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The Functional Medicine Approach to Depression: Identifying and Treating the Root Cause
The Functional Medicine approach to depression involves identifying the root cause of the problem and treating it. Learn about 10 possible root causes of depression and find out how to address them.
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Functional Psychiatry: Treating Common Conditions with the Functional Approach
Functional psychiatry can successfully address the underlying causes of mental illness, improving long-term mental health outcomes for patients. Find out how, and get tips you can implement in your practice.
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Help Clients Recover from Lyme Disease with Diet and Nutrition
Lyme disease can be debilitating, but simple dietary changes can help. Find out how, as a dietitian or CNS, you can help your clients with Lyme disease ease their symptoms using a nutritional approach.
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12 Time Management Strategies for Your Functional Medicine Practice
Effective time management strategies can help you run your Functional Medicine practice—without running yourself into the ground. Here’s how to find the time to make a big difference in the world without compromising your health.
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Functional Medicine and Diabetes: How to Treat the Root Cause
The conventional medical approach for treating type 2 diabetes has proven inadequate. Read on to learn why Functional Medicine is the most effective first-line strategy for managing type 2 diabetes.
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The Fatal Flaw of Prescription Drugs
The fatal flaw of most prescription drugs is that they don't cure illness - they just suppress symptoms.
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