads or vegetables. I actually felt hungry for the 1st time yesterday. That is when I had the salmon/mashed potatoes from red lobster. I do not have the desire to cook. When I get in my bed at night I still have that feeling like my body is convulsing and I feel flu like. Should I take medicine for this flu feeling? This only seems to happen at night in my bed. You all are right about stress because when I feel nervous I get that funny feeling of nasty inside it tries to rise up in my chest. Nervousness use to settle in my stomach. During most days I feel like nothing is wrong then at bedtime I get that sick flu feeling in bed. But if I am sleeping on the sofa I don’t feel it. Do you know what to think of that.? I have also started drinking ginger root tea.

                • I have eaten both of those without any problems. However, different people have different reactions to certain foods. You should try alittle and see how you feel. The main culprits are seeds, nuts, raw vegetables, etc. Keeping a food journal helps so that if you don’t feel well you can look back a day or two and see what you’ve eaten. And then it helps you record your “safe” foods as well as “avoid” foods.

                • Gail,

                  I will eat a few grilled shrimp today and a few pieces of cantelope tomorrow.

                  Any advice on fried foods. I cooked breaded fillet flounder last night and put garlic powder, pepper garlic, butter and olive oil on it. It was really good and no problems with it.

                  I am going to buy an air fryer.

                • Gail,

                  What are your thoughts on fiber such as metamucil?
                  I started using it 2 days ago and I feel constipated.
                  I have been eating very small meals so it should not be my food intake.
                  I took aloe vera last night and this morning to help my stomach move.
                  Please let me know your thoughts on this.

                • It is very possible that your flu like feelings and inability to gain weight are due to fluoroquinolone toxicity. The fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics which includes Cipro and Levaquin can be highly toxic and many people have had adverse ( sometimes delayed ) reactions. They can destroy the gut bacteria completely for up to a year. Many people have been left crippled by them with severe musculoskeletal skeletal problems.

    • Hi Vickie, I am 65, had my 1st serious bout of a Diver.. in 2008, was in Hospital, then a few bouts in between. Was in a very stressful time in 2013, lost my job the end of 2013 and got sick April 2014 with a terrible case of diverticulitis. It went on and on round after round of cipro and flagyl in Hospital twice. By September 2014 I went for a Colonoscopy the Dr could not do, said I was so inflamed he could perforate my bowel. Then I also developed a fistula. Said I need a Surgeon. I was scared but saw a Surgeon, who said from Cat scan I needed the surgery. Thank God I liked this Surgeon. Anyway I had the surgery Oct 15, 2014. The Surgeon was great, came to see me daily, I have been fine since then. I can’t eat raw veggies but eat at home a salad a day,take probiotics, don’t eat steak can’t digest, very little red meat no pork, softer stuff and have been fine. I am not a fan of surgery but I needed it because I was so sick for so long. I hope I helped you. Just pray, God will show you what is best for you, he is with you through it all.

      • Hi Cris
        Well I saw a surgen yesterday only to be told[ that my situation is not unique but not all that common] I can not have surgery because my colon has to many pockets in order to possibly give me any relief, the only way I will ever get surgery is if a flare up perforates than its emergency surgery of course. I guess what this tells me is that this issue with pockets has gotten worse over the years, cause 7 years ago a GI Dr told me to get surgery! You can imagine how this made me feel to basically hear its to late now for you, I had no clue that was even possible and I now wonder is it possible that even if I would of gotten the surgery when told that I could of ended up with new pockets elsewhere? So all that I can do now is really be careful with my diet and as soon as I feel an attack coming on I need to not only get to the ER ASAP!!! but, make sure I always get a scan done in case there is a perforation, hows that for a death sentence?

        • Vickie you definitely need a second opinion. My diverticulitis was not as bad however as I previously mentioned I had it on the splenic flexure towards the top of the colon all the way towards the bottom sigmoid and all of that came off and my dr recommended me to my surgeon and even the surgeon told me it’s better to get the infected colon out to avoid future flare-ups.

          • Hi Charise
            Yeah I have been wondering if I should get in touch with my main Dr and see if she would get me in touch with a different surgeon but this is the surgeon she referred me to, don’t know until I try!

        • Oh Vickie,
          I feel so bad for you. The most important thing for you now is not to stress. I think that is worse than a bad diet. Do your best, I believe God and am putting you on my prayer list for a miracle. I have had other medical issues, since that time in April when I got so sick with the diver… before the surgery I have been in the hospital 13 times. Crazy since I never had a problem prior to loosing my job. Last year I had uterine cancer but it was stage 1, I needed no chemo, I’m telling you all this to cry out to God and ask him to take care of you. If you don’t believe, he is still with you. It is a very hard thing to be told what you have been told by your Dr. Could you get a 2nd. Opinion. Anyway, as best as you can don’t stress, and if you can believe give all this to the Lord, He truly will care for you. Cris ???

        • Thank you for your story. I am touching 50 and my son is 20 and a junior in college. I was diagnosed 1 week ago. I see you all mention flare ups. Is this the sharp pain in your fron left side. Or the weakness and mild fevers? I do not have anymore pain but I am constantly weak. Can I take a multivitamin or B12? Do you all work? I have been ob my job nearly 13 years and I am wondering how I am going to work with this when I go back to work after 1 week off. I am also praying to gain my weight back. I think the levoflaxin antibiotic took my weight and makes you weaker.

          • I can only speak for myself. I have had only one attack of doubling-over pain in the lower left area last August. Since then just a few mild stomach aches and I have taken Aloe Vera capsules and Slippery Elm capsules. I bought the Slippery Elm at Amazon. After my attack, my Dr. put me on a liquid diet followed by a soft food diet. I lost about 10 lbs. also during the first two weeks. It is life changing but it doesn’t have to control your life. Mainly, I stay away from popcorn, seeds and nuts. You may have to take a bag lunch with foods you know you can eat. Hope that helps a little. My Dr. did say that he sees most patients with divers about every 3 years. I now take probiotics and drink kefir.

            • Thank you for saying it does not have to control my life. I sat in the house for 7 days after I was diagnosed. And I’m sure the antibiotics had a lot to do with that. I wanted to die! My 1st onset of pain did not have me doubling over but it was enough for me to know something was wrong. I also had fever. Today I feel mild aches. I really need to know if you feel flu like sometimes even now? How do you know if you really have the flu or if it’s the diverticulitis? My doctor does not recommend aloe vera as a laxative. He says it’s better to use miralax. He also said it is not necessary to take it everyday. I also need to know if you feel gas or air or cold going thru parts of your body mainly at night when asleep? Is this the diverticulitis? If so what is it?

              • sounds like you are just getting over the attack. 1 – Get a new doctor !! ha ha ha.
                I drink Aloe Vera daily – along with GSE and even Olive Oil . In fact I drink fresh juice every day . lots of turmeric and ginger – the turmeric and ginger will ease your pain fast – fresh root, and if you feel like flu make some tea with the ginger and turmeric – lots of it – the GSE will help FAST also – 15 drops in water .
                ahhh Citrucel is really good – I take 2 a day – you can even take more if needed.

                • I hope your comment means after awhile I will begin to feel much better. I went back to work 2 days ago after being off for 1 week. I was weak today but not as bad as last week. I am on short term disability for this week but I am tired of just laying around the house. I started taking a 1 a day multivitamin hoping that’ll give me energy. I feel like I need physical therapy to rejuvinate my body. Can you please tell me how normal is your life now? Do you work?

                • yes I work –
                  If you were taking the 2 common antibiotics you are mostly feeling bad from them.
                  Don’t wait to get the GSE – take your first dose at night before you go to bed. It will make you sleepy because it is taking the toxins out of your body. I was in pain for MONTHS after my diagnosis . I read the GSE here, tried it, and it really helps – I take it daily for “maintenance” The way I see this disease is it it Gods way of telling us we are eating poorly. I have changed my diet completely. I will never eat another Raw carrot, peanut, or piece of popcorn ever again. Of course I do eat Peanut butter, and drink carrot juice. The turmeric and Ginger will help your pain, the Ginger will give you energy. All the other juicing you could do will give you Protein, and nutrients your body needs. Kale ounce for ounce , has more protein than beef. Watch the movie “fat, sick, and nearly dead”
                  Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.
                  If i don’t make my juice, I find somewhere that sells juice. but i do it every day. I cook with olive oil with low heat, I eat lots of beets, and avocados. You will get better, the speed is up to how you start taking care of yourself. if you drink Soda, stop. start taking care of your temple.

                • Thanks Chris,
                  I do not drink sodas. The pain on my left front has practically gone. It’s the numbness in my left arm that worries me. And a flush of a funny feeling that comes up from my stomach every now and then, I also will never eat a raw brocolli or cauliflower again. I also won’t eat lettuce. I have been on my job for 13 years and I hope to be there another 15. I am 50 but that’s still young. I thank god for this chat room. You all are so encouraging.

                • Everyone,
                  Can you all please answer a few questions for me:
                  1.) Can I gain my weight back? I lost 20 lbs.?
                  2.) Can I continue to work a job with diverticulitis?
                  3.) You know you are over the attack when what symptoms go away?
                  4.) Exactly what symtoms did you all have and how long did they last? Days or weeks?
                  5.) Should I have a colonoscopy done now?
                  6.) Should I have my infected colon removed? What are the pros and cons?

                • I am not Chris – But i did read Chris saying to work on your Stress – The bag is Permanent – you’ll never swim again, or anything active, it is not an option for me. scares me to even think about a bag. I am a single father with a 6 year old. I am active. No, this isn’t my job. I was just like you. but reading ideas here, has helped me A LOT !
                  I am telling you ….. Ingest turmeric and ginger as soon as you can, crush it make some tea with it…. pour it over your favorite tea bag…. add lemon and honey ….
                  Get GSE asap !! take it now
                  those 3 things alone will make you feel better. if you get drowsy or lethargic after the GSE it is normal. it is the toxins getting taken out of your body.
                  MSM is also good… but i just started that. GSE I feel is the best.

                • Sorry John,
                  If GSE makes you drowsy I don’t need that now. I’m trying to get energy.
                  I read some blogs where people said they were on a bag until they healed then it was removed. I’m leary about removing my colon. I think It’s still too soon. Also did you experience numbness in your left arm or other parts of your body?

                • John,
                  I ate salmon and mashed potatoes yesterday and I had my regular bowel movement this morning with no fiber mix or laxative. But I will be using the metamucil.

                • I just googled GSE. I was suprised to see it is grapefruit drops.
                  I will try it. Maybe i can get it from amazon with the tumeric and ginger for smoothies.

              • I thought the Aloe Vera also helped with digestion. I only take it if I feel a heaviness or mild stomach ache. Well, the pain was very low & on the left side. It was a bacterial infection. Drs said pain was from inflammation. I also take turmeric. I was having a knee problem but that has cleared up. Also, I make homemade Italian dressing with extra virgin olive oil for my daily salad. This divers has been a blessing in disguise in that it was a wake-up call to get healthy. Thanks to the Lord’s help, I feel healthier than I have been in years. These comments have helped & when I was looking for answers I read everyone’s comments. I haven’t tried GSE but I am planning on getting some & having it available.

                • Hi Gail,
                  Your comments are so inspiring. As I said in a post to chris, I was off last week after I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I went back to work monday and yesterday. I was approved for fmla short term disability thru my job for this week so I will be off the remainder of the week. I should’ve asked for more time than that. I am now taking a 1 a day multivitamin to hopefully get energy. I am trying to see if my bowels will move on there on without help. The GI said if they do I don’t have to use fiber or laxitive. So far so good. The left side of my body is numb and weak often. Did you experience that?

                • 1.) Can I gain my weight back? I lost 20 lbs.? – yes – if you need to –
                  2.) Can I continue to work a job with diverticulitis? – yes – even ride a bike and swim
                  3.) You know you are over the attack when what symptoms go away? – pain lower left goes away
                  4.) Exactly what symtoms did you all have and how long did they last? Days or weeks? – Pain for months – less every day
                  5.) Should I have a colonoscopy done now? – I cringe at the thought of pooping in a bag.
                  6.) Should I have my infected colon removed? What are the pros and cons? – each person is different.

                  Stress is a problem – Turmeric will help with your stress. instead of freaking out, read the comments here and start experimenting with the different things others do. get on Amazon and buy a juicer. you will never be constipated again. Get on Youtube and watch the movie I told you about. If you dose GSE today, you will feel a tiny bit better tomorrow. When I feel pain lower left I dose GSE, Olive Oil, and Aloe Juice. ( i always put in my regular juices anyways) You will get better. Your body takes time to heal.
                  stretch , walk , smile.

                • Gail,
                  Also most of my stress comes from my work environment. It’s not the work it is the people that stress me out. I am thinking of taking a few more weeks off because of that.

                • Gail,

                  I am reading over some of the post and I envy you for being able to eat salads. I am afraid to eat green salads because of the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. I was an avid salad eater as well as steamed brocolli, cauliflower and carrots. I am also afraid to eat fruit so I buy fruity protein smoothies. Now I can’t bring myself to eat any of it. The only vegetable I eat is canned carrots. I think my GI told me not to eat beans either.

                • Gail, please explain to me! You say twice you cant eat raw vegs, then say you have a salad every day and that you juice. That sounds raw to me.

              • I had the surgery 2.5 yrs ago and am doing fine. Yes you can work, yes you can live, John is telling you to use Tumeric, cut out sugar, the white stuff. I was sick with fevers I felt like I had the flu with left lower quadrant pain, but it’s over. If you don’t trust your Doctor find another one. You can’t just have a colonoscopy when you want one, it has to be coordinated, and yes they can see inflammation in a Cat scan, I had many. I also has an abscess, thank God it went away on its own,
                To me the BIGGEST problem is WORRY and letting yourself STRESS over all this, that just makes everything worse and magnified. Try to relax, enjoy your job st least you have one follow what works for you, listen to your good Dr and John gave you some great advice. Judt don’t stress”………..and I lost weight over 20 lbs, I needed to, you will put on weight when you eat what you can handle no worries….

                • Chris,
                  I did not know I came across as if I do not trust my doctor. I am just trying to get the understanding of the colonoscopy in conjunction with the surgery.

                • Chris,
                  Since you say you had the surgery to have colon removed, can you explain about the bag? Did you have to wear one? For how long? Someone wrote that the bag is permanent.

                • Hello PJ,
                  No I never had to have a bag.. They removed a foot of dead colon, in the sigmoid area, and stapled me up. When I was healed I have been ok since, no bag, thank God. Things just got so bad for me I needed the surgery, or if I did not get it when I had, Im sure I would have gotten it some time in the future. I eat well. Like John, Salmon, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, eggs, turkey or chicken. I never eat pork, just something I don’t like. I eat no raw veggies, I try to juice a few times a week and Dame Green Vibrance a green drink from the health store. Lots of water and green tea. And I have learned not to worry or stress as I did in the past. It was a total waste of time but I didn’t know better then. Take care of yourself.

                • Hello PJ,
                  None of us are Doctors, so whatever is giving you a flu like feeling, drink lots of clear liquids, rest, and if need be go to see your Doctor. Obviously rest is very important and staying hydrated.

                  Hope you feel better soon!

                • Chris,
                  I thought it was the divers. I take it you no longer suffer from the constant flu feeling since you had the surgery?

                • Chris,

                  2 nights ago I cooked grilled shrimp. I added ground turmeric and ginger, garlic powder and garlic pepper. I also ate cantelope earlier that day.(not trying to give you my menu) but. The next day mid morning I had s mild upset stomach. I was trying to see if it was the shrimp or fruit or the seasoning. I read that turmeric can cause diarrhea.

                • Hi Chris. I am hoping that you won’t mind a few questions. I am a 39 year old woman. I was just hospitalized for 4 days after having lower left quadrant pain. I had no idea what it was. Turns out I also had an abscess. I was on a Flagyl and Cipro IV that entire time. Left with the same oral medication. I was told my abscess went away. I am now home and feeling extremely vulnerable to food and scared to consume it.
                  While in the hospital a surgeon came to let me know surgery was in my future. Be it sooner or later. I was repeatedly told surgery was a matter of “when” not “if”. This scares me. I can’t bring myself to accept that. Can you offer me your take based on your experience. Was surgery your choice or emergency? The prospect terrifies me.

                • Hi Daphene,
                  Having Surgery is a big decision, I had no choice. As I have written a I had divers, in the Hospital in 2008. Was good till April 2014, it just went on nd on. I wasn’t even working, had been laid off. I was on rounds of Cipro and Flagyl, I dislike those meds, the left lower pain and fevers kept on. By September I had a “ Colonoscopy” which the Gadtro Dr couldn’t perform, saidI was so inflamed he could have perforated my bowel He said Ineeded to see a Surgeon. I wasn’t really thinking clearly at that point, I just was suffering for so long. Thank GodI was connected to a wonderful Surgeon, he said I needed the surgery, it wasn’t Emergency, yet it was. Anyway, that was mid October 2014, thank God it is now March 2018 and I feel good. I am ashamed to admit I do not always eat perfectly healthy but I do try. I am back to eating vegetables, chicken, salmon softer foods. I even eat nuts but masticate them. Yogurt with granola. I use Tumeric and various herbs. The surgery no doubt helped me. You need to find someone you can trust, who will be honest with you, show you on your Cat scans the problem, or whatever. And then just take care of yourself. Sometimes no matter how much we do to take care of ourselves, things happen. Don’t beat up yourself just do what is best for you, don’t compare yourself to others. God bless you. Xo

        • A fistula is a weakening of an organ. I developed it in my bladder, when I had the severe diverticulitis, maybe all the meds caused it, it’s not good because if it developed in the bowel the contents can leak through out your system. They were concerned that I had a hole in my bladder and if the bowel ruptured it would be a bad situation. I had surgery, and it all healed up.

          • Hi Chris,

            How would you know if your bowels ruptured.
            Just curious.
            Also can this condition affect your liver or kidneys etc?
            Just curious.

    • Good morning Vickie, I’m 35 years old and just had my surgery recently. The doctor had to remove the splenic flexure all the way down to the sigmoid colon (about a foot of colon). Before that, I had a total of 4 episodes. Two episodes were back to back and my doctor informed me it was time. To be honest the preparation was the worse part but the surgery itself wasn’t bad. Because of my episodes, the area were my diverticulitis occurred was becoming attached to my uterus and pelvis so the doctor had to clean out all that area and said he made me new again. I was in the hospital for 2 days. My doctor said I should never have an issue again with diverticulitis and I should not restrict myself from certain kinds of food. I truly suggest you have the surgery. You can avoid those gross antibiotic pills and risk a complication which will be worse. Talk to your doctor and get opinions and pray. I wish you all the best of luck.

      Hugs ?

      • Hi again Charise
        Vickie here, just read your latest message and I did call my Dr to get that second opinion, waiting for her to call me back, in the mean time I have been doing some research of my own to see what else is out there about this mess and I found a website called-Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods, The Catalyst Diet- I am looking into this as a means of saving me from future flare ups if worse comes to worse this is what I may have to do the rest of my life and I think I can live with that… Thanks for the hug and the best of luck to me!!

        • Look at the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I read the book “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” from cover to cover as soon as I got it. Has a list of “legal” and “illegal foods” and recipes and explains possible causes of diverticulitis and other inflammatory intestinal conditions. There’s a website http://btvc.webfactional.com/home/

          This book is helping me tremendously. Also saw my integrative medicine doc and she gave me Inflammacore – a medical food that reduces inflammation. It seems to be helping.

      • Hello Charise. Am I understanding your post correctly… You had a foot of colon removed, and you were only in the hospital for two days! Is that correct? If so how is it that only two days are required for such surgery. Isn’t it a major operation?

        • I had a foot of lower sigmoid removed in Oct 2014, I was in Hospital 9 days. I was cut top to bottom, maybe she had it laperscopically.

        • Good morning Dan, yes correct. The doctor removed 12.5 inches of colon. The operation was performed laparoscopic. I had a small incision in my belly button, on the top left quadrant on abdomen and a small incision on my pubic area. The nurse told me this is the new way they perform it in Europe. I literally was in the hospital for two days. They started me off on liquids the first day. A few hours after surgery, I was asked to walk to get my bowels going. The next morning I was given liquids and in the afternoon they started me on soft foods and for dinner, I was given salmon, rice, and jello. The nurse encouraged me to walk because it speeds up the healing process. The following day I was given regular breakfast, eggs, potato, coffee, tea, a slice of bread. All was tolerated well. I started going to the restroom and I was discharged by the afternoon. Prepping for the surgery was not fun. I drank this horrible colon cleanser. However the day before surgery I was on a regular diet till 5pm and was instructed to begin my first cleanse at 7pm followed by the second cleanse at 12 am. I was also given two drinks developed by an anesthesiologist. They are supposed to hydrate you so you do not wake up dehydrated from surgery and prepping. I drank one drink before going to bed and the second one two hours before surgery.

      • Hi Cherise, I was told that even if you have surgery and remove even a large portion of your colon you can funtion very well with that but you need to watch your constipation.

        • Hi PJ, I have 3 feet of colon left. The doctor said we have approx 5 feet of colon. I have been going regular to the bathroom. There are days I go more than 3 times but I am not complaining lol. I am trying to introduce fiber little by little. I also have been drinking fiber. I use a brand called RAW. I get it at whole foods. It is all organic non-gmo and the best part it does not taste bad. I will sprikle it on my cereal in the mornings or mix it with tea.

          • Hi Charise, I wrote I had a foot of my colon taken out Oct 2014, I use a stool softner twice a day, I often have movement 3 times or more a day also. I eat no hard or raw veggies, but use Green vibrance a green drink from the health Store. I take Curcumin, and Ginger root and a probiotic.

            • We All need fiber to make the stool move, fiber is like a brush, scrubs the lining of the bowel, that’s why they tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables. When you have a diverticulitis attack, you need to let the bowel REST, to cut down on inflammation so it’s better not to eat fruits and veggies st that time. I had the surgery as I have said numerous times, I take a stool softener twice a day for 2.5 years so I won’t get constipated…. so far it’s working fine. I eat an apple no skin, or some pineapple in the AM, that’s fiber, sometimes drink warm water with fresh lemon to move those stools. It works for me..

              • Chris,
                I have the cat scan done later today. So far no pain today. I took aloe vera juice for a laxitive just in case they can see if I am constipated. I had a consultation with the GI 3 days ago. He said he can do a colonoscopy in 4 weeks even though I am not quite 50, he’ll do it as a preventative because my mother had polyps. I need to ask if he will just be looking at my colon when he is in there or will he remove anything that needs to be removed. Someone wrote that if they remove the infected parts you will be on a permanent bag. Is this true? Also I am afraid to eat vegetables and fruit. I start using metamusil and 1 a day vitamin. Should I stay off work longer or should I keep moving. I worked 8 hours 2 days ago and I was really weak the next morning, but a different weak from when I was on the antibiotics.

                • I would ask your surgeon but for me I had a polyp and he removed it during the colonoscopy. It was benign. Sometimes they remove the infected parts and reattach the colon but I doubt if they do that during a colonoscopy.

            • Everyone needs fiber, it moves the stool throughout your bowel. Most can get it through fruits and vegetables, if you have diverticulitis, inflammation you need your Bowel to rest, that’s why liquids are best during that time. People with divers… use fiber to keep things moving SO they don’t get constipated. They mostly cannot eat fruits and veggies as they did before they got sick, warm water with fresh lemon juice helps move those bowels also take when you 1st wake up. You need to keep the plumbing moving like a sink you do not want it to jam. ?

  10. Why would I b put on Cipro and Metronidazole? Diagnosed 3 days ago. So much bad info out there – hearing these experiences has helped me immeasureably

    • This article is full of great advice! I have had DD fir about 6 years. VSL #3 really changed my life. I also like a couple products called cleanse more and intestine new. they both contain things referred to in this articel. I have been flare free since i added these things and some other supplements as well as increasing fiber and water intake (drink drink drink) Lialda has also been great for me as a med. i also do oil of oregano if i feel a flare starting and can usually stave off any infections. I recommend keeping a very detailed food diary. Include stress levels and bathroom trips and you will start to see some patterns emerge. Meditation has helped me with the anxiety i was having for fear of having a flare all the time. Read as much as you can and join a fb group for some great support. Thank you to the author for including stress as a trigger and herbs and supplements as a treatment. A lot if docs dont really give you that info. My best piece of advise to you is find a doctor you really like and trust. Good luck!

    • Probably because you had a bad infection and they use these antiobiotics to kill the bacteria that is causing the infection, thus causing the itis in the diverticulitis. No one wants or likes these antiobiotics, they are horrible, but so is an infection that goes untreated, it can cause worse complications. Just be wise, get a better Dr if your not happy with who you have now,

  11. Having read what people have written about their trials with diverticulitis events and how they have incorporated natural products, I am now more comfortable with trying some of the suggestions. My episodes have been more frequent and I have lost many days trying to remedy my event without having to resort (as one person put on the “evil twins”) to antibiotics as they make me sick and feel my life just revolves around the pills. Along with many others, the journey of looking at stress in my life and eliminating foods is on going. For me the stress factor seems to be my challenge.

  12. This page is the best resource I’ve found so far on diverticulitis. Thank you! Had my first – any hopefully only – attack 3 days after Christmas while visiting out of town. Fever, infection and two days in hospital on Cipro and Flagyl. Home now, feeling better and trying to figure out my diet. Have a few questions: 1. how long does it take for the Cipro and Flagyl to leave the body and what should I be doing to recover from the harmful effects of the antibiotics; 2. How long will it take for my colon to return to a non-inflamed state; 3. How do I handle diet while working – if I’m eating out, what foods should I eat; what should I avoid; 4. I am a cyclist and was eating normal things to recover – now what should I be eating after a long ride?

    • I can only help with question #3. My attack in August 2016 was caused by eating popcorn, strawberries & peanuts also sitting for a 5 hour road trip. I have read this entire blog and found it very helpful trying to find any info that will keep me from experiencing another attack. Since August I have slowly added different foods back into my diet. As someone in the earlier blogs suggested if you add too much different food all at once you won’t know what causes you to have pain. Keeping a food journal helped. When I go out to eat, I like a salad bar where I can make my own. I can eat proteins, cooked vegetables without any problems. I avoid ALL seeds. I don’t eat much raw vegetables except lettuce. I peel the skin off apples. If I start having stomach pain I take aloe vera supplements and slippery elm. If it’s a food I’m unsure about I will eat just a little to see if I have a reaction usually takes a day or 2. I drink Kiefer almost daily. Take a walk 3 x’s a week. Hope this helps. God bless!!

      • Thanks Gail! I’m normally a pretty healthy eater and was diagnosed with diverticulosis in October. My GI doc just said eat more fiber and didn’t seem to be particularly worried about inflammation. I experienced my attack after a highly stressful December, not drinking enough water, not exercising, drinking alcohol daily to decompress, eating sugary foods (holidays!) followed by a 6.5 hour drive to Minnesota after Christmas. Interesting your attack happened after an extended drive. Wondering if sitting for long periods contributes?

        • Hi Sandra, yes I think the 5 hour trip did contribute to my attack. Plus we were traveling with our dog so couldn’t stop to eat dinner so I grabbed a bag of peanuts instead. Terrible pain, had to have a CT scan, my Dr. said to exercise 3x’s a week and increase my fiber. I’ve changed my diet avoiding seeds & nuts. I eat smaller portions. If we eat out I bring home half. We have more travel plans coming soon so we’ll see how that goes. God bless!!

          • I started eating less and bringing half my dinners as well. Hope it works. I’ll try some of the other things people have mentioned. Grapefruit seed extract slippery elm etc.

    • Hi Sandra. My situation is identical to yours. First and hopefully only and and avidly against surgery. I have no idea what to consume or not so I barely consume anything. I’m petrified.

  13. Hello everyone. I’ve been reading the posts and see myself in almost all of them. From the foods I eat to the ones I avoid to not have another bout. 5 in the last 3years. Lost count since my first one around 2005 or so. Prior to the last 3 years I went years with a bout then a job change a move to another state etc. and the stress involved,boom. A bout came along.
    I know it had to do with some things I ate during the week. Different then what I had been.
    One of my problems with this is stress. Sometimes I tend to worry and stress about “Am I getting another attack?” It sucks.
    Surgery has been brought up several times. Have any of you considered it or had it? So many questions. So tired of Flagyl and cipro.

    • Hi Stuart, I hD my first attack in 2008, was hospitalized. Job move lots of stress then a job layoff end of 2013. In April 2014 I had a real bad attack, cipro / flagyl, in hospital that June, more cipro flagyl fevers every night, it was an awful year. I never found this site, was too sick to even look. In Sept of 2014 my Gastro did a cholonoscopy but couldn’t complete it I was so inflamed. Said he could have perforated my bowel, I needed to see a Surgeon. I was blessed to get a great one, ended up having a colon resection October 2014 because I also developed a fistula. The flagyl snd cipro is so bad for our bodies but… Since the surgery I have been fine, I am careful in eating certain foods, no raw veggies, or steak etc. I had no choice I was so sick for so long. I wouldn’t recommend surgery but sometimes it’s really the only resort. My Surgeon was a wonderful guy, who came daily to see me, just helped to make the process less stressful. I am now retired, less stress and look back and think why do we allow ourselves to surrender to it, stress is so bad, maybe worse than flagyl. Take care of yourself, be good to yourself, don’t stress and eat as healthy as you can. Make homemade soups in the crockpot, nutritious and easy on the gut. God bless you

    • Oh I do take a daily strong probiotic, use Green Vibrance from the health store and juice when I have the time and am in the mood.
      Most Important, don’t worry don’t stress pray, give it to a God, took me a long time to learn that, life is to short to let jobs kill us, then after 25 yrs they let you go….. so why did I let it get to me. Wasn’t worth it. Slow down. Be happy and ay peace.

  14. I am terrified after reading some of the posts about levaquin. i’m on my second round in 4 weeks, as well as flagyl. are some of you suggesting i can heal this without the antibiotics? I do have a fever and elevated white blood cell count.

  15. I ended up at the ER on November 7 and was diagnosed. 10 days of Levaquin and Flagyl. Today I had a bad flare (4 weeks to the day) and Dr put me back on the same antibiotics. I’m devastated as they wreaked havoc on my body the first time around and caused other things, like thrush and a horrible breakout on my face. I have NO idea what is causing this, other than EXTREME stress at my job.

    • Flagyl & Cipro threw my body out of wack as well with overgrowth of yeast and lower leg tingling & numbness. That was in July and I’m still dealing with those things. As soon as I feel pain in the lower left I go on a liquid diet. On a liquid diet as I type, upping magnesium, drinking kombucha & probiotics as well as taking probiotic in capsule. Daily dose of chlorella. Hopefully this will get me through the flare yet again.

  16. I have suffered from Diviticulitus for several years now, and have been hospitalised twice with a micro perforation. On reading about causes of Diviticuli there is much mention about constipation. But constipation has not been an issue for me, in fact the opposite is common. Is diarrhea has been the issue. Is there an explanation for this?

    • This is a link to a research that found what you (and I) are experiencing – http://www.gastrojournal.org/article/S0016-5085(11)01509-5/abstract . Article is titled “A high-fiber diet does not prevent against asymptomatic diverticulosis” and the Conclusions were: “A high-fiber diet and increased frequency of bowel movements are associated with greater, rather than lower, prevalence of diverticulosis. Hypotheses regarding risk factors for asymptomatic diverticulosis should be reconsidered.” Worth showing to your physician…

  17. I am happy to report I have not been sick since July, I found this forum as it was a Godsend!!! This is whats worked for me:
    Every morning I wake up and take a multi-strain probiotic (its from GNC), slippery elm, Vit D & a multivitamin. The Vit D & multi is just to help with what I dont get from food (im a picky eater) but I have to say if you use anything, get the Slippery Elm! That & the probiotic, I havent felt this good in years! I hope this helps someone. And to everyone that has written, thank you. You guys saved me!

      • I take Natires Way Slippery Elm 400mg. It says on the bottle take 4 capsules 3 times daily, but I only take one a day in the morning with the probiotic & vitamin D. I was in the ER every 3 months with an attack. I’ve been healthy ever since.

        • Hi my name is Katie and I was DX with Diverticulosis last year after a trip to the ER..Then another trip this year right before thanks giving! Another CT and now I have severe extensive diverticulitis!! I have not felt well ever since. What really concerns me is now I have severe lower back pain along with chronic loose stools an my doc states it’s part of getting older! I’m only 56 years old!!! Help!!! I have been on flagyl levoquin and cipro..Know one seems to have a real good handle on this disease and it’s really starting to ruin my life by controlling it. Has anything really worked? I’ve heard about aloeelite and Seravoe? Any thoughts? Or suggestions?

          • Katie, did you eat something to cause an attack?? Since August, I have stopped eating seeds, popcorn, nuts, wheat bread. I have had to alter my cooking so as not to cook with seeds. It seems like they’re in everything. I am 58. I only have one diverticula that gave me sever pain in August ’16. I’ve radically altered my diet. At first, my Dr. put me on a liquid diet consisting of broth, jello, juices w/o, pulp. Then we moved to soft foods. His advice drink more liquids, walk more, avoid certain foods and eat more fiber. For 2 months I kept a food journal. When I would start to get a stomachache I would quit eating and go to a liquid diet and take one slippery elm tablet & two Aloe Vera tablets before bed. Also, I have started intermittent fasting, it’s where you eat your calories in a shorter period of time so you are resting your colon for at least 14 hours a day. My surgeon who did the colonoscopy thought the loose bowels could be from colitis which comes with another list of foods to avoid. I know it’s frustrating but I’ve tried to keep a positive outlook when there’s so many foods we can eat instead of focusing on the ones that we need to avoid. Last fall I ate almost the same thing every day cause I knew it was a “safe” food for me. Hope this helps a little. God bless. Gail

        • Where do you buy slippery elm? I’ve been suffering for over 8 weeks. Ready to try something else. On second batch of flagyl right now and don’t feel any better. Thanks

  18. I am a 68 year old woman and I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, and active. In August 2014 I had my first attack which got treated with Levaquin and Flagyl (I call them the evil twins). Took then for 10 days and was Ok until later October where I ended up in the ER. Took the evil twins again (give me nausea and the most horrible taste in my mouth when consuming liquids) for ten days which ended on November 10th. I am, since yesterday, having discomfort, specially hurts when walking. I’m taking Bentyl for pain. No fever. I want to make this go away without having to resort to the evil twins (Doctor had given me a prescription for both to keep around for emergencies since we love to travel). I just can’t figure out why so soon after a bout it is back. The first time I had it I had eaten a lot of broccoli which was not thoroughly cooked, well guess what I had broccoli with my meal at a Thai restaurant Saturday. I’m heading to Whole Foods tomorrow to buy Aloe Vera juice and grapefruit
    Seed Extract. I made myself chicken broth today and had that.

    • Hi Ana Maria
      It’s so miserable I can sympathise after my diagnosis in April I have had one bout after another and like you close together. One of my attacks was definitely related to kale not being cooked enough, it really does make a difference. Now I am keeping a food diary, I have to be so careful what I eat all the time. My advise if you feel an attack coming on go on a liquid diet for at least 24 48 hours, jelly also seems to help as does herbal tea. Yes definitely grape fruit seed extract but I struggled on Aloe vera as it made me sick. Good luck.

  19. So pleased to have found this website, diagnosed with DV in April, it’s been a really difficult year, so many things I can’t eat, nuts are an absolute no, and every day I seem to have a degree of pain. Four weeks since my last attack resulting in antibiotics. Just bought some Aloe Vera so fingers crossed. Last attack was a direct result in having to sit on a plane then long car journey.

    • Hi tracey.
      I’ve just been diagnosed with diverticulitis too. I’ve been on a course of amoxicillin and was alright for a few days. Now its getting touchy again. I’ve been on the broth thing but haven’t had much luck with that. And tried aloe juice and turmeric licorice root and marshmallow root tea.
      How long has your tummy been sore? I was hoping there would be some reprieve but it doesn’t sound good. Thanks for your comments. About sitting etc. I wondered about that. Ive always been very active and eaten a high fibre diet and been constipated maybe twice in my whole life. So they don’t really know do they? I know vegetarians who have it too. I think stress is a huge factor. Sounds like we should try grapefruit seed extract oil?

      • Hi Dianne

        It’s miserable isn’t it, I came off the last lot of antibiotics which I was on for 14 days, I had a couple of good days now pain again. I have been on the grapefruit seed extract which does help but could not take the aloe Vera it made me really sick. I am now making a chart of absolutely every thing I eat to see what makes things worse. Yes too long sitting in one place really does not help me. I am also unsure if wheat is bad for this condition, some people have said gluten free is better? I do agree about the stress though, I have had a lot of stress in my life and I wonder if this is the cause. Have you tried slippery elm I haven’t but it sounds awful!

        • I have hears positive and very few negatives about aloe vera juice. You said it made you sick can you be more specific as I am trying it and want to know exactly what your symptoms were ..thanks

      • Hi Dianne, Just like you I’ve had maybe 2 days of constipation (in 68 years). After my first ever diverticulitis event, in April, I’ve been mining the internet, and reading extensively. It really is trial and error finding out what works for each one. For me it was major stress that started it off. What helps me is not sitting too long, stretching a lot, lots of home-made fermented food, 1 capsule of Milk Thistle (Jarrow) a day, it’s meant to be for liver, but works well for me. Aloe vera didn’t do too much. Lots of luck on your journey of exploration!

        • GSE 15 drops a day until you feel better . then do 7 or so a day for maintenance .
          Grapefruit Seed Extract.
          It really works well.
          I also drink olive oil every day with my aloe
          Tumeric root is awesome also. I make tea, and I add to my juices everyday .

          • That sounds excellent. I’ve got some GSE stored in the cupboard, just in case, really hope not to have to use it. BTW, I was 15 days in Japan a couple of months ago, and found that all the fermented food they eat – really lots of it, at every meal – was very helpful. Not even a twinge of pain…

  20. I may be different than many, but I’ve noticed that the only time I have a DV attack is when I am forced to sit on my butt all day, due to my job. This last time (last night) I had even run 2 miles in the morning and did an hour of cross training in the early evening. Didn’t matter, as later last night I was hit. My attacks always start feeling like I have a bladder infection, as emptying my bladder actually puts pressure on my lower gut. It progresses to the point that it focuses in the lower gut and I can actually feel the spasms. I don’t know that much about treating the attack itself, since I get on NSAIDs right away and usually an anti-biotin like Cipro, and it’s gone in either two or three days if I lay around and modify my diet (paleo/yogurt), or in one day if I go out and suffer through a moderately long run (4-5 miles). Nothing I’ve tried in the way of supplements or diet change whether or not I get the attacks, they are strictly the result of being sedentary for a day. In fact, I can almost feel it coming on as I sit there. It makes sense, lack of movement decreases motility, allowing digested waste to irritate the diverticuli.

  21. Luckily I found this website / blog while I was in the middle of a diver attack. The advice on slippery elm and aloe vera juice was exactly what I needed. I went from a pain level of 8 to a five within a day and now, two days later, I’m a a pain level of 2. Best of all , I avoided antibiotics. Thanks so much.

      • When having an attack I’ve been using slippery elm in powder form, 1-2 teaspoons mix as a paste with cold water, then slowly add more water to make a smooth liquid then drink immediately (as it thickens over time). Repeat this 5-10 minutes before each meal – very effective for bloating and discomfort.

  22. I am in the midst of a bad flare, I was in the ER for the day…they wanted me to take antibiotics (Cipro) but I won’t take any of those – dangerous class of drugs. Plus I am very allergic to almost any meds, including supplements, as I have a salicylate allergy, which includes all the NSAID drugs and most others, as the fillers and binders in pills also have salicylate. I tried explaining this fact to the ER Dr. and it fell on deaf ears. I can’t tolerate the drugs she wanted me to take, so I am suffering in pain without much help. I am taking lactoferrin – which has antibacterial properties, I am hoping to calms down the infection…and something that helped the pain, since I can’t take pain pills either…100% tart cherry juice, which is a natural anti-inflammatory…I hadn’t been able to eat anything so when I drank the cherry juice after coming home from the hospital, it was able to soothe the inflammation – I diluted it 50/50 with water…took about an hour but the relief was wonderful.

    • I saw this post below yours about grapefruit seed extract

      I tried it and it does make you feel better
      i didn’t do it 3 times a day – just once – in your case 3 times couldn’t hurt you – I also read up on the extract – it is very good stuff !!

  23. Hi All,
    Try grapefruit seed extract and you will never have a flare up again. 15 drops diluted in a glass of water 3 times a day when you feel it hitting you and 15 drops everyday for maintenace. Have extensive divers in sigmoid and descending colon confirmed by ct and colonoscopy. Had numerous flares and drs would diagnose me as ibs. Seeds are the culprit in my case. Grapefruit seed extract works within hours if you are starting a crisis. Try it. It works. You have nothing to loose.
    God bless you all,

    • Hi ron,Im going to try the grapefruit oil I really hope it works, my last episode was terrible, thank you and have a nice day.

    • What if a person is on statins? Is it dangerous to then use the grapefruit seed extract ?? Specific drug warnings say never to eat grapefruit when on statins!

    • Thankyou Ron My name is Katie and I just found this and posted my story just a bit ago under another comment gosh I really will try the grapefruit seed extract but a question. I drink grapefruit juice alot. Is that good or bad? My story involves being 56 and diverticulosis went to extensive diverticulitis within a year and now is terrible lower back pain with bloating and chronic loose stools! Help!! What’s worse is the doc said maybe your just getting older!!!

  24. Hi guys, I have had diverticulitis 7 times in the past 3 yrs. I smoke, I drink & eat horribly. I finally decided to take this seriously (I’m 36 with 2 young kids) last month & decided to do what the dr said (high fiber) which landed me in the hospital in 1 month for a 3 day visit. I just so happened to stumble upon you guys & figured obviously what the drs tell me to do is NOT working, lets try this approach instead. So no more red bull (sugar) chill with the alcohol, and no carbs, etc. But what happens if I have a bad day, I love food, I love to eat & just thinking that I need a “safe food list” and need to rely on it just makes me sad! I want to follow this, but what do I do if I cheat for one day? How do I fix the mess that goes on in my stomach? I just recently started this so I’m sorry if I sound uneducated, this is all very new to me.

  25. Ketosis and diverticulitis

    Hello I am 36 years old male I a diverticulitis attack in October 2015 and that is when I learned of the ilment, had a colonoscopy and other studies. The doctor agreed I was diverticulitis Hinchey 1 and got treated with antibiotics.

    I am 6ft tall 227 lbs moderately active, play baseball some times catch and do insanity workout on and off.

    My question: I want to try ketosis diet to loose weight and experiment with this life style. Have you guys tried this? and what has been your experience. Would you have any information available to read more about it.

    My wife is a doctor and she is very very very concerned of my desition to try get my body in to ketosis.

    Note, I had not attack or episodes since October 2015 and basically I supplement with psillyum husks regularly and all flows fantastic.

    • Ax…. even docs dont understand the difference between ketosis (man’s natural state of metabolism) and ketoacidosis….. you dont want the later, but usually only type 1 diabetics and type 2s that are insulin-dependent run that risk. Research what a true ketogenic diet is…. it in NOT high protein, it is high fat, moderate protein and low carb. There are many benefits besides the weight loss. Think of the different between 87 octane & 91. Ketones are clean burning & efficient….. people with atypical epilepsy (usually uncontrollable and frequent, unpredictable seizures) often experience a lessening of these. I am listening to Alzheimers/Dementia online summit this week and every expert is pointing to keto diet.
      It has virtually reduced my type 2 diabetes and my triglycerides are lowest in 15 years (mind you, I quit statin drug about the same time as adopted this lifestyle).
      A really big plus is not having an excess of fuel (high blood sugar) that cancer adores. While not necessarily causative, it promotes it as cancer can ONLY metabolize sugar to create ATP. Healthy cells can use either energy source, but prefer ketones. If you think this is urban legend, research how PET scans are used to diagnose & stage cancer.
      On fiber, psyllium is great nonsoluble (bulking) fiber, but consider also using a soluble fible, clear powder that dissolves hot or cold, derived from chicory or jerusalem artichoke. The gut bugs love this stuff….go easy at first (rumble, rumble). Dont use Benefiber…. it is wheat dextrose (so gluten + sugar).

      • Hi Dawn!

        Have you ever heard of exogenous ketones? A single serving will put you into ketosis in 59 minutes biohacking your body to burn ketones for fuel instead of glucose, even with glucose present in the body.

        • Yep! In fact,, the use of coconut (and MCT) oil was discussed multiple times on Alzheimers Awareness Summit and came up as an exogenous ketone. This is heartening to many as if you are on statins, they prevent a ketogenic state, but adding either can help make ketones readily available. Before that Summit, I was dosing a tablespoon in the morning. Now, 3x a day. Thankfully, I am off statins for near 2 years. My HDL is finally above 40! (Low HDL can be way more dangerous than high cholesterol…. it’s all about the ratios).

  26. MY CURE
    I’m 55 and have lived with diverticulitis (DV) all my life. It started once a year or so when I was in my thirties and got as bad as a few times a year in my fifties. Nobody seems to know why DV attacks happen and many claim DV can’t be healed. Well, I healed myself. You can too, here’s how:

    1. DV is a pocket(s) that have developed in your lower intestine. When they get infected, they get inflamed. This results in tremendous pain and sometimes obstruction. You most probably got DV from forcing during bowel movements (BM). As you get older, your connective tissue weakens and the DV gets worse. Why does the DV get infected? Food. yes food. You will have to change your diet to prevent further attacks of DV until you are fully healed (yes you can heal the DV pocket).

    2. If having a DV attack right now, the recommended treatment is a liquid diet. The problem with a liquid diet is you will be constipated when it is over. This may have you force your BMs and make the problem worse for next time. Instead, buy baby food. That’s right, baby food. Buy the Gerber Whole Wheat cereal. This is easily digested and provides light digestible fiber to keep things moving. The more things move, the faster you will be over the DV attack. You can also have the baby food (stage 1) veggies and meat products. Mashed potatoes are also good. Be sure to drink lots of water, but DO NOT do a liquid only diet. You can also take ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation.

    2. What to treat with, during and after an attack:
    i. Oil of Oregano (kills infection/keeps DV from getting infected)
    During an attack have 3 drops in 2oz of water each morning and night
    As maintenance after an attack: have 2 drops in 2 oz of water every morning
    Have three drops in 2 oz immediately before eating out at a restaurant
    ii. Kefir (better tha probiotic – repopulates good flora in intestine). Take both during and after DV attacks
    Have two ounces or more once a day at least three hours after or before taking oil of oregano.
    iii. Psyllium Fiber
    Take 1 tbs in 12 oz of water (well mixed) once a day
    iv. Gelatin (calms intestine, provides collagen to heal)
    Make and ingest at 2-4 ounces of jello during DV attacks.
    For maintenance, drink 1 packet of Knox mixed in with 8 oz of diluted grape juice, 30 minutes before bedtime
    v. Avoid the following:
    Any kind of chopped meat, unless you ground and cooked it yourself. When you go out, have steak (only six surfaces on a piece of steak and all are cooked, so there’s no place for the food to get infected.
    Lettuce and salad (unless you grew and washed it yourself).
    Just a little contamination of any of these foods will find its way to your diverticuli.

    • One other thing. Buy a papaya once a week, cut it into cubes and keep them in the fridge. Eat a cube both before an after meals.

      • My Dr. put me on a 3 day clear liquids diet, (cleansing), then 3 days thicker like yogart, puddings etc., then low fiber, no seeds or nuts. I’m almost finished w/ciproflaxin antibiotics which I work with when they make me sleepy. After 8 days, I finally feel good this afternoon and tonight. I haven’t done first part of diet perfectly after 3rd day but drank aloe juice am’s instinctively and yesterday began yogarts which made sense. I’m happy but deciding to reduce stress and increase exercise to daily 10,000 steps or swim. If I have weight back down (200 lb) under control I know it will make a diff. at age 69. Tks for this whole thing!!!! Best I’ve found so far. Thanks for Papaya idea …I’ll try it.

  27. Hi all, I’m 68 and had my first diverticulitis attack in April. Since then have been cruising the internet intensively. I have to say this is the FIRST site that talks sense! What is weird is that so little is known – in the medical world – about causes and ways of avoiding attacks. Meantime I’ve started daily aloe vera + apple cider vinegar + probiotics, bone broth (kept some frozen and hope this maintains effectiveness) and just bought some bok choy to make kimchi. Looking forward to hearing more about what helps people – there’s nothing like the wisdom of the masses and the kindness of strangers 🙂

      • I began with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera, increasing it to two after a week and no bad reactions, and 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water. Can’t remember where I read these instructions. Anyway, this dosage seems effective.

  28. Also have IBS along with Diverticulosis and have had Diverticulitis. I am hoping that your suggestions will help me. Thanks

    • Same here and doing Keri diet minus the nuts and seeds. Cut out coffee too as it seems to bring on cramping and IBS-D episodes on top of it all. Had colonoscopy last week and the are testing for colitis

      I feel like my gut issues are ruining my life

  29. I have had many attacks, just recovering from the last one 2 wks ago. The thing that ALWAYS will trigger for me is pistachio nuts. I had a small scoop of pistachio ice cream, thinking I should not. But what the heck…only a tablespoon. Six hours later I was in agony. I started on garlic tea immediately and liquid diet. The garlic tea is my lifesaver. Now I am doing slippery elm tea and kefir daily as prevention. I live in fear of the next attack.

  30. I just stumbled on this board and thought I’d share my (limited) experience with diverticulitis.

    In mid December 2015 I started feeling a sharp stabbing pain in my lower left abdomen. It was intermittent, and the bouts would last for maybe 10-15 seconds at a time, a couple of times a week. I wrote it off, but the bouts got worse and more frequent. December 26 the pain was so bad I finally went to the emergency room. After an X-ray and a CT scan, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, given a 10-day prescription of Cipro and Flagyl, and sent home. When the prescription ran out, the pain started to come back so my primary care physician put me back on for another 20 days. The meds made me feel terrible in other ways but I stuck it out and they did the job of clearing up the infection. During this 30-day period, my doctor instructed me to let my gut rest as much as possible and put me on an extremely limited diet. I frankly didn’t feel like eating much and was afraid to eat anything. This initial eating plan was limited to: white rice, rice crackers, rice cakes, rice noodles, bone broths, smooth almond butter, ginger tea, turmeric tea. No sugar, honey, wheat, dairy, meat, veggies or fruit. I also had 2 daily servings of Bio-K Probiotic Rice/Blueberry drink (50 billion) – once first thing in the morning on an empty stomach – and once right before bedtime.

    After the 30 days were over, then we started adding select items back in to my diet slowly as the gut was still healing. First we added in organic applesauce. Then a week later we added in plain hummus. Next week: mashed yams. Week after that: Avocado, etc. We agreed to add one item in every week to see how I did. If it didn’t feel good then we knew exactly what food to eliminate. Also, I was instructed to keep my portions no bigger than the size of half a sandwich. I stuck with this eating plan for anther month. By the end of February I was able to have smoothies and fresh pressed veggie juices. I started making my own almond milk from scratch and that’s what I’d use in my smoothies, along with organic frozen pineapple, frozen mango chunks, and plant protein powder. I was feeling pretty good by mid-March and my doctor said I could start adding more things back in (no restrictions except keep the portion size the same – about the size of half a sandwich). So here we are in April and I’m still doing probiotics Bio-K rice drink twice a day, I have a morning smoothie for breakfast, lots of water throughout the day and a serving of fresh veggie juice, but I also can eat limited amounts of sensible food (rice, beans, soft-cooked chicken, soft scrambled eggs, simple salads). I keep some japanese pickles (Tsukemono) in the fridge and nibble on those once in a while for added probiotics. I’m about 20 lbs lighter and look/feel great. I try to stay away from wheat, processed sugar and alcohol as much as possible, but I’ve had some in really small amounts with no ill effects. Gut is still healing but definitely improved and continues to improve. That’s where I’m at today in April 2016. The journey continues.

    • Research Aloe Vera Juice from your local health food store. It has helped more than anything else in healing my issues with diverticulitis. Start out slow on 1-2 oz. on an empty stomach both morning and night. It is wonderful. I use Aloe Farms brand by the gallon. There are other good brands like Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice and George’s Aloe Vera Juice.

    • Wow Emmie, this is great info. It sounds like you have a good doctor. My experience has been that the gastro docs don’t always give such good diet advice. Where do you live? I would love to find a doc like yours. Best of luck with your healing process.

      • Hi Katy – The December ‘attack’ (and ER visit) happened while I was visiting Vancouver, Canada. I live in San Francisco and my primary care doctor is there – however – she was out on maternity leave at the time I sought the ER follow-up once I got home from Canada. So I saw the nurse practitioner in that office and that’s who I’ve been working with on diet. I also did a lot of reading and it seemed that people who had a regular probiotic regimen did much better than people without. I still do the Bio-K drink at least once a day, and now drink kombucha as well. Once your gut is healed, over-eating is definitely an issue (no matter what kind of food), so portion control is really key.

      • I buy the Bio-K at Whole Foods. They have it in the refrigerated Probiotic section, usually near the vitamins.

    • Emmie ask your doctor about Levofloxacin. It’s been fantastic in my recoveries. A pill a day for seven days and no side effects. I had Flagyl and found that to be a bit nasty. I got nauseous with that which then you have to pop anti-nausea drugs.


      • Levofloxacin and other flouroquinolone antibiotics are extremely dangerous drugs that can cause chronic disability. I do not recommend taking those drugs unless it is a life or death situation. Just because you may tolerate it the first time you take it doesn’t mean you are in the clear either. Please do research on the effects before taking it.

        • Yeah, No! Thats first thing my doc suggested when I said I thought was having D-attack… my remark and she agreed, was : already have hearing loss in one ear (20/80 % use/lost) cant afford to go totally deaf. Why do we use some of the strongest antibiotics on the planet (and they love to combine with Flagyl!!) Instead of starting light? !?! Is there any wonder that we have resistant strains? Has to be some other way. What about berberine, which has antibiotic properties?

          • Hi Dawn, I’m glad you knew not to take any fqs, a lot of people, like myself, didn’t know how bad they were until they cause damage. I have tendonosis /tendonitis in both my achilles tendon and a whole lot of other problems months later. I don’t have diverticulitis, I’m doing research for my father so I can’t answer your questions. At the er they put my dad on levaquin and flagyl, I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. If you know people who take any fqs make sure to tell them how dangerous they can be!

            • Since my GP visit, I was referred to Urologist (have ALWAYS spilled red blood cells microscopically in my urine). I put CIPRO down under allergies and he honored that and prescribed an old school antibiotic (penicillin family). My diet is LCHF with addl fiber in both soluble & insoluble forms as well as probiotics. Rx was following a procedure that could intoduce bacteria into bladder, so im okay with it. Havent had another dose of antibiotics in 10 years (last diver attack & was Rx’d Ciprofloxacin & Flagyl at that time. Not sure when my hearing loss happened or what caused. I suspect Menieres as it is strictly one-sided. But dont want to lose anymore than I have.

        • My doctor put me on Levoquin and I almost immediately had blisters on my tongue that peeled and a tendon in my left arm that tore. Buy immediate I mean after two pills. It is a very dangerous drug. Now almost a year later my tendon has healed, however my tongue still blisters and peals. My doctor tested my tongue for infection and there is none. It is cause by the Levoquin. It doesn’t hurt but having your tongue routinely blister and peel is not the most pleasant thought.

          I’ve been struggling with diet now for more than 5 years. The doctor that originally diagnosed me told me I couldn’t eat wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, oats or bran. No seeds or nuts. Only 100% whole grain wheat, 100% whole grain brown rice and only steel cut oats. No packaged or prepared foods. I’m reading labels and avoiding anything with modified food starch(wheat), potatoes starch, rice flour, corn syrup. Which leave me with vegetables and meat.

          With a change in insurance came a change in doctors, who confirmed the previous diet. However he did say that nuts and seeds were ok. I had a very bad flare up almost immediately. l’m at a loss. Sometimes I can follow the diet other times I give up. Probiotics haven’t helped so far. Yet the doctor says it’s not that advanced. I’ve been to the ER at Vanderbilt during one flare up and the doctor there said I wouldn’t need to concern myself with a colonoscopy for a few more years as was confirmed by my primary care, who says I don’t need a gastroenterologist yet. I’m about to give up.

      • Levofloxacin made one of my best friends so ill she has been house bound for 2 years. She has flouroquinolone poisoning – her tendons bowed, she has pain all over and is only beginning to recover. She is a psychologist, was a musician (her hands are frozen so she can’t play piano or guitar) and was an extremely fit and healthy person. The fluoride in Levofloxacin and other flouroquinolone antibiotics poisons some people’s mitochondria. Do not take these antibiotics unless you have a life threatening illness and no other antibiotics will work!

        • I’m scared now after reading this. My dr had me take levofloxacin for bronchitis for 10 days just finished 5 days ago. I’m also having flare up of dv

          • I hope that you’re doing okay even after taking the levaquin. My father has diverticulitis and had taken levaquin and cipro many times before for his flare ups, but the last he took it for a flare up he began having ankle tendon pain and knee pain, so he decided he won’t be taking any more levaquin or cipro. His last flare up he was prescribed bactrim and flagyl for 10 days, which are much safer than any fluoroquinolone antibiotics. I would recommend that you stick to safer antibiotic combinations, and only resort to cipro or levaquin if you absolutely must (AKA if the other antibiotics don’t work) I was hurt by 2 pills of cipro that I was prescribed to treat a uti, and 5 months later I still have constant pain. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  31. Hi am 25 years old and I have three beautiful girls 7,3, and 1 year old. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis n February 3 2016. This came out of left field. My doctor and nutritionist said to start a low fiber diet for two weeks and gradually start high fiber diet. They also say to stay away from process food, fried food, and fast food. My diverticulitis came from over eating and no fiber intake. Am scared for ny life because I don’t know where to start. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good Luck, I just was diagnosed last year…I added a good probiotic, read up on them or go to your local organic food shop and ask, drink Aloe Juice, I use Georges as it tastes like water, it’s expensive but you only need to drink it in small amounts. Bone broth is also very good.

    • I was diagnosed 2 months ago. I take a probiotic every day. I do not ingest the capsule, but open it and mix it in with my morning Greek Yougart. I also drink Aloe Vera Juice, that I get from Walmart. Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Wild Berry Flavor Juice, 32 fl oz and only 5.00 per bottle. I only drink it when I feel a stomach ache coming on. I use slippery elm also when I feel stomach pain. Other than that I had to just test foods and compile a list that I keep on my frig of food I can and cannot eat. Most important things I have changed: Chew everything very well!! Avoid all seeds in fruits and veges. Avoid all nuts.No popcorn. No sausage but I can eat all other meats. NO wheat, NO grains. I cannot handle too much fiber either. Best of luck to you!

  32. Very informative information posted here by all the people but I was wondering lately that why we only have this diseases in only 8 countries with maximum 90 % of patients.
    And I was doing a research for my medical papers when I found that 200 other countries do not have this diseases and then after having searched over the intertnet about this I was very much convinved what Mike Hohlweg is telling about this: that it is our food that we eat each day, he has done extensive research and advised a very comprehensive diet for this painful diseases. He has a website it is https://diverticulitispainfreefoods.com/home.

  33. Hi,

    My name is Jeff and I am 39 at the time of my first attack I weight 375. I now weigh 309. I had my first run in with diverticulitis on 12/04/15. Sudden bad pain in the lower left abdomen. Went to ED. Had a CT scan which showed micro-perforation and a small amount of extra-luminal air. Was sent home with Cipro, Flagyl, and Oxycodone. The first two days home are a complete blur, I only got out of bed long enough to urinate and then take my medicine and pain pills.

    I went through all of the oxycodone in 3 days, sometimes taking two pills at once. It was around day 5 that the withdrawal from the pain meds kicked in hard. I did not sleep for five days and had visual and auditory hallucinations. Terrible. Add that in to the fact that the flagyl makes me really nauseas, and I was not a happy camper.

    Once I caught up on sleep, I started to feel much better, which lasted for about 2 weeks before I started feeling an ache in my side again. The next week I was running low grade fevers. I went in to the doctor and had another CT. Another microperf was found and the diverticulitis was back.

    10 more days of Flagyl and Cipro, but was thankfully able to avoid the pain meds. After 10 days, I was still having some pain, so I went back to the ED, finally decided on another CT scan, although I am getting worried about the all the radiation I am soaking up. CT showed the diverticulitis is gone, but still showed a lot of inflammation. ED doc decided to give me 14 more day on augmenten, just to be sure the infection cleared all the way. I am about half done with the augmenten, but the inflammation still feels terrible. Constant dull ache. It gets much worse if I walk around very much. I’ve been primariy eating low residue during this whole thing, lots of eggs, bacon, peaches, fish, mashed potatoes, I’ve been taking a probiotic and am planning to start taking aloe vera. I’m not really sure where to go from here, I’m worried about the possibility of a more serious attack, but I’m not sure what I can really do to prevent it. What worries me even more is that I have Ehlers Danlos type 3 and there isn’t really much information out there regarding the safety of bowel surgery in EDS type 3 patients. I do know that EDS causes fragile sub-mucosa, which may be the reason why this diverticulitis is being so aggresive.

    I’m scared for my life, because I have two young kids and I don’t want to leave them dadless.

    • I also have EDS and digestive issues as well. It’s terrifying and so few doctors have any idea what to do with us. 3 years ago I quit my high stress job as a judge and got certified in holistic nutrition. My doctors had given up so I healed myself. Most of the suggestions given here are excellent. But everyone is different. And because it takes us so long to heal we have to consider our own special issues. I strongly suggest healing your gut with bone broths, DGL and aloe. Add in high quality probiotics and well cooked non fibrous veggies and pastured eggs and meat. I also strongly urge you to do the testing that’s mentioned in the above article. Chances are you have systemic inflammation, low grade bacterial infection, SIBO and or a parasitic infection. You may also have low stomach acid and reduced ability to absorb critical nutrients due to leaky gut syndrome. Read Chris’ articles on these topics. Our elevated pain levels and stress from the EDS predisposes us to chronic inflammation. The good news is that the dietary changes of going paleo and cutting out sugar is not as hard as you think. The diet also supports our screwy joints and skin. What has helped me the most has been addding powdered collagen to everything I drink. Get the green can from Great Lakes online at thrive market for the cheapest prices. Or amazon or a health food store. It’s inexpensive, easy to incorporate into your diet and is a wonderful source of high quality protein. You should also get your vitamin D level checked. And take a high quality omega3 rich fish oil supplement. Let me know if I can help in any way. We zebras need to stick together.

    • I dont go by anyones list. You need to make your own. Some people can eat things that are on these lists out there. Personally I cannot eat high fiber items but the “lists” tell you to. I cannot eat any fruits with seeds,veges with seeds (jalepenos are ok in small doses, but without the seeds) nuts of any kind, NO whole grains, Only white rices, NO raw veges, NO beans, NO popcorn or Corn of any kind. NO dried fruits i.e. raisins etc. NO deep fried foods, and most all takeout foods effect me. I am keeping a list on my frig of can and cannot eat and I think each person is individual. Best wishes!

      • Theresa,
        These items are exactly what my GI told me not to eat.
        Do you have the “itis” and have you had a colonoscopy or colon removal?

    • fyi on the best things I have discovered for diverticulitis – Probiotics. I open the capsule and sprinkle on my yogurt daily. I do not believe in ingesting the capsules unless you are able to put one in a glass of water and it dissolves within 30 min. Greek Yogurt – but only Fage or Cobonni (others have too much or fake sugar in them) Aloe Vera juice (about 2 shot glasses daily) I get mine at Walmart for about 5.00 a quart. That being said I also totally avoid all fake sugars.

      • My GI also told me that I do not need to take a laxitive everyday. He says i do not have to take a poop everyday. But he did recommend metamucil or benifiber. I don’t like having to take a glass of that with every meal.

  34. I have been having problems with my stomach since 2001. After I was told I no longer can keep my gall bladder, because it was pack with stones, it was taken out and I had to learn to adjust my eating habits to it. Recently, in the past three years my stomach has been bloating and inflating everytime I ate anything. After consulting my PCP and many diagnosis, of glutten intolerance, dairy allergy, and my imagination I had a rather sever attach with a combination kidney stone. I have been on a antibiotic and I have been doing a different combination of OTC probiotic to try and have a normal rhythm. But with the other medications I am on it is very hard.
    I have cut all leven bread out of my diet, all carbonated drinks, coffee(love it), a lot of solid citrus fruit not juice(can’t digest), most anything fried(the oil), and corn (big no, no).
    I stick to meat,cheese,milk base,and salads of late for the roughage. Tortillas are my main base to build a snack or lunch. I have no problems with any kinds of rice. But, some days, it doesn’t matter what I eat. My stomach will hurt and inflate.
    I am due for a colonoscapthy soon and I am afraid because I have lost my father, uncle, and two aunts to Colon Cancer from 2001-2003

    • Rejar,

      Don’t be afraid….It’s probably nothing at all. But you do need to try and determine which particular food or additive it is that is causing the problem. You can live a normal life without your gall bladder because the liver also produces bile. You should get an upper and lower GI every 5 years because of your family history. These screenings can identify abnormal growths early so that there’s no problem. If there is no physical problem or intestinal issue then it’s just a matter of determining what causes the problem (bloating). It took me quite a while and lots of experimentation to find the cause of my problems. You need to narrow the variables!! You wrote about what you don’t eat but you didn’t write about everything you did eat. You said that you eat meat, cheese, milk base, and salads and tortillas. I know that you must be eating something besides those items?? Either way, what I did was to decrease the types of food I ate to decrease the variables. Even foods that you thought were safe may not be because of the additives.
      I wish you luck and I realize that you are trying to help yourself. The fact that you’re posting here at this website tells me that you want to solve your problem. But unfortunately… everyone is different. My private physician couldn’t tell me what I had to do to stop the pain in my lower abdomen, I had to figure it out for myself…


      • Treblig

        Thanks for all of your help on this thread.

        I am in the midst of cleaning up my diet so that I don’t go through another episode.
        My question is, if I have Stevia in my tea will that create the same problem as sugar? Can I even have stevia with divert disease!

        And do you know if sugar substitutes like Splenda sweetener low aggravate the condition

      • My probiotics are coming UPS from Andrew Lessmans vitamins. I’ve heard good things. Hopefully it works. I’m eating yogart and pickled beets (I read fermented is good) lol among other things and chewing well. I love chicken broth so that’s good. Also using Sour Dough bread. I’ve always been high fiber and love nuts and whopper jr.’s. Hard to change at 69. It’s been 2 months. I had the antibiotic and liquid then smooth diet. I’m scheduled for a colonoscopy after Thanksgiving. Pretty much feel better now.

  35. After years of pain, colonoscopy every 4 years and no answers. I had a really awful flare up this summer that lasted weeks. I always made my own sourdough bread, bought no processed food etc, nothing changed. I could bear it no longer!
    In September I decided to go wheat free and primarily gluten free, I am dairy free except for occasional organic sheep/goats milk cheese or Yoghurt from Wholefood Shop. I eat loads of spicy food, high fibre foods, no red meat.
    Now pain and symptom free for almost 3 months. Hooray!

  36. I am immue suppressed (auto immune condition) I had my first attack of diverticulitis in 2008. Over the years the attacks have become more and more frequent, This past year I have been getting attacks (which required antibiotic treatment) around every 6 to 8 weeks and never being free of abdominal discomfort/pain.
    I was admitted to hospital for IV antibiotics 4 times this year. The surgeon is hesitant to operate as he feels that I would not survive an operation,,,,….not that I want an operation!!!!
    I have been spending hours on the internet to see how I can help myself and came across this site. I started the SCD diet in early September and this has helped me a great deal. I cannot tolerate most fruit and vegetables even the ones on the SCD diet. I can though tolerate avocado, lettuce. banana and marrow.
    I admit I have cheated a few times and I have been “rewarded” the next day. with pain in LLQ, At the first sensation of pain/ discomfort I take GSE. Amazing stuff. When I stick to the diet which is 99% of the time I am not experiencing any pain or discomfort. Hope this helps somebody.

    • I sympathize with you SO much. My situation was similar to yours…repeated infections that would go away for a while and come back 2 – 3 weeks after I quit the antibiotics. So demoralizing and exhausting. A year ago I spent 8 weeks total on liquid diets and 12 weeks on Flagyl & Cipro.

      Here are the things that work for me to keep infections at bay:
      – every morning I do 20 – 30 minutes of meditative belly breathing before I even get out of bed – deep belly breaths to get my abdomen moving; then I do 5 mins of gentle abdominal massage with a wee bit of coconut oil (google this to see videos by practitioners who know what they are doing). I move all along my colon and can actually feel where gas and stool are trapped. I work with a physio who specializes in abdominal massage and she says my colon feels stagnant most of the time – nothing is moving on its own.
      – I cut out cow dairy, wheat/gluten, fish and ALL grains, including all rices except batsmati. I eat a low to medium fibre diet – otherwise I get sick. I eat mostly cooked fruits & veggies. During an attack I do juicing, home made soups and smooties but I’m sure you’re beyond sick of a liquid diet!
      – I take these supplements recommended by my naturopath: L-glutamine, slippery elm powder (this more than anything has made a huge difference), high quality aloe vera juice of the INNER leaf only, quercetin, chlorella, spirulina, vegan Omega 3 oil, and a quality multivitamin. I also buy high quality probiotics and rotate them since different strains are important.
      – A tea made of these herbs is hugely helpful for me when it feels like an attack is coming on. Steep together for about 5 – 7 minutes and do 2 – 3 times a day: peppermint, chamomille, fennel, marshmallow. It’s very soothing. I often take a cup of slippery elm powder before this too.

      Good luck! You can heal. Stress management is essential and exercize (especially daily 30 minute walks) make a big difference. And listen to your body – rest when you can and need to. Healing is a lot of work!

      • Em and Rose I respect you both for your diligence in taking care of your earth. I have written a long while back, I am 64 had my 1st attack in 2008 put me in hospital. I worked in the medical field SO I never did anything natural all the Dr’s ate donuts and all kinds of food themselves. I was brainwashed into believing drugs were the answer. I got very sick April 2014, had one constant attack on round after round of cipro and flagyl. Lost 20 lbs. I live alone had no one to help make wise decisions, had fevers nightly and had lost my job in 2013. Anyway I drove myself to the ER end of April, they should have kept Me but sent me home after a few bags of antiobiotics. The 1st wk of June in hospital for a week,I was so sick, remained sick all summer the pain traveled from left to right side of abdomen, I hurt laid in my chair all day.
        Had a colonoscopy end of Sept. dr couldn’t complete b/c I as so inflamed, said I need to see a Surgeon.
        Well I had a owes resection Oct 2014. I was in such pain I didn’t know what else to do, I healed but I didn’t realize you develope scar tissue, I am just starting to realize I can’t eat dairy, or sugars, or wheat, my insides feel like someone is putting air in my gut. Since then I have been admitted twice for very serious small bowel obstructions once this past June, I ate broccoli which was not well cooked I know the stems blocked me up I was feeling like I was a goner an hour after I ate, waited till the morning to go to ER way to long, then three weeks ago ate cooked but plain Brussels sprouts, about 6 pm, it was Gods mercy I am writing, again I waited to long to go to ER was in denial hoping it would pass. Thank God it did quickly I was home in 3 days.
        Do whatever you have to not to have surgery. I am learning from you. I am lazy, and a lot of the natural health foods are expensive on affixed Income but I have to make a better effort. Thanks Rose, healing is hard work a stakes time. God bless

      • Tell me please why Basmati and not other rices?
        I consistently hear conflicting ideas on rice types and
        want to get to the bottom of it.

        • I’m not sure of the science behind it. It’s something I’ve learned through trial and error. Maybe the startch content? The worst for me are brown and risotto rices. I haven’t tried wild rice – kind of afraid to – only because anything that’s rough in any way makes me feel like I’m being ripped apart. And I agree, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there! I ended up just having to try myself to see what worked. Also, some will say that combining startchy foods and protein is bad too. Doesn’t pose so much of a problem for me as it seems to for others.

    • Can you tell me what website you went to. I’m a immune suppressed patient also. Had surgery in October 2016 for diverticulitis. I started today hurting again.

  37. That’s great news about the herbs healing your kidneys. Diet wise, do you have a good variety of veggies? Do you eat a huge amount of meat?

  38. Just joined in and am pleased with all this useful information. I am a chronic diver sufferer and will definitely try some of these suggestions.

  39. Around a month ago I ended up in the ER with acute left lower abdominal pain, fever, blood in stool, nausea and vomiting. Had a CT that showed Diverticulitis and small perforation. They put me on IV antibiotics, fluids and 4 days later I was at home. My doctor just said to eat cautiously but I did not have to avoid any particular foods unless I found they irritated me. Things seemed to be improving till about 2 weeks ago when I had pain again (not nearly as bad), some blood like the first time (small) but no fever or emesis. I went on clear liquids for 3 days and it cleared up again. One week later (4 days ago) it came back yet again, same symptoms.

    I have been on pretty much water, occasional gatorade for the electrolytes and some chicken broth for 4 days. The symptoms have subsided all except this nagging pain that comes and goes no fever or blood. Its so so frustrating. I had just started a new job and my benefits have not kicked in so not wanting to go to the ER unless I spike a fever ect… My hope is that the pain is just the irritated area being well irritated. My plan for now is to remain on clears for another day or so and stick to soups with broth, maybe some non gluten noodles in it and chicken or beef for another week. Does this sound like a reasonable approach. If that goes well will introduce more food and avoid the foods that have been mentioned such as high sugars, processed foods, avoid gluten to my best, etc……

    I have seen a lot of stuff about long term management and I am going to employ it even though its a lifestyle change because this disease is my body saying I have to do that. Just wondering how others approach that transition from acute flare up to healing until your ready to start eating normally for those of us with this. Ty for any help you all provide.

  40. How do I get off this website’s mailing list. I tried by using the “Manage Your Subscriptions” list at the bottom of every email I receive. The problem is I accidentally signed up twice with two different email addresses and I get notifications at both email addresses. I want to delete one. But than damn “Manage Your Subscriptions” page seems not to work.

  41. So I realize that any inflammatory food sets me up for an attack.
    (too many carbs, sugar especially) consequently I NEVER eat the offending foods. In the meantime I have had a few attacks mostly because of a large meal -not enough sleep- and stress at work in the e.r. -these in combination slay me.
    Now I found out I have sibo,leaky gut,candida, and high intolerance to gluten and dairy.
    so I dropped the gluten and dairy cold turkey supposing that I should have a huge drop in inflammation. In my quest for carb alternatives I found quinoa. I bought red quinoa and did a good 24 soak on it. cooked well and only let myself have 1/2 cp. per meal-I had it 3 times and as my divers usually takes 3 days to manifest after an indiscretion , the symptoms came like clockwork. the red quinoa did not digest at all. Im using my
    herbal protocols avoiding abx. but live and learn.
    Insoluble fiber is very inflammatory for me. this was a huge fail.

    • I have the very same problem. Anything with roughage – even mild – is so hard ony gut. I can handle jasmine rice but that’s it. I’ve also started eating much smaller meals overall & eat more frequently. I take high quality aloe juice (pulp only) & l-glutamine which also help. How to you stay off antibiotics? I’m on my 3rd antibiotic round in 2 months.

      • Oh Em!I hate antibiotics! they make the gut worse.
        but they are needed sometimes.
        If my diver gets to the point of fever over 100
        I cave.
        If I can keep it from getting to that point I am thrilled.
        for botanicals I Hit it hard with grapefruit seed extract and oregano oil liquid. I get off the gse as soon as I feel out of
        the woods as I don’t think it’s good for you to stay on it but very short term..
        I use these 2 in conjunction with lauricidin and olive leaf.
        clear liquids mostly broth until I am out of pain.
        blenderized homemade soups and whey protein bland smoothies after the pain is gone for a few days and then ease into my normal eating.
        I typically get very constipated and my migrating motor complex gets paralysis -so i add magnesium and vitamin c to
        keep things moving. and btw I pray a lot.
        I hope this is helpful

    • Lgordon, Very interesting, but why are you trying to find a carb alternative?? Could you write a list of the foods/drinks that you normally ingest?


      • I eat a low carb diet because its advised to have a little
        at each meal if there is adrenal insufficiency. (protein,carb,fat).
        I use potato cooked and cooled reheated or basmati rice.
        1/2 cup per meal only.
        wild fish,organic fowl, beef -occasionally pork.
        half piece of fruit a day-NO SEEDS
        1CP coffee per day.
        whey protein powder
        cooked vegetables-
        olive oil
        fresh ginger
        almond milk and water in smoothie
        1 -2glass red wine per week
        occasional coconut water.
        (intolerant to eggs-dairy-gluten)
        I make soup weekly and consume that for
        many of my meals.
        so to answer your question-I would like to add some
        variety to my no gluten lifestyle by adding perhaps
        quinoa-apparently the red variety is problematic for me.

        • How do you make your soup? I’m recovering also but from hospital bout with diverticulitis. I’m looking forward to eventially being able to prepare my own soup because in a few days, I can have a more full liquid diet and I love soups. How can I make my own healthy soup?

          • I don’t use a particular recipe but I always start with organic beef or chicken remove the meat and set aside as I simmer the bones for 24 hrs to make a healthy broth.(adding a T or 2 of
            lemon juice or vinegar). I think a good place to go online for soup recipes would be thenourishedkitcchen.com.
            I always make soup with the broths but set aside a few jars in the freezer for times when I want broth only.
            Im sorry to hear about your hospital visit. I have had numerous attacks but have always avoided admission and I don’t go to the dr unless I get a fever over 100. I stay home and do a regimen of oregano oil 3x a day and grapefruit seed extract
            morning and night. Lots of fluids and rest and have been able to avoid antibiotics. When I am out of pain I go to soft foods and soups whirred up in the blender. God bless you in your healing process!

            • hello everyone I’m new to the chat. I’m 35 and have had 3 diverticulitis attacks. I’ve been reading and the majority of you drink oregano oil. How many drops and is it added to water? If so how many oz? Also I’ve seen slippery elm is also taken. How many drops and if it’s added to water how many oz? I’m thinking of starting a gluten-free diet. I’m frustrated with this already. Was in the er yesterday. Given flagyl and cipro to take every 12 hours for 14 days and on top of that every time I’m done with flagyl I break out into hives for about a month. Any suggestions out there? Please help.

              • That Flagyl is awful
                Definitely gluten is our enemy.
                I use grapefruit extract 15 drops when I have an attack.
                I also am juicing everyday.
                Watch. the movie called: fat sick and nearly dead.
                I add olive oil , aloe Vera, and 5 drops of the grapefruit extract to my juices.

                I find tea made with ginger and turmeric root (raw natural) are very soothing. Add some lemon and honey for sweetness… I also add grapefruit extract to that tea.

                I’ve never heard of oregano oil, but I do add parsley to my juices…
                I juice beets, ginger, turmeric, parsley,celery,carrots, kale, radishes, and I throw in a pear or apple for sweetness…

                Grapefruit extract works well, it is very bitter so expect that, it will remove the toxins from your body, you will feel it working … only use 15 when you have an attack. It is very strong.

                • Thanks so much John for your feedback. Do you recommend adding 5 drops of the extract daily with a juice? And yes I agree flagyl is horrible. Once I’m done with it I break out into intermittent hives for a month sometimes two months. By the way which aloe Vera do you drink? I’ve heard good reviews on George’s always active aloe Vera liquid.

              • Charise, I doubt you will see this, but I had to comment–if not for you, maybe for someone else. It was a few months ago that you were given Cipro. I hope you are okay. Please, please, anyone who reads this, google “cipro dangers” and be sure you know all the risks of permanent, debilitating damage. The same goes for other brands of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Don’t take ANYTHING without reading the insert and researching online. What I’ve read online is truly scary, but I do know a friend who was left with permanent tinnitis after taking Cipro. That’s a mild effect compared with others. There are forums and Facebook groups full of damaged patients. Doctors either don’t read or are not aware enough to enable patients to be fully informed. Be your own advocate!

          • By the way- I do not advise you or anyone to avoid the doctor.
            Your physiology may be very different from mine and it can be dangerous for people with acute diverticulitis to avoid treatment.

    • Quinoa and ALL grains, including most rices (except batsmati) create massive inflammation in my intestines. Really horrible. The worst of all is amaranth!

      • That was a quick response!!
        I only use basmati at home but do use
        sushi rice dining out (cooked rolls only per my Dr.s instruction)
        Red quinoa threw me into a huge diver incident recently.
        I too have to slowly increase any fiber after an attack.
        I believe that my attacks are brought on by stress and
        insoluble fiber, an unusually large meal or sugar which increase the low level of inflammation I already have in my gut.
        THANKS for your recommendations.
        Ps: I also believe I have a toxic burden from mold.
        that definitely can contribute.
        I have usually been able to avoid antibiotics because I am
        acutely aware of the very beginnings of a building attack which usually hits hard at 3 days post indiscretion or stress by using oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract (only for a few days on this one) olive leaf extract and liquids (clear for the first few days) until symptoms completely subside.

  42. I’ve been reading everything on the internet for the past few days. I’m not sure if I’ve helped myself or scared myself silly.

    In 2004 I had a ruptured bowel from diver. I had a colostomy bag for 9 months with an eventual resection. I have been symptom and pain free for 11 years now.

    Until last week. I was under a HUGE amount of silly stress, became constipated (which my former doctor assured me would never happen again) and consequently I have what I think is a diverticulitis flare up only this time it’s on my right side near my ascending colon.
    I don’t mind saying at all that I’m terrified. My colostomy was the worst as the stoma died about 10 days after the surgery. For the 9 months I had it, I evacuated over raw flesh (about 2 inches worth). The pain was unbearable and I was constantly sick. I cannot…cannot cannot go through that again.

    For the last three days I’ve been eating very low fiber foods, but just enough to keep me from throwing up in hunger. Today I’m juicing and will continue to juice. The pain isn’t horrible, it’s nagging. Like I can feel an inflamed area when I pass gas or when I twist a certain way.
    What really pisses me off is that I’ve been eating healthy. All veggies and fruits, low carb, no sugar. I exercise and my labs are fantastic.
    I’m thinking of calling the doctor on Monday for some antibiotics. I know that my fear is getting the better of me and most likely keeping this attack present. Anyone have any words of encouragement?

    • Amy, Of course you should contact your Doctor!! And of course you have everyone’s encouragement. I have written here before that having a colostomy and resection does not in any way shape of form cure the underlying problem. You intestines are reacting to something that you’re eating. For example, you say no sugar, but fruits contain sugar. Many juices contain sugar. Now I’m not saying that the fruits are the problem…but I am saying that you need to figure out what it is that’s aggravating your condition. It’s good that you exercise!! After I got all my symptoms to go away I kept having pain and as it turns out I had 3 small hernias. What I did was to only eat one thing for many days until I weeded out all the things that made me feel worse. I haven’t eaten a fruit for over a year and my last blood work was excellent. The only veggies I eat is lettuce and avocado.


      • Thank you Treblig ( I hope I remembered to spell that right. 🙂 ).
        Calling my doctor now. I just wasn’t/aren’t all fired up for a battery of tests.

        • You got it right, it’s nothing more than “Gilbert” backwards. When they scanned me (when they found the hernias) they made me drink 3/4 gallon of liquid to allow the scan machine to get a good picture of my intestinal tract. I noticed that the liquid aggravated my Diver. I had no Diver symptoms only pain/discomfort in my stomach muscles. But the liquid definitely gave me Diver symptoms. After the test I asked them what was in the liquid, they said that it contained radioactive components and Crystal Light for flavoring. So I now know that Crystal Light (even though it contains no sugar) aggravates my condition. My theory is that even though Crystal Light contains no sugar my body “thinks” it’s sugar and reacts as if I’m eating sugar!! No sugar substitutes for me!!!!!!!!!! No fruits, very few carbs and most importantly….NO SYMPTOMS!!
          Once you can get symptom free (like I am) it’s pretty easy to identify the food/drink items that aggravate your condition. But remember….it you don’t eat fruits/veggies/carbs/sugar/fibrous foods then be sure to use Citrucel (or something like it) and take plenty of vitamins/minerals in pill form so your body stays healthy!!


          • Hey Treblig, still doing ok I see, me too, no/little pain or symptoms, have been only eating no/low carbs and six months going strong now.
            I found a natural sweetener called stevia that I like, at my local foodstore chain, it suppose to be a natural sweetener that has been used for years in some countries, good luck in your quest for better health.

        • One more thing!!! I told my Doctor about my low carb/no sugar diet and he told me that I should eat more carbs. I told him that if I eat more carbs my Diver symptoms will return and I could end up with an infection. He said “Well then I guess you shouldn’t eat too many carbs”. Duhhhhhh!!

          PS – The Doctor’s don’t know JACK!!!!

          • Well I was lucky enough to get to see the doctor this afternoon. She poked around and said that if I had a bowel rupture I would have come off the table. Of course, I knew I didn’t, but it’s just the thought that I could that scares the hell out of me.

            She gave me a script for antibiotics and said we’d talk in a week about a CT scan. For me it would be best to find out what shape my colon is in after the surgery 11 years ago.
            She did say that I could go home and eat whatever I wanted as long as it didn’t have nuts or seeds. I feel this is a bit of outdated advice and I’ll be following your suggestions to take things slow in the next few days.

            Thank you for being here and for giving me some encouragement. I’m well aware I have some PTSD when it comes to my colon so it’s nice to have at least someone out there that understands the fear.

            Thanks again,

            • I would also be scared as hell !!! It’s bad enough that you’ve already lost part of your bowel, no need to lose more. As for the nuts and seeds thing, it has no merit. I have perfectly formed pockets in my intestine and I can eat all the nuts I want but the caveat is that you must not have any inflammation in the pockets. I’ve found that if you have no inflammation the nuts and seeds don’t seem to have any affect. Think of it this way….if the pockets are inflamed and you get a seed stuck in the pocket it can get pretty painful and infected. But if there’s no inflammation the seed will just sit there until it eventually passes and you’ll never know any difference. But in the end you should do what your Doctor tells you.
              If the Diver has spread to your ascending colon (and it will) then I would not eat “anything” like the Doctor says. The reason I stay on my low carb/no sugar diet is so that my Diver doesn’t spread. The last colonoscopy I had ( 2 months ago) showed the nicely formed pockets in the color pics my Doctor snapped while he was in there with his camera. The pockets are there but I would never know it because I don’t eat anything that could possibly aggravate (inflame) them. I could easily put myself in tremendous pain and suffering by eating the wrong things but, of course, I’m not about to do that.
              If they find pockets in the rest of your bowels you better look for alternative things to eat. There’s no cure but there are ways to avoid the pain and suffering AND the infections!!
              I’ve written this before and I’ll write it again……having the damaged portion of your bowel removed DOES NOT keep the rest of your bowels from reacting to whatever damaged the part they removed. In other words, if you keep eating/drinking things that aggravate your intestines (after surgery) you will continue to have problems.

              Wishing you the best of LUCK!!


              • Well, it’s day 7 of the anti’s. Yesterday the pain was pretty much gone. Just a slight dull ache. So of course..I ate. :/
                I had some tuna with mayo, bread and later some veggie soup.
                Today, the dull ache is back and little more. I guess I should have been a bit more careful in my eating?? Was it too soon you think?

                • Well maybe…then again maybe not?? It may not have been that you ate too soon, it may be “what” you ate. If you had eaten absolutely nothing for 7 days (except antibiotics) then one of the items you ate could be “one” of the culprits. I eat tuna and mayo all the time but the bread and veggie soup would have not agreed with my diver. But that’s “me” and my body. Now if you had only eaten the tuna and mayo (and had no symptoms) then you’d know that tuna and mayo are OK to eat. I know it’s difficult, but once you’ve rid yourself of the pain and discomfort you have to only eat one food item for few days to find out if it agrees with you or not. Also drink water ONLY otherwise you’re introducing another item that could complicate the test. For example, if you have a meal that includes steak, baked potato (loaded), green beans and a chocolate volcano brownie then the next day you’re in pain…there’s no way to tell which of all the food items (or their additives) caused the flare up. However, if you had only eaten a baked potato with butter only for three days running and got no symptoms then it would be safe to say that baked potatoes and/or butter don’t bother your diver. I can’t eat baked potatoes!! But it’s just an example.
                  I’ve written before about your “safe diet”. The diet that a person can go to knowing that it will “absolutely not” aggravate your diver. Once you find your “safe diet” you can usually make the symptoms go away by getting on and staying on that diet. If you mess up like I have a few times (cake and ice cream) you’ll feel some pain BUT if you immediately get (and stay) on your safe diet your gut will heal quickly and your symptoms should disappear.
                  There’s no way I can tell you what will or will not aggravate your condition, but I can tell you with certainty that if you continue to eat foods/drinks that aggravate your condition you will eventually get another infection!!


    • I’m so sorry to hear this! I had to write and just say prayers and God Bless you! I am 44 and just had my first attack I’m
      Scared as well and worried about my future . My job is very demanding and stressful. I’m hoping I never have another attack the pain in unbearable. Of course family and friends think your nuts. I’ll keep you in my prayers and keep reading. I was lazy after I got out of my office chair and ate out a lot! I have lost weight and went total healthy! Hoping this works

  43. Hi, just trying to read all of the very helpful posts. Just returned from the doctor. She prescribed antibiotics and told me to eat a bland diet of noodle soup, crackers, bananas and toast, and when I am healed to start taking Metamucil. That seems like a lot of carbs.

    • your colon is inflamed, so you need to take baby steps to get it feeling better. yes… carbs… but just don’t eat a lot of volume. broth is good this is not an overnight sensation or fix, you will be ion pain for weeks or months…. i personally refused to take the flagyl … it made me feel awful !

      • Acute diverticulitis. Been on antibiotics for 21 days and ct scan still shows inflammation on left low side causing discomfort walking. Can anyone tell me how long inflammation takes to go.

    • I haven’t eaten more than 30 carbs per day (many times less than that) for the last year and I perfectly healthy. In fact I just had a full blood work up by my kidney specialist (including a Lipid panel) and after he read the results he said that I am in very good health and that I should continue doing whatever I am doing. You don’t need carbs to survive and thrive. Carbs=Sugar, Sugar=Carbs


  44. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis by CT scan in April when I went to the ER for abdominal pain. I had been studying for an exam for the previous 3 months and sitting for much longer than I normally would. I have a BMI of 24 so not a typical candidate though I am 50 yrs old. I started making and drinking Kefir 4 days later- from grains originally from Poland, given to me by a friend at work. I drink a cup of kefir a day in a fruit shake and also eat about a 1/2 cup of grains every two weeks when I get enough. By July the pain was completely gone. Today (Sept 15) I had my follow up colonoscopy and now it looks like the diverticula are gone too. Kefir has totally healed my gut. The Dr. could only find 3 very small diverticula. Get your hands on some good quality kefir grains and take it everyday for 6 months (ideally the rest of your lives). And I hope you all have the results I’ve had.

  45. Johnfo and treblig, I found this site after my first attack and diagnosis with diverticulitis. I asked for help in getting the diarrhea stopped. No one responded with help about that. Instead I got judgemental comments and advice from both of you about my eating habits. I didn’t ask for that. I realize I am going to have to make adjustments once I am done with this particular attack, but nothing I said I had eaten was anything that had ever bothered me before. Overeating? I was asked to include things I’d eaten over the last week or 10 days, I believe. Guess I should stop eating all together???? Since the attack I have eaten nothing that would irritate my system and a lot of binding foods, but I still have diarrhea. I’m going to drop off this blog site because I feel insulted by the 2 responses I got. To the person in charge of the site…you proof-read the responses first–why did you allow these 2 people to be so rude and unhelpful? Thanx, but no thanx for the advice/help I got here. I’ll depend on my doctor, I guess. Unbelieveable!

    • sorry if you feel offended.
      if you can’t take the truth from a complete stranger, then who knows who you will listen to.
      I was prescribed flagyl and cypress at the same time.
      you problems will cease when you stop hurting yourself .
      i threw the flagyl in the trash, and god only knows why i kept taking the cypro. i guess i felt like feeling bad another week.
      you need to put the fire out! just eat gelatin , water, then when you can maybe some rice.
      you think its a joke? i am not joking about the olive oil, and aloe vera.
      so listen to your pill pushing doctor….
      it’s YOU thats going to make yourself better…..
      i already judged myself, and knew i was the cause of my demise. all the comfort eating with my 4 year old…. rocky road, hamburgers fries steaks raw carrots….
      you diarrhea might go away…. but the good thing is you are moving the TOXINS out of your body !
      this thing we have will NEVER go away
      so get used to immediate changes or go back and have your bowells removed and start pooping in a bag. the choice is yours.
      tough love darling ! I don’t sugar coat anything, and this site has helped me get the confidence to question normal doctors pill pushing methods
      go ahead and censor me…. i don’t care.
      you are lucky to have someone tell you straight up what to do, and not do.
      keep drinking water! work up to rice…. i had peanut butter and saltines about after 4 or 5 days…. if you are lucky you can start back with semi-real food in 2 weeks…. and you’ll be in pain for weeks after that ….. maybe after months, you feel great…. but don’t EVER think you are better! get a breville and change your life. I drink fresh Juice every day !! soluble soluble soluble fiber!!! and i eat avocados everyday ! easy to digest!!!
      go cry to your doctor, I fired mine and gave him back his poison Flagyl!

      • Thanks John for giving the “straight up”. I am in a attack right now. It’s my first day. But I’m more hopeful because of reading your comment. Thank you thank you! May we both stay on the course of living our lives to the fullest!

        • I’m so sorry you are going through that. Get some olive oil and aloe Vera juice ….
          The aloe helps a lot !
          This is God’s way of telling us we are not eating healthy 🙂

    • Jeanne,
      I have not written on this blog for a while. Please relax and calm yourself down all these guys are seriously trying to support you.No one is judging you. last April I had my 3rd serious attack, did not want to take the antiobiotics . I am 64 and in my past life I admit I did not take care of myself. Was always stressed esp. At work, ate fast and not always healthy. Well 3 weeks. After I woke up in serious pain not only on the lower left side it radiated back and forth left to right. finally 3.5 weeks later Easter Sunday I had the script filled for the usual flagyl and cipro. I took the full doses and still felt horrible. Went to the Gastro Dr. Sent me for a Cat scan, I was still terribly inflamed, not eating much except soup water maybe toast. I live alone so. It was hard to even get to the store, the Dr put me on another round of antiobiotics, which I HATED! It got SO bad I drove myself to the ER the week later more antiobiotics, this went on and off They finally cleared me the end of May. 3 days later a Sunday am I called my neighbor screaming take me to the ER, I couldn’t bear the pain. I was in hospital 6 days. Spent the rest of the summer sick, took aloe juice, tried everything lost 20 lbs from not eating and had fevers nightly. August another Cat scan more it is….. I didn’t know. What to do or where to turn. I also was laid off my job and was offered a job in May but worked two half days and had to leave b/c I was too sick to work. Sept was now having a colonoscopy, the Dr said he could. Not do it b/c I was so inflamed he could have perforated my colon. Said I needed to see a surgeon.both my kids live far one is out of the country the other another State no relatives close friends but the decision was up to me. I prayed to God to guide me. I had the surgery Oct 15, almost one yr ago. I had complications from thr diver caused a fistula so I had 3 surgeons in thr OR. Anyway I thanks to God had a great Surgeon, one I trusted and I healed well and am doing well. he removed a foot of very diseased colon. I tell you all of this to say be patient if you have diarrhea your body the bacteria is cleaning itself out. If you don’t eat you won’t die. Just drink water soup broth till you are clear. Then baby steps like feeding a new born banana, soups, soft steamed veggies soft, an egg, you get the picture. Take the EVOO, eat an avocado, drink green tea no sugar. I do not recommend surgery for anyone u less it is absolutely. Necessary mine was I was just too sick for too long. Just. Stay calm stress doesn’t help and the body needs time to heal. Itself. The antiobiotics are poision but needed if severely infected. The pouches will never go away, esp. When you get my age, like my arms starting to sag like my old Aunts I used to kid about I am looking like them. Not everyone can be a super model, I told my story not to scare you but to say these guys I have read their blogs for some time now and I know all they want to do is help. And encourage you to recover, God bless and I pray you will heal soon. Xo

    • I have reread what I had previously written and couldn’t find any JUDGMENTAL STATEMENTS!! I had previously written this,

      “”Jeanne, If I ate all the things you listed I would also be in the hospital. I don’t know how many posted comments you’ve read?? I’ve had bleeding and diarrhea before but it was well over a year ago. If you keep drinking plenty of water you’re diarrhea should eventually stop. Any food that you might eat could keep the diarrhea going. I said to drink plenty of water…NOT COKE OR JUICE!!. You also need electrolytes but your Dr should tell you what to take in that area. Anything you ate the day before shouldn’t aggravate your diverticulitis. It’s the things you were eating many days before!! From what I’ve found it takes at least a couple of days before you feel the effects of eating the wrong foods/drinks, thus my question. As for “HIGH FIBER FOODS”…I for one tried that route and it didn’t help my condition at all. But your body MAY be different. I get all my fiber by taking Citrucel tablets, the Citrucel doesn’t contain anything that will aggravate my condition. I can eat salads (with no croutons) but no high fiber foods.
      I don’t want to rewrite all my comments again as I have posted here many, many times about my diet. Just remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to certain foods and beverages. For example, I used to drink margaritas and they not only aggravated my condition but they also gave me a hangover. Not that I drink Crown Royal with diet coke I get no hangover and my Diver is just fine with it. So, there’s something in certain foods/drinks that your body can not tolerate.
      Take the time to read all my posts (TREBLIG) and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer.””

      There is NO WAY I could give you any advice on how to stop your diarrhea unless I knew what you had been eating. I know that if I ate jalepeno peppers I would get pain and diarrhea SO I stopped eating them. It takes time to figure out what exactly is causing your problem. I wasn’t judging, I was trying to evaluate your situation. If you go to the Doctor and tell him that every time you eat “X” you get sick. The Doctor will tell you, “Don’t eat “X”!! From what you described in your list of foods it was very hard to determine which food item or items was causing your problems. You shouldn’t get upset because other people are trying to help you, even if they are blunt. We have all been hurt by Diver, some worse than others, but we still listen to each other. Yes, sometimes we disagree but the more we write the more others learn from our experiences. There is tremendous DETAIL in these posts on what to eat and what not to eat, that’s why I had asked if you had read all the posts here. If you can find a web site that is more helpful than this one please let us all know. As for myself, I try to respond as soon as I see someone here ask a question. I am not a Doctor but I know MUCH MORE than my Doctor does about my Diver and how to prevent attacks!!



    • I used to be able to eat anything I wanted and as much as I wanted and would never gain an ounce!! I could eat ice cream all day long and be just fine. I could eat handfuls of “HOT” raw chiles and I felt great!! I could eat candy all day long with no adverse affects. When I turned 58 things changed, the fun was over. It took me a few years to figure out what was causing the pain and bleeding and even then I figured it all out by mistake!! You can’t run from your problem and Doctors don’t seem to know anything about how to prevent Diver attacks. Even my gastroenterologist couldn’t help me in the least, he said, “eat plenty of fiber!!”. That didn’t help at all even when I was eating tons (literally) of fiber. I searched the internet for many months looking for a place to talk to others and of the many sites I visited this site had the most/best people and information.
      If you don’t think that we have all been upset about our situation then your not thinking clearly. We’ve all experienced the pain, bleeding and diarrhea. I also had diarrhea for many,.many days on end and the Doctors couldn’t help me in the least. I had to figure out what it was that my body didn’t like/want. No one (out there) could tell me what MY BODY didn’t like. I had to figure it out myself. I have posted here many times and specifically stated my exact diet. Each meal, morning, noon and night. I guess you haven’t bothered to read all the many, many times I’ve posted here telling other folks how I solved my Diver problem.


      • Another forum you may like to join is
        Divi Diners on Patient U.K with lots of fellow sufferers
        joining in with “good ” food “bad” food, experiences ,
        alternative Health supplements that help. As we all know
        we have Divi for life, so the more help and advice we get
        from each other,helps us cope with it

      • you are absolutely right in what you are saying . I have been having flareups for more years than i can remember. Dr’s. specialists, antibiotics pain and misery. So Tired So Tired. Should have taken my diet more seriously a long time ago. This attack of pain in left mid abdomen, back pain, chills and discomfort on sitting. This flareup has given me a scare as it has been eight days now but i cannot go through antibiotics again.
        I have made a pot of bone broth as they say it helps. I also have made myself a pot of ginger tea. can’t hurt right?
        This is the first time i have made comments please bear with me it seems i am not alone.
        i would love to have your diet plan as i have not seen it before. Would so appreciate any help in the right direction.
        Thank you Chris

  46. After reading the article and comments, I am now even more confused about what I should or should not put into my system. First got sick with this in the middle of the nite last Weds. HORRIBLE abdominal pains, then add on diarrhea, nausea, and bleeding. Got admitted to the hospital Thurs. nite, and was released Sun., yesterday. Am still on 2 antibiotics and still have diarrhea. WHEN will it end?

      • Treblig, the evening just prior to my attack for supper I had a Jimmy John’s beach club sandwich on wheat bread (seeds very numerous), with lettuce & tomato on it. Also had one of their oatmeal & raisin cookies (more fiber). Before bed I had some ice cream–fast tracks (chocolate & nuts). I told this all to the second ER physician who diagnosed me and told me I needed to start eating a high fiber diet. He told me that nothing I’d eaten that nite prior had anything to do with this attack. I’m hard pressed to remember everything I ate the week before–home-made goulash, PBJ sandwiches (red raspberry preserves–my fav), milk, Diet Coke, water, orange juice. When I said in my comment that I am almost afraid to eat, I meant currently…in order to get rid of the diarrhea. Still dark green–sometimes soft & sometimes liquid. I don’t always know. My hemoglobin and potassium were back up into safe ranges and my white blood count was down before they dismissed me from the hospital. I am still on 2 different anti-biotics. But when and how do I get this diarrhea stopped? They told me my intestines had to clean themselves out…this is now almost the end of day 6.

        • Jeanne, If I ate all the things you listed I would also be in the hospital. I don’t know how many posted comments you’ve read?? I’ve had bleeding and diarrhea before but it was well over a year ago. If you keep drinking plenty of water you’re diarrhea should eventually stop. Any food that you might eat could keep the diarrhea going. I said to drink plenty of water…NOT COKE OR JUICE!!. You also need electrolytes but your Dr should tell you what to take in that area. Anything you ate the day before shouldn’t aggravate your diverticulitis. It’s the things you were eating many days before!! From what I’ve found it takes at least a couple of days before you feel the effects of eating the wrong foods/drinks, thus my question. As for “HIGH FIBER FOODS”…I for one tried that route and it didn’t help my condition at all. But your body MAY be different. I get all my fiber by taking Citrucel tablets, the Citrucel doesn’t contain anything that will aggravate my condition. I can eat salads (with no croutons) but no high fiber foods.
          I don’t want to rewrite all my comments again as I have posted here many, many times about my diet. Just remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to certain foods and beverages. For example, I used to drink margaritas and they not only aggravated my condition but they also gave me a hangover. Not that I drink Crown Royal with diet coke I get no hangover and my Diver is just fine with it. So, there’s something in certain foods/drinks that your body can not tolerate.
          Take the time to read all my posts (TREBLIG) and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer.


          • For goodness sake 41 things stop using dairy. Who drinks milk today that has a colon problem? That doesn’t make any sense.. So many people are lactose intolerant. She has problems and she’s eating ice cream yuck. She needs to see the implications of Dairy especially of milk on her intestines

        • All the fiber foods in the world won’t help you at all IF the foods contain ingredients that aggravate your condition. In other words…..The fiber in the foods is good (just like Citrucel) but the other ingredients in the same food may/will aggravate your condition.


      • P.s.Jeanne the night before my serious attack I ate a whole lot stuff like you described. no No we cannot eat that way, too much for the body to hard to digest esp if you have divers, we must eat less and more often small amounts and what we find is best for us. Whether we like it or not it is time to make necessary dietary. Changes!

    • Wow, diet coke ? Orange Juice ? Goulash ? Fast Tracks ?
      Are you a christian ? have you ever heard of gluttony ?
      well, diver is gods way of telling you that you are eating too much!
      and all the other garbage you eat ?
      just drink water ! and instead of any pre-made juices get a breville juice machine, and watch the movie fat sick and nearly dead, i don’t know if you are fat, but most persons who drink diet coke are, and remain fat, because it is engineered to chemically retain body fat.
      all cokes and pepsis are good for is cleaning greasy floors and nasty toilets .
      the guys are on it with the olive oil
      i drink it straight EVERY DAY ! Along with aloe vera juice
      TONS OF ROMAINE ….. after you are better just eat half a kids portion of your ice cream and sweets stay away from raw veggies , peanuts , seeds , COKES ! and don’t eat bran flakes….. thats what sent me to the ER ! Listen to your body, now you know what the diver symptoms feel like…. go to costco and buy gallons of kirkland organic olive oil !! drink 3 tablespoons a day minimum… and take at least 2 citrucels everyday…..
      bottom line, keep your poop flowing !

      • Avocado oil is better then you get your omegas at the same time. I find citrucel very irritating I drink no crap water with a little juice for flavor, have been try kangen akaline water to see if that will help, eat cooked veggies , fish, soup, chicken baked, rice, no seeds, fried, greasy foods , almost no sugar, non gluten waffles, but had a New pizza last night and got bad attack, eat pizza once a week every friday not sure why it set it off.

  47. Should You Avoid Nuts, Popcorn and Seeds?

    It used to be standard advice for people with diverticulosis that they avoid nuts, popcorn, corn, seeds, and seeded fruits and vegetables for fear that these foods would get stuck in the diverticula, causing them to become inflamed. This advice is no longer considered to be valid. In fact, as these foods are a great source of fiber, it should be fine to include them as part of your regular diet.

    • I have had 2 bouts of this and have been to 2 natural paths and both told me no nuts or seeds and I have already done this on my own, think about if you have pockets that get infected nuts and seeds can get into those pockets !! I won’t take that chance anymore I was in emerg for 9 hrs don’t want that type of pain ever again 🙂

    • Wrong!!! I get so angry when i read these people saying nuts, seeds, corn and popcorn are ok. Everyone is not the same and they are death for me!

      • I not sure what to say on this issue because other folks might react differently to nut/seeds. Personally, I have perfectly formed pockets in my lower intestines. The pockets were fairly large and obvious in the last colonoscopy pics (2 weeks ago) and in the scans I have had in the last 6 months. It was nice to see the color pics taken by my gastroenterologist, The pockets were nice and pick like the rest of my intestine. Pink is the color of healthy intestinal walls. I can eat all the nuts I want with no symptoms at all. My THEORY is that IF YOUR INTESTINES ARE INFLAMED anything can/will give you pain/symptoms. Of course if your diverticuli are inflamed nut/seeds would tend to get lodged into the pockets and cause problems. In my case, since I am symptom free (no inflammation) and remain that way because of my Lo Carb/Lo Sugar diet, nuts have no effect on my condition. I just returned from a week long vacation and most days I ate many hand fulls of almonds and pecans. I haven’t had a hint of pain or any type of problem. During my vacation I ate meat, eggs, sausage, bacon and cheese. Very, very few carbs or sugar, lots of nuts also. The vacation was great and I totally forgot that I had Diverticulitis!!
        So……if you can stop the symptoms completely, like I have, then you should be able to eat all the nuts you like. If you have have NO inflammation then there is almost nothing you can’t eat…EXCEPT CARBS AND SUGAR!!

        Just my opinion based on REAL LIFE>


          • Hi, Guido…how are you doing?? Yes, sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar. At least that’s what I have found. HOWEVER….if you can eat fruits without having any flareups then you’re lucky. Doctors and researchers have found that sugar causes inflammation in the body. This inflammation manifests itself in the intestines, lungs and sinuses. At least that’s where it caused problems in my body. Your body may be different. I’ve have sinusitis/allergies since I was 10 years old and the allergies/inflammation in my sinuses magically disappeared when I went on the lo carb/lo sugar diet…it’s really funny that it took me 52 years to figure it out!!!!! I had been seeing an allergist (specialist) for quite a few years, he always made me blow into a machine that measured lung inflammation (I’ve also had asthma since I was young). I had been seeing this specialist for three years and every single time I blew into the machine he would tell me that I had very bad lung inflammation. Three weeks after I started on the lo carb/lo sugar diet I had an appointment with the same allergist and my lung inflammation was almost completely gone. The allergist could not understand how my lung inflammation had magically disappeared. I had to explain to him how I solved my own problem. Before he read me the results of the lung inflammation test I told him that I knew my lung inflammation would be drastically reduced. He asked me why I would predict such a thing. I told him that I had solved my sinus inflammation problem and that lungs contain mucus just like the sinuses so it was only reasonable that my lung inflammation would be reduced. So… I have documented medical proof that carbs and sugar cause inflammation in the parts of the body that produce mucus (lungs, sinuses/intestines). A few months ago when I had to drink 1/2 gallon of liquid designed to show the Diver (lower abdomen scan) it caused me some mild pain. Turns out there was crystal light in the liquid that they made me swallow. Crystal light is a sugar substitute but my body reacted to it like sugar.
            So, depending on your body you could have the same allergy to carbs and sugar but I can say with absolute certainty…. CARBS and SUGAR (any kind) cause inflammation in my body.

            On a side note…….I have yet to determine one thing??? When a person goes on the low carb, lo sugar diet and you do it properly, your body goes into KETOSIS (you can look it up). Ketosis makes the body produce ketones. Researchers have found that when your body is in ketosis your body produces large amounts of ketones. Ketones are known to reduce inflammation in the human body…that’s why you’re supposed to eat strawberries/Bluberries. These fruits contain KETONES!!! But they also contain sugar!! So if you can get your body into ketosis (not recommended for diabetics) then you’re body will produce massive amount of Ketones. What I haven’t figured out is if the lack of sugar and carbs (being in Ketosis) reduces the inflammation OR if the Ketones reduce the inflammation?? Or is it a combination of both?? Either way, if you’re not in Ketosis your body won’t/can’t produce Ketones. You can’t go into Ketosis IF you eat sugar or carbs. I’ve been in Ketosis for over a year now. I feel great and have no symptoms, it’s like I don’t have Diver at all even though my last colonoscopy (2 weeks ago) shows that I do have pretty extensive diverticulitis. As I have found being in Ketosis only seems to affect parts of the body that produce mucus. I also have some arthritis, but the Ketones my body produces don’t seem to help my joints. I guess (I’m not a doctor) that there’s is no mucus in the joints???
            I could keep writing more about my experiences but I don’t want to bore everyone.
            Thanks for asking,

            • Hi treblig,
              I’m not too bad thanks! I have beed doing quite ok since few months and I’m flare-up-free since like 6 months now.
              Haven’t eaten any special diet, just trying to eat quite a lot of vegetables and fiber.
              I try to eat wholegrains and not refined cereals, limit my intake of meat, especially red one.
              If I feel that I’m getting stomach-wicker, I take pro-biotics pills for some days. The fact that I’m probably one of the youngest in this thread (33) and that I’m not a sugar-person helps to keep things under-control.
              So yes, even if I’m eating some fruit or some sweetie thing, it doesn’t harm that much! Having said that, after all your advises and having done some research myself, I know what to cut off when I’m starting to feel bad down there (basically sugar-carbs-meat).

              • Guido, I had tried the same thing…lots of veggies and whole grain cereal but it didn’t work for me, that was over a year ago. I thought that eating high fiber veggies and high fiber whole grain cereals would produce less stress on my diver. As it turned out many vegetables contain carbs and most cereals contain carbs and sugar. As long as you’ve found what works for you then you should be OK.
                We’re all built different and react to different foods, the trick is to find what “your” diver doesn’t like!!

            • @Treblig, I’ve been reading your posts with interest because I have a friend with Diverticulitis and also I had the childhood illnesses you had and also learned to listen to my body rather than rely on medical info which didn’t work. I like the way you manage your life and think for yourself. I’ve been reading that all illness is inflammation. I have found that “Wheelchair To Marathon” types of people have all been on the same diet. They successfully eliminate all foods which cause inflammation, and also mucous i.e.; all milk products, all grains, especially wheat, all sugars (including fruit, honey and artificial sweeteners, including candy and chocolate, wah!) and processed food which is anything in a box . Less red meats, more fish. If it has a face or roots it’s fine. If you think this is expensive, try disease. I do this. It works. I slip up, I’m in pain. Choose. I manage my diet very carefully as I would be bed bound in excruciating head to toe pain with inflammatory arthritis and IBS if I listened to doctors and the arthritis association. They do not understand the full impact of diet. They know pharmaceuticals and surgery. They do not address the underlying cause, just the symptoms. They have no training in diet specific for the individual. It’s all about the underlying cause and the underlying cause is diet. We often think we have inherited the problem and what we have inherited is the diet. The great thing is that this is also the Heart Health diet, the anti-Type 2 Diabetes diet, anti-Infammatory, etc etc. It’s all the same diet! To put yourself on the route to a healthy diet specific to you, you need a Nutritional Therapist. It’s a quicker route to health. Mine is great, BANT registered. She told me to also eliminate red peppers, aubergines, potatoes and spinach, the solanacea family of vegetables since they are inflammatory and too acid for my joints. And more. Brilliant.
              You mention your symptoms started late in life. Do you know stomach acids reduce when our hormones shift? That’s why we could get away with grains etc earlier and not now. BTW the mercola.com nutrition website is brilliant and ahead of it’s time. Get in the site and look for “Health Articles” and type in Diverticulitis. It’s all there.

              Best of luck Treblig. Good health to you all!

              • You wrote, “You mention your symptoms started late in life. Do you know stomach acids reduce when our hormones shift? That’s why we could get away with grains etc earlier and not now”.

                I tend to agree with you because I used to eat tons of sugary foods/candy/cake/you name it!! I have always had a slender body so I could get away with it. Everyone else hated me for being able to eat anything and as much as I wanted. I’m still slender and I can still eat as much as I want but I can’t eat anything I want any more. Some people get to live their whole lives eating anything they want but some of us can’t. I did however get to enjoy lots of tasty foods/sweets for 60 years!! Now, sweets are not so important. Living “PAIN FREE” is important!! I’ve beaten my Diver for now and have complete control over my symptoms. My next QUEST is my Kidneys!! I’m in Stage II kidney failure and although it sounds bad it’s not that bad yet. As it turns out once your kidney’s efficiency gets below 90 percent you’re in Stage II kidney failure. There’s also Stage III and Stage IV and you don’t want to ever get to Stage V !!! So I’ve been seeing Master Choi. Master Choi is a Grand Master in martial arts and a master acupuncturist. He’s also practices Chinese medicine. When he was doing acupuncture on my feet (for a bone spur) he noticed the edema in my ankles (they were pretty fat/swollen). He immediately said in broken English, “You bad Kidney!!”. I told him that I see a Kidney Specialist annually and that I was in stage II kidney failure. Of course Master Choi knew that before I had even told him!! I also told him that my kidney specialist told me that it was normal for kidney function to decrease as we get older and for me not to worry about my swollen ankles. Master Choi emphatically said, “NOOOO!! He said that he could fix my kidneys. I’ve been seeing Master Choi for 20 years for acupuncture but had never taken any of the Chinese Medicine he dispenses. Well, long story short, I started the Chinese herb tea that he himself makes and packages. There are over 20 herbs in this concoction and I’m required to take it twice a day for one year. It’s been 3 months and the edema in my ankles has greatly decreased (it’s almost completely gone). It’s really hard to believe but my ankles are no longer swollen at the end of the day. Now it’s only been 3 months since I started the medicine, my ankles do still get very, very minimal swelling. I fact, I’m the only one who can tell there’s any swelling at all because it is so minimal. But it’s 10 times better than it was before the herbs!!
                So, we’ll see!! In 9 months I return to my kidney specialist. I’ll get my usual full blood work up and we’ll get to see if my kidney function has improved. Even a 5-8 percent improvement would be enough to keep me out of Stage III kidney failure for at least 10-15 years!!
                My plan is to outlive my kidneys!!!

                Thanks for your encouragement!!

      • Hi ANG, I have /HAD Inflammatory Bowell Disease or IBD for 10 years. I did not even know until diagnosed with Diverticulitis.I ate ALOT of SUGAR! But since I cut out simple carbs like sugar I feel better than I have in many years. I also was told by Drs. about nuts and seeds, but that advice did not work for me, not until I followed the lo-carb (simple carbs from sugar) no-sugar diet did my condition almost completely reverse and now I feel much better. I would recommend an internet search on the inflammation/sugar connection hope this helps.

  48. I have been hospitalized 3 times in the last year or so with Diver attacks, I mean IVs, surgeons, the whole works! I was 2weeks from having sigmoid resection on August13 2015.I found this site and tried the LO-NO (low carb-no sugar) and it really seems to help, so I decided to postpone the surgery.
    I had been suffering for years from what I thought might have been Dairy allergy. The no dairy helped but I still had issues, it got worse every year until the first attack in May 2014.
    After only two days I was feeling better and no issues since.
    I have been on it now one week and will stay on it.
    I am not an expert, but after some research I believe wheat and sugar are the main culprits with my condition, so I wont eat that anymore and hope I don’t suffer any more attacks

    • Marshall, the last post I wrote never showed up. So I’ll try again. Glad you’re having some luck with the Lo/No sugar, Lo/No carb diet. I’ve been on the diet for over a year now and still feeling great. The only time I get any discomfort at all is when I deliberately eat something bad like a piece of birthday cake at a party (just to be sociable). But the discomfort quickly disappears because I stay on the strict diet. I know my diet has kept me out of the hospital and has cleared up infections I have had. But that was in the past long ago.

      Hope you continue to have luck with your efforts and I really hope you continue to post your results here because people who have Diver need to know what actually works. And although this diet may not work for everyone we know it works for some of us!!

      I have posted here many,many times and would like to know what happened to my previous post. I noticed that it was being reviewed by someone after I had posted it but then it disappeared. If the keeper’s of the site aren’t going to post what I write they should tell me so I won’t be wasting my time.


      • treblig, thank you so much for all your posts. Your advice really resonated and convinced me to give it try, so thank you, and glad to hear you are still good also.

  49. i have most of the things here, diver to me is an over eating problem… comfort foods just all around bad diet.
    I have read these threads and taken the good with the bad .
    It says here to cook with olive oil…. I go beyond that .
    I drink 3 tablespoons with 3 to 4 ounces of aloe vera juice every morning and every night
    i take citrucell and i eat lots of avocados. of course lots of water. and lots of salad ….. just lettuce. i do not eat any raw veggies anymore, i Juice them as often as i can . Juicing is my biggest attribute . I am with chris on many things . this thread has helped me a lot. he even says there is no one way, and you need to listen to your body, I wish i had Know my first attack was diver, cause i would had never gotten a second.

      • Hi, I never over eat and got a horrible attack because I at 2 slices of pizza from a different pizza place. Not sure why? I eat chinese cooked veggies and they are fine when I don’t want to cook, eat, fish or chicken home, but why the Pizza got me sick when I eat it every friday I have no idea. I go weeks with no attack and then all of a suden it bites you, I eat no greasy foods, almost no red meat, no fried foods, no seeds , no nuts. maybe a seed in a tomato slice, cooked veggies, I eat a pretty clean diet for diva

        • Christine, it’s the wheat in your Friday pizza. Grains=Pain. Wheat is a grain. Did you have a fizzy drink and ice cream with it too? Perhaps try another fun food with no grain so no pain. Do you like vegetable stir fries? Steamed fish?

          Hey, we are all learners here.

  50. Hi everyone,

    Just want to share my story hoping it can help some of you out there looking for natural ways to heal diverticulitis, or at least reduce it consequently.

    In january I woke up with a crazy pain on my lower left abdomen thinking I just needed to go for a number 2. I went to the washroom and had a bowel movement but that did not change much, I decided not to go to work for the next 3 days thinking I strained my abs badly during workout.

    After 3 days not eating much and staying home I go back to work thinking it is getting better, then at lunch time decide to go down my building grab a “healthy” soup. Terrible mistake, the soup was spicy, after 3 spoons I felt an unsustainable pain that made me go home right away, I could barely walk and honestly thought I was about to collapse on my way to my car. Note that I live in an area where january is about – 20 degrees celsius (- 4 fahrenheit).

    I decided to go to the hospital on the next day to get this checked, they let me out the first day telling me to come back for a scan on the next day. But suggested me to stay for the night as they found blood in my urine. I refused since I am living few hundred meters from the hospital and felt better.

    The next day they scanned me and told me that I had a 3cm wide abscess. They said it was recommended to stay and have a surgery to get this drained. But as I was feeling better, had no health insurance (immigrant not permanent resident at the time), wouldn’t be paid if not going to work for too long, and my woman birthday was upcoming the weekend and I really didn’t want her to spend it worrying about my health. Not to mention that I personally don’t trust hospitals, they treated me like crap, left me waiting for 3 hours for my scan result, aknowledging that they just forgot me when I asked what was happening! And I will stop here cause I could go on and on about what is wrong with this hospital.
    So I said no, I will not stay and have you opening my guts for something that I believe can be healed naturally. I praid to God for help and left with just a 10 day antibiotics prescription against diverticulitis.

    I then decided to make researches on diverticulitis, what causes it, how to prevent, heal it. And in addition to antibiotics, researches and prayers, I went on a full lifestyle change: no more smoking, drinking, junk food, and excessive amount of spicy and/or fried food. I was already pretty active but only for 2 years, doing a lot of sports sometimes 5 times a week, but at the end of the day, since I was smoking, drinking, and eating wrong, my colon was not left a chance to be healthy after 25 years of disrespect.

    I also decided to fast as long as the pain was not fully gone. Which means for about 10 days, I only drank water, juices, kefir milk or smoothies starting at sunset, nothing during day time.

    After those 10 days fasting and just drinking, I added some food slowly, but still fasting during day time. I started to add ripe bananas, applesauce, yogurt. And about 5 days after (day 15) I slowly added toast bread and finally homemade chicken broth soup with carrots, rosemary, garlic and thyme in which I was pouring some apple cider vinegar (2 spoons for each bowl). I also made sure to grab 5 spoons of Pure Aloe vera gel (not Aloe drink sent in supermarkets! avoid this at all cost) everyday. I only started to add up other food after around 20 days. Note that I was still fasting during day time, I allowed myself to eat only starting at sunset.

    I started to add one food at the time, everyday, checking what was working and what was not. For me, carrotts, mushrooms, brown rice (not white rice it is harder to digest), spinach, asparagus, chicken, salmon, avocados, ripe bananas, turned out to be the easiest to digest as I never experienced pain eating those.

    I also took camomile tea or peppermint tea with some lemon juice after eating to help digestion.

    I ended my fast after 30 days as the pain was consequently gone, although I was feeling a bit something but nothing alarming compared to the original pain.

    I continued to fast 2 days a week (mondays and thursdays) for about 4 weeks and even in other days, I limited my lunch to fruits and tried to avoid drinking too much during day time, not even water.

    Now let me tell you why I believe fasting helped a lot in that process. It is proven scientifically that digesting is taking a lot of energy in our body, this is why we can at time feel like having a nap after a big dinner, the body is asking for rest to digest. If you allow your body to be empty and not have to digest all day, where all that energy goes? Well, it goes to war against everything harming your body and start rejuvenating and repairing damaged cells/organs, because it doesn’t have to focus all the energy on digesting all the stuff you put inside your gut all day long. And how do your body fuel itself when you don’t fill it up? It simply triggers a survival mode that is going to go after every dead cells, abscesses and other unnecessary things such as diverticulas, in order to give the fuel necessary for your body to stay alive, yes it just converts it because those bad guys can be made of proteins and other nutrients that your body can use in survival mode.
    This is why most of us are likely to be able to survive for a good 30 day without eating, just drinking water. This is how the body is made, and also why some religions have a fast every year, it is good for both spiritual and physical purposes
    And that they knew it long time ago, but with the modernization of our societies telling you what to eat, how many times per day and in which quantity, plus the reflexes of asking for a doctor for every single pain we have without treating the root of the problem, we grew up giving the wrong habits to our bodies.

    Now I am 6 months away from my original crisis, I fasted again this month for Ramadan. Now I even started to eat spicy stuff once a week, and guess what, even pastries, ice creams and cookies, but again, once or twice a week max. I went back to practice sport with the same intensity that I used to, obviously I lost weight in the process that I need to gain back, but Thank God I feel healthy and although there are still a lot of stuff I have to avoid or eat with moderation, I can feel my gut is way better thanks to God, the fast, the nutrition changes.

    I believe I still have to commit to this lifestyle and I can tell that whenever I cross the line with some spicy or junk food, my gut will make me pay right away for the next day or couple of days. But this is a long road to take to reverse all the consequences of bad food/smoke/alcohol accumulated all these years before starting to be active and taking care of my body. I am so thankful for the results I have from this lifestyle change and I will do my best to continue on that path to take care of my gut.

    I know this is a long post, but I felt the need to share it as I would have appreciated to find someone in this situation when I was in pain and scared.

    • The hospital treats everyone like that I waited 6 hours for the results for my scan because they were busy they said, don’t think fasting helps at all but eating clean cooked vegetables whether it is chinese food or indian or any kind, you can eat chicken and fish, I believe breads may have something to do with it, I never found having an occasional once a week piece of cake or banana being a problem. I drink no crap, mostly water with a little juice for flavor.

    • Fantastic Chris. You are an inspiration. Your success stories have similarities in what consistently works for you. No junk food, heal over time. I’m going to ask my diverticulitis friend to have a look here at this site to get him out of that awful pain and into good health. Thank you.

  51. I find that all of the comments are so interesting, I have just had my 2nd bout of diverticulitis they said my scan showed my bowels were so full and swollen it was pressing up against my kidneys, I am now finishing up my antibiotics and want to now change my diet with no carbs and sugar can you also help me with what vitamins I should be taking and anything else I should do to prevent this happening again ! I also have a problem with my bowel movements so should I be taking something to help and soften if so what, for someone just starting out any advice would help !!!

    • Margaret, I can only tell you what supplements I take but since I am not a Dr. I can not tell you to take anything. I have done much research and found that I need numerous supplements to compensate for the lack of fruits and many vegetable in my diet. I take one 500 mg of Magnesium daily, one large muti-vitamin, four 595 mg tablets of Magnesium Gluconate, 1200 mg Calcium daily, vitamin D 400 IU daily, 1000 IU vitamin D3 daily, 100 mg vitamin C with rose hips, 4 large Omega 3 gel capsules. I also take 4 Citrucel capsules with each large meal, 3 capsules with a smaller meal with lots of water. As a female you need different amounts of these supplements (than I do) so please do some research or talk to your Dr. to make sure you’re getting all the necessary vitamins and supplements to do well on this diet.

      The other day I had a craving for Cheetos… I love Cheetos. I ate a really large handful and 1 1/2 days later I was bleeding with some mild pain. Since I had otherwise stayed on my no sugar, no carb diet I quickly recovered in just a couple of days. The ingredients in Cheetos are extensive: Enriched Corn Meal, ferrous sulfate, niacin, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, vegetable oil, Whey, cheddar cheese, milk, cheese cultures, salt, Enzymes, canola oil, monosodium glutamate, natural and artificial flavors, lactic acid, citric acid, Yellow dye 6, salt.

      I have no idea which of the ingredients gave me the pain and I guess it doesn’t matter as long I stay away from the Cheetos. Never again!! My point here is that if you religiously stay on this no carb, no sugar diet you can actually mess up every now and then and AS LONG AS YOU STAY ON THE DIET you can easily get past the minor flare ups. You can actually get to the point where you can absolutely control your symptoms!!

      I have developed another THEORY!!!! I ate some Salmon at an eatery the other day. The fish must have been bad or contaminated because that night I had bad cramps and some diarrhea. But it was real strange….normally when I get some bad food and diarrhea it usually last for 24-48 hours until the bad bacteria has caused your gut to empty. But (I BELIEVE) since I had minimal carbs and sugar in my gut the bad bacteria didn’t have anything to live on, so they died an early death!! Further more once I realized this had happened and even though I had had some diarrhea that morning I ate 3 eggs and a bunch of bacon. The diarrhea had only lasted 8 hours and I had not completely emptied my gut. You know how they tell you not to eat greasy foods if you have diarrhea??? Well as I have found, you can eat all the greasy food you want as long as you don’t feed the bad bugs any carbs or sugar!!!
      So my new theory is that the bad bugs that cause diarrhea can’t survive very long in a no carb, no sugar environment. Just like cancer cells metabolize sugar as their main source of energy, bad bacteria also need sugar and carbs to survive. I said it FIRST!!!

      Hope this helps….and by the way, all my suggestions are of no use if you don’t report back and tell everyone if the diet worked…NO CHEATING!!!!!

      • thank you so much for the information and yes you have helped me alot was also told to drink Aloe Vera juice for the stomach, is this true?

        • I used aloe vera gel pills for a while to help my gut heal when I used to get severe symptoms (long, long ago). I have heard that aloe vera helps the stomach because it has many healing properties. I haven’t used it for some time because as long as I stay on the diet everything is JUST GREAT!!!
          What do you mean by, “yes you have helped me alot”…I only responded to your initial question a few minutes ago, how could I have already helped you alot??.


          • you helped me out by giving me all this information I am going crazy reading about don’t eat nuts and yes eat nuts don’t eat strawberries because of the seeds, yes eat them so some solid information is good thank you

            • OK, you’re welcome!! But remember…strawberries contain sugar, yes it’s natural sugar but it’s still sugar. Nuts have carbs, not too many but still. I haven’t found that seeds or nuts aggravate my condition. I have allergies to nuts so I avoid them for that reason. I eat them every now and then but for the most part I stay away from them.


      • I have had three diverticulitis attacks. Two were 2 months apart. I do try to follow the paleo diet, but when on the nasty antibiotics toast is one of the only stomach soothers. I have the opposite problem of most sufferers, I have chronic diarrhea helped by probiotics.
        I have two questions. Can a full blown infection be stopped when you feel it coming on before taking antibiotics?
        How do I get my gut flora back to prevent future attacks?
        Of course surgery is being recommended, but I don’t want surgery!

        • Tammy, Sometimes it’s confusing to follow comments left my some folks, you wrote, “I do try to follow the paleo diet, but when on the nasty antibiotics toast is one of the only stomach soothers.” When you write that “you do try” what does that mean? I stay on my diet and I get no attacks. If you’re on antibiotics then it’s too late to go back and eat the right foods. I say “go back” because my attacks would always develop after I ate the wrong foods. If you eat something that aggravates the diverticula (because they are always there waiting) you’ll feel some mild pain. If you continue to eat foods that aggravate your condition the pain will increase, if you still continue to eat foods that aggravate your condition it will eventually lead to an infection. Now….once you have an infection you can’t hardly eat anything, so you can’t “go back in time”. When I used to get mild attacks I always knew (with 99 percent certainty) which food caused it because I know what I can and can’t eat. I could give myself an attack tomorrow if I wanted to and I could make worse and worse on purpose if I was a sadist!! But I know that once I have any kind of pain or discomfort I have to stay on my “safe” diet. If you’ve read my posts you’ll know what that means. I don’t “TRY” to stay on my diet, I actually DO!! If I eat the wrong foods I eat them on purpose knowing I will feel some discomfort (and maybe a little pain), BUT….I don’t continue to eat the “thing” that hurts me!! Since I religiously stay on my “safe” diet I always bounce right back and the discomfort subsides very, very quickly.
          As for your next issue…”I have two questions. Can a full blown infection be stopped when you feel it coming on before taking antibiotics?” I say a resounding YES!!! I’ve had infections that even inflamed my bladder and managed to avoid the antibiotics by finding and staying on my “safe” diet. You see, when you have no symptoms you “THINK” you’re OK, but in reality the pouches are still there just waiting for the wrong food or additive to come by. When you eat the wrong thing the pouches immediately get inflamed. That’s the mild discomfort you feel in your lower left gut. Now if you’ve eaten a lot of the wrong foods or additives you can really be in for quite a few days of pain and bleeding. But it all depends on you and you alone because no one and no Doctor can keep you from eating the things that cause the discomfort and pain.
          I’ve had infections more a than a few times, I just didn’t know what it was (back then). But now I know and knowledge is POWER!!!!
          Lastly, you ask, “How do I get my gut flora back to prevent future attacks?”. I’m not sure how to answer this question. I would first figure out what aggravates your condition. If you can do that you can stay off of the antibiotics and concentrate on the “flora” once you are symptom FREE!! I’ve eaten 20 strips of bacon, three/four eggs and 4 TBLs of EVOO every morning for the last year. I eat grilled sausage and a salad most evenings or tuna salad or chicken salad. Brisket, Double meat hamburger with no bun, etc, etc, etc. I have no idea what my gut flora looks likes and I really don’t care because I am symptom free and living large. Protein and good fats are my major source of energy. It may not be for everybody but it definitely works for me.
          Hope this helps….

    • Hi,

      Sorry if I copy paste but I want to make sure you also get this message as well as I am willing to help as much people as I can with my experience.
      Just posted my story as a comment, it is waiting for moderation from the admin.

      But basically I had a bad crisis in january, 3cm abscess, but did not undergo surgery.

      I just took their 10 day antibiotics, went on a 30 day fast (no eating/drinking during day time until sunset) and radically changed my diet. 10 days drinking only. And slowly added food after 10 days, one food at the time. Applesauce, bananas, yogurt, kefir milk, aloe vera gel (gel or pure juice, not drink!), avocados, asparagus, carrots, chicken broth soup, chicken, salmon, toast bread, brown rice, thyme, garlic, rosemary, were the easiest to digest for me. Apple cider vinegar, camomile or peppermint tea with lemon juice were really good to help digestion.
      I avoided salad and celery, stopped smoking, alcohol, sweets and junk food.

      After that, tried to add up one food at the time, preferably sweet potatoes, potatoes, other fruits and vegetables. It is a long road but you have to commit to it. I only start back eating some spicy food every once in a while after now 6 months. But smoking, alcohol and junk food is bye forever. Try moderate exercise, at least walking, stretching if you’re not too much into sport.

      Hope this helps.
      Good luck

  52. In May 2014 my bowel almost burst,, I was so poorly and hospitalised, my bowel was coming up through my mouth it was awful.since then I’ve had a few flair ups. And not much help with what I should @ should,nt eat so any help would be appreciated,.

    • There has been a ton of information posted here for anyone who wants to read it. Please take the time to read every entry and if you have any questions I’m sure myself and others will be happy to help as best we can.


  53. At a soil workshop put on by Neil Kinsey of KinseyAg in January 2015, he stated that soils with high magnesium content can paradoxically result in plants with issues such as LOW magnesium. If the magnesium in the soil is too high (more than 20% in their soil tests) it will hinder the uptake of magnesium in the plants (our food). In so many ways the soil seems like it has the same issues/needs as our gut. Might there be something for us to learn from this? If we take too much magnesium in supplement form, will we be less likely to absorb it?

  54. What does one do if one already has very VERY advanced diverticulitis? When I had a colonoscopy what the doctor saw was so bad that he just laughed (I didn’t think it was funny) and told me there was nothing that could be done. This was years ago and I guess it is much worse now.

    I’m just waiting for one or more of my hundreds of sacks to burst.

    • Using words like “very advanced” is self defeating language and assuming nothing can be done about it. As far as what doctors say, they will say nothing can be done about a lot of things. if you have traveled around the block, you will find that untrue most of the time.

      In down to earth language – You have an underlying infection. Remove the infection and things will heal. Be persistent.

    • Dan, did you read all the posts below? I would suggest doing that but if you are in pain do a strict liquid diet till pain is gone ( 2 to 3 days or longer). That worked for me. Then slowly increase protein only. Eggs, maybe some skinless chicken. I would stick to an all protein diet for awhile (at least a month) and then maybe carbs every few days once a day (I will never eat many carbs ever again). I am not your doctor so listen to him/her but this has worked for me. Treblig has been great so I would suggest reading his posts.


      • Thanks guys but it’s a question of Diverticulosis vs Diverticulitis. Diverticulosis is the condition of having pouches. That by itself is not painful and is not an infection. Diverticulitis is when those pouched become infected and is painful. Diverticulitis can be healed and the infection stopped. Diverticulosis, the pouches, is what the doctors said can not be cured and for which nothing can be done. The pouches do not go away and Diverticulosis is never healed.

        • Agreed Dan. So, the pouches never go away and therefore your lifestyle of eating whatever and whenever you want are gone. If, you think that if you “heal” the Diver then you can go back to eat, drink, and be marry then I believe that is not happening. You must change your lifestyle and figure out what foods aggravate it and stay away. For me its carbs and sugar. I eat very little carbs except through veggies and some fruit but even then sparingly. The danger zone is the infection and inflammation. I am not sure I still answered your question? maybe Treblig can help or prioris?

        • i don’t agree with the idea that the pouches won’t heal. once the infection is quelled, things like e.g. aloe vera may help the body heal them.

          pouches are a sign of degeneration and that something is going wrong. likely an infection created those pouches. maybe the person doesn’t feel it but it is still there. food will likely get caught in those deeper pouches and an infection that causes pain takes hold.

          in each individual, the obstacles to healing will differ to different degrees.

      • Good advice TJ, except you left out one important item. If Dan is going on a liquid diet it might be best if the liquids do not contain sugar (strawberry shake) and no drinks with high carb content. I find it surprising that more people don’t try the no sugar low carb diet, I mean it doesn’t cost very much and it won’t hurt you if you do it correctly. Best part of all…. if your symptoms don’t go away after a couple of weeks then you know it won’t work for you and you can go back to eating whatever you like. Of course the pain will return but you can eat what you like.
        On another note, someone here is writing about “advanced” Diver??? Here’s my take on that, Regardless of your diver condition….if you continue to eat foods that inflame your gut you will only get worse and eventually you’ll get a major infection, then what??? You can get a major infection no matter what stage your Diver is in, all you have to do is eat all the wrong things. For me, if my gut was inflamed and i ate raw chiles (Jalapenos or Serano peppers) it would really kill me with pain/bleeding. The whole trick is to rid yourself of the inflammation!! NO inflammation, No pain!!! No inflammation, No infection! No infection, No surgery!! I can only relate to those things that helped me, everyone is different and everyone has different “triggers”. My triggers are carbs (that our body turns into sugar) and sugar. It’s a pretty short list, only two things.


        • One more thing!!! I have pouches. My last lower abdomen cat scan showed them exquisitely!! They are there but they are dormant. Without the food items that aggravate and inflame the pouches there are no symptoms, non at all. If you can “permanently” eliminate the food items that aggravate your diver you can pretty much live the rest of your life pain free and never get an infection and never have to get surgery. Unfortunately there’s only one person who can do that………..It starts with “Y” and ends with “U”.
          PS – the middle letter is “O”!!!

          • If they recommend drinking gatorade and flat ginger ale and hello how is this no sugar…I’m 61 years Old had my first attack at 47 then not another one until 56 but have had two in last 4 months I’m afraid to have colonoscopy as any gas in my lower intestines causes great pain…I do believe it’s related to what you eat was doing well but we’re going through a out of state move and haven’t been following a safe diet so now I’m sick again

            • Linda, I know that NO doctor has ever told me to avoid sugar or carbs and that includes my gastroenterologist!! They DON’T KNOW!! Even when I tell my personal physician about my diet he tells me to eat carbs and sugar. I tell him “Why would I eat the foods that give me pain and bleeding??” Then he says, “Well, if those foods aggravate your condition you should avoid them!!” THEY DON’T KNOW!!! You can drink whatever your body will tolerate, even regular Coca Cola but I won’t. I just returned from a week long vacation to Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone. Some hotels had free breakfast. One or two only had cereal and pasties (translation: carbs and sugar). Needless to say I drove to the nearest IHOP and ordered a triple order of bacon, three eggs (over easy) and two sausage patties. Some hotels had a full breakfast, I would have a bunch of scrambled eggs, all the bacon I could eat and sausage. For supper I would usually find a hamburger joint and order a triple meat and cheese with extra veggies AND THROW THE BREAD AWAY. Or a BBQ place, brisket/Chicken and sausage…yum, yum!! It wasn’t hard at all to stick to my diet but I did have to spend a little extra money for a few days. Now I’m back home and have returned to my EVOO, better’n eggs, and 20 strips of bacon. I remember the pain and bleeding very well and will do everything in my power to avoid having to suffer again. Moreover, with each attack there is a good chance for infection, with each infection there’s a chance of hospitalization. With each hospitalization there’s a chance for surgery!! It’s a very simple path to losing a section of your intestines.
              PS – It’s easy to get UNSICK!! Don’t eat anything that aggravates your condition!!
              Good Luck and keep trying!!

          • Having just been in the hospital with my first attack (on both cypro & flagyl) and feeling very confused about what to do next, I am so happy to have stumbled on this forum. Your posts have given me hope! I know that I can keep this from happening again! Thanks for going before and paving a clear path for others to follow❤

        • Actually my case is so bad about the only food I can eat is yoghurt, okayu (very soft watery rice), and tofu.

          The Doc gave me packets of magnesium to soften my stool. I’ve been on them for over 10 years. If I take a packet after every meal (as advised) I normally have explosive diarrhea. The doc told me not to take it so often if I have diarrhea but If I don’t take it and my stool hardens then my colon is so shot that it doesn’t have the musculature (it’s all sacks) to get it out.

          But I am very careful of what I eat and if I feel a bout of Diverticulosis coming on (I get tired, violently irritable, and ravenous hunger) I get even more careful of what I eat…just yoghurt and okayu for maybe a week. And that usual clears it up. But I have been hospitalized three times with serious Diverticulosis where I had to be put on Intravenous feeding and antibiotics for 7 to 10 days each time.

          • I feel for you Dan. prioris and treblig won’t agree with me, esp. prioris, I am a “failure” b/c I ended up having to have surgery. I was so sick as you, I had continuous fevers on and off for over four months, was hospitalized on IV antiobiotics, that was for the 2nd time, then I just got so weak, and lost 20 lbs b/c I couldn’t eat. They couldn’t do a colonoscopy b/c I was so inflamed, and I wasn’t eating sugar. I tried aloe vera, liquid diet meaning water and herbal teas, I finally had to have surgery. It was not what I wanted to have but I am doing fine, I still have pouches in my entire colon but they are not infected and I must keep them that way. The part that was removed the Dr. told me was totally diseased, it had to come out sooner or later. I hope you never have to go that route, but these guys cannot see inside your gut. Only you know what your body is telling you, get another opinion. And take care of yourself.

            • I don’t recall anyone ever saying someone has failed if they have surgery. Just be aware that surgery doesn’t address root problem. I think the older one is, the more leeway there is for surgery because we are nearing the end of our lifespan.

              We are under physical, economic and psychological stress with these health conditions. Just make an attempt to do ones own due diligence by informing and experimenting with different things. My overall purpose is to try to give people more healing paths to avoid surgery.

              • I agree with prioris. Surgery is not failure!! Now if you get surgery and refuse to change your diet then you might be failing yourself!!! As I have written before sugar and carbs inflame my body, that includes lungs and sinuses as well as intestines. If I had to get surgery tomorrow for my Diver it would only solve one small part of my problem. The damaged part of my gut would be removed but my body would still get inflamed by eating the wrong foods. The rest of my intestines would continue to become inflamed if I didn’t stay my diet and eventually they would have to remove more!!! Not only that….but my lung and sinus inflammation would also return if I got off my diet. All surgery does is remove the damaged part of your gut….IT DOES NOT CURE THE FACT THAT YOUR BODY IS REACTING TO SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE EATING!!!! Your body will continue to react (inflammation) to certain foods before and after surgery. Surgery solves nothing except temporary relief of the pain, but the pain will return in another part of your system if you continue to eat things that cause inflammation in your body. NOW….I don’t claim to know what it is that “inflames” your body or anyone else’s body. All I know is what inflames my body. I also know that it is an accepted fact that sugar causes inflammation in the body. I also know that the human body converts carbs into sugar. I also know that cancer cells use sugar as their main source of fuel. You can eat what you like but there are certain things that “your body” is not going to like.


            • I am needing your advice a well. In May of 2015 I had terrible stomach pain. I am 54 and never have stomach aches. The weeks before that I was totally swollen. My eyes got weird, even my gums hurt. I was hospitalized overnight. Given the meds for two weeks and ended up back in the ER with fever and chills. Two CT scans later. I was told I had a micro perforation. Five doctors in and out for four days most pushing surgery. wanted some time to think, so I left four days later and saw a few more doctors. The surgeon said I need the surgery. I’ve never had surgery before and I am scared to death. So many people die each year in hospitals from error infection, etc..no colonoscopy yet either because I can’t stay well for long. I changed my diet, take a boat load of probiotics and I’m still unsure. I was crying this morning, before I went to the dry cleaners, the owner asked me what happened, so I told him. He told me he has it too, and that he almost died. I think I was pretty close myself with the fever and chills. I decided right there and then to have the surgery. The door opens a man walks in, he asks what we are talking about, the owner tells him, and he says “DO NOT HAVE THAT SURGERY UNLESS YOU REALLY NEED IT’ I start to cry again and he says, I’m telling you do anything you can to avoid it. “I’m a surgeon” Still crying I say, but how do I know when? He said “when you become anemic or loss a considerable amount of weight! WTH? I have no idea how to proceed and the stress may just kill me first.

              • If you search the internet you’ll find that NOT ALL micro perforations require surgery. Here are some excepts I found very quickly by doing a search. NOW TO BE CLEAR…I am not recommending anything as I am not a Doctor. If there is medical evidence that surgery is not always required then non-surgical paths must be available. I imagine that it depends on the size and location of the perforation!!


                Please read below…….

                “PATIENT AND METHOD:

                From January 2002 to June 2004, 109 early gastric cancers and 300 adenomas were treated with endoscopic mucosal resection. Iatrogenic perforations occurred in 4.16% (n=17) patients. Following exclusion of four evident perforations, microperforation was observed in 3.18% (n=13) patients. The clinical features of microperforation in patients were retrospectively reviewed.


                In a total of 13 microperforation cases, 2 patients were managed surgically. The remaining patients successfully recovered without surgical management. In the case of 11 patients without surgery, 7 experienced abdominal pain, which required analgesics, 2 patients experienced mild discomfort and 2 patients experienced no symptoms. A body temperature above 37.5 degrees C was observed in 9.1% (n=1) patients and leucocytosis above 9000 microL-1 was in 72.7% (n=8) patients. The mean duration of nasogastric tube drainage was 2.36+/-1.03 days, of fasting 4.18+/-1.17 days, of intravenous antibiotics 5.55+/-1.44 days and of hospitalisation 7.45+/-1.04 days.


                Microperforation induced by gastric endoscopic mucosal resection can be managed successfully using a non-surgical approach including fasting, nasogastric tube drainage and intravenous antibiotics”

                “Historically, the management of perforation was always operative. However, she adds, medical professionals now know that small perforations in well-prepared bowels can sometimes be managed non-operatively. “The clinically stable, non-toxic patient may be treated with NGT, IVF, IV ABX and bowel rest, and serial abdominal exams,” she says. “If there is clinical deterioration, surgery is indicated. Surgery is indicated for patients with peritonitis after perforation, or with an underlying disease process (i.e., cancer) that would necessitate intervention.””

                I take no credit for the excepts above. I found them during a quick search on the internet.


          • try probiotics daily and also fermented veg to increase the good bacteria in you gut.
            Slow cooked broths and stocks. (including eating the meat if no flare ups.) The broth is supposed to be very healing and is full of protein and collagen etc that repairs the gut and intestinal wall. L glutamine and slippery elm type products great too.
            Of course sugar and grains and daily are inflammatory.
            Im trying this with a family member. Doctors, unless have alternative trainin, such as naturopathy or biomedical training, do NOT know anything about diet and will mis inform patients.
            Stay clear of surgery unless you have spoken to the best naturopath first.
            Good luck and eat more slow coked foods and probate rich foods!

        • Hey Treblig,

          I’ve cancelled my sugar craving, cut out meat and finally jumped into big gut busting salads. It’s the only thing you need to do to get healthier. Refined sugar and wheat are the 2 worst things for your gut next to living down wind of a nuke plant. Diverticulosis is a condition like becoming too tall. If you want to become a helicopter pilot you are more prone to get a haircut. but if you want to survive you have to learn to duck. Diverticulosis won’t be a problem if you can control your cravings.

          • You are mostly correct Nathan. You can survive on Salads if they are prepared properly. I eat two giant Caesar salads every evening. I eat Better’n Eggs with bacon and 4 Tbls of EVOO every morning. Your body needs protein so that you don’t lose muscle mass. It can be in the form of beans, fish, chicken,eggs or whatever you like, but you have to get sufficient protein in your diet. When your on a high fat low carb diet your body will actually convert your muscles (protein) into energy. But that only happens if you don’t eat enough protein. So i eat the majority of my protein at breakfast (eggs, bacon) and eat mostly salads in the evening. But everyone should do what works for them and if you’ve found a way that works for you then “go for it”. Just be sure and get all the vitamins and minerals (supplements) you need as a result of not eating a wide variety of foods like other people.
            Glad to hear you’re doing well!!! I guess your symptoms have disappeared???? Inquiring minds want to know????

  55. Another thing to add to your attempts to defeat diverticulitis is using a Terminator 2 Zapper.

    I have experimented with the Terminator 2 Zapper and have found it a very effective device. It is the most popular zapper in the world. It combines zapper circuit with an Orgone generator. Orgone energy is known by other names like Qi, Chi and Etheric.

    I had a very virulent herpes zoster and after 3 days 16+ hours a day brought it under control. It worked much better than lysine or lysine diet. I plan on wearing it for many months. I will wear it for rest of my life if I have to.

    I am very cognizant that many people especially chronically ill may be on very tight budgets so must choose carefully what they buy. I very rarely recommend things. I tend to suggest things.

    I strongly recommend buying the Terminator 2 zapper even if your on SSI or living in a box. It costs $130. It has many generic health applications. If it doesn’t work for one thing it may for something else. Running it 24 hours a day for one month would cost $3.50 in batteries (seven 9 volt batteries). You may save on supplements to make up for the cost of the zapper.

    I always tell people that it is worth buying a silicon enema kit because it has many health applications. The zapper is very easy and comfortable to use. I just place mine on upper chest inside shirt while sitting.

    Understand that there may be virus, bacteria and parasites (nih says each person averages 2 lbs of parasites) in your body. By taking the load off your immune system, you may improve your chance of healing your diverticulitis. there are positive anecdotal reports in curing ulcers.

    As these microbes get killed, your body ph changes for the better also. This should be in your basic medical box of chronically ill people. If you have any herxheimer reaction, you can just stop it and start it as you like.

    You have to think out of the box when approaching health problems. There is a strong following of people around the world who have used them and would never live without one.

    You may have other pains and health problems go away as you wear it.

  56. Even though I agree with most of the things said I can tell based on my experience that it all depends on the stage of the diver an individual is in. For me IBS diarrhea problems turned into the constipation problem on the day I started having Paleo pancakes on daily basis. They are all made of the excess of Almond and Coconut flour. Before that I would eat whole grain rice every day. So, why pancakes to cause – trigger it (of course not just them) – it’s because those “flours” are super high residue and if the intestinal pockets are already there they will stick there for too long. Peanut butter does the same too. Then it’s the same with some fiber supplements – every time I would take them the constipation was around the corner. It wasn’t like that always – just the period when my condition got worse. with High Fat diet that lacks of fiber and some resistant starch – your gut motility may be very affected in a negative way. – it’s science not my opinion only.
    Extremes are dangerous and definitely unnatural, so people should seek what works for them the best. I am partially Paleo but my gut feels better having Polenta here and there and Black Rice (kinda careful bc of the blood glucose).

  57. There is a lot of very good info here. I have been struggling with diverticular disease for years. I am very interested in the no sugar/no carb approach. One concern though – and perhaps it’s already been addressed – what about fibre? Doctors have pressed home the notion of high fibre. I do about 25 grams a day with help from high fibre – read carbs – cereal. What to do??

    • Theresa, I’ve always read the same about high fiber in the diet and I used to eat a big bowl of high fiber cereal every morning and/or oatmeal ( I don’t eat any of that anymore). As I have found, you can eat all the high fiber you want but if it contains carbs or sugar then you’re going to do more harm than good. The only fiber I get from foods is in green beans (very low carb), salads (no croutons, very low carb), lots of EVOO (seems to act as a lubricant). The rest of the fiber I need I get from Citrucel. 3 to 4 tablets with each meal. I have also found that the intestines (with Diver) can tolerate much less fiber when they are not inflamed. In other words, although fiber is good for you and keeps things moving along, it does you no good at all if the foods (foods containing fiber) are causing the inflammation…..Get it?? If you can find foods that are high in fiber and contain little or no carbs or sugar then you should be OK. But remember, in total, you must keep the carb intake to 30g or less with no sugar. At least that’s what worked for me. I have never professed to know it all!!
      If you trying to put a fire “out”” you don’t through water (mixed with gasoline) on it????


      • I have been doing the Yoli lifestyle the last 2 months (very low carb/no sugar). It gives you probiotics and a product called alkelete. I also take 2 200mg of Magnesium Citrate instead of taking so much Citrucel and that keeps things very regular for me. I eat very little to no carbs and have been reading everything trebling has written and its worked wonders for me. I like Yoli because it gives a “routine” that really works for me. I think you can just do probiotics and eat low carb and that will work just fine.

        • TJ, Your comments really help a lot!!! Many people are hesitate to try the diet I have settled on. Some think that something bad will happen if you avoid carbs and sugar (or the foods that contain them). My wife and I have been on this diet for over a year now and we get check ups frequently (including blood tests). If you have found something to take the place of Citrucel I say..Go For It!! I used ground flax seed for a while but settled on the Citrucel. You have to find the type of fiber substitute that works for you, only it can’t have carbs or sugar in it!! Good luck with your diet!!


    • There are a lot of myths concerning fiber.


      The amount of fiber they suggest 25g to 40g is a ridiculous amount. I would burst and explode if I ate that much. The scientific study that gets pushed out there just isn’t practical for most people. It gets taken out of context.

      Fiber has some legitimate uses even medicinal but you have to experiment with things. Some people have probably had their diverticulitis cured with fiber but I view it for more minor microbe problems. One nice thing it may do is act like a brush and clean the intestine. It can also feed the good microbes. People who have more serious problems will end up reading chriskresser articles.

      In the end, you have to experiment with your diet. You may find something useful that works for you and fiber is something to play with for some people. I would definitely disregard the amounts they recommend. Each individual needs to determine what seems right for them.

  58. One thing I haven’t figured out??? I know that Ketones (Strawberries and Blueberries) help the body fight inflammation (most Doctors would agree). I also know that depriving the body of carbs and sugar causes you to go into Ketosis. I know that being in “Ketosis” makes the body produce Ketones in order to convert oil/fat into energy. So is it the massive amount of Ketones, being produced by the body, that are responsible for eliminating all the inflammation OR is it the deprivation of carbs and sugar that are helping to decrease the inflammation OR is it a combination of both?? What I haven’t been able to determine is, “If you could remain in a state of “Ketosis” and still eat all the carbs and sugar would the Diver symptoms go away?”. This is a question that is impossible to answer because you can’t eat carbs and sugar and be in Ketosis at the same time. As soon as you eat any appreciable amounts of carbs or sugar you almost immediately fall out of Ketosis. About the only way you could get away with eating 70-80 grams of carbs/sugar is if you exercised quite a bit, enough to “burn off” all the crabs and sugar. I have done that but I lost a lot of weight so I had to quit exercising. Now that I don’t exercise (and on this diet) my pulse rate is down by 20 percent, my blood pressure is normal (without medication…finally), my blood sugar is in the more normal range. They say that exercising will lower you pulse rate (it never did for me, used to be 99-100 at rest). They say that exercising will help lower blood pressure, it never did for me. The reason exercise (I believe) never helped those conditions is because the sugar and carbs were inflaming all of my internal organs or the fact that I didn’t have massive amounts of Ketones inside me. Of course all this is just a theory??? Doctors will all agree that inflammation in the human body causes a good majority of current ailments whether it be allergies, lung congestion, arthritis, IBS, Diver or any other disease/condition that feeds off of inflammation. I haven’t given up on testing my theories but I do seem to have two other members on this site that are willing to try the diet that worked for me. So we’ll see??? I’ll keep experimenting and testing my theories. I haven’t told my whole story because it takes a lot of writing so I’ve only been giving everyone an overview. I’ll try and explain more as time goes on if anyone is interested??
    Thanks for the support!!!

  59. It would be interesting if anyone else apart from trebling, can do the same recommendations, based on personal experience, or because he/she’s a doctor, about avoiding carbos and sugars..?
    I have seen some doctors but none of them actually recommended to cut out carbs and sugars.

    • Guido, One of the members here, “Jeannieology ” has started on the same diet that I use. I asked her to let me (us) know how it goes with her. The Doctors I’ve seen, 5-6 of them, have also NEVER recommended no carbs and no sugar (not even my Gastroenterologist) . The Doctors don’t know everything, if they did this disease would have been cured long ago. I started on this diet by mistake!!! After one blood test early last year my fasting blood sugar was 103. I told my Doctor, “I don’t want to end up with diabetes AND diver”. He told me that my blood sugar is OK and for me not to worry about it. I said to myself “Bullcrap!!”. I got on the internet and found that cutting back on sugar and carbs not only makes your blood sugar levels better it can actually reverse diabetes. So I started on this low carb, low sugar diet to lower my blood sugar so I wouldn’t end up with diabetes. As it turns out, after I had been on the diet for a couple of weeks my diver symptoms slowly started to disappear. I did more research online and found that if you decrease your intake of carbs and sugar low enough you’ll go into Ketosis. More research told that when you’re in Ketosis your body produces Ketones. I already knew that the Health community and Doctors recommend blueberries and strawberries for inflammation because they contain Ketones!!! So I figured………If I can get into Ketosis my body will be flooded with Ketones day and night which should help the inflammation in my gut. So by going on this diet I accomplished two things. I determined that sugar and carbs inflame my gut and our own natural Ketones help fight the inflammation.
      It was too good to be true so I decided to test my theory. I had a plan!!!! I also have asthma (I’ve had it all my life) and I get tested every 6 months by a specialist who has a machine that measures the inflammation in your lungs. This specialist has had me on Alvesco (inhaler) for well over a year to control the inflammation in my lungs. Even though I had been on the Alvesco for many months the lung test were always the same (high lung inflammation). So I tested my theory by stopping the inhaler 6 weeks before my last visit (last year) to the lung specialist. When I took the lung inflammation test the specialist was very surprised that my lung inflammation had finally greatly decreased. When I told him I had stopped the Alvesco he became very puzzled. In fact said, “Well that’s impossible”. Then I explained my theory to him and he was amazed!! Then he told me that he also had diver and wanted to know all about my diet. Since then I no longer use the Alvesco (it never worked anyway). Since then I’ve also noticed that my nasal allergies have completely gone away (after 50 years!!!). I no longer get those nasty inflammations in my sinuses, I can breath clearly all the time now. So you can call me crazy but something in the carbs and sugars was inflaming my gut, my lungs and my sinuses (and heaven knows what other organs). Besides…..as long as you take all the required vitamins and minerals you can live pretty healthy on this diet, I have for almost a year now. Look at it this way….if after a couple of months your diver symptoms haven’t gone away then go back to eating all the carbs and sugar you like. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it doesn’t cost a dime to try another diet but it could save you from surgery!!!! My other theory is that the Ketones only seem to help the areas of the body that have mucus (mucosa), like lungs, sinuses and intestines. I base this theory on the fact that my arthritis symptoms (joint pain, which is basically inflammation) have not decreased in the least. Not much mucus membrane in the joints evidently!!!
      Anyway those are my theories except the one about the Ketones and carbs and sugar with respect to inflammation, that theory was proven by that fancy machine that checks for lung inflammation.
      Also don’t forget that Cancer cells digest sugar as their main source of energy!!!!!!


      • Hi trebling,

        Thanks a lot for all explanations, really helpful..you should try sell this information 🙂
        I respect your choices but what scares me a little is that, in my ignorance, I know for a fact that brain needs glucose as the fuel and so does the body. Maybe its true that you can replace it with good fat but still, I don’t know if this can create some problems in the long run.
        Also, I think that maybe its not necessary to go that drastic. You can do it when its inflamed but if you’re good and your immune system is fine the gut flora is OK, don’t need to cut completely on carbs. They told me vitamin d is helping the intestine to stay healthy and that all people suffering from diver have vit d carency. I do for example. I now take supplements and as much sun I can get.

        • Guido, I did a lot of research before i went all out on this diet. If you have read all of my comments here you would have read about the “Inuit” people who live in the arctic region. They live on a frozen tundra and have survived for hundreds of years eating whale blubber, seal fat/meat and fish. Mostly raw meat. No vegetables, no fruits and no sugar. You can’t grow a carrot on a frozen tundra. But my point is that these people have existed for a very long time on this diet. I’ve never heard of Inuit people having brain disorders or brain dysfunction?? I can’t even imagine how they find their way around in a featureless landscape, I would get lost!!!! In fact they live a good healthy life. I respect your concerns and each of us have to do what we have to do. You say, “it might create some problems in the long run”??? It might, but the carbs and sugar that I might eat will absolutely create some problems…. RIGHT NOW!! If I continue having flare ups I could easily end up in the hospital getting part of my intestine removed like other people on this website. Once that happens your life will change forever!! You also say, “we don’t have to go that drastic”, maybe not?? But if you’re not in Ketosis your not producing Ketones. Ketones fight inflammation. The wrong foods cause inflammation, you have to find a way to fight the inflammation??? I’m not trying to convince you to do anything but if this diet was affecting my brain how could I write so logically and make so much sense???
          If you do a little research on the internet you will find that the brain can use Ketones in the absence of sugar/carbs….it’s no secret. The Inuit people have proved it and continue to prove it every day.
          I hope you find another solution that allows me to eat ice cream and cake every day. I would love a big baked potato and tons of fried rice!! And those chocolate covered cherries….OHhhh!!!!

          Wishing you the best of luck…


          • Hi treblig, sorry it took some time to reply to you.
            Well, to be honest I don’t know what to think anymore. Last week I had another flare up, a mild one. I tried to stay away from sweets, dairy producs, meat and mostly red meat and carbos as you suggested. (I believe the flare up was a consequence of a prolongated usage of antibiotics (not for diver) as well, taken without counter balance them with probiotics.
            Anyway, I slightly got better, and on friday, while still having a little pain in the lower addome, I had 2 big portions of potatos and about 7 cups of red wine. Basically everything I should haven’t eaten/drank. The day before I woke up with a big of hangover but with no pain whatsover in the addome. Really, I don’t know what to think anymore. Possibly pain was going away anyway but still…listening to what you’re saying, I should have been feeling very bad the day after.
            I wonder if alcoohol can play a part on getting rid of the infection.
            Also, Wondering what you think about the lack of vitamin D in correlation with development of diver. Had you never heard this before?
            Thanks again for taking the time to read this.

            • Guido, I have never said to “NOT” eat meat. I said the opposite. Meat, sausage, bacon, fish, ham are all OK. Just no carbs (like potatoes) and no sugar (in any form). It usually takes two to three days for you to feel the effects of eating the wrong foods. You seldom ever feel it the very next day (at least I don’t). Also, I have found, if you’re intestines are not inflamed the bad foods don’t hurt very much. But if you are already inflamed then eat some bad foods you’ll really feel it. I can stay on my diet 24/7 for a month and have no problems then I’ll eat a big piece of cake and in a day or two I’ll feel it. BUT….since my intestines were not inflamed it only hurt a little bit then goes away quickly. You say “you tried” to stay away from the sweet and carbs……that tells me that you’re not actually doing it. I know it’s not easy but you have to think of it this way….when you eventually get a section of your intestines removed what are you going to do then??? Will you continue to eat the wrong things until you lose another section of intestine?? Not me, I don’t ever want to have to go to the hospital for a Diver infection!!!! As long as I keep away from sweets (sugar in any form) and very few carbs I’m perfectly fine with NO Diver symptoms. You do know that just because they remove a bad section of intestine you’ll still continue to get inflammations in the rest of the intestines!!! Also I don’t get hangovers since I started drinking Royal Crown with diet coke along with the hangover pills (pure charcoal tablet) . Crown Royal has no carbs or sugar but the impurities in many Alcohol products will give you a hangover, the charcoal pills absorb all the impurities. Also I believe that sugar (in the alcohols drinks) also gives you a headache. A headache is nothing more than aggravated (inflamed) arteries/parts of you brain!!! It’s not ROCKET science!!
              PS – I eat tons of meat/bacon/sausage on a daily basis.

              Don’t give up, just do what I do….every time I think about eating something that contains sugar or carbs I think about walking around with a colostomy bag.

              • hi treblig,

                I know you’re actually eating a lot of meat but see, I think that might be a trigger. Meat and especially red meat is known to be an inflammatory food for your itnestines, so if you eat that a lot and debilitate in some way your intestines, you might favour diver very much. I understand it worked for you, but still, it’s an inflammatory food you’re eating that will favour acidity in your guts.
                I totall agree with you, that it will take one or two days to get the real symptoms but I can assure you that after one week, I’m still doing fine (I’m on probiotics anyway, maybe a bit of cheating).
                So well, I do want to listen to you but it seemed that for me doesn’t work completely that way.
                Have you got some thoughts about vitamin D and its relationship with Diver?

                • I take 5500 IU of vitamin D every day. Been taking that since I started on my diet. I have to take numerous vitamins and minerals to compensate for the fact that I don’t eat any fruits and limited vegetables. To be clear, I don’t eat lots of red meat but I do need a certain amount of protein in one form or another to maintain muscle mass. I eat 15 strips of bacon every morning with 3 eggs cooked in 3-4 Tbls of EVOO. Supper is usually a very large Caesar salad. With the salad I’ll sometimes eat grilled sausage medallions. So I really don’t eat tons of meat. I do eat a nice 8 Oz steak every week or so.and of course Salmon, Tuna salad and chicken salad. As for meat causing inflammation….I think it’s what you’re eating with the meat!! I used to eat my steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, and of course rolls/bread. So was it the meat or the potatoes and bread that used to hurt me??? IT WAS THE CARBS!!! I can pretty much eat all the meat I want as long as I get my fiber (Citrucel). It’s really hard to accuse one particular food item as the culprit when we all know that most people usually don’t eat meat all by itself. You go into any eatery and see for yourself. If someone orders a steak what do they usually eat on the side…..buttered rolls, break sticks, potatoes, french fries, etc, etc. I’ll get green beans sometimes (very low carb) but when they don’t have green beans I get two salads (no croutons). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, find what aggravates your condition and avoid those foods. If you can eat potatoes with wine then you’re lucky, I can’t. I say, don’t eat foods that hurt you. If you search the internet you will find overwhelming evident that sugar causes inflammation. If you search further you’ll also find that the human body turns carbs into sugar. So if sugar is causing me problems then carbs are also part of the problem.

                  Wishing you luck.


                • Guido
                  Do yourself a favor and stop taking advice from this thread. They have absolutely no clue abt nutrition. Dr Kesser is all about selling his books.
                  Go and find some real scientific data and you will see that you’re absolutely right on the facts that red meat is bad and might even lead to colon cancer. Carbohydrates are not bad! What people don’t get is that they are very different. Simple carbs such as sugar is obviously bad, but complex carbs are great!
                  Stick to cooked veggies, potatoes, fish and oats etc and you will see the difference.. Wine in moderation is fine too..

                • Hi Malin,

                  i am aware that red meat produces inflammation and I will keep on avoiding that when having flares (and in general).
                  It’s interesting though to see how other people are dealing with diver. to be honest, I am not really in favour of avoiding carbs, also bec in my experience, I didn’t notice any major problem with them.
                  And if I’m following this blog is because doctors don’t have any clear answer. I’ve seen like 4-5 between gastroenterologists and dietists. they NEVER agreed on what to eat or not: Fiber/not fiber, things with seeds or hard to chew, diary products, vitamin D carency, take more sun!. I’ve heard it all. So well, it’s really up to oneself to find the way back to healing.

                  @Treblig: the article about inuit is not really in your favour. the article itself says that inuit live in a much less polluted enviroment, less stress. Their fat is coming from almost not-contaminated animals with a large prevalence of Omega 3 fats, so I wouldn’t really rely on that to backup your assertions. But well, I do respect your opinion, at the end of the day, good for you that you’ve found this way. You should probably try to backup your hipotesis with some solid data and write a book about it..

              • Why is it that u think that just because things dont affect u that they are right for everyone? Red meat affects everyone i know with this disease. Smh

              • Hey Treblig, I started having left side pain little over two months ago around November 15th. Didn’t think much of it, thought I might have pulled my groin muscle or something. Any way I needed up going to the doctor and put on cipro and fagyll. Had a cat scan. Cr scan showed I had divertilosis not diverticulitis. Two weeks later had colonoscopy. Doctor could not finish it as I was inflamed inside colon. Back on antibiotics second time still have three days left on it. I am not really worse but not better either. I do have anxiety that can be severe for the last year or so. Little over two years ago I had a physical that showed I was becoming a diabetic and high cholesterol. I’m 6’2″ and weighed 255 and was 52 at the time. I decided to loose weight changed me eating habits ate better. A salad a day at lunch and lost 50 lbs. numbers became normal again! I was so happy! Now this. I have actually lost like 10 lbs the last few weeks scared to eat much. Not knowing you know. I found this blog and have spent hours reading on it. I see a lot of different things here. Anyway today I tried a different approach eating wise. Number one I need more calorie intake. So here’s my food I ate today. See if you agree with it, because what you have done worked for you. Breakfast 3 scrambled eggs cooked in 2 pads butter with shredded cheddar cheese on top. Lunch 3 salmon cakes made with mustard, mayo, whorstshire, a lil Pablo side of canned public brand baby carrots from public. A serving of frozen spinach. Dinner chicken breast cook in evoo with an avocado and left over carrots from lunch. Best I can figure this was around 1500 calories for the day. Most I’ve eaten in one day in like 6 weeks! Thanks, hope to here back!! Tom

          • Your post was great and I need to pay attention to people like yourself. I have tried to get into ketosis and fail miserably around the 4th day into it I have been suffering with constipation/diarrhea for many years and fear if I do not get serious that I will end up needing surgery or worse getting cancer and suffering.

            I am 60 yrs old, live alone, and, for the most part, been hermit like so i don’t get any encouragement other than reading a few blogs here and there that promote your way of eating.

            Please keep spreading this information as much as possible because it does give hope to many like myself who need constant reinforcement which gives us hope. You will be doing us a great service and I thank you for this post.

            • Susan, I write as much as I can about what works for me. I am very strong willed and I also still have kids in the house so my health is very important to me. If you live alone it makes it much more difficult because you need to have a reason to “LIVE”!! You must have some interest in living because you’re on this website trying to learn how to get well. I never said it was easy, but it’s not impossible!! Depending on your body you may not have to go completely into Ketosis. If can keep the carbs very low and the sugar very low it might be enough to relieve some of the inflammation, but there’s no way I can guarantee it because everyone is different. Besides, it you’re not in Ketosis your body doesn’t produce Ketones!! Ketones help fight inflammation. It’s your choice and your life, I can only suggest and encourage.


              • Alz. Awareness Summit talked frequently of ketgenic diet. However, some people nust can get there (could be medications they are on–statins, for one, prevent K-state, or just thrir metabolism). Good news was: adding coconut oil (or MCT, which is costly and requires more frequent dosing) minimum 3x daily can make ketones readily available.

      • Hi Treblig,
        I am so impressed by you and what you have achieved.
        I’m having more and more attacks of diverticulitis and as my bowel has adhered to my stomach wall, any surgery will be very dangerous. Could you list for me the foods you eat and what you avoid. Some sites contradict what to eat, but I agree with you..the mainstream doctors don’t know how to treat this disease except by drugs which is a temporary fix.
        I’ve been told by a top specialist here in New Zealand that my digestive system is “stuffed “… Not much help!!!
        Diverticulosis runs in my family, my mother had it and my sister and brother have it, but they don’t have the pain that I have. I also suffered with asthma as a child, and now have mild bronchiectasis …as you say…mucus related diseases.
        So I don’t want to be a nuisance, but could you list the foods you do eat.

        Kind wishes and keep healing,
        Sincerely, Liz

        • I mostly eat protein, EVOO, salads (no croutons), cheeses, Caesar dressing, salmon (cooked medium), greens beans with crumbled bacon and pepper mixed in, the toppings off of pizzas (no bread), steaks, ham, bacon, bone marrow, olives, sausage, more salads. I just don’t eat very much carbohydrates (30 or less a day and many times less than 20/day). No sugar except the 12-15 Grams in the 86% dark chocolate bar (helps lower blood pressure). No ice cream , no cake, no candy, no sweets at all. Today we’re going out to eat. I get the blackened salmon (extra spicy, cooked medium to preserve the good fats), and for the two sides I’ll get two Caesar salads with lots of Parmesan, extra dressing and pepper. I might also add a skewer of grilled shrimp and WATER. I avoid carbs and sugar. Now remember, I also take 3-4 Citrucil with each meal to offset the bulkiness of the protein. Citrucil requires that you drink lots of water. The high protein, low carb diet requires lots of water anyway. I’ve described much of my diet here numerous times. It’s hard to remember it all but you can easily scroll down and look for all my posts.


    • I have cured myself of many things. Some things fast. Some things a long and winding road. Doctors rarely inform the patient that they can be fixed except with expensive and health destroying treatments. Most people gravitate to quick pain fixes. I don’t.

      I was talking with someone who had spinal stenosis last week. Spinal stenosis is essentially something pressing up against the nerve. Doctor never explained this to her. I did some research and found out that the condition has 6 different causes. We pretty much narrowed down the causes. The most common cause is BONE SPURS. Bone spurs is essentially a calcium metabolism dysfunction. She was just left to twist in the wind with pain. Too many doctors only care about their bottom line. Few go beyond their medical education. I told her that bone spurs can be dissolved. It’s a long process but that is something she can do with some supplements on her own. Magnesium and vitamin K2 MK7 are but two necessary supplement. In the short and intermediate term, she can go to a chiropractor to address the pain.

      A problem with giving people health advice is that if the first remedy I suggest doesn’t work, they will automatically dismiss me. I can tell you that I have gone thru many remedies before something has worked. Another problem is people hold doctors in high esteem so they discount people who are not an MD hence any advice is rejected.

      Most people can’t or unwilling to educate themselves hence the medical establishment and government take advantage of this ignorance. This doesn’t preclude using a doctor but one must be careful about seeing them as the end all and be all for medical care. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer to most chronic health problems.

  60. Aloe Vera is the most popular remedy. If your taking it on en empty stomach and with some of the diet suggestions from treblig then you need other approaches that can defeat the microbe.

    When we are dealing with internal microbes, we are working blind. We don’t know what exactly that microbe infection is nor do we know if something is protecting it and fueling it. The fuel needs to be taken away in order to heal it and that is usually food of some type. Aloe vera may be ineffective against the microbe you have. I would maybe experiment taking some bromelain in case there are biofilms involved.

    I would consider adding partial enemas with plain water every so often maybe every 3-7 days to keep that area clean. The colon is normally clean but there may be some sludge towards the sigmoid part of the colon near rectum where you pooh hangs around. You could do it with aloe vera in plain water too but I’d use plain water. This isn’t necessarily a cure but it could be involved. I’d do it standing or sitting over toilet. Enemas take some practice. Make sure water is lukewarm or body temperature. I’d get a silicon one with metal hanging clip. You can hang it on shower rod. Use an oil on tip.

    I would consider experimenting with a liquid fast diet. I can’t tell you how long but some anecdotal reports have had success with 30 days. This may not be a cure either but may give you valuable information about how to fight it.

    There is also intermittent fasting that I have mentioned in another post.

    • I totally agree, we are working blind!!! But from my personal experience AV does not fight the bad microbes. The only time AV helped me was after I had symptoms or an attack then went back to my safe diet THEN take to AV to heal the damage. Taking AV to solve the problem while still eating foods that aggravate your gut in insane…it will not help you at all. That would be like throwing water on a fire as you pour more gasoline onto the same fire.
      I believe the reason fasting works (others have said the same) is that your doing the same thing I’m doing. During fasting your taking away sugar and carbs, you’re taking away everything including sugar and carbs. So in essence…I’m fasting, existing only on protein and fats. If I knew which very specific foods or ingredients feed the bad microbes I would know which specific foods to exclude.
      Enemas may be solution for some but the only problem I have with enemas is that if you continue to eat foods that inflame your gut then what’s the point??? Again, I’m not saying that enemas don’t help but the solution is to find the foods that either feed the bad microbes OR foods that inflame your gut. All I know it that I have documented (empirical evidence) that the inflammation in my lungs has greatly decreased on my diet. I also know that my sinuses have cleared up completely (first time in 50 years). The lack of inflammation in my sinuses has greatly reduced my sinus allergies to the point where they don’t bother me at all. And of course the pain in my lower intestine is completely gone unless I eat a big piece of cake (carbs and sugar). I am not disagreeing with “prioris” because he/she has evidently been fighting the same problems as the rest of us. And maybe it’s just my body (and my body only ) that responds to the diet I have found.
      Wishing Luck to Everyone….

      • i agree about avoiding eating foods that aggravate the condition and it is especially important when using any natural remedy that is trying to heal it.

        Aloe vera didn’t work for you but it is the most popular remedy on internet for colon problems. For someone who hasn’t tried it, it is the number one remedy to try.

  61. I couldn’t response to your last question because there was no “reply” button at the end of your post. I think it only lets you reply so many times then you have to start over. You asked how long I had been symptom free. That’s the wrong question….I have had some symptoms but they all have been self imposed. No attacks because when I feel the symptoms (after eating a piece of cake) I go right back to my “safe diet”. If I had never eaten any sweets I would have been symptom free for a year now. But mild symptoms on occasion (by my own doing) don’t bother me because I know “immediately” how to stop them. By “attacks” I think you mean pain and bleeding….I have had NONE in over a year. I used to have attacks every couple of weeks. I have had NO “attacks” at all, only symptoms. I have had a few mild symptoms if I deliberately eat the wrong things (knowingly). I know what causes the symptoms and I know how to control them. Once you find your “safe diet” you can easily avoid “attacks”. Mild symptoms are nothing to worry about if you know how to stop them.


  62. I have commented a few times in the past. I am ALL for taking care of ourselves in a natural way 100%. But life happens even in the best of circumstances. Sometimes we must be realistic. I wrote months ago I had two bouts of Div. one in 2008 was hospitalized, last April I had a very serious bout, three rounds of antibiotics which I hate but the pain didn’t go away. 4 cat Scans later I was still inflamed and so sick. I was hospitalized in June 2014.
    Came home still sick. July and august were a blur I just did not feel well. Had a colonoscopy set for the end of August, the Gastro Dr. I like a lot.
    Couldn’t perform that test b/c I was so inflamed he could have perforated my bowel. He said I need to see a Surgeon. I had stopped sugar actually lost 20 lbs b/c I was so sick and couldn’t eat, the pain was so bad.
    I found a wonderful Surgeon in my town, He was the best Dr. I saw throughout all of this mess. He checked the now 5 Cat scans I had had and explained the risks etc. but said I needed the surgery.
    I felt I had no choice, was taking the Aloe and other things, I knew I needed more.
    I am 63.5 yrs old. I had the surgery Oct 15 of 2014. I loved my surgeon, he was there every day, I was 9 days in the hospital it wasn’t easy friends helped me post.
    well it is 5 months post op, I feel thankful I found a very good surgeon, and I am glad I had the surgery. He removed 12 inches of my lower colon, I also had a fistula so I needed Urology help also. The surgeon said it was totally diseased, needed to come out. I still have diverticula in my entire colon, I eat as Paleo as I can, walk 25 minutes a day, it took time but I just made plans to visit my daughter and grandkids in another state today. I can now get on with my life w/o being concerned with the pain. Everyone must make their own decisions, Chris gives a wealth of extremely good and solid information. Yet sometime we need real medical intervention. Hopefully that is the very very last resort. for me it was but I felt I had no choice.
    I live one day at a time, trust God with my life, He got me through and gave me a great Surgeon. His kindness was so overwhelming I bought him a tie for Christmas my last post op appointment. Hope I was encouraging to you, I do not encourage surgery just saying we need to be open to reality, sometimes it may be necessary. Only you know get a second opinion, or a third. It’s worth it.

    • Jeanne, You said, “I was on this diet before. The thing that made me stop is that I was literally stopped up.” I had the same problem, if you read all my posts you’ll find that I take 3-4 Citrucel with each meal (LOTS OF WATER). If you eat lots of salad it also helps..the EVOO in sufficient qualities actually “literally” lubricates the system, if you get my drift!!! Find something (prunes, Citrucel, whatever) to counteract the protein. You know your body and you know what helps you “go”!!


      • Hey Treblig what if I cut out ALL sugars and “some” or “most” carbs? Does it have to be Zero carbs? I don’t want to lose any more weight.

        • J, If you can keep it under 30 carbs a day you should be OK as long as you don’t cheat!! You can’t go into ketosis, thereby letting your body produce ketones, unless you burn more carbs than you eat. Besides, if you add plenty of EVOO to your diet you won’t lose weight. I was losing weight until I started eating lots of EVOO. I eat 15 G of sugar a day in the 1/2 of a large 86 percent dark chocolate bar. Cocoa helps lower your blood pressure naturally. So that’s all the sugar I eat but only because I have to. I usually eat 30 carbs or less each day but you need lots of good oils (EVOO) because your body uses the oil for fuel (like sugar/carbs) you have to have something for your body to burn in the place of sugar and carbs. You also need enough protein so you don’t lose muscle mass.


        • If you take the time to read this:
          you’ll find the reason I stand by my diet of protein and good fats. The Inuit people eat no sugar and hardly any carbs at all yet they thrive with little to no heart disease and much, much lower cancer rates than all the rest of us…..WHY??? Read the article. One of the diseases the Inuit don’t suffer from is “rheumatoid arthritis”, do you know one of the main causes or contributors to “RA”…….INFLAMMATION!!! Do you know what fights inflammation in the human body…..Ketones. You can flood your body with Ketones naturally by going into Ketosis. You can only get into Ketosis by drastically cutting back on carbs and sugar. When I used to exercise (one hour 5 times a week) I lost weight on my High Fat Low Carb diet because 30 carbs or less and day and no sugar was not enough fuel to support all that exercise so I ended up burning body fat. So I stopped exercising and now my weight is slowing returning (very slowly). If you eat enough EVOO, Avocados, and olives you will gain weight but your Cholesterol and triglycerides will still be good, mine are. The good fats help your Cholesterol levels. We don’t need a big human study to realize that the Inuit are in continuous Ketosis their whole lives. They have no access to sugar or vegetables/fruits or carbs. It’s a frozen tundra out there, where are you going to find a carrot or a head of lettuce??? All they have is whale blubber, seal fat/meat, fish and caribou. That’s basically a high fat/protein diet.
          I emphasis again, you need to take the appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements to compensate for not eating fruits/vegetables and other carbs. The Inuit get all they need from their diet (if you read the article) when it comes to all the other necessary vitamins and minerals. One more thing, why do you think the Inuit have little to no cancer…….well as it turns out cancer cells can only metabolize sugar. If you don’t eat sugar the cancer starves to death. If you eat a lot of sugar your basically feeding your cancer, so why oh why would you eat sugar???
          There has to be somebody out there who is smarter than me to discuss my theories on inflammation, Ketosis, and the high fat/protein diet????


    • Chris, I read what you posted about your surgery…sorry you had to go through all that. I worry though….just because they removed a portion of your intestine doesn’t mean that certain foods can’t still inflame what’s left of your intestine. Whatever caused your Diver will continue to give you problems if you eat the same things you were eating when you had symptoms. I know that being on a low carb/low sugar diet has greatly decreased the inflammation in my gut, my lungs and my sinuses. My point is, even if i had to get surgery for my diver and they removed part of my intestine I would still stay on my low carb/low sugar diet to help me with my other issues. Plus, I know that my intestines are easily inflamed by certain foods so I would continue to avoid certain things.
      Good Luck,


      • Thanks Trebling,
        You are 100% right. When he told me I still have diver. in all of my colon that didn’t make me happy, I would never have know if I wasn’t opened up and they saw it all. Not getting into Dr’s but the surgeon was better than all the Dr’s I had the Gi Dr. put me on a low residue diet basically white bread, carbs sugar then I said maybe I am resistant to these antiobiotics since they are nit killing the bacteria. they said after three rounds it is the drug of choice flagyl and cipro, won’t ever take those again. So I was SO sick and I am alone, I had to make decisions with not a full head together. Anyway, I eat chicken fish, nuts, eggs salad and EVOO one small apple or pear for breakfast. That is about my limit on fruit and no problem w them. Cheese doesn’t bother me but I try to watch it for the fat. But I saw after the healing took place tried some sugary stuff ice cream, hot chocolate b/c of the snow and cold it doesn’t make me feel good. No inflammation just all over not good. So I am eating as clean as I can, it gets hard when you are with people who say eat this they don’t get it, have to be strong. I know sugar is the culprit for many diseases, I wish I never had to have this surgery, but it is don’t. and I thank God it was successful, no complications as a long stay in a Hospital is the worst place anyone can be. This surgeon I speak of was on top of everything they usually are just work but he was more than a Primary Dr. to me, he helped me get through it. He was younger I told him he was like a son. So One day at a time and I feel good. I shoveled lots of snow after 4 months post op so I healed well. Again I am with you 100% sugar, whites, fructose etc. all are harmful maybe some can tolerate to a small extent but to much is not good. Thanks for your response.

        • I think that one of the big problems with this disease is that so many people want to eat like normal people and are looking for a “antidote” like flagyl and cipro to solve their problem. Once the inflammation is allowed to get to the point that you need those powerful (damaging) antibiotics it’s almost too late because the damage has been done. Oh sure the antibiotics may or may not kill the infection but the damage has been done. The way I look at it….why would I continue to eat foods that inflame my gut to the point that I would need antibiotics or surgery, that’s not the answer!!! I was lucky, I found this and other web sites and read about many folks (like yourself) who ended up getting surgery…I didn’t want to end up that way. I am over 60 years old and still have kids in the house (high school and College), they need me!!! There was not one Doctor that had the answer, in fact, my current Doctor keeps telling me to eat more carbs??? I personally have helped more Doctors who told me that they had Diver as well. I tell them what I am doing and believe me… THEY LISTEN!! As for eating at gatherings with other people, I got that figured out. I load my plate with meat and tons of salad/dressing and Avocado. Then when they drag out the deserts (as they always do) I say, “Man I stuffed myself so much with all that good food I can’t possibly eat another bite”. They say, “Man, you did eat alot!!”.
          You’re lucky, you’re getting a second chance to get it right!!! I’m still on cruise control, this morning I ate three eggs (over easy) cooked on very low heat in EVOO, 15 strips of bacon, lots of Ranchero sauce to mask the EVOO, refried beans (very low carb), and 1/3 lb of Barbacoa (Mexican BBQ). Since I don’t eat very many carbs and almost no sugar I’ve been having trouble keeping my weight UP. But now that I have found EVOO it’s not a problem. If you eat enough of the good fats you can actually gain weight without eating carbs or sugar. If you gain too much just cut back on the good oils!!
          Now I know, or at least I think, my diet is not for everyone with Diver BUT…I do know one thing for sure……….If a person continues to eat foods that aggravate and inflame their gut nothing good will come of it. I’ve written here many times, “Everyone has a choice, eat only what you’re body can tolerate or end up getting surgery”.

          • Jeannie, I wish you the best of luck. I truly hope that my diet helps you as much as it helped me. I was really scared there for a while (early last year) when I had recurring pain and bleeding…the bleeding is really scary. Don’t forget all the supplements you’ll need to compensate for not eating vegetables and fruits. Green beans with lots of crumbled crispy bacon is super low carb and delicious. Once a week I treat myself to a large piece of blackened salmon (cooked medium to preserve the good fats). Remember, Not all EVOOs are created equal. You want good quality cold pressed EVOO. MOST IMPORTANTLY…you must write about your results here or all my writing was for nothing. Find something like Citrucel to replace the fiber. You can control your weight by how much oil you consume and how much you exercise. And most important of all…..NO CHEATING!!!
            Good Luck and be sure and give us some results!!!


  63. Jeanne, you wrote “I tried everything including the Aloe Vera AMP”. I’ve found that AV only works in the absence of foods that aggravate the condition, otherwise the AV doesn’t help. What do you mean by “you’ve tried everything”. You need to be more specific, I always am. I take 5300g of vitamin D each day with no problem..but of course we’ll all built different. What is it that you have tried, and be specific!!!


    • I’ve written here numerous times about the things I eat, it’s no secret….no carbs (30g or less a day), no sugar (15g or less a day). Just read all my previous posts, it’s all there. Meat, eggs, EVOO, low carb veggies (30g or less/day). Lots of the good oils. Please take the time to read all my previous posts.


      • Jeanne, you can ask all the questions you want. I am allergic to peanuts but I can still eat them. What the Doctors say about nuts and diver is not true. The pieces of nuts do not get stuck in the diverticulum and cause a problem. I can eat all the nuts I want and I get no symptoms. BUT IF YOUR intestines are already inflamed then your going to have a problem. Strawberries and Blueberries contain sugar!!! You can’t be on a low sugar diet and eat foods that contain sugar and expect the diet to work!!! What part of “NO SUGAR” don’t you understand!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to get loud but you’re making no sense. I say no sugar and you want to eat foods with sugar????
        I only eat 15g of sugar a day only because I eat 1/2 of a large bar of 86 percent dark chocolate each day to control my high blood pressure. Pure Cocao lowers your blood pressure. If you read all my previous posts you would know this already.


        • Didn’t mean to blow up on you but some people on this site want to have their cake (no pun intended) and eat it too!! I also want to eat my cake, but I can’t!!
          Now please follow me for a few minutes….. Why are strawberries and blueberries good for you???? The answer is, because they contain Ketones. Ketones decrease inflammation in the human body (proven fact). Now, for the next question….Do you know what happens when you deprive yourself of carbs and sugar??? The answer is……your body goes into Ketosis!!! Ketosis is a state where your body produces Ketones to compensate for the lack of sugar and carbs!!!! Your body uses Ketones for fuel instead of sugar and carbs. These Ketones (like the ones in Blueberries and Strawberries) help DECREASE the inflammation in your gut…JUST LIKE STRAWBERRIES AND BLUEBERRIES!!!!! Did you know that newborn babies are in Ketosis as long as they are breast feeding??? Some mothers breast feed their babies for 2 years yet most of human brain development occurs during the first two years. So…how is being in the state of Ketosis bad for the human body??
          My Doctor tells me that I should eat more carbs. I tell him, “My diver symptoms have disappeared, my lung inflammation is completely gone and my sinus allergies have disappeared (for the first time in 50 years) and you want me to eat more carbs?????”


          • i’m one of those people who can have their cake and eat it… lol

            i’m of the view that if someone has to keep to a strict food diet, they haven’t truly addressed the microbe enough. they take enough fuel away to keep it in check but that is all. But that may be all some people can do for now.

    • I used to eat potatoes, rice and pasta like there was no tomorrow. I thought carbs were the answer to my problem…..I was wrong!!! I was extremely lucky….my fasting blood sugar was a little high last year (103). My Doctor said, “don’t worry about it”. I knew I had diver and I didn’t need another problem to complicate my life so I decided to go on a low sugar/low carb diet to avoid getting diabetes (just as a precaution). It was only after I stayed on the low carb/low sugar diet that I realized it was the sugar and the carbs that were causing the diver problem. Had my sugar not been high last year I would still have pain and bleeding. So….I’m not a genius, I just know how to put two and two together!!


    • Jeanne, You said, “I was on this diet before. The thing that made me stop is that I was literally stopped up.” I had the same problem, if you read all my posts you’ll find that I take 3-4 Citrucel with each meal (LOTS OF WATER). If you eat lots of salad it also helps..the EVOO in sufficient qualities actually “literally” lubricates the system, if you get my drift!!! Find something (prunes, Citrucel, whatever) to counteract the protein. You know your body and you know what helps you “go”!!


  64. hi i have just been told i have Div and have been reading all the comments, no carbs no sugar yes get it but that means no fruit?

    • It depends…if your intestines can tolerate the sugar in the fruits then YES!! There’s only one way to find out, stop eating anything with sugar and as few carbs as you can get away with (50 carbs or less/day). Then once all your symptoms are completely gone eat some fruit once each day for about 3-4 days and see if you feel anything at all. If you feel any kind of discomfort or pain and you’re still keeping the carbs low then you probably can’t handle the sugar in the fruits. I have found that my body can tolerate 5-15g of sugar a day, if I exceed that amount I start to feel it in my gut. But I eat less than 30 carbs a day just about every day of the week. I might go over to 35-40 carbs once a week. It’s impossible to tell you exactly how much your body can tolerate because we’re all built differently. 5g of sugar might be my limit but yours might be 15g or 20g. But fruits do have sugar and so do millions of other foods/additives. Your first priority is to get rid of all your symptoms FIRST!! Once you control what you eat and have no symptoms at all for a week or two then you can slowing introduce ONE food item at a time. At anytime during your experiment if you start getting symptoms GO BACK to the diet that you know is safe and start over again. You have to find your “personal safe diet” to have a sanctuary for when you get symptoms. If you eat this and that, willy nilly, you’ll never solve the puzzle and you’ll cause a lot of damage. I hope you’ve read all of my posts and as many of the others as well. If you have diabetes then the rules change!!! Do not go on any diet I recommend if you have diabetes. You’ll need a nutritionist to help you because cutting back on carbs and sugar can be counterproductive if you have diabetes.

      FYI, I recently (three weeks ago) had a CT scan to check for a hernia in lower abdomen. The results came back positive for a small hernia. But the interesting part was that they could see the diverticulosis in my colon and even noted some inflammation. The cause if the inflammation is the interesting part. I was required to drink this large bottle (almost 1/2 a gallon) of liquid two hours before the scan. It was an iodine solution mixed with sweet and low for flavoring. I don’t know if it was the iodine or the sweet and low but something in that drink gave me some discomfort in my lower gut. It showed up as inflammation in the CT scan. As soon I finished the CT scan I made absolutely sure that I stayed on my “safe diet” for two weeks to clear up any damage the iodine solution had done. Is was only mild discomfort, but non the less, once you have just a little inflammation it doesn’t take much to aggravate the diverticulum to the point that you get actual pain and bleeding.
      Learn how to listen to your body, it will tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t like. In fact if you don’t listen to your body it will yell at you in a very loud voice, the voice is called “pain”!!!

      Good Luck,

      • Treblig, I am going to follow your diet suggestions to prevent future bouts of diverticulitis. How do you make your Caesar salad? Do you use anchovies, egg and croutons? What do you put in the tuna salad? I think this is a diet change I can easily live with. Thanks for all your help.

        • Kimberly, If you get on a low sugar/low carb diet you also need to take enough vitamins and minerals to compensate for not eating the other foods you would normally eat. I take numerous vitamins and minerals (pills). I have had numerous blood tests since I have been on this diet and the tests always come out perfect with respect to sodium levels, potassium levels, etc. So approach this with care and insure that you get enough calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and all the other essential of good health. I can tell you what I take but you, being a woman, have different needs/requirements. The Ceasar salads are pretty simple, I use fresh lettuce (but you can use Kale or spinach or anything like that), I also put a generous amount of shaved parmesan. As for the Ceasar dressing I go to the store and but the dressing with the highest “good” fats (and lowest bad fats) I can find (wish I knew how to make my own). Some salad dressing actually boast about containing olive oil but unless they use EVOO I’m not sure if it will help. Cold pressed olive oil is the best and only use for cooking under very low heat or you destroy the good properties. You’ll need to eat the equivalent of 3-4 TBLS of EVOO each day for your body to have enough fuel (replaces carbs/sugar). Then you have to also get enough protein. Anyway, back to the salad, lettuce, shaved parmesan and dressing. I usually eat an avocado with the salad in small bites. Avocado has lots of the good oils and so does the dressing. NO CROUTONS!!!… too many carbs. For the protein part of the “salad” meal I’ll eat 10-12 of those small breakfast sausages, you know the ones that you use to make pigs in a blanket. Or I’ll cook some sausage slices, like the sausage you use for barbequeing. Just make sure and buy the one with the highest “good” fat content. If you look on line you can find sites that tell you the percentage of fat to protein you should eat.
          The tuna salad or chicken salad are pretty basic. Eggs (protein), tuna or chicken (protein) pickles and Mayo (good fats). I’ll sometimes eat only one slice of high fiber low carb bread with the tuna/chicken salad or put the salad on a bed of lettuce.
          Breakfast is Better’N Eggs (low Colesterol), cooked over very low heat in 3 TBLS of EVOO. Once eggs (scrambled) are cooked I throw in 10-15 slices of crispy bacon (I crunch the bacon up into very small pieces). Sometimes I also use chopped up little sausages mentioned earlier instead of bacon. Then to mask the taste of all that EVOO I dump in 4-5 TBLS of Ranchero sauce, you know the tomato based sauce they use on eggs in a Mexican restaurant.
          I’ve been on this diet with my wife for almost a year now. I feel great, have plenty of energy and have had no diver symptoms, except when I treat myself to a piece of cake, once in a blue moon. But the symptoms are minor and brief because I stay on the diet. My wife has also had blood tests that show everything as normal.

          Good Luck, hope you’ve read all my other posts hear because it’s hard to remember everything. Like the part about Aloe Vera…..

            • I eat fresh chopped Romaine lettuce but Kale and spinach leaves are good too, they are all super low carb and help digestion. You can add all the olives you like as they also have the good oils. Just remember to cook the eggs at very, very low heat or you destroy the good properties in the EVOO. It takes a little longer to cook them that way but it’s worth it.


          • Hello, I have been reading these posts especially from treblig, I have always known sugar is bad for you, here’s why, & it HAS been pointed out..cancer loves sugar, sugar is also how they do a petscan, it LIGHTS up the cancer cells? I think, either way, it IS bad, BUT…I am a Vegetarian, so for me, no carbs would pretty much mean, not much to eat PERIOD.I am a vegetarian by CHOICE..and I have been for many years..even as a kid though I didn’t want to eat ANIMALS..anyway, I also hate salads, and I DID have to have the surgery, because at the age of 52 I’d had an EXTREME episode of the Most Horrific GUT WRENCHING..LITERALLY, I’ve Ever had in my life..I’ve had 3 children, MANY years ago, & the PAIN I felt should’e Killed me, because again, it was INDESCRIBABLE! I had Every SYMPTOM you could IMAGINE< then next morning I was just happy to still be alive, not sure what ALL happened during THAT Entire Evening into Morning, but I will tell you, I laid on the couch for 2 weeks, couldn't eat, barely drink, and I was getting worse, I knew.My husband told me I should try & get up & move around, CLUELESS..he was, not now, but WAS..I'd had a "DR?" who had CALLED IN an antibiotic over the phone, didn't work, wasn't the RIGHT ONE..so for almost 3 weeks I kept thinking I'd get better, I DID NOT! Finally, when I truly KNEW If I did NOT get myself up and to the LAB I would die. I got my husband to help me get dressed & had him drive to straight to the LAB..I called my Dr.?? from there, and I Told him, I wanted a CBC, a U&A STAT..No I have NO MEDICAL Training what so ever! I just knew between those 2 tests to START, that would surely TELL them something! It Did! Before I could get home, the DR?? was calling telling ME< WE?? had a Problem!! I said, YA THINK?? I knew because my urine was dark, not good but could've been dehydrated, but this was worse, and I also knew something was SERIOUS..So, next morning he had me scheduled for "TESTS" they did a vaginal ultrasound, & when they kept asking me If I'd had ANY surgery besides normal child birth, I said NO, WHY? They of course saw something, well THAT & my WHITE COUNT was Over 25000, high I believe is 10,000..SO, I then had a ct scan, 1st of at LEAST 7 or 8..long story, and they sent me to a GYN, he said, "Looks Boring in here"..I said, HOPE that's a GOOD Thing! He said it is for me, I need you to go next door & see the "WONDER BOYS!". I said the WHO? He said, you'll see. I am escorted next door, I met with one SURGEON in particular, a SET OF 2..he said, I need you to go to the "HOTEL" with his strong Polish & beautiful ACCENT.. I said..HOTEL?? He said yes, go home, pack a bag, and your "Admittance" papers will be @ the hospital for you..I said ok, but why? He said, we need to do more tests…OK, Now I'll fast forward, 10 days, many ct's and other tests, a PIC Line, with cipro & flagyl at 200..& More..the "WONDER BOYS" consisted of the BEST DR's I've EVER KNOWN..They made sure they knew exactly after this 10 day stay, with again 10 days of MANY TESTS, & blood tests about 3 times a day, because they were trying to decide was this Cancer they were seeing or something "ELSE"..Thank GOD for me, & FOR THESE 2 TRAUMA SURGEONS, it was "something ELSE"..But with a small "area" to work with, as the dr's explained, it was hard to Prove which. I was told I'd definitely need surgery, & I'd also need more "tests" before I could have it..I had of course a colonoscopy, that was the 1st time I met another FANTASTIC DR..my gastro DOC. She did the tests she had to do, and then from that they all said I'd have to have 1 more..it's called a gastrographin? Spelling NOT correct..but it told them I would have to have an OPEN SURGERY, instead of the easy one..lapro..After making sure all my inflammation was gone & infections, I was scheduled for surgery. Over 3 to 4 hours, don't remember, just know I was afraid of waking up ONE WAY…& needing THAT for 6 months & would've faced another "surgery" to repair again. It happened I Had not only diverticulitis, or "OSIS" depends on what's going on at the TIME..& then, I also had a Fistula..they also took out a few more things besides so many FEET of Intestines..they also told ME, ALL of my intestines were affected w/Disease, BUT they could ONLY "TAKE SO MUCH"..they never told me what I should or should not eat, I am 10 years later & HAVE Had Numerous other "BOUTS" where I've had to have the double dose of antibiotics of Cipro & Flagyl, & also had a LOT of Steroids..now here IS ANOTHER Interesting FACT..I always told my Dr's that the Digestive "ISSUES" & MANY of the OTHER health problems HAD TO BE CONNECTED! Why? Because I had asthma, & pain everywhere, especially when ever the "condition flares" so does Everything else at the SAME TIME. So for the asthma & Allergies like the Nasal conditions talked about here that also GO AWAY with diver being under "CONTROL?"..Makes all sense!! Because my asthma is Horrific when my intestines are too! When they are not, thee asthma is not even CLOSE to being an "ISSUE"..I said they were RELATED, & Obvious that's True..I have proven that too..Now, as for the Vegetarian part, I eat eggs for protein, I eat pasta & potatoes & Veggies, & sometimes tuna or salmon, but meat? Never…the pasta only bothers me when I put sauce on it…HUM..The SUGAR IS HIGH in pasta sauces! As for being in ketosis, I couldn't do it, I used to WAY before I ever got sick, used to when my thyroid when wacko, & since I was always SMALL< the dr's never wanted to pay attention to me, because they thought I was being ridiculous, until I proved by looking at my records, that no matter what I did I continually gained a couple of lbs EVERY yr for 5 years, so they checked my thyroid FINALLY…and yup…Been on Synthetics ever since..HYPO..Now, even though I eat pasta, & sometimes so many carbs, I have lost weight, weird, I know, for me too. But, I also started flaring up again, and do believe it's either sugar from a yogurt, or CAKE, or even the natural RAW I'll put in 1 cup of coffee a day..or who knows, could be from too many carbs, since that IS what they Turn into..true. I tried eating kim chi, and sauerkraut, but..makes sense NOT to eat these FERMENTED foods IF you have pain, since that means, Inflammation, so to eat them to AID in getting the correct gut flora is good, but obviously NOT when you ARE inflamed. So, while I have only had to have the tests, & the antibiotics & the flare ups & NOT MORE SURGERY that I cannot AFFORD to have because they told me, I didn't have ANY TO SPARE…I cannot afford to NEED surgery EVER again..therefore, I have lost a lot of weight, because I DO fast a lot, 1st sign of pain or chills, or worse, & I back off..give my gutt a rest..then I start with soft foods, but I DO believe SUGAR has Got to be a trigger..so I will back off there..I will also NOT eat those fermented foods unless I'm sure I have no pain or "inflammation", because all the antibiotics & steroids have I'm sure done their DAMAGE..over past decade, had MORE than a lifetimes worth..this is also WHY I have lost weight, because I used to try different things to eat, or I'd just go to the pasta, I am going to try the EVOO, I am assuming that stands for EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL..& yes, Cold Pressed..I hope that's the one we've always bought, because that's all the OIL we've used in over a decade, we're Italian too..so I try to eat garlic too when I can..not raw though..although in kim chi it is..anyone know about whether or not lemons are really beneficial? Hope people get something from my posts, I could've gone into a LOT more details, but I am hoping people get something..I Never knew I HAD diverticulosis, or "ITUS" until THAT Happened..But.Can't blame it on the being a Vegetarian, because I DID ATKINS for MANY YEARS Prior to…only been vegetarian about the same amount of yrs, either 10 or less…works better for me, and grease ALWAYS bothered me anyway, but sorry for me, eating animals was worse..again for ME, because I'd rather NOT….My choice, doesn't Mean I'm saying has to be yours, I just prefer NOT TO, because I Love all animals, and this is one of the ways I TRY & DO MY PART..again, MY CHOICE, not saying ANYTHING ELSE HERE..Thanks.

  65. Being 60 years old I pretty much do intermittent fasting. I do it naturally without even thinking about it. It is associated with blood sugar control but could be applied to colon disorders also. Maybe it could improve colon health by letting the colon and other organs rest more. The idea is explained is excerpt from mercola.
    Intermittent fasting is a great tool to help “reset” your body to burn fat as its primary fuel again. Dr. Perlmutter also recommends starting off with a period of fasting, and he’s particularly aggressive about it in patients who are insulin/leptin resistant. I typically recommend keeping your fasting insulin level below 3. The so-called normal, however, is anywhere from 5-25 microU per mL. As with fasting blood sugar, please do not make the mistake of thinking that the “normal” insulin range equates to optimal! As noted by Dr. Perlmutter:

    “If somebody has an insulin level of 26, they need a lot of work. They need to fast; drop the carbs; add back the good fat. They need to add in some anti-glycating agents like benfotiamine and resveratrol. We need to hit these people aggressively. This is what works. This is what reduces their risk of converting to diabetes, and therefore has a huge role to play in protecting their brains.”

    To be effective, in the case of daily intermittent fasting, the length of your fast must be at least 16 hours. This means eating only between the hours of 11am until 7pm, as an example. Essentially, this equates to simply skipping breakfast, and making lunch your first meal of the day instead.

    You can restrict it even further — down to six, four, or even two hours if you want, but you can still reap many of these rewards by limiting your eating to an eight-hour window each day.

    This is because it takes about six to eight hours for your body to metabolize your glycogen stores; after that you start to shift to burning fat. However, if you are replenishing your glycogen by eating every eight hours (or sooner), you make it far more difficult for your body to use your fat stores as fuel.

  66. I love these posts and have referred to hem many times – especially posts from Prioris – yet so grateful to hear all the different points of view and things that helped each of us on our journey towards wellness. I do want to stress as Prioris has said that it is important to eliminate trigger foods and those triggering foods can be different for each of us. I agree with Treblig that sugar is a HUGE issue – its causes inflammation. However with that being said I was low carb for 2 years and LCHF (Keto) for 1-1/2 of those years. The longer I went on LCHF the more episodes I began having – looking back I wish I would have ate more clean (organic, grass fed, no chemicals) in my food as I see now with much research that contributed. For me, corn, too much red meat, not enough water, caffeine, dairy, sugar all are trigger foods for me. I do take Amp and have done numerous things recommended on this site.

    I am now seeing a dr who is helping me get to the root and did multiple tests including blood & stool tests. I tested positive for dysbosis and high levels of candida – both of which are making it difficult for me to get on top of as it is a perpetual breeding ground for bacteria and fungi to flourish…. so despite my best efforts there were things happening in the microbiome of my gut that needed to be addressed before I could fully move forward in wholeness.

    I HIGHLY recommend finding a functional medicine practioner and get your stools checked!!! I am in the middle of a 3-month long protocol to right these things so we create the right environment for my body to heal itself and get the most of all the things I have tried for the last 10 years that haven’t worked (1-1/2 years have been hard core working towards this).

    Chris Kresser and other drs have talked about the importance of root vegetables and how they provide prebiotic fibers which promote the growth of healthy bacteria – which i wasn’t doing because i was so severely low carb…. an aha moment for me. I have also started making my own bone broths which promote incredible healing in the gut. And now that the candida is under control have made kimchi and kombucha which are healthy probiotics delivered instantly through food to promote balance.

    Again – i cannot stress the importance of seeing a functional dr and getting your stool checked – who will address the root cause & get you on the road to recovery. There were so many things I was doing that were right – but because this issue was going on in my gut I didn’t get the full benefits.

  67. Hello, I have been dealing with a bout of diverticulitis every year for the past 5 years. I have a GI doc who says go for the surgery, but my regular doctor says no way. I’d prefer to avoid the surgery at all costs! I truly believe there is a natural way to heal myself or at least get infections far less frequently. I have had a colonoscopy, and I have two deep pouches in my colon. My thought was to try calorie restriction along with intermittent fasting. I’m really not sure what the best overall diet would be. I’m looking for someone who has been through this and beat it. Please help! You can email me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions.

    This article was great. I didn’t have any idea about the inflammation connection. Also, a good reminder to keep stress levels down.

  68. I have divers. I have just figured it all out. I am with treblig on his observations re sugar. Sugar is the baddy. I have been 3 months clear of it and like treblig eat pretty much the same diet with the addition of coconut products- they are such good fats.
    I am in New Zealand and have found a wonderful sugar free cookbook by Sarah Wilson who has been sugar free for 3 years now due to digestion problems. Also David Gillespie has written a great book on sugar called Sweet Poison. Another tremendous book is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. My divers is so much better now. Hope this helps.

    • Ginny, nice to know that someone else is getting the same results as I am by taking sugar out of their diet. As long as the coconut products don’t give you pain they are OK!! I have been ingesting 4 tablespoons of EVOO daily and some days a little more. You have to be creative to take that much EVOO. You have to take/eat lots of the good oils when you cut back on carbs/sugars because your body uses the oil for fuel. Also you should eat more oils than protein. You can read all about it online. I basically don’t have Diver anymore…it might be there but I’d never know it, in fact, I had completely forgotten about it (Diver) until I received a message that Ginny had posted something to this website. I just had a blood test (last week) and the Doctor said that I was in perfect health and the Lipid panel was completely normal and so were all the other blood tests. So I must be doing something right considering I don’t eat any fruits/vegetables except for green beans, lettuce, tomatoes. Mostly salads with lots of Caesar dressing, Caesar dressing has lots of good oils. So breakfast is 4 eggs (Better’n eggs), 15 strips of bacon and 4 Tbls of EVOO. Lunch is tuna salad or chicken salad and then a gigantic Caesar salad with lots of Parmesan cheese. I also no longer have to take blood pressure pills because of the EVOO and the 86 percent dark chocolate. The removal of sugar from my diet has allowed me to stop taking other medications that had been recommended to fight the inflammation in my sinuses/lungs. Good Luck Ginney and hang in there!!!


      • What supplements do you take on a regular basis to prevent flare ups. I am interested in the Amp.. Just started on probiotics any suggestions on a good brand. I eat primarily vegetarian so paleo would be an issue for me.. Does anyone else have issues with belching yeast after eating .

        • Patricia, If you’re asking me what supplements I take to prevent flare-ups the answer is “none”!!! I no longer get flare-ups because I stopped eating all the foods that inflame my gut. It’s so simple I don’t know why more people haven’t figured it out. I’ve written about it extensively here at this website under “treblig”. I don’t get flare ups. The last time I had a flare up (many, many months ago) I used Aloe Vera Gel pills. Four pills a day, each pill gave me the equivalent of 5000mg of pure AV inner leaf gel. 4 X 5000 makes 20,000 mg of gel per day. The AV seems to help my gut heal after I had eaten too much cake. Unfortunately AV will not help you if you continue to eat the foods that inflame your diver!! But now that I know what foods to avoid I don’t use the AV because I don’t get flare ups….NEVER!!! AV absolutely will not prevent a flare up, I don’t know of anything (supplement) that will prevent a flare up. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL PREVENT A FLARE UP IS TO NOT EAT THE FOODS THAT INFLAME YOUR DIVER!!! Please read all my previous posts here so you can understand the theory behind my madness. It’s so simple….if you don’t eat foods that inflame your diver YOU WON’T get diver symptoms. If you don’t get diver symptoms you don’t need supplements to prevent diver attacks. I don’t use any probiotics. I eat protein, good fats, lots of EVOO, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans and 86 percent dark chocolate. I no longer have to take high blood pressure medications or any other anti-inflammatory medication. My heat rate used to be in the high 90s (at rest) which always made me worry but now it’s in the 70s all the time.
          Don’t get me wrong, I used to get bad diver attacks with pain and bleeding…it was scary and painful!! I’ve gone through a lot of trouble to explain what I did to help myself and to heal myself. It has worked beautifully and I am not only very happy, I am also very healthy according to my primary physician, my gastroenterologist and my kidney specialist.


          • Since my posts never seem to make it to the blog, we will see if this one does. Totally agree with 99% of what trebling says! There is no supplement that will counteract wrong diet and when diet is good, there is no supplement needed (after healing period). All our triggers are different…my trigger is mostly nuts (which is the one that sent me to the hospital) and secondarily, dairy, sugar/grains. There came a point where everything turns to bloat. So I’m back on the NOYEAHBUT diet. (yeah but what about…) Animal Protein and above ground veges breakfast lunch dinner (if you eat 3 meals) and low glycemic fruits between meals PERIOD. You need see wellness practitioner (chiro, naturo, acu… ) to see if you are sensitive to salicylates as they can ruin the gut too. By the way…those of you taking aspirin etc (salicylic acid) for pain……its one of the leading causes of leaky guy and SIBO.

            On this way of life, not only does your gut heal and you stop bloating, but your brain heals too…you think more clearly, you have more energy, you are brighter, the pain of arthritis goes away as you are not eating any pro-inflammatory food items. FOR ME, dark chocolate or ANY form of sugar (save low glycemic fruits) will throw me into a tailspin and ARE NOT worthy of investigation…they are a yeahbut. For treblig’s constitution they work.

            I agree with brief fasting or intermittent fasting, especially if your ayurvedic dosha is Pitta.

            For those of you, like me, who chose not to drink, smoke or do drugs…then when you are stressed, you most likely head to the YEAHBUT. You may want to investigate NET (neuro emotional technique) or something similar to handle the reasons why you get stressed and need to binge. Again a qualified Chiro, Naturo or acu are invaluable. “He who has himself for a doctor has a fool for a patient”. TODAY, I am pain free and feel terrific!

            My .02 but its been right for 30 years

            • DR, It’s nice to get some validation but I don’t understand why more people just don’t get it?? I’ve posted here numerous times about what works for me but still the same questions keep getting asked. The dark Chocolate only has 5g of sugar and the only reason I eat it is so that I can stay off of the Avapro. I had high blood pressure for 10 years until I started eating dark chocolate and EVOO. I don’t eat the chocolate for pleasure, it’s a natural method of lowering my blood pressure. Some folks may not be able to tolerate the 5g of sugar but everyone must realize….when there in no inflammation in your gut, you tend to tolerate small amounts of things that normally aggravate your condition, at least that’s what I have found.


              • Sorry, had my breakfast on the stove and had to stop writing to eat. For those who might be interested it was 15 strips of cooked “low salt” bacon crumbled into a pan with 4-5 eggs (Better’n Eggs), 4 Tbls of EVOO on very low heat. EVOO retains all it’s good properties if you keep it at a very low heat. Also, to mask the EVOO I add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of Ranchero sauce. It’s delicious and contains plenty of protein and good oils. Anyway, as I was saying, I have been symptom free for a very long time and have found that I can actually enjoy a nice piece of cake with lots of frosting every three or four weeks. This is how I reward myself for being good!! The piece of cake will slightly aggravate the diver BUT….since I immediately revert back to my High Fat Low Carb Low Sugar diet, the symptoms come and go very quickly. In fact, it’s barely noticeable. I guess most folks don’t have the discipline to stick to the diet and that’s the reason it doesn’t work for them. I had a recent blood test (for my Kidney Specialist) and he said that I was the healthiest patient he had. In spite of all the fats I eat my cholesterol it really good and my triglycerides are perfect. My blood pressure is 110/75 and my heart rate is 75. That’s a tremendous improvement from before the diet. It’s funny….I say diet, 15 strips of bacon and 5 eggs every single morning!!! The word “diet” isn’t glamorous enough for eating like a KING!! I now know that you can eat all the good fats you want to eat and as long as you don’t eat carbs and sugar your cholesterol/triglycerides will all come out GREAT!!! This diver problem seems to be terribly simple….DON’T EAT THINGS THAT AGGRAVATE YOUR CONDITION AND YOU’LL GET BETTER. Stay away from the things that aggravate your condition and you NEVER get symptoms. I even stopped taking the Aloe Vera because once my gut was healed I no longer needed it. I don’t know what else to say, please read all my previous posts before asking any questions as I have written many times about what I do to help myself.


        • I stopped drinking margaritas for a good while when I went on this diet. It took me a few months to determine what I could drink without messing up my diet. I’ve settled on Crown Royal and diet coke. I only drink once a week on Friday. There are quite a few alcoholic drinks that have no carbs, I’m sure you can look them up. It’s funny though….when you drink alcohol the body actually uses the alcohol as energy (like carbs). If I read correctly, the body will burn (use) alcohol as fuel first before anything else in your stomach. It’s actually a fuel!! So to answer your question, yes I do drink alcohol and I’ve seen no detrimental effects with respect to my low carb/low sugar diet. As a bonus…I don’t get any kind of hang over, evidently pure alcohol with no carbs or additives don’t mess up your head like mixed drinks do. Who’d a thunk!!!!


  69. I was diagnosed with Diver 2 days ago. I am 47. I live a very active lifestyle including endurance sports, hot yoga, and strength training.

    Although these antibiotics have ZAPPED me of my energy, I will be transitioning off them eventually, and wonder how to go about moving off of this clear liquid diet?

    Also, is there anything I can do for increased energy? Short and long-term?

    • You need to do trial and error. The first suspect would be the B vitamins may be depleted.

      I would try a 5mg of sublingual methylcobalamin. I’d also get a coenzyme B complex. country life has a brand. You can take it on an empty stomach.

  70. I’ve just had my first bout of diver. was put on two antibiotics with one being Flagyl. I read another post that said Flagyl is poison. Please enlighten me!

    I also found it odd that I ended up with diver. I had my gut flora tested 6 months ago and it was fine. no candida. I take pre & probiotics daily. I’m shocked I got this. Anyone else?

    • Diverticulitis is bacterial and not fungal so fungus testing not helpful.

      It is interesting that you had your gut flora checked and that your taking prebiotics and probiotics didn’t work to prevent it.

      Antibiotics are a double edged sword. Lot of people have been damaged by them. I stay away from broad spectrum antibiotics since it can wipe out ones guy bacteria. Different people will tolerate antibiotics in varying ways.

      Flagyl is a narrow spectrum so I think better. It can cause neuropathy in some people.

      Some like quinine based antibiotics have a bad record and something to stay away from. I know what antibiotics I can tolerate well like minocin and amoxicillin. Most others I wouldn’t touch.

      As far as treatment, I would recommend going the natural way. I would also suggest you do partial enema’s with plain filtered water especially if pain near rectum or near waist. Throw some h202 in it. this may clean area of diverticulitis. Read thru the rest of the comments for other ideas.

      But who knows, you may tolerate antibiotics well and the antibiotics may work for you. If they are making you very sick, i would stop them.

      You sound like you take care of yourself. I’d like to understand how it happened

      Could you please let us know what kind of diet you ate. Protein, complex carbs, simple carbs etc.

  71. Hi,

    I would like to tell my experience, I’ve been a visitor of this page since 6 months now and I followed many of the treatments that have been posted (doctors only prescribed antibiotics).
    I was diagnosed with diver back in august and since then I had 2 serious bouts ended up in hospital and a couple of more flare ups, for which I was on a strict liquid diet for even up to 6 days, almost fainted couple of times.
    I started to take:
    aloe vera gel (Ive been told that anyway doesn’t get its way to the colon)
    Quercetin before and L-glutamine afterwards
    Pro and pre biotics
    liver oil fish
    In the end, I also started to eat raw garlic and a tea made of lemmon skin, garlic, ginger and turmeric. Not that tasty but not bad either.
    So I had it all covered : good gut flora with probiotics, anti-inflammatory actions through l-glutamine and aloe and finally antibiotics power thanks to tea and garlic (if that works).
    Always tried to avoid antibiotics and for food, I completely cut on vegetables, fruits and everything that was rich in fiber…that was for almost 6 months.
    Because of the change of my habits, and of a strict diets I had a parallel complication and therefore started to take vitamins and other pills to compensate the carencies.
    I found out that I could feel the pain in my guts by lying down and touching a specific point of the colon (lower left side). So, even if I was feeling ok during the day I started to check this point every night to understand what food caused pain or not.
    I must say that I’ve never found a direct and evident correlation between food and pain. Possibly alcool or meat in heavy quantities made a difference sometimes and caused the pain. Generally speaking I think it’s also a problem of quantity apart from selecting which foods are good or bad.
    Anyway, I started to feel better but always felt the persistence of the pain while touching the point. I then decided to cut on every milky product and on alcohol for 2 weeks. Got even better til the point that for Christmas I didn’t feel any pain at all and for 2 weeks I started to eat everything. And by then I mean everything. I had hot chocolates, cakes, meat, pasta, more cakes. spicy foods, nuts, and also seeds, which seems to be the most dangerous thing to eat when you have this condition and finally raw fruits and vegetables.
    Well, I still feel good, no pain by touching but still taking my vitamins and stuff.
    I had a colonscopy which found that my divert. are ok, not inflammed at the moment.
    In the end, the surprise: I changed my gastro for a younger one, who required a blood test to find the levels of Vitamin D. Well, my levels were below average. Somebody already commented here of this recent study (Dec 13) that associates low Vitamin D with higher risk of Diver. : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23954650
    which can be explained bec the vitamin D would help the gut walls to be better protected. I started now to take vitamin D pills. My doctor said that food is nor related with Diver.
    Just wanted to share my experience if can be of any help for somebody. I still think that there is some connection with food, but it’s probably not that important as we thought before.
    This is just my conclusion and I think everyone has his own story to tell,

    • ultimately diverticulitis is a microbe infecting the colon. one can try to come at the problem from many different directions.

    • I have never had problems with constipation or diareah, i am 47 and was hospitalized 6 days ago with a diagnosis of Acute Diverticulitis. Didn’t know a thing about it, sadly after being discharged there are soooo many conflicting things to read. They placed me on Flagyl (poison) and Cipro immediately with IV and followup at home for 10 days. I feel horrible. I am desperately looking for alternatives. The antibiotics are killing me. I eat Paleo, but recently switched to Atkins cause i was not losing weight. Again this is the first time i have ever had an issue. The only thing that hits home is that I recently was diagnosis with a low Vit D!!!! I wonder if there is a correlation between them.

      • please read all the comments on this page. they will give you ideas on how to attack the problem and new things to research.

        i realize you feel sick as hell on those antibiotics so you probably want a quick simple answer.

        first remedies i would try are aloe vera juice. while you are trying this, you can read the rest of the comments.

        i would also look at your diet especially non complex carbohydrates which could be the precipitating cause of your diverticulitis. It may make your colon a more hospitable place for the infection.

        grapefruit seed extract may work but it may work only if it has the chemical solvents in it that are the real active ingredient so not hopeful on this route.

        another possible way to defeat diverticulitis – FASTING

        i would look into juice or water fasting as a way to overcome diverticulitis. this would remove the food in which the infecting microbe feeds on.

        there are other things but this gives you something you can start to do.

        in the end, it comes down to EXPERIMENTING and PERSISTENCE to defeat a colon microbe infection.

        • diagnosed with acute diverticulitis 3 days ago, 11 yr history of IBS, I was on so many anti spasmodics all it did was give me reflux and rapid heart, changed Gastro doc who took me off everything and said he wanted to go a more natural route.
          Aloe Vera juice, I’ve been drinking it for years every morn. However I’ve been slacking off lately as this really helped my IBS, but I don’t know where this excruciating diver came from?

  72. I am so discouraged. Just got a bout of DVT, extremely painful!! I’ve already had a bowel resection, followed by 2 emergency surgeries back in 2011. Ended up with an ileostomy, reversed later. The pain is awful. Not sure what to do anymore. I don’t want more surgery, but feel there’s no alternative. I haven’t cut out carbs and sugar because my gastroenterologist never recommended it. Guess it’s worth a try.

    • My gastroenterologist never recommended anything either. All he ever said was avoid spicy foods!! I eat all the spicy foods I want now. It’s not spicy foods that aggravate my condition….IT’S CARBS AND SUGAR!!! He never told me that sugar and carbs were bad???? I had to figure it out for myself. If you cut out sugar and carbs you won’t die as long as you take the proper vitamins and minerals (supplements). But you will die if you keep eating foods that increase the inflammation in your intestines. NO antibiotic will fix the problem as long as you keep eating the wrong foods!!!!!


      • if she hasn’t been addressing it with change and experimenting with diet, any treatment will more likely lead to failure. carbs especially non complex and sugar etc will aggravate it. she has to experiment with her diet.

      • Check out the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) – designed for UC and Chron’s, but said to be good for diver too. That is essentially what you are doing by avoiding carbs and sugar, but you have to be extremely strict and not cheat on the diet to get the full benefits.

        I’ve been on the diet for a year and only had two minor flareups in that time – both due to inflammation problems in the colon. Lots of good recipes out there for the SCD diet. It is my last resort to avoid surgery.

  73. What is AMP? I have just had an episode of D and on the antibiotics, the Alo Vera sounds interesting and i will try it but I cannot find out thru the conversations what AMP is.
    I have been on low carb diet and it does help, I am sure this attack was caused by a weakened moment of chocolate over the Christmas holidays, live and learn


    • Amp is : AMP = Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide

      From what I have found, Aloe Vera Gel (AV) will only help you if you stop eating foods that aggravate your condition. In other words you could eat a truck load of AV everyday but it won’t do any good unless you stop eating carbs and sugar. I have had some pretty bad episodes of (extremely painful) Diver including passing blood but I’ve never taken antibiotics now that I’ve figured out how to cure it myself. I have found that AV helps to heal the inflamed intestinal walls if and only if you stop eating foods that inflame your gut!!! I’m on a very low carb diet and maybe 5 grams of sugar a day (86 percent dark chocolate which keeps my blood pressure down). AV is not a miracle drug, it merely aids in the healing process if the offending foods are restricted. I no longer get diver attacks….NEVER!!! As long as I stick to my diet. I had a birthday just a few days ago. My wife bought me a chocolate cake with double frosting and a ton of flowers, she knows what I like. I knew for a fact that if I ate a piece that within a day or two I would get symptoms. Well my birthday only comes once a year so I ate a big fat piece with lots of frosting. One and a half days later I experienced some mild pain. But here’s the trick to eating something that is bad for you…..as long as you go right back to your low carb low/no sugar diet the symptoms are mild and don’t last very long at all (one maybe two days). I knew this was going to happen so I ate the cake, had a very, very mild attack and now everything is going great again. I’VE FIGURED IT OUT!!! This trick only works if you’ve been on this diet continuously and have had no symptoms for a while. On the other hand, if you are having any symptoms at all and eat a large piece of cake with lots of frosting you will end up on antibiotics!!!! This is because your gut is already inflamed and the additional carbs/sugar (cake) are like throwing gasoline on a fire. But if your gut is completely healed like mine was on my birthday then I know I can eat a piece, go right back on my diet, suffer a day or two of mild discomfort and then back to a life of bacon, eggs, tuna salad, fish, sausage, big salads, etc, etc!!! It’s really VERY SIMPLE!! Besides, antibiotics unintentionally kill the good micro organisms that live in your gut as well as the bad ones….the low carb, low/no sugar diet STARVES the bad micro organisms but doesn’t hurt the god ones. It’s so simple I don’t know why someone hasn’t published a book on it, AS LONG AS I GET ROYALTIES!!!!!!!!!!

      GOOD LUCK>>>>

      • I recently had a colonoscopy and they told me i had diverticulitis but didnt give me any don’ts .I ask my Dr she said no that the things i heard were all old tales. Can you tell me the signs of an attack or flare up i have been getting pain in my lower stomach and a spot on my left side .I have changed my diet on my own increase veggies and fruits. I have an appointment in March soonest they could get me in with GI DR.

        • most doctor MDs are too brainwashed and too restricted by their licenses and the system that they practice within to truly heal people. you have to inform yourself.

          The major symptoms of diverticulitis are nausea and cramps. This is a pretty good indicator for diverticulitis.

        • Not sure what you asking about?? You said, “I ask my Dr she said no that the things i heard were all old tales. Can you tell me the signs of an attack or flare up i have been getting pain in my lower stomach and a spot on my left side “. What did you ask that made your Dr say that “all were old tales”?? I don’t think there is a Dr alive that can tell you what causes your diver symptoms!!! My Dr couldn’t tell me what causes my diver symptoms…I had to figure it out myself. You’ll have to do the same thing. I can tell you the foods that aggravate my diver but they may or may not aggravate your diver. Just read all my posts, they will tell you everything.
          You ask for the signs of an attack….well that’s pretty easy. You’ll get very severe pains in your lower gut, almost unbearable.. You’ll get bleeding when you have a bowel movement. The pain will continue basically day and night but mostly when you have a bowel movement. It will be tender in the lower gut area when you put a little finger pressure on it. You may even get a bladder or urinary tract infection. Once it flares up it will continue to get worse until you stop eating whatever is aggravating your condition.


    • I have defined AMP in many comments below,

      I would take the time to read thru this ENTIRE comment section below for ideas on how to approach the problem. I provided a lot of discussion on AMP because it is NOT a well known kind of aloe vera so gets glossed over. It’s an additional tool to combat diverticulitis.

      Ultimately you have to experiment with different things. It takes time and effort and persistence.

      Another thing to ponder is zinc carnosine. This helps low acid stomachs. A healthy stomach is high in acid. H pylori is said to cause ulcers but that may not be entirely true since 60% of the world’s population has the infection. There may be cofactors. Low acid stomach is something to study.

      GERD may be caused by not low acid in stomach. The spincter may not close because of this. Some people who have GERD may take zinc carnosine to solve it.

  74. Interesting that gelatinous meat is recommended because there’s one thing that i’ve had right before my 3 bouts in 4 years and that’s some grissely meat. Of course i think what prompted it was taking potassium iodide after Fukushima doused us with extremely high levels of radioactive fallout. What? Yeah, if you believe the media is liberal then you haven’t heard of that but you can find more info at enenews.com

    • i doubt very much that potassium iodide effected the diverticulitis. Iodide would likely help against infection.

      unless your eating meat that wasn’t cooked enough to kill any microbes or worms etc, i would tend to suspect something else.

      As far as meat, you have to ask yourself what kind of meat and what you were eating and drinking with the meat also.
      Hot spices on the meat could aggravate the surface pain of the pouches in the intestine wall, it isn’t the root cause.

      Bout of diverticulitis isn’t a real time thing. The infection has already been existing in your colon for a while and has done surface damage but hasn’t been severe enough to be noticed until some event comes along. that event doesn’t always necessarily mean it was an underlying cause.

      For most people, I would suspect a carbohydrate source of some type.

    • There’s a big difference between gelatinous meat and good fats!! I eat at least one large roasted shank bone filled with bone marrow every day. As much EVOO a can handle in my food preparation. Lots of olives (good fats), etc, etc. The EVOO actually seems to help things move along the intestine, at least that’s how it feels. Grissle is probably hard to digest, I don’t eat any.


    • I was surprised of the recommendation of meat also, after reading the China Study….I think I would skip all animal products. I have the biggest problem staying away from sugar!! ugggg

      • I don’t look at it as avoiding sugar or not getting to have sweets……..I look at it as a means of avoiding having to carry a colostomy bag around with me everywhere I go!! Besides, from I have found, I can still enjoy a piece of cake or a candy bar every week or two. It’s very simple really, once you have found how to completely get rid of the inflammation you can eat whatever you want….but not very much of it and only for ONE MEAL!!! Once you start to feel your gut hurting you better go straight back on the diet that you know will stop the pain. The alternative is to continue to eat things that increase inflammation in your gut, eventually get an infection, suffer on antibiotics, get a portion of your intestines removed and be further restricted on what you can/can’t eat. Did you know that even after you have had a portion of your intestines removed all the foods that caused the problem will still cause further problems? There are people on this website who have had surgery and come home only to continue to get inflammation because there intestines (whatever is left of them) STILL can not handle certain foods (sugar/carbs). You just have to pick which “S” your prefer, Sugar or Surgery???


        • exactly treblig

          to get better, one must remove or minimize the thing causing the colon inflammation. other wise it is like putting a band aid on a cut while stabbing the cut with a knife after you put the band aid on it. the body can heal itself but one must create the environment that allows one to do that.

          once you figure out how to control the infection, you experiment more to find your limits. also you improve how you control it to improve or overcome any limits.

          i wish there was one thing that worked for all but the colon still has a lot of unknowns. experiment with different things. if something is successful then report back and tell other people.

  75. OK I give up, where is the best place to buy AMP? I’m in New Zealand and none of the health shops here have heard of it!

  76. I have an appointment for a second opinion on whether I need to have a colon resection. It may be necessary due to a complication (fistula) with the bladder. I’m praying I don’t have to have it. In any case, I will be going on the Paleo diet. I have a few questions if any of you can help. 1. What is AMP? I see that posted here and there. 2. What is the best source/brand to get aloe vera? 3. What is the purpose of organic sour kraut? 4. On low carb diets I’ve tried in the past, I ended up with diverticulitis. How do I prevent constipation on Paleo? Thank you!

    • Eva, I am 63, and have written previous posts. Today I am 6 weeks post op from a colon resection, I also had a fistula where my bladder was attached to the colon, and caused a tear. I am not a Dr. I totally agree with any natural way if it works, but there are times you need medical intervention. I had three surgeons in the OR with me one a Urologist, they had to see where the tear was to separate the bladder from the colon.
      Anyway, I ate way too much sugar in my life and believe that has not helped the diverticulosis and the resulting problems.
      I feel good now, the bladder problem is corrected, I am eating well, but avoiding sugars.
      For me, I had to have the surgery, I just know by how I was feeling. I advise everyone to do whatever it take to take care of yourself, we all have to make the best choices in our lives. I wish I had cut out sugary foods earlier in my life but I did not. I also am the type of person who would get stressed easily, another factor which is not good for the gut.
      As I said I am feeling the best I have in a long while, I am not up to speed with my energy yet but getting better each day.

    • I can try and answer some of your questions. 2. What is the best source/brand to get aloe vera? I researched this a little and there are many companies who manufacture AV. I bought Spring Valley, Natural Concentrated Extract Aloe Vera Gel. I take 5 gel tabs a day. But I had already been on the low carb/no sugar diet for a few months before I started the AV. I first got the inflammation under control then used the AV to help heal my intestinal lining. Although the AV might help you, it won’t stop the inflammation if you continue to eat foods that aggravate your condition (sugar, carbs, spicy foods).
      4. On low carb diets I’ve tried in the past, I ended up with diverticulitis……….. It’s funny you didn’t mention if you stopped sugar intake?? It probably does NO GOOD to cut your carbs if you still eat sugar. So if sugar aggravates your condition then it does NO GOOD to cut back on carbs. Please clarify??

      How do I prevent constipation on Paleo? I take Citucel with every meal (3 or 4 pills with each meal depending on how much I eat). Lots and lots of water, especially at the same time as the Citrucel. I have found that although the Citrucel doesn’t really keep the stool really soft it really doesn’t matter once you heal because my intestine got much stronger and more resilient once the inflammation went away. Eating large very low carb salads (tomato, lettuce, cheese pieces (lots of cheese), grilled (protein) sausage medallions, ranch dressing) helps things along. Lots of green beans (very low carb) with tons of crispy bacon pieces (protein) also helps. I haven’t had an issue with constipation because I started on the Citrucel when I started the diet. You need lots of GOOD fats not just any fats. Good fats will lower your bad cholesterol and help the good cholesterol. Will also help with triglycerides!! I just finished my lunch: A large piece of grilled “blackened” salmon (good fats) smothered in clarified butter (more fats) and three large servings of green beans (very low carb) , also a large salad with tomato, lettuce and lots of cheese and ranch (very low carb). IT WAS SUPER DELICIOUS!!
      Maybe someone can help with your other questions.

      PS – Do not ever assume that you can decrease your inflammation with AV or any other medication IF YOU continue to eat foods that aggravate your condition. NO matter how good the AV, or anything else, might be it’s the inflammation that you need to address FIRST!!


      • Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I had stopped eating sugar several weeks ago and have never been a huge sweet eater, but too many carbs for sure which I realize turns into sugar. I’m eating low residue now until I know if I’ll have surgery. I absolutely plan on low carb eating surgery or not. (Will know on Dec 3rd.) My diet is complicated because I have a history of DVTs and am on Coumadin.

      • Hi! I just read your post and I wanted to tell you that a Gastroenterologist told me that I had caused diverticulosis by taking 4-5 Citracel after my evening meal. He said that the bulk forming fiber in that amount was causing too much pressure on my intestines and caused the pouches to form. So….I don’t know if that is true but I wanted to share it with you. It might be a good idea to ask your doctor if it is okay to take that much of the bulk forming laxative.

        • Chantelle, I appreciate the information. It doesn’t make any sense because of what I have experienced. I”m not saying that your Doctor is not telling you the truth but again, it’s nothing like what I have experienced. My pouches formed many years before I started using Citrucel. I didn’t even know about Citrucel until after I started on my low carb/low sugar diet (4 months ago). I had suffered from Diver for many years until I found there was something in the sugar and carbs that aggravate/cause my Diver. I only started using Citrucel because my current diet doesn’t allow that many vegetables so I figured I needed some bulk to help things along. I eat mostly fats and protein with some green beans, pinto beans, cold slaw and lettuce…basically very low carb veggies. Ever since I started doing the low carb/low sugar diet I have been taking 3-4 Citrucel with every single meal (3 meals a day). It’s been 3 or 4 months of BLISS!!! Not even a hint of pain and no bleeding at all. I never had taken Citrucel before this diet so my Diver occurred as a result of something else. I had also never taken any kind of laxative or bulk forming medications when I had Diver symptoms or before the Diver started (many years ago). So, for me, the warning from your Doctor holds no truth. I have found that Doctors don’t know that much, per se, only what they have read in books. My Gastroenterologist NEVER told me that carbs/sugar were aggravating my Diver!!! My primary physician NEVER told me that sugar and carbs could cause inflammation in my gut, my lungs and my sinuses!!! I figured all this out by myself. The Citrucel has given me no side effects at all.
          Again, I appreciate your concern and the information that you bring to the table but, in my case, it’s not true. I would like for you to think about one thing though…….If you were taking Citrucel with any foods that aggravate your condition then I would put down $100 that it was the foods (or whatever was in the foods) and not the Citrucel that was causing the problem. Once the inflammation is there it will never go away until you remove the foods (or food components) that aggravate your gut. My inflammation is totally gone unless I eat a large piece of cake (CARBS AND SUGAR), in which case I will be in slight pain for a few days then it will clear up quickly as long as I stay on my diet. I say “slight pain” because I have no inflammation so the cake can’t easily aggravate the diverticulum except in the presence of sugar/carbs. For this reason it flares up only slightly then quickly goes away. If it was already inflamed and I ate a piece of cake I would be in serious pain for over a week and probably have some bleeding. It’s so simple that I don’t know why more people don’t know how to control their Diver. The Doctors won’t tell you any of this??? I even eat spicy foods and because they contain no sugar or carbs I get no symptoms. Seems like spicy foods only make things worse if you already have some inflammation. Without the inflammation there’s nothing there for the spices to aggravate.

          Thanks again,

  77. The last two posts were very informative- your help is appreciated. As someone who has never given up sugar or carbs, I am reluctant to try simply because of the 55-year habit! But the last two years living with D has made me want/need to change, and I do feel worse on that lower left side when I abstain. I hate that stretched/diseased intestine feel! Ice-cream and too many carbs definitely have on occasion contributed to the pain, hence an attack. If I go a day without eating, or eating very little I always feel better. I love to eat but love my D-free days more! I take digestive enzymes and feel they help. Due to reading all these posts, I also take aloe and a probiotic, eat plain yogurt & raw organic sauerkraut regularly- now I will be avoiding sugar and carbs, and appreciate any help in addition to buying gluten-free and paleo books and cookbooks…

    • Kim, you wrote “I am reluctant to try simply because of the 55-year habit!” I am 63 years old, I have been average/slender all my life and have been able to eat anything I wanted and as much as I wanted without becoming over weight. I eat like a horse. I would sit down and eat a whole box of chocolate covered cherries in one sitting and savor every bit of it. I would wolf down numerous butter finger bars one after the other as a snack. If I ate a piece of cake it would a large piece but I would always (and I mean always) get a corner piece because it has icing on three sides then I would scape all the extra icing off the cake platter and cover the remaining sides of the piece with more icing. Now if that isn’t a sugar freak I don’t know what is???
      What I’m trying to say is that you have a choice….take the risk of eating those foods that will aggravate your condition to the point that you have to have surgery OR stop eating some of the things you love so that you keep your intestines intact!! Once you lose you lower intestine there’s no turning back. If you think you miss many of your favorite foods now just wait until you have lost part of your gut and have to walk around with a colostomy bag!!! These are the choices I faced and this is the reasoning I used. I looked at it this way….I got to eat anything I wanted and as much as I wanted for 62 years (more of less), that’s a long time. Some folks on the blog site are only 25 years old and are in worse condition than me and will have to watch their diet for the rest of their lives. Looking at it from that prospective, I AM LUCKY!!! So don’t look at it as giving up sweets and carbs, look at it from the prospective of all the years you got to eat what you wanted AND those who are much younger who will miss out on what we were able to do.
      Yesterday, we had a big meal and many, many people came to my house and brought cakes, sweet bread, pies, pasta, potatoe salad, mack and cheese, tortillas, etc, etc, etc. I looked at all the deserts and carby foods and imagined how good they would taste, then I filled my plate with protein and lots of green olives (good fats) some provolone cheese (more good fats) and ate until I was full. A few folks lifted the containers filled with all the deserts to my face and said, “You know you want some??”. I simply said, ” yes it looks and smells delicious but I’m completely full”. Do what you have to do for yourself and/or for your family. Your family needs you much more than you need the sugar and carbs.
      PS – Do not go on this low carb/no sugar diet without first doing extensive research. You don’t want to deny your body certain vitamins and minerals that you would normally get from fruits and vegetables.

      Good Luck,

      • I had part of my colon removed almost 20 years ago. It eventually destroys you unless you find a way to manage the many trips to the bathroom. I’ve found a way to manage things to stop the many trips, but it is an every day battle. Still looking for ways to overcome this. However as far as Cdiff goes, or any other infectious problem, I have kept myself out of the hospital for over 20 years using herbs and Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is a life saver especially when you are inflamed. Please look into it. As sick as I was in the beginning, I never had Cdiff thanks to the Silver. My husband had Cdiff and the doctors couldn’t get it under control. He took the Silver along with his prescription and within a short time, he was back to normal. He has since used the Silver every time he felt the least bit sick. Brings him through every time. He has a tube in his stomach from having throat cancer, called Lymphoma and he is not supposed to eat by mouth. The stuff they gave him to exist on made him sick so I encouraged him to eat. We feared that he would get pneumonia like they said he would but I kept him on the Silver daily until he was able to swallow easier and pretty soon it almost like normal. He just had a case of flu that he picked up from an emergency trip to see a family member in a hospital. He left home well and came home sick. Again, no meds. No doctors. Home cooked foods, no junk, homemade broth and Silver and it got him through. Then I got his flu. Same thing. No meds, just healthy foods, herbs, lots and lots of broth and the Silver. Homemade beef and chicken broth have made all the difference in the world in my health. I may still be struggling with too many trips to the bathroom but I am not sick. I’m looking into Chia Seeds and I just learned about Acacia Senegal powder to lessen my output, so I am going to try them. I apologize if I have not added any value to the forum and my solutions have been well discussed before. I don’t have time to read the many comments but I plan on doing so eventually.

  78. Interesting thread.

    I have been diagnosed with diverticular disease for 7 years now. Though I suspect I had the disease for many years going back to my late teens, around 19. I am currently 37.

    At 19 I remember having acute pain in my stomach. I put it down to coffee and wearing suit pants in my first job and ignored it. At around 27 I remember waking up with such acute pain I could barely walk. For most, you’d see a doctor. Being a stupid male I ignored it until it passed.

    Skipping forward to 30. I remember the day. I felt backed up but had a baked potato for lunch. That was a bad move. I started feeling a lot of pain and gave myself panadibe forte. By 6pm I was delirious. I drove myself gone and got in a bath and went to bed. I had the worst pain. I can only liken it to having a demon in my stomach who was trying to get out with a Bowie knife.

    I woke early and got ready for work. At this point my girlfriend demanded I go to hospital and I finally agreed. It got wise from this point. I ended up on antibiotics for 8 days, no food and morphine injections to my stomach for the pain. Thankfully I recovered. As it was over easter the doctors were mostly away. Had they not have been I’d suggest they would have operated. They were amazed I came good at all.

    For the next couple of years I experienced regular bleeding. This has since reduced significantly. But just as you think you’re right, something happens and it’s back.

    Recently, I have been trying to get healthy and have been juicing a lot. I noticed last week I was bloated and then I got extremely tired and worn out feeling. You know, slept 8 hours but feels like I haven’t slept at all. The blood passed around 4 days after feeling bloated and tired.

    Thinking back this seems to be a trend. Previously is stopped eating only after an obvious attack. However now I think this is a warning sign.

    I’m going to try and cut sugar out. I’m disappointed it could be the fruit. I just want to be healthy. my greatest fear is this killing me young and my young family being left with nothing.

    I’m also considering the surgery now and while I am still relatively still young. The thought of having to wear is bag is scary though. Just wish I didn’t have this affliction

    • To: Hello World,

      I don’t understand, you write that, “I’m going to try and cut sugar out.”. Why do you not say that you will stop eating any sugar immediately???? Also, The body converts carbohydrates into sugar so if you stop eating sugar and you continue to eat carbs then what’s the point?? You absolutely have nothing to lose by cutting out all sugar and eating very few carbs. I’m been doing it for many, many months and feel great with no symptoms at all for many months. The only reason you might not get on the super low carb, no sugar diet is if you are a diabetic or for any other medical issue that might not be helped by the diet. I don’t want to lose any part of my intestine and there’s nothing I won’t do or try to keep my life normal.
      not understanding,

      • Hi Trebling,

        I ws thinking about all the things you said in your posts. I’m ignorant in this matter although if lately I’m reading about it quite a lot.
        Anyway, was wondering if the sugar in the carbo is the real problem. Carbo are broken into more elementary elements such as glucose and fructose and are absorbed by the intestine walls so they end up in the blood. Would they still affect and favour the inflammation in the diverticulis that are in the guts?
        On the other hand…as we, as human are not really “programmed” to be carnivore, and because of the long lenght of our intestines, together with the not enough acid juices we have in the stomach to decompose meat, especially red meat (like bacon you eat!), it might be that the meat get putrified and favour a lot infections. Many researches nowadays show a correlation between an important consumption of meat and cancer . I’m not saying to become vegetarian, but just that red meat can be a major trigger for diver. Prioris, any thought on this?

        • Guido, Health specialist have already determined that sugar causes inflammation. If carbs are turned into sugar so that they can be absorbed into the intestine then the sugar (converted carbs) are still being introduced into the intestine. So it makes it really hard to justify eating carbs (without eating sugar) hoping that the carbs won’t turn into sugar??? Glucose and Fructose are sugar, aren’t they?? Anyone can get cancer from numerous places and from some foods but we must not forget that cancer feeds on sugar/Fructose/etc. From the research I have done it’s clear that cancer cells can not feed on Ketones, fat or protein. So if you continue to eat sugar (or carbs that into sugar) then two things will happen: first you’re inflammation will continue and/or get worse until you need an operation, and second, if you do happen to get cancer for any reason you will not only feed the cancer cells with sugar and carbs (that turn into sugar) but you will also NOT HAVE any Ketones to help reduce the inflammation or to starve the cancer.
          On the “carnivore” question: To say that we are not programed to eat mostly meat in our diet, well….I will have to respectfully disagree. Before the advent of refined sugar and refrigerators cave men ate mostly meat and fat. There were no refrigerators to keep your veggies cool during the summer and in the winter there were no veggies or fruits at all. So early man developed his digestive processes on the diet he had (protein and fat). As time progressed man developed processed sugar and ways to keep fruits and vegetables around most/all of the year. But the human body never forgot how to survive on protein and fat because that’s how we were originally programmed. If you stop eating carbs and sugar your body “naturally” switches from one system of survival to the other. If the human body couldn’t “switch” I would have been dead long ago. Since being on the low/no sugar, low carb diet I no longer have ANY symptoms of diverticulitis, the lung inflammation I have had for years has greatly decreased (I was recently tested by my allergist) and lastly, I have noticed that the sinuses I usually have (inflammation of the sinuses from allergies) has stopped bothering me completely. I don’t think that by some sheer chance or dumb luck I accidentally reduced the inflammation in my gut, the inflammation in my lungs and the inflammation in my sinuses. All these coincidences could only be attributed to the carb and sugar restrictions. I have only had diver for about 5 years but I have had asthma and sinus allergies for my whole life!!! I have never seen a study where individuals were fed only meat without and sugar, carbs, veggies or fruits. So you really don’t know if the high protein caused the cancer or the sugar and carbs in concert with protein caused the cancer. Because once cancer cells begin to grow they survive on sugar and carbs. If a person is not in Ketosis then there’s no way to starve the cancer.
          Moreover, if you continue to aggravate your intestinal inflammation eating sugar and carbs and you eventually have to get a section of your intestines removed, you are now really susceptible to many other major problems, if you survive the surgery and if you DON’T get any major infection from the surgery!! I would much rather get cancer (heaven forbid) while in Ketosis than to get cancer on a sugar/carb diet.
          PS – You mentioned infections from eating too much meat. This one is easy to respond to…..The majority of infections in the intestine (from diver) result from inflammation. In fact without inflammation there can be no infection!! So to say that too much meat could cause an infection doesn’t make sense if eating sugar and carbs is conducive to inflammation and therefore infection!! I have found that it is impossible to get an infection in my intestine once I had removed all the inflammation….that’s from my actual experience (not a hypothesis) .


          • Hi trebling,

            thanks for the reply. i had to read it a couple of times to fully grasp it, I got it now. Didn’t know about the ketosis process. I’m just 32 and got diagnosed with diver only some months ago and now my life has changed, I’m becoming afraid or eating anything.
            As per being carnivour/herbivore, I always stick to this example..compare ourselves with a lion for example. We don’t have such teeths as he has, we don’t have this huge mandible he has, plus our intestines are much longer (meat stays there too long!). We only eat meat when is cooked, cut and prepared with herbs, salt or whatever else. We don’t use our mouths to strip off meet, cutting the skin of other animals that are possibly live still most of the times. That, to me, is quite a reason why we are vegs. or at least we were at the very beginning. Anyway, getting back to the carbo thing, would you think it could be the gluten as well aggravating inflammation? And possibly eating carbo without gluten would be actually beneficial (or at least better then the ones with it) ? Some researches say that possibly the majority of people is intollerant to gluten, even if they don’t know it.

            • Guido, Your “lion” analogy makes some sense. Your gluten hypothesis also could be correct, however….there are two problems with everything you wrote. First, sugar does cause inflammation in the body (intestines and other places) and I know for a fact that it aggravates my Diver. Second, your body turns carbs into sugar so whether you eat gluten or not the sugar and the carbs (that turn into sugar) will aggravate your condition. It could be the gluten but sugar doesn’t contain gluten. If I eat a gluten free candy bar I will be in pain the next day. Fresh whole fruits do not contain gluten but they do contain carbs and sugar so you’ll have to decide for yourself. If the food item makes your condition worse then don’t eat it. I avoid the carbs and sugar because they will put me in the hospital. The fact that protein and fat don’t aggravate my condition is just coincidental. The fact that being is Ketosis decreases my inflammation is a free benefit of my diet. So far I have found that the inflammation in my intestine, my lungs and in my sinuses has completely gone away. If eating no sugar and very few carbs keeps me in this state then I will continue to eat this way until I die. Everyone on this site must find their own answers because all the doctors really don’t offer this kind of help. They give you drugs and tell you not to eat spicy foods. I eat spicy foods and it doesn’t bother me at all!!! But then again, I have completely eliminated the inflammation (Ketosis) so the spicy foods can’t aggravate my condition because my intestines are not inflamed.


        • glucose feeds cancer. this is why ketogenic diets have come about
          This is from Dr. Frank Shallenberger

          What if you have cancer and the doctor you go to knows what substance feeds that cancer? You would expect your doctor to tell you to avoid that substance, right? Well, imagine that he tells you that you can eat as much of that substance as you want. That it somehow won’t make any difference on your overall outcome. Does this make any sense at all? Of course not. But it happens all the time. In fact, in oncology (cancer) medicine, it’s routine.

          Recently, doctors developed a new way to test for cancer. It’s called a glucoCEST. GlucoCEST stands for glucose chemical exchange saturation transfer. Here’s what it does. The system enables a standard MRI scanning machine to determine how much glucose any spot in the body takes up. And that’s important. Because glucose is the basic sugar that is in table sugar and that all carbohydrates break down into. By carbohydrates I mean grains, fruit, and starches. And how does the glucoCEST test for the presence of cancer?

          Cancer cells are unique. Unlike healthy cells, they can only live off glucose. Other cells can live off fat, but cancer cells can’t. They need glucose. So what the researchers do is feed a small amount of glucose to a patient and then see if there are any areas in the body that immediately consume it. When they find an area that consumes the glucose immediately, that area is cancerous. Now this new detection device is fantastic for several reasons.

          One, it dramatically shows how important it is for patients with cancer to avoid eating the foods that feed the cancer — carbohydrates. According to Professor Mark Lythgoe, the senior author on the study, using this new technique, “We can detect cancer using the same sugar content found in half a standard-sized chocolate bar.” Did you get that? He is saying that the amount of sugar that is found in only half of a candy bar is sufficient to be picked up by a cancer and light up a scanning device enough to show where the cancer is. The moral is simple. Do you want to feed your cancer and make it grow faster? Then start eating sugar, grains, and fruits.

          Now many of you reading this report might respond by saying, “What’s so new about this kind of measurement?” PET (positive emission tomography) scans have been doing that for years. Yes, but there is a big difference between PET scans and the glucoCEST scan. First of all, glucoCEST uses real sugar. PET scans have to use radioactive sugar. Patients with cancer are already exposed to a lot of radiation simply because of their disease treatment. Less would be better. Also, the radioactive sugar is way more expensive than regular sugar.

          In addition to being a safer and simpler alternative to PET scans, the new procedure is more sensitive than PET scans and allows the radiologists to see the tumors in greater detail. According to Professor Lythgoe, doctors can use the new glucoCEST with any MRI.


          As far as meats contributing to infections, it may be, pork would likely be the biggest offender. i tend to braise my meats or cook them well. maybe people who like their meats rare are more prone to such infections. i don’t really know but that would be my guess.

          as far as stomach acids …

          ideal healthy body has a more alkaline body and very acidic stomach.

          as people age, their stomach acid can become weakened hence open the door to many medical conditions. if your stomach acid is weakened, you need to supplement with hcl betaine.

          either the infection came from existing gut flora that just got out of control or it came from outside. in the end, it’s about trying different strategies to control if it is normal body microbes or eradicate it if it is an outsider. usually something ends up feeding something that has been living there for a while already.

          there are things like hot spicy foods that can irritate the diverticulitis wounds but probably not feed the microbe causing it.

          some how you have to find something that interferes with the life process of the offending microbe causing it. the information in these posts are meant to be a tool box of things to try. the more ideas we can add to that toolbox the better. it takes a lot of perseverance to push through them.

          • Hi Prioris,

            thanks for the reply, that’s very interesting stuff to know.
            Do you think that by having integral or semi-integral products instead of the ones processes and refined could be better or would present the same problems for the diver?

    • that baked potato turns to sugar and feeds the microbe infection causing the infection. many carb foods will likely feed the microbe so just stopping sugar may not be enough. you need to experiment with trying different things to kill the microbes. read the posts for suggestions. there is no guarantee something will work but you need to be persistent and try a broad range of things.

    • Hello World -your experience is pretty much mine exactly. Especially the fears. I’m 39, vegetarian and female with a young family. Had my first attack at 27 which later found out my dad did too at that age. I am currently water fasting to stave off what looks to be a flare up. Nothing like celebrating thanksgiving dinner with family by only drinking water and broth! Anyways, I’m having a really hard time figuring out the right diet for this because the GI world is still pretty conservative and as the author states is in need of an update. I’ve juiced and done raw diets in the past and never had issues but find that’s not sustainable for me and I crash hard. I’m hoping juicing isn’t totally off the list, but it looks like I’ll need to test our paleo to see if this helps.

  79. I just found this site. I’m not sure I feel better or worse after reading the posts! I’m 74 and have had 2 hospital admissions with diverticulitis in 2 years. The hospital surgeon saw me in hospital and said I needed surgery while there, that there was a complication with the bladder. Two days later she came in to tell me the “final scan” shows no change fro 2012 and recommends I go home & heal from the infection, and then have the surgery. My primary called and suggested a second opinion. I’ll be doing that next week. I’m so confused about what to eat as there are so many varying opinions. Also, what is AMP???

    • Eva, I hate to sound so simplistic but, you should eat everything that DOES NOT aggravate your condition. If there are foods that increase the inflammation in your gut or foods that won’t let it heal then you should avoid those foods at all costs. Knowing what those foods are is a totally different problem. I won’t rewrite all the things I have already written on this site but if you scroll down and look for everything written by “treblig” you’ll get some insight into what I have discovered. It’s not really that difficult to do what I have done when you consider the alternative!! You might even completely heal like I have.
      If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them, but if you’re not willing to sacrifice then I’m not sure if anything I say will help??

      Wishing you luck,

      • Treblig….

        I’ve just read the whole site, and thank you for everything you’ve written. So, don’t bother to list what you eat ,as I asked in my initial contact with you.

        I am going to copy your eating,and hopefully stop my diverticulosis in its tracks!!

    • when i first got disease and researched, what not to eat was confusing. bad microbes causing diverticulitis in your intestine are being fertilized by some of the foods you eat. i would tend to put the fast dissolving carbs at the top of the suspect list. you should read all the posts for suggestions and experiment with different things, you will also find the answer to your question.

  80. i am recently diagnosed with “severe” divertic.
    it is really interesting reading all the comments
    but there seems a lot of very different ways to help
    things settle down.
    i have weekly or more attacks of real bad pain
    and would love to keep them down.
    it seems Aloe Vera may work i’ll be trying that and post the results. thanks to all who’s stories i have read…i’m not alone and that is a big help

    • Martin, The AV alone may not give you the results I got! The AV helped only after I had the inflammation under control. Seems like the AV helped it heal after the inflammation subsided. You see, I have been on a very low carb, very low sugar diet for a few months now. That is how I got the inflammation to go down to the point where the AV could do a better job. The AV may help you heal but if you continue to eat foods that aggravate the inflammation you’ll never see any real results from the AV. If you’re really interested in possibly solving your problem let me know and I tell you what I have found!!


  81. I had written back in Sept. that I would be having a bowel resection due to diverticulitis. I had two major attacks which landed me in the hospital, and two or three in between attacks from 2008 till April of this year. I am 63 yrs old. I was so sick from april till June when I ended up in the hospital and three or more rounds of antiobiotics later, All I can say is I suffered a lot. My whole life changed, I started taking aloe but never bought the AMP b/c I was just seeing to many doctors and had to make a serious decision. I ended up with a fistula a tear in my bladder, being my age I became scared. Well I am now three weeks post op, I can eat everything, ( not junk ) I had my staples removed yesterday, in surgery they had three surgeons, one being a Urologist as they had to separate the bladder from the bowel, so it would heal, which thank God it did. I cannot life anything over 10 lbs, understandably but I may be odd but I am grateful for my surgeon, and not sorry I had the surgery. I recommend to all eat carefully and take care of yourself if you are younger, I believe in the natural way, but I know of a friend who was a total health person and now has cancer, we can do everything right but you never know. be wise in all you eat and do, this is a very good site, just wanted to say I do not regret the decision I made, and when I am fully recovered, I can start to live again, working, seeing my grandkids, I don’t mean going crazy.
    God bless everyone who is going through this thing, it is a horrible pain, esp when the infection involves fevers, and total loss of energy. I was there. cris

    • Just wanted to add, I had gone to a Naturopathic Physician did a number of Colonics, but as this diver… got worse, my bowels became so inflamed I was afraid if I had another Colonic it could perforate.
      So I opted for the Surgery, the Surgeon said I have diverticulitosos through my entire intestines, but he removed the diseased part, of the sigmoid.

      • this is a suggestion for other people who still can’t kick the diverticulitis

        if the sigmoid area has an infection, it would be more difficult to address unless “sludge” is cleansed daily.

        there is this idea that the colon has layers of “crap” along it’s lining. generally, most of the colon is clean so antidotes should work along most of the colon.

        there are colonic and there are enemas.

        i can see doing one or two colonic but an enema is preferred way. it us about cleaning around the sigmoid and rectum area with an enema after you have taken your “dump”. you can easily do that on your own.

        the part where the infection is more protected is where the stools build up and lie. it could be partly due to some constipation.

        dandelion root will help with constipation. it helps with a lot of different problems. it has zinc, iron and potassium too. go to amazon and look at all the positive reviews on dandelion root.

        an enema can help address the infection. just using 2 cups of plain filtered LUKEWARM water is sufficient. since we are just talking about cleaning the sigmoid area, one can do it standing up or sitting on toilet. do this once or twice

        optionally one could drop a couple AMP capsules or whatever into 2 cups afterwards and do an extended enema for 15-25 minutes but i think above is sufficient.

        by keeping the sigmoid area clean, it greatly improves the odds that any infection around there will heal.

        so if you feel cramp or pain in sigmoid area then this may be the reason it isn’t healing.

          • This is the reason given on why not to do an enema

            “IF you get constipated NEVER EVER use an enema. It could wash stuff up into one of the little diverticula and cause an almost immediate problem.”

            THIS IS ABSURD. Remember that anything that gets eaten can get caught on the pouches also. Does this mean we should stop eating or that there is dire consequences if we do eat.

            Just like water can wash things in so always a possibility but it is only a temporary situation. It can be washed out. It will be no different than food. It could happen but it is not the end of the world if it does.

            I am not advocating a deep and long enema which take more practice but just enough to clean up the region of intestine where stool lies around and maybe half way up vertical portion large intestine. This may tip the balance for some people.

            One should do them after one takes a good dump in the toilet. One should use lukewarm water. One should stick with just plain filtered water. I hang water bag high on shower curtain rod so more water pressure.

            First enema should be quick internal rinse to get out lot of the gunk.

            Second enema you should see how long you can hold it in while sitting or standing.

            I can hold them in lot longer if I lie on my side but I just want to hold it in for a few minutes unless i am using aloe vera.

            I have had experience of doing enemas lying on my side where the water and aloe vera goes in but never comes out. Where did it go … mystery … lol. i just have theories. maybe it permeates through intestine.

            I sit on toilet doing them since I have no interest in deep long enemas at this point. I just want to clean the rectum and sigmoid region for a few minutes with water.

            One needs to buy a good enema kit. I use silicon water bag with two types of tips. one tip helps keep the water from leaking out better than other. I also use coconut oil to grease the tip.

            There is a lot of different things one can do with enemas. when one is dealing with health problems of various types, it should become part of your arsenal to fight health various problems. The more weapons you have the more ways you can fight things. So for the people still struggling with diverticulitis or any resistant health problem, they should consider adding this to their health arsenal.

            Remember it takes experience and practice to do them deeply and for long periods of time so your not going to be flushing much up too far.

            After practicing some basics, the world of enema’s gets opened. There are all sorts of things one can do with enemas. I have just scratched the surface myself.

            You can use all sorts of herbs in the water. Aloe vera seems like the most popular herb to use for intestine. As i said before, just plain water may be enough to tip the balance for many people.

            So experiment

    • Thanks for your comments. I am suffering from my first bout of diverticulitis this week. I was fine on Monday but had increasing pain and fever. Friday’s CAT showed diverticulitis! Wow, is this painful. Found out my Aunt and her two children also had this disease. I think heredity plays a major role.

  82. In 2003 I went through a very stressful easter Friday and Saturday and ended up in hospital where a colonoscopy was performed and I was told I had diver, I was only 43. After that I had the occasional painful episodes but nothing as chronic as April 2003. Feb 2012 I ended up in hospital again with a chronic attack which was once again stress related.

    Towards the end of October 2014 I was once again in chronic pain which was a combination of stress, a kidney infection and wrong eating. I opted not to go to hospital but have self treated and it has settled down substantially, however still tender and a little sore. Have lost 5kg over the past 2 weeks.

    • How did you self treat? What has helped? I am struggling with only my 2nd bout and I have been miserable. Have never had diver til last Feb. and it was easily controlled. Now it has flared up again even though I have done everything the doctor suggested. I quit smoking, gave up caffiene, no nuts or seeds, increased my roughage, etc.

  83. I’d like to ask a question

    How many have tried doing an enema to address your diverticulitis ?

    I’d also like to suggest another couple things to add to your tool box to overcome diverticulitis

    The only thing I can think of that may be preventing an antidote from working is that something has to be protecting the infection. The fact that one does get some improvement with AMP or any other remedies indicate that remedy should be working. Something is preventing it from completing it’s job.

    Crud can build up along the large intestine. The last part of the intestine will have the most waste sludge that could prevent any antidote from working. An enema could help clear the crud away. Enema’s are known to address diverticulitis also. They are done all over the world for health purposes. It is one of the more direct routes to combating an infection in the rectum and large intestine.

    A possible alternative that may take longer and cover entire colon is mixing some AMP capsules in water and letting it soak into some Psyllium Husk. You can soak other thinks into it. Then swallow it. That will take longer but it would get the entire colon.

  84. Just and update and a question(s). I have posted before about my diver, what I have done to improve my condition and would like to make an update. I removed the great majority of carbs and sugars from my diet (one year ago). I eat proteins and fats and low carb veggies. I also take 2 Tbls of ground flax seed daily along with many vitamin and mineral supplements. But I noticed the biggest difference after taking Aloe Vera daily. My gut feels really great here lately. I’ve been on AV for about 5 weeks now and I feel so good I’m afraid to talk about it. My big question(s) is: I don’t know if I’m taking too much AV and I don’t know for how long I should keep taking it?? The AV info label reads, “Aloe Vera(200:1) 25mg”, then it goes on to say “(Equivalent to 5,000 mg or approx. one teaspoon of 100% pure AV inner leaf gel).” My question is, how much AV am I actually taking??? Evidently each gel tab is 25mg but contains 5,000 mg of AV gel??? If that is correct then am I taking 25,000 mg of gel per day??? Is that safe?? Am I correct in my calculations?? How long should I keep taking this amount of AV. I have had absolutely no side effects except ZERO diver attacks and ZERO diver symptoms. I have even been introducing candy and honey into my diet with no effects. Could I have lulled my diver into hibernation??? Do I keep taking the AV so I can continue to eat some candy/honey?? Inquiring minds want (need) to know.


    • i was diagnosed with diver 4 years ago. i ended up in hospital with a fever, severe pains and the horrors.

      I have had two returns, though, because I know the area of the pain and I feel it coming on now, unlike the first attack, I just stop eating. Fasting essentially on black tea or a hot mug with some spices in it. Pretty much all they did in the hospital for 4 days. Whilst this works, I am usually so weak and out of it by the second day. I was wondering if there is a way to work through it and eat at least something. When you have the pain on the lower left side, is that a sign to stop eating??

      • You may have stumbled upon the same thing I did but you don’t know the “WHY”?? I’ve had diver for years and never knew what caused it. When I got a blood test that showed my sugar level a little high I (as a precaution) decided to go on a low sugar/low carb diet to lower my blood sugar. The Doctor told me it was not necessary because my blood sugar wasn’t that high (103, fasting). A few days after going on the low carb/low sugar diet my diver symptoms began to decrease. Now after being on the diet for a few months I know that it absolutely works. As it turns out (after many days/weeks of research) sugar causes inflammation in the body and Carbs get turned into sugar in the body. So when you didn’t eat for many days at the hospital your body unknowingly released a tremendous amount of ketones. Ketones are released when there are no sugars or carbs being ingested. Ketones allow your body to use fat and protein for energy instead of sugar/carbs. With no food (when you were in the hospital) your body went into Ketosis (cave man diet). I have now been in Ketosis for many months eating lots of protein and fats. In your case, your body was burning body fat (using the Ketones), so might have lost some weight. Now that I have researched this diet further I have found that the reason nutritionists recommend eating Raspberries is that they contain Ketones and Ketones (as scientists have found) decrease inflammation. If being in a Ketosis state floods your body with ketones doesn’t it seem possible that these ketones are decreasing the inflammation in you gut??? If you’ve read my posts here you’ll know that the inflammation in my lungs has also greatly decreased. I just found out about my lungs a week ago when I went to my allergist. It was then that I put two and two together. The ketones in my body are attacking any and all inflammation, that’s why my diver has all but disappeared and that’s why my lung inflammation has decreased. It’s the Ketones!!!! I have much more information on this issue but I can’t post pics of the chemical diagrams of the raspberry ketone VS the Ketosis Ketone. You have helped me prove my hypothesis, of course I expect to get rich off of this discovery since I’m the first to put all this in writing ( connecting the Raspberry Ketone to the Ketosis Ketone)….LOL!!!
        My reasoning is scientific, at the allergists office there is a machine that you blow into. The machine measures lung inflammation. I have been blowing into that machine for over a year and taking a steroid inhaler daily to help decrease the inflammation WITH NO RESULT!!. After realizing that the low carb/low sugar diet helped the inflammation in my gut I hypothesized that the diet might also be helping my lungs. I stopped taking the inhaler 5 weeks before my recent visit to my allergist. My allergist was delighted to find that my lung inflammation had greatly decreased. He said,”that inhaler is finally kicking in??”. I disappointed him when I told him that I had stopped using it 5 weeks ago. You should have seen the look on his face!!! I told him my story and he was amazed. So i proved my theory….being in Ketosis causes your body to flood with Ketones which in turn decrease the inflammation all over your body. I mean, it’s not possible to inhale Raspberries is it???? So there you go. I would not recommend you go on this diet without first doing a lot of research. Not eating fruits and many vegetables will deny your body of many nutrients. I take many pills (vitamins/minerals) to compensate, ground flax seed, citrucel, and Aloe Vera gel pills. I have more info but I gotta go….



      • Davo, I wrote you a very long thought out answer but it wasn’t posted. I did notice that it was being reviewed by somebody, but that was over an hour ago. I probably wrote something that was too helpful???

        • Davo, I’m not sure what happened. I wrote a clear explanation on why I believe a low carb low sugar diet can help decrease inflammation associated with diver as well as decreasing inflammation all over the body but they won’t post.it. It’s been a few hours now and the only thing posted was my little post about “them not posting my longer post”??? There may well be a direct association between the Ketones produced during Ketosis and the Ketones in Raspberries, both of which help decrease inflammation in the human body.


        • Gidday Treblig
          Thanks for your attempts. Not sure if this is doable, but If you would like, send your long response to yulinbilla at hotmail dot com

          • Well Davo, I tried to post it again this morning and the same thing happened. Although I did send the e-mail to the address you posted. It’s real funny, after I hit the “submit” button I can see my post on the screen and I can also see the original post (from the other day) in it’s entirety but both posts have the, “Your comment is Awaiting Moderation” statement just above each long post. This time I copy pasted the whole thing showing both long posts that I submitted and everything in between. So I have it all to show that my posts, explaining what I have discovered, are being “held back”. When I refresh the page my “long posts” disappear??? Why would anyone want other people to “not benefit” from what I have discovered????


  85. Like everyone on here I do not want to take the antibiotics or have surgery that the doctors push. I have been on the Aloe MP Plus for a few months, but I continue to have flares. They’re not as often as they used to be, but when they happen, they’re bad. I also have a lot of bleeding on and off. Maybe I still need to be more careful with my diet. I try to avoid bread and other processed carbs. I say try, because I never feel full without some occasional bread or rolls. How often do people like me wind up with peritonitis? That’s really the main thing I worry about. I’d appreciate any input on this. Thanks.

    • You need to feel full. If your not full, any diet modification will fail. Butter is healthy. There are many different types of bread. I’d avoid the commercial white bread.

      You really need to add more things. I would consider the following:

      Make sure you have sufficient stomach acid. A healthy person has an alkaline body and acidic stomach. I assume you know what you have.

      L-glutamine powder – 20 grams or more – all at once every day on empty stomach. This helps the healing of colon surface. You need high dose since some will be absorbed by your body and the remaining will be used by intestine. Buy some GABA just as a precaution.

      Baking soda … the rational behind this is that this tricks the microbes who like an alkaline environment out of hiding so the antidote can kill them. The link below discusses it.

      Fulvic/Humic Acid …. this is a very complex subject but here are some suggestions to make it simple

      a) shaljahit …. use the Primavie brand
      b) http://www.motherearthlabs.com/products/the-gift-from-mother-earth/
      c) http://www.supremefulvic.com/store/

      winjusen is a more pure fulvic acid but we want something with humic acid in it also.

      Enteric coated Bromelain

      Wheat grass. This has cured people’s colitis.

      xanthosteen™ Mangosteen Extract (Garcinia mangostana) (peel) 500 mg *
      20% Polyphenols 100 mg *
      15% Total Xanthones 75 mg *
      10% Alpha-Mangostin 50 mg *

      It needs to be from the rind peel. The Xanthones are one of the active ingredients. So something to consider.

      Activated charcoal … I would take 3 or 4 grams every 5 days to soak up any toxins in your stomach.

      I would even consider taking food grade h202 drops in water on empty stomach for a week or so but you must research it.

      This is about coming at the problem from different directions. You don’t know exactly what you are battling.

      I would read thru this to come up with more ideas. Search for Ted from Bangkok


      I would definitely do the L-glutamine, Activated Charcoal and humic/fulvic acid. Even chris mentioned humic acid.

      I know one can become wary from fighting it a long time but it requires persistence.

      • I would also consider doing enemas. Enemas have more immediate effect. Many people do it with coffee. Start with small amount salt water to get hang of it and work your way up. Break open some AMP capsules and dissolve in water. It should be gentle on colon. I would do the retentive kind for 15-30 minutes. It’s another way to attack the infection.

    • I don’t understand. You say you don’t want to end up on antibiotics but then you turn around an say that you can’t keep from eating the foods that may force you to take antibiotics??? If you truly do not want to end up on antibiotics or end up in surgery then you need to try and figure out what foods aggravate your condition. I also have Diver, but I was lucky. I had a blood test that showed that I was a little high on blood sugar. I did some research and found that foods high in carbs and sugar raise your blood sugar. I didn’t want to end up with diabetes so I went on a super low carb, low/no sugar diet. My symptoms all but disappeared. I also take Aloe Vera caps. But the symptoms had already deceased even before the AV tabs. I eat mostly fats and proteins now. Meat, which is supposed to aggravate the condition, doesn’t seem to aggravate it at all. I take lots of fiber pills and multivitamins/minerals to compensate for the lack of fruits and vegetables. So only by mistake did I find that carbs/sugars aggravate my condition, like I said, I was lucky. Now…. if I know for a fact that carbs/sugars make my condition worse and I don’t want to end up in the hospital, then why OH why would I eat carbs/sugar??? Once you get your diver under control ,like I did, then and only then will you be able to introduce ONE food item at a time to determine what things aggravate your condition. You can’t have your cake (no pun intended) and eat it too!! I know it’s a little harsh but SURGERY is REALLY HARSH!!


      • Hi Trebling,

        could you please tell what are you often eating and what you’e avoiding for a low-carb diet? why no fruit at all?


        • Sure, Guido.
          I eat three times a day and snack once in a while. This morning I ate oatmeal ( a few carbs, 15) and 5 strips of bacon. This my usual breakfast except on weekends when I eat three fried eggs, bacon, sausage and refried beans (beans have very few carbs). I just ate lunch a few minutes ago, I had a good sized chunk of grilled ham and a some organic cheese (no carbs at all). For supper I’ll have fried sausage medallions (1/2 cup) on a large tomato and lettuce salad with a little ranch dressing (very few carbs). That’s a typical day unless I eat steak and green beans for supper or hamburger with cheese (no bun) and a salad. I eat green beans prepared with lots of real bacon mixed into the bowl. This has very few carbs some protein and some fat and of course the beans.
          As far as the fruit is concerned, I stopped eating it because it has sugar. I know it’s natural sugar but I stopped anyway although I am slowly trying to reintroduce the fruits one at a time to see how my diver reacts. When I said no vegetables I misspoke, I eat low carb vegetables like green beans and lettuce. My plan is to slowly introduce other foods to see how my body reacts. One at a time and write on the calendar because it takes a day or two to see if there are any reactions.
          For quite a few months I gorged on vegetable to keep the stool soft. The vegetable kept the stools soft but I would get diver attacks. Now my stools are not soft (all the protein) but I have no pain and if I get an attack it’s very, very mild and clears up very fast if I get any symptoms at all. I think the mild symptoms are from accidently (or on purpose) eating one small piece of cake or a tablespoon of ice cream as I experiment. I also take 5 tablespoons of Aloe Vera in gel tab form every day so that if accidently eat the wrong food that AV helps heal it faster (at least that’s what I’ve read). I remember getting pretty severe pain in my lower left abdomen many, many months ago. That hasn’t happened since I removed sugar and the massive carbs from my diet.
          I don’t know if what I am doing is “right” but the pain is gone and I can go to the restroom without fear….Oh what a relief it is!!!

          • Hi trebling,

            thanks a lot for the reply, I missed that before!
            Well, I think it’s an interesting diet for somebody with diverticulitis..as far as I know, diet should be quite light but see that you use bacon a lot, which is quite heavy on intestines I guess. Besides, you seem to eat a lot of green beans which are very rich on fiber, which again, I’ve been told is not ideal.

            I’ve seen you were asking about the Aloe vera. I was drinking the pure juice and wondered the same thing..how much is enough? If taken for long time, can it have side effects? No idea to be honest. I actually stopped taking it after one month, guess I’ll start again in some time, don’t want to exaggerated.

            About the carbs…out of 100g, how much would you say is too much?
            Also, do you drink alcohol? Wine, beer or spirits? If so, do you see any correlation with diver?

            Anyway, another thing I was trying which has anti-inflamatory properties and might be helpful is Quercetin, you might want to try that.

            • On average I eat 30 carbs or less a day. Sugars, 15 or less. Your body can convert carbs into sugar so cutting back on sugar without cutting back on carbs is a waste of time. The more I research and experiment the more I figure out. Did you know that KETONES help decrease inflammation in the human body? Turns out all the good foods (blueberries, black berries, carrots, etc) that help fight inflammation use ketones for that. When you go on a super low carb, super low sugar diet your body will go into ketosis. Ketosis is the condition that exists when the body starts using protein and fat for energy instead of carbs and sugar. So when you’re in ketosis your body is flooded with ketones. It can even be found in the urine of people in ketosis. It’s no wonder my diver inflammation greatly decreased!! My body is being drenched in ketones!! It also explains why the inflammation in my lungs has decreased for the first time in years!!! I used to drink 5-6 margaritas every Friday. Haven’t done that in a while mostly because of the carbs. Also, if you’re in ketosis and you drink alcohol your body will automatically burn the alcohol first because it can easily turn it into energy. Plus, if I drink 4-5 drinks the carbs will take me out of ketosis then the next day you have a hangover and you won’t feel well going back into ketosis. Kind of a double whammy!! I’ve found that heavy foods (meat and cheese) don’t bother the diver in the least as long as the inflammation is under control. That’s the whole trick, if you can get rid of the inflammation then you can eat things that would normally hurt you. Of course if you cross the line and eat a large piece of cake the inflammation will return quickly and you’re back to square one again. But I have found when I have the inflammation under control I can actually each one piece of cake. It will hurt a little for a day or two but because I had no inflammation the consequences are minimal unless I continue to eat cake every day.
              Hope I’m making sense???


      • i have read the whole conversation/ thread here and appreciate the advice and am going to implement many of the
        Suggestions given. I particularly am following treblig’s thread and know a bit about this diet it is favored in Sweden and much is known as HFLC. But I do have a question which arose in my mind while digesting this information: treblig – you mention the blueberries, raspberries and some others are high in ketones. Is there a reason, therefore, why we can’t eat them still? Don’t they add to the big ketone pile of good stuff? Maybe you singable them and I misunderstood- but from what I can gather you do not have any fruits including these.

        • Larkin, I’ve never told anyone to “not” eat blueberries or strawberries. I have said that if your body can tolerate these food items then have at it. I’ve also said that blueberries and strawberries contain sugar therefore they might keep you from going into Ketosis (if that’s your objective). You would have to eat a truckload of blueberries and strawberries in order to “flood” your body with Ketones. By eating that much of these fruits you would be overloading your body with sugar. If (and I’m saying “if”) your Diver is sensitive to sugar then you’re totally defeating the Ketone effect of the fruit!!!! It would be like cutting all carbs and sugars to prevent Diver symptoms only to eat sugar rich foods to get plenty of Ketones. It makes no sense, if pure sugar contained Ketones would you eat it?? . The whole purpose of going into Ketosis is twofold: to remove the food items that aggravate your condition and to flood your body with Ketones (thereby reducing inflammation). You can eat anything you like (including cake and ice cream) if it doesn’t inflame your intestines!!! I have written here many times that if your body can tolerate any particular food then you should be able to eat it. In my case, my Diver symptoms increase greatly if I eat sugar or carbs that turn into sugar. Your body may be different. But in the end you can’t get the benefits of “flooding” your body with Ketones unless you’re in Ketosis.
          There have been some questions about how much meat I eat, not very much actually. I should have said “PROTEIN”. Eggs, tuna, beans and many other non beef foods contain protein. If your not eating enough proteins you’ll lose muscle mass.
          Also someone else wrote about the Inuit people eating less polluted foods….this is true. But the fact that the Inuit eat fat/oil and protein as 99 percent of their diet was lost in the conversation and was not addressed. My point was that the human body can survive and thrive on fats/oils and protein without carbs and sugar. Whether or not our foods are polluted is a totally different subject. Besides the high Omega components in the fish and other foods the Inuit eat can be replaced. That’s why I consume EVOO (high in Omega 6 and also contains Omega 3). I used to eat ground Flax seed everyday as well but switched to Flax seed oil (high in Omega 3). So in the end I’m eating as close to the Inuit Diet as possible, protein, good fats/oils and the Omega supplements. I can’t avoid the pollutants but the EVOO helps fight many of the effects of the pollutants.
          If you see this comment on your computer you’ll have to scan halfway down on the blog sight to find it because that’s where “Larkin” asked the question.

          PS – I say again, “Eat anything you want as long as it doesn’t inflame your Diver!!!”

  86. Not sure who to address this question to??? I’ve been taking Aloe Vera Gel cap. 5 a day, I noticed on the info label it reads, “Aloe Vera gel (200:1) 25 mg” but then it reads, “Equivalent to 5,000 mg or one teaspoon of 100 percent pure Aloe Vera inner leaf gel”. My question is, when I try and determine daily dosage do I use the 25 mg number for each cap or the 5,000 mg?? Like I said, I’m taking 5 caps a day so that’s either 125 mg per day or 25,000 mg a day….BIG DIFFERENCE??? By the way, I feel fine with no side effects and no diver pains.


  87. prioris,
    As stated I am 63. I have a strong belief in my maker, he calls the shots at least for me. He knew the day I would be born and he knows the day I will die. Surgery or not. I can shorten my life yes, the world is in an awful state at this time every Nation, State place we hear of is in unbelievable trials. People are not happy in general, if they have good health they don’t see it till they get sick, if they have $ it’s not enough, I can go on and on. I actually like my life now. I have worked 40 yrs in the medical field, I have done a lot, I am not interested in climbing a mountain now, after this scenario in my life, I hope to help others in some way, that’s the best way to be happy at least to me. I am taking Aloe pills, I dislike the liquid, and just one day at a time.
    Thanks,never thought I would find this site, It is great to hear and get encouragement from others.
    One thing, when you drop your body do you know where you will move on too???

    • Nice end question, chris 🙂
      I love the aloe vera juice but it has so much sugar. I usually strain the pulp and eat that- yum, plus take a 5k ml aloe vera soft gel til I can find a good brand of Amp. Thank you, and all posters- I’m trying so hard to fend off this growing side pain that I fear will become my 3rd bout in 2 years.

  88. WOW! I have written earlier I am scheduled for a resection of my sigmoid Oct 15. I got very sick in April of this year, was on Cipro/flagy for three rounds and 5 Cat scans later. MY GI couldn’t perform my colonoscopy b/c I was so inflamed.
    I feel good now, I find only when I eat sweets esp. ice cream do I have a flare up, so I forget buy ice cream eat some then throw the box away.
    I have been out of work for a year, and bought Aloe, have tried to go the natural way, but am 63, and am being honest, am just to ingrained with Western medicine to stick to a natural plan diligently.
    I trust the surgeons, I know I have a fistula, brought on by the diverticulitis, had a bad attack on 2008, and two small ones in between, so I know their is a lot of scar tissue. I am essentially in good health, just a bit over weight, reading your story is scarey, but so is reading everything written. My kids are into natural health, my son is for me, my daughter is not. She would rather me take herbs.
    I am at peace with my decision, I know it will not be easy, I have friends that will help and support me, my son is supportive, my daughter would rather have me go natural but she was not around for April and May when I had daily fevers and could barely move. I will let you know how I make out. It is what it is now, that is all I can say. I have read a lot regarding the surgery but as you said Terri everyone’s case is different. We all have to do what we believe is best for us. I know God is with me, I am praying for the best.

    • I wish you the best Cris. Its not an easy decision. Its a true blessing that my Creator let me remain here on earth to be with my family for sure! Its a challenge at times dealing with an ostomy, and now since I pushed myself a bit too much during recovery, now have a parastomal hernia.
      We all have to make the best decisions for ourselves, or, deal with the hand we’re dealt. I’m sure whatever you decide will be great. Since I had the Hartmanns resection with colostomy, If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask because 15 Oct is right around the corner.
      Many blessing to you and your family!!

      • Being close to 60, death doesn’t scare me. I just want to work towards completing some goals and close up some loose ends and be healthy and functional enough to do it,

        After that, there is no need for me to be in this realm any longer. I can drop my body and move on. There are different considerations to life when your 15 or 35 than when your 62. In old age just being functional and independent right up to when I die is good enough for me. Even if one has surgery and it does shorten ones life, it may not be by that many years to really matter.

        Somebody who is younger will have to look closely at the implications of surgery. Those cut locations they make in the colon can leak. What they cut out doesn’t grow back.

        It is alarming to see people have this or that organ removed. There are longer term health implications with death rate and disability from other causes. I focus more on quality of life and not cure of someone older than I would someone younger.

      • Thanks Terri,
        Definitely scarey for sure, my daughter is not local neither is my son, so I am on my own with God. I have friends who have offered to help. The surgeon says he would rather due this surgery when I am feeling well than if I have a rupture which is possible due to the fistula, then he says it could be life threatening. I was so sick April and May hospitalized early June, so if I can handle that I can handle this. I had my GB out in ER surgery about 12 yrs ago, I drove myself to the ER b/c I knew I was going to die. It all worked out. I can’t get stressed, it does no good. Thanks for your kind words and esp. relating to pushing yourself, we women have a tendency to do that., esp here in America. God to keep the peace.

  89. I saw the surgeon today. When I walked in I was completely opposed to surgery but after spending a considerable amount of time with the PA and Dr, I am seriously considering this as an option.
    During my last episode of diverticulitis, which was an acute case, they did a CT scan and it showed that infected pouches actually looked “stringy” because they had been stretched out so much. Apparently my sigmoid colon has a few extra curves in it also. The lining of the colon is thickening also. The surgeon felt that surgery is definitely and option, but it would be up to me. She has seen worse that required surgery but it was an emergency type surgery.
    I have been on the AMP for almost 2 months now. I do feel better but I still almost came off the table when she pushed in the area. It’s still very tender and sensitive after my last episode in late July. I will most likely get the Myriad Genetic testing also because we have several different cancers in our family and my sister passed at 47 from colon cancer. Since my grandmother had breast cancer, there is a possibility that I carry the BRCA1&2 genes and I would have a hysterectomy at the same time. I have a follow-up next month to discuss my questions and concerns with the doctor and my husband.

    The reasons I am considering the surgery are:
    1. I already have an increased risk of colon cancer and if one of the pouches is hiding a polyp or has cancer start in it I feel it would be more difficult to detect. These are my fears not the surgeon’s opinion.
    2. Since my outbreaks have been pretty frequent and increasing in severity, I could plan to have surgery before I am forced to have from an outbreak and possibly have to have a colostomy to allow for recovery from severe swelling.
    3. Cost of hospital visits, ER trips, home remedies (AMP, grapeseed oil, etc..) that I’m not sure will help or heal the area?
    4. The timing of my husband leaving the military after 23 years and we’re not sure when he will be able to find another job and right now our insurance would cover it all. After retirement it will only cover a portion of the surgery.
    5. Hopes that if I have surgery that I will have minimal continuing problems and could possibly feel free from pain and have a healthy “gut”.

    What are your thoughts? Pros? Cons?
    What if I am able to “reset” my gut flora after all this? What if I am able to set things right by removing the infection and allowing my digestion system to finally become healthy? What if I remove the area that is causing so much pain and I don’t experience that ever again? Is all this possible?

    I know surgery isn’t a great solution but how many episodes or how much pain is enough? I am 46 years old and I am very limited due to pain. I am just wanting to stop feeling so poorly and start living life again! Let me know what you think please.

    • What is putting the MOST PRESSURE on you are financial aspects combined with a time limits on coverage. Throw on top of this the uncertainty results in great stress and an urge for a quick solution. Throw on top of that the scary statements from doctors and your being pushed over the edge. I can perfectly understand that. This is where you need internal strength not to succumb to these psychological pressure. These pressure are used in sales tactics also. They will say you better buy it now or else it won’t be available later. Lots of people succumb. This is your health your talking about.

      These pressures will definitely screw up your thinking greatly. If this combined pressure wasn’t there, you would likely just continue on trying to treat it yourself without surgery.

      As far as polyps, realize that MOST POLYPS ARE BENIGN. Instead of worrying about colon cancer, there are many things you can proactively do to prevent it. Studies have shown that just something like making sure your vitamin D3 levels are OK drops peoples cancer rates dramatically. Taking BCM-95 would also help. Changing diet helps.

      For me, lymphoma cancers are a risk. I just approach it from a proactive way. I do things that minimize that event. I have studied the medical system for decades and I know one thing. I would never allow conventional medicine to treat any cancer.

      Let’s say one day they announced you had colon cancer. First thing you do is don’t let conventional medicine treat you. Realize that people who have had colon cancer survived by addressing it thru nutrition and diet changes. There is this idea that cancer means death. It means death if you take conventional route so you want to stay away from that especially any chemo etc. Educate yourself about colon cancer and how people have handled it with alternative methods. Also study the general subject of cancer yourself.

      Look at this link

      Instead of living in fear, take control of your health. Understand there are no guarantees about the outcome.

      As far as financial, alternative health methods are dirt cheap compared to chemo and surgery etc. You should do research into the costs of alternative health methods like cancer. It’s like night and day. Conventional treatment is built around milking people financially.

      I can target all the money I spend buying things to make me healthy to stay out of the system or minimize exposure to it’s most dangerous parts.

      You know that there is an infection in your bowel. Does it make sense to you to cut it out or focus on addressing the infection itself.

      On one hand someone is promising you a quick solution. It’s not really a quick solution since your will go thru months of recovery that won’t be fun. They are offering you HOPE that the pain will disappear and you will live happily ever after.

      You know what the right answer is the latter – treat the infection. This is where you have to remain strong willed against all those pressures. I know it’s not easy but you must. I faced somewhat similar pressures with many things.

      If you peruse enough studies out there, there is enough preliminary evidence to conclude that surgery is not the way to go. You can see an overall trend in the studies.

      You said there was great sensitivity in that area he touched.
      If that area is less sensitive than it was two months ago then it is another sign to continue with what you are doing,

      I would not just use the AMP, I would also use things like BCM-95, bromelain and L-glutamine.

      Other things may include baking soda, humic acid, slippery elm, marshmellow root if you can tolerate them,

      If you want to ramp it up some more then you could find way to modify your diet.

      As far as rebooting your gut, you could take rifaximin etc like Chris does with some people. It has been shown to help with diverticulitis. Has your surgeon suggested you try that.

      Everything out there says – say no to surgery. Don’t let them push you into making decisions based on fear.

      If you are feeling better, I would persist in using the AMP and think about adding other things I mentioned above especially BCM-95, bromelain and high dose L-glutamine along with good probiotic.

      Thinking clearly with all those pressures on you may not be easy. Use your intuition to make right choice if you must.

      • I agree! If my infection wasn’t as bad as it was and not threatening sepsis, I would NOT have had the surgery. Unfortunately, in my case I already had a micro perforation and my body was poisoning itself. Had I caught all this earlier and knew it was diverticulitis, I would have found alternate treatments. I never would have ELECTED to have surgery. But that’s me, after not having a choice

        • Research studies have proven that Vitamin C prevents and cures sepsis. If someone is concerned about sepsis …

          Take 2 to 4 grams of vitamin C with Rose Hips.

        • Understand. It is water under the bridge. I had a 2 teeth bridge put in. they destroyed two teeth. i was so focused on mercury that i just didn’t do enough due diligence.

          Surgery complicates addressing health conditions with alternative methods. Since the surgery itself may can cause damage and then that needs to be addressed.

          I do not have enough understanding of those surgeries to say what you should do. I would think maybe nutrients like L-glutamine may help heal some of the damage.

          The older one is, the more likely there are deathly complications to colon surgery especially after 60.

      • I seem to react viciously to certain E-numbers in food. Unfortunately, some food processors still do not conform with the law by not noting these E-numbers on their wrappings. As far as I know food processors are legally obliged to do so as they are also legally obliged to mark clearly the country where their products come from.

    • Hi Amy, I’m 44 a retired military spouse and was hospitalized due to perforated diverticulitis. After 4 days on cipro/flagyl, my WBC count went back to normal range so the drs advanced my diet to clear liquids and I had another attack, which on CT showed my infection was worse than when I came in. I was told they would have to do surgery. They would initially do a scope, if infection wasn’t too bad, they’d flush the area, if it was bad but manageable, they’d go in, cut out the infected portion and connect the colon again, but if the infection was severe, they’d have to cut me open, remove the infected portion, close off the end section to my rectum, and have a colostomy to let my colon rest. After a week of fevers, The first surgery which was the wash, wasn’t successful, and caused kidney shock which threw me into renal failure. I still had to have another surgery because there was an abcess hidden. I had to have a Hartmanns Resection and now have a temporary colostomy.
      Granted, everybodys infections are different, but make sure you know everything that can happen to you. After 21 days in the hospital, being moved to different levels of care due to complications, and 2 major surgeries, the hospital bill came out to over $164,000. We have TRICARE Prime, so we’ll only be responsible for $25 a day inpatient.
      I feel good now, actually go back to work next week after 7wks post op, but now I poop into a bag on my stomach. I will be eligible for reversal, but with that comes complications as well. Just make sure that you find out as much as you can from the surgeons so you go in with an idea of all that could happen.
      I wish you only the very best!!!

      • I am honestly doing my very best to try to control this. I have been taking the AMP pills regularly for months and have cut out gluten but still continue with infection. I am pretty sure that stress is my trigger and I can only do so much about that because their are some things out of our control. My son’s injury, a US Marine, in Afghanistan is what started all of this with my body: Diverticulitis and Lupus. You can tell me all you want to control that but I’m sorry, unless you’ve done it, you just don’t know. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

        I am so tired of being in pain and having it affect my daily life. I guess you equate that to weakness or succumbing to “psychological pressure” but I am the one that is seeking the answers and help (just like this blog). The surgeon will always have people needing surgery whether I decide to do this or not. She is an highly sought after professional and works mostly with cancer patients.

        I genuinely appreciate the helpful answers and suggestions, but not so much of the pressure. Prioris I have tried every suggestion you have given. I was so excited when I found this site. I stopped all my antibiotics and tried all natural solutions but honestly its not fixing it. I have had 4 more episodes (2 ER visits) while taking AMP, grapefruit extract, a tablespoon of Manuska honey, a tablespoon of coconut oil, magnesium, D3 and tumeric.

        I can’t continue to have all this disease/infection in my body because my immune system is already compromised by lupus. I’m sure this surgery will create a short term flare of the lupus but in the long run maybe my immune system can slow down and not be in overdrive 24/7? I don’t know? I’m not an expert on anything other than me and I know that I don’t feel well and haven’t for a very long time. This has been going on for two and a half years now. If I let this go and allow the infection to continue, then I may have no choice but to have surgery and a bag. And I know what the bag is and all that it entails from my sister. She didn’t live long after her diagnosis, (after having virtually no symptoms 4 months prior, but coming out of surgery stage 4) but the bag isn’t something that you take time to learn. You learn it quick to help them when they are weak or have a burst. The wafer change was the worst on her because it was damaging to her skin and made it so tender. And I realize MOST polyps are benign but ALL of mine were pre-cancerous so I’m pretty certain that I will have this battle before me in the future. But believe me, I am fighting it with every thing I have in me. I don’t want to leave my family like she had to.

        Terri, thank you for that info. I have been out of the military loop for a while because my husband has been doing ROTC but we are looking at retirement in a few very short months. I was uninformed but I checked into it and you are correct. I am also tri-care prime and would only be responsible for $25/day hospital stay. I hope you are healing well and can have the reversal soon. Have a great Veterans Day and thanks for all the sacrifices that you have quietly made so your hubby could serve. You are a silent partner but always a true hero in my book!!

        I don’t know if I will check in again on this site or not? I’m not big on surgery or even excited about it but I have to take control of my body and feel better. I am planning on doing that with the assistance of my surgeon. I will try to continue with the natural remedies to help me heal and hopefully heal up the diverticulosis that is throughout my intestines. I have learned so much here! Thanks to everyone for all the help and I wish you all the very best!!

        • Hopefully your still reading these posts …

          Sorry you didn’t get improvement. Please be persistent.

          There is something that is preventing the infection from getting resolved. This is infection problem. You should have been able to at least stabilize things. If you can’t, you need to come at problem from another angle

          My recommendation is

          1) Do daily enema’s but best to do it after you go to toilet. Use plain filtered LUKEWARM water. They take getting use to. This is coming at the problem from the other end.

          Optionally, you could put an AMP capsule in 2 cups of water and do a 20 minute enema after you do the one above.

          2) Use enteric coated 1200 GDU Bromelain and Curcurmin that uses BCM-95 twice a day day.

          Bromelain will help with inflammation and biofilm. The BCM-95 will help with colon also. These also help with over all health.

          3) Lupus … you should experiment with minocin if this becomes a problem.

          4) I would take a milk thistle complex to aid the colon. NOW brand has a Liver Detoxifier & Regeneration supplement that contains a lot of what is needed for absorption etc.

          as far as precancerous polyps, the odds are heavily in your favor that they are really benign. be very careful about letting any doctor treat them with surgery.

  90. Hi,

    thanks all for the useful comment. I’ve been diagnosed one month ago of diver and since then, I had 3 flare ups and 2 hospitalizations. I began to think that surgery was the only way but I may found some other way to heal reading all the comments.
    When I had my first flare up, the day before I ate fatty pork meat, cheese and grapes directly taken from the trees, without washing them. Wondering if the peticides could have had in impact on waking up the infection.
    I’m living in Spain and usually had a almost healthy mediterranean diet during the week but used to take too much alcohol and junk food on weekends. Plus, my aunt and granpa had diver as well, so it could be a mix of hereditary and bad habits causes. .

    As I had a new flare up 5 days ago, I am on a liquid diet since then. Pain is slowly going away.but still I can feel it. I wonder if pro-biotics yougurts such as Dan-Active can help and possibly replace normal Probiotics?

    • You found out that certain food is definitely feeding the culprit microbes. I don’t think it is the insecticide. I think it is the sweet juices in the grapes themselves that are feeding the microbes. Pork is known to have the most bacteria and parasites of any meat but I think as long as it is cooked well, it shouldn’t be a problem.

      I would not waste my time with commercial yogurts. Anything made with raw milk is depleted already. Maybe they are just adding probiotics themselves. You want yogurt, you find raw milk and make your own.

      You can bypass the yogurt and get it in a supplement. I would focus on the delivery method on any probiotic. There is the Bio-tract method or Beads (pearls) method. Experiment.

      If you feel it, it means there are pouches in the colon. You will continue to feel it until they heal. A liquid diet may just makes the pouches less noticeable. It takes time to heal the pouches. Unless the offending microbe is neutralized or brought under control, you won’t be able to heal the colon. I would consider trying grapefruit seed extract to try to weaken the offending microbe.

      • How much grapefruit seed extract should I begin with?? I just bought some 50Mg caplets. Should I look for side effects??
        Also bought some Aloe Vera gel capsule and some Papaya enzyme. My plan was to introduce one at a time to see what happens???

        • Here is a product. I haven’t used it.
          NutriBiotic High Potency Grapefruit Seed Extract 125mg per capsule. Experiment with dosage. Take it 3 or 4 times a day. Side effect possible with any supplement.

          • Looks like I accidently bought Grape Seed Extract??? It does contain 15mcg of selenium. But it’s probably nowhere near the same as “Grapefruit Seed” Extract??


            • That mistake is easy to make. I had to triple check myself just to make sure. The names look so identical. I’m sure many other people have made that same mistake. I should have mentioned that as a caveat.

      • Hi Prioris,

        thanks for the answer.
        The Pork was actually row, cured meat. Not the best thing, uh?

        About dairy – better to avoid or take it (in small quantities)? Some websites say they might be actually useful and they are low on carbohidrates which is supposedly good,
        thanks again!

        • I’d avoid dairy since it is a common problem in the general population. Almond milk actually tastes better and you can use it like milk. I drank water when I had infection but that doesn’t mean you have to. I think the key is moderation.

          I would stick to more milder sweets. Enough to satiate your sweet tooth but no more. Usually there are a couple things we are eating that really feed the bacteria. If you sense something could be doing it then find a substitution. You’ll probably eat what you are eating in past except with a few things substituted.

          If one minimizes the food supply of the offending microbe, that will help weaken it also. By coming at the problem from different angles, one improves the odds of bringing the infection under control.

          Here is one more thing to do. Keep all your eating within an 8 hour window so your colon can have 16 hours rest. During those 16 hours it is ok to take supplements. This denies the bacteria food also. This could also prevent diabetes.

          • Hi Prioris,

            I see your point, the problem is that with so much different food we eat everyday, the variables are many and it’s actually hard to isolate the responsible food. I guess it’s just a matter of becoming more sensible and listen more to our bodies.
            You talked before about grapefruit seed extract as an anti-inflammatory. Went to a shope and they didn’t have it but they did have Kuzu, which is this white root popular in China and Japan. They said it is a strong inflammatory and could replace what I was looking for. Looking in internet, some people with diver are talking about this but it doesn’t seem very well known.
            Do you or someone have experience with that? Thanks!

            • I have no experience with Kuzu.

              I was looking to see what the active ingredient in grapefruit seed extract is and I came across some very interesting stuff that throws a monkey wrench in things.

              “But a new review published in the American Botanical Council (ABC) journal HerbalGram claims that many, if not most, GFSE products on the market today contain synthetic preservatives, microbicides and disinfectants that are not necessarily listed on their labels.

              The idea behind GFSE is that it contains natural antimicrobial, antiseptic and alkalizing properties that render it highly beneficial in a variety of clinical applications. Many GFSE users who take it internally say it has helped eliminate chronic infection, clear up colds and sinus infections, and even cure candida and other yeast and fungal overgrowths inside the body.

              But the new review, compiled by Dr. John H. Cardellina, Ph.D., a natural product, organic, medicinal and analytical chemist, suggests that most commercially-available GFSE products contain synthetic chemical components that are the true active ingredients. Actual grapefruit seed extract, suggests the review, does not contain antimicrobial properties, and is not the ingredient responsible for the beneficial effects that users experience.”


              I have heard people say it contains toxins so one shouldn’t take it too long. Now I understand just what that really means.

              I did limit my intake to 1 week due to the warning of toxicity. Understand that we eat toxins every day from the foods we eat. There are toxins in Aloe Vera juice. This is why I can’t take the juice. It doesn’t stop people from raving about the wonderful benefits of the juice. I am more sensitive while others are not.

              There are toxins within the herb Uvi Ursa that I took to knock out a idiopathic bladder infection in short time. I would take it in a heart beat again. So we need to put toxins in perspective. It comes down to making sure it doesn’t build up in the system too long. A week is a reasonable amount of time to try it.

              “It was discovered that the ethanol-extracted GFSE contained no antimicrobial chemicals, while many of the commercial GFSE products contained some or all of them.”

              This may be why it may work for some people and not others.

              I would still give it a shot just based on anecdotal evidence even if it is synthetic to see if it can knock infection out quickly. If it does have results, maybe you can use probiotics to tilt the battle in your favor and use intermittent dosing of GSE.

              I would think you would have to look for a non ethanol extracted GSE.

              Sorry to complicate your day.

  91. So glad to see this!
    I’m 61, just had colonoscopy yesterday and doc said I have diverticilosis. Family history of colon cancer. My daughter recommended paleo diet several months ago and gave me two very informative cookbooks. I really enjoy it! Great to know I am already on the right path to better health! Running to the kitchen now to make some raw sauerkraut!

    • I’m not sure what the big difference is between Paleo and the diet I’m on, all I know it that it works for my diverticulitis. I eat protein (fish, meat, chicken, ham, bacon) and good fats. I’m on a high fat, low carb diet with no sugar, no fruits, very few vegetables. My diverticulitis symptoms have completely disappeared!! I don’t know if it’s because of the “no sugar” or because of the low carbs but it works. I also take numerous vitamins and minerals supplements plus two table spoons of ground flax seed daily. I visited my kidney specialist a few weeks ago and he said my blood work looked great!! So I guess I’m doing something right. I’m looking forward to my next blood test to see how my cholesterol/triglycerides are holding up on the high fats. My cholesterol had always been real good before changing to the high fat, high protein, low carb diet so it will be interesting to see what happens.


  92. There’s only one problem with slowly introducing different carbs into my diet. The companies that manufacture bread, cakes, pasta, etc., etc. continually substitute different ingredients into their formulas and you never know when you’re going to be “blindsided”. I appreciate all the information and I wouldn’t mind being able to eat more variety. I love eating bacon every morning. Fried eggs are great with grilled ham. Tuna salad and chicken salad are great for snacks. These are all low/no carb. I also take two tablespoons of ground flax seed every day. Streaks are also really good. I get shank bones and bake them in the oven for the marrow which is delicious on bread (low carb pita). On this high fat, high protein diet I eat all the fatty foods (correct ones anyway) I want and I’ve lost 7 lbs. I am a thin person so I wasn’t trying to lose weight anyway. I just don’t want to end up like some of the other contributors on this website (getting surgery).


  93. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis/diverticulosis a few years ago and started taking Citrucil to help things. I also ate huge amount of vegetables with my meals. I noticed that my diverticulitis inflammation still occurred every now and then, sometimes very painful. But about a year ago I took a routine blood test (type O positive) and my blood sugar was a little high (101), not too bad but I certainly don’t want to end up with diabetes and diverticulitis!! So as a precaution I went on a low carb, low sugar diet. So now, even though I don’t eat very many vegetables (like I used to), the diverticulitis have all but gone away. I’ve also noticed that now that my stool is much more firm (don’t eat very many vegetables), I get no pain/inflammation. It’s really amazing because I always thought that if you don’t keep the stools soft you’ll get inflammation?? It’s not true!!!
    I guess, as it turns out, there’s something in the carbs and or in the sugar that aggravates the condition. I only wish someone had told me this many years ago!!! My gastroenterologist never mentioned it so I told him about it last time I went to see him. Again, I am type O positive, this may also be a factor. I was wondering if there were any studies to show how or which ingredients in the carbs or in the sugars aggravate the condition. It would go a long way into letting people like me eat a greater variety of foods. FYI, I eat 30 carbs or less per day, no sugar (except for a tablespoon of honey in my oatmeal). I eat a fair amount of meat/protien, which supposed to be bad for my condition!! I eat very few vegetables, some green beans (they are low carb) and salads with organic cheese and chunks of fried sausage, I also eat cold slaw every now and then (low carb). I take numerous vitamins and mineral supplements to compensate for the lack of vegetable/fruit intake. My last comprehensive blood test came out great!!!
    Why is there not more information on the fact that a low carb low sugar diet helps diverticulitis???
    Hope this helps someone??
    PS – Please, do not start on a low carb/low sugar diet without doing as much research as possible. Going into Ketosis is not any fun for some people although the benefits are unbelievable!!


    • I know for me, it was kind of the same problem. I can eat sweets but if the degree and quantity remains too long, the bad microbes in the stomach will start to gain an advantage.

      Diverticulitis and probably most medical conditions that have damage to the colon lining is about the bad microbes getting out of control or sometimes a foreign one that should not be there. Your mission is to wither bring the population back into balance or knock out the foreign one.

      I can knock mine out if it starts up. I eat what I want. I just use moderation and don’t allow assault to go on too long.

      I have been researching probiotics and I have come up with a list of products that represent a diverse representation of whats out there. Whatever you buy or have, compare it to the ones below. The sheer number of probiotics can get overwhelming.

      1) Jarro-dophilus (enteric coated)
      a quality brand that uses enteris coating that is very popular

      2) Enzymatic Therapy Pearls IC (Beads)
      This uses Beadlet technology The IC brand has the most number of unique microbes of their all their specific products although only 6 or 8 unique microbes.

      They do have brands with less. This can be important if one is allergic to a microbe species. If one is having problems in tolerating probiotics, it may make sense to try some with fewer microbes to see what you can tolerate.

      “This [Beadlet Technology] process was developed in Japan and involves enclosing live probiotic bacteria in a small, pearl-shaped beadlet, where the walls of the beadlet are formulated to survive stomach acid and release their contents only when they reach the more neutral environment of the intestines.”

      3) Renew Life Florasmart 24 Billion Probiotic Caplets
      (Biotract) 30 count

      Interesting thing about this is the high microbe count vs other brands that uses Bio-Tract technology.

      “Controlled-Release Technology. Controlled-release formulas are specially coated to protect the probiotics from gastric acid and ultimately deliver a high percentage of live probiotic bacteria to the intestines. One of my favorite such technologies that both protects the majority of a supplement’s probiotics from stomach acid and also provides optimal release of live organisms throughout the entire digestive tract is called BIO-tract.”

      4) RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care-100 Billion Garden of Life
      30 VCaps GMO free

      ConsumerLabs rated Garden of Life the top brand based on their survey. A unique thing about this is the sheer number of unique microbes listed on it.

      5) Master Supplements Theralac, 30-Count

      This uses a unique patented method to protect against lactic acid and different method to fertilize microbes (lactostim etc) when they get there.

      6) PRO-15 by Hyperbiotics
      This uses beadlet technology also. It seems the most economic price and has a lot of positive reviews on amazon

      7) PrescriptAssist

      Somethine Chris Kresser has had lots of success with this in his practice.

      8) Garden Of Life brand has a lot of soil based probiotics but not something to take for weakened gut flora. You should understand why you need to take it.

      I think this is a good sample of the interesting things that are out there as far as probiotic products. If someone is on the search for a probiotic, this list may be a short cut to figuring out what they want.

      • I cut out carbs and sugars to get the results I got. Since carbs can be turned into sugar in the human body what good would it do to only cut the sugar??


        • I wrote earlier how I am having surgery, confirmed today on October 15 of this year. This is big stuff, I have been feeling good but over the past weeks getting stressed over the surgery and other issues going on at home.
          So I have been eating more sugar, and last night I had my first flair up in almost two weeks. So for me I know sugar is an issue. The real issue is discipline which I am not so good at, but need to be esp. after the surgery I cannot go back to being a junk eater. I have discussed this with three Dr’s, and I am at peace with it, but I need to cut out the sugar, meaning sweets, and keep the carb load low.

          • I love chocolate, I love candy, I love cake (with buttercream frosting)!!! One of my solutions was Ghirardelli 86 percent dark Cacao. It’s really delicious if you let it melt in your mouth and move it around to hit the right taste buds. It allows me to eat the “sinful” chocolate with very little sugar (5 sugars), it also has the necessary saturated fats required by a high fat, high protein diet (low carb). Another pleasant side effect is that it naturally lowers blood pressure. I eat 1/2 of a large bar everyday with no effects.
            If I eat cake….I eat one bite and walk away!!! NO milk, no sodas…only water!!

          • You could experiment and take an AMP capsule or two once the sweet snack has been digested to help douse out any bacteria build up from sweets.

            >I had my first flair up in almost two weeks.

            I really hope you won’t have to have your surgery when that day comes or you find a way to postpone it further. Just a flare shouldn’t necessitate having surgery so quick. I hope the doctor isn’t putting pressure on you

            I understand that stressful things going on in your life can make it difficult for you.

            • Thanks so much I learned a lot today. The surgery is all set, I am not going to cancel it. I have had two major attacks that landed me in the hospital and two other minor flares which could have been major. My surgeon and Gastro are afraid If it happens again, it could rupture. I have done this to myself by not eating properly for so many years. I worked with a Naturopath who used wild oregano and other things, I felt my best in 2010 and lost 60 lbs, then my family thought I was crazy, so no matter what I do I have no support. I will let you know how I made out, I know it will all go well. I have a few weeks to prepare.

        • Carbohydrates like potato chips, soda, milk, candy, mash potatoes would be offenders for me. i can eat them occasionally and be ok. most carbohydrate foods I eat occasionally anyway so no inconvenience. i have no trouble with cakes, ice cream and cookies. I drink water or some juice and a little seltzer water most of the time. Not all Carbohydrates are created equal. They are composed of different ingredients that aren’t only carbohydrates so it may be combinations of ingredients. One needs to distinguish what they need to stay away from by experimenting. Trebling has the right idea.

          If one is healing and gets that urge for sweets that would feed bacteria, just take an AMP capsule or rwo after snack digested. that may be enough to interfere with feeding process.

          Here is another remedy for killing the bad gut microbes. Maybe some people could use more broad spectrum approach.

          “To get rid of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, yeast, mycobacteria (a treatment resistant type of bacteria/fungal hybrid) and parasites in your gut, use Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol (see Chapter 2 of Listen To Your Gut or my eBook, Jini’s Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Gut Infection). If you have a mycobacterial infection, you will need to cycle on and off the Wild Oregano Oil Protocol for 2 to 3 years to get rid of all the mycobacteria – as they have an inactive/active lifecycle.”

  94. Long term, I think anyone who has almost any type of chronic intestinal problem should be on Probiotics permanently.

    The probiotics area has had a lot of conflicting information but I’ve been digging away trying to bring clarity to this subject. I hope these comments help someone avoid surgery.

    I think my chronic meningitis and decades of low level shingles is the result of disruption to the gut flora in colon where most of the immune system lies. People will advocate Lysine and a bunch or remedies. I think creating better gut flora is getting closer to the root of the problem since that is where the bulk of the immune system lies hence may be more effective.

    Here is a comment

    “Researchers at the University of Cologne Germany, found
    out that eliminating the intestinal bacteria of
    laboratory animals brought their immune system activity
    to a screeching halt and with probiotics, immune function
    was restored. The scientists also discovered that these
    bacteria produced protein like compounds called peptides
    that kept the immune system running at a low idle,
    prepared to respond to disease causing infections. More
    research has discovered that probiotics trigger a wide
    range of immune compound that battle harmful bacteria and

    As I read more and more studies, probiotics alone has cured many medical conditions related to colon. This points to the underlying cause.

    All the other remedies I mentioned are really for stemming and bringing down the numbers of the microbe doing the damage. This would help the good flora prosper more also since they have less competition from bad flora.

    Some people recommend soil based probiotics. Here is a comment that explains when not to use them.

    “I do recommend soil based probiotics for some patients,
    but not all. Soil-based organisms reproduce differently
    than other bacteria that are normally part of our flora
    in that they are spore-forming. Because of these spores,
    if a person does not have enough of their own healthy gut
    flora to compete with the SBOs, it opens the door for
    them to become pathogenic.

    After taking antibiotics and wiping
    out good flora, taking a spore forming probiotic, that
    cannot be held in check by beneficial flora colonies, is
    not a good idea.”

    Some people say probiotics are destroyed by lactic acid. Here is another comment.

    ‘I asked Dr. S.K. Dash, President of UAS Laboratories,
    Inc. and an expert in this field. He responded,

    “Probiotics are acid and bile resistant. Not only do they
    pass stomach acid, they implant in the intestine, produce
    digestive enzymes, vitamins, lactic acid and natural
    antibiotics. Probiotics do not need enteric coating to be

    Question that needs to be answered is whether too much stomach acid makes probiotics less efficient in creating a home.

    “According to them,
    during these times, the activity of digestive system is
    very less, causing the pH of the stomach to be relatively
    low. Due to the less acidic stomach, the chances of the
    bacteria to attach to the intestinal walls and thrive are
    high. ”

    So best to take probiotics before bed or when colon activity and acid is lower.

    Dosage range is 1 billion to 10 billion. For a healthy personm maybe a couple times a week. For a sicker person, much more.

    Please read thru Dr Ray Sahelians. I think he did an excellent job bringing together a lot of information in a tiny place.


    I can’t empirically say whether it will help the diverticulitis but it makes logical sense it should.

    I hope you try to integrate this information into helping you find a solution to your health condition. I did snip out some comments above from there.

    It’s coming at the problem from two different directions so may be synergistic. I can’t say empirically it will do this. Some people may be doing this already but I am just adding this as another option and a reminder to try alone or in combination before you have any surgery done.

    Probiotics are less expensive option to boot so ideal for person in initial stages. I would give probiotics a couple months to work. I don’t have recommendation for dosages or brands. Experiment and give some feed back.

    • Thanks I have been taking ULTIMATE FLORA by Renew Life 50 Billion for women, since June of this year. I take one at bed time, I believe it has helped a lot, since I was on so many antiobiotics for so long.
      As I said I am feeling good, no pain unless I get myself stressed, I have just a few days to decide what I am going to do, so I will go into my pray closet till I am at peace with my decision. My flare was in April, so it has been a while. I have been walking, eating more veggies, washing them thoroughly before I eat who knows what is on them. Thanks for the advice. I will let you know which direction I take. cris

    • The only caveat I found for probiotics is that some people many be allergic to some strains of bacteria.

      I have also been pondering PREbiotic supplements. The ones I have looked at are FOS, Inulin and Accacia Gum.

      The concern with FOS is that it may be feeding the bad bacteria. Inulin may have more side effects. Jury is still out.

      From what I understand, Accacia Gum is suppose to be better in fertilizing good bacteria than FOS and fewer side effects.

      I would err on side of caution with prEbiotics until symptoms have calmed down or problems resolved before experimenting.

      Here is another option for bad bacteria in colon … using drops of food grade H202

      “The hydrogen peroxide is excellent at cleaning out your gut, getting rid of any overgrowth of bad bacteria or fungus, like streptococcus or candida that if left unchecked will eventually lead to deeper health complaints. However the hydrogen peroxide will also kill off the good gut bacteria that colonises your gut, bacteria that you need for good digestion and proper immune defense. It is therefore essential that you repopulate your good bacteria once the course of H2O2 is complete, using a good pro-biotic.”

      You’d want to take it on empty stomach.

      From my own personal experience about 20 years ago, I experimented with 35% food grade H202. I went up to 15 drops in glass of water for a couple weeks in the morning on an empty stomach. One may feel some nausea at high doses.

      I didn’t experience any significant destruction of my gut bacteria that I could feel except some slight nausea. I think just making more oxygen available could help against the bad bacteria and help the good bacteria thrive. It wasn’t directed at colon problems.

      I would think for colon, you need a lot less. Maybe experiment with up to 5 drops. Start with 1 or 2 drops a day and work up. It may be about tipping the balance against the bad bacteria in a gentle way.

      On some antibiotics, I experienced severe gut problems in only a few days and immediately stopped. Took me a few weeks to recover. So empirically, H202 was quite different. So just another thing to think about experimenting with.

  95. I am scheduled for a colon resection Oct. 15 one month from now. I had a bad diverticulitis attack in 2008 and was hospitalized. Two small ones in between, and put on antiobiotics, no rest just kept on working, April of this year I had a bad attack, I was on three rounds of ciprp/flagyl, kept telling the GI Dr maybe I am resistant to the Cipro, they said it was the drug of choice…..so after they cleared me, three Cat Scans later and three rounds of antiobiotics, 20 lb weight loss and feeling horrible, three days later I ended up in the hospital and was admitted. I had a colonoscopy three weeks ago today, the Dr couldn’t perform it b/c I had so much inflammation, he said I need the surgery, saw the surgeon he said I need the surgery, I am 63 yrs old, have not had the best diet so the damage is done, my daughter was very upset with me today it hurt, saying I need to eat different, exercise, and why am I putting my self through this invasive surgery, she got me so confused and upset I don’t know what to do. I have my pre op in one week, she is right but is not me. I have been taking probiotics, kefir, bone broth, I actually over the past week have felt good today I would never know I have a problem. I need to make the right decision, I am praying for Godly wisdom, scarey to have surgery… I wrote all the AMP, SIBO, etc down and will look it up, I have one week to make a very serious decision. Thanks for listening.

    • Def read through all the comments… I have read and reread them over and over – took notes…. Godly wisdom led you here as it did me. Huge difference with the AMP!!! Im continuing on it now and making my budget work – it’s that important. Pay attention to all of ‘prioris’ comments!!!! I’ll be praying for you- don’t allow fear to bring extra stress. Pray and take action creating a healthy environment for your body. Your body wants to heal itself – it’s evident in how it’s responding

      • Thanks Tracee, I plan to go to the Health Store tomorrow and see what I can find. Took a lot of notes, Still not sure what direction I will go in, but I am grateful to have found this site.
        Thanks for your encouraging words. I will buy this AMP..
        You are so right, fear and anxiety gives you problems, I was fine all day, till a friend called and I started to tell her what I was feeling and then my colon began to spasm…. perfect example how stress and negativity affects us.. I was fine all day. God bless

        • I agree with Tracee. I am on my second month of the AMP and I do feel considerably better. It still hurts from time to time but I know that I had a bad infection that wasn’t just going to disappear. As ‘prioris’ suggested to me…you can always have the surgery if necessary but give the natural way a try. I am still going to see the surgeon but I am going to definitely wait and see if I can’t work to help my body heal itself. Maybe you could delay your surgery to see if you can’t allow your body to heal? I know your daughter means well and is most likely scared for you so I will pray that she can find a more kind, loving and patient way of presenting her concern to you in the future. Try not to allow stress to affect your health. I know….easier sad than done! I wish you the very best and I hope you will keep us updated. God bless!

  96. Chris…I sure appreciate all the information you have provided, including this blog! KUDOS! I had my first attack recently and it landed me in the hospital…normally, as a chiropractor, I avoid drugs and hospitals but this 10+ pain was located lower RIGHT quadrant and associated with fever, so I though my appendix was bursting! I took the drugs for a few days to take the edge off but like others I got VERY sick from them. For me, the kicker is NUTS as I had a bag of pistachios the night before the attack and I love cashews and almonds…all rough on the gut and hi Omega-6 and pro-inflammatory…I know better! But in the last few years…everything NON-PALEO turns to bloat!

    Now Im back on Paleo as it is only true anti-inflamm diet. Ive started making bone broth again (and as a former chef, mine is the best) I took out a bank loan to buy the AMP and Manuka honey that anothers recommended, BUT if youre a naturally large person like me, I don’t think Manuka is a good choice. I take DGL Plus from Pure Encapsulations as it has DGL, Marshmallow and Slippery elm. I take grapefruit extract and 6 G of Vit C a day. The pain is gone but the bloating is still there a bit.

    The only thing I would like to throw into the mix is BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL or just Black oil. The prophet Mohammed has said Black oil cures everything except death. It tastes VERY nasty but is loaded with Omega 3 and anti inflamm properties. I take a tablespoon in Yogi Bedtime tea before bed with Manuka Honey or Just Like Sugar…they say it is a cure for sleeplessness. The websites also recommend a tablespoon in OJ first thing as a cure for low energy. Anyway…that’s my $.02 to the blog…hope it helps.

    • I found this little snippet some person wrote somewhere that may put Manuka into perspective. I don’t have any personal experience with it but I do plan to eventually get some. Someone said they had a positive experience with it but they haven’t answered my post back with more specifics. The MGO rating (400 is equivalent to +20) is more scientifically based than the active number.

      I was looking into DGL for colon issues. My personal experience with DGL 20 years ago which wasn’t taken for colon issues is that it is a strong herb if taking too much. It is like those chinese herbs.

      Here is that snippet
      Manuka honey is used in hospitals to fight MRSA. It’s a anti inflammatory, Anti microbial, anti Fungal, it’s been used for centuries. Ignorant people shouldn’t pass judgment, especially if they are uniformed because it causes people to dismiss something that could in fact benefit them. To use something for a month and expect results is asking a lot. Especially when used internally. The problem with using the honey internally is being able to hold it where its needed for long enough for it to work. Manuka used topically proves itself. MRSA is Multi resistant staph, I doubt hospitals will resort to honey if it’s not proven. I think if it was to be beneficial for UC it would be best used as enemas. You have to remember, ingested it has to make it to where it’s needed and remain long enough to heal. Manuka is the only honey that doesn’t lose it’s healing power through heat or dilution, like other honeys. Also not all Manuka is the same. It has to be supplied by registered suppliers. Anyone can claim they sell Manuka, it originates from New Zealand. I would not use anything other than Watson & Son. I Also anything less than Active 20+ is useless for healing benefits. I have been mixing this honey with slippery elm with the hope of the slippery elm keeping it attached to the lining of the digestive tract for long enough for it to help heal. Dont dismiss something for others simply because it did nothing for you after a month :/ directions state to take it with a dry cracker to insure it stays in the stomach (for stomach Problems) for long as possible. Another suggestion would be to mix it with water and add pysillium. I’d prefer the slippery elm as it coats the digestive tract, this would allow the healing properties of the honey to remain for as long as the slippery elm. I’m yet to try enemas, and thats purely because I don’t know how to use them safely. When I visit the center for digestives disease in Sydney it will be one of my questions.

  97. I have had diverticulitis for about 11 years. My father suffered from it when the medical advice was a low fiber diet. It only aggravated the disease and eventually he had part of his colon removed. Of 4 siblings, I am the only one who inherited it. I say inherited because I am the only one who has cooked from scratched since my teens. I eat healthy — all my life. I have been attack-free for almost 3 years now (before that I had attacks every 9-12 months). Meat is a condiment and that meat is pastured and organic. I eat organic whole grains, fruit, and vegetables and much to my husband’s consternation, rarely pizza (that brought on my last attack 3 years ago) and very little pasta. I do eat dairy but in great moderation — in fact everything but fruit and veges in moderation. If I do eat pizza or pasta, it is very little and of the highest quality ingredients. I take a daily probiotic and I have vetted many companies for their quality. Finally found one that works really well. Took psyllium for several years, but the bloat was uncomfortable, always. When I realized my psyllium dose was the same equivalent of fiber found in one serving of fruit, I quit them and now feel a whole lot better. Food in its whole state has micro-ingredients that no supplement can duplicate. I am 68 years old and look 20 years younger. Drink no sodas but water, wine, one cup of coffee a day and herbal tea. Exercise is also important. I still work full time, but have figured out how to cook healthy and incredibly yummy meals and still have time for my life. It has been a trial and error for years, knock on wood. Just hope writing this doesn’t bring on an attack!

    • there may be a need for some fiber for some people but not as much as they say. the study they base the fiber amount recommendation from is not really valid. fiber amount is likely much lower. one needs to adjust the fiber amount to what is right for ones body.

      if one eats dairy then the grass fed raw milk is best path to take.

  98. I am of the opinion that any natural product (olive leaf extract, lauricidin, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract etc)
    that has the power to act as a strong antibacterial also has the ability to kill GOOD bacteria as well. They are indispensable So I use them only as needed and then go right back into building up my gut flora.
    vsl, bone broth, milk and water kefir, sauerkraut etc.

  99. I’ve managed to ward off the divers for 6 months now. I am acutely aware of the first signs of a problem. the protocol I have put myself on has been augmented by some insights gathered here on this thread.
    I eat almost no insoluble fiber as this is a trigger for me.
    But I have recently added sprouted flax powder. I boil it for a minute and it becomes somewhat of a mucilage. i add a tsp of raw honey. I drink it like a tea. I can report that my guts feel very peaceful and my bm is beautiful. can I say that?( I lean toward constipation)
    Has anyone tried this? (cheaper than slippery elm).

  100. I am dealing with my 4th episode of diverticulitis this year. In the past I have always listened to my gastrologists recommendations with the antibiotic regimen. After he told me yesterday that he was referring me to a surgeon and that I can’t do anything to prevent or diminish likelihood of another episode, I decided that I needed to start being more informed and see what I can do. This article is great and the comments have been extremely educating for me. I do have a couple questions (prioris mainly to you)

    1. I have seen the AMP suggestion and found the capsules you take (aloe-MP plus). Is this fairly universal in helping all? Does the process it goes thru in making have any effect on its success for people?

    2. Grapefruit seed extract suggestion? Does this have side effects or interactions?

    3. You mentioned CLA also, derived from meat product? Recommended product and any side effects or interactions?

    4. I did start a low dose of Magnesium yesterday to get things moving in my stomach. It has already helped. I will inform renal dr this week.

    5. Take AMP and aloe juice? Brand?

    I am 46 years old. I have the worst couple of “health” years of my life. In addition to the episodes of diverticulitis, a couple of ER trips for that, in the past 2 years I have also gained over 30lbs, been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, ovarian cysts after already having an ablation surgery a couple of years ago due to bad periods, had acute estrogen dominance that comes with all sorts of bad side effects to include awful brain fog, all over body swelling more specifically in hands, face and feet, two episodes of a UTI something I have never had before, and most recently diagnosed with lupus from a skin biopsy. When they did the blood work for lupus they found that I am in stage 2 (2pts from 3) kidney disease. I am going to a renal dr this week and I am going to make sure this wasn’t just dehydration the day of the test? I’m not sure how that works. I’m seeing rheumatologist this week also and will learn more of my diagnosis. Basically my body hates me! The feeling is mutual at this point.

    I have had three precancerous colon polyps removed in two previous colonoscopies but my last one was polyp free. My sister passed away 4 years ago at age 47 from colon cancer so that is why I have already had 4 of them.

    I take synthroid, anastrozole (estrogen suppressor), Wellbutrin (for my obvious depression after all this– started about two months ago), Prilosec for acid reflux and a generic Zyrtec each day. I am also currently on metronidazole from the gastrologist but would like to go off that after reading all this.

    I am going to start with this diverticulitis issue first because after my reading I have learned that many issues stem from the gut and healing this issue might help with the autoimmune issues. I was diagnosed with spastic colon many many years ago. They now call it IBS. I used to have some pretty bad bouts of bloating and diarrhea but then it all changed to constipation. I think this might be the trigger of the diverticulitis. Have to find ways to prevent constipation also.

    I have had my dr treat my symptoms but not my whole self. The fire alarm has had the batteries removed but the fire is still burning hot! I look forward to hopefully hearing an answer to my questions and starting to take control of my health.

    • I ordered the AMP and it will be here tomorrow sometime. Are there dosage recommendations with it? Times of day?

      Also, are prebiotics and probiotics recommended also? I’m taking some probiotics today since I decided that I won’t take my antibiotics. What do we look for in a probiotic to help us? Is this individualized also? Thanks.

      • i will post in small pieces

        1. I have seen the AMP suggestion and found the capsules you take (aloe-MP plus). Is this fairly universal in helping all? Does the process it goes thru in making have any effect on its success for people?

        I never want to say it will help ALL. Health situations can be more complex in some people with other health factors complicating their situation.

        I want to do all I can to help people avoid having surgery. You are battling an infection in you intestine. Once you can cure it, you will more likely be able to figure out how it came about. AMP acts as a natural antibiotic that doesn’t wreak havoc with your gut. It even helps in other ways like against fungus etc.

        2. Grapefruit seed extract suggestion? Does this have side effects or interactions?

        “Grapefruit is safe in the amounts normally used as food and seems to be safe when used appropriately for medicinal purposes.

        However, if you take any medications, check with your healthcare provider before adding grapefruit to your diet or using it as a medicine. Grapefruit interacts with a long list of medications”

        If one is not on medications then you should be ok.

        3. You mentioned CLA also, derived from meat product? Recommended product and any side effects or interactions?

        Tonalin® Proprietary Fatty AcidBlend (from safflower oil) [containing minimum 78% conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)]

        If one looks at coconut oil, many people rave about it but some people have negative reactions to it. It’s not clear why. Many people have wonderful benefits taking MSM but I’m one of those people who experiences migraines when taking MSM. I have made many suffering attempts but that is something one needs to deal with. I have no regrets. Some people have reported that they have had liver problems with CLA. How numerous and to what degree is unknown. Being aware of the side effects of any supplement helps.

        In the end, it’s about experimenting and seeing if it is right for you.

        5. Take AMP and aloe juice? Brand?

        No need to take Aloe Juice if you are taking AMP. Aloe Juice is a low cost option that may work for some people. AMP is heavy duty approach but more painfully expensive although surgery would be thousands of times more painful.

      • Lupus like many chronic diseases have mycoplasma infection involved.

        This can be addressed with borax protocol or antibiotic protocol approach. borax (12 mule team) is no more toxic than table salt so very safe to use. I used this to resolve and control my rheumatoid arthritis. It is good for fungus also.

        look up the arthritistrust org and roadback org websites also.

        I was able to cure my fibromyalgia with antibiotic minocin over 15 years ago pretty quickly. The interesting thing is that the generic minocyclines back then would not work. There is a website that list peoples experience regarding which generics work and which do not.

        For For Ovarian Cysts, Constipation, UTI

        go to earthclinic website and look up popular cures under ailment section.

    • AMP should be taken on empty stomach.

      Best times is take 5 capsules sometime before bed and 4 capsule upon rising. You don’t want anything diluting or interfering with the AMP.

      Probiotics is a trial and error approach. What works for one person may not work for someone else.

      • Thank you for this great blog, Chris! Regarding the AMP…I found Aloe MP Plus (the expensive one we talked about) in cap form and there is a AMP Gold POWDER on Amazon for a bit less. Do you have any experience with the later? Thank you!

        • The only AMP product I see on Amazon is by Serovera. There is a product called Gastric Gold. I have no experience with these.

          here is a chart listing out some qualities that would be relevant for AMP. this chart may or may not be up to date for particular product but it can serve as a general guide when assessing other products.


      • I am on my second month of the AMP and it has helped tremendously. Thank you!!! I still have pain occasionally but not like I was. I am trying to listen to my body more and pay attention to any signs it’s giving me. I am only taking the AMP and probiotics right now.
        I am going to try to start to address the lupus and ovarian cysts next. I am going to research the borax protocol that you suggested and possibly the Manuka Honey also? I’ve been trying to eat “cleaner” but honestly some days all I eat is junk! 🙁
        Prioris, have you ever heard of using iodine internally to help heal? I was doing some research and learned that it too can help with many auto-immune disorders? Any insight.
        I can’t thank everyone enough on this blog. It has literally changed my life!

        • behind autoimmune diseases are microbe infections. you need to do some type of antibiotic protocol. first address colon problems because that is where everything seems to begin from.

          Lugol iodine does combat infections but it is not enough. You can add some to your daily health maintenance but you need to do a lot more.

          I think probiotic would be more important to take than lugols iodine. also maybe some accacia gum.

          i would also look at low dose neurontin protocol.

          For Lupus

          You have a mycoplasma infection or other microbe infection. You need to address that and other infections in your body also like any possible systemic fungus. Don’t waste time testing to see what infection you have. Testing doesn’t prove you don’t have it. Take the antidote.


          look at the http://www.arthritistrust.org website also. it explains what it really takes to heal rheumatoid arthritis. you need same approach with lupus.

          I would try borax protocol that is used for RA. Try minocin next. Be aware that most generic minocycline doesn’t work for these chronic conditions. Only a few brands work. Research the subject.

          For Cysts

          Look into serrapeptase. It will dissolve cysts. I can’t give you any personal experience but just research it. I know a few people who had positive results. I can’t guarantee it will work for you but you need to experiment. research it.

          Here is a comment I found buried somewhere. They never mentioned the name of the book.
          Apple Cider Vinegar & Molasses for Cysts… I just bought a book online for dissolving Ovarian Cysts naturally & keeping them away & Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the top things on the list. -Had a 4.2 size cyst & they were threatening that I needed surgery. A month later, it was half the size. Combined Apple Cider Vinegar (Mother) with Organic Unsulphured Molasses, which is a good source of Potassium, Calcium & Iron.

          -It is theorized when you have Polycystic ovaries or frequent Ovarian cysts that you are insulin resistant, which is why conventional doctors will tell you to lose weight. I believe insulin plays an important role of the imbalance of hormones which in turns allows cysts to form & multiply, perhaps by the delicate balance of hormones, diet, & insulin. When I took the ACV, I noticed my ph balance changed a lot, especially under my arms!! Also, the sour taste left me not craving sweets as much.

          -I used 1 tablespoon Cider, 1 tablespoon Molasses, 1/4 cup milk all together before breakfast & dinner. Hope this helps any other women suffering from Ovarian cysts. Combined with healthy eating & exercise, I believed the Cider helps in dissolving the cyst somehow through its acidity. If it does this for women, for sure those suffering from kidney stones might have their’s dissolved as well?? Any other thoughts or anyone else use it for cysts?

          I don’t know if it works but another option to consider

  101. I am a 57 year old female (if that matters) I just returned from a trip to urgent care…ct scan showed diverticulitis…flagyl, cipro, and pain meds in hand. The thought of having to take the flagyl and cipro makes me want to cry because I know I will feel like crap for weeks. This is my third diverticulitis attack in two years. My first attack occurred two weeks after I had my gallbladder removed. I don’t know if that was a coincidence or the catalyst. The second attack was two months after a knee replacement. Three weeks ago I was treated for some nasty cat bites…I had four infusions of rocephin and ten days of oral augmentin…I’m amazed that I got an infection of any kind with all of that in my system…again, coincidence or catalyst? After my first attack, I saw a Naturopath who recommended the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet…my M.D. informed my that there is no evidence that blood type has anything to do with health…After watching Forks Over Knives I purchased Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live…he does not recommend the Paleo Diet…but I cannot see myself following Dr. Fuhrman’s diet for the rest of my life. I do know that I do not want another attack and that the doctor is now recommending surgery to remove part of my colon. I am desperate…but keep finding conflicting information. Will following the Paleo Diet help me?

  102. i have heard of the paleo diet..where can is the best place to get information on this type of diet. it seems to have worked for many of you

  103. my husband was just diagnosed with diverticulitis with possible colitis..he has had extreme pain and is on antibiotics and pain pill (as needed) i have started him on a bland diet for the past several days. do i start adding fiber to his diet slowly to avoid the pain?

  104. Wondering why you specifically suggest VSL #3 – just wondering if I’ve missed some studies in my search. It seems like a few strains have been tried with fairly similar degrees of effectiveness and most aren’t as pricey.

  105. :). I did! I got those three things today and am starting them!

    My primary care (same practice but my own doc) today told me to stop the antibx. Because I have NO signs of infection the antibx are doing more harm than good. No fever. No vomiting etc.

    So…. Went to whole foods. Got good probiotic and Aloe Juice, grape seed extract and some kefir with probiotics too. We are trying this for a few days. She had some recent study data that showed antibiotics making no difference for uncomplicated diver. If I get sick or spike fever on weekend she said *only* take Cipro not both. Hopeful I take neither!! Big thing is rest and very small amounts of food and only bland and soft. Basically eat like a toddler.

  106. I have read this thread twice trying to take in the details – so much info. I am in my second attack (very quick re-occurrence, making me wonder if the first ever really ended.) I have a couple of comments/questions:

    1. my first attack was deemed stage 1/mild (no perforation, etc – CT scan diagnosis) and I was treated with the cipro/flagyl cocktail. Those made me feel odd – not terrible, but not right. I was on liquids only for a few days, then started introducing egg and soft foods (lots of avocado too) before going back to my regular diet. GI guy told me that I should eat anything – the data on limiting intake of nuts, seeds, etc was inconclusive and to not worry about it. In reading – I definitely eat a very high insoluble fibre diet – kale, spinach, peas, green beans, celery, onions, bell pepper. I eat these raw most days, rarely cooked and in salad format. I drink tons of water (70-80 oz per day) too. Chris Kesser opines that is like “rubbing a wire brush over an open wound”. I had no idea. In retrospect – right idea, bad timing? I should have laid way off the insoluble stuff for many WEEKS (not days) to allow healing and inflammation to subside (?). I also did not know until reading this to use supplements to try and re-establish good gut bacteria. I am going out at lunch today to get some probiotics. I need to find or hear about meal planning for weeks to soothe and allow the gut to heal.

    2. I felt the faintest twinge at 2AM Tuesday of this week while rolling over – I knew it was flaring again. Got to my primary care and they agreed – back on the antibiotic yuck. I feel worse this time – dizzy and sort of just out of it. Is it risky to stop taking this stuff now? Will I create resistance and end up worse off? I have follow up at 3 today (primary care) and am very confused after reading all of this – on how to proceed. No fever, and this is even milder than the first bout – but I am as panicked about the cipro and flagyl as I am about colon health now. 🙁 I also haven’t eaten since Tuesday so the feeling awful part could also be from that.

    I really appreciate everyone sharing and offering input. I do have another GI specialist appointment (new doc, referred by a friend that is a doctor) but not til June 26th. My primary said they really need to do a colonoscopy to see what’s going on in there – but in order to schedule that the inflammation needs to be gone to lessen the risk.

  107. Excellent site! Thanks to everyone for their comments. I’m back today from 4 days in the hospital. Spiked a very high fever, and, well, you know the rest of the story.

    I had to share what one nurse told me while I was “incarcerated.” She has diverticulosis, and has had several bad flare-ups. She had one piece of advice. She said that when you start feeling an episode come on where you’re bloated and gassy and feel like you simply need to pass gas, DON’T.

    She said to get to a bathroom fast, because, “That ain’t gas running down your leg, and that stool you’re sitting on ain’t made of wood!”

    Just had to share.

    • I don’t know exactly what you mean by don’t “pass” it.

      Gas was a constant problem for a decade or more before I developed nausea. What I would do is bend forward while sitting and let the gas pass out of my mouth. Sort of like squeezing on a balloon. It expelled the gas.

      I had digestive problems early in my life. What I did was do a 7 to 10 day fast and it resolved the many digestive problem for many decades.

      There was a point in my life I became sick eating almost any food. What I did was go on a diet consisting of spring water, fish, beans, salt, butter and dates for two years. I was able to eat regular food after that.

      • “Don’t pass the gas” = “Don’t fart”

        Hey, priori, while I have your attention, I was wondering if you could help with some questions I have.

        1. How long should I be on bowel rest, eating only very soft foods like scrambled eggs and cream-based soups? I was discharged from the hospital on Monday.

        2. On the news this morning there was a segment on food and drug interactions. They said never have dairy (milk, yogurt, eggs … how are eggs like milk and yogurt?) when you’re taking antibiotics. I tend to doubt that, but will look into it today. So much misinformation from the media these days. Why wouldn’t I want to have yogurt and kefir?

        3. For the past month or two I have been taking both a prebiotic and a probiotic, switching between several different brands to get a variety. I’ve been taking usually 4 capsules total. Is that too much? Not enough?

        I’m also looking into all the advice provided by Kelsey, you, and the others here. So much to think about, though. I certainly can’t do everything that has been advised, and it’s hard to choose.

        • I had that thought in my mind … lol

          What is the reason for the bowel rest. Was it because you were on antibiotics while in hospital. I think it is reasonable advice to go with soft foods. I think you slowly introduce the non soft foods and see how you do.

          I can understand not taking dairy or food at same time as the antibiotic. The food may interfere with the efficacy of the antibiotic. You should be able to take the food after the antibiotic is absorbed into your system.

          I usually take antibiotics on empty stomach and always with bromelaine. I wait about 45 minutes before I eat. Bromelaine helps destroys the biofilm on bacteria thereby preventing the resistance problem caused by the biofilm. It also makes the antibiotic more effective. I will only use narrow spectrum antibiotics unless it is life or death situation.

          I don’t think how much biotics is the important question but which strain of bacteria. A little bacteria should go a long way. of course, the quality of the product is a factor also.

          I think probiotic and prebiotics are hit or miss thing. Your digestive system has probably thousand kinds of bacteria. We really don’t know what bacteria are missing. Supplements only have relatively few of those bacteria. New strains will come on the market but still a pittance. This could effect things directly by replacing the missing good bacteria or indirectly by allowing the missing bacteria to propagate.

          When you get down to it – your essentially experimenting. Doctor may be able to diagnose some problems but not all. Digestive tract issues are a very murky area to cure. They can be a real battle for people to figure out. As we age, there is wear and tear on the system so the problems and things to fix can accumulate. I try to keep them at bay. I think you have to come at it from many directions. It can be hard but – experiment, experiment, experiment.

  108. What impact does alcohol intake have on the development of Diver and the subsequent treatment. (ie using AMP and Healther’s Tummy Acacia ).
    I like to enjoy a couple of beers every evening.

    • Since one doesn’t know what foods in your case is behind the diverticulitis, no real answer can be given.

      On the AMP regimen, the normal course is to take 5 tablets before bed on preferably empty stomach and 4 tablets upon rising where the stomach is empty. I think this is the key since you don’t want anything competing with the AMP – something feeding the bad bacteria – while your trying to douse out the fire and heal the pouches. If it weren’t for the pouches, stamping out the problem would be much quicker.

      In my personal experience, before the pain / cramps came, the symptom of nausea was always present. I felt it more on an empty stomach. When I feel nausea, I view it as a precursor event and assume bacteria is brewing. I would intervene with AMP and be looking at my diet for clues to what is causing it.

      Just make sure you go to bed on empty stomach should be good enough. Avoiding foods that aggravate the pouches while you heal also makes sense. I’d be more concerned about too much carbonation so use moderation.

      My personal opinion, I think the beer would be ok as long as it doesn’t worsen your symptoms. In the end, you have to kind of listen to your own body and interpret what it is telling you.

      I’ll add one more thing that may not be related to diverticulitis but may be important to the health of your digestive tract. There is a lot of people developing sensitivity to wheat and gluten due to transgenic wheat. They have also increases the amount of gluten in the wheat also.

      We hear about Celiac disease but there is a Non Celiac disease we need to be aware of. Mercola’s nutrition recommendation has looking out for wheat sensitivity number one on his list.

      Anybody having digestive difficulties should consider experimenting with wheat free or gluten free diet. It may take up to two years to heal the damage.

      Autism has been related to vaccines and processed foods. The government created a binary weapon.

      Here are a few snippets about transgenic wheat

      In a 2009 study “Increased Prevalence and Mortality in Undiagnosed Celiac Disease” published in the Gastroenterology journal, researchers concluded, “The prevalence of undiagnosed CD seems to have increased dramatically in the United States during the past 50 years.” Research once suggested that one in 5,000 Americans had Celiac Disease; in the past decade, now it’s grown to a staggering one in 133. One in 133.org figures suggest upwards of three million Americans suffer from Celiac and another 18 million from non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. (It’s also worth noting that autism rates have skyrocketed in that same time as well.)

      In 2002, Monsanto provided its own safety evaluation to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that its genetically modified (GM) glyphosate-tolerant wheat is safe and as nutritious as conventional wheat. The FDA, in turn, accepted this conclusion, using the apparently logic that billion-dollar companies out to make big bucks on their own science experiments that claim their products are safe because they said so is somehow a perfectly legitimate way to determine true product safety. The United States and Columbia are the only two countries that allow Monsanto’s transgenic wheat.

      • Clarification

        Wheat is technically not GMO but it is altered on a genetic level e.g. chemical mutagenesis (mutation). There has been no safety testing.

        Here are snippets

        Dr. Davis tackles the “Wheat is not GMO” issue head on, saying that he believes the methods used to create modern wheat are “worse than genetic-modification”

        One of the parts of wheat altered by all the “hybridization” is called wheat germ agglutinin. It’s a lectin protein that functions as the defense system for the plant to battle mold, fungus, and insects, much like our immune system battles viruses and bacteria for us.

        The “new” wheat lectin now wreaks havoc on the digestive system of lab animals (when administered by itself) and in humans, it “disables the normal discriminatory capacity of the human intestinal tract that helps it determine what should remain in the intestine and what should be allowed entry into the bloodstream,” causing many forms of digestive distress including heartburn, acid reflux, and IBS.

    • Someone mentioned to me that a lot of beer is made with artificial ingredients. One of the reasons micro brewery’s do good business, They said it is regulated by the ATF. Not FDA. So make sure you drink beer with quality ingredients. In europe, they highly regulate beer so it can’t be tainted with artificial ingredients.

      I don’t pay attention to what is happening with beer since I don’t drink it much. The best beer I ever tasted was home made. I tend to drink Dos Aqui and Heineckens.

  109. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis for the first time in February. My doctor put me on Cipro – Flagyl for 14 days. Never really felt 100% but just had another bout and am on the antibiotics again. I am using Probiotics twice a day and have found a huge improvement in tolerating the antibiotics. My question is: my doctor recommends 2 Citrucel caplets a day for fiber – she actually wants me to go to 4 a day. I feel that half of my discomfort comes from the caplets – does anyone stop taking them if they have a flare up?

  110. I suffered an abscess about 12 years ago and had surgery with a big open hole in my stomach for months as the doctor wanted it healed from the outside in. Then I had a small part of my colon removed in another surgery. since th e n I’ve been ok. Had occasional bouts but would rest ea t less etc to heal. Now I’m scared because I think my original surgery site is leaking its very slight but it is smelly so I’m sure it is leaking now. Will these suggestions help or do I h ave to have antibiotics

    • I can’t give any opinion on the immediate medical urgency of a “leak” due to previous surgery.

      You mentioned you had bouts later. This is why surgery doesn’t address the root cause. That means that the infection came back. I would bring out heavy artillery and use AMP. This has decent chance of healing your digestive tract including the leaks.

  111. Very appreciative of thoughts on what causes and what helps D. I too feel like my recent bout started with an episode of food poisoning- within half an hour horrible cramping which turned into such digestive and bowel issues and lower left side pain- 2 rounds of cipro and flagyl and 2 months later still have left lower left side pain if I eat too much. Digestive enzymes do seem to help. After reading Cipro horror stories (and relating) I will probably try amp if there is a next time!

  112. People might be interested to read through Paul Jaminet’s blog. He has some comments on diverticulosis/itis. I think he believes he got it from being too low carb and not enough Vitamin C in his diet. This is his blog: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/

  113. Great info – sadly I had to figure a lot of items out the hard way before seeing this artical. Im 46 and have had a number of attacks over the past 4 years. I would like to add for females – avoid large meals – size of your fist rule. Pay extra attention of what you eat especially avoid high iron food (red meats) before menstrual cycle. The menstral cycle slows down the digestive process. Lastly avoid large consumptions of rice in one sitting (binding foods).

    Minimizing Stress as noted above is crucial. Drink lots of water and try seltzer water during stressful times.

    • Wow Sylvia very helpful and timely for me to read your comment- I’m almost 44 and have seen an increase in bouts…. But trying to look at the way I’m doing everything to minimize incidences. Your comment about red meat before cycles is so timely – I have had red meat the last 2 days and about to start and totally experiencing slowing of digestion and constipation & uncomfortabality. Thx for info!

    • Forgot to include…
      Always eat salad after meal not before. Salad is a scrubber and is easy for intestines to push through which helps push certain foods down with less stress on digestive system.

      I mentioned earlir, no more than a fist size meal – also no less. Not eating or not enough food is harder for intestines to push and can cause irritation and flair up. So watch your summer diet program.

  114. I’m waiting to order the AMP but wondering Has Anyone found they can do well with a low carb (or keto) lifestyle and keep diverticulitis at bay??? Thx


  116. I am current on my 4th day of ciprofloxacin and metronidazole. This is my second bought of diver. My first was about nine months ago. The side effects of the drugs are almost worse than the original symptoms. The days before my most recent attach I was feeling on top of the world. I am a cyclist and had just completed a very intense ride all leading up to training for my first race that was supposed to happen in a week. Now all is on hold. The drugs make me feel so sick and all I do is sleep. I NEVER want to go through this again. My diet is very healthy…. for 3 years I follow Dr. Furmann (eat to live) they have cured my chronic migraines but now this any suggestions.

    • Use a natural antibiotic – Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide capsules. No side effects either. Read my posts above.

      I would discontinue those antibiotics especially if their wreaking havoc on your system.

      Probably your gut flora are being wiped out. Recovering from their effect may take sometime.

      • I have been reading all these post about this Deverculisis,
        I get these attack when I eat cereals or nuts and have not had any problem but three weeks ago this condition started and first I get dry mouth and then constipation .
        What got my attention is this Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide capsules , and I even ordered it through on line . Most of the time that something comes from Florida in form of corporation normally does not sound good and smell fraud . but I am down 126 dollars for three month worth of these capsules .
        I am taking proboscis with 32 different strains and so far after one week , it is look like that I am feeling much better , plain yogurts and salad at night with Olive oil and avocado made my next day bathroom much more better then before ..
        what I am hoping that these capsules are not a hoax and I hope it works and if I find out that are hoax , I do all of y power to make this information available to everybody , so other people do not waste their money .
        let’s hop that I am wrong on that matter

        • So if something is bought from a company located in Florida, your saying that means it “sounds” and “smells” like fraud. That is a very absurd statement to make. What if you buy it from Kentucky, Ohio, California or Vermont. Is that better.

          How will you determine if it is fraud. If it doesn’t work for you… ???????

          There are plenty of remedies that work for many people but may not work from some. Some people who it doesn’t work for will claim that they have been ripped off or something.

          i hope you realize that how long it takes to work will vary depending on the severity of the condition

          Also I can’t sit here and give any guarantees that something will work in all people. It is another option. I expect anyone using my information to do their own due diligence.

          Someone posted a complaint on the internet that they didn’t even lift a finger to check into. With just a little checking, it would have been found to be bogus.

          If you didn’t do your due diligence to check into the company your buying from, maybe you should probably just go to a surgeon and have him cut out some of your intestine. This will save you $126.

    • I just finished the 7 day Ciprofloxacin/Metronidazole regimine and like Monika, felt lousy and slept. I have never had a bout of diverticulitis with the primary symptom being sharp pain in lower left abdomen. I had a colonoscopy in April with no indication of diverticulosis (???). Feeling good now and grateful for all this information…and like all of you sure want to avoid a ‘next time’. Best wishes.

  117. I am now in a bout with divaticulitis and need help to get better quick!!!! Going on vacation in 4 days and want to be well for my family to enjoy Disney!!!
    Any quick fix remedies you can suggest would be appreciated!!!!

  118. 4 sets of antibiotics since January so now I will try a Nutritionist.
    Diarrhea is a big problem-any suggestions? I am taking

    • my suggestion is – read my comments

      broad spectrum antibiotics do a lot of damage to the gut’s flora because it is killing of a broad range of flora. this is what likely causes fungal infections to develop in the body. this is what to avoid. Just a couple days on them wrecks my gut. Diarrhea will result in these.

      my experience is that narrow spectrum antibiotics are far less damaging to the flora. i experimented with antibiotics like penicillin, minocycline, amoxicin etc on long term for something and never had severe gut flora problems. this doesn’t mean that they won’t effect some flora. i noticed i would develop shingles outbreak more as time went by.

    • I had a bout in 2010. Did anitibiotics, but mistakenly exercised after day 7. This brought a whole lot of pain on. After a second CT scan, they decided it was “scar tissue” or ‘irritable” pain. I was given Levsin for IBS and it took away that pain within a day or two. I started using soluble fiber (Benefiber) and wearing more comfortable clothing to keep the pressure off my tummy.

      Fast forward to this week in 2014. I tried to go paleo and dissed my wheat based fiber supplement. I also increased my raspberry consumption (seeds?) and wore smaller clothing as I was losing a few pounds. I was exercising more and feeling better except for some stomach irritation from vitamin C.

      So now I have a flare up and I am supposed to travel within a few days. I DO NOT want nasty antibiotics that give me fatigue, stomach pain, and rapid heartbeat! Did I mention the first time I got a flare up, I was traveling also! gee.

      The main point of all this is that everyone seems to have different triggers. I will NOT wear tight clothing again, nor will I stop taking my fiber supplement. I will also be very careful about overexercising.


      • First the infection comes then the pockets come then the aggravation caused by seeds getting stuck in the pockets worsens it. People erroneously still cling to the notion that the seeds caused it. Irritation from Vitamin C would be another indication that you had infection.

        You never healed your pocket sacs. You still had the infection but were non symptomatic. I can tell people many times and they refuse to listen so they are in a life long fire fighting mode. They focus themselves on symptomatic relief and not healing. If the pockets got healed, the seeds wouldn’t have a place to drop into. They’d be more resistant.

  119. Thank you all! What a wealth of information is on this site. I just returned home after 5 days in the hospital as a result of my first (and hopefully only) bout of diverticulitis. It was as has been noted, horrible. I’ve been told to follow up with the surgical group as a possibility of needing surgery in the future. My dilemma is that I have also recently been diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Consequently I had severe pain in both my upper GI tract as well as the intestines during the attack. I’m certainly going to incorporate some of the information provided here to improve my digestive health, and stay away from surgery. All hints/suggestions will be appreciated to treating both conditions.

  120. I believe that any food that is inflammatory to you is a trigger.
    my worst divers attack was after a blackberry smoothie.
    seeds are insoluble fiber and create inflammation with the overfermentation. I don’t think seeds or anything else getting stuck in pockets is the problem.
    Im intolerant to eggs and blueberries and so those are proinflammatory for ME. Of course sugar and too much coffee could cause a problem.
    My flares arise from an extra large meal of any kind or sugar.
    constipation is my first clue that Im beginning a flare. The antibiotics were a problem for me. Or anyone . I wont take them unless I am going to die.
    I have dodged 3 flares by immediately going on a liquid diet.
    Bone broth-water kefir-
    olive leaf capsules
    black seed oil
    i utilize an 8 hr eating window and during the fast phase
    I allow a little cream in 1 cp. coffee, coconut oil, and or broth.
    my regular diet is low fiber-modified paleo.
    white rice, meat , fish, homemade milk kefir.
    sauerkraut also homemade.
    small amount of non fibrous fruit, cooked vegetables…
    my biggest issue is constipation.
    I use a tsp of magcitrate vit c combo first thing in the morn.
    but the biggest turnaround for it came when I added the soil based probiotic that this article mentioned.
    prescript assist.
    Im thinking of adding a T or two of aloe without carageenan to the regimen.
    I try a little bit of everything because I NEVER want the unexpected full on attack ever again!

    • So glad I found this blog.
      Been suffering from divert for quite a few years on and off Colonscopy showed I have got them EVERYWHERE in Colon not just left side.
      Had a bad attack of diarrhea for two and a half weeks, one lot was yet black, Doctor said Divert can bleed and stop again and I had had a Colonoscopy and GAESTROSCOPY only 14 months ago which was all fine,ran to the toilet 13x a day and when I had to go nearly every hour during the night I rang up my Specialist who put me straight into hospital intravenous drip of Saline and antibiotic called KAFTRAXIN (?) and the next day on Flagyl intravenously 3x a day. The Flagyl made me VERY nauseous and gave me more diarrhea so my doctor put me onto plain old Amoxillin, am on the second lot now.
      They did all the bloodtests and stool tests and everything came back ok.
      I was in for a week and everything was ok no more diarrhea etc.

      After ten days at home I started diarrhea again, even tho I don’t eat fat or sugar, last few days only mashed potatoes and white bread.

      My husband had had a bowel resection 6 years ago and bowel cancer a year later so we do know a lot about which foods to avoid etc.

      I am also on 5mg Warfarin since May because I have bloodclots in my lungs, but use to get lots of bowel problems for years already. I was also diagnosed with IBS years ago so am very “touchy” in that area.

      Is there anybody out there who can inform me what to eat and what not to eat? Some say eat nut, others say don’t, I know I can’t eat seeds and high fibre doesn’t agree with me either. Or does anybody else had problems like that?

      Like I said, I have had many episodes before but never had to go to hospital for it. I am very careful with my food, but do suffer from a lot of stress.
      I live in Australia.
      I will try ANYTHING to stop the diarrhea attacks, thanx to all for your input.

      • Long term use of warfarin (coumadin) causes calcification of arteries. Your body is being damaged by the coumadin. It ranks as one of the top 4 drugs in the US causing emergency visits to hospital.

        nattokinase is a clot buster and natural to the body so no side effects. Also add in serrapeptase for good measure.

        It isn’t about what to eat or not to eat. The reason you can’t eat certain foods is because the pouches haven’t healed. When they heal, your limitations on food will not be there any longer. It is not about “stress” either. It’s about addressing the bacteria causing it and healing the pouches. Figuring out why it happened becomes the next step after you cure it. You may have a low level infection that just never got knocked out. I would try the natural remedies.

        fiber (not too much)

        grapefruit seed extract

        aloe vera juice

        manuka honey (i would consider getting the highest MGO rating – probably 400-550 minimum) (natural antibiotic)

        Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide (see my posts) (natural antibiotic)

        Since you have IBS, it means not only the large intestine is involved but the small intestine. Given the severity of intestine problems you have, you have good cause to roll the dice on different remedies even if they didn’t work.

        There is a specific probiotic called Saccharomyces Boulardi that is scientifically proved to prevent antibiotic caused diarrhea .

        Doctors neglect to tell people to take probiotics when taking antibiotics. You should take the probiotics around 4 hours after taking the antibiotics.