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How to Prevent Diverticulitis Naturally through Diet

by Kelsey Kinney, RD

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Note: The Prescript-Assist supplements discussed in this article are no longer available. Please click here to learn more about a substitute, the Daily Synbiotic from Seed.

If you’ve ever experienced a diverticulitis attack, I’m sure you’d be the first to say that it’s not a pleasant experience. I bet you’d be willing to do a lot of things to prevent it from happening again! Or maybe you’re someone who has been diagnosed with diverticulosis by your gastroenterologist, but you’re not quite sure what to do to prevent those painful attacks you’ve heard about and you want to learn more. Whatever brought you here, I’m happy to have you. Today I’ll be providing tips on how to prevent diverticulitis attacks naturally.

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What Is Diverticular Disease?

Diverticular disease is the term used to encompass a spectrum of issues from diverticulosis (the presence of sac-like pouches called diverticula that protrude from the colonic wall) to diverticulitis (the inflammation of these pouches and the accompanying symptoms). Diverticular disease is common in the Western world, with the highest rates seen in the United States and Europe. Even in those countries the disease was almost unheard of in 1900, but by the 1970s it was the most common affliction of the colon. (1)

Diverticular disease has been shown to increase with age – by 80, it is estimated that approximately 70% of individuals have diverticular disease. (2) The highest estimates suggest that approximately 20% of patients with diverticulosis (remember these are the people with the pouches, not the acute inflammation of the pouches) will at some point develop diverticulitis. (3) However, newer and more accurate estimates suggest that this rate is somewhere between 1 and 5%, depending on the strictness of qualifying criteria. (4) This is important to note for those who have been diagnosed with diverticulosis but are currently asymptomatic – according to these newer estimates, it is unlikely that you will develop diverticulitis. However, if you have diverticulosis and want be sure to prevent any problems or you’ve had diverticulitis attacks in the past, continue reading!

Despite the fact that diverticular disease is so common, we know relatively little about it and the common recommendations are based on limited data. If you’ve been diagnosed with diverticulosis, you may have received advice from your gastroenterologist about avoiding nuts and seeds and eating more fiber. However, these recommendations are based on inconclusive research and may not provide much benefit to you. In fact, few studies show any benefit to avoiding nuts and seeds and one study even showed that intake of nuts and popcorn was associated with a decreased risk of diverticulitis and diverticular bleeding. (5) High fiber diets are also often recommended, despite inconclusive evidence. (6) It is evident that recommendations for diverticular disease are due for an update.

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Underlying Factors That Contribute to Diverticulosis

Newer research suggests that the factors underlying diverticular disease are the following: (7, 8)


While inflammation is well-accepted in the model of acute diverticulitis, more and more research points to the involvement of chronic low grade inflammation in the development of symptomatic diverticulosis. In fact, of 930 patients undergoing surgery for symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease (SUDD), approximately 75% of them had evidence of chronic inflammation in and around the diverticula. (9) It is for this reason that drugs used for treating inflammatory bowel disease like mesalamine are being used to treat diverticular disease with good results as well (but hang tight, we’ll talk about natural ways to prevent diverticulitis, of course!). This is also why chronic use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen have been shown to increase the risk of diverticular complications (10, 11), since they are known to increase intestinal inflammation. (12, 13)

Fecal calprotectin can be measured to identify intestinal inflammation, and is high in those with symptomatic diverticular disease compared to those with functional digestive tract disorders like IBS and those with asymptomatic diverticular disease. (14) If you’re wondering whether you may have intestinal inflammation, it’s a great thing to get tested (and you can order a stool test from a specialty lab like Genova Diagnostics which will measure it). It is clear that chronic inflammation is involved in the development of diverticular disease, and that those who wish to prevent attacks should take steps to reduce intestinal inflammation.

Thankfully, one of the best ways to decrease intestinal inflammation is to eat a paleo diet! By avoiding potentially irritating and inflammatory foods such as grains, omega-6 fatty acids and lactose, we can reduce intestinal inflammation and encourage proper gut health. A paleo diet also positively influences gut bacteria, which in turn results in reduced inflammation as well. A paleo diet for diverticular disease should focus on gelatinous cuts of meat, bone broths, well-cooked vegetables, starchy tubers, and fermented foods.

Reducing your stress level is also important for bringing down levels of intestinal inflammation, as stress has been shown to activate inflammation in the intestine. (15) Stress can absolutely wreak havoc on the gut, so it is essential that any program focused on preventing diverticulitis attacks include proper stress management. This means incorporating mind-body activities such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc on a regular basis. If you’re someone who’s constantly stressed out and never takes time to take care of your own well-being, it’s unlikely you’ll be successful in preventing diverticulitis attacks even if you implement all the other suggestions outlined in this article. This one is important!

Another way to reduce an inflamed intestine is to supplement with soothing and healing demulcent herbs – deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) has been shown to reduce mucosal damage and inflammation in rodents (16, 17) and it is likely that other demulcent herbs such as slippery elm and marshmallow root may have the same effect. Take chewable DGL tablets or mix a spoonful of slippery elm or marshmallow root powder in a small amount of water and drink 1-3 times per day to help soothe and heal an inflamed intestine. Another healing substance for the gut – bone broth – should be liberally consumed for this purpose as well.

Altered Intestinal Bacteria

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is common in diverticulitic patients. (18) Rifaximin, a non-absorbable antibiotic (meaning it only affects the gut, not the rest of the body), has been shown to effectively treat SIBO (19) and this treatment has also been shown to improve diverticular disease outcomes. (20) Bacterial overgrowth, along with fecal stasis inside the diverticula, can contribute chronic dysbiosis which can lead to low-grade inflammation (21), so improving gut bacterial balance is crucial to reducing intestinal inflammation.

Probiotic supplementation has been shown to be safe and potentially useful in diverticular disease (22) and is likely to be even more beneficial when combined with other therapies. If you’re not already consuming probiotics from your food (in the form of kefir, kombucha, kimchi, etc) then you should consider adding a supplement like VSL #3 or Prescript Assist (though even if you are consuming probiotics, a supplement isn’t a bad idea!). As Chris has mentioned, Prescript Assist tends to be the probiotic of choice for those suffering from constipation so start with that if you tend to err on the side of decreased motility.

Prebiotics are also very useful for correcting dysbiosis, and should be considered by those with diverticular disease. Prebiotics “stimulate selectively the growth and/or activity of intestinal bacteria associated with health and well-being” (23), which is exactly what we want when we’re trying to shift the balance of the microbes back to the good guys. My go-to prebiotic is Pure Encapsulations fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) powder, but others include GOS and even lactulose. Supplementation with 10g of FOS per day has been shown to increase counts of bifidobacteria. (24) As with all prebiotics, it’s important to start with a very small amount and increase slowly. If you’re sensitive to FODMAPs you’ll want to be particularly careful as prebiotics are also FODMAPs. However, if you tolerate them well I think prebiotics can be a powerhouse when it comes to correcting imbalanced gut flora.

Most importantly, it’s crucial to treat SIBO or dysbiosis. As we’ve discussed, these conditions are very common in those with diverticular disease so it’s worth checking on your gut bacteria to see how they’re doing, using specialty labs such as Genova Diagnostics (and get your calprotectin tested while you’re at it!). It’s best to work with a practitioner who can test and treat you for these conditions.

Abnormal Colonic Motility

Researchers have found that those suffering from symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease have what they like to call a “spastic colon” in the areas affected by diverticulosis. (25) This is similar to what is found in patients with constipation predominant IBS and in functional constipation.  These same researchers also found that patients with diverticulitis disease have reduced density of interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC for short – a fun name for the “pacemaker cells” of the intestine). (26) In studies on animals with a lack of ICC networks, delayed or absent intestinal motility is noted. (27, 28) What this means for diverticular patients is that these lack of networks and a spastic colon can cause increased symptoms in terms of constipation and bloating/pain. Though we’re not entirely sure what we can do to directly affect these cells (yet), it’s important to use therapies aimed toward improving motility if this is an issue for you.

Know that correcting SIBO and dysbiosis will go a long way toward improving constipation, so this is a good place to start. Given that our stool is mostly made up of dead bacteria, one can imagine that without proper amounts of good bacteria we’re going to have a tough time bulking the stool. Prebiotics can be particularly useful for constipation given that they selectively increase good bacteria like bifidobacteria. However, if you’re still struggling after correcting dysbiosis, here are some additional recommendations.

First, serotonin is an important player in gut motility. Serotonin concentrations in those with colonic diverticulosis are significantly lower than normal controls and contribute to the type of bowel habit following a test meal. (29) Serotonin transporter (SERT) transcript levels are also lower in those with a history of diverticulitis compared to controls and those with asymptomatic diverticulosis. (30) Inflammation is also known to decrease SERT expression and function (31, 32), so following the recommendations to lower intestinal inflammation is of course the first step to improving gut motility. In addition, it is also likely that supplementation with 5-HTP (a precursor to serotonin) may alleviate constipation and increase motility since it will increase serotonin levels. Note: do not take 5-HTP without talking to your doctor first if you are on an SSRI medication.

Second, if you’re currently on a low carbohdyrate paleo diet, you may want to consider increasing your carbohydrate intake. In my experience working with those with constipation on a paleo diet, this is the single most effective diet-based recommendation I’ve seen. If you’re at a loss as to what starches to add in, check out this excellent handout from Balanced Bites. Note: since SIBO is so common for those with diverticulosis, this step may need to wait until that has been treated, and may not be appropriate for some people.

Magnesium supplementation can also be very useful for people with constipation. Given that only about half of US adults consume the RDA for magnesium (33), it’s safe to say that a lot of us probably aren’t getting enough. This is due to the fact that not many foods naturally contain high amounts of magnesium, and even those that do have less due to the depletion of magnesium from our soil. Check out this magnesium soil content map to see how your local area is doing (and think about where most of your food comes from – if you’re not eating local you may not even know what soil your food is being grown in!).


By reducing our intestinal inflammation, balancing our gut bacteria, and improving our intestinal motility it is likely that we can prevent diverticulitis attacks. I’ll leave you with a set of action steps so you remember exactly what to do to improve these underlying factors.

Action Steps to Prevent Diverticulitis Attacks:

  • Eat a paleo diet!
  • Reduce stress
  • Use demulcent herbs such as DGL, slippery elm, and marshmallow root to soothe and heal the intestine
  • Take probiotics like VSL #3 or Prescript Assist
  • Take prebiotics like FOS powder
  • Treat SIBO or dysbiosis
  • Reduce intestinal inflammation to increase SERT functioning, and consider supplementation with 5-HTP
  • If you’re currently on a low carbohdyrate paleo diet, consider adding some starchy tubers to your diet
  • Supplement with magnesium
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Kelsey is a registered dietitian specializing in digestive and hormonal health. She graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and went on to complete her dietetic internship at Milford Regional Medical Center in Milford, Massachusetts. She also has a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

Kelsey loves helping people find their unique, personalized diet that will help them heal, not anyone else. She has always been interested in nutrition and health, and is honored to now help people find a diet that brings them happiness and longevity.

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  1. Great news people!
    I actually forgot about this site for 2 years. Recent studies show that processed sugar and processed wheat are the 2 main contributors to divertic. I’ve been off sugar for the most part, and wheat for the last 3 years and haven’t had a single problem. I eat tons of strawberries, popcorn, blueberries, chia seeds and have no issues at all. Seeds never were a problem for me but for some reason people attribute seeds to divertic.
    This disease can virtually be graphed over the top of a processed flour proliferation chart.

    • Natano, i am looking for those studies you mentioned but i can’t seem to find them. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  2. Hi, i am new here and I am very interested in this entire topic and I am going to spend the time to read everyone’s previous comments (iv gotten some good ideas so far). My question for the group is “How long do other people’s diverticulitis attacks last”? my story so far:

    I am on my 7th week of an attack and 6th week of an infection and my 5th script (soon to be 6th) of antibiotics (moxiclav duo forte 875/125).

    I was diagnosed last year 30 years old after i had a flare up, I went for a colonoscopy and diverticulitis was found. Since then i had 2 small flare ups (3-4 days) and one massive one (current) that i cannot seem to shake. During this last attack (early stages) i went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and provided some blood and stood tests. These came back with stool infection. I took the remaining antibiotics and had another colonoscopy the week after (did the whole prep and low fibre clear fluid thing that everyone does). Operation revealed that the diverticulitis had spread, they took some biopsies and said see you in another 5 years (wtf). Biopsies showed i still have an infection and that i need to treat it. Back to the doctors for a 2nd course of antibiotics and a repeat script just in case. I then went on a clear fluid diet (mostly water and clear soups / stocks and protein shakes for about 3.5 days while taking the antibiotics. I then got the third script filled as i hadn’t improved yet and was really bloody hungry by then. So i went on soft food / low fibre diet of mostly soup, noddles, plane chicken or fish, some white bread and juices. I had been doing this 2 weeks and now into the start of my 3rd, iv stopped eating chicken and fish and almost all fluids with 1 piece of white bread a day to eat my antibiotics. I’ve been back to the doctors and got 2 more repeat scripts (about to finish my 5th and go onto my 6th) i have noticed over the last 2 days the pain getting worse rather than better. I am back on clear fluid, water, juice and soups. I also take a daily probiotic tablet and multi vitamins.

    From a symptoms perspective, i have the standard pain that everyone would be familiar with, mine is top left (rather than the common bottom left), the pain radiates into my back and it feels like i have kidney pain constantly. I also got some small fevers a few days ago but they have stopped and a also left testicular pain (dull throb) constantly. I have been mostly having loose stools and mild diarrhea with the occasional blood in the stool (fresh bright red). During the last 3 weeks i also got some kind of UTI that only lasted 3 days, i read that might be associated with the constant infection in the gut e.g. traveling into the blood stream and out through the liver and kidneys (thus into my urine).

    I am so over this s**t (pun intended) and need some ideas. 6 weeks seems like way too long and it doesn’t feel like the antibiotics are doing anything at all. The only time I start to feel better is when I don’t eat food and I can only sustain that for 3-4 days.

    • John, I hope that you’re feeling better by now. I wondered, if the docs checked you for C-diff. I was on 3 courses of the standard 2 antibiotics for my first diverticulitis attack and developed C-diff. The symptoms are somewhat similar to the divert…aches in different parts of the colon with diarrhea and/or loose stool. It kept recurring even, but a 6 week step down antibiotic regime saved the day.

    • See info at earthclinic.com I tried what people had success with grapefruit seed extract and vitamin C, (Vit C must be separate from meds by about 3 hrs) I used 15 drops GFSE 4x/day until pain is gone, then 1x/day forever to help prevent.
      Worked for me in a few hours, but I had been taking Vit C for 2 days prior because I thought at first it was a stomach bug.

  3. I have a great question, would make an immense difference to me if you could give me some ideas as to a remedy. Last month I woke one night with intense pain, went to the ER. Diagnosis: Perforation with possible Diverticulitis. Never had GI issues until this. DID Emergency surgery to close the perforation, out of the hosptial in 5 days. Went home on standard low residue foods, but having issues with that, bloating, pain, fever. Now the problem, the GI doc I went to told me they should have set up a temporary colostomy to allow my colon to heal through this but did not, solutin to this is to redo the surgery! NO WAY! What can I do now to help the inflammation and heal my colon. I am having problems eating, so right now, NO FOOD. Any supplements or anything I can do to avoid this? Please! What a mess!

      • The research I’ve done In the last few years points to processed flower and processed sugar as been 2 if the main culprits responsible for the build up in your intestinal walls that can cause infection. I have gone to a gluten-free diet which cleared up the back of my arms and has eliminated the phlegm buildup in my throat. I thought it was normal to constantly be clearing your throat but it’s not. Send switching to a mainly vegetarian diet and eliminating sugar I haven’t had any problems in 3 years. Everyone is different but this certainly works for me.

  4. Kelsey, you did not mention high fiber diets. Many studies show that it can help prevent flare ups. If you agree, what would be your go-to fiber supplement? Thank you so much!

  5. I’ve just been released from the hospital with my first bout of diverticulitis, which was diagnosed via CT scan. I was treated with narcotics, which are making me constipated. I’m home now and off pain meds. What should I do about the constipation?

    • 1/3 cup of All Bran daily has been working for me better than anything I have tried. Occasional does Miralax aoso works but drinks lots of water with Miralax as it draws water to the bowel to soften it and it will draw it from the kidneys if you are not drinking enough water.

    • 1/3 cup of All Bran daily has been working for me better than anything I have tried. Occasional does Miralax aoso works but drinks lots of water with Miralax as it draws water to the bowel to soften it and it will draw it from the kidneys if you are not drinking enough water.

      Also I found that insoluble Fiber works best for me. Soluble Fiber does not digest and causes repeat problems but everyone is different you just have to experiment to find what works best for you.

  6. I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis. I eat raw spinach salads, with dried cranberries and crispy onions every day. Is that bad.

  7. Hi Pj, I’m not sure I’m the best one to answer your question about fiber. I tried Metamucil but preferred taking a daily fiber gummy but both my husband and felt it left us feeling bloated. So now I eat around 1200-1500 calories a day. I eat mostly protein and salad consisting of spinach and romaine, olives and raw onion. I eat yogurt, soup, chicken, beef and eggs and take probotics and my vitamins including turmeric and ginger root. Probably not getting enough fiber but I feel really good.

    • Gail,

      Thank you.
      I won’t take anymore. I took aloe vera and hoping it’ll work me soon.
      I take the ginger root tea and will be getting the gse.
      I’ll try to get my protein else where.

      • Yes, I’ve taken the Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm capsules before bed when I get a mild stomach ache. If I felt discomfort in the morning I would either do a liquid diet for the day or a soft food diet for a few days. I’ve been very fortunate to only have one attack so far. Hoping by changing diet and allowing my colon to rest by intermittent fasting that I won’t experience another attack. My Dr. suggested prunes for fiber but I hate prunes and have read some have problems with the prune skins so felt OK about not eating them.

        • Gail,

          I am glad you mentioned the prunes.
          I was concerned about the skins also so I have eaten any.
          I still eat very lite and I do chicken noodle soup on some days also, like today.
          But I am trying to put on 10 lbs so I need to eat as much regular food as I can.
          Tonight I cooked grilled chicken, sauted red potatoes and carrots, but I won’t eat any tonight.

          • I’m sure your Dr. could give you a recommended diet to gain weight or you can search the internet. Potatoes are easy to digest. I do eat white bread but have to eat it sparingly. I could eat ice cream but I would pick one that doesn’t have nuts. I eat French fries but not too many.

            • I don’t need it myself, but please tell me there’s a weight gain diet that does not involve massive amounts of carbs. Many create dysbiosis in the gut without there being other issues such as diverticulitis…..

                • It’s a blanket term for any imbalance of bacteria in the gut (there’s also SIBO= small intestinal bacteria overgrowth….That’s another whole subject). There are two major types of bacteria in the large intestine. It’s okay to have both, but you want one family to be dominant. The other family can pretty much rule your world by evening out more calories from carbs, make you crave carbs, excrete cytokines which can change moods, etc.
                  Look yup microbiome, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes… Josh Axe and David Perlmutter have lots of info on the importance of this ratio

              • Hi Dawn,

                Is this site still up? I do not see any current post.
                Have you been able to gain weight like you mentioned in your last post.

            • Gail,

              Should I go to the ER if I am constipated or call my doctor?
              I don’t think the aloe vera is helping.

              • It’s up to you. But I would start by calling your Dr. that has a history of your condition. I’ll be praying for you. Hope you feel better soon.

                • Gail,
                  Went to ER 4am. My bowels moved just as the nurse came in, so I went to the bathroom. I left. I feel better now. I will continue to take the aloe and miralax to be sure it moves and get that fiber drink out. Thanks

                • Gail,
                  Constipation is gone. Went to doctor she said metamucil can and probably did constipate me. Cat scan showed diverticulosis, no active “itis”. Now i’m trying to gain back 10 lbs. Eating potatoes as much as I can.

                • Gail,

                  Can you tell me , since I got the results from my cat scan that I do have diverticulosis, why do I still need to get a colonoscopy to tell me what I already know?

                • Gail,

                  I guess my question about cat scan vs colonoscopy was a little dumb.
                  I realized the colonoscopy will look for polyps and the overall condition of the colon.

                  I am scheduled to have it done on the 20th.

                  But I really woukd like to know what you think of the air fryer?

        • I see different people mention that they have tummy upset that they limit their foods or do a liquid diet. How is this not the start of a flare? I just dont understand.
          Can you have pains with diverticulosis and just stop eating and go liquid diet and it stops it from going into full blown diverticulitis? I had my first bout two months ago. Now I am having my second. This scares me because I went vegan (was vegetarian) and eat super healthy and lots of fiber. I take a fiber supplement on the days I feel I didnt get 25-30 gm. I think the reason for the second flare was eating 4 slices of cucumber, two slices of tomato (with seeds) and some wasabi within a couple days of each other. Help!

          • Susan, I’ve only had one attack. My doctor told me to go on a liquid diet for a few days followed by a soft food diet like jello, mashed potatoes, etc. to let my colon rest. I had an infection caused by popcorn or peanuts that got stuck in the diverticula. So I needed antibiotics. I don’t juice but I can eat romaine lettuce, spinach, olives. Hope that helps a little.

          • I have found oddly enough that too much fiber or too many raw veggies give me a problem. And for myself at least if I feel some discomfort I do go to a liquid diet and eat less when I’m better. I’ve struggled with this for years and this seems to be the most helpful for me at least.

            • Stuart, I agree and also feel better when I eat smaller portions and if it’s something I’m uncertain about I have a very small portion. An example was crushed pineapple. I made a dessert with pineapple, mandarin oranges and coconut. Only had one small serving to see if I got a stomachache and I didn’t. But my ordeal began from eating popcorn and peanuts and sitting for a car trip.

    • Hi Gail,

      I have been feeling well. I am adding to the list everyday of what I can eat. I ate yogurt ice cream for the 1st time today and apple pie for the calories. It digested well. I also ate out for breakfast at a breakfast bar. I had 1-1/2 servings of bacon, eggs, gritts and cornbeef hash. It digested well also. I took a 20-30 min walk at the end of the day. I have not weighed myself to see if I am gaining my weight back. I will wait a few weeks before I get on the scale. I am not sure if this site is still up because I do not see anyone posting. I only get chris’s post on healing regiments. I have found another site.

  8. I don’t know what I have but the main thing is very bad gas that occurs like 40 to 80 times an hr. It is the most foul smelling stuff and will stink up a whole room. Even outside in the wind it is very foul and hangs around for a long time. It gets my clothing and bed cloths smelling like that and can take days to come out unless I wash them. Of course it keeps on keeping on so this does no good.

  9. Well hello everybody my name is Vickie and I have just come across this website,let me tell you that diverticulitis has been a part of my life for almost 10 yrs and its been hell to say the least.
    I just had an episode last Friday and am on medicine right now and over the years I have not been able to take certain meds anymore because they make me sick or give me headaches! I was told 5 or so years ago I should have surgery and with this episode I am seriously considering it, this disease is scary because it could kill a person I have had so many infections I have lost count but its been more than 7, My doctor told me that if a person has more than 3 infections your lining is thinning out where that infection is taking place and is making a rupture more than possible and you know what happens than, as for stress I think thats what brought mine on in the first place years ago I have noticed when im really stressing for a long period of time I seem to get a flare up and depending on what I may be eating at that time too I wish there was a cure for this besides surgery im not looking forward to that.

    • Vickie, so sorry to hear about your long battle with divers. I’m wondering if when we’re dealing with extra stress we just aren’t paying as much attention to our diet? I have read that the list of foods to avoid can “grow” the longer we have this. Can’t advise about surgery but my surgeon said if a pocket perforates it will be emergency surgery. Guess you could always talk to your surgeon and find out how much of your colon he wants to repair and then decide if you should go ahead with it. God bless! Gail

      • Hi Gail
        Well surgery is out of the question for me according to the surgen I saw yesterday, He said my colon has to many pockets all over it so there is no relief there for me, the only way I will get surgery is in an emergency when a perforation happens, all I can do now is be extra careful with the diet and when I feel an attack coming on make sure I get to the ER ASAP!!! and not only that but I need to get a scan done every time cause I need to be checked for a perforation since I have had this issue for so long. Sounds like a death sentence to me!!!

      • Gail are you saying you had surgery? Do you ever feel a warmth coming up towards your chest? Has anyone had the surgery where they stick the tube down your throat and if so can the see more with that, like the lining of the stomach? I ask this because of what Vickie said about the stomach.

        • No, I haven’t had surgery. And can’t remember feeling warm in my chest. At first, I thought I had the flu but then I had terrible pain and it was confirmed after a colonoscopy that I have diverticula.

          • Hi Gail,
            Does this mean you do not have diverticulitis? But you do have diverticula? I’m told “itis” is worse. I am suppose to get a colonoscopy in a few weeks. He said if he see that some of my colon needs to be removed he will do it. I get a cat scan next week. I honestly do not know if I want to have any colon removed. How is it you escaped that? Do you work?

            • It’s my understanding that the diverticula is the pockets that form on your colon. I have one. The diverticulitis is when food gets caught in the pocket. Yes, I would get a colonoscopy so you can see what is going on. They showed me pictures. I would not have any part of my colon removed if this is your first attack until you adjust your diet and add some exercise a few times a week. The colonoscopy doesn’t hurt cause they put you to sleep. The preparation is the worst part you need to stay close to home.

                • Hi Pj, I first went to my family Dr. They scheduled a CT scan. The CT scan showed the inflammation. My family Dr scheduled the apt with the surgeon. I had a consultation with him before they scheduled me for the colonoscopy. They make you wait for about 3 weeks to get the colonoscopy so that your colon has had time to heal. My surgeon gave me a folder with all the info on what to do. Hope that helps some.

                • Gail,
                  Yes that helps. My primary doctor waiting 2 weeks to schedule the CT and the GI doctor is having me wait 4 weeks to have the colonoscopy.

                • To everyone,
                  I think it would be better that everyone posting is honest and clear with exactly what type of Diver they have. The type has a lot to do with the symptoms and healing. Diverticu(la), (osis) or (itis) are all different stages. When you’re posting about your experiences it will be good to know the exact type of the condition.

                • I got to this site looking for an “instant cure” because I too was in Denial and i didn’t want to believe anyone.
                  I took it upon myself to throw away the second prescription “flagyl”
                  both the flagyl and cypro together were making me feel worse than my divers. So I came here and read comments, asked questions and I Changed my eating habits. Now I know what will make me feel bad and how to prepare for it or make myself feel better. Long story short, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink it”
                  So, PJ all of your tests and etc etc sound like the Doctors bilking the Insurance company to me. Diverticulitis doesn’t just go away. My Doctor freaked when I told him I wasn’t taking the Flagyl . I didn’t care, It was making me feel worse. Three thing I got from this site is Courage, GSE, and Olive Oil.
                  My first symptoms of divers I thought it was indigestion , so I juiced 3 days in a row, and it went away. The second time (3 months later) I ate Huge bowls of Bran flakes thinking it was indigestion – huge mistake…. that is what put me in the ER –
                  For anyone to tell you it is OK to poop every other day to me is a QUACK – Please tell me one good reason to retain poop for so long ?
                  Anyways, I am not replying to you anymore, this is no quick fix, this is a new way of life for us. You can either fall into the “Medical” way of doing things and end up pooping in a bag for the rest of your life, or you can make Immediate changes and make yourself better naturally. It is up to you. but it will take time and patience. One last thing, STAY AWAY FROM GLUTEN. good luck on your whatever your doctors are having you do, and please take care.

                • John,
                  I thank you for your concerns and comments. I definitely did not intend to come across in a negative way. I have always been regular on a daily basis with my poops. I still am. I just wanted to share with you all what my doctors have told me in hopes of getting some great advice. My primary doctor and the GI told me people don’t have to poop everyday. I am not saying I agree with that. I have always felt the need to go every morning. Please do not stop responding to my comments. I look forward to them. I am drinking ginger root tea now(it has an acquired taste) and I will be getting the organic tumeric and ginger this weekend for my smoothies. I am watching what I eat. I have no left front pain anymore but my goal is to stop these flu like systems from coming on as well as the numbness and air or gassy feeling I get on my left side some nights when I sleep. I also really need to gain 10 lbs. I am a small framed female so the weight loss shows. Also gaining the 10 lbs will help with my energy and strength. Yesterday I ate mild wings and fries. I never ate things like steak or pork chops or mac n cheese so I won’t miss food like that. I feel like my stomach is trying to settle or move back into place. I hope to get my cat scan results on monday and then maybe I will have an idea of what it shows then I will be getting the colonoscopy in a few weeks. Think of this blog as rehab. We can not turn our backs on someone in rehab who is in the need of help. I thank God for all of you and you sharing your comments. I will still read your comments John. Thanks

                • John,
                  I also feel the antibiotics made me feel worse. Especially the levoflaxin. It made me so weak and I think that is the one that took my weight because I could not eat. I am not on any medicine now.

                • Hi Gail,
                  I want to let you know that I had my cat scan 2 days ago and I go in for a f/u with my doctor on Monday and I should get the results then. I do not have any more pain. My appetite has improved a lot so hopefully I will gain 10 lbs out of the 20 that I lost back. I watch what I eat. The types of food I have eaten is mild wings, fries, salmon, mashed potatoes, cereal, almond milk. I am affraid to eat salads or vegetables. I actually felt hungry for the 1st time yesterday. That is when I had the salmon/mashed potatoes from red lobster. I do not have the desire to cook. When I get in my bed at night I still have that feeling like my body is convulsing and I feel flu like. Should I take medicine for this flu feeling? This only seems to happen at night in my bed. You all are right about stress because when I feel nervous I get that funny feeling of nasty inside it tries to rise up in my chest. Nervousness use to settle in my stomach. During most days I feel like nothing is wrong then at bedtime I get that sick flu feeling in bed. But if I am sleeping on the sofa I don’t feel it. Do you know what to think of that.? I have also started drinking ginger root tea.

              • Hi Gail,

                Can you please tell me if we can eat grilled shrimp or cantelope with the divers?

                • I have eaten both of those without any problems. However, different people have different reactions to certain foods. You should try alittle and see how you feel. The main culprits are seeds, nuts, raw vegetables, etc. Keeping a food journal helps so that if you don’t feel well you can look back a day or two and see what you’ve eaten. And then it helps you record your “safe” foods as well as “avoid” foods.

                • Gail,

                  I will eat a few grilled shrimp today and a few pieces of cantelope tomorrow.

                  Any advice on fried foods. I cooked breaded fillet flounder last night and put garlic powder, pepper garlic, butter and olive oil on it. It was really good and no problems with it.

                  I am going to buy an air fryer.

                • Gail,

                  What are your thoughts on fiber such as metamucil?
                  I started using it 2 days ago and I feel constipated.
                  I have been eating very small meals so it should not be my food intake.
                  I took aloe vera last night and this morning to help my stomach move.
                  Please let me know your thoughts on this.

                • It is very possible that your flu like feelings and inability to gain weight are due to fluoroquinolone toxicity. The fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics which includes Cipro and Levaquin can be highly toxic and many people have had adverse ( sometimes delayed ) reactions. They can destroy the gut bacteria completely for up to a year. Many people have been left crippled by them with severe musculoskeletal skeletal problems.

    • Hi Vickie, I am 65, had my 1st serious bout of a Diver.. in 2008, was in Hospital, then a few bouts in between. Was in a very stressful time in 2013, lost my job the end of 2013 and got sick April 2014 with a terrible case of diverticulitis. It went on and on round after round of cipro and flagyl in Hospital twice. By September 2014 I went for a Colonoscopy the Dr could not do, said I was so inflamed he could perforate my bowel. Then I also developed a fistula. Said I need a Surgeon. I was scared but saw a Surgeon, who said from Cat scan I needed the surgery. Thank God I liked this Surgeon. Anyway I had the surgery Oct 15, 2014. The Surgeon was great, came to see me daily, I have been fine since then. I can’t eat raw veggies but eat at home a salad a day,take probiotics, don’t eat steak can’t digest, very little red meat no pork, softer stuff and have been fine. I am not a fan of surgery but I needed it because I was so sick for so long. I hope I helped you. Just pray, God will show you what is best for you, he is with you through it all.

      • Hi Cris
        Well I saw a surgen yesterday only to be told[ that my situation is not unique but not all that common] I can not have surgery because my colon has to many pockets in order to possibly give me any relief, the only way I will ever get surgery is if a flare up perforates than its emergency surgery of course. I guess what this tells me is that this issue with pockets has gotten worse over the years, cause 7 years ago a GI Dr told me to get surgery! You can imagine how this made me feel to basically hear its to late now for you, I had no clue that was even possible and I now wonder is it possible that even if I would of gotten the surgery when told that I could of ended up with new pockets elsewhere? So all that I can do now is really be careful with my diet and as soon as I feel an attack coming on I need to not only get to the ER ASAP!!! but, make sure I always get a scan done in case there is a perforation, hows that for a death sentence?

        • Vickie you definitely need a second opinion. My diverticulitis was not as bad however as I previously mentioned I had it on the splenic flexure towards the top of the colon all the way towards the bottom sigmoid and all of that came off and my dr recommended me to my surgeon and even the surgeon told me it’s better to get the infected colon out to avoid future flare-ups.

          • Hi Charise
            Yeah I have been wondering if I should get in touch with my main Dr and see if she would get me in touch with a different surgeon but this is the surgeon she referred me to, don’t know until I try!

        • Oh Vickie,
          I feel so bad for you. The most important thing for you now is not to stress. I think that is worse than a bad diet. Do your best, I believe God and am putting you on my prayer list for a miracle. I have had other medical issues, since that time in April when I got so sick with the diver… before the surgery I have been in the hospital 13 times. Crazy since I never had a problem prior to loosing my job. Last year I had uterine cancer but it was stage 1, I needed no chemo, I’m telling you all this to cry out to God and ask him to take care of you. If you don’t believe, he is still with you. It is a very hard thing to be told what you have been told by your Dr. Could you get a 2nd. Opinion. Anyway, as best as you can don’t stress, and if you can believe give all this to the Lord, He truly will care for you. Cris ???

      • By the way I am only 50 soon to be 51 next month and my only child turned 18, 2 days ago, what a great life huh?

        • Thank you for your story. I am touching 50 and my son is 20 and a junior in college. I was diagnosed 1 week ago. I see you all mention flare ups. Is this the sharp pain in your fron left side. Or the weakness and mild fevers? I do not have anymore pain but I am constantly weak. Can I take a multivitamin or B12? Do you all work? I have been ob my job nearly 13 years and I am wondering how I am going to work with this when I go back to work after 1 week off. I am also praying to gain my weight back. I think the levoflaxin antibiotic took my weight and makes you weaker.

          • I can only speak for myself. I have had only one attack of doubling-over pain in the lower left area last August. Since then just a few mild stomach aches and I have taken Aloe Vera capsules and Slippery Elm capsules. I bought the Slippery Elm at Amazon. After my attack, my Dr. put me on a liquid diet followed by a soft food diet. I lost about 10 lbs. also during the first two weeks. It is life changing but it doesn’t have to control your life. Mainly, I stay away from popcorn, seeds and nuts. You may have to take a bag lunch with foods you know you can eat. Hope that helps a little. My Dr. did say that he sees most patients with divers about every 3 years. I now take probiotics and drink kefir.

            • Thank you for saying it does not have to control my life. I sat in the house for 7 days after I was diagnosed. And I’m sure the antibiotics had a lot to do with that. I wanted to die! My 1st onset of pain did not have me doubling over but it was enough for me to know something was wrong. I also had fever. Today I feel mild aches. I really need to know if you feel flu like sometimes even now? How do you know if you really have the flu or if it’s the diverticulitis? My doctor does not recommend aloe vera as a laxative. He says it’s better to use miralax. He also said it is not necessary to take it everyday. I also need to know if you feel gas or air or cold going thru parts of your body mainly at night when asleep? Is this the diverticulitis? If so what is it?

              • sounds like you are just getting over the attack. 1 – Get a new doctor !! ha ha ha.
                I drink Aloe Vera daily – along with GSE and even Olive Oil . In fact I drink fresh juice every day . lots of turmeric and ginger – the turmeric and ginger will ease your pain fast – fresh root, and if you feel like flu make some tea with the ginger and turmeric – lots of it – the GSE will help FAST also – 15 drops in water .
                ahhh Citrucel is really good – I take 2 a day – you can even take more if needed.

                • I hope your comment means after awhile I will begin to feel much better. I went back to work 2 days ago after being off for 1 week. I was weak today but not as bad as last week. I am on short term disability for this week but I am tired of just laying around the house. I started taking a 1 a day multivitamin hoping that’ll give me energy. I feel like I need physical therapy to rejuvinate my body. Can you please tell me how normal is your life now? Do you work?

                • yes I work –
                  If you were taking the 2 common antibiotics you are mostly feeling bad from them.
                  Don’t wait to get the GSE – take your first dose at night before you go to bed. It will make you sleepy because it is taking the toxins out of your body. I was in pain for MONTHS after my diagnosis . I read the GSE here, tried it, and it really helps – I take it daily for “maintenance” The way I see this disease is it it Gods way of telling us we are eating poorly. I have changed my diet completely. I will never eat another Raw carrot, peanut, or piece of popcorn ever again. Of course I do eat Peanut butter, and drink carrot juice. The turmeric and Ginger will help your pain, the Ginger will give you energy. All the other juicing you could do will give you Protein, and nutrients your body needs. Kale ounce for ounce , has more protein than beef. Watch the movie “fat, sick, and nearly dead”
                  Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.
                  If i don’t make my juice, I find somewhere that sells juice. but i do it every day. I cook with olive oil with low heat, I eat lots of beets, and avocados. You will get better, the speed is up to how you start taking care of yourself. if you drink Soda, stop. start taking care of your temple.

                • Thanks Chris,
                  I do not drink sodas. The pain on my left front has practically gone. It’s the numbness in my left arm that worries me. And a flush of a funny feeling that comes up from my stomach every now and then, I also will never eat a raw brocolli or cauliflower again. I also won’t eat lettuce. I have been on my job for 13 years and I hope to be there another 15. I am 50 but that’s still young. I thank god for this chat room. You all are so encouraging.

                • Everyone,
                  Can you all please answer a few questions for me:
                  1.) Can I gain my weight back? I lost 20 lbs.?
                  2.) Can I continue to work a job with diverticulitis?
                  3.) You know you are over the attack when what symptoms go away?
                  4.) Exactly what symtoms did you all have and how long did they last? Days or weeks?
                  5.) Should I have a colonoscopy done now?
                  6.) Should I have my infected colon removed? What are the pros and cons?

                • I am not Chris – But i did read Chris saying to work on your Stress – The bag is Permanent – you’ll never swim again, or anything active, it is not an option for me. scares me to even think about a bag. I am a single father with a 6 year old. I am active. No, this isn’t my job. I was just like you. but reading ideas here, has helped me A LOT !
                  I am telling you ….. Ingest turmeric and ginger as soon as you can, crush it make some tea with it…. pour it over your favorite tea bag…. add lemon and honey ….
                  Get GSE asap !! take it now
                  those 3 things alone will make you feel better. if you get drowsy or lethargic after the GSE it is normal. it is the toxins getting taken out of your body.
                  MSM is also good… but i just started that. GSE I feel is the best.

                • Sorry John,
                  If GSE makes you drowsy I don’t need that now. I’m trying to get energy.
                  I read some blogs where people said they were on a bag until they healed then it was removed. I’m leary about removing my colon. I think It’s still too soon. Also did you experience numbness in your left arm or other parts of your body?

                • Ginger and turmeric helps inflammation.
                  And i would rather feel a little drowsy than what you feeling now.

                • John,
                  I ate salmon and mashed potatoes yesterday and I had my regular bowel movement this morning with no fiber mix or laxative. But I will be using the metamucil.

                • I just googled GSE. I was suprised to see it is grapefruit drops.
                  I will try it. Maybe i can get it from amazon with the tumeric and ginger for smoothies.

              • I thought the Aloe Vera also helped with digestion. I only take it if I feel a heaviness or mild stomach ache. Well, the pain was very low & on the left side. It was a bacterial infection. Drs said pain was from inflammation. I also take turmeric. I was having a knee problem but that has cleared up. Also, I make homemade Italian dressing with extra virgin olive oil for my daily salad. This divers has been a blessing in disguise in that it was a wake-up call to get healthy. Thanks to the Lord’s help, I feel healthier than I have been in years. These comments have helped & when I was looking for answers I read everyone’s comments. I haven’t tried GSE but I am planning on getting some & having it available.

                • Hi Gail,
                  Your comments are so inspiring. As I said in a post to chris, I was off last week after I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I went back to work monday and yesterday. I was approved for fmla short term disability thru my job for this week so I will be off the remainder of the week. I should’ve asked for more time than that. I am now taking a 1 a day multivitamin to hopefully get energy. I am trying to see if my bowels will move on there on without help. The GI said if they do I don’t have to use fiber or laxitive. So far so good. The left side of my body is numb and weak often. Did you experience that?

                • 1.) Can I gain my weight back? I lost 20 lbs.? – yes – if you need to –
                  2.) Can I continue to work a job with diverticulitis? – yes – even ride a bike and swim
                  3.) You know you are over the attack when what symptoms go away? – pain lower left goes away
                  4.) Exactly what symtoms did you all have and how long did they last? Days or weeks? – Pain for months – less every day
                  5.) Should I have a colonoscopy done now? – I cringe at the thought of pooping in a bag.
                  6.) Should I have my infected colon removed? What are the pros and cons? – each person is different.

                  Stress is a problem – Turmeric will help with your stress. instead of freaking out, read the comments here and start experimenting with the different things others do. get on Amazon and buy a juicer. you will never be constipated again. Get on Youtube and watch the movie I told you about. If you dose GSE today, you will feel a tiny bit better tomorrow. When I feel pain lower left I dose GSE, Olive Oil, and Aloe Juice. ( i always put in my regular juices anyways) You will get better. Your body takes time to heal.
                  stretch , walk , smile.

                • Gail,
                  Also most of my stress comes from my work environment. It’s not the work it is the people that stress me out. I am thinking of taking a few more weeks off because of that.

                • Gail,

                  I am reading over some of the post and I envy you for being able to eat salads. I am afraid to eat green salads because of the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. I was an avid salad eater as well as steamed brocolli, cauliflower and carrots. I am also afraid to eat fruit so I buy fruity protein smoothies. Now I can’t bring myself to eat any of it. The only vegetable I eat is canned carrots. I think my GI told me not to eat beans either.

                • Gail, please explain to me! You say twice you cant eat raw vegs, then say you have a salad every day and that you juice. That sounds raw to me.

            • Also even if you have the surgery can’t you still possibly get this again? Also, “please” tell me how I can put weight on.

              • I had the surgery 2.5 yrs ago and am doing fine. Yes you can work, yes you can live, John is telling you to use Tumeric, cut out sugar, the white stuff. I was sick with fevers I felt like I had the flu with left lower quadrant pain, but it’s over. If you don’t trust your Doctor find another one. You can’t just have a colonoscopy when you want one, it has to be coordinated, and yes they can see inflammation in a Cat scan, I had many. I also has an abscess, thank God it went away on its own,
                To me the BIGGEST problem is WORRY and letting yourself STRESS over all this, that just makes everything worse and magnified. Try to relax, enjoy your job st least you have one follow what works for you, listen to your good Dr and John gave you some great advice. Judt don’t stress”………..and I lost weight over 20 lbs, I needed to, you will put on weight when you eat what you can handle no worries….

                • Chris,
                  I did not know I came across as if I do not trust my doctor. I am just trying to get the understanding of the colonoscopy in conjunction with the surgery.

                • Chris,
                  Since you say you had the surgery to have colon removed, can you explain about the bag? Did you have to wear one? For how long? Someone wrote that the bag is permanent.

                • Hello PJ,
                  No I never had to have a bag.. They removed a foot of dead colon, in the sigmoid area, and stapled me up. When I was healed I have been ok since, no bag, thank God. Things just got so bad for me I needed the surgery, or if I did not get it when I had, Im sure I would have gotten it some time in the future. I eat well. Like John, Salmon, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, eggs, turkey or chicken. I never eat pork, just something I don’t like. I eat no raw veggies, I try to juice a few times a week and Dame Green Vibrance a green drink from the health store. Lots of water and green tea. And I have learned not to worry or stress as I did in the past. It was a total waste of time but I didn’t know better then. Take care of yourself.

                • Hello PJ,
                  None of us are Doctors, so whatever is giving you a flu like feeling, drink lots of clear liquids, rest, and if need be go to see your Doctor. Obviously rest is very important and staying hydrated.

                  Hope you feel better soon!

                • Chris,
                  I thought it was the divers. I take it you no longer suffer from the constant flu feeling since you had the surgery?

                • Hi Chris,

                  Can you tell me if shrimp(grilled) are ok to eat with divers?
                  Also cantelope?


                • Chris,

                  2 nights ago I cooked grilled shrimp. I added ground turmeric and ginger, garlic powder and garlic pepper. I also ate cantelope earlier that day.(not trying to give you my menu) but. The next day mid morning I had s mild upset stomach. I was trying to see if it was the shrimp or fruit or the seasoning. I read that turmeric can cause diarrhea.

                • Hi Chris. I am hoping that you won’t mind a few questions. I am a 39 year old woman. I was just hospitalized for 4 days after having lower left quadrant pain. I had no idea what it was. Turns out I also had an abscess. I was on a Flagyl and Cipro IV that entire time. Left with the same oral medication. I was told my abscess went away. I am now home and feeling extremely vulnerable to food and scared to consume it.
                  While in the hospital a surgeon came to let me know surgery was in my future. Be it sooner or later. I was repeatedly told surgery was a matter of “when” not “if”. This scares me. I can’t bring myself to accept that. Can you offer me your take based on your experience. Was surgery your choice or emergency? The prospect terrifies me.

                • Hi Daphene,
                  Having Surgery is a big decision, I had no choice. As I have written a I had divers, in the Hospital in 2008. Was good till April 2014, it just went on nd on. I wasn’t even working, had been laid off. I was on rounds of Cipro and Flagyl, I dislike those meds, the left lower pain and fevers kept on. By September I had a “ Colonoscopy” which the Gadtro Dr couldn’t perform, saidI was so inflamed he could have perforated my bowel He said Ineeded to see a Surgeon. I wasn’t really thinking clearly at that point, I just was suffering for so long. Thank GodI was connected to a wonderful Surgeon, he said I needed the surgery, it wasn’t Emergency, yet it was. Anyway, that was mid October 2014, thank God it is now March 2018 and I feel good. I am ashamed to admit I do not always eat perfectly healthy but I do try. I am back to eating vegetables, chicken, salmon softer foods. I even eat nuts but masticate them. Yogurt with granola. I use Tumeric and various herbs. The surgery no doubt helped me. You need to find someone you can trust, who will be honest with you, show you on your Cat scans the problem, or whatever. And then just take care of yourself. Sometimes no matter how much we do to take care of ourselves, things happen. Don’t beat up yourself just do what is best for you, don’t compare yourself to others. God bless you. Xo

            • Even if you have the surgery can’t you still possibly get this again? Please tell me how I can put on weight.

        • A fistula is a weakening of an organ. I developed it in my bladder, when I had the severe diverticulitis, maybe all the meds caused it, it’s not good because if it developed in the bowel the contents can leak through out your system. They were concerned that I had a hole in my bladder and if the bowel ruptured it would be a bad situation. I had surgery, and it all healed up.

          • Hi Chris,

            How would you know if your bowels ruptured.
            Just curious.
            Also can this condition affect your liver or kidneys etc?
            Just curious.

    • Good morning Vickie, I’m 35 years old and just had my surgery recently. The doctor had to remove the splenic flexure all the way down to the sigmoid colon (about a foot of colon). Before that, I had a total of 4 episodes. Two episodes were back to back and my doctor informed me it was time. To be honest the preparation was the worse part but the surgery itself wasn’t bad. Because of my episodes, the area were my diverticulitis occurred was becoming attached to my uterus and pelvis so the doctor had to clean out all that area and said he made me new again. I was in the hospital for 2 days. My doctor said I should never have an issue again with diverticulitis and I should not restrict myself from certain kinds of food. I truly suggest you have the surgery. You can avoid those gross antibiotic pills and risk a complication which will be worse. Talk to your doctor and get opinions and pray. I wish you all the best of luck.

      Hugs ?

      • Hi again Charise
        Vickie here, just read your latest message and I did call my Dr to get that second opinion, waiting for her to call me back, in the mean time I have been doing some research of my own to see what else is out there about this mess and I found a website called-Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods, The Catalyst Diet- I am looking into this as a means of saving me from future flare ups if worse comes to worse this is what I may have to do the rest of my life and I think I can live with that… Thanks for the hug and the best of luck to me!!

        • Look at the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I read the book “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” from cover to cover as soon as I got it. Has a list of “legal” and “illegal foods” and recipes and explains possible causes of diverticulitis and other inflammatory intestinal conditions. There’s a website http://btvc.webfactional.com/home/

          This book is helping me tremendously. Also saw my integrative medicine doc and she gave me Inflammacore – a medical food that reduces inflammation. It seems to be helping.

      • Hello Charise. Am I understanding your post correctly… You had a foot of colon removed, and you were only in the hospital for two days! Is that correct? If so how is it that only two days are required for such surgery. Isn’t it a major operation?

        • I had a foot of lower sigmoid removed in Oct 2014, I was in Hospital 9 days. I was cut top to bottom, maybe she had it laperscopically.

        • Good morning Dan, yes correct. The doctor removed 12.5 inches of colon. The operation was performed laparoscopic. I had a small incision in my belly button, on the top left quadrant on abdomen and a small incision on my pubic area. The nurse told me this is the new way they perform it in Europe. I literally was in the hospital for two days. They started me off on liquids the first day. A few hours after surgery, I was asked to walk to get my bowels going. The next morning I was given liquids and in the afternoon they started me on soft foods and for dinner, I was given salmon, rice, and jello. The nurse encouraged me to walk because it speeds up the healing process. The following day I was given regular breakfast, eggs, potato, coffee, tea, a slice of bread. All was tolerated well. I started going to the restroom and I was discharged by the afternoon. Prepping for the surgery was not fun. I drank this horrible colon cleanser. However the day before surgery I was on a regular diet till 5pm and was instructed to begin my first cleanse at 7pm followed by the second cleanse at 12 am. I was also given two drinks developed by an anesthesiologist. They are supposed to hydrate you so you do not wake up dehydrated from surgery and prepping. I drank one drink before going to bed and the second one two hours before surgery.

      • Hi Cherise, I was told that even if you have surgery and remove even a large portion of your colon you can funtion very well with that but you need to watch your constipation.

        • Hi PJ, I have 3 feet of colon left. The doctor said we have approx 5 feet of colon. I have been going regular to the bathroom. There are days I go more than 3 times but I am not complaining lol. I am trying to introduce fiber little by little. I also have been drinking fiber. I use a brand called RAW. I get it at whole foods. It is all organic non-gmo and the best part it does not taste bad. I will sprikle it on my cereal in the mornings or mix it with tea.

          • Hi Charise, I wrote I had a foot of my colon taken out Oct 2014, I use a stool softner twice a day, I often have movement 3 times or more a day also. I eat no hard or raw veggies, but use Green vibrance a green drink from the health Store. I take Curcumin, and Ginger root and a probiotic.

            • We All need fiber to make the stool move, fiber is like a brush, scrubs the lining of the bowel, that’s why they tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables. When you have a diverticulitis attack, you need to let the bowel REST, to cut down on inflammation so it’s better not to eat fruits and veggies st that time. I had the surgery as I have said numerous times, I take a stool softener twice a day for 2.5 years so I won’t get constipated…. so far it’s working fine. I eat an apple no skin, or some pineapple in the AM, that’s fiber, sometimes drink warm water with fresh lemon to move those stools. It works for me..

              • Chris,
                I have the cat scan done later today. So far no pain today. I took aloe vera juice for a laxitive just in case they can see if I am constipated. I had a consultation with the GI 3 days ago. He said he can do a colonoscopy in 4 weeks even though I am not quite 50, he’ll do it as a preventative because my mother had polyps. I need to ask if he will just be looking at my colon when he is in there or will he remove anything that needs to be removed. Someone wrote that if they remove the infected parts you will be on a permanent bag. Is this true? Also I am afraid to eat vegetables and fruit. I start using metamusil and 1 a day vitamin. Should I stay off work longer or should I keep moving. I worked 8 hours 2 days ago and I was really weak the next morning, but a different weak from when I was on the antibiotics.

                • I would ask your surgeon but for me I had a polyp and he removed it during the colonoscopy. It was benign. Sometimes they remove the infected parts and reattach the colon but I doubt if they do that during a colonoscopy.

            • Everyone needs fiber, it moves the stool throughout your bowel. Most can get it through fruits and vegetables, if you have diverticulitis, inflammation you need your Bowel to rest, that’s why liquids are best during that time. People with divers… use fiber to keep things moving SO they don’t get constipated. They mostly cannot eat fruits and veggies as they did before they got sick, warm water with fresh lemon juice helps move those bowels also take when you 1st wake up. You need to keep the plumbing moving like a sink you do not want it to jam. ?