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Healthy Fats: What You Need to Know
Fats get a bad rap in our heart-healthy and fat-obsessed diet culture. Yet fats play important roles in immune function, regulating body temperature, and maintaining healthy skin and hair.
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An Update on Omega-6 PUFAs
Advice to increase omega-3 fatty acid consumption and decrease omega-6 consumption is widespread. Learn about the benefits of foods high in omega-6 and the negative effects of industrial seed oils on human health.
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Should Everyone Supplement with Fish Oil?
Fish oil may not be all it was cracked up to be, especially in the case of heart disease prevention. In this podcast I'll discuss what the latest research says about fish oil supplementation.
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Ask the RD: Are Seeds Healthy and Animal Foods for Vegetarians
In this episode, Laura and Kelsey answer questions about daily nuts and seeds intake and minimum effective dose of animal products to achieve optimum health
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Why Grass-Fed Trumps Grain-Fed
What a cow eats has a direct impact on the quality of meat it produces. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of the meat that comes from grass-fed cows.
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For a Healthy Heart, Stick to Butter
There is a link between the intake of omega-6 PUFAs and increased mortality from heart disease. So why is butter and other saturated fats getting a bad rap?
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9 Steps to Perfect Health – #2: Nourish Your Body
You've heard a lot about what not to eat. Read this to learn which foods provide the energy and nutrition your body needs to for optimal function.
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Grass-Fed vs. Conventional Meat: It’s Not Black or White
In the debate on grass-fed vs. conventional meat, there's a lot more to consider than it might initially appear.
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How Much Omega-3 Is Enough? That Depends on Omega-6.
Increasing our intake of omega-3 fats isn't enough. To enjoy their benefits, we must also reduce the amount of omega-6 we consume.
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