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Treat and Prevent UTIs without Drugs

by Chris Kresser

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs), which are infections anywhere along the urinary tract including the bladder and kidneys, are the second most common type of infection in the United States. (1) These infections can be caused by poor hygiene, impaired immune function, the overuse of antibiotics, the use of spermicides, and sexual intercourse. The most common cause, accounting for about 90 percent of all cases, is the transfer of E. coli bacteria from the intestinal tract to the urinary tract.

For those of you who have experienced a UTI, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do to avoid another one. While I personally have never had a UTI, my patients have told me how the pain, burning, nausea, and even bloody urine can be debilitating, and for those who get chronic UTIs, the fear of infection can be enough to prevent engagement in any activities that could trigger one. And for those who get them frequently, sometimes a specific cause cannot even be pinpointed. This can be frustrating and scary.

Fortunately, there are a few methods of natural treatment and prevention that have worked extremely well for my patients, to the point where they no longer worry about getting a UTI.

These treatments don’t require a prescription, are inexpensive, and completely drug-free. While your doctor may not know about them, I hope this article will help you completely avoid UTIs – or at least significantly reduce their frequency and severity.

Standard Treatment

Doctors typically use antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections, and the type and duration depend on your health condition and the type of bacterium found in your urine. (2) Commonly prescribed antibiotics are Bactrim, Amoxicillin, Ampicilin, and Cipro. These antibiotics are often unnecessary and may cause more problems in the future by destroying the beneficial bacteria that prevents pathogenic bacteria from growing. Long term use of antibiotics can also lead to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria like E. coli developing in the gut, and a UTI caused by these bacteria will be even more challenging to eliminate and can cause more serious infections like a bladder or kidney infection.

Furthermore, antibiotics do very little to prevent the infection from happening in the first place. So while drugs may be an easy fix for the short term, in the long run you will continue to be susceptible to UTIs, and these infections may be worse than if you had never taken a course of antibiotics in the first place!

Natural Treatment and Prevention


D-Mannose is by far the most effective supplement for both treatment and prevention of UTIs. Similar to glucose in structure, D-mannose is a naturally occurring sugar that is found in a number of fruits, including apples, blueberries, and cranberries. (3) This sugar is the reason that cranberry juice has been commonly recommended as a UTI treatment, though it is far easier to get the recommended dosage from a supplement. D-mannose is effective because it attaches to E. coli bacteria, causing them to stick to each other and preventing them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. (4) The bacteria can then easily be eliminated from the body during urination.

D-mannose, even in large quantities, does not cause any adverse side effects, and cannot be metabolized the way other sugars can, meaning this supplement is safe for diabetics and others who are avoiding sugar for any reason. This treatment is also safe for children and the elderly.

Symptom relief can be seen as quickly as the following day, and most symptoms are generally resolved after 48 hours of treatment. Additionally, taking D-mannose during a time where you feel you are most prone to UTIs, such as prior to intercourse or during prolonged antibiotic treatment, can help prevent a UTI from ever developing in the first place. This is especially helpful for those who are prone to chronic UTIs and want to be able to engage in normal life activities without fear of infection.

The typical dose of D-mannose for UTI treatment is 500 mg, in capsule or powder form, taken in a glass of water or juice every two to three hours for five days. (5) It is a good practice to continue taking the supplement even after symptoms have diminished to ensure complete elimination of the bacteria in the urinary tract. This dose can also be taken as a preventative, or prophylactic, method.

While there have not been any peer reviewed research to support the effectiveness of D-mannose in treating or preventing UTIs, clinical and anecdotal experience suggests it is highly effective for the majority of infections, both acute and chronic. Some of my patients who have used D-mannose as a UTI treatment method have even described its effects as “miraculous” – so it’s definitely worth a shot!

Alternative treatments for chronic UTIs

One caveat with D-mannose is that it is only effective with UTIs caused by E. coli infection. While this accounts for about 90% of cases, there are 10% that will not benefit from this treatment. In this case, supplements that help disrupt biofilms can be useful in treating and preventing UTIs.

Biofilms are an accumulation of microorganisms and their extracellular products forming structured communities attached to a surface such as the lining of the urogenital tract. (6) The development of a biofilm can make infections extremely hard to treat, since they commonly return shortly after treatment is stopped.

The antibacterial resistance of pathogenic biofilms is one of the major reasons why those who get a UTI are highly susceptible to getting more in the future – if the biofilm is not completely eliminated, the infection will eventually return at some point.

This is why the use of biofilm disruptors can be helpful for preventing the recurrence of chronic UTIs. (7) The biofilm disruptors that I recommend to my patients are InterFase Plus from Klaire Labs or Biofilm Defense from Kirkman. These contain specialized enzymes to disrupt the biofilm matrix embedding potential of pathogens, and dissolve the sugar and fibrin components of most pathogenic biofilms. By destroying the biofilms, the recurrence of UTIs despite proper hygiene can be reduced. (8)

Lauricidin is another supplement that may be helpful in treating UTIs, particularly those that are caused by bacteria other than E. coli. Lauricidin (a proprietary form of monolaurin) has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity, and is specific against pathogenic bacteria so it won’t disrupt beneficial bacteria in the gut. It is highly effective at combating gram positive bacteria in the families of Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium, Listeria, Bacillus, and Clostridium. (9) It works by disturbing the integrity of the bacterial cell membrane, blocking replication and making it easier for the immune system to destroy the pathogen. Lauricidin is only helpful, however, for UTIs not caused by E. coli, which is gram negative and has a different kind of outer cell membrane than gram positive bacteria.

Nattokinase is another enzyme that has been shown to dissolve biofilms. (10) Produced by the bacteria found in the fermented food natto, this enzyme is proteolytic and can help break down the fibrin proteins that maintain the structure of biofilms.

Because of its fibrin-breaking ability, it’s important that nattokinase supplements are not taken by people with bleeding disorders, or by people who are taking Coumadin (warfarin), aspirin, or any other drug that influences blood clotting, unless supervised by a physician.

Apolactoferrin (or lactoferrin) is one more supplement that I recommend to my patients with recurring UTIs. This multifunctional protein Lactoferrin is a component of the immune system with antimicrobial activity, and is part of the innate defense, mainly found in secretions and mucosal surfaces. (11) Lactoferrin has been shown to block pathogenic biofilm development by binding to iron and causing the bacteria to “wander” across surfaces instead of forming cell clusters and biofilms. (1213) One study found that the amount of E. coli bacteria in the kidneys and bladder of mice was significantly reduced 24 hours later by oral lactoferrin treatment, compared to a control group. (14) More research is necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of lactoferrin in treating UTIs, but I believe it is worth trying, especially if dealing with chronic UTIs.

Now I’d like to hear from you – have you tried using any of these treatments? Are there other methods that have worked for you? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Good day ,
    Would be very happy if anyone could help me with some advise.
    I have been suffering with chronic uti for over 40 years.
    Recently they started to give me diarreah.
    Would be grateful to receive some advise as to how to deal
    with the whole complicated problem.

    With thanks,

  2. Great article. I’m glad that you mentioned the proteolytic enzyme Nattokinase (from B. subtilis natto). I found research indicating that it fights Klebsiella, salmonella and H. Pylori. Another bacterial-sourced proteolytic enzyme, Serrapeptase, fights the dreaded STAPH. Amazing!

  3. Over 50 years I have suffered with one UTI after another. I used D-Mannose, four bottles at a time with no relief what so ever. As soon as I am off the antibiotics, kidney & bladder infection returns. Cranberry juice should never be used as it removes the lining from the bladder, giving you yet another long term debilitating disease. I have not had loving in over 12 years so it certainly is not my causes. I have had Botox in the bladder over ten times, only to get incontinence & had to give it up 4 years ago. Today I am suffering with kidney pain, shooting pain in the urethra and bladder. There is nothing I haven’t tried. This is now three weeks of constant agony and that’s after a visit to the ER. I have used yarrow, marshmallow tea, goldenseal, oregano, physic on the pelvic floor, I could go on forever but here I am with NO RELIEF! None. I was heading to the ER again this morning but the -30 weather has deterred me to suffer another day & I believe even the ER has no more answers. Some people are fortunate to get great health care, the rest not so much. I lost one kidney already and spent just under 4 months in the hospital. HELP! ANYONE!

    • I tried many things. Lemon water. Cranberry juice. Unsweetened. Bicarb pills. Bicarb water. Emspom salt bath. Coconut oil and tea tree oil on the vag. D mannose. And many more. Over the years ive managed to work out my triggers, not drinking enough to over drinking, constipation, long working days, sugar, caffine and carbonated drinks. However, since starting Optibac intimate flora probiotics things have drastically improved. Its been a while since my last uti. As long as i drink 3 or 4 glasses of water a day and dont binge on sugary food and dont have caffine too often im generally ok. I took them for about 6months. Best thing ive ever used for my utis as i was over prescribed antibiotics.

    • Judy, you need to address your diet and the candida in your system. One book I would recommend is The Candida cure cookbook by Ann Boroch, stick to it like your life depends on it because it does, also Dr. Richard Schutz has an incurables program you should start, which includes a kidney cleanse. Sugar and carbs are your enemy, you need to seriously alter your diet. There is no quick fix, it is a long journey but taking the steps to overhaul your diet can be life changing! Best of luck to you!

    • I’d find a doctor who will test for Schistosomiasis or Trichomoniasis (both are tiny parasites that can attack the bladder). A primary care doc or GYN can test for trichomonas, but a tropical disease specialist would be more likely to be willing to test for schisto. (Trichomonas is much more common in the US). Good luck!

    • I had a painful kidney infection, which is similar to a UTI. Steps I took to relieve it were
      a) 8 doses of CDS (which is a palpable form of MMS). You have to make it yourself. (See–see tab on “immunity boosting” for instructions on how to make CDS. I used Protocol 115, which involves taking 8 doses in a two-hour period. Using the MMS-2 protocol in addition to using CDS can be helpful. This should knock it out in two days… in addition, it would be helpful to
      b) keep urine high alkaline, around 8.0 with sodium bicarbonate ( plus potassium bicarbonate if u can get it)
      c) high doses of iodine (Lugol’s Solution). I took about 50+ mg (not mcg) per day,
      d) Also use of colloidal silver

      That was the basic protocol. Had the infection for a few weeks, better in two days, gone after that. I kept the Protocol up for 2 more days just to be sure

  4. I’ve been dealing with a cycle of UTI’s , yeast infections and bacterial vaginitis for a couple months now. I’ll go to the doctor, get an antibiotic treat the infection and then the antibiotic or something else will give me another infection. Yesterday, I started drinking cranberry concentrate in diluted water as well as taking 2 jarrow femdophilius and 2 AZO pills (i think that’s the name). I’m desperate to figure out how to stop this cycle. In the past few months when I first started to get the infections, I became sexually active. Are my infections due to the condom or sexual intercourse? I’m wondering if what i’m doing now will get rid of my UTI? Or if I need to do more? Thanks.

    • It’s not your fault.
      This is what happens when antibiotics have destroyed your vaginal and intestinal flora. They kill off all but the hardiest pathogens, which then replicate and re-infect you.
      To stop the cycle you need to correct both biomes, and you’re already on the right track with Femdophilus.
      One of those can be applied vaginally at bedtime: you’ll see dead germs coming out the next day.
      Repeat until you get no colored discharge anymore, but be careful to place it high in there, and NEVER use yogurt, by the way.
      Lactobacillus splashed on the urethra can give you a Lactobacillus UTI.
      For the gut, an activated charcoal cleanse is the best way to go, followed by the probiotics to re-stock with good guys.
      Once you’ve sorted those out, no more problems unless your man needs a cleanse.
      There’s info on all this in the link in my name: and a FB support group for women who’re doing the same thing you are.

    • I could write your post myself. Been through this situation exactly. Try topical tea tree oil for the vaginitis. D Mannose for the UTI. Always have sex with a condom. I found condom-less sex would kick off yet another UTI. Good luck!!

  5. What should I use for entercoccal bacteria in my uti? I am on antibiotics and most of my symptoms are gone but still feeling some pain

  6. So I’ve found a totally natural cure for ecoli uti. I get a terrible uti within 24 hours of having sex. I have to get antibiotics every time – usually Keflex ( cephalexin) but having had really bad gerd flare ups in past suddenly I started getting really bad gerd symptoms on Keflex ( usually well tolerated with me ). So having great success in the past treating my gerd with natural remedies I went to the health food store and bought p’darco teabags on a whim as I’d read they were good for gerd ( they were out of stock of my usual gerd remedy ) and wow!!!! Totally cleared my uti in one week taking it three times a day!! So Saturday morning expecting another uti after sex I had three cups for one day only and it seems to be preventative too as not a flicker of a smell or urgency or pain. I feel I’ve got a new life! ( doesn’t do much for gerd though ). Also the health food shop had another female client in buying her favourite uti treatment which was a tincture called uva Ursu. I bought it too expecting to need it but p’darco unexpectedly did the trick.

  7. Hello, I’m suffering from a painful UTI as a result of lots of sexual activity while trying to conceive. I was prescribed macrobid by obgyn and told it was safe during pregnancy, but feel hesitant to take it since my previous history of recurring UTIs. I’ve read that D-Mannose affects sperm and possibly the egg from attaching. What treatment or protocol would you recommend for women with UTI while trying to conceive?
    Please help, thank you.

    • I am curious about this but after a quick search I can’t find anything about d-mannose preventing pregnancy. Can you send a link? Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Ureaplasma -got diagnosed at OBGYN when I went with Uti complains and pelvic pain. Urine dip test looked good but wasn’t cultured.Swab from Vigina culture showed the Ureaplazma. How do I get rid of this evil. Nurse called in for antibiotics but after destroying my health a few years ago with antibiotics still dealing with SIBO issues I can’t do antibiotics. I guess this evil is microbe or bacteria without a cell wall and lives inside of other cells. Has anybody had success of curing the Ureaplasma without antibiotics. Thanks. SL

  9. If I wanted to treat the biofilm, would I take a biolfilm distruptor AND d mannose (for the potential E. coli in the building) AND lauricidin (for the other 10%) at the same time? Thank you!

  10. If I wanted to treat the biofilm, would I take a biolfilm distruptor AND d mannose (for the potential E. coli in the building) AND lauricidin (for the other 10%) at the same time? Thank you!

    • Hey Everyone, all these posts have helped me a bunch. Just wanted to share what I found for my UTI.. Hibiscus Tea I use an organic brand and have a cup or two a day. It clears both e coli and staph from the walls of your bladder. It tastes great and helps your body in a lot of other ways; lowers bp, lowers cholesterol and is great for your skin. I haven’t had to take dmannose or use anything else since SO GREAT!

  11. my 6 year old has proteus vulgaris uti. She has had it for 3 years now and it is just starting to make her sick with temperatures. What would you suggest to breakdown the biofilm

    • Horseradish! It breaks down biofilms: google it with the word ‘biofilm’.
      She’s bound to have a bad case of intestinal Candida after all of the antibiotics, and right now, all of the natural meds you could give her for the UTI would kill Candida and give her Herxheimer’s.
      I would start by giving her food-grade diatomaceous earth, or bentonite clay to safely detox the Candida in her gut so that you can treat the Proteus.
      A combination of good quality olive leaf extract (Vitacost brand capsules), horseradish, and oregano oil will then kill the Proteus for good.

  12. Hi Bekah,

    I sent you an email a couple of days ago to the address listed on this website, I hope that is okay but I was not wanting to post such a long email in this comment feed. I am in need of guidance and a protocol for the recurrent UTI concerns in my email. If you haven’t received my email please let me know and I can send it again, I am sorry if this comment appears twice as the first time i posted it, it just disappeared, we are in a storm atm. Hoping to hear from you. Vee🌺

    • I just looked and don’t see one from you! Do you have a Facebook account? You can join the group and instant message me through there.

      • Hi Bekah,

        I can’t find this group? Is it the Chris Kresser General Facebook page or something else? Can I personally message you somehow?


        • No, I’m not affiliated with Kresser in any on my name and then click on the FB Support Group on that blog page.
          Click the join button, and I’ll approve and message you!

  13. Hi Bekah,

    I sent you an email to the address mentioned here on your site, I mainly need guidance with the recurrent UTI information in the email. Would love to hear from you. If you didn’t receive my email I can resend it. Hoping for relief and good health.

    Peace and Blessings,


  14. Hi,

    I have continuous UTI’s the last one was caused by Klebsiella does anyone know of anything that would work on that. It also seems like my bladder is always inflamed..but I dont have cystitis the doctors say. Does anyone know anything to calm bladder inflammation and kill klebsiella causing uti. D-mannose does not work for me..and it seems anything acidic makes me worse..I have stopped antibiotics because they have made me so sick..and my uti comes right I get a uti for no reason..any help I would be so grateful..thank you

  15. I have been tested positive for H pilori as well as Ecoli.
    i have already taken so many anitbiotics, i am unable
    to take any more. Can some one suggest me alternate

    • Yasmeen,
      Go to pantry pharmacy dot com (no spaces…) and treat yourself to more good advice that you’d ever believe possible. You can even ask questions there and be assured of a knowledgeable reply. Best of luck!

    • Yasmeen, cayenne pepper kills H. pylori, and some strains of E. coli. 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 4x a day will do the job: take with a glass of baking soda water, 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate dissolved in 8 oz water.

  16. I suffered from chronic cystitis for years during my teens and was constantly on antibiotics for it! I found taking probiotics with strains l.reuteri and l.rhamnosus helped incredibly and cystitis is now a thing of the past!

      • Jarrow Femdophilus is comprised of those two strains: they’re WONDERFUL.
        I’m a big fan of the stuff.
        You don’t have to buy the refrigerated version: the shelf-stable one works just fine.
        You can find it on Amazon, or in your local health food store.

      • Hey! I bought mine from a company called Epigenetics International but you can also get the two of them combined in Opitbac For Women 🙂

  17. I am currently battling candida after a long antibiotic treatment and am on no sugar diet. Can I still take D-mannose as it is a form of sugar? When taken early I found that oregano oil concentrate helps with UTIs.

    • Hi Nena, I too am battling Candida, I think I have had it for years from over use of antibiotics. I am also taking D-Mannose and yes it is fine to use as it is not absorbed by the body.

      Good luck

    • I have had a private urine culture done and three types of bacteria have been found. E-Coli, I am okay with sorting with D-Mannose, however can anyone help with advise on dealing with the other two without taking antibiotics? They are:
      Streptococcus mitis
      Enterococcus faecalis

      Thank you

      • Rob, there’s a way to sort out all of those, including the Candida. The best way to go about it is to treat the Candida first, because since it’s in the gut, it interferes with treating the bladder.

        The E. coli can be killed with olive leaf extract, oregano oil, and cayenne pepper (the last depending on which strain it is), and the Strep and Entero can be killed with large doses of ascorbic acid.
        You’ll want to remove the Candida (activated charcoal is awesome for that), then treat the E. coli, then the Strep and Entero.
        If you don’t remove the Candida first, the meds for the E. coli will cause massive die-off, and if you don’t remove the E. coli before the Strep and Entero, the ascorbic acid will *feed* the E. coli.

        • Hi Bekah

          Thank you so much for the information. I am seeing a good nutritionist for the Candida, so I have a big change to my diet, good probiotics and antifungals like Tanalbit and antifungal foods which hopefully should do the job, I will also look into the activated charcoal too. Yes I heard Oregeno Oil is very strong and to take with caution, I heard die -off is to be avoided.

          You mention about ascorbic acid, being Vitamin C? I have just started taking 1g per day so may be hold fire on that if it may feed the e-coli? I take Vit C in the form of Calcium Ascorbate as it is PH neutral (as normal Vit C being more acidic and the more acidic the urine the more chance of infection, apparently). If ascorbic acid is Vit C, what do you call a high dose and for how long?

          Many thanks and best wishes, Rob

          • Calcium ascorbate won’t feed the E. coli, and I *think* it’ll be effective on staph and strep.
            I can tell you for sure that regular ascorbic acid works like a charm on staph: I used it to kill a horrible infection I got from a cat bite. (I got the kids a cat for Christmas, and he bit me a week later. >.<
            Antibiotics didn't kill that infection, but ascorbic acid did. I used that, and poultices of activated charcoal.)

            Activated charcoal will remove more Candida from your gut in one day than other things will in 2 weeks, and it does it without sending you into a Herxheimer's reaction. (because it adsorbs the toxins)

            You can click on my screen name for information and links to research studies.

        • BEKAH, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for posting the info that you did. I used to get UTIs after sex all the time (once a month almost) until I got rid of my candida (that I didn’t know I had) and really flushed out my system with the activated charcoal, olive leaf, lemon and cayenne system. I haven’t had a UTI return for over a year. That’s unheard of for me. Nothing else changed (I have same BF). Also I tried everything from antibiotics, cranberry, and D-mannose – nothing worked except what you suggested. When I first tried it I bought a bad brand of olive leaf extract. Consequently it didn’t work. But I tried again with a better brand and have been healthy since! I am eternally grateful to you!!!

          • Also I should mention that the raw garlic really upset my stomach… while the candida was being dealt with I had terrible die off symptoms. It was the most sick I’ve been in a long time. It was all worth it to stop taking antibiotics and stop getting more bladder infections. (I recommend probiotics for those who’ve had tons of antibiotics to restore good bacteria. It can literally take up to a year to return your gut back to it’s pre-antibiotic state.)

            • Yes, die-off is the WORST, which is why activated charcoal is such a godsend.
              Raw garlic purifies your system of things you didn’t even know you had…I felt like I’d rid myself of some kind of evil alien overlord. LOL

              • Have had recurring Utis nonstop for a year and hav become resistant to most antibiotics and found some had brought my kidney function GFR down to 38. Saw my urologist today and has put me on ciprofloxin for a year, I will surely be on dialysis before that. Please help me.

                • My dear, click on my name and message me through my site right away! Do you have a Facebook account? There’s a support group linked on the site in my name and you can click on that and join, and I’ll see you and message you. We can use instant messenger on there.
                  If you don’t have a FB account, you can comment on the site or e-mail me.

  18. Once I went away to college, I became incredibly prone to UTI’s. I was always battling with the constant pain and never ending feeling of having to go to the bathroom. I had to miss countless classes and I wasn’t liking the doctor bills that quickly piled up. After my last UTI went away, I started taking the Cystex Maintenance drink they have. It has D-Mannose in it too so you’re getting all the necessary ingredients to fight off any sneaky UTI. I just drink like a tablespoon every morning with my lemon water and that’s it! It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you find yourself having chronic UTI’s like me.

  19. Hi everyone,
    Just thought I would post my experience with UTI’s (which is extensive) in case it is helpful.
    Things that work:
    1. Fresh grated horseradish. 1 teaspoon halfway through a meal 3x a day. Miracle cure. Do NOT take more than this amount, and never on an empty stomach, it will make you sick.
    2. Drink lots of lemon water throughout day for alkalinising, I’m talking 3+ litres. Make yourself pee regularly to keep flushing things through. Most important activity is a warm pint of water with 1 lemon in it immediately before bed, and on waking.
    3. If you have urethra discomfort, apply activated charcoal to the affected area before you go to sleep, I find this very effective at relieving pain.
    Things that I do that may work, but I do anyway in the hope they are helping:
    4. I take a herbal tincture which includes uva ursi, golden rod and cornsilk.
    5. I Brew up big pots of Pau d’Arco tea and drink this throughout the day with honey and the lemon as mentioned above (you would think honey is a bad idea but I actually haven’t had any problems with it).
    6. Shower on waking and before bed.
    7. Try to take at least 1 day off work to look after myself at beginning of it.
    8. Hot water bottle for lower tummy and lower back helps ease discomfort in early days.
    9. Do not stop your treatment too soon! Depending on your personal level of immunity, continue full protocol for 4-7 days after last symptom. Any questionable symptoms during that period, extend it out don’t short cut.
    10. When I’m feeling really crook (shakes etc) and not at home, I’ll take 4x Pau D’Arco capsules with some food. I don’t like having to do this as PDA capsules make me so nauseous, but it does get things under control. I find the tea is gentler and is my go to now.
    Things that don’t work for me:
    1. D-mannose. But clearly works for other so worth a shot. It’s harmless so you won’t do any damage.
    2. Olive leaf extract. My caution is not to overload yourself with herbs in the process of trying to “hit it hard”, so pick the ones you use and use them well.
    Other notes:
    1. Female probiotics are critical to take as prevention
    2. A pint of warm water with lemon each night before bed is also key for ongoing prevention.
    3. I used to get uti’s for up to 3 months at a time (e-coli). And very serious symptoms. I realised I had an immune problem and now take low dose naltrexone every night. My uti’s are waaay milder, and I can treat them naturally, they pass in about a week.
    2. Antibiotics are there for a reason, use them as required. When my body was particularly remedy resistant, augmentin was literally the only thing that would work. Hard to get prescribed though, and it really messes your gut up. You can repair your gut though over time. Don’t give yourself a kidney infection being stubbornly natural.

    Just want to reiterate the horseradish. Haven’t seen it mentioned here and it’s a game changer. Good luck.

    • Hi everyone,
      Just thought I would post my experience with UTI’s (which is extensive) in case it is helpful.
      Things that work:
      1. Fresh grated horseradish. 1 teaspoon halfway through a meal 3x a day. Miracle cure. Do NOT take more than this amount, and never on an empty stomach, it will make you sick.
      2. Drink lots of lemon water throughout day for alkalinising, I’m talking 3+ litres. Make yourself pee regularly to keep flushing things through. Most important activity is a warm pint of water with 1 lemon in it immediately before bed, and on waking.
      3. If you have urethra discomfort, apply activated charcoal to the affected area before you go to sleep, I find this very effective at relieving pain.
      Things that I do that may work, but I do anyway in the hope they are helping:
      4. I take a herbal tincture which includes uva ursi, golden rod and cornsilk.
      5. I Brew up big pots of Pau d’Arco tea and drink this throughout the day with honey and the lemon as mentioned above (you would think honey is a bad idea but I actually haven’t had any problems with it).
      6. Shower on waking and before bed.
      7. Try to take at least 1 day off work to look after myself at beginning of it.
      8. Hot water bottle for lower tummy and lower back helps ease discomfort in early days.
      9. Do not stop your treatment too soon! Depending on your personal level of immunity, continue full protocol for 4-7 days after last symptom. Any questionable symptoms during that period, extend it out don’t short cut.
      10. When I’m feeling really crook (shakes etc) and not at home, I’ll take 4x Pau D’Arco capsules with some food. I don’t like having to do this as PDA capsules make me so nauseous, but it does get things under control. I find the tea is gentler and is my go to now.
      Things that don’t work for me:
      1. D-mannose. But clearly works for other so worth a shot. It’s harmless so you won’t do any damage.
      2. Olive leaf extract. My caution is not to overload yourself with herbs in the process of trying to “hit it hard”, so pick the ones you use and use them well.
      Other notes:
      1. Female probiotics are critical to take as prevention
      2. A pint of warm water with lemon each night before bed is also key for ongoing prevention.
      3. I used to get uti’s for up to 3 months at a time (e-coli). And very serious symptoms. I realised I had an immune problem and now take low dose naltrexone every night. My uti’s are waaay milder, and I can treat them naturally, they pass in about a week.
      2. Antibiotics are there for a reason, use them as required. When my body was particularly remedy resistant, augmentin was literally the only thing that would work. Hard to get prescribed though, and it really messes your gut up. You can repair your gut though over time. Don’t give yourself a kidney infection being stubbornly natural.

      Just want to reiterate the horseradish. Haven’t seen it mentioned here and it’s amazing, it’s the only effective biofilm disruptor I have found. Good luck.

    • Where can you get D-mannose and neltrexone? 🙂

      I’ve gotten 4 UTI’s last year and one this year.. mainly because of sexual activity… Now I feel like I’m dealing with one due to e.coli? I hate taking antibiotics all of the time…And right now I am in a foreign country. Would like to try a more natural way since I’m at the beginning stage and it’s not as bothersome.

      • Hi JS, I always used to get my infections following sexual activity too, always e-coli as far as I know.
        It may be very difficult to manage in a foreign country, first keep your lemon water or baking soda water UP. Drink it all day every day for at least a week, and until 4 days minimum after all symptoms have gone.
        Can you see if there are any health stores where you are? See if you can buy / forage for raw horseradish, grate it and consume that with each meal, alternatively buy some pau d’arco and start making tea to drink throughout the day.

        If you are in a foreign country and your illness starts progressing – Just get the antibiotics! maybe wait to start tackling this problem naturally once you are back home and have all these ingredients ready for the next infection.

        Also you can try d-mannose, it may work for you, it doesn’t for me however but everyone is different. Just google d-mannose / cranberry extract and google translate it to the language in the country you are in then see if they stock it at a local pharmacy.

        Good Luck

    • Hi!
      Do you have CFS? Do you find that you have more side effects to anabiotics? I decided to try anabiotics this time, because last time my trusted d-mannose did not work for my UTI. The Bactrim is horrible! So, I’m gonna try your suggestion. I have never tried but I have a pound of it in my cupboard.

  20. While it does not prevent UTIs, I have found that AZO products are a godsend when it comes to dealing with the symptoms. I take a dose as soon as I notice the UTI symptoms (typically first noticing the smell), and drink a ton of water until it kicks in.

    Usually after that first dose, I go back to normal and can go about my day again (as long as I continue the doses as recommended). Do not forget to continue drinking a lot of water and/or cranberry juice; this medication is meant to manage the symptoms, NOT cure them.

    Downside: It turns your pee bright orangey-yellow. However, when I did go to the doctor for a UTI once, the medication they gave me also did this anyway. Just be sure to watch what you wear while taking AZO, as it can stain easily.

  21. I had suffered from a chronic uti for about 2 years. The symptoms kept on and off. I tried many antibiotics but none helped. I also tried some home remedies, such as a large amount of water, fresh pineapple, cranberry juice. My symptoms did relieved a lot but the infection was still there. Then I tried a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. After 2 months medication, all my symptoms disappeared fully.

  22. Bekah, I went to the gyno for a routine exam and in the urine sample I provided they found blood present which they sent to the lab and was analyzed with a result of 50,000 CFU staphylococcus saphrophyticus. I have absolutely no symptoms of a UTI though. I used to get UTI quite frequently 10 years ago with intercourse but that has not been an issue since. I eat a nutrient-dense, whole food diet and have spent the last year or so rotating between paleo and SCD (therefore I feel like my gut is in good health). Anyway, given that I have no symptoms and I feel in-tune with my body, I’m not sure what to make of this. I suppose I should up my probiotics and possibly supplement with the raw garlic and OLE as you recommend to others. I just wasn’t sure what dosage to use since I can’t really gauge improvement when I have no discomfort or signs at the moment of a UTI…

  23. I have to agree with the use of D-Mannose and probiotics, but you can’t substitute this under really bad circumstances. There are extreme situations that you must take antibiotics and need the professional advice of a doctor, but its also smart to make sure you don’t go to the ER every time you have a UTI. When you are starting to notice UTI symptoms, I suggest using cranberry pills and checking out Cystex. I used their products to maintain the UTI until I got the professional opinion from my general doctor. This worked for me because I didn’t have to get worse while I waited, but I also didn’t need an ER visit that cost a lot of money no matter where you go.

    Finally, when you are back to normal with your chronic UTI, try their UTI maintenance product to keep you UTI free for as long as you are using the product. This stuff has saved me from ALL to UTI I used to get. I haven’t got one UTI in the last four months on this product. Great article, i loved it.

    • This is my first time here trying to find a way to finally stop uti’s. This past year I got them more than 6 times. Has this beginning of the year this is my 2nd one. So I am having one right now unfortunately. My question is do you still take antibiotics or have gone to a specialist for it? I would like to try natural ways since doctors only prescribe antibiotics for me and once the treatment is done I get uti again.

    • I have recently been diagnosed with Follicular Cystitis after a cystoscopy by my Urologist after many months of recurring UTIs, and have been taking antibiotics (Methenanime) now for about 2 months… and am still feeling vulnerable “down there”, i.e. I can tell that bacteria are still around (probably E.Coli as they were diagnosed in my last urine sample 3 months ago). Tests are currently coming out negative however. My next cystoscopy is 3 months away and I would like to treat myself with the above mentioned remedies in the interim and in addition to the antibiotics I am on. I just ordered D-Mannose online and would like to order something else that helps dissolving that biofilm (as described above). Was wondering whether anyone could advise me on whether Lactoferrin or Lauricidin would be the better option in conjunction with D-Mannose?

      Thanks in advance!

      • Sorry, I meant InterFase Plus or Lactoferrin (because Lauricidin would probably not help in my case as E.Coli was found out be the cause last). Are any of them okay to be taken whilst also taking antibiotics and D-Mannose?

  24. I tried the d mannose, it brought on uti for me, and made it worse. I just think everyone is different, and you have to figure yourself out. After a recent bout with uti infections reoccurring, I could not take another antibiotic could not even get out of bed I react so badly to them. I found Uva Ursi tea, which I am now on, with a dash of baking soda. One third of a cup per day, half hour after eating. Probiotic before meal, wait 20 min. glass of psyllium husk, (once a day two slippery elm capsules, eat….wait 1/2 hour take tea with a little baking soda. This seems to be working well, and I am going to now finish my tea for the day. It does require an alkaline environment for this to get better. Look up every thing you can on uva ursi tea, it has been around since the 13th century, and is on Germany’s pharmacopia at this time. be careful with it, herbs are medicine too! hope i helped someone, Cheri

    • I hope I can help someone with this post. I just got over a UTI and did it the natural way (no pills or antibiotics). I had the urge to “go” with my symptoms and this is the drink I drank in the morning and before going to bed at night. The first drink carried me all the through the day and the evening drink( around 7 PM) carried me through the night: 1/2 tsp. of baking soda, 2 Tbl Organic apple cider vinegar with the “Mother” in it (I used Bragg’s) and 16 oz. of filtered water. I’m completely healed.

  25. How do you find out what or where the úti is coming from? Did you guys go to your regular dr or urologist?? I have been getting tons this year (infections) and currently am trying to just flush it with water and azo.

    • With as many infections as i was getting I went to a urologist & he diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis. I used to get at least 7 bladder infections a year & 2 kidney infections. I was diagnosed in 2007 & have had only 4 infections since. Just staying away from acidic & salty foods. I was also drinking a lot of cranberry but cranberries are acidic. Maybe look it up & try changing your diet.

  26. I’d like to try the supplements you recommend but don’t know which ones would work best for me. I have a permanent catheter so always have a lot of bacteria in my bladder. The last urine test identified citrobacter koseri as the problem. Which supplement would help get rid of this type of bacteria? Thanks for your help.

  27. This past 12 months Ive had about 6 or more utis . Usually I get 2 to 3 a year and this year has been horrid. Id go the dr at first sign drs give antibiotics but the first 3 utis this year I found out by the 4th visit i was resistant to the antibiotic so no wonder it never really went away, so I began google research for natural help. I went on D-mannose 1 x 500mg every few hrs, it work quick on symptoms, after 4 days i was on 3 x day. but then it was back. So I got onto colloidal silver, 30ppm 10mls x 5 day, plus the D-mannose, it seemed to help then 4 weeks later another uti, i now tried Uva Ursi 6 capsules daily. I used the silver with this. Finally it was gone and I got through 2 months uti free. Now after Xmas stress, rushing round forgetting to drink etc its back. I have urine test strips showing Leukocytes small (no nitrates). So right now after reading here I have switched from uva ursi to D-mannose, I am also using the silver at 10mls 4 x day. Any other help?
    Im 51 married 32yrs and yes sex is a big cause now menopause has hit….oh and any info on Maca Root ,I make oatey no fat cookies no sugar with maca root powder in it and it seems to help menopause symptoms, can it assist uti issues?

    • When I take D Mannose (and it has worked for me about 6 out of 7 times in the last three years) I take much more than 500 mg every few hours. I take 3 or 4 times that dose every hour until the symptoms disappear and then I take 500 mg every few hours for about 5 or more days. I sometimes still feel like I have symptoms on and off for a few days, but eventually they go away. I haven’t tried any of the other ideas on here. I’ve tried to find out more by asking to join Bekah’s FB page that gets mentioned on this page a few times, but I haven’t gotten a response. I don’t feel I know enough about all of those suggestions to feel confident in trying them, or maybe I haven’t become desperate enough yet.

    • Your case sounds an awfuly lot like mine. I went to a urologist & he diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis. I used to get at least 7 bladder infections a year & 2 kidney infections. I was diagnosed in 2007 & have had only 4 infections since. Just staying away from acidic & salty foods. I was also drinking a lot of cranberry but cranberries are acidic. Maybe look it up & try changing your diet.

  28. I get a UTI every time I have sex with a condom, and I take d mannose everyday. So since the UTI I get isn’t cause by e.coli, d mannose won’t cure it?

    • This also happens to me, but it could not be a UTI, but instead some kind of allergic reaction, to either the condom material or the lube used, so u could also check into that

    • Maybe try lubed condoms and not those with spermicide. It’s definitely possible to be allergic to the spermicide and not the condom or lube.

  29. What is the protocol if these approaches don’t work after 5 days and the infection progresses (to blood in urine)? Are antibiotics the only next step? I have had so many infections over the years that I worry that the natural approach is no longer fast enough (infection progresses to scary levels within hours). What is the time limit of waiting for natural remedies before resorting to antibiotics? Thank you!

    • Hi Mia,
      Blood in the urine is a big reason to visit a doc or a natural path in your area. One of the problems with these infections is that we address the infection without going to the source. Often times the source is diet and stress. As far as diet goes eliminate all sugar and carbs from your diet, just go day by day and do your best. Also add asparagus to your diet as it has a very cleansing component. I’m talking 2-3 servings a day when your symptoms are at their worst. Check your urine in a clear glass container to see what kind of progress you are making. It should be clear and the color of hay. As far as stress goes try meditation start with 2-3 minutes twice a day and work up. The best thing you can do is just start, don’t berate yourself for not doing 100%, just keep moving forward and pat yourself on the back for that.

      • Hi Julie,
        Thanks for the reply. I always see a naturopath, and when the herbs don’t work I end up at a normal doctor on antibiotics, which work but of course cause long-term consequences and recurrences. I was just curious if there was an in-between treatment so as not to have to resort to antibiotics.

        I have found some helpful things in the meantime to keep inflammation at bay that may be helpful to others:
        -no gluten or sugar (inflammatory and acidic foods in general too)
        -coconut oil applied topically (seems to be soothing and I’ve heard antibacterial?)
        -baking soda in water to alkalize the system and urine
        -d-mannose daily to keep the system flushed

        My naturopath just told me about a bacteria type called “ureaplasma” that doesn’t show up in normal urine cultures and only responds to specific (uncommon) treatment – testing requires a swab of the urethra. It lives in most people all the time but in some people can get out of control and cause chronic/recurring infections…something I’m looking into.

        • Hi Mia, Sounds like you are on the right path. I just had great success with a combo of low/no sugar, monolaurin which does address different kinds of UTI’s and acupuncture. What I noticed with the acupuncture is that the first time I went no UTI for a day or two and over 5 visits the UTI would get better for longer periods of time. Check online for someone near you and usually they have a first time patient special. It is about as painful as a mosquito bite and really relaxing.Hope this helps!

  30. what can i do about a 40 year old uti infection . in the past e.coli used to grow. currently no germ grows. i have incessant internal pain and very frequent bathroom visits.

    i get terrible kidney pains, my face swells and becomes red.
    what kind of suggestions do you have.
    i am certain that this is an e.coli biofilm infection.

    • Rose, I used to get a lot of “non-bacterial bladder inflammations” when I ate the standard American diet, back before I went carnivore. (I mean, even when I was Paleo–which resolved my high BP, high blood sugar, low thyroid, sleep apnea, TMJ, obesity, leaky gut, candida overgrowth and many other health issues, I STILL occasionally got them!! What I used in those cases was nothing at all to drink except very high alkaline spring water, which resolved them).
      It was very painful. My sympathy goes out to you. One time someone told me to drink cranberry juice, and it just sent me to hell with the pain! When I finally figured out it was a reaction to acidity, I went on an akaline diet ( raw veggies, almonds and lentils ) for several weeks. Resolved the problem. That was my first experience in using a nutritional healing protocol.
      I think for most people, going Paleo (but–contrary to what Dr. Chris recommends!–cutting out the sugars completely, even fruit, and high–sugar veggies) should resolve it, even if it didn’t for me. But I will also make this recommendation:
      If you live near an acupuncturist, or better yet, an acupuncture school (quality, affordable care) you can get information/treatment on the root of the problem. This is not something that convention medical practioners can really help you with.

      • Thanks very much for your informative reply.
        I am currently going for acupunture and to a homeopath as well.
        I have altered my diet and hopeful that one of these will kick in but so far no change.
        I realize fully that conventional medicine will not help me it hasn’t so far.
        I tried long term preventive antibiotic treatment as well as a massive treatment none was helpful.
        I realize that once e.coli has entered the urinary tract they settle there, make biofilms and can not be eradicated nor detected easily unless one has a very acute infection.
        I would love to hear more comments from people that have a similar experience and if anything helped them.

        • I found that Olive Leaf Extract is key for me kicking a UTI. This blog, the has freed me of UTIs and antibiotic use.

    • Have you been tested for Mycoplasma or Ureaplasma? It is a natural bacteria found in the genital flora of sexually active men and woman. In some these bacteria will be asymptomatic and not cause infections, while in others can lead to urethritis, uti’s, miscarriage, infertility etc. The list goes on. I strughled with problems for a few years before being diagnosed with Ureaplasma Urealyticum, I had a uti, luekocytes with no bacteria found, prostatitis and recently bladder pain and blood in my urine. I have been treated with 7 days doxycline which failed followed by 500mg Azithromycin on day 1 followes by 4 days of 250mgs. Im hoping this will be the beginning of my body healing, as I’ve been over prescribed antibiotics this last year. Wishing you all good health and Gods blessings.

  31. Hi Chris,

    I suffer from recurring UTIs that usually come after sex even though I always pee before and after and always wipe front to back and stay very clean. I was once told by a doctor that I’m at an increased risk because my boyfriend of 9 years has an uncircumcised penis. Do you believe this to be a large contributor? If so, what can we do to avoid these UTIs? He cleans very regularly, is there a special soap? I assume taking a daily dose of D Mannose, before sex etc would be good. Very curious to know any other thoughts and advice.

    • I also get UTIs fairly frequently from sexual activity. My husband is circumcised…so while that could be a factor for you, it may not be as large of a factor as it appears.

      Sadly, I cannot give you many major tips as I am still struggling to get my own under control. One thing I have found is that if I do not have caffeine and drink a lot of water before and after, it tends to help me out. I’ve also heard it can help if you do not have sex right before bed, as you are unlikely to use the bathroom for a full 6-10 hours. It is best to do it earlier in the day, so your body has more time to flush out any resulting bacteria.

      Hope this helps!

    • Are you taking all of what she has listed or just some? I’m trying to figure out whether your supposed to try one at a time or a combo.

  32. While some studies suggest that cranberry may reduce repeated infections in younger women, it is certainly not a treatment for an active case. The gold standard for treatment is the Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate. My doctor says just rest and ibuprofen – but I find my UTI goes away quicker with Lady Soma.

  33. Bakers and Brewers Yeast Cell Wall preparations are a source of Mannan-oligosaccharides and Beta-Glucans. These preparations are used widely in Animal Husbandry to prevent infections. These preparations may also remove the source of the infection causing Bacteria…….the Colon.
    eg:Safmannan is a product of the yeast cell wall that contains mannans and beta-glucans. These products attach to the bacteria in the intestinal tract. Beta-glucans have been shown to interact with the immune system.
    Another similar preparation is called EPICOR

    • Hello
      Do you know whether brewers yeast is helpful with e. coli biofilms in the urinary tract?

      Would love to hear from you.

      many thanks.


    • How do you get rid of proteus mirabilis UTI? That’s what I have. So far Macrobid and Bactrim have been ineffective and I certainly don’t want rheumatoid arthritis.

  34. Chris, I have had miracle success,too, with Mannose, but I learned today that I have klebsiella, called a superbug, and I can’t take the antibiotics (n0 symotoms though – think this came from tje colonoscopy I had several years ago); but again no symptoms. Really need to know if Mannose will kill this bacteria.Thank you, Marilyn Crolley *was found as a result of urinalysis*

  35. D-Mannose has worked wonders for me but one other problem. I found out my trigger was caffeine. If I drink even half a coke, half a cup of tea, half of cup of coffee with caffeine I will get a UTI. I kept trying to cheat and just have a little caffeine but the UTI would come back. Other people may have other triggers but it has been years now since I have had a UTI since I gave up caffeine entirely and, yes, it was hard.

    • Well, thank you for sharing that!! I am typically extremely healthy, but yesterday I came down with my first ever UTI. Now I can attribute it to the extra coffee (3x more than usual) I’ve been drinking for the past few months. I think it has been gradually chipping away at my UT, which finally gave out. Yikes. Of course, I love the taste. Does green tea bother you. too?

      • Yes, but even though it isn’t quite as good as the real thing, there is decaffeinated green tree just like decaf regular tea. Once I made up my mind to give up caffeine, it was such a relief. I know also that caffeine is my trigger, it is not the trigger for other people, such as sex, orange juice. I do have another trigger and that is when I get an infection in another part of my body, such as a sinus infection or something. That is when I know to take D-Mannose.

    • There have been times when this has been the same for me. I haven’t really had coffee in years besides a sip or so. I am 29.

      I occasionally get the same thing with sugar. Even a little bit can sometimes trigger a cold sore or something else, where other times I can get by okay. I haven’t had a UTI in years, and I know what caused this one, but I’d rather not say.

      I have been trying to beat this UTI with plenty of water, AZO pills, and vitamin C for a week. I have started to feel that the infection is stuck on the bladder (like a biofilm), so I will try other options.

      I have found that exercise usually helps heal me of ailments, but when I feel like this, I would just rather not. Cheers.

      • I have been following Bekah’s protocol for quite a few days now, and I now think that these (I have them too) reactions to sugar are the effect of candida rearing its head. Biofilm is due to a candida overgrowth. Getting rid of that, I am hoping, will change the gut environment and not allow the wrong bacteria to take over, thereby eliminating further UTI’s. Btw, she says to avoid Vitamin C, but/and it would probably be a good idea to find out exactly what bacteria you’re dealing with.

    • Hi Marie

      I’m interested to know how long after giving up coffee and other caffeine products did you see an improvement. I’ve heard decaff doesn’t really make a difference as the coffee itself is an irritant. Does that fit with what you found? I love coffee but have cut down to one per day without much change.

      Many thanks

      • Even decaf has a little caffeine. If I drink decaf I chase it with a glass of water afterwards. Mostly I have gotten really used to just drinking water or milk. After you give up whatever is irritating your bladder, it seems like a small price to pay to not be sitting in a bathtub of hot water crying in pain. I love this website. Have learned how different we all are and that each person kind of has to experiment and find out what works for them.

  36. I have been suffered from UTI past 2 years. I have been to many doctors but everybody suggest antibiotics and it works for sometime and again UTI knocks my door. I am fed up with such check. What should I do so that this would not come even in my dream ever.

    Suggestion are highly welcomed

  37. I have had problems with my left leg for the last four years, the doctor said I had osteoarthritis in my back my knee and ankles, I was booked for a knee operation until someone recommended I go to a podiatrist. I have orthotics especially made for my problem which he says is a lateral pelvic tilt. Things are improving but I have just succumbed to a uti, could this be because my pelvis is adjusting? I have read that a lateral pelvic tilt can cause problems with bladder and bowels. I have been taking soda bicarbonate,ole,garlic and drinking lots of water, I haven’t been able to eat as it has given me a migraine. Thanks

  38. My wife when she was pregnant was so terrified with UTI’s that we always have water within arms reach and truth be told so do I, I have heard stories from family about birth complications due to UTI’s. Scary!

  39. Unfortunately Dr. Kresser is wrong to recommend the named biofilm disruption supplements above for UTI, as they are designed for the gut and do not reach the urinary tract in usable form. I specifically asked Klaire Labs to confirm if their product could be used for UTI and the response was that it was not suitable.

    • I have used D-Mannose for 5 years when I have had uti. Works every time. No serious problem in some time. However, I have just discovered that I have lichen Sclerosis. Tried D-Mannose and it helps manage the symptoms.

      • I also have licen sclerosis. I have many UTI,s. When the urine is tested, it comes back with a report of nothing bacteria.

  40. Definitely eat more foods with Vitamin C because large amounts of vitamin C make urine more acidic which stops the growth of bacteria in your urinary tract. I do eat of oranges but if I feel a UTI coming on, I take the Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate with Vitamin C (I take double the dosage the first time) and the UTI never comes on.

  41. Hi! I’ve been experiencing ironic UTIs recently — which usually occur consistently after intercourse. As you can imagine, this has been a strain on my relationship and i’m at my wit’s end. I take the Cranberry + Vit. C supplements and try to drink about 92 ounces of water daily — yet I am still falling victim to this horrible infection.

    I have recently started drinking 2 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (w/water) along with my cranberry and vit. c tablets.

    From the discussions on this board, it seems like D-Mannose is a miracle supplement.

    My question is as follows:

    Should I continue regularly taking: Cranberry, Vit. C, Apple Cider Vinegar PLUS the D-Mannose — which I have NO PROBLEM doing (I’d do anything).

    Or, is there a magic combo of these that is sufficient?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • I also battle post-interiors UTI’s, now that I’be developed some autoimmune issues I try to avoid any medications especially antibiotics. This last UTI started to develop 2 days after sex, I started the Dmannose on the 3rd day (should start sooner but I couldn’t find it in the stores)….. today is the 6th day after sex (3rd day of DM)…. and symptoms are gone!!! Im blown away. So the point of my story is- you may not need anything besides the D mannose 🙂

    • I only use D -mannose and I feel better almost straight away. after 2 doses its like I never had a infection. works even faster than normal antibiotics. cranberry tablets helped ease the burning but never eliminated it completely. I thank the Lord God for natural medicine.

        • The pills work better than the powder for me because I think it gets further into my system. The best brand in my opinion is the Swanson, 750 mg and they are much more affordable. Check out their website. For the amount you take it’s worth the wait to save some $$!

  42. Hi Guys,
    I don’t normally post any comments but I felt the need to share some helpful tips with you!

    I caught a bad UTI, took Macrobid for 5 days and 5 days later.. it returned!

    I had very sharp pain, pain in my kidney/ab area too! It was so unbearable I literally cried my eyes out (Im 27 years old). I knew that taking antibiotics a week later probably wasn’t a good idea for my system so I opted a natural way.

    I went to the walk in doctor anyway- and he told me he couldn’t give me antibiotics because first he wanted to make sure I didn’t have a kidney problem. I-ofocurse couldn’t wait without trying something to solve this! I knew in my heart it was just a reoccurring UTI and I had to just nip it in the butt again.

    I heard A LOT (especially on this forum) about D-Mannose. I got a bottle of the powder for about $40 and immediately drank 1 heaping teaspoon with some water. This is how I managed my UTI:

    *1 teaspoon of D-Mannose Powder—wait 45 minutes, drink a full glass of water and PEE.
    *Repeat the above step every 2-3 hours
    *Take Probiotics/Eat Kefir
    *Buy frozen cranberries-boil them and strain out the juice- DRINK IT.
    *As for the pain when peeing, this is what I do and its odd but works!
    -Fill a regular plastic bottle with hot water and apply that on your lower belly, while using a bunch of toilet paper to massage the vagina (where your pee comes out) in circular motion. This distracts you from the pain and you basically cannot feel it with the pressure of the toilet paper. The hot water bottle soothes your belly and creates a second distraction. Again, I know it sounds weird but it works for me and really felt the need to share it (lol).

    *Wipe front to back, ALWAYS.
    *Shower after sex, take D Mannose after sex too

    *My symptoms went away about 2 days later but are still lingering around on the 4th day- just a bit. I will lower my dose as I get better and continue taking 1 teaspoon daily as a preventative.

    *On the second night, I actually got a lot of diareha (but didn’t mind that as opposed to UTI Pain) and got nausea- this I believe is normal- just make sure you eat food and don’t take d-mannose every hour.

    *AVOID SUGAR!! We should not be intaking more than 30 grams of sugar daily. when you have a UTI, try to keep that VERY LOW. as soon as I have sugar, I feel pain.

    *Pee every time you have to, Try not to drink too much water before you sleep because when you are in your sleep, you keep that water in your bladder for a long time.

    I hope you all get through it, we will get through this together!!
    The pain is temporary and it will get better! 🙂

      • Thank you, it works! Just to clarify take the d mannose with water only. Don’t take it with cranberry because it weakens the powder. Stay away from caffeine too!!!

          • It’s a bladder irritant. Spicy food and alcohol are too.
            I didn’t know it could also work when you’re experiencing pain in your kidneys. It’s so scary when (you feel like) doctors leave you hanging. Glad it worked. That’s hopeful.

    • I’ve got recurring UTIs, and the doctors never give me options, other than antibiotics. They just want to make money. Thank you for the alternative remedy, I’ll try it.

      One more thing, if you literally cried your eyes out, I guess you must be blind now. I’m sorry.

      And it’s ‘nip it in the bud’, not ‘butt’.

    • Just to add to this the main thing that has helped me is ALWAYS no matter what. Wash BEFORE sex. Both of you. And I mean wash your booty too (at least twice). And Natures Way or Cystex Cranberry liquid after sex for two days (twice a day) is a total life changer.

  43. I have used Dmannos in the past (once) because my mother recommended it (because I hate drinking cranberry juice) and I had a bad reaction. I had a very fast heart beat, feeling hot and cold and shivery and diarrhea which I thought was so weird because I think the package info says we don’t even metabolize it?? I have not tried using it again. I ended up returning it. Please note, my symptoms were greatly reduced with that one dose, so it’s amazing in that regard, I just wish I could take it! I’m curious to know if there are others like me?

    • Yep I have a bad reaction to the d- mannose too. For me, if my blood sugar gets too high I get ovarian cyst pain. I eat carefully and rarely eat sugar and so no problem with cyst flare ups BUT I get raging ovarian cyst pain when I have taken d mannose. I think it must be that your body recognises it as sugar and puts out more insulin to deal with it which in your case drops your blood sugar as these are some of the symptoms.

    • What you’re describing are actually side effects of the UTI. Mine came on so suddenly with shivering but sweating with low temp, rear flank pain one sided and a heartbeat of 140 bpm. I’d had the same exact attack in the past and I knew what it was. Mine was so bad I went to the ER. They said my urine actually looked ok but the infection may be higher up. I had a hysterectomy and my UTIs have changed since… came home with prescription of cupronickel but added Dmannose and biofilm to help work it out. Blessings to all who suffer. Love and light.

    • Lisette, what you describe are the symptoms of a UTI. I doubt that they were caused by the D-Mannose. My heart-rate, normally at 60, went up to 125. I was freezing cold and I got diarrhea. This was three hours before buying the D-Mannose!
      Still waiting for it to work – I stupidly followed the dosage on the bottle, but now I’m going to follow CK’s advice and see if that doesn’t speed things up a bit – Smaller doses throughout the day rather than two big ones daily.

      • Ive had uti’s and have never had those symptoms so its really hard for me to think it was the uti. Especially because i had already had the UTI for a while when i had taken the Damannos. Within minutes (maybe within 10-15) i had the runs along wih heart racing and shivers and odd sensations in my body. I got like that with vitamin c powder (sodium ascorbate) and black elderberry liquid. The reaction to the sodium ascorbate was by far the worst though. It took me an entire 24 hours to begin to feel normal again…it was like i drank 100 cups of coffee. The black elderberry has a similar effect. Would love to know if anyone else out there is like me. I ended up taking a low dose of amoxicillin with no reaction and i didnt have a uti for a couple of years. Im all for natural remedies if i can take them lol. I will always try something natural before going allopathic. But in the end, i will use whatever works best for my body and helps me the most.

        • I have a similar reaction to dmannose if I take too much. Like you, I also react to many meds and supplements, but if I reduce the dose, I’m ok. So I reduced the Dmannose to half a teaspoon ( from 1) which was still too much. Now I find I can take one- quarter teaspoon every 3 to 4 hours. So try a smaller dose, especially if you got some relief from it. Good luck!

        • With my last UTI I had to go to Dr I didn’t know about d mannose anyway the Dr told me my heart was racing and I had an electricardigram bc Dr was concerned and my blood pressure was sky high Dr told me it was from the UTI causing all of this I was prescribed no pills and antibiotics the next day it was all under control so in my case the UTI did cause my heart to race now I am taking d mannose I ordered from Amazon bc I am getting all the UTI symptoms again it just came on today but feel like it’s getting bettdr

          • I highly suggest acupuncture. It seriously changed my life. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you.

  44. Chris, my 5 year old daughter had a uti a few weeks ago, we treated it with dmanos for a week it went away and came back a few days later. Her culture showed a low number of proteus bacteria. Can we treat this with the natural options you have listed? Any advice on how to treat her?

    • I’d start with the D Mannose. I did the every 3 hour treatment til my symptoms were gone, then 2x a day for another few days. When I was sure it was clear, I started taking half a tsp morning and night for a good few months. I also took a women’s probiotic (not cheap, worth it!) for a few months (Rephresh Pro B it has strains specifically for the urinary tract). Then switched to a regular cheaper probiotic indefinitely. Now I only take the D Mannose if I feel I’m at risk or starting to get pain. And this is sort of personal, but definitely important to pee after sex immediately. If I don’t, I get a UTI immediately. I also have to make sure I drink enough water every day.

      I used to get UTIs and kidney infections 2x a month for a year, and after that every few months. I also used to get them in childhood for months at a time. But this really helped!!

    • For UTI, check out ionic silver. It kills ALL bad bacteria, viruses and fungi without harming good bacteria. Google “Health Alert DUT”. Dr. Bruce West says it will clear an UTI in 1-3 days. It’s also very effective for food poisoning, and other gut infections. I hadn’t seen any mention of silver in this forum so thought I’d put it out there. Ionic and chelated silver is better than colloidal silver, so buy small particle product.

  45. I am postmenopausal and I am prone to uti’s primarily due to vaginal dryness. I would like to take d-mannose as a preventative on a daily basis. How much do I take? Thanks

  46. My name is Ana Wapner and in Israel doctors have given to me a large number of antibiotics in order to get rid from klebsiella with no limit. Now, at my last urine test, I got a Klebsiella even stronger so now, only now, the family doctor rejected to give me any antibiotic as far as he is aware that this was not the solution at all. I am very very frighten about this situation. I have neurological bladder and doctors supposed that it was dangerous not to give antibiotic immediately, which i realized now that it was not true at all. At this moment i was adviced to make catheter every day. And CT, because maybe my anatomy allowed the urine to stayed in a place of my bladder and that make things even worse….
    I will tried with the natural medication that it is adviced here,
    i will do everthing to be able to have a better live condition….

  47. Hi all. I have been searching far and wide on anyone that has taken Olive Leaf Extract while on immunosupprecants/ kidney transplant recipient.

    I have found some articles that seem to say its safe, but not convincing enough. D-Mannose was not a problem since its composition is quite simple and interactions minimal.

    • I have used olive leaf extract for years! It works! It also clears yeast..many of these cases of uti/yeast are due to candida. Most need to do a candida cleanse, I used olive leaf extract and garlic during my cleanse. It changed my life. I’m normal again!

  48. Thank you so much for this very helpful article! I don’t have pain (I had pain one day about 5 months ago), but my doctor has done two urine samples in the last month that show I have a UTI. the second was positive for e coli. I tried taking the cipro but got scared. Then he prescribed Levaquin and I have been having weird muscle aches so I stopped that, too. I’ll let you know if the mannose works! Levaquin is too scary for me.

    • Levaquin….is very scary….with the know side affects I really can’t believe a Dr. would prescribe it to anyone…they prescribed it to my husband and he had the weird muscle and joint pain too. He had many other adverse affects as well…this sounds so much better than that.

  49. I have been married for almost 26 yrs, after I got married for a month or 2, I begun to have uti on and off. I have taken a lot of antibiotics and even have injection. Last year I got my uti on a Sunday at around 2 am, since it is a holiday there is no doctor in manila, I used some remedy like ACV with lemon, honey and baking soda since I experience pain whenever I urinate. After drinking I got relief.

    However, this July 24 I have UTI again, after 4-5 times of urination, there’s blood in my urine (seems like having my period but am already menopause) after taking some Buah merah and the ACV with lemon, honey and baking soda. I got relief and no trace of blood. The following day I have my urinalysis and the result is normal.

    This August 19, I have UTI again till now even after drinking coconut water everyday, raw garlic, cayenne, baking soda and honey. Unfortunately, there isn’t not much improvement as I’m still experiencing some pain.

    August 30, I had my urinalysis again and the result shows that my pus are too many to count, RBC is 2-4, there are a lot of epithelial cells, bacteria and mucous threads.

    I will order OLE from states however, it will take a month time before it arrive.

    What should I do, kindly teach me step by step, since I don’t want to take antibiotics anymore. I also heard that we cannot take baking soda for more than a week because of high sodium content.

    • Baking soda and ACV are counterproductive when done together. Choose one or the other. Baking soda makes the urine more alkaline, ACV more acidic. Both will work but only when taken alone. Cornsilk tincture, Uva Ursi tincture, and Usnea tinctures are all helpful (Usnea is antibacterial). I used those every few hours and was able to knock it out. I think I also took echinacea, vitamin C, and elderberry for immune support.

      • This is incorrect information. ACV is “acidic” but the digestive ash (the impact on your body) is PH neutral. [compare lemon- acidic- but the digestive ash is very alkalinizing. Google ‘ACV digestive ash’.
        I used ACV and baking soda as part of my protocol when I was treating a UTI. It produced a wonderful, strong flow of urine every time I used it

    • If you just recently got married and are having repeated UTI’s you will want to consider whether or not your partner is reinfecting you as well. And don’t forget to pee immediately after sex to flush out any bacteria that may be entering your urethra that way. Also, it sounds like you’re on the antibiotic merry go round. Antibiotics kill the GOOD bacteria in your system as well as the bad and you should always REBUILD your good gut flora after a round of ABT. That is your number one line of defense against repeated UTI’s. Colloidal silver ALSO kills good flora and you should also rebuild after that as well. I learned my lesson the hard way and ended up getting candida overgrowth after a couple of years of CS use. Once I did a candida cleanse and rebuilt my good gut flora my infections ceased, my energy levels returned and, as an added bonus, my allergies went away!

    • Hi,

      If at all possible, take Lactoferrin and/or Nattokinase (supplement pills).

      They break up the “bio-film” (a tough, bacterial film, much like tartar/plaque on your teeth) which lines your bladder after many UTI’s.

      Good luck.

    • I have the same question. I’m taking d-mannose and it seemed to work until today- day 5. I have a very very mild urge to urinate. i forgot the name of the supplement I took, 4 table spoons on first day, 2 + 2 the next days and that’s it but I continued taking one tea spoon a day. I’m also TTC and wondering what I should do next, do another round of d-mannose.

  50. Hi,

    I’ve been experiencing UTI issues and it’s been driving me crazy! I’m going to be really specific describing my issues here and include dates because everything has happened in the past two months and I just need help understanding what’s going on!

    I had never experience one until this July (July 4th to be exact) after I started having sex. The first time I had one, I knew immediately it was because I hadn’t peed after. I went to urgent care immediately because there was blood in my urine and I was prescribed a 7-day bout of Cipro. On July 14, after just finishing the Cipro, I was experiencing severe itching and some frequency so I was worried that I might have another UTI. I went back to urgent care and was prescribed diflucan because the doctor thought the itching might be from external yeast. I was also prescribed a Macrobid called Nitrofurantoin. The doctor gave me this without waiting for the culture to come back and it actually came back clear – so I was taking an antibiotic even though I did not actually have a UTI.

    You’d think I would be okay after this – wrong. On August 6, I started feeling urgency again and I knew I probably had a UTI. I was confused why this had happened again because I had peed before and after sex and even taken a shower. I went back to urgent care and was prescribed 8 days of Cipro. The culture from this visit came back positive with e. Coli. I took it for a little over the 8 days because I accidentally forgot some doses. I was really worried that I might have messed things up by missing doses and felt I was still experiencing frequency so I went to urgent care yet again on August 12. I was prescribed Nitrofurantoin yet again and took that for 7 days. The culture came back clean and so I took antibiotics yet again even though I didn’t need to.

    Fast forward to last Monday, August 22. I started experiencing frequency yet again and I knew I probably had another UTI. Again, I was confused because I peed before and after sex. I finally decided I cannot take anymore antibiotics because I’ve taken them four times in the past two months! On Tuesday I went straight to Vitamin Shoppe and bought some D-Mannose powder. I’ve been taking D-Mannose multiple times a day since last Tuesday, as well as cranberry pills. On Friday, I bought some Uva Ursi, a probiotic, and Cream of Tartar. I’ve been taking the Uva Ursi three times a day since Friday night and the probiotic every morning. I’ve taken the cream of tartar at least 8 times in a glass of water. Occasionally I feel some relief from the urgency, but it keeps coming back. I also experienced some pretty bad lower back pain on Sunday night.

    Sorry, this is a novel, but what do I do!? I just want to get rid of this without having to take antibiotics again. 🙁

    • I had my first UTI about 3 years ago at the age of 60 and for months just tried to manage it by cutting out caffeine and alcohol. Gave in and took antibiotics which sorted it very quickly. However 2 years later it came back and has been with me for most of the past 6 months. Antibiotics didn’t work this time or at best, temporarily! After 4 courses of non-working antibiotics, I was referred to a urologist who found I was very low in estrogen which he thought could be a factor. He recommended HRT pessaries and D-Mannose once a day 2 hours before and after eating and to try not to wee for 2 hours after taking it. Reading here people are recommending taking D-Mannose more frequently so do you adjust your eating habits around it? I’d love to know someone’s ‘successfull’ timetable of eating/drinking/weeing and taking D-Mannose.

  51. so after just finishing my second course of antibiotics I still have mild symptoms of my e-coli UTI. I tried colloidal silver and d-mannose initially, but on two occasions it went to my kidneys (hence the antibiotics) forcing me to use the allopathic drugs.

    I’m surprised that the infection hasn’t cleared up completely when the antibiotics obviously worked higher up the UT. now I’m stumped. Still taking d-mannose but having PVFS I do not want to end up on IV antibiotics.

    What do I do next??

    • Acidification of your urine helps. Uriqid is a medication, by Beech I think, that was used before antibiotics. I also used emergenC as preventative. I am experimenting with low voltage treatment using a tense machine. So far it seems promising.

      • E. coli THRIVES in an acidic environment. It multiplies exponentially faster there than in an alkaline one.
        Acidifying your urine is the worst possible thing you can do for the vast majority of UTI’s. I’d provide links, but then this wouldn’t post.
        Anyone who’s interested can Google “E. coli feeds on acidic environment”.

        • Not sure where you learned that. But after 50 years of experience and reading a lot of abstracts and test ph of my urine. I run extremely alkaline especially when hormones change premenstral.
          I get slammed when alkaline. Yes good bacteria likes acid the bad takes over in alkaline environment.

          • E. coli is an acid adaptive bacterium, and virtually every non-vegetarian in the Western world has acidic urine, because most of the food we consume is acid-forming.

            Anyone can Google it, so I’m not going to argue, but I pray no one listens to you and rushes to acidify their E. coli infection. It grows exponentially faster in an acidic environment, and you’ll have them doubled over peeing blood in a matter of hours.

            • Are you a medical doctor?
              Anyway there are more than one type of UTI causing bacteria and treatment. In the lab bacteria was shown to do worse in an acidic environment. They also concluded having a more alkaline ph can suppress your immune response. Also E. coli doesn’t really care, as it can handle acidic or alkaline environments. As it deals with both extremes in the upper GI tract (acid) and small intestines ( alkaline) I just know from my own personal experience is I need to acidify and perhaps it has more to do with my immune response. Whatever the case it is the only way I have been able to control and prevent them for me. But like I said my normal urine PH is 7.8 to 8.2. And this also makes the antibiotic treatment they give me less affective . (nitrofurantoin) another friend who requires catheter and has to also deal with chronic UTI, his pharmacist recommended Uriqid as that is the treatment used pre-antibiotic days . I’ve read both perspectives and I imagine that there is a spectrum of conditions requiring just as diverse of treatments.
              I recommend reading some other studies out there by universities doing medical research.

              • I suppose it was only a matter of time before a p ssing match broke out on the UTI thread…

                E. coli is responsible for about 90% of UTI’s, and it’s highly acid-adaptive. Those are facts.

                I’m sorry I’ve offended you to the point of attempting to patronize me, and I shall endeavor not to return the favor.

                Have a nice day.

                • Let me just say I was born with the problem and have had an ablasion surgery in 1968 for it ( almost bled to death) and a life time of suffering. I used to follow your logic and was the one bent over peeing blood so for me it didn’t work. 20 years ago things got really bad
                  When antibiotics were being prescribed to me on a regular basis, 12 times a year or more I knew I had to find a preventative measure. I’m just saying one shoe doesn’t fit everyone just sharing my experience and discovery. I read a lot from all sources in order to figure out what my personal issue was. I recommend people do their own research.. “pissing match” nice pun:-D

            • If you look up a paper by Gale and Epps (1942) titled “The Effect of the pH of the Medium during Growth on the Enzymic Activities of Bacteria (Escherichia coli and
              Micrococcus lysodeikticus) and the Biological
              Significance of the Changes, Produced”, in the summary section the researchers state that E coli is able to reproduce in pH of 4.5-9, but has optimal growth in slightly alkaline environments. You cannot physically change the pH of your urine enough to make it uninhabitable for E coli. It’s a lost cause. I’m a researcher working in a human physiology lab.

        • There is such a controversy to your statement. If you look on line some say what you have said..and others say the bacteria can NOT thrive in an acidic environment and that having an alkaline environment makes it nice and pleasant for them to just multiply..

          • The experience of virtually everyone in our Facebook group is that the more alkaline the urine the better. It almost immediately reduces the pain and discomfort.

            Acidifying works for a short while, but eventually you’re just left with the hardiest bacteria. Alkalizing works.

              • Anyone with info: on enterococcus faecalis bladder infection, please contact me. I’ve suffered with this for quite some time. I understand these are antibiotic resistant, and I can’t take antibiotics. I would greatly appreciate any input.

                • Dear Ruty

                  I am suffering from chronic uti from e. coli. I have approaced a homeopath and I am not cured but a lot of the pain has been alleviated. Do some research and try homeopathy – it works where conventional medicine does not.
                  Wish you good luck.

                • Ruth, I have enterococcus this is very hard to erradicate, I have been put on high strength long term antibiotics. Apparently oil of oregano and grapefruit seed extract plus probiotics are the best naturals to try.

  52. Chris & Team, I am 44 year old male tested positive for Klebisella UTI. I also had a bladder scan which was clear. I get no pain urinating but aching pain which the urology consultant says is prostatis resulting from the bacteria. It almost went away 2 weeks ago but after a weekend of too much alcohol is back with a vengeance. Now my urology consultant has suggested a 10 day course of Ciprofloxacin. I see this as a last resort and would like to try a natural solution first. I read from previous comments that I should take baking soda, cayenne and raw garlic, try to imply bladder every hour and cut out sugar and alcohol. Is this correct? Anything else??

    • Mark, that should clear it right up! Alkalizing your urine will stop the Klebsiella from feeding and breeding, and raw garlic and cayenne will kill it. Good quality olive leaf extract capsules are always very helpful: Vitacost and Swanson are the best brands.
      I helped a lady with an almost asymptomatic Klebsiella infection for 4 yrs: it was cured in 6 days on OLE, raw garlic, and cayenne pepper.
      (I’m not affiliated with Chris Kresser: I’m just a lady who cured her UTI’s naturally and now helps other people do it a hobby. I’m terrible at knitting…)

      • How much Olive Leaf Extract , Garlic And Cayenne Pepper do you use and how many times a day , Please .
        I keep getting the E coli back after antibiotic until I Got C Diff.
        Go to fight this with out antibiotics.

      • Bekah,
        Why do you recommend raw garlic for a Klebsiella oxytoca UTI when garlic is a fructooligosaccharides? And fructooligosaccharides are like gasoline to Klebsiella.
        I have a Klebsiella oxytoca UTI and can’t take any more antibiotics because I have a past medical history of Clostridium difficile AKA C-diff. Also, I can’t handle any kind of spice (gives me IBS and burns the crap out of my mouth). I can’t add honey to it to help with the heat because I have a sugar addiction and don’t consume any foods with a Glycemic Index > 1. My go-to sweetener is yacon syrup but that is also a FOS. How would you recommend I take the cayenne? Or maybe I shouldn’t take it, I had surgery 1 month ago (Dec 1st) and have a tendency to bleed/bruise easily.

      • How do you use the garlic? I’m struggling now on day 5 of taking dmanmose and oregano oil 4 times a day. It’s kind of working but I’m not quickly and now I feel like I’m getting a yeast infection.

      • Hi have had several e coli uti after botex in bladder being in hospital three times sincebotex last Oct several antbiotic that were cultered keep coming back week after finishing them think have another one today also have ongoing interstical cystitis to rbe point I need surgery any tips for e coli thanks would be great

    • Mark I had prostatitis too.

      It was a nightmare until I did this for 3 weeks solid:

      – steamed broccoli every day on an empty stomach
      – 5 minute boiled broccoli and drank the water next morning also on an empty stomac
      – red Korean ginseng daily
      – zinc 30mg supplement daily
      – organic unsweetened cranberry juice
      – loads of filtered water
      – no alcohol, sugar or animal fats

      I’m sure garlic and cayenne are awesome too, as well as anything that promotes better circulation.

      And finally, kegel exercises are a must for you. Essential for better blood flow.

      • Jeff, thanks so much for the reply. Bekah’s protocol did not work for me so I then tried anti-biotics. I recently finished 10 days of Cipro but I can still feel some symptoms so I’m sure I still have it. May I ask if yours was bacterial?

        • For UTI, check out ionic silver. It kills ALL bad bacteria, viruses and fungi without harming good bacteria. Google “Health Alert DUT”. Dr. Bruce West says it will clear an UTI in 1-3 days. It’s also very effective for food poisoning, and other gut infections. I hadn’t seen any mention of silver in this forum so thought I’d put it out there. Ionic and chelated silver is better than colloidal silver, so buy small particle product.

  53. I developed a UTI while on a trip in the Bay Area this past weekend. It was excruciating and while I often try to avoid antibiotics, I didn’t know what to do while out of town so off to the urgent care I went. I was given macrobid. Today I received a call from the urgent care and they said the UTI was caused by enterobacter so they needed to change my prescription to Cipro. I looked it up and I cannot take this! Absolutely not! I had s bad reaction 4 years ago from antibiotics that included anxiety, insomnia, pounding heart and many more unpleasant side effects. I worked very hard in healing my gut and now I feel like I’m messing it up again. How can I heal this naturally? I want to make sure to rid myself of the enterobacter Thank you for your help.

      • Yes!

        Click on my name and start Phase I right away!

        And join the FB support group linked at the top of the page in my name, and I’ll walk you through killing this, step by step.
        (No charge anywhere, anytime. This is my hobby)

        • Not sure how to find you on Facebook but my sister is pregnant and has had a couple uti bouts . Is there anything safe to take while pregnant? I’ve always taken D mannose but i think its not safe for pregnant women.

          • Click on my name to contact me.

            OLE is extremely safe: it’s less toxic than water! She can take OLE/garlic, and she can take activated charcoal to cleanse her gut of Candida safely and easily, as long as she times the charcoal properly. (Don’t take within 2 hours of meals)

          • Hi Sarah. I just gave birth to my 4 week old son and I suffered two UTIs during my pregnancy in the second and third trimesters both of which I cured naturally even though I was highly encouraged to take antibiotics due to the high measure of bacteria present. I did take D-mannose powder safely after getting the okay from my naturalpathic doctor. I also drank TONS of water and organic unsweetened cranberry juice to the point where I was peeing every 15 minutes or so. She also made me two tinctures; one just patridge berry and the other milk thistle, cramp bark, goldenseal and patridge berry. I eliminated dairy, processed sugars and a majority of animal products and took a small amount of Apple cider vinegar when I thought of it. I also uped my intake of garlic, adding pressed garlic to read and sucking on a clove too. I had great success of being bacteria free within a week when they retested me. Lots of water is important though to help flush the bacteria out.

            • This isn’t about pregnancy and d-mannose but I do need help. I awoke today with very painful urination, probably from eating tomatoes and strawberries last evening. This happened once before and my doc diagnosed trigonitis. I do not want to take antibiotics…this am I took d-mannose and OLE. You have said that d-mannose only works for e-coli but I have taken it before after eating tomatoes and strawberries and have had complete relief. Help, PLEASE!

  54. Hello Bekah. I have been reading your responses and they are very helpful. My daughter had 2 UTIs within 2 months. Her doctor had me do an ultrasound of the kidneys and a test to check for urinary track reflux. The ultrasound came back normal. They were unable to do the test for the reflux, which involved putting in a catheter, and it was particularly traumatizing for my 3-year-old. I told my doctor that I wanted to hold off on trying again. However, if she gets another infection, my doctor strongly recommends getting it done. I have been reading about kidney infections related to the urinary track reflux and that scares me. I must also add that UTIs run in the family (my mom and myself). I have been reading about all of the various interventions. Which one would you recommend for my daughter’s case. Also, it is a battle to get down 5 ml of medicine (I mean all out brawl)–I am not sure how I would get down a baking soda water, garlic, horseradish concoction. Have you heard of parents having luck with this? I thank you so much for your time.

    • I’m glad you clicked on my name and contacted me that way: I only just got the notification for this comment, 16 hours after I responded to your e-mail!

      • My mother had a kidney transplant 3 years ago and has been suffering from UTI. First it was e.coli and too many treatments of antibiotics and it would only help for about a month. She discovered D-Mannose and no more e.coli UTI! But since June she has developed Klebislla and nothing stops it for more than a week or two.

        Would you have a recommendation. I’ve read your post and seems like OLE, Garlic and Cayenne seems to be the best. Any particular dosage or frequency? She is on blood thinners and of course immuno suppressant permanently.

        What about Nattokinase?

        Thank you!

        • No cayenne for a person on prescription blood thinners!

          OLE and raw garlic are the most potent broad-spectrum natural antibiotics.
          Click on my name for specifics.

          • Bekah,

            You should be applauded for all the information you give to everyone.

            Would you have a suggested dosage of garlic and OLE other than what you have on your web? Both for when she is symptomatic and asymptomatic.

            Thank you

    • My daughter had the same problem around 3 years old.She is 5 now. After trying many remedies I now give her 1 Capsule of Solaray Cranactin 400mg 3 x a day with d-mannose powder 1 tsp 3x aday. I open the capsules dissolve it in 2 oz of water together with d-mannose. It becomes a sweet drink. Hopefully your child will take it. Now she never gets uti as long as she is on it. Once I tried taking her off it, she got another uti. Hope this helps.

  55. I’ve been suffering 11 years from UTI, a plague I thought I’d never gotten rid of. I’m now 37 and, other than the UTI’s, a happy, healthy individual. I went through a nasty cystitis/urethritis once, caused by Esterichia Coli. Back then Mannose had helped, but I never felt well ever since. The year-long condition I used to suffer from, at least up until last month, is described as honeymoon cystitis.

    Every time I’ve had a partner I had to live in an inhumane condition and suffer unbearable pain and misery, stinging, intolerable burning and urge to urinate which never eased, visits to the toilet day & night, totally unable to put up with underwear, go to work or do anything other than cry and suffer. I had tried everything. I was tested through numerous cultures of urine and vaginal fluid and the only thing ever found was Ureaplasma Urealyticum. I was given massive doses of antibiotics (once I had to take Vibramycin for 22 days), which didn’t relieve me and only worsened my situation in the long run. I drank massive amounts of soda, my best bet being some minimum temporary relief. I am meticulously clean. I tried every natural aid in this site and elsewhere, literally everything, you name it, every bitter, gross herb/substance in nature. Homeopathy didn’t help either.

    Last summer, my cousin who’s a bee-keeper, gave me a couple of bee propolis clumps to make a propolis tincture (I’m sure you can buy on-line, but here is the recipe, for those like me who want to try at home:

    100gr. of pure, unprocessed propolis (cut in the size of peas) in a 720gr jar filled with 95% pure drinking alcohol.

    Leave in a warm, dark place for 30 days, shaking the jar from time to time. After that, pour the tincture through a cloth in a bottle. Done).

    Last month, exhausted from the year-long torture and excruciating pain I was suffering, I was driven to do something crazy: dampen a piece of cotton with drops of the propolis tincture and put it straight on my genitalia. The moment I did, I felt a horrible burning underneath, but my pain was so awful anyway (the night before I was peeing traces of blood and pus) that I decided I would put up with it as long as possible. I wasn’t able to take it for more than 20 seconds. And that was it.

    A couple of minutes after I had removed it, all pain stopped. I didn’t need to go to the toilet anymore! I repeated an hour later. I drank a lot of water, ate a couple of garlic cloves, wore my underpants and went to work. I had my propolis bottle with me. The next 7-8 days I only had to apply the cotton once daily, in the morning, for a few seconds, and then I was ok for the rest of the day. I’ve also been taking 20 drops of the tincture in half a glass of water daily. Now, whenever we make love with my partner, I keep the old habit of rushing to the toilet right before and after, and at the slightest sign of unease I’m quick to apply propolis. I know I’ll be suffering for about a half a minute, but I will be perfectly well the rest of the day/night – and without medication. Propolis is a wonder of nature, it saved my life and I really wanted to share it and help as many people as I can.

  56. Hi help I think my uti has returned. First they had me on one antibiotic called and changed to Cepro for 5 days then I think it’s called Dextracycline for 10 days. I was free of symptoms for about a week. Now they are back. I’m scared. I don’t want to do anymore antibiotics.

  57. Heloo chris, i am a 25 year old guy in Africa. i had unprotected sex with my new girlfriend 1 month ago and four days later,i started expriencing a burning sensation,i went to d pharmacy and got oflaxocine (tarivid) 200 mg ,used it for 10 days twice daily.after about 4days the syptoms appeared again. She also took the tarivid but has not experienced anything since then. I then got augmentin 1g morning and night for 7 days. 2 days later the symptons appeared again. I then had an mcs and urinalysis done. Both revealed no organism but. D doctor said it was a uti and prescribed bactrim for 14 days. I finished the course yesterday yet d symtoms still persist. Im confused and dont wnt to go to d doctor as they may prescibe more antibiotics.pls what do i do.i need to get this sorted out pls :

  58. Has anyone successfully treated an Enterococcus UTI naturally?
    I’ve been battling an Enterococcus UTI for over a month now. After having a miscarriage I have had BV 2x and now a long UTI infection.
    I initially was prescribed 10 days of an antibiotic called Cipro which brought the colony count down to 10,000 but it returned to 50k+ within 2 weeks.
    Before taking another antibiotic I tried a product called vibrant health ut vibrance with D-Mannose and botanicals such as goldenseal, cranberry and blueberry. I’ve also increased my probiotic intake as well. I did get some relief from this product, but I still had burning after the recommended treatment length. I did also noticed some clear discharge after my bowel movements while on this product. Has anyone experienced clear discharge from the anus?

    I only have one kidney, so I have to be extra careful the infection doesn’t reach my kidneys.
    After my last urine sample tested positive for the same infection, my urologist prescribed 7 days of nitrofurantoin. I just started taking it, but I really don’t want to mess with my good bacterial levels any further. I really do not like antibiotics and hate to put anything not from nature in my body.
    Please let me know if there is a way to cure this infection type of bacteria infection effectively and naturally!!

    • Yes, there is a way: click on my name!

      D-mannose won’t do you a bit of good against Enterococcus: you need a combo of raw garlic/horseradish/olive leaf extract.
      The latter needs to be Vitacost, or Swanson Super Strength capsules: many brands are so low in the active inflgredient, oleuropein, as to be completely ineffective.

      • Thank you!
        How much horseradish root would you recommend?
        Also, does baking soda help kill off the bacteria or just lesson the burning sensation with this type of bacteria!
        Thank you again xx

        • By raising the urine pH, baking soda slows the feeding and breeding rate of virtually all UTI-causing pathogens, many of which feed and multiply in an acidic environment and give off alkaline wastes. When you make your urine alkaline yourself, the bacteria thinks it’s sitting in its own waste and its life cycle slows to a crawl.
          Half a teaspoon of fresh grated horseradish 3x a day should give you considerable relief: take it in a clump with a mouthful of baking soda water and chase it with the rest of the glass.
          Google ‘horseradish UTI’ to see some of the research on it. The best supplement to buy for it is olive leaf extract with a high amount of oleuropein in it, but the things you can use from the grocery store are baking soda, lemon juice, horseradish, garlic, and cinnamon. Also, ginger tea is beneficial in most cases: there’s one bacteria that responds to it with increased pressure, but it’s rare: I’ve only seen it in about 2% of cases.

          • Hi! My dad is 84 and has a feeding tube. He has been getting uti’s now for years. Last December they shaved his prostrate thinking that would do the trick and it hasn’t. While at home D-mannose seemed to be helping win probiotic. He was constantly having ESRL ( not sure of initials!). He just recently had a stent put in for a fairly large kidney stone. But he keeps going from the hospital with uti and sometimes septic, back to rehab for therapy and then back to the hospital with yet another uti. The time before his they said it was a different bacteria, worse then had before, I forget the name. Gave penicillin and it went away. Now he was just sent back to hospital with yet another uti! Any ideas of the cause? What can I give him through the feeding tube? Thank you!!

    • I had a UTI this past week and used the baking soda solution to help me with the symptoms only. 1 tsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water (cold or hot). Took it every 12 hours for 2 days. Went to Dr yesterday and she said I only had a mild infection. She thought the baking soda must have helped overall. I am still taking 3 days of anti-biotics just to be sure the infection is gone.

  59. I have an infection in my gums and it has traveled to two teeth and I have had 2 bone graphs and the infection comes and goes. My dentist has done everything possible. Now I think the infection is winning!

    I now have noticed an awful odor in my urine and I tested it and it shows today that I am positive with the nitrite bottom test pad of Azo. I bought Ole Vitacost and I am taking 3
    500 mg in the morning and 3 in the evening, I began to feel better and I tested again and it was just a trace on nitrite pad. I also was drinking cranberry juice and taking U.T. Vibrance. I stopped taking the Vibrance since it gave me so much gas and I wasn’t feeling very good anymore.

    Today I tested it again and the nitrite pad was pink and I am beginning to have lower back pain. My mo1uth infection is back. I didn’t know what to drink because I used to drink tumerick & ginger together 3 times a day, 1 cup. I had read that they interfer with the symptoms. I am afraid to go to the doctor because they will only give me antibiotics. The antibiotics are what got me so sick with candida after a surgery. I was given bags & bags of antibiotics after the surgery and since then 15 years I have not been the same. I am afraid of the infection going to my kidneys however. Can you help me step by step

    • Yes, click on my name!

      And take minced raw garlic, (swallow the little pieces with water, like pills) every time you eat! Drink a glass of baking soda water with it each time (1/2 tsp soda in 8 oz water).
      Based on what you’re saying, I think you have intestinal Candida with a protective biofilm on it, which means you’re getting minimum benefit from the OLE, because it’s bouncing off that Candida instead of killing it. Anyone with as much Candida as you have should be having fiendish diarrhea on high doses of OLE, and all your infection symptoms stop at the same time, because the OLE is getting into your bloodstream as the dead Candida pours out of you.
      When you have that kind of Candida, you need to empty your gut and then take activated charcoal, which travels through your gut picking up the Candida, biofilm and all. Then, when you take OLE, it fully enters your bloodstream and lands on those infections like a ton of brick.

      • I thank you for your help. My bowels are not moving so I begun to take a laxative. If I understand correctly I will take the charcoal when the bowels are moving? All I feel at this time is lots of girgle in my stomach. I feel very weak a little nausea. How much of the raw garlic should I eat daily? There are about 6 cloves in a whole garlic. I am very ignorant to all of this.

        Can the candida travel into my joints of my hands & feet? This has been happening for about 2 months and it seems to be getting worse. Many times I can’t close my fingers in a fist. I also have alot of phelgm and I began to cough and I wake up with thick phelgm in my mouth. That’s probably the candida? I was told by a doctor candida had nothing to do with my symptoms. Thank you. I am very desperate to find out how to get rid of this. Diet helps but doesn’t get rid of it.

        • Intestinal Candida causes joint pain and inflammation, and your mucosal system is struggling to keep up with all the Candida toxins in your blood, which is causing the phlegm. It also shelters UTI-causing pathogens in the gut, leading to future infections. It’s intimately tied to your bladder issue, I assure you.

          The garlic is only going to be marginally helpful until your Candida is cleared, which can be a tough process, but with a saline laxative (it’s easy to make with sea salt or pink salt), activated charcoal, olive leaf extract, and cinnamon, you can do it.
          If you’re on FB, click on the Support group link on the site in my name, and I and the other women who’ve done this will walk you through!

      • Hi ,
        I have continued with phase 1 but I can’t get to having loose stools! I have even been taking a mild laxitive and I have never had constipation like this. I am still having bowel movements but nothing at all close to loose stools. I know I can’t take the charcoal until this happens. HOWEVER; I feel more relief of my UTI symptoms! My joint pain in my fingers & feet are less pain. They aren’t as cold. My gums aren’t as tender! Also my muscle pain isn’t as painful.
        What I did notice is when I took my UTI test this morning the Leukocytes was a trace & this Nitrite went to a magenta color imediately after inserting the pad into the urine! my two previous test were never that color before I began my program. I’m a little afraid. My stomach does have nausea at times and I feel much girgle. Today I again start the OLE.

        Thank You for all your help


        • What you’re describing means two things:
          1. You have intestinal Candida that has a biofilm protecting most of it: slight die-off symptoms with some pain relief + constipation = Candida biofilm. The solution is to get your gut empty and take activated charcoal: it draws the Candida, biofilm and all, into itself and carries it out of you.

          2. You have a gram negative-type infection that needs to be treated with organosulphurs, like raw garlic/fresh horseradish, in conjunction with the OLE. In order to make both fully effective against the UTI, you need to clear your gut with a laxative, and then the charcoal, then start taking garlic/horseradish with every meal, and OLE in between.
          Click on my name and then click on the FB Support Group link, and I’ll walk you through everything.
          (It’s all free. I’ve been there and cured myself by the grace of God: paying it forward is my hobby now)

          • Oh Becka,

            Thank you so much for being there for myself and so many other people. I thank God for you.

            If this lax doesn’t make my bowels move can I take the bottles of the magnesium citrate? I want to get on with the fight. I am trying to be patient and am eating healthy and even using flax seed to help out.

            • Yes!
              Get cleared out and take charcoal, and you’ll be well on your way! You can do this: I’ve seen the better part of 200 women get cured of antibiotic-resistant infections with these things.
              If you join the group you can instant message me whenever you have a question.

      • Hi Bekah,
        I’m sorry but I haven’t set up FB yet but I will. I need your help please!

        tried using the ole etc and I never got loose stools. I then followed the directions using bottle of the magnesium citrate. I drank a second bottle and finally was able to take the charcoal 3500 mg the three times waiting an hour in-between each session. I began to take the ole 3 & pau d arco 3 two hours after the 3rd dose of charcoal. I couldn’t stop the loose stools. All night long. I felt nausea and still had some symptoms so I took the 3rd bottle the next morning. It didn’t take long to work. I followed the directions. Again, loose stools until the next morning (today). I took the 4 ole and 4 pau d’ arco. I now am still having loose stools and stomach cramps! I have also taken the tea, garlic, cayenne. It seems like the ole is what is making me have the loose stools now. I am not able to do anything but stay by the bathroom.

        I tested myself this morning and I am still showing pink on the bottom pad.

        I know I had alot of candida but I don’t feel any difference in the swelling of my joints in the hands and feet and my gum infection has gotten worse and spread unto my other tooth.

        Is there anything I can do differently so I don’t have loose stool. Sorry but it’s like water. Also I know it took a long time for me having this candida but will I feel better with my infection soon? I do want to finish this program and to get well.

        Thank You


        • Mix hydrogen peroxide and water, 50/50, and swish it around in your mouth for that gum infection! Do that 3x a day.

          Constant diarrhea after OLE is Candida being killed! You can take more activated charcoal to make it stop sooner.
          You may have a bacterial biofilm preventing what you’re taking from being fully effective: you can take 1/2 tsp fresh grated horseradish 3x a day to destroy biofilms. Everything else will become more effective.

          You should get a big bounce in well-being in another day or two: stop taking laxatives and just do the protocol, with 2000 mg charcoal in between supplement doses until the runs stop.

          You can e-mail me using the address I have on my site! I’ll answer you right away!

          • Hi again Bekah. I’m very stupid when it comes to computers and right now I don’t feel very good. But is it possible to e-mail back so I e-mail you back. Didn’t know your site. So sorry. You told me to e-mail and you could walk me thru this. So many things happening.

            Thank You,

            • Cecelia, see how my name is blue in color? That’s because there’s a link in it.
              Click on it, and it will take you to my site: my contact info is right there on the front page of that site. The Pantry Pharmacy.
              Click on my name, and my e-mail address is on the side of the screen, and linked at the very top, and there’s also a Contact form, and there’s also a questionnaire you can fill out, if you want. There’s also a link to a Facebook support group and a Facebook page, so that’s 6 ways to contact me located on the front page of the site. Use any of them.
              I can’t put links or an e-mail address in this comment or they’ll erase it here, so just *click on my name*.

  60. Hi. I need your help please. After reading your article I was so happy I finally have found a natural way to treat my daughters UTI. She is 4 years old and she’s been having UTI for over 2 years and they are occurring very often ( every 4-7 weeks ). Of course doctors constantly giving Her antibiotics! She has had scan and also blood test and it’s all within norm. Now after reading your article I thouth I’ll try the D mannose supplement as it is safe for children but the herbalist from the shop won’t sell it to me if it is for a child!
    I need to do something to
    Help my child, I don’t want Her to keep taking antibiotics,
    Is there anyone that has a child and tried d mannose or any advice please ?

    • I found a natural remedy to help with the urgency and pain. I stirred 1 tsp of baking soda in a warm cup of water and drank it. I am assuming it neutralized the acid in the urine and I was able to sleep all night until I saw the Doctor the next day. This was several years ago and haven’t had one until today. I am going to make my way to the store to get some baking soda to help me sleep tonight.

      • Baking soda raises your urine pH, which slows down pathogen feeding and breeding, especially E. coli, which is a highly acid-adaptive bacteria that multiplies rapidly in an acidic environment. When you raise your urine pH to neutral, its growth rate slows dramatically and can halt entirely in an alkaline environment.
        Not all infections are as responsive as E. coli, but baking soda water is the quickest route to pain relief in about 98% of UTI cases, which is why it’s at the top of my Emergency Pain Relief list!
        1/2 tsp per 8 oz water is the ratio for quick pain relief without overloading on sodium, for those who are sensitive.

        • Hi Bekah,my 3 years old son has been diagnosed first time with UTI infection-his urine got tested for high leukocytes.The GP gave him antibiotics but I’m trying D-mannose at the moment. What would you recommend?Thanks

        • I’m with Liz.
          I would bet she has severe gut dysbiosis. I found a company yesterday called biocidin: they have a product called Olivirex that has great stuff for bladder infections in it, and they have a protocol laid out for kids as well as adults, and they have people who will work with doctors to make sure everything’s administered correctly.
          Definitely worth looking into!

  61. I have been diagnosed with morganella morganite. I have taken 2 antibiotics with no help. Tests still show positive. I take d mannose but UTI persists. I have no symptoms. Grateful for that….over the yrs , I have had many infections with symptoms. I also drink pure cranberry juice and take Vitamin C. Any suggestions?

    • D-mannose, cranberry, and Vitamin C won’t help you: as a matter of fact, the latter two will make you worse.
      You want to make your urine more alkaline, not acidic, which is what cranberry and Vitamin C do.
      Antibiotic-resistant infections can generally be killed with (good quality, potent) olive leaf extract, raw garlic, and cayenne pepper. Vitacost brand OLE is excellent.
      If I give you links this will go into moderation and not post, but you can click on my name for more info.

  62. Hi Chris,
    After reading your article, I ended up buying the Monolaurin supplement you recommended to treat my GBS. Reading all the research that’s been done about how it can deactivate strep b, I can’t find any studies on how much is needed to really knock GBS on the head. Ive started on 1/4 tsp twice a day and aiming to build from there..I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I don’t won’t anymore antibiotics to treat this especially in labour.

    • I haven’t seen him answer comments in the 8 months I’ve been monitoring this comment stream.

      The biofilm supplement will never reach the bladder unless you remove intestinal Candida first..and I guarantee you that you have intestinal Candida.

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply.. I looked at your page and also wondered if I can take charcoal while pregnant. Can you recommend dosage and a brand ? Im based in Australia..I’m also been taking Comvita olive leaf extract ( Aussie grown ) once a day now for a few days and the Lauricidin for 4 days and I have been feeling the dieing off effects everyday- headaches, muscle aches, flu like systems. I was wondering if milk thistle would be okay to take to help with the detoxing ? ..I have also been taking high quality probiotics for 2 months now- 2 a day, fermented garlic juice , organic apple cider vinegar – with the mother. some times lemon water in the morning 30min before breakfast and slippery elm. How am I doing lol I hope I’m getting somewhere with all this.

        • Is it that giant 3.5 gram horse pill with 66 mg of oleuropein?

          My Australian ladies use Herbs of Gold brand: those capsules are much smaller, but contain 100 mg of oleuropein, each.

          Yes, activated charcoal IS safe to take while pregnant: simply follow the timing instructions carefully. It will remove Candida without symptoms, so if you can take something gentle that helps you clear your bowels, you can take a big dose of charcoal and it will sweep through your gut removing Candida from the intestinal walls without any die-off at all. Then, you can take larger doses of OLE and they will begin treating your UTI instead of the Candida.

          Activated charcoal is an inert substance that works by volume, similar to fiber. Think of it like magnetic fiber: it travels through you without ever being absorbed into your bloodstream, but it draws things to itself like a magnet. Because it works like that, it takes Candida off the intestinal walls through your whole system, unlike chemical Candida-killers, which are absorbed into your bloodstream in the small intestines, and leave most of the Candida in your system untouched. Because of that ‘magnetic’ action, you want your gut to be as empty as possible when you take it, so it’s only glomming onto Candida, and not…other things.
          Any drug store brand of activated charcoal made from hardwood bark or coconut shell is fine, and when you take it on an empty gut, you want to take about 2500 mg with 16 oz water. (Roughly 1/2 teaspoon) That will pick up a LOT of Candida, but if you’re having a strong die-off reaction to just one of those Comvita horse’ll need to repeat that dose a time or two.

          Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me, or join the group (and read the instructions in the blog posts carefully!!!)..I would really like to monitor your case closely while you do this. I don’t like you having such strong die-off response to so little OLE: that means your Candida is severe, and you don’t want all those toxins in your bloodstream while you’re pregnant, burdening the placenta.
          (I’m not going to suddenly demand payment: I never charge anyone. Ever. I’ve been where you are, pregnant with a UTI that wouldn’t die. There’s a blog post on that.)

          • It’s the liquid form of 66mg ole..
            I got my urine results back from my midwife and she said its all clear..I have had worse die offs then what I’m experiencing now, and I have noticed since yesterday it’s tapered off, I woke up with a mild head ache this morning..I was also reading that the Lauricidin I’m also taking can cause die off..
            Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I will go and buy some charcoal today and start tomorrow morning on a empty stomach, and I need to wait 2 hours before taking any supplements or food?

            • Yes! Take it first thing, when your gut is as empty as possible, and only have water in the 2 hours following.

              On the test..when you’re taking something like OLE to kill an infection, you have to test the first urine of the morning to get a true read, because any other time of day it may not show up.
              Use home test strips (cheap on Amazon!) to check yourself first thing in the morning, and keep taking OLE, and minced, unheated raw garlic if you can, until your morning tests are crystal clear for 3 days running, then taper down.
              I promise you that infection isn’t completely dead yet, not on those doses of OLE, when you still have die-off.

              • Hi Bekah,
                Hi took my first lot of charcoal this morning. I had to go out for a few hours so didn’t have a chance to take my supplements until I got home. I still had some dying off symptoms while I was out ..Once I got home I Had a good bowel movement not long after taking the ole and Lauricidin. I also just had some raw garlic..I’m thinking I should repeat this again tomorrow, and report back..

                • No die-off after the OLE? Did you increase your dosage? Keep building upward steadily with the OLE, and remember the die-off is cumulative, so take your larger doses in the morning, and slightly smaller doses in the evening until you build to 4×4.
                  Don’t let up when you feel like the UTI symptoms have stopped: it is *imperative* go continue at full strength until a first morning’s test has been crystal clear for 3 days straight (watch it past the 2 minute mark!), then you taper slowly down.

                • I took the same amount 15ml 66mg should I take 30ml tomorrow morning, then 15ml in the evening. I don’t feel any different then what I was already feeling today, mild headache and tired come the afternoon..I did notice today that I have a little bit of vaginal discharge that had a light green tinge to it, I have been occasional using a mix of coconut oil and bicarb soda and inserting it while in the shower, could that have something to so with it? .. I’m having trouble getting uti strips here at the chemists I’ll have to just order some online but I’m not sure which ones to get. Amazon will take weeks to deliver and most of the time they don’t send to Australia..

                • …That’s all you’re taking in a whole day?
                  I have people build up gradually to around 1500 mg of oleuropein per day, to kill an active UTI.
                  To kill one that’s well-rooted and antibiotic-resistant, you take that AND raw garlic.

                • Sorry I took 2x 15 ml.. I’ll up my dose. I don’t know why the label recommend such tiny amounts..

                • The daily dosage recommendations on the bottle are for daily health maintenance, not active infection treatment. The liquid forms are exponentially more expensive than the capsule ones: have you been able to locate that Herbs of Gold brand, with 100 mg oleuropein per capsule?

                • I’m pretty sure my local organic shop has it. I’ll have to stick with what I got the 1lt bottle of comvit was $50 . I have spent so much money this week on health stuff. Just had another dose of charcoal will have a bigger dose of ole and garlic and see how I feel .. Thanks

  63. I have experienced recurrent UTI’s for 29 years and even when I did not have the active infection, I still experienced frequency. Waking 6 times at night. I recently test positive for UTI so I bought Cran Rx from Walgreens. It has 500 MG of D-Mannose and cranberry. I took this every 2 hours for a week and then 3-4 times a day for another week and then once daily until the sensation went away. I also took Biofilm Defense for a week on 2 different occasions. Even after all this I still had to wake 6 times a night to use the restroom. Recently, I started taking Monolauren 1,100 MG once daily. I have been on it for 6 days and have noticed a significant improvement in waking. It has reduced to 2-3 times a night now. I will continue taking it for a few months and I am hopeful that this will improve also.

  64. I have been having UTI’s for many years now, they went away for a while, but they have come back with a vengeance! Every single time that I have intercourse, I get one. They come on very quickly and I have bleeding and the urgency to urinate. I also get spasms. They are very painful and I have tried taking the cranberry pills & the D-Mannose. The last time I was on Bactrim, and they cultered and it came back that I had E-coli, so they put me on Macrobid. I am suffering from these so often that I am willing to do almost anything to stop them…..please tell me what you think that I should try….I have heard about drinking parsley tea. But haven’t tried it yet. Thank you for your time.

    • Click on my screen name for help, my dear!

      And mix a rounded teaspoon of cinnamon into 8 oz steaming hot water, let steep for 20 minutes, pour your cinnamon tea into a mug and discard the grounds.
      Drink at least 3x a day.

  65. I’ve been on several antibiotics for almost a month because of UTI infected by Enterobacter Aegrogenes. I’ve been on Amoxicillin, Septra and Cipro to kill it but none of them works and the intensity of symptoms are almost same. As I had E. coli and Enterobacter, I’m still taking D-Mannose for prevention and I started to take Odorless Garlic hoping it might work. I wonder if you can give me advise to make my life back to normal.

  66. Hello everyone…I need help. I have so many issues since I received gardasil injections. CNS and peripheral neuropathy. I’ve seen every specialist, and it’s the same thing…We can’t find anything wrong with you. As if things couldn’t get any worse..I had a tonsillectomy at 22 and was put on antibiotics and steroids. I’m 24 and haven’t felt the same since. I’ve taken so many probiotics and nothing seems to help. 2 weeks ago, I was prescribed Cipro for my first UTI. That was the biggest mistake yet. I hadn’t been warned of Cipro toxicity. The first 2 days I felt so much better and now I have so many crazy debilitating symptoms. I went to the ER with chest pain, legs and hands numb and tingling, sharp stabbing pains, abdominal pain, and blurred vision. I also have this bizarre feeling like there’s something in my throat (lump). He told me there’s nothing wrong with me. My mom asked him about Cipro toxicity and he said that I was too young to have this. He wanted to give me steroids and thank god my mom was there…she said absolutely not!!! We left immediately. I’m trying to find a good holistic practitioner here in the Kansas City area, which is very challenging. I’m not crazy and just want to feel better. I feel like my whole body is infected with yeast. If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know. I don’t eat processed food and never fast food. I just had my first dose of IV glutathione. Please help me!!!

    • I’m so sorry that all this happened to you!

      I would do a complete gut cleanse by clearing out with magnesium citrate (pretend you’re prepping for a colonoscopy) and then sending several large doses of activated charcoal through. (2500 mg with 16 oz water, once an hour for 3 hours)
      Then I’d wait 2 hours after the last charcoal dose and eat and take olive leaf extract (Vitacost or Swanson) and drink strong cinnamon or ginger tea and start rebuilding the gut with l-glutamine and probiotics.

      I would also contemplate suing some doctors….

    • for UTI’s women should really look into the practice of yoni steaming, vagina steaming with herbs. It’s an ancient tradition used for 1,000’s of years by many indigenous tribes stemming from the east to the west. There is so much information on this subject, you easily Google search it. Also, definitely listen to the instructions here of doing candida cleanses.

    • Sounds like you have Lyme disease activated by the Gardasil, the same thing happened to my daughter in law. When you have Lyme, everything seems to go wrong in your body. I would suggest finding a “Lyme Literate MD” to get tested.

  67. Hi,
    I’m 17 weeks pregnant and since then I have had 2 uti due to step b which showed up in my urine culture. The Antibiotics are not working as I have a feeling I still have a uti, my symptoms are always a feeling of unwellness and cloudy urine and some lower cramping… I have been taking orthoplex multiflora probiotics for a month now.. What herbs do you recommend to stop this from reacurrring .. Thanks

    • Olive leaf extract will stop it..but it will kill all the intestinal Candida you didn’t know you had, first.
      Click on my screen name and look for the post on pregnancy and UTI’s.

  68. I’m so grateful to have found this website which is packed with information!

    I’ve had 4 UTIs in the past 7 years, and I’ve been dealing with urgency and mild pain in the bladder area for the past three days. I’ve been tested twice in the past 2 days for a UTI, and both tests came back negative. The 2nd doctor sent my urine sample to a lab for additional diagnosis of the bacteria, and I have not heard back yet. In the meantime, he prescribed Cephalexen and told me to take it only if symptoms worsen. I have not taken the drug, as I have been able to maintain my symptoms and not worsen.

    As I said before, I have had 4 “traditional” utis in the past 7 years – those tests came back “positive”. This “uti” is stumping me because the urgency isn’t anywhere near what I have experienced in the past; I am able to wait until my bladder is full from having been drinking at least 16 oz. of water every hour. And any burning I am having is very mild and tolerable.

    I took 1/2 clove of garlic last night, and I have taken 3 today. Also, I have been taking about a tsp of colloidal silver every three hours. Yesterday and today, I woke up VERY hot several times during the night (like my body was fighting something off). However, I do not have a fever.

    I am constipated and the pressure from my poop sitting in my lower intestine (sorry to be uncouth) creates uncomfortable pressure and urgency on my bladder.

    Oh, and I wanted to add that the last time I tried baking soda in water several years ago, the start of my uti went full-blown in 30 minutes. So I am terrified of baking soda and water! Sorry!

    Help? Thank you so much.

    • That’s strange about the soda water..
      Given your symptoms, I would immediately take a laxative, like magnesium citrate, and then take 2500 mg of activated charcoal with 16 oz water when your gut is empty. Wait an hour and repeat, then wait two hours and drink cinnamon tea and take minced garlic with a glass of water and a little something to eat. The charcoal will cleanse the Candida from your intestinal walls so the garlic and cinnamon can go straight to killing the UTI, and then I would repeat the laxative/charcoal the next day just to be sure you got all the Candida, and then begin rebuilding with probiotics. If you can find some good quality olive leaf extract, that’s the best thing to kill the UTI while not harming the probiotics.

        • If you click on my screen name you’ll find a lot of info, and if you contact me I can add you to a closed FB group to support you through a cure. There are some naturally healed veterans in there, cheering the new people along.

            • If I post a link here, the comment will automatically go into moderation for 24 hours, but if you click on my name, that will take you to the website I made on curing UTI’s naturally.
              I’ll go put a link in the sidebar to the group.

              There are women in the process of curing themselves, and women who’ve already done it in there.
              You CAN beat this.
              I had an infection that wouldn’t die for over 4 years..but I finally figured out how to kill it. Now I’ve helped about 200 women kill their antibiotic-resistant UTI’s, and it’s not with some super-duper product I want to sell you, either.
              Most of what you need is probably in your pantry right now.

  69. On June 21 I went to the hospital because I was getting sharp pains all over my chest area .. Doctor said I had inflammation in my lungs and UTI . he prescribe me with some antibiotics called Azithromycin and Sulfameth also and inhaler for my lungs .. I took those for about a week , I drink plenty of waters and hardly eat junk food , it’s now July 15 and I still get a little pain in chest area . I think having a UTI infected my lungs also think I still have the UTI .my urnie is clear and doesn’t hurt when I go to the barthtoom . is there anything else I can try ? I’m tired of having chest pains

    • It’s possible that you could have developed either pneumonia or have something similar to it. You might consider a follow up visit, or maybe even a visit to an emergency room if you are having chest pain. Many times a pneumonia, which is an infection in the lungs, can be more difficult to treat. I am just guessing, based on your symptoms,but never ignore ” chest pain”. It could also be something else. Even if you don’t have very good insurance, you will need to follow through with another visit either to your regular doctor or a pulmonologist ( lung doctor). You didn’t say that your bladder was still bothering you, and mentioned ” chest pain”…don’t delay in getting into a medical person who can diagnose you properly.

      • Thanks for your comment Helen , yes next month I’m going to see a different Doctor . I’m not sure the first doctor I saw didn’t know what was wrong with me exactly .. I don’t think it’s pneumonia I don’t have cough or any of the pneumonia symptoms I’m pretty sure having the UTI is causing my lung/chest pain. I heard the UTI Infection can infect different organs in the body . so I’m thinking I’m still have the infection . I’ve been drinking plenty of waters and cut off sugary drinks since UTI feeds on sugar . if you know any different home remedies for UTI let me know thank you

  70. I just got diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) last Thursday and got my lab result this past Tuesday with Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria and blood in my urine.

    Since I have had CDIF 9 times after using antibiotics, I can’t take any antibiotics. I have been taking cranberry extract 12,600 twice a day for 4 years which has prevented me from having any UTI’s. Three months ago I had lithotripsy to break up kidney stone and I don’t know if that had anything to do with me getting a UTI.

    I have been drinking cranberry juice 4-5 times per day alternating with lemon juice and water. Just read about apple cider vinegar and going to start 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water 3-4 times per day. 1 teaspoon of baking soda was also recommended which I haven’t started yet.

    I just ordered Lauricidin from Med Chem Labs 8 oz which will arrive Monday 7/18/16. I’m hoping this will work on the Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria.

    Does anyone have any other recommendations to fight this type of bacteria? I’ve read that it can be tough for antiobiotics to fight let alone for me to find natural ways. I’m having severe burning, urinating every 15-20 minutes and getting up every hour at night and am thoroughly exhausted.

    • I forgot to add what dosage of Lauricidin should I take to fight off Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria and how many times per day? There are 3000 mg Monolaurin in a single teaspoon.

    • Do not pass ‘Go’, do not collect $200, go directly to the kitchen and drink baking soda water, man!
      1/2 tsp in 8 oz water. Repeat in half an hour.
      Mince 2 fat cloves of raw garlic and swallow the little pieces with the baking soda water, It will help with the taste and the odor and also help the garlic be absorbed into your system, while raising your urine pH, which will slow that bacteria down and greatly reduce your pain.
      As in, you could be pain-free in a few hours if you take that dose of 2 garlic cloves and baking soda water, then take another clove with the next dose of soda water.
      After the second dose, wait 45 minutes and do it again, with a clove of raw garlic. Wait an hour and do it again.
      That will slam the brakes on this thing while you order some olive leaf extract.
      If you doubt me, google it. But for the love of heaven, order Swanson or Vitacost olive leaf extract immediately.

      I’ve been where you are. Click on my screen name.

      • Bekah, I’ve been taking cloves of garlic daily, apple cider vinegar in reverse osmosis water, lemon juice and water, lauricin 1/4 scoop 3x’s per day. It also was recommended that I take grapefruit seed extract for a UTI so I have been taking 15 drops 3x per day. The frequency of urination has gotten better but the burning has continued. I just dropped a urine off today so waiting to see if any of this is helping.

        Just saw what you said about baking soda and I will start tonight. I never bought D-Mannose since I didn’t have E coli infection.

        I would appreciate any other suggestions!


        • When you take raw garlic and do NOT experience significant relief, that’s a sure sign of an intestinal Candida overgrowth. It acts like a deflector, shunting garlic through so it barely makes it into the bloodstream at all.
          The lemon water and vinegar are also interfered with by Candida: it likes the acidity.

          What you need is to cleanse your gut with something like milk of magnesia, and then you need to take activated charcoal while your gut is empty: that takes Candida out when nothing else will. 3500 mg with 16 oz water, repeat one hour later, then wait 2 hours and take olive leaf extract and raw garlic.
          Put 1/4 tsp of baking soda in 8 oz water and drink that 5-6x a day. That will soothe the UTI pain immensely and discourage Candida, too.

    • I agree with the comments made,and would like to suggest that you drink copious amounts of water ( preferably spring water and if you can’t get that, water that is free of fluoride and chlorine. in addition to what she said. What you want to do is to flood that bacteria out of your system.
      If you meant that you have had C diff 9 times and can’t take antibiotics.
      Please get re tested to be sure that you are cured of c diff. I know that it can seem as if it is gone,but it can lie dormant and reappear.
      I’m only a nurse …not a doctor. I have had UTI’s before. Also, try to avoid smoking , caffeine, and too much sugar, and possibly get re checked for the c diff…and do follow up with a gastro specialist and or a urologist. Best wishes on your recovery.

      • Yes I’m getting retested for CDIF since urologist tried me on injection of gentamicin thinking it wouldn’t go through the intestines. My gastroenterologist said it would.

  71. Hae? have tried to use all the antibiotics but its not getting better…….it healed at a time but it gfot back again….what should i avoid which brings it back please advice

  72. Am am 4 weeks post partum with a uti. I had antibiotics in the hospital durring labor for GBS and a round of antibiotics 5 days after for double mastitis. I don’t want to take more antibiotics but need no know what natural remedies are safe to use while breast feeding. Please help! Feeling miserable.

      • Is it bad if I’m feeling pain in my lower back now? Read that it could be a kidney infection. Will these treatments help that? I’ll call my doctor just in case.

        • Yes, that’s a bad sign, and yes, these things will help with that! I would do both, starting baking soda water and cinnamon tea and minced garlic when you eat, which will give you relief within an hour, and take antibiotics, too.
          Once the infection has spread up the ureters, it can be too late to use natural methods only, because all of them kill Candida as well as UTI bacteria, meaning that they get to your kidneys and bladder more slowly than an antibiotic, which passes right by Candida without even blinking.

        • Happened to me, I ignored the pain because I didn’t know what it was and it ended up being the worst kind of kidney infection. I had to get a IV stuck in my arm and was double over with all these pain meds. Don’t ignore your signs & symptoms!

    • I’m in the same boat as you, I did some research on Lauricdin and it sounds like it could be the cure to my reacuring uti due to step b . Im waiting to hear from my natural path about how much I need to take. I can keep you posted if you like

  73. I just took a UTI test strip test and tested positive for Leukocytes and negative for Nitrates. I’ve just gotten over a very bad head cold and am going through menopause. Can either of these things skew the results? If not, what bacteria am I fighting here and which natural remedies should I start with?

    • You most likely have a UTI. When it turns purple but the lower pad doesn’t turn pink, that means you have a UTI caused by a gram positive bacteria, like staph, strep, or enterococcus.
      Good quality olive leaf extract and raw garlic are the best natural antibiotics to fight those with. (Cranberry juice and d-mannose are completely useless against every bacteria except E. coli, and you don’t have that.) Wait, when did you take the test? Was it the first morning’s urine?
      A test taken in the afternoon can be falsely negative for nitrites because they’re more easily flushed out than leukocytes, so if it wasn’t a morning test, re-test in the morning.

      If you didn’t have any UTI symptoms and the strip turned a faint tan color, it would probably be inflammation, but turning purple indicates a UTI about 95% of the time.

      • The UTI test strips are the key to resolving UTI issues, and we would like to have a supply on hand. What brand/source would you recommend for cost-effective purchases?
        A timely reply would be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you.

        • You can get some on Amazon: there’s a bottle of 100 strips for about $10, called “mission urinalysis 10 reagent test strips”. Those work quite well, in my experience. I’d give you a link, but then this post would go into moderation.

  74. I have also had utis for years. I rely heavily on Dmannose when I feel one coming on. However, I have found that utis, especially reoccurring utis, are a symptom of digestive disorders. Usually when I have a Uti, I have a lot of bowel movements that will occur as well. I have been able to prevent having a Uti by keeping myself constipation free. I have limited my sugar intake and eliminated nonfermented wheat products from my diet. Eat your good fats, meats and vegetables!

  75. Hi, my ten year old has been on a low dose (50 mg) nitrofurantoin for almost five years now due to chronic UTI’s only once did her UA show E. coli. Since she was about 5 she began have foul smelling urine, urgent bathroom runs (she couldn’t even stand up because of the urgency), and incontinence. She never has had a fever or pain thankfully. After finishing a round of antibiotics within 3 days she would have another Full blown UTI. So, the urologist recommended the low dose to give her bladder a break to heal. That was only supposed to happen for about 1-1/2 years. That then turned into 3 years and now they are saying maybe puberty will help.
    About a month ago she was tested for allergies and we found out that she has a dairy allergy. We took her totally off all dairy and after two weeks we took her off her nitrofurantoin per the ND recommendation. Only four days later she had all her classic symptoms of a new UTI. We started her on D-mannose but she continued to have symptoms. I then took her in for a UA and it looked clear. We have had to start the nitrofurantoin again because her symptoms were getting bad. We would like to get her off of the antibiotics but don’t know we’re to go next. Do you have any recommendations? I am curious to try the biofilm disrupters but wondering about dosages for a 10 year old.

    • I had an E. coli infection for almost 5 yrs, and it would be back full-blown on the morning of the 3rd day after stopping antibiotics. All they did was keep me symptom-free without killing it.
      I was completely cured by cayenne pepper in a few days, and symptom free by the 3rd dose. I took 1/4 tsp every 4 waking hours, from an old jar I’d had since I got married. You can put it in a spoonful of honey.

      It seems to be a no-fail cure for a particular sub-strain of E. coli: I’ve had a number of other women with E. coli infections be cured by it, and a few who weren’t. It’s worth a shot, because what it works on seems to the one that’s so resistant to antibiotics: it also worked for a woman in the Caribbean who’d had an antibiotic-resistant E. coli infection for 3 years.
      Make sure she’s got some food in her stomach, and chase it with a glass of baking soda water, 1/2 tsp in 8 oz water.

      • Thanks Bekah. If she has another UTI caused by E. coli I will try that. However she normally has UTIs caused by other bacteria and so D-mannose and such doesn’t work for her. :/

        • Oh, I thought you said that a culture showed E. that case, she needs good quality olive leaf extract, and raw garlic.
          Click on my screen name.

          • Hi Bekah, I followed your link. That info is helpful however I guess I didn’t mention in my earlier post that when we did her testing she has no issues with candida. That surprised our ND and me since she has been on antibiotics for so long. So, what is the olive leaf extract for? Is it for yeast or for the UTI bacteria? If that would help with the bacteria we may try it. Thanks!

            • It kills both! It’s both a powerful natural antibiotic, and it’s anti-fungal. The key is to get Vitacost or Swanson brand capsules: many brands are weak and ineffective.
              Google ‘olive leaf extract’ and check it out.

          • Hi again Bekah, I went back and read more. Thanks! Can you tell me how she should take the oel? In water? Also, do you have a recommendation of dosage? I know it said its really safe but where should we begin? Thanks!

            • I would start her on one Vitacost capsule with breakfast and one with lunch, and see how she feels. I’ll be very surprised if she doesn’t have some signs of die-off: Candida is insidious.
              If she doesn’t have Candida, the infection will respond quickly with a decrease in symptoms and test results.
              If she feels no difference and the test results don’t change, she has Candida with a biofilm, in which case she’ll need to take activated charcoal when her gut is empty to sweep out the Candida, and then the OLE will get into her bloodstream and begin killing the UTI.

              I can’t tell you how many dozens of women have started out saying, “I don’t have Candida” and ended up messaging me about headaches, nausea, and the runs, saying, “How is this possible?!”
              Perhaps one in one hundred women haven’t had a significant Candida overgrowth.
              Has she ever been on anti-fungals?

                • They tested her stool, right?

                  The thing about these tests is, they look for living cells passing out of the body, and just because they aren’t passing out right then doesn’t mean that they aren’t adhered to the tissue walls in there. Candida grows on the intestinal walls, so a negative stool test simply means that Candida isn’t present in the stool, not that it isn’t growing on the walls.
                  A urine culture can also be clear while a UTI is still present, simply because the cells aren’t passing out of the body at the time the culture was taken.
                  You can make and give her cinnamon tea right now, and see what kind of response she has. Cinnamon is a great yeast-killer. Mix 4 tsp cinnamon into 24 oz steaming hot water, and let it steep for 20-25 minutes, then pour the infused water off the grounds, leaving them in the bottom.
                  Give her that tea to drink, 6 oz at a time, twice a day for 2 days, and if she has any Candida without a biofilm, she’ll have a die-off response.
                  It will also noticeably reduce any UTI symptoms she has.

                • Okay, so at the moment she is back on her low dose of nitrofurantoin because we didn’t know what else to do and she was having symptoms that the D-mannose didn’t help with. So, we may try taking her off and giving her a try on these things. Thank you for taking time to answer my questions!

              • I actually do have a candida overgrowth and may try your suggestions here. I have been taking Phytostan and haven’t experienced the die off symptoms.

                • Most yeast-killers are absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestines, leaving the Candida in the large intestines unaffected. So, if it’s concentrated in the large intestines, what you’re taking has no effect on it, regardless of whether or not it has a biofilm.
                  This is where activated charcoal comes into its glory, because it is never absorbed by your body, passing all the way through the digestive tract killing Candida the whole way.

    • I have a daughter who has suffered from these infections since she was five also. She is now in high school and still has not completely conquered this horrible pain that always pops up to ruin a school play or a birthday or family holiday. She also took the nitrofurantoin daily for a while, but it stopped working and the side effects were not worth it. It has gotten better over time- she went a whole year without an infection, but then had three the next year. It definitely feels like the infection is not fully away or dormant. Over time we learned that her chronic constipation was a huge factor because it put pressure on the bladder and prevented it from emptying fully. Also, holding because of the fear of the pain became a habit that made things worse. Then, the flora in the gut was so disrupted by the antibiotics that her immune system was weak and not able to fight infections as well. The last infection she had required three rounds of two different antibiotics to get rid of it completely. Since then, she is taking very large amounts of probiotics and digestive enzymes and taking supplements to support urinary system. The bacteria was not E. coli last time, but I am very interested also in the biofilm disrupters mentioned here as I have been reading about how the bacteria holds on and hides. I am so sorry your daughter is suffering with this also and I hope you find answers. It is so hard and I have found so few people understand what awful pain/discomfort our daughters are in and how disruptive it is in their lives.

  76. My 87 year old mother has Alzheimer’s Disease and in February came down with her first ever UTI. She just had her 5th one, which averages out to one a month. The past 3 times she also got a yeast infection. The effects of these UTI on her are so dramatic; she sleeps most of the day, she has trouble eating, can barely walk, she leans, she itches, cries, etc. It’s been terrible. The first 4 times we have followed the typical antibiotic treatment. My sister and I just couldn’t see having her take it again. With every round of antibiotics we can see her weakening. We decided to search Dr. Mercola’s site and found his recommendation and your article on D-Mannose. We decided to give it a try….Unbelievable results!! Within a day, she was talking more than she has in months, maybe even a year…..initiating sentences, smiling, laughing and more alert. We are so very grateful for D-Mannose! Thanks so much for your article. We intend to continue the dose for a while, to make sure the UTI does not return. Is there any time limit on how long we should do the 500 mg every 2-3 hours?

  77. I had chronic UTIs for years. They were so bad it was like peeing volcanic acid, and had lots of blood. Docs put me on antibiotics, but it would come back a week or two later. They suggested prophylactic antibiotics, but my yeast situation was wildly out of control. I started calling in sick to work and doing a cycle of unsweetened cranberry juice and water all day long to get rid of the infection, but it was making my stomach really upset and was generally q giant bummer. I started dreading sex with my husband because I knew I would get an infection right after.

    Then I talked to a naturopath who told me about dmannose. It changed my life. I could get an infection cleared up within four hours. I took a teaspoon of powder in a glass of water before bed every night for about a year, and did some general detox work around that time. Now, I don’t take the dmannose unless I get an infection, which is maybe once per year, when I’ve been on a sugar bender.

  78. What is this? I see a flashing line in my line of vision in my right eye. Flashing blue, orange and white zig zag lines. It’s not around my eye. Do you have any idea what could have caused this?????? The cayenne pepper?

      • Bekah, Thanks for getting back to me. Of course, I posted to YOU right away about my vision because I had just taken a dose of cayenne pepper! I knew it wasn’t a detached retina; unfortunately, I’ve had one of those before. I then Googled it; (it only lasted about three minutes): “They’re called opthalmic migraine, and they are not harmful, although when you first get them…….. the panic! It’s a temporary narrowing of the blood vessels to the eyes. Please don’t worry, not harmful at all.” I’m doing better! I have to drink a small amount of coffee each morning or else I’ll get the caffeine withdrawal headache. I always suffer the consequences :/ My blood pressure is fine. I’m up to three capsules of OLE. The burning is diminishing, PTL! I’m staying on your protocol and hoping for a quick recovery. Thank you, I have learned a lot.

        • Wow, a visual migraine! That must be surreal.
          Keep up the good work, and remember that Candida die-off is cumulative, so be careful with that OLE! It can start with a headache you don’t pay much attention to, and then it hits you like a ton of brick.
          If you start getting that, take a charcoal capsule or two in short order, because it can escalate quickly into feeling too sick to swallow anything. Charcoal will stop die-off quickly, just don’t take too much until your bowels loosen up.
          Let me know how you do!

  79. Whenever I get a UTI, it comes on with a vengeance! I got one six days ago. For the first two days, I took D-mannose with drops of Lugol’s iodine and cranberry juice. I didn’t find the usual relief, but decided I wasn’t taking enough D-mannose and often enough.

    The next day, I upped my dose and still didn’t find relief. For the next two days, I kept up with the D-mannose and added colloidal silver, four tablespoons a day. That didn’t help.

    My UTI woke me up at 4am yesterday, and while searching the web, I found these instructions. 🙂 I ordered Swanson’s Super Strength OLE with Amazon’s same day delivery 🙂

    Yesterday, I took four doses of the honey with cayenne pepper, garlic and baking soda, adding a dose of OLE when it arrived at 8pm. (Hallelujah!)

    I woke up at 3am today, needing to go to the bathroom. No pain. I was so happy 🙂 But at 5am, now I have pain. (What’s going on?)

    Do you have any other suggestions? I also ordered the UTI strips, but they won’t arrive until next week. Thank you for your time.

    • Fully killing a UTI is rarely a straightforward issue. Since the bladder is the last stop fluid makes on the way out of your body, any problem between your stomach and your bladder slows the full cure of a UTI.
      What you just started doing will greatly relieve your pain because raising your pH and beginning to kill Candida slows down a UTI, but the UTI pathogens typically will take longer to kill completely. The important thing is to keep going through the bumps, and gradually increase your OLE doses even while the UTI pain is dwindling. You have to keep taking it until tests of the first urine of the morning (after a full night’s sleep) have been crystal clear for 3 days running.
      Hang in there!

      • After lunch and now after dinner, I felt nauseous and then had diarrhea after taking 3 OLE, 2 garlic cloves and cayenne. Is this candida die off? I never thought I had candida.

        On a brighter note, I think the dry mouth I’ve been contending with for the past eight years is going away. 🙂 Happy July 4th!

        • Oh yes, that’s die-off! You’re going to be surprised at how much of that you have, and at what changes you see in your body after you kill it.
          You’ll want to start taking some charcoal now that you’re thoroughly loose: it greatly shortens the amount of time it takes to kill off your Candida, and makes it possible to kill it all the way through your gut. You’ve read all about how to take it properly, yes?

          • Bekah, I was up all night with diarrhea :-/ I had lots of time to read through several of your comments and learned that yes, I have candida! That was a shocker. Never had the common symptoms (but a bloated tummy!) At 4am, I read about the charcoal and took some. I have reminders set for throughout the day. PTL, I have one of those capsule makers, so I can capsulate the cayenne and charcoal. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get that cayenne/honey mixture down again. 😛

            How can we all thank you enough? XOXOXO

            • Anyone who can start a post with “diarrhea all night” and end it with “thank you” has my deepest respect. 😀
              I’m just glad you’re already to that stage and didn’t have a migraine complete with vomiting, which can be an unpleasant interlude between first taking Candida-killers and the diarrhea.
              (This is why you build up gradually, ladies and gents. You never know what’s lurking in there until you poke it with a stick.)
              Have you clicked on my screen name yet? There’s lots more info, there.

              • Hey, Girl! I upped my OLE to 5 Vitacost capsules at dinner yesterday and was awakened by nausea in the middle of the night. Ka-Boom! Out both ends 😛 Today, I took 5 OLE, garlic and cayenne pepper at breakfast. I hear gurgling, but nothing’s moving. Should I up my OLE to 6 at lunch? #feelingbrave #diecandida

                • Such a gutsy lady…
                  Sorry I didn’t see the notification for this sooner, and I’m glad I e-mailed you earlier when I thought I hadn’t heard from you yet today!

  80. I have had MS for the past 33 years and have done very well until 2 years ago. I started having urine retention which lead to to perform self cath 2 times a day. Since then I have had recurrent UTI’s. Mainly E.coli but not always. Being a retired RN,
    I am as clean and hygienic as I can possibly be. I have been on numerous antibiotics which help only to recur a week or two later. I have been taking cranberry extract triple strength, wash my hands all the time, wipe front to back etc. I am so frustrated. Please give me a guiding hand. The only help my urologist can give is another antibiotic. Should I be taking a probiotic as well? Please advise. Thank you!

    • It may be that your vaginal flora has gotten out of balance due to antibiotics, and you’re getting re-infected from that source. (In which case you’ll need to do a course of overnight vaginal suppositories with coconut oil) Or, it could be due to the same issue in your gut: dysbiosis from the antibiotics. A course of good quality olive leaf extract alternated with activated charcoal will clear that out, and then you can re-populate with probiotics.

      • Thank you for your quick response. After reading the information you had written regarding recurrent E.coli UTI’s, I sent a text off to you and went to our health food store and purchased D-Mannose 500mg, Monolaurin 500mg, and ultimate Flora probiotic for vaginal and urinary health. I was planning on taking D-Manolaurin (3) 500mg tabs TID. The other two supplements I was planning to take (1) tab BID for each supplement for 5 days, is this correct? Or do I need to pick up olive leaf extract and charcoal and not take the supplements mentioned above? Thank you!

        • Well, I’ve seen one comment from someone who said that Lauricidin helped her…but out of all the women I’ve been contacted by who’ve tried those biofilm supplements, none of them said they saw any benefit from them.
          I can promise you, though, that you’ll see results from good quality olive leaf extract. It kills every kind of bacteria, and fungal pathogens. If you get it from a local store, look for Swanson brand. Do NOT buy Gaia: they’re lousy.

  81. just recently went to the doc. and was told that i had an e coli uti. was told that i needed to take an antibiotic that has penicillin in it. I told my doc that my son whom i am currently breastfeeding is severely allergic to penicillin. she then told me that she will not be giving me an antibiotics and to drink plenty of cranberry juice and water and hopefully it will go away on its own. I was wondering if you had any helpful advice on how to cure this e coli uti safely and effectively with out having to stop breastfeeding my son.

    • Do NOT drink cranberry juice! It will give you temporary relief as the hippuric acid kills off the thinner-walled bacteria, and then it will get worse as the tougher ones multiply.
      Drink a glass of baking soda water 3x a day: 1/2 tsp in 8 oz water.
      You need Vitacost or Swanson super strength olive leaf extract, raw garlic, and cayenne pepper. 1/4 tsp of cayenne, mixed into a spoonful of honey and taken right before the dose of baking soda water, may kill your infection outright. It destroys some sub-strains of E. coli on contact. If it doesn’t do the job alone, it combined with raw garlic and OLE will kill that infection, and they’re safe for a nursing baby.

  82. Hi! So last week I went to the doctor for a uti. I took the first one (augmentin) Tuesday night. Then took them as directed through Saturday. Sunday and Monday I was so uncomfortable (bloating, red face, couldn’t eat) that I made the decision to stop taking them. All in all I took 10. The prescription was for two weeks. I’ve been taking probiotics, d monnase with crab active, turmeric, oil of oregano and trying to eat clean. I’ve been avoiding sugar (except from bananas), starches and acidic foods. I’m worried it’ll come back full throttle since I stopped taking them so early. The uti itself to start wasn’t so terrible when I was treated. I don’t believe I feel any symptoms (though I am an anxious person so I’m overthinking things). Is there anything else I can do to help prevent it coming back? And did I do a really terrible thing by quirking them early? I told my doctor I didn’t feel well in this so she prescribed me a new antibiotic to take-macrobid. I haven’t started on them and really don’t want to if I don’t have to. I was on AB twice already this year for bronchitis. I’m tired of taking them.

    Really interested to hear back:)

    • I would get some UTI test strips and check to make sure it’s gone. Also, I’d take probiotics to re-populate after those antibiotics.
      If it’s not gone, I’d start on some good olive leaf extract and raw garlic right away, while it’s weakened.

      • I went to the doctor today and the uti is gone! I made a dish last night with one whole garlic clove- although it was heated. I will start on raw garlic! I just bought some OLE- 1,000 mg should I be taking that once a day?
        Thank you for your advice!

        • Is it Gaia brand? Gaia is really weak: it contains 5% active ingredient per dose. You want 15-20%.
          I would do a slow and easy gut cleanse with good quality OLE (Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength), starting with one capsule per meal and working up to four, taking activated charcoal first thing in the morning when your bowels get loose. Clearing Candida from your gut is imperative to prevent future UTI’s, especially after a round of antibiotics. Also, you should do a round of vaginal treatments with coconut oil to make sure you don’t get a yeast infection from the antibiotics, either.

  83. Just a quick update: I found that taking 4 cornsilk capsules every 3 hours… and taking Silver Shield, Probiotic Eleven, Cranberry capsules (10oz=1 capsules), Echinacea/Golden Seal every 1 hour. I’m ordering Cranberry and Buchu (supposedly works wonders) from Nature Sunshine which is where I get all my other herbs, supplements, etc from.

  84. Hi! I’m glad that I found this website. I’m 28weeks pregnant. Doc found out that I have enterococcus fecallis bacteria in my urine and have been prescribed to take Amoxicillin..I have already taken Amoxcillin for a week n it did not work, now I’m taking one more round of antibiotics of Amoxcillin and Clavulanic for 14days. I have least hope this time. Please tell me what works to get rid of this stubborn bacteria. I’m pregnant n freaking out. Please help!

    • HI, did you end up getting rid of the infection? I have had an enterococcus UTI for about a YEAR! I thought it went away after taking GSE and interfase biofilm disruptor but my recent urine test shower above 100K of enterococcus AGAIN!!!! I have no symptoms though.
      We are TTC and I feel this is stopping us from conceiving 🙁

  85. I have not gotten a UTI or bladder infection in years! I’m 29, and currently just moved to New Zealand from USA with my family, my hubby family in nz, currently staying with them, the city water is awful so been buying bottled water, so I maybe was drinking a cup a day! I think that lead to my UTI currently 🙁 I’m vegan, gluten free, night shade free person, went and seen a local natural path she prescribed me this over the counter Ural, but it gave me a horrid headache, and I’m still hurting, only hurts when I’m at end of emptying bladder, like there’s a heavy weight and just hurts, not a particular burning (hot) feeling kinda itchy too…been dealing with it for almost a week now 🙁 I hadn’t had antibiotics since I was a kid and am trying to avoid them at all costs!!! I can’t seem to find any d mannose here 🙁 or any of the other supplements u mentioned…being so remote, I’m not sure what to do, any suggestions on this, I’m ready to be pain free gah!
    Thank you

    • Update: my back hurts bad this am! Went back to doc, said I have an acute bladder infection. Altho I was thinking my kidneys were infected.thety prescribed me TMP antiobitics .I was able to find d mannose and olive leaf extract with garlic and echinacea capsules! I’m gonna try it! Hoping this works! Seriously trying to avoid antiobitics !!

      • The problem is that the OLE may have to fight through intestinal Candida before it can get to your bladder, so that UTI may be able to get worse before the OLE gets there. I would keep the urine pH up with a glass of baking soda water to discourage pathogen feeding and breeding, and maybe take one antibiotic pill while you’re starting the other things. They won’t interfere with each other, and you don’t want that infection to spread while you’re trying to get the other things into your bloodstream. Antibiotics only kill bacteria, not fungi, so they don’t react to the Candida and pass right by it, while OLE will stop to kill it. You can actually do both, and as long as you keep going with the OLE to kill off the Candida, then you can re-populate with probiotics and stop the UTI from recurring.

        • How does one know if they have candida in the gut ?
          The antiobitics are strong and u take one a day for 3 days only at night…that freaks me out a bit…

          • You know when you take something that kills it, because dying Candida gives you a headache, nausea, and then diarrhea.
            Also, you can google ‘symptoms of Candida’ and run down the checklist to see if any of it sounds like you. It causes a whole host of symptoms that people don’t connect with the true cause, like constipation, fatigue, PMS, depression/anxiety, skin rashes, food allergies, reflux, all kinds of things.
            About 1 in 100 women with a UTI does not have a Candida overgrowth, in my experience. The other 99…have to push through Candida to get to the UTI.

            • Yes! I suffer from allergies (food) have anxiety 🙁 and do have headaches (but once quitting dairy, sugar, wheat, headaches went away 🙂
              So I been taking the d mannose as directed on bottle and the OLE as directed and it hasn’t even been 12 hours and back/lower flank area gone! Burning when urinating is gone!! Do have a headache right now tho :/ maybe some more sleep will help 🙂 I am neutralizing the urine too with baking soda as well… Thank you so much ! I hope this keeps working!!
              Maybe have headache cuz the OLE is working killing the candida ?? I have only taken 1 capsule thus far tho..

              • A headache is the first sign of die-off. My chronic, low-grade headaches stopped when I killed my Candida, too. 🙂
                I would take one OLE per meal today, and see how you do.

                I’m glad you’re responding so quickly! It’s a good thing you’d already done a lot to discourage Candida: that’s helping you big-time, right now.

                • Alright, I’ll do that 🙂 yup have a pretty good pounding headache 🙁 going to take some Tylenol and get in hot shower. How long before headache goes away from die off of candida ?

                • The quickest way is to take a couple of activated charcoal capsules, 2 hours after the last time you ate, and wait 2 more hours before eating/drinking anything but water. Charcoal will soak up the toxins causing that headache, and it will vanish within an hour after taking the charcoal.

                • Alright, I’ll have to search out some activated charcoal 🙂 thank you so much!!! The OLE is lighthouse brand, it’s the olive leaf plus,
                  Olive leaf (olea europaea –20,000mg
                  Oleuropein -110mg
                  Echinacea –1,000mg
                  Zinc citrate 25mg
                  Garlic -1000mg
                  Vit c – 50mg
                  Is taking one with every meal ok, not an overdose ? Says to take 1-2 a day! Lol just want to make sure 🙂

                • 1-2 a day is what you’d take as daily maintenance for a healthy person. In order to kill off an active UTI, you need to take around 1500 mg of oleuropein, the active ingredient, per day. That would be about 13 of those capsules!
                  It’s impossible to OD on oleuropein: it’s completely non-toxic. I don’t know about the zinc and echinacea…I would take those capsules for now and order some pure olive leaf extract from Swanson or Vitacost.
                  Activated charcoal is available at most drug/grocery store stores, near the antacids. I bought mine as a loose powder from Amazon, because I wanted to make poultices with it, too. It’s the best deal that way, but you have to stir it into a glass of water to take’s odorless and tasteless, but you’re drinking black water. LOL

                • Good to know 🙂 thank you so much!! I’ll be ordering some pure OLE 🙂 right now 🙂

                • Good to know 🙂 thank you so much!! I’ll be ordering some pure OLE 🙂 right now 🙂
                  Would a liquid OLE be as effective ?

                • Most of the liquids are very low in the active ingredient, and those that aren’t are stupidly expensive. You could do it, but it would cost about 8-10x as much to kill it that way. The very best option is Vitacost capsules, their 300 count bottle. They’re my favorite kind because they’re very effective and the bottle costs less than $30, and ships free.

                • Update: ended up in ER cuz left kidney felt as if it was going to explode ! I hurt so bad it was insane! They found no fever, no bacteria, no protein in my urine tho! Small amount of blood was present- final diagnoses I have UTI aftermath kidney stones! Struvite stones: Found more often in women, these are almost always the result of urinary tract infections. Soo all I can do is wait for it to pass! Ultrasound today to see how big the stone is! On good note! UTI is completely gone! The all natural way! Now to find a way to dissolve the kidney stone naturally :))

                • Well, congrats on the great job killing your infection, and sorry about the kidney stones!
                  I had a lady who had the same thing happen: she killed her infection quickly but had a kidney stone, and she followed a protocol alternating lemon water and olive oil, and passed it.

                • This is what I found after looking online from dr Edward group.
                  Kidney stones removal
                  This is one of my favorites and easily one of the most effective remedies for kidney stones and the pain they cause. At the first symptom of stone pain, mix 2 oz of organic olive oil with 2 oz of organic lemon juice. Drink it straight and follow with a 12 ounce glass of purified water. Wait 30 minutes. Then, squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon into 12 ounces of purified water, add 1 tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar and drink. Repeat the lemon juice, water and apple cider vinegar recipe every hour until symptoms improve.
                  Just finished the first part with olive oil and lemon juice! Kicking this kidney stone out!

                • You go, girl!
                  You’re about to earn a black belt in natural healing. LOL!

                  (I would keep on the OLE and some garlic for a bit, just to make sure that UTI is fully cured. Sometimes they can lurk undetected in small quantities for a while, resurging when something happens to irritate the bladder)

                • After all tests, there seems to be nothing wrong with me. they cant find a stone! so I am wondering if me starting the OLE and not finishing to get the candida out, can cause intestinal issues, feels like there is a block, or as if my intestinal walls have expanded right in the area of my left kidney area. Or the candida has moved and stopped? I am just thinking outside the box….I feel I need to do my own investigation of why I am in pain, I am NOT nearly as in much pain as this past weekend tho! 🙂 so that’s a plus! I did get some thompsons OLE and activated charcoal 🙂
                  thinking of restarting to get the candida out, I never ended up with diarrhea…just got the headache….
                  thanks so much

                • didn’t even have a blowout after the pain?
                  That makes me think you have Candida with a biofilm: I’ve been seeing a lot of that, lately.
                  I would take a laxative to completely empty the gut, then take several large doses of activated charcoal in succession. It clears out intestinal Candida regardless of biofilms. Wait two hours after the last dose of charcoal, then eat a little something and take your OLE, and I would start on probiotics, too. Jarrow is a good brand.

          • Michelle, After reading this thread I’d really like to know how you ended up. It scares me a bit to think that the OLE might have caused you pain or a problem. I don’t yet understand biofilms or how to be sure that OLE not causing certain symptoms means that there is a biofilm. After reading things here and Bekah’s website, I’m intrigued and also a little freaked out by all of the bad symptoms women are going through to use the phases to try to get better. If I bite the bullet and try this, it sounds as though I may have to brace for a few days of being sicker before getting better, and it’s not easy to take time out for that w/o knowing for sure if it will help. I’ve read many posts here as well as several on Bekah’s website. I have not been on the FB page yet. I’ve also read to not combine charcoal with magnesium citrate, because it can cause electrolyte imbalance. I don’t feel talking to my doctor about any of this will be helpful. I want to know I’m doing the right thing for my body, but I know there are no guarantees, just suggestions from others who have done some research and experienced some of this first hand. I wish all of these threads ended with whether a person was well and uti-free. Thanks

    • D Mannose is available in NZ . Clinicians brand Bladder Support it is called.Chemists and health shops stock it.
      very good.

  86. First of all I want to thank you for trying to help so many people who really don’t know what else to do! That is the most frustrating part! I have suffered with UTI’s and yeast infections for years. My hormones changed even more after having my daughter a couple of years ago. I had to have IV antibiotics while pregnant due to having a UTI for 2 months. I have had two cystoscopies with dilation. They helped for about 4-6 months each time and then the UTI’s and yeast infections started again. I am on week 7 now of a UTI and of course have a yeast infection to go along with it, since it is just a vicious cycle. I was taking Boric Acid and an estrogen cream to get things back in order per the gyno and urologist, due to always feeling uncomfortable and not necessarily having a full blown UTI or yeast infection when being seen. It worked and things were feeling much better until I got my first UTI 4 months after my cystoscopy at the end of May 2016. So at this point in time, I am on week 7 of a UTI and about week 2/3 of a yeast infection. I have been taking Teraconzole cream vaginally at night per the urologist. I am supposed to do this each time I start an antibiotic, since Diflucan does nothing for me. Teraconzole Cream has always helped me feel better until this time. In the past 7 weeks I have been on Levaquin, Bactrim, Cipro, and now Macrobid. I had an allergic reaction to the Bactrim (broke out in hives) and have never had a problem taking it, so I was only on it a couple of days. I have a few days left of the Macrobid and know that I still have a UTI and yeast infection. I have read the many other entries and recommendations that you have given and wondered if you can tell me what I need to do, since every situation is a little different. I have been taking cranberry pills and Vitamin C along with my antibiotic and Teraconzole Cream. I’ve taken D-Mannose in the past and it was hit or miss if it helped, which obviously depended upon the kind of bacteria according to your information. I have always drank tons of water and that is all that I drink.

    Can you tell me the exact regimen you believe will help me get rid of my yeast infection and UTI? We also want to try for another baby, but I know that means I’ll probably get another UTI and yeast infection. I think that is why I have one now. Can you tell me the best way to maintain a healthy balance down there and what I need to do before and after intercourse, in hopes of not getting more infections?

    I have researched online before and never came across your website. I feel so blessed that I did! Once again, thank you for trying to help so many people who feel just miserable from too many antibiotics!

    Thank You,
    Stacie G.

    • Wow…I’m traumatized just reading that! You poor dear!

      Okay, this can definitely be cleared up. And you *don’t* have to get an infection when you’re pregnant anymore, don’t worry.
      Going into all the details here would be too lengthy for this comment section, but you’ll need either Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength OLE capsules, raw garlic, lots of ginger, and coconut oil, to start. Can you contact me through the site in my name?

      • Definitely! I have some of those items on the way! I have seen how much natural products can help after an extreme fatigue issue a year ago (and some of that was a UTI). That is why I believe in them! I’ll contact you and appreciate all that you do for all of us that are suffering! 🙂

    • Hi, I have also suffered from UTI’s quite often. It has become worse since being post-menopausal. Quite recently I stumbled across Doterra essential oils. One of their blends called Purify has been very helpful for when I get one. I can take it internally in a capsule and also massage it into my lower stomach area. Also, you can include Oregano and Frankincense and their On Guard blend in the capsule, but I think the Purify if the most important. I also immediately start drinking pure unsweetened blueberry and/or cranberry juice.

      BUT, the most effective thing I discovered to prevent them was to first, make sure to urinate and clean my genitals right after sex. Then I directly apply melaleuca oil to the external urethral orifice (urinary meatus). Surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt, but makes it feel better. If I think I might have an infection, I apply it every time I urinate until it goes away.

      This combination has worked for me and I had almost given up on avoiding taking antibiotics.

  87. Hi! I have never gotten a uti before, but I’m pretty sure I have one. This is what happens, I feel the need to pee (i drink a lot of water), i don’t feel anything until I’m almost done peeing and then it starts burning and so i push a little more and the burning is gone. I feel some itching throughout the day, but it doesn’t sound as bad as some people. I’m pretty healthy and take magnesium, milk thistle, vitamin c, vitamin d, and vs-c every day. I’m not quite sure what I should do next.

    • Burning at the end of urination is a classic UTI symptom. You can buy home test strips to see what type you have and how strong it is: in the meantime you should drink baking soda water (1/2 tsp in 8 oz water) several times a day to raise your pH and stop that pain, and you should get good quality olive leaf extract, raw garlic, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper to kill it with.
      There are more instructions below, in the comments.

  88. Hello,
    I have had multiple UTIs my urologist has treated with antibiotics. I just had another culture done with grew enterobacter that is resistant to every oral antibiotic and it is only sensitive to IV antibiotics which I don’t want to do. I am looking for an alternative to antibiotics that will treat this organism. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Strong olive leaf extract and raw garlic will knock that right down, no problem.
      Do NOT buy Gaia OLE: it’s absolutely lousy. Swanson is the best kind sold in stores, and Vitacost is the best sold online. Buy capsules, not the liquid extract. Start with 1-2 OLE capsules per meal, and a clove of minced raw garlic, swallowed with water, without chewing. Work your way up to 3-4 capsules per meal, and a bedtime dose.
      If you get headache, nausea, or diarrhea, that means you have an intestinal Candida overgrowth being killed off. Push through it and your UTI will fold like a cheap lawn chair when Candida is out of the way.

  89. Hello, I just went to the doctor today for what I believe is a UTI and am waiting for the results of the urinalysis. I have been taking dmannose and it doesn’t seem to be working. What do you recommend? I notice you mention a lot about ole but wasn’t sure how much to take. Any help you can provide would be amazing! I am fighting thyroid cancer naturally and I would really hate to get on a antibiotic for this. Thanks again

    • Eileen, have you watched the videos or seen anything from “The Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest”. It is a must watch for anyone. Also, glad you found this forum as Bekah has learned what to do .

    • You have to get a good brand of it, like Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength, and then you start with one capsule per meal and work your way up to 4. You start low and build gradually because you probably have enough Candida in your gut to give you die-off symptoms: OLE kills it. You want to also take a clove or two of raw garlic with every meal, chopped and the little pieces swallowed with water, like pills.
      Also, Google “Olive leaf extract kills cancer”.

      • Judy- Yes I loved those series! I have been applying a lot of protocols they mention. My tumor has shrunk .6 cm so I’m still working hard to get rid of it.
        Bekay- thanks so much for the info, will start on it tonight. That’s so cool the that olive leaf extract also kills cancer, win win for me!

  90. Hi,
    I’m 23 years old and I’ve had UTI’s come every 6 months. I currently have one now, and I went to the doctor twice and they gave me antibiotics, but still I feel the burning when urinating and the urge to pee. So, I decided to take an at home uti strip test, and it came out positive (leukocytes was positive). So I read this article and am trying d-mannose, been taking it for 2 days now, 2 capsules every 3 hours. I took another strip test still have the leukocytes as positive. Should I up my dosage? Or try something else? This UTI has been lingering for wayy too long.

    • D-mannose is only effective against E. coli, which is a gram negative bacteria. You have a gram positive bacteria, like staph, strep, or enterococcus. You need a combination of raw garlic and good quality olive leaf extract.
      You can begin getting immediate relief by mincing raw garlic and swallowing the pieces with water, like pills, with some food in your stomach. Chase with a glass of water with a pinch of baking soda in it.
      Avoid sugar, starch, alcohol, and tomato products until this is killed. Get Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength olive leaf extract capsules, and start taking 1-2 per meal and building gradually up to four, while taking at least, preferably 2 fat cloves of garlic with every meal. Do NOT mix it into anything heated: the medicinal properties will be destroyed.
      You should be done with this in less than a week, taking OLE and garlic with every meal and a bedtime dose with a snack. Test yourself first thing every morning, and continue the full regimen until tests have been clear for 3 days straight, then taper down.

      • So I have been doing the garlic and OLE regimen ever since you answered me, and about a week ago I took a test and it was a hint of pink; which meant I still have the leucocyte as positive. So I still continued to take the garlic and OLE. But I took a test this morning and my strip showed signs of nitrite as well! Am I not taking the “medicine” right? Literally as soon as I get up and eat I get two cloves of garlic and have been taking 4 capsules of OLE, and I do the same for dinner and before going to bed.. This UTI is probably the worst one out of all of the ones I l’ve had.

          • That is..really strange. If it were the infection, you’d have raging test results, bright pink and purple. How much water are you drinking per day? You’re not over-hydrating, are you? Your kidneys can only handle so much water per day.

        • You may have eaten/drunk something that fed it, which causes a temporary spike in test results. Sugar/starch/alcohol/dairy/caffeine/acid-forming food and drink all feed an infection or irritate the bladder.
          Keep doing what you’re doing, and increase the OLE a bit to kick the infection back down, keeping your bladder emptied and avoiding anything that feeds the infection. A few more days of hammering it should do the trick. Remember to keep going at full strength for 3 days after a clear test to make sure you’ve hunted down *every last cell* of this thing.

          • Ahh oops. I did eat a candy bar not too long ago. Ok, I’ll try not to eat those things. Although I really don’t know what kind of food have starch in them.. So what kind of foods can I eat? And as for water I try drinking 3 20oz bottle a day, that’s according to my weight. And it looks like the kidney pain has subsided.

            • Starch is anything white basically: pasta, potatoes, bread, white rice.
              If you can go hardcore for a few days, no starchy food, no sweets (including fruit, except small servings of watermelon or cantaloupe), no sodas/alcohol/caffeine, and keep dairy to a minimum..just for about 5 days.
              Keep it to some fish and veggies and beans for a few days, and hit that infection hard with OLE and garlic. Drink one more half-bottle of water than you are now, and empty your bladder every 60-90 minutes, even if it’s just a trickle. You’re really, really close to killing this thing for good: hang in there and keep up the good work!

              • Can I take the OLE and garlic with Cranberry tablets? Or just stick to the OLE and garlic? Also is chicken ok? I just want to make sure I’m doing it right this time.

                • No cranberry! It’s useless for the type of infection you have, anyway, and its acidity will only encourage what’s left of your infection. Just the OLE and garlic will do the job, in conjunction with avoiding the things that either feed an infection or irritate your bladder.

                • And yes, chicken is fine.
                  Sorry, with this reply system I can’t actually see your comment while I’m replying to it.

                • Sorry, I just saw the notification for this!

                  Probiotics are fine with OLE, and okay with small doses of garlic. Just make sure you’ve mostly killed any lurking Candida first, otherwise your friendlies will die painful deaths in the toxic swamp of Candida die-off.

    • Bekah has literally changed my entire life by using natural alternative’s, I have been suffering from chronic UTIs for 4 years, the last UTI I had was resistant to 2 different antibiotics I tried and lasted with serious pain for 3 months straight. Bekah walked me through the steps, was so supportive and extremely knowledgeable. I will forever be grateful, anyone who is suffering with chronic utis look at the replys below and get Bekahs email so your life can turn around.

    • I was fighting a UTI w/gallons of water & cranberry tea & echinacea tea. It came back so I got on line & saw a recommendation for D-mannose. Miracle, within an hour my symptoms were gone. I had the normal pain & urgency when peeing, also head ache, shakiness, couldn’t think clearly, fever & chills, my vision was also impaired, my eyes looked white & my face flushed. I was in bad shape folks! Thank God for D-MANNOSE!!!

  91. Dear Bekah,
    I wrote to you a little over two weeks ago regarding my 12 year old boy with UTI. I followed your regiment precisely:
    OLE with 18% oleuropein (2)500mg 3 times day. Cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp with honey 4 times a day
    Garlic 1 clove 4 time a day. Empty bladder every 45 min, drink lemon water all day. I even added cranberry non-sweet organic juice.
    First week the pain subsided from bad to mild, we even had a few good days but it didn’t went away completely.
    We are on our 3 week now, and he is getting frustrated and irritated as you know its a lot of work but I am not complaining. Is there anything else I can do? how much longer do you think I should do the treatment before I will have no choice but to take him to doctor. Thanks so much in advance.

    • I would double his OLE dose, then..and the thing about cranberry juice is, it can actually feed an infection. Many of the bacteria that cause UTI’s are highly acid-adaptive, and they feed and breed more in an acidic environment. Much of the hype about cranberry juice is false. Are you using test strips to see how much of an infection is left? If you’re nearly there, doubling the OLE should do it.
      Click on my screen name, and you can contact me directly through that site.

      • I’m sorry for imposing on someone else’s comment but I’m not sure how else to post my own! I have been having kidney stoneS bladder infections and kidney infections for years now i am so fed up with these UTIs i cant figure out whats going on i have seen a urologist and everything. You wrote alot of great treatment options but now I’m at a loss of which one to try first I have one at the moment that cephalexin is not treating I am also breastfeeding so I do not want to try anymore antibiotics could you please help me find an option that’s best for me and my baby.

        • Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength olive leaf extract is the way to go! (Get lots of it. Big bottles) OLE is perfectly safe for you and the baby, just start small and work your way up. You’ll probably have some Candida die-off symptoms, almost everyone does, so you should also get activated charcoal.
          You’ve read the comments below and check out the links?

          • Thanks so much I have looked through the comments I Just wanted to make sure everything is safe while breastfeeding. Could you possibly tell me how much of each and for how long I should take these, also is there a specific place that I could purchase these things?? I feel like reading through everything you have written is exactly me and that I may have a build up of candida I have taken antibiotics for years to try to take the pain away and unfortunately it is no longer working in my favor…..another quick question not sure if you’ll have the answer but my four year old constantly gets ear infections her tonsils are very large and she’s a mouth breather is there something I can do to help her other then removing her tonsils and adenoids like the dr suggests. Also she’s on her second set of ear tubes. Thank you for your time. ☺

            • OLE is perfectly safe for breastfeeding, and for kids.
              The important thing is to buy a good brand, and work your way up slowly. Expect a lot of sinus drainage..and pooping as Candida is flushed out of the bowels.
              If I add any links this comment won’t post for 24 hours, but if you click on my name, I list the best brands of everything on that site. Try to get Vitacost OLE, if you can. It’s what I use on myself and the kids. They have a website you can do a google search for. Get the capsules, NOT the liquid!!!!
              (Not a Vitacost affiliate, by the way. But I wish I were! LOL)

              • So far I am having great luck with the cayenne pepper garlic lemon water and my OLE finally came in the mail I took one today so far and already feeling little symptoms I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to feel sick haha but anywho I wanted to ask what brand of charcoal you use bc I have gone to the store and it said not to use while nursing so I’m a little nervous to start that part?? Do I have to use the charcoal or could I skip that step.

                • That’s a standard liability warning: don’t worry. Activated charcoal is inert: it’s like taking fiber, except it removes candida from your gut. It is never absorbed into your system and has no affect on anything except what it touches. That’s why you take it on an empty gut, when there’s little in there except Candida lining the walls. As long as you wait till your bowels are moving freely and frequently, and take it first thing in the morning and wait 2 hours before eating, or drinking anything but water, you’re fine. It’ll vacuum up the Candida with no symptoms.

        • A combination of Vitacost olive leaf extract, raw garlic, and fresh horseradish will kill strep B. Start slow on the OLE with 1 capsule per meal, and another at bedtime, and increase a little every day. OLE kills Candida as well as UTI pathogens, and almost everyone who has a UTI also has a Candida overgrowth. When too much of it dies at once, it makes you feel horrible. So, you either build up slowly, or you cleanse your gut with a laxative and take activated charcoal to remove large amounts of Candida quickly and painlessly.

          Click on my name!

  92. Hey there,
    After reading through this article and the comments I feel confident that you could help me fix this ailment that I’ve suffered from on and off for about 4 years now. I have reoccurring bacterial vaginosis. My gyno told me to lay off the soap, I did and still the problem persists. He still thinks it’s a soap problem, but I’ve read a few things and talked to a few people to know that there’s an underlying issue that isn’t being addressed. Now everytime I start having bv symptoms I end up with a uti too. I’ve tried the antibiotics my dr has prescribed and it does go away for maybe a week but then the bv and the uti are back. I’m tired of fighting this infection, I just want to know how I can keep both the bv and uti’s from reoccurring.

    • The good news is, the vaginal issue is fixed fairly easily.
      All you’ll probably need is coconut oil. You take a chunk of it (at room temperature, so it’s soft and white, not liquid)..about a 1″ cube, and drop it into a Ziploc bag or a square of plastic wrap. You form it with your fingers into a cylinder shape, in that plastic. It should be about the size of a middle finger joint.
      Put that coconut bullet in the freezer, and at bedtime you take that magic bullet and insert it 2 joints deep, so it can’t slide back out.
      You want to wear a pad and sleep on your side: lie down on your side right after you apply it.
      If it has rough edges when you take it out of the freezer, you can cut those off.
      You don’t have to worry about being super precise with the size or shape: the goal is to get a hunk of coconut oil well up into your lady parts, and make sure it stays there overnight.

      In the morning you’ll see yellow-green discharge that looks exactly like mucus when you’re sick: those are the dead germs coconut oil was killing all night. You should be able to feel the difference already.
      Repeat every night until the morning discharge has been perfectly clear for 5 days.
      Do you have a UTI right now, or just the BV?

      • I definitely have a UTI right now. I have been drinking plenty of lemon water trying to flush the bacteria put but that hasn’t been enough.

        • Okay, I would switch to half-strength baking soda water (1/4 tsp per 8 oz water) and take 1-2 minced cloves of raw garlic with every meal (no heating, swallow little pieces with water, like pills), while you wait for some OLE to arrive. Have you tried a dose of cayenne pepper? There’s some infections that are killed by it almost instantly. 1/4 tsp cayenne powder mixed into a spoonful of honey. If your symptoms dramatically reduce within 1-3 hours, repeat 4x a day for 5 days.
          (Unless you’re on blood thinners or beta blockers)

  93. Hi Bekah,

    I do not have recurring bladder infections, but I just got one. I am usually a very healthy person, I regularly have fermented foods (kombucha, kefir, whole milk grass-fed yogurt, etc.). I am trying to get through a UTI right now and I’m wondering what you think I ought to do based on what I’ve done and where I am.

    I do not want to contribute to having one in the future and I want to preserve my endothelial layer and my good bacteria as much as possible. With that in mind, once I figured I had a UTI, I started taking silver. It didn’t help too much, so I added oil of oregano (4 drops 4 times daily), turmeric (1000 mg daily), usnea uva ursi (60 drops 4x daily), cinnamon and honey (2 tsp cinnamon and a little raw honey in hot water), and I’m not sure what else I tried – I was desperate. I would feel a little better, and then much worse in the evenings.

    My urine was cloudy for 12 days. I finally got desperate (I will be competing in a triathlon and need to be better in less than a week) and took Bactrim (the first round of antibiotics I have taken in probably 10 years). The cloudy urine cleared up within about 20 hours and the pain is gone.

    The dose is 960 mg Bactrim/2x daily, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading that shows you can stop early so you don’t do complete and utter destructive unnecessary damage, but I don’t want to cut it too short and have this grow back with a vengeance.

    What would you recommend in this case? I am a very healthy person – I dislike sugar, eat very cleanly (organic produce, grass-fed and pastured meats, do not take very much caffeine in a day – one cup of black tea), no funky chemicals in what I put on my body, and I exercise daily. I want to be very protective of my good bacteria while killing off what is making me sick.

    What do you think based on what I have done and where I am now? I am on day 13 of the UTI, have taken antibiotics for about 28 hours. Please advise. I really respect your opinion.

    • Ugh, you poor thing!
      Sadly, colloidal silver seems to be a rip-off, at least when it comes to UTI’s. I’ve talked to a number of women who’ve tried it, and they all said the same thing, that it didn’t do much at all.
      Personally, I haven’t found oil of oregano to be particularly efficacious, either. I tried it on a gram negative and a gram positive infection without seeing much of any change. Same for uva-ursi: it was a big disappointment, as was echinacea.

      The two most effective natural antibiotics are olive leaf extract, and raw garlic. Cayenne pepper is almost miraculously effective on some types of gram-negative infections: it will kill those by itself in just a few doses, so it’s worth a shot. 1/4 tsp cayenne mixed into a spoonful of honey, taken with a little food in the stomach. It cured me in one day of an antibiotic-resistant infection I’d had for 4 years. It wipes out symptoms in a few hours, but since you’re on Bactrim you wouldn’t be able to tell if it worked…

      Regardless, I would immediately purchase the best olive leaf extract you can find. (The stuff in local stores is usually crap) You can use that and activated charcoal to prevent the Bactrim from damaging your gut: they can both be taken with antibiotics as long as you keep the charcoal separate from everything else by two hours. Have you seen the posts on that?

    • The two most effective natural antibiotics are olive leaf extract, and raw garlic. Those two will act strongly on any type of bladder infection..and any infection anywhere else, too.
      Cayenne pepper is marvelously effective against certain types of gram negative bacteria: as in, it can kill an infection on its own in just a a day or two, providing complete relief from symptoms in 2-3 doses. 1/4 tsp cayenne mixed into a spoonful of honey is a good way to take it, 4x a day. (don’t take if you’re on prescription blood thinners or beta blockers)
      However, because you’re on Bactrim, you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was working, or not.
      In order to prevent intestinal damage from the Bactrim, I would go ahead and order some good OLE, like Vitacost or Swanson Super Strength. Also, get some activated charcoal to take after the OLE makes your bowels loose: that will do the most to clean your gut of Candida and prevent any future UTI’s.
      Meanwhile, take 1-2 cloves of raw garlic with every meal, mincing it and swallowing the pieces with water, like little pills. Also, make and drink cinnamon or ginger tea: did you see the instructions for those in the comments below?

      • Yes! I did. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. I got some OLE today and I’ll start doing what you recommended. Thank you again!

    • My first post went into moderation, so I wrote another one and that one went through. The first may go through later, so if you eventually see another response, that’s what happened.

  94. Bekah,

    Thank you for the great information. I am definitely going to try the Vitacost OLE. It sounds like you are suggesting up to 16 capsules a day. How many days should one take that many for? Trying to figure out how many bottles to order. Thank you!

    • It depends on how deeply rooted your infection is: I would work my way gradually up to 16 and stay there until all symptoms are gone and all tests have been crystal clear for 3 days, then taper down. How long it takes to get to that point depends on how much intestinal Candida you have, how strong the infection is, and how consistent you’re able to be about taking OLE/raw garlic/cayenne. Women who don’t have too much Candida are typically asymptomatic by day 3, and completely healed in 6 days. Women with a lot of Candida can take 2-3 weeks to be completely healed, when there’s a long-standing Candida infection of the gut paired with an antibiotic-resistant UTI.

      I would buy the 300 count bottle, because it ships free and will give you enough for a complete cleanse and some maintenance afterward.

    • Sadly, they’re not near as effective as the raw stuff when you’ve just cut it up. Allicin is a highly unstable compound: there’s just no substitute for taking it fresh with the garlic clove.

  95. As a chronic UTI sufferer, I was desperate for a solution. I’ve been using the Lady Soma cranberry pills for not too long, but can already feel the difference. They DO NOT aggravate the stomach, as some people have said about cranberries. I do feel a slight difference in regards to stomach, though, but I can’t say if it’s these supplements or something else. But please don’t let that deter you – the Lady Soma Cranberry pills are an absolute godsend. I recommend them full-heartedly. I will be taking these on a daily basis for a very very very long time.

  96. I am trying to help my mom with her recurring yeast and UTI …i have started giving her D-mannose in addition to her antibiotic Cipro … can you give the D-mannose and the interface plus at the same time? She is on her 4th UTI in 4 months… 🙁

  97. I started using a D-Mannose powder to treat my UTI, and it worked great for the first 24 hours. Pain was gone.
    Now, on the second day, it no longer seems to be very effective. The painful and frequent urge to pee is back. I really don’t want to resort to antibiotics. What else can I do?!

    • It may be that you had two strains of pathogens in there, and when you flushed out the E. coli, the other took over the new real estate, so to speak.
      Drink 16 oz water with 1 tsp baking soda in it for quick relief, then switch to water with lemon juice in it. Empty your bladder every 45 minutes all day today, and once an hour tomorrow.
      Do you have cinnamon in the house? You can make a tea from it, 4 tsp cinnamon in a coffee filter tied shut at the top with string, and steep in 24 oz steaming hot water for 20 minutes.
      Drink 8 oz 3x a day for relief while you wait for olive leaf extract to come in the mail.
      Scroll down for more comments and informational links.

  98. Hello I’ve had an UTI for the past two months. It started off as a yeast infection, and this is my third time having a UTI. I’ve been to the doctor twice for antibiotics but it always seem to come back. I’ve been trying my best to drink lots of water. Any tips on how to treat it?? Please Help!?

    • The first thing you need to do is treat the yeast. Got cinnamon in the spice rack? You can make a tea with it that will begin killing Candida from the inside, and relieving the pain of your UTI within a matter of hours.
      Scroll down this page and you’ll see a bunch of comments on how to make the tea, and how to kill Candida and your UTI at the same time, which stops the cycle of recurring infections.

        • That’s entirely dependent on how much Candida you have in your gut, and you won’t know that till you start killing it. Let’s just say that you’re probably going to be surprised.
          Take a clove or two of minced garlic when you eat: swallow the little pieces with water, like pills: drink the spice tea 2-3x a day, empty your bladder once per waking hour, and drink water with lemon juice in it.
          You should get UTI tests from Amazon to monitor your progress: they’re much cheaper than buying locally.
          With how long you’ve had this infection, you’ll likely need olive leaf extract, too. Scroll down for more information about how it works.

  99. Hello,
    I’m pregnant and experiencing recurrent citrobacter UTIs due to having a cystocele. I was able to rid myself of one infection with olive leaf, garlic, cayenne, and vitamin c, but after it was clear I tapered down to only taking garlic once per day. The infection is back and despite treating with all of the above (except cayenne), it is not going away this time. What can I do to rid my body of the current infection and maintain a healthy utinary tract throughout this pregnancy and beyond?

    • 1. What kind of OLE are you taking, and how much?
      2. Do you have any Candida die-off symptoms? Did you have them the first time?
      3. Did you take activated charcoal, at any point? It’s the only thing that removes Candida all the way to the end of the digestive tract.

      In my experience, if you’re taking full doses of good OLE and you’re not feeling any difference, you have Candida with a biofilm and it’s bouncing off that and never making it into your bloodstream.
      The fix for that is a thorough gut cleanse with activated charcoal, followed by the OLE and garlic.

      • I am taking Nature’s Answer liquid extract 26 drops (as bottle suggests) 3-4x per day. I did take charcoal the first time I did the treatment but not for long because I didn’t experience any die off, so I stopped taking the charcoal. I thought the charcoal was only to combat die-off symptoms, not a way to help defeat candida.
        This time I am not taking charcoal and not experiencing die-off.
        When you say gut cleanse with charcoal followed by OLE and garlic, how are they taken? Charcoal for a week for example then add OLE and garlic? Or alternate taking charcoal then OLE/garlic in the same day? Do I need enzymes to break down biofilms? Can enzymes/garlic/OLE be taken at the same as high quality probiotics, or will the natural antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the probiotics? Thank you for your help!

        • I just read your blog about candida die-off and I was experiencing loose stools with the first treatment I did. I didnt know this could be from die-off and figured it may have been from something else I was taking that didn’t agree with me. However, I have not experienced loose stools this time and I do have other yeast overgrowth symptoms (another reason I would love to avoid Rx antibiotics). So the candida/biofilms explanation makes sense.

          • Well, after reading about the OLE you’re currently taking, I’m not surprised you don’t have die-off. I doubt you’re getting enough oleuropein to cause any.
            I need to add this to my post on OLE supplement labels…the dosage instructions they give you on the label are for general health maintenance for a person with no infections. You start at that level and work your way up to much larger doses, in order to kill Candida and a UTI. Candida runs interference for a UTI, and often exacerbates bladder pain and inflammation, which is why the UTI feels better when you take things that kill Candida, but leave the UTI untouched. (Like caprylic acid)
            You want to start out taking enough of whatever you’ve got to get about 100 mg of oleuropein (the active ingredient: look at the label to see how much oleuropein is contained in a dose of OLE) in every dose, 3-4 times a day. That’s your starting point, and you work your way up to about 4 times that much, per dose, 4x a day.

            I would increase the OLE intake first, and drink some ginger or cinnamon tea, and see how the Candida reacts before concluding it has a biofilm. I’ve only run into that half a dozen times out of about 200 women.

        • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if all you have to do is take more OLE. Since you had some die-off before, you probably just need to increase your dosage and await developments. I would order some OLE in capsules: Vitacost, Swanson Super Strength, and Nature’s Way with 20% oleuropein are the best. There’s more ineffective OLE out there than good stuff: never buy Gaia, for instance. Also, most liquid OLE is very low in oleuropein, the active ingredient you need.
          Until you get some good OLE, drink a strong tea made from ginger or cinnamon: did you see that instructions for that on my blog?

          • I see, thank you! I have Vitacost brand on order already, waiting for it to be delivered. I have also been juicing with ginger added (no fruit) but not every day. I will try the tea also. Do I need the charcoal? I take other supplements so it got to be a lot trying to time them so that the charcoal doesn’t carry out the good with the bad. Thanks again!

            • It IS hard to do the timing with charcoal! I would hold off on it till your bowels are really loose, and then start by taking it first thing in the morning when you wake up, and then wait two hours to eat, and if you wake up in the night, that’s a perfect time to take a dose. The keys are:
              1. Bowels must be loose, and
              2. Take a big dose. Two average size capsules of charcoal is less than 1/8 tsp, and charcoal is something that works by volume, like fiber. To really clean out Candida, you want to take 1/2-1 tsp at a time, which would be about 10-20 capsules.

              Hit it hard until your bowels are good and loose (Did I mention this makes you lose water weight that your body has been using to dilute Candida toxins? Most women lose about 10 lbs just by killing Candida.).

            • You take either cinnamon or ginger powder, and put 4 tsp of it in a coffee filter and tie it shut with string to make a homemade tea bag. Steep that in 24 oz steaming hot water for 20 minutes, then drink 8 oz at a time, 3x a day. You can stir in a spoonful of honey, add a squeeze of lemon juice to the ginger one, and you can either sip it warm or chill it and drink it cold.
              Both teas kill Candida and bacteria and flush out your kidneys (they’re diuretics, you’ll pee more), easing the severity of your UTI. You can drink the tea on an empty stomach, or with food.
              I love these because most people have cinnamon or ginger in the spice rack, so it’s something they can access quickly, and begin feeling much better right away.

          • Bekah,

            Are you suggesting to work up to 16 capsules a day? For how many days? Trying to figure out how many bottles to order. Thank you!

  100. Hi, Im from the Philippines and my 7 yr old daughter has recurrent UTI. Antibiotics only help for a while. She ‘s drinking cranberry juice everyday. Her culture last year showed negative. Pls help. Im worried. She has discharges on her underwear most of the time. She doesn’t have fever and doesn’t feel anything. Im hopeless.

    • Discharges?!
      I would guess she has a vaginal yeast infection from the antibiotics, and I would stop the cranberry juice. It’s only marginally helpful with one kind of UTI bacteria, and if it’s sweetened at all, it’s only making the yeast infection worse!
      She may not have any UTI bacteria left, but a vaginal yeast infection can present that way, and give positive results for leukocytes on a UTI test strip.

      Instead of cranberry, give her homemade ginger tea to drink. Pour 8 oz steaming hot water over 1 tablespoon of grated ginger root, or 1.5 tsp dry ginger powder, let steep for 20 minutes. Have her drink that twice a day, you can sweeten it with honey and dilute it with water so it’s not too spicy, but make sure you get that in her twice a day. It will kill Candida from the inside.
      Can you find some activated charcoal? I would have her sit in a small bathtub with enough water to cover the pubic area, and put about half a cup of activated charcoal powder in it.
      Also, I would get some coconut oil and apply that several times a day over the vaginal area. It will tingle on contact: that’s yeast dying.

        • I can tell you from personal experience that these things work, and they’re safe: they’re what I would use on my own children in this situation. I have five, ages 11-4, so I know what it’s like!
          The ginger tea should be easy to get her to drink, and so you know, if she has significant Candida in her gut, she’ll have diarrhea. That means the yeast is dying and being flushed out, so it’s nothing to worry about.
          Charcoal pulls yeast right out of tissue it’s embedded in, so whatever you can do to get wet charcoal to that area will help.
          Coconut oil kills yeast on contact, but if the yeast has been present for some time, it can be deeply rooted into the surface tissue, which is why you want to treat with charcoal, too.
          She should have noticeable relief after the first day.
          You can click on my screen name to contact me quickly through my site, if you need.

          • It’s the medium-chain fatty acids in it that kill yeast, so as long as it’s plain, ordinary coconut oil with nothing else in it, you’re good. You want it to be as close to its natural state as possible. You don’t need anything fancy. If by ‘virgin’ they mean they haven’t done anything to it, that’s perfect.

  101. Hello Bekha. I think I have a UTI. I have all the symptoms minus severe pain during urination. I am a male also. Can you give me a simple , no – frills route to destroying this? I have recently started D-Mannose and I do feel relief. I do wonder if there is a sure-fire way to kill most or better yet any type of UTI without antibiotics. Thanks for any help.

    • 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper 4x a day killed my E. coli infection.
      If yours is a different strain that doesn’t respond to cayenne in a noticeable way after the first dose, you need to combine raw garlic with olive leaf extract, the strongest kind you can find.
      Take 2 cloves of minced raw garlic with every meal: take the pieces with water: do NOT mix into heated food. Vitacost OLE is the best: it’s for sale on Amazon.

        • You can mix it into a spoonful of honey, to make it easy.
          I just mixed it with water and took it like that, because I was that desperate. By the end of the first day, I didn’t have a single symptom left, and I’d been in the midst of a nasty flare-up.
          I’ve never seen anything act like that on an infection: it was like magic. And it was out of an old, expired jar I’d had for the better part of a decade! I’d been walking past the magic cure in the spice rack, that whole time. I wanted to kick myself, but I’d never heard of cayenne pepper for a UTI.
          It only works on some strains of gram negative infections, though.

  102. I have been having uti infection I had a e coil infection in February but I didn’t take the antbic because it was so dangerous but I didn’t know I had e coil they just called in the meds and didn’t call me. I am 59 and have ait of problems kidney, metal in my back, heart murmur, they said I might be pre- dibetic don’t know for sure, osteoporosis. I have not yet took an antibiotic but now I have white bumps inside vagaina, and a lot of pain at the bottom of my stomach on each side. I take Morphine, hydrocodone, multi vitamins, fish oil, vitm D3,and butailbial for headaches. I just started drinking Aloe Vera. I am afraid to take the antbiotics they have been giving me. Can you help me? I went and got the D-Monnose wt cranberry and vitm c capsules it has 1000 of the D- mannose,400 mgg of the cranberry juice powder and 60 mg vitm C. Do you think the infection is still in there? Don’t know what the white bumps are but I’m so worried don’t know what to do. I haven’t took the D- mannose yet don’t know if I should. I have not had sex in over 12 or more yrs. I want to treat this with out thee dangerous antibiotics. Can you please help me.

    • First of all, I would get some UTI test strips and see what’s going on.
      Secondly, I would do a course of overnight vaginal treatments with coconut oil: there are instructions in the post on vaginal health in the blog linked in my screen name.
      See what the UTI test strip shows when you use it first thing in the morning, and let me know.

  103. I’ve had UTI’s ever since I was in university. It used to be that I’d get 1-2 a year. However, I got a UTI about a month ago and it hasn’t gone away! Symptoms included pelvic pain, bloating, back pain and urine frequency and urgency. I went to the doctor right away and she prescribed me antibiotics, but they didn’t work. The culture showed that it was enterococcus faecalis. The doctor continued to prescribe me different antibiotics that didn’t do anything. I’ve been on SIX different antibiotics since then.

    Last week, and after another culture, the doctor now says I have e-coli UTI. After stumbling onto this website, I ordered D Mannose and started taking it today. I’ve had 3 doses so far (1 tsp every 2-3 hours) and I’ve been drinking water constantly. I don’t feel any better — the burning symptoms actually feel worse! When do symptoms start to lessen? Is there anything else I can do? I really don’t want to be on antibiotics again — my body feels so worn down and tired from so many pills.

    • Even when what you have is E. coli, D-Mannose may not work in some cases due to an intestinal Candida overgrowth caused by antibiotics!
      If I give you a link this post will go into moderation, but click on my screen name for things you can do for emergency UTI pain relief. There are other posts about how to eradicate your infection, but start with the pain relief measures.

  104. D-Mannose can cause kidney failure. After taking it for only a few days, I had decreased urine output and my ankles, calves, and around my eyes got puffy. I took a diuretic and I was fine, but people should be aware that it CAN have significant side effects.

  105. Hello Bekah,

    Your cayenne and d.mannose treatments worked for me the last time I had a UTI, so thank you for that!

    I’ve hit a snag, however.

    I got a new UTI from sex and started cayenne and mannose regimen last Monday a.m. (7 days ago). Up until this a.m., it was improving each day. Today, tho, it has worsened a bit. More urges to urinate, mild pain in bladder and urethra areas.

    I received a yeast infection at the same time, so I’m also on supplements for that. Following Chris Kesser’s advice, I am currently taking the following:

    1. Mannose 1000mg every 2 to 3 hrs
    2. Cayenne in honey every 4 hrs
    3. Olive leaf extract 20%, 4 caps, 3x a day with meals
    4. 1 Garlique tablet 1x a day
    5. Interfase plus added yesterday. 2 per day.
    6. Probiotic tablets, 100million,
    2x day
    7. Metrodinazole cream intravag. at bedtime

    I’m sorry this is so long. I’m just really concerned about my “backward progress”!

    Please, what am I doing wrong??

    • I would guess that something fed/irritated your infection (sugar, starch, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, too long without emptying bladder).
      You didn’t mention die-off symptoms? With a yeast infection, you should also have intestinal candida: if you aren’t having die-off symptoms, either your OLE isn’t effective, or your candida has a biofilm.
      I started a wordpress blog to put this info on, for easy perusal, and I’ve just got some of the basics up because I plan to move it to a self-hosted site for greater flexibility, but you should check out the info I put up on it, so far. (especially the entry on vaginal health, and the one on Candida and recurring UTI’s) I already wrote most of this stuff in the comments here, but those are way down the page, now.

      I put the link in my screen name.

  106. My Klebsiella UTI was treated with antibiotics but I still feel spasms in my bladder and urethra. How do I get that to stop. It’s been 5 months. It’s so frustrating. I feel like there must still be bacteria but every time I go to the doctor they say the culture is negative.

    • This sounds weird, but an intestinal Candida overgrowth can cause bladder irritation and inflammation, and is super common after taking antibiotics.
      I would try cutting out all sweets and drinking strong ginger tea several times a day, to kill Candida, and see how your system responds.

  107. I have had continuous UTI’s for over 3 months now. These have been treated with antibiotics but to no avail. My most recent UTI is from Group B Strep – Beta Hemolytic Strptococci. Any suggestions?

    • Olive leaf extract will kill it, but you need to get a good kind, like Vitacost, Swanson Super Strength, or Nature’s Way with 20% oleuropein.
      Also, raw garlic will start killing it right away, if you’ve got some in the kitchen. Mince a couple of cloves and take them when you have a little food in your stomach, (swallow the pieces with water) and chase with a glass of baking soda water, (1/2 tsp soda in 8 oz water) Take that each time you eat, and with a snack right before bed, and you’ll feel much better right away.

      • Taking the OLE but experiencing a lot of blotting. Does this mean I may also have a yeast infection?

        • Yes, it means you have an overgrowth of Candida in your intestines. Feel that gurgling? That’s dead Candida making its way through your system. How long it takes depends on how much is in the way. You can take a natural laxative like aloe vera to move things along faster, but don’t take charcoal till your bowels are moving freely and the bloating is gone.

          The good news is, your system is going to dump all that, and you’re going get about 5 lbs lighter in short order.
          Also, your UTI improves with almost unbelievable rapidity at that point. Intestinal Candida exacerbates and runs interference for a UTI, so when the Candida is removed, the UTI folds like a cheap lawn chair.
          Also, clearing out that Candida reduces your chances of a new UTI by about 90%.

          There’s an explanation of how this stuff works and what to expect linked in my screen name.
          The Candida you’re discovering now is why you’ve been struggling with these recurring infections. It wasn’t because you were doing anything wrong, just so you know.

        • I answered you, but it went into moderation even though it didn’t have any links in it.
          I’ll try again.

          Yes, you have an intestinal Candida overgrowth, which is why you keep getting new UTI’s. Keep going and don’t take any charcoal until your bowels have thoroughly emptied and are running loose.
          The bad news is, it may take a couple of days to empty out. The good news is, when it does, your UTI will improve with almost unbelievable rapidity and you’ll lose about 5 lbs in 2 days. Candida makes you retain fluid, and when you kill it, you shed the extra water along with all the toxins, and your UTI symptoms drop to virtually nothing.

          • Really don’t like the way the OLE makes me feel. Does drinking the cinnamon and ginger tea due the same thing in killing candida?

            • Yes, they do the same thing..which means they’ll make you feel the same way.
              It isn’t the OLE, it’s the Candida. When you don’t have yeast, you can take OLE all day long and feel just fine. When Candida dies, it throws an epic hissy fit. Google ‘Herxheimer’s’ or ‘Candida die-off’ and you’ll see what I mean.
              You can drink baking soda water for the nausea, 1/2 tsp in 8 oz water will have you nausea-free in 10 minutes.
              You just have to push through, and you’ll feel MUCH better in another day or so: your bowels empty out and you bounce back and feel like a million bucks while your UTI symptoms drop off the map and your waist slims dramatically.

  108. Bekah,
    I have had recurrent UTI’s for almost a year and it didn’t start till I got married and started having sex. I got married July 4,2015 so I’ve almost been struggling with this for a year. I’ve tried so many different things but always fall back to antibiotics. I’ve tried taking certain things after sex to prevent the bacteria like goldenseal or silver hydrasol. I’ve tried the dmannose as well and notice I still get infections (different bacteria from ecoli) I usually don’t get the regular symptoms of a uti and only notice when I have fatigue, urgency, or get a fever or back pain or side pain but it usually progresses very quickly. Every time I go get cultured it turns out to be a different bacteria. This time it has been klebsiella and I’ve been on antibiotics 3 times in a month but it won’t let up. I am scheduled to see a urologist tomorrow. Usually this Happens about 5 days after if my husband ejaculates inside instead of pulling out during sex so we are also getting him cultured. The only bacteria that hasn’t cleared has been the klebsiella. What combination would be good for me as I also have a sensitivity to cayenne?

    • Hannah,

      I’ve had similar issues with getting UTI’s after sex. It has been the more rare bacteria, including klebsiella several times. It is really starting to freak me out. I’d like to know why I keep getting it. I have grown increasingly sensitive or allergic to several of the main antibiotics.

      • After a course of antibiotics, Candida runs wild in your gut and creates a pathogen-friendly environment, and the vaginal flora gets out of whack, as well. Consequently, UTI-causing bacteria are flourishing in close proximity to your urethra, and need only an opportunity to make their way into your bladder.

        In my screen name I’m putting a link to more complete info, and what you can do about it.

            • I moved it to a self-hosted site so I have more options: I love the WordPress layout but it has a lot of limitations unless you want to shell out $$$.
              Shoot me an e-mail update when you have a minute! I haven’t checked on everyone yet today because this website thing has kept me busy.

  109. I’ve been using D-mannose for several months now due to recurrent UTIs after intercourse (most of the time). They started when I was younger because of taking baths or wiping wrong, and I was taking antibiotics for treatment sometimes up to six or seven times a year. Of course the antibiotics took care of the problem, but they never prevented it. Now that I’m in college I couldn’t really afford to keep going to the doctor to get yet more antibiotics which is when I discovered D-mannose. I’ve been using it for prevention and I don’t think I’ve ever managed to be so stress free. I made the mistake, however, of missing a dose both before and after intercourse and have found myself with a UTI two days later. I started at five this morning taking a recommended dose of D-mannose pills and have been continuing to drink an excess of water and following up every two hours or so with more pills. Is there anything else I can do to push the treatment along or help dissolve the symptoms? Nothing sets me on edge more than the frequent urge to urinate, the feeling drives me batty and the sooner I can be relieved of it the better!

  110. My comment disappeared 🙁
    Maybe it’s being reviewed?
    Hope so ~ so hoping to hear back about this.
    Thank you for this amazing post, and your dedication to helping people feel better!!

  111. I had first symptoms about 11 days ago. They were sporadic so I just started drinking lots of water. About 7 days ago I began taking Polyporus and Dianthus, and then added D-Mannos three days ago (though I was taking it wrong … was taking 2,000 mg twice daily, rather than 500 every 2-4 hours). My symptoms are still present, no pain in my abdomen or back. Still the typical UTI symptoms but not so bad. I’m wondering how long it is safe to stay on this regimen, without risking the infection spreading to my kidneys. Should it be clearing up by now on these two supplements and lots of water? I have been to the Dr. It is an ecoli infection, and they are saying that I need to take the Cipro, of course, but I am trying to avoid killing all the good bacteria and leaving the strongest ecoli. Thanks ~

    • Empty your bladder once every waking hour, and try 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper in a spoonful of honey 4x a day. (With food)
      It cured my E. coli infection all by itself: I was asymptomatic by the end of the first day.

      • Madam, I am from India. Kindly tell me whether cayenne pepper is same as red chilli powder or different.

      • I have been using cayenne pepper and honey, along with unsweetened cranberry juice lots of water, polyporus and dianthius, and d-mannos. No burning at urination for a couple of days, except for a couple of times when I didn’t drink enough water to keep flushed. This morning I have low right abdomen discomfort (not really pain … naggy, poking, cool feeling) and now some low right back/upper hip discomfort. Is there anything more I can add? I did very gentle yoga this morning, and enjoyed some sunshine and a walk. Woke up happy and positive, not at all worried about it. I don’t feel terrible, but don’t want it to get to my kidneys. I have a script for Cipro, but the reviews on that stuff are horrible!! I’m afraid to put it in my body!

        • In my screen name there’s a link to a site I just made, where I put up all the basic information on what to do for an infection, and stuck the most important ones to the top of the page.
          There’s one on emergency pain relief, but I think you should check out the Killing a UTI: Phase I and II posts, and the one on UTI’s and intestinal Candida, and vaginal health.
          Contact me with any questions!

          • Hi Bekah,
            I wanted to say thanks for setting up your blog. Having all the info together like that is so helpful! I’m using just about everything on the pages … still, if I don’t drink enough water, and especially if I run out of cranberry juice, the symptoms start coming back. I have never hit the nirvana flow with the OLE(SolGarbrand) (and I can’t swallow pieces of garlic due to digestive issues … have to blend and pretty much liquify them) so, I’ve been skipping the garlic. Would that make a huge difference in holding up the process? I’ve never gotten to the charcoal level yet. For people who’ve been dealing with this for years, three weeks must seem like nothing … but for me, it feels like it just keeps dragging on. Hoping to be done with it soon. Thank you again! Do you realize you could sell an ebook or book on this?? Customers: every single woman in the world. That’s a pretty wide customer base! LOL

            • Okay, there are only two possible reasons why you wouldn’t be responding to the OLE like you should:
              1. It’s a completely ineffective brand (what’s the oleuropein percentage?), or
              2. Your Candida has a biofilm.

              The odds are greatly in favor of #1. If it does turn out to be #2, I have a fix for that..but first study the label on your OLE and tell me what it says.

              I just had a lady with a really bad antibiotic-resistant UTI complicated with a vaginal infection and an intestinal Candida overgrowth get completely cleared out and cure in 2 weeks, so something is definitely holding you up.

            • Cured*, rather. Typos kill me..

              I just realized I forgot to mention about the garlic..yes, garlic makes a HUGE difference. The thing about it is, intestinal Candida makes it less effective: it seems to deflect it somewhat. It’s helpful, but not as much as it will be when you’re cleared out.
              You need to get some really good OLE ASAP, preferably Vitacost capsules because they really are the best, and when you’ve done some major Candida killing, you can bite the bullet and take garlic, and it will be massively helpful in finishing this thing off.
              In the meantime, take 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder 3-4 times a day to kill Candida. Don’t go hog-wild on the stuff: it’s toxic in large quantities..but it’s awesome in the amount I listed. You should feel it affecting you within a few hours. Also, coconut oil kills Candida: try to get 1 tablespoon into your system per day until you get more OLE.

            • ARGH.
              I just looked up that Solgar brand. It has *13.5 mg of oleuropein per capsule*.
              Vitacost has 90 mg per capsule. You would need to take 7 Solagar capsules for every 1 Vitacost capsule, which is the potency my dosage recommendations are based on.
              No wonder you’re still suffering: I’m so sorry! Check out my post on deciphering OLE supplement labels..or just buy Vitacost.
              (They should so make me an affiliate. LOL)

    • hi Bekah.
      im 27 year old man. i had a pcnl surgery of kidney stones 4 months before, after that i got infected with e-coli infection. i have 5 uti,s in just 4 months, im so worried. i m fed up of taking antibiotics many doses. it do not kill all the bacteria. im so worried. can you help me plz.

  112. My two-year-old has had a UTI for several months. She is been on two rounds of anabiotic’s and it goes away for a short time then comes back. I can’t get her to take anything that doesn’t taste good. Do you have any suggestions? I just don’t know what to do?

    • I would get a bottle of elderberry syrup and Vitacost or Swanson olive leaf extract capsules, and mix a little powder from an opened capsule into a spoonful of syrup and have her take that.
      Get one capsule worth into her the first thing in the morning, and the last thing before bed.
      Continue until she’s tested negative for infection for 3 days.

        • That means she has a gram positive infection like staph, strep, or enterococcus. OLE is excellent against those: it even kills MRSA.
          Make sure you get a good brand; most of the ones sold in local stores are virtually useless. Vitacost capsules are the best, with Swanson Super Strength coming in second.

  113. I have been using d-mannose for about a year now. Although it helps to get rid of my infections quickly, it doesn’t seem to prevent them. I end up getting one every second day from the smallest things like holding in for too long or even drinking too much coffee. I have a probiotic twice a day for prevention buy it would be so good to know how I can prevent them and be normal again.

    I’m currently 21 and I had kidney stones two years ago. At the time my doctor gave me 9 courses of antibioticsin just 3 months because he didn’t know what was wrong with me. My new urologist tells me it will take time for my immune system to get strong again but it has been so long and nothing seems to change. Now I’m always living in fear of getting a UTI from nearly anything.

    • That means you have a low-grade infection all the time, that flares up whenever it has an opportunity, like when something feeds it (sweets) or irritates it (caffeine), or it’s able to breed rapidly because it’s been left in the bladder for a while.
      You need to empty your bladder every waking hour, and take raw garlic, olive leaf extract, and cayenne pepper to kill the infection once and for all.

    • Have you tried using Femdophilus as a vaginal suppository? Also, have you adjusted your diet using the elimination diet technique? The last thing I would do is try the Gaps diet. Best wishes for healing!

  114. My 2 year old has has a uti for several months, she has had 2 rounds of antibiotics, shortly after taking them the uti returns, d-mannose has not helped her at all. The test strips show only leukocytes. She refuses anything that does not taste good. I’m desperate for help, any suggestions?

  115. Hi there,
    I had a first UTI last year, went with my MD’s recomendation of antibiotics for a week, that didn’t work so she prescribed a second run, this time 3 weeks. That took care of 98% of symptoms but still had a vague lingering sensation while urinating. Last week it flared up while I was camping, mysery ensued, tried a cranberry supplement and later Vibrant Health’s U.T. Vibrance. This helped quite a lot some days but not others; there seemes to be s relationship between my sugar intake and the symptoms within about 15 hours.
    My plan is to stop all added sugar (still eating fruit) take 2 grams of D-manosse 4/5 times per day hoping the condition improeves drasticaly, and follow up with a biofilm cleaner. My questions are:
    Does that plan make sense? and
    I read below that none of the biofilm removal supplements seem to have any impact; women can use a garlic/olive leaf/coconut oil mix for vaginal insertion, but is there something like that for men?
    ANY help GREATLY appreciated!
    Thank you!

    • The vaginal treatment does not affect a current UTI: it kills the pathogens that cause vaginal infections and lead to future UTI’s.
      For men, the best thing to do is empty your bladder once every waking hour, and take raw garlic, quality olive leaf extract, and cayenne pepper.
      1-2 garlic cloves, 500 mg oleuropein, and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper per meal.

      You have to look closely at the OLE label to see how much oleuropein (the active ingredient) is in each capsule. It can be anywhere between 25 mg and 150. Vitacost capsules have 90 mg oleuropein in a 500 mg OLE capsule.
      If you have an intestinal Candida overgrowth, you have to build up gradually with OLE, or it will kill so much Candida, so fast, that you will become violently ill.

  116. Dear Bekah,

    My 12 year old boy has been suffering from UTI for about month. His test results from AZO strip indicated nitrite positive and leukocytes negative. From what I understood a positive nitrite test indicates that the cause of the UTI is a gram negative organism, most commonly Escherichia coli. I started to give him D-Mannose 500mg 4 times a day for two weeks without any success. I know you have other remedies listed but wasn’t sure if a 12 year old can take them and dosage. I hate to start him on antibiotics, please be so kind as to advise on what else I can give him. He needs some aggressive treatment as it hurt to go to the bathroom.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated in advance.

    • He probably has a Klebsiella or Proteus infection, which are unaffected by D-Mannose. I would immediately give him a glass of baking soda water, 1/2 tsp soda in 8 oz water, and 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper mixed into a spoonful of honey.
      Raw garlic will also be effective: see if you can get him to swallow some little chopped pieces with water, like pills. If you can get a clove into him every time he eats, along with 1/8 tsp cayenne, that will go a long way toward making him feel better.
      Those 2 things combined with olive leaf extract are very effective against gram negative infections of all sorts.
      Also, set a timer and have him empty his bladder every 45 minutes, all day long. It doesn’t matter if only a little comes out, he needs to keep his bladder empty.
      He’ll feel much better almost immediately, doing those things. If he can swallow pills, definitely order some Vitacost olive leaf extract capsules, they’re the best.
      The good news is, children’s infections usually respond and clear up much, much more quickly than they do in adults. If he does what I suggested and takes an OLE capsule when he wakes up and when he goes to bed, he’ll be infection free in a few days.
      Have him keep going for another 5 days after all symptoms are gone and he has clear test results, just to bury this thing and dance on the grave.

      • Dear Bekah,

        OMG, thank you so much for your quick reply. I will follow this protocol religiously. Only one more question, he doesn’t swallow pills yet, would it be ok to open OLE capsule and mix with water? or does it OLE come in liquid form? what is the dosage for 12 year old? Thank you so much and god bless you.

        • Yes, OLE does come in liquid form, but those are usually very low in oleuropein, and they’re very bitter! Your best option is to hide it in something, like a spoonful of honey or elderberry syrup. You have to put it in a little at a time, like 1/4 of a capsule per spoonful. It’s strong medicine, and strong medicine is bitter! 2-3 capsules a day along with some garlic and cayenne, and keeping his bladder empty should clear him right up very quickly.
          Keep him off sugar, in the meantime!

  117. Hello!
    My name is Irina, I live in Moscow. I always was a healthy person, without any problems. But 2 years ago my life has changed.
    I have cystitis. Everytime, after every intercourse I’m in pain. I’ve spent 2 years of my life to reduce of it. There is no success.
    I had the first cystitis after 3-4 months of taken birth-control pills. I didnt notice that they are the reason of my problem so I continued to take them. After half a year I met a doctor, who told me to stop these pills immediately. I agreed.
    The first year my urine was always clean. It never showed any bacterias. I took antibiotics that doctors gave me, it helped, but after sometime the problem came back.
    And one day, finally, my urine and vagina sample showed one bacteria- Klebsiella. So, It lives in my vagina and everytime during intercourse it goes in my urethra and then in bladder. I did all 2 years in different antibiotics (every 3 months). I dont want to take them anymore. I became really tired. No words can explain it. My boyfriend always supports me, he is always next to me and ready to help. Sometimes, when I think that I have to suffer all my life, he does everything to change my opinion. This is probably why I dont give up.
    I guess I did EVERYTHING but I can’t kill Klebsiella in my vagina, it feels very comfortable there and doesnt want to go. Lactobacterias doesnt work. I start to loose myself.
    There are no doctors in all Moscow who can help me. It’s unbelievable. I spent all my money that I had to cure myself. Expensive doctors, hospitals, medicine (antibiotics, cranberry, herbs, uro-vaxom), instillation with different sollution. But why it seems impossible?
    I still want believe that one day I will live normal life.
    I heard a lot about D-mannose. Will it help me with Klebsiella? And what about Staphysagria? Is it good in my case?
    Hope you will read it and maybe give me an advise.
    Sincerely, Irina.

    • Find coconut oil.
      Finely mince 1 large clove of garlic and put the pieces in 3 tablespoons of slightly warmed, melted coconut oil. If you can find good quality olive leaf extract, mix 2 capsules into the oil with the garlic, and 1/2 tsp grated ginger root.
      Let that mixture sit and steep for 4 hours in a warm but not hot place, like in the oven with the light on. Then pour off the oil into a plastic bag, and chill in the refrigerator for a few minutes, until it’s cooled enough to be moldable.
      Form it into a cylinder the width of a finger in the bag, and freeze in that shape. Right before bed, cut a piece off the end the size of a finger joint. Wear a pad, lie on your side, and insert that piece about 3-4″ deep. Sleep on your side all night.
      If it tingles, that means it’s killing some Candida. Don’t worry, the tingling stops in a few minutes. Also, you may taste garlic in your mouth after a bit, that’s normal. Do that every night for 10 days, making new batches as necessary.

      • Thank you very very much!
        I also would like to ask about Biofilm Defence from Kirkman Labs.
        Do you think it will work in my situation? Will it do something to Klebsiella?

        • I’ve talked to about half a dozen women who’ve tried those biofilm supplements, and none of them could tell any difference after being on them for weeks or months.
          Raw garlic shreds right through biofilms. Activated charcoal will sweep up any pathogens in your gut, biofilms and all.
          So, if you do those overnight vaginal treatments with the treated coconut oil, and take minced raw garlic when you eat (do NOT mix into heated food) and activated charcoal when your bowels are loose, you’ll take care of it both intestinally and vaginally.
          If I were you, I’d do the gradual build-up of alternating OLE and charcoal I outlined to treat intestinal Candida and UTI’s. It will sweep out any other gut pathogens at the same time.
          Then just rebuild with probiotics, and do vaginal treatments with plain coconut oil twice a month to keep things perfectly balanced and healthy.

          • Dear Bekah, thank you!
            I will try to find everything and follow your advises.
            Do you think it is a good idea to take Staphysagria after every intercourse? If yes, what type of Staphysagria exactly? There are different numbers of it (6, 30, 200).

            • When you’ve cleared the pathogens out of your gut with OLE and garlic and activated charcoal, and done the vaginal treatments, you won’t need to take anything. All of the women with your same problem who’ve done these things have stopped getting infections.
              When you’ve restored a normal balance of flora in your intestines and vagina, you just don’t get UTI’s anymore.

              I know that’s hard to imagine right now, but it can happen. 🙂

              • Dear Bekah!
                I’m only going to order in Amazon.
                Can you tell me, is it a good choise?
                1) Nature’s Way Olive Leaf 20% Oleuropein, 60 Vcaps by Nature’s Way
                2) Viva Labs The Finest Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce by Viva Labs

                • That Nature’s Way IS effective, but the price point is terrible because you’d need about 5-6 bottles to thoroughly clean all of this out.
                  Do they have any 300 count Vitacost bottles on there? Those are twice as potent as Nature’s Way because they’re twice the size, and that big bottle was $35, last I saw. The coconut oil is just fine!

              • Dear Bekah!
                Is Swansan brand is good? I had problem with Amazon. Now going to order in Ebay. They dont have Vitacost. And they have Nature’s Way brand but only 12%. I dont know, is it effective enough?
                And how much pills of olives should I take every day? I’m slim, maybe I dont need 5-6 bottles?

                • Go with the Swanson’s: it’s the next best to Vitacost.

                  OLE doesn’t care how big you are: it cares how big the pathogens are. How much you’ll need depends solely on:
                  How much intestinal Candida is in the way
                  How many pathogens are proliferating and how strong their cell walls are

                  OLE is completely non-toxic to you: it’s not one of those things you need to ration according to body weight or else you’ll OD.
                  Just slam that and raw garlic until your bowels are running like crazy, then take big doses of activated charcoal in between, like 10 capsules at a time. That will clear out your intestinal Candida in a couple of days.
                  You know the instructions for taking charcoal properly?
                  Have you clicked on my screen name?

                • Dear Bakah,
                  Finally I got everything from the USA and can start my treatment.
                  I ordered Coconut oil, and today Im going to start use vaginal treatment (10 days how you told me).
                  I start to take OLE. But unfortunetly they are 12%. My doctor told me to take 6 pills every day. But I dont think it will be enough…
                  I also ordered Interfase Plus because we dont have smth like this in Russia and maybe it will work. My doctor said to take 6 pills evey day (20 days).

                  Dear Bekah, I have the most important problem- sometimes, after I pee I have very strange feelings in my urethra. Its not cystitis. My urine doesnt smell and I dont have burning during and after I pee. It is smth different. Very strange pain. Dont know how to name it in English. It doesnt hurt me very much. It bothers me usually during 10-15 min and ONLY after I pee. And it is not every time. For example, today I can have it in the morning. And tomorrow I will not have this strange pain at all.
                  Maybe there is something in my urine that after every pee I feel it?
                  Maybe smth lives in my urithra?
                  I tryed to get rid of this. Took antibiotics. Took lactobacterias, did instillation in my bladder. No success. Doctors cant help me. I dont know what is it.
                  I feel that only when I will get rid of this strange feeligs after I pee I will forget abour cystitis after intercourse and can live normal.
                  Sorry for long story and mistakes.

                • Have you clicked on my screen name? There’s lots of information in that link.
                  I think your best bet would be combining these treatments with an antibiotic to get the best of both worlds: I would build up gradually with the OLE, killing Candida off (I hope you’ve been killing it with cinnamon tea already) and when the OLE gets to your bladder and starts killing that infection, take an antibiotic pill every night, so they’re working *together*.

                  You should probably start out with 6 of those OLE per day, and add 2-3 per day as you go.

                • Dear Irina,
                  I just ordered Vitacost OLE to Finland. I also had problems finding a good brand that ships outside US. I also ordered Thorne laboratories OLE from iHerb, but it is a lot more expensive than Vitacost (same strenght though). So order directly from Vitacost (the huge bottle or even two of them), they ship outside US! You can get activated charcoal from there too (Nature’sWay, also available on iHerb) if it is not available in Russia.

            • I’m so sorry I didn’t see this sooner!
              You can take both for maintenance, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

              The amount of OLE you start out taking depends on how your body reacts, because you don’t know how much Candida you might have in your intestines until the OLE starts killing it. Also, you want to wait until your bowels are loose before taking charcoal, and then work your way up to taking about 1/2 teaspoon three times a day.
              I wrote blog posts about all of it so it’s all in one spot: my comments on it here keep moving farther and farther down this page, and there’s no way to link to them.
              The blog link is in my name.

  118. Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know! Getting feedback like this makes me cry with joy. 🙂

    I can’t tell you what it means to me to know that other women are getting set free from UTI’s! I suffered so long, myself, and knowing that what I learned through it is helping other people makes me feel like I didn’t suffer in vain.

    God bless you and keep you, my dear. <3

  119. Dear Bekah,

    Thank you SO SO much for all your advice on this site. I had a UTI and followed your instructions and healed completely, no antibiotics, no problem. Thank you!!

    I’m now wondering about taking OLE and charcoal to treat what I’m guessing is candida overgrowth in my intestines. I have a sugar addiction that I can’t break, despite moving to a no-grains, no-dairy diet, which has helped many other health issues I had.

    I assume I need to do a specifically anti-candida diet, so I’m looking for good information on that, if you have some to recommend. Shall I also just follow your recommendations for OLE and charcoal?

    FYI, when treating the UTI, I tried your cayenne and raw garlic recommendations and couldn’t tolerate even the tiniest bit of either one; I got terrible burning pain in my stomach. (I tried them wrapped in other food, I tried the dose you recommended for a toddler, etc.) Does that tell you anything?

    Thank you so much for any advice.

    • I’m so glad for you about the UTI!

      It sounds to me like your system is waaaay too acidic. I would put 1/4 tsp of baking soda per 8 oz of water in every bit of water you drink for about 3 days, while alternating doses of OLE and activated charcoal, as I’ve described in previous comments. After those 3 days, try a little bit of cayenne or garlic, and see how you do. There should be a very noticeable difference in your body’s response.
      Meanwhile, check out alkaline diets (which doesn’t mean eating alkaline food all the time, because some acidic things are alkaline-forming in the body, and some alkaline things are acid-forming in the body) and try one out for about 2 weeks, while continuing on OLE and charcoal. (That helps get rid of Candida, too.)
      The single best way to rid your digestive tract of Candida is to take several large doses of charcoal per day for about 7 days, but you have to get your system cleared out before you do that. You don’t want to throw a bunch of charcoal on top of constipation: you need to get your bowels moving freely and easily on OLE before taking big doses of charcoal.

      Once you’re Candida-free, your system should balance out and not be so acidic and intolerant of anything spicy or sulfurous.

      • bekah i also want to say THANK YOU! i have been following your recommendations and i feel so much better, i still have some of my uti but i can feel is getting smaller and less active, i got the brand cranactive and is the better option i had for OLE and is working pretty good, is not as strong as vitacost (i checked) but is getting ride of it, the only thing i know is that im going to need to tacit for a longer period of time, i been taking one pill of the cytracylic acid in the morning and night.

        and i got the candida die symptoms very bad but i didn’t stop because i knew it was that, i haven’t been taking the charcoal because im waiting for feeling some kind of difference in my body to tell me that i can start taking it.

        do you have any other recommendations?


        • As long as your bowels are moving, you can start taking the charcoal, and that will finish clearing out your Candida, painlessly.
          Remember to keep it separate from everything but water by 2 hours!
          Keep taking the OLE, and when Candida is gone you can take big doses and feel fine. Thoroughly empty your bladder once every waking hour: set a timer to keep you on track or you’ll be like me and forget. 🙂

          • Hi Bekah,

            I’m just wondering if you think that the OLE and charcoal can help my daughter with IBS? She gets horrific bloating after everything she eats. EVERYTHING….there is no rhyme or reason. She also gets really bad diarrhea after she eats.


            • If what’s going on is pathogen-related, it will absolutely help her. I would try it, starting out small with the OLE (Vitacost, 1 capsule with meals the first day, adding a little more every day until she’s taking 16 capsules per day) and taking 8 capsules of activated charcoal two hours after food and OLE. Make sure nothing goes into her system for 2 more hours after a charcoal dose.

              Also, is she taking L-glutamine, for her gut lining? Slippery elm?

              • Thank you for the quick reply! No, she is not taking L-glutamine, I will definitely get some for her if you think that could help. She is 22 and has been suffering with this horrible bloating for several years. After a colonoscopy and endoscopy it was determined that she has IBS and there doesn’t seem like there is much to do to help it. She will give anything a try at this point.

                • L-glutamine rebuilds the intestinal lining, so she should definitely be on it. Do a search on it, and check at your local supplement store for it. I’d give you a link on it, but then the comment will go into moderation and not post.
                  In her place, I would fast for a day and take 10 charcoal capsules every two hours, with plenty of water.
                  Then the next morning I’d eat some brown rice and start taking OLE, around 150 mg of oleuropein per meal. That’s mg of active ingredient, not total capsule mg. As an example, Whole Foods brand OLE has 38.7 mg of oleuropein per 400 mg OLE capsule: I’d take 4 of those per meal. And stick to bland, easily digestible food that isn’t acid-forming in the system. I’d also take L-glutamine every day, and 5 days on OLE, I’d start taking probiotics, as well.

      • Hi Bekah,
        I had a very similar reaction where I couldn’t stand the garlic and cayenne. I took them for 2 days and my stomach was on fire! I still tried to take the garlic the third day but as soon as I swallowed it I had to throw up. I was no longer able to take it after that.
        I have been taking the OLE and charcoal and I’m definitely having die off symptoms. Mostly nausea where even drinking water is difficult.
        My UTI symptoms have dominished but my urethra feels very swollen, my stomach very bloated and I still need to pee often. Today is my third day on the OLE and 2 days on the charcoal.
        Any advice as to what else I could be doing?
        Thank you so much!!

        • Yes, squeeze every last drop out of your bladder once an hour, every hour from when you wake up, to when you fall asleep.
          If your bowels are loose, take BIG doses of charcoal. Like, 12 capsules each time. The more you can take, the faster Candida dies, and the fewer die-off symptoms you have. And then you can take big doses of OLE and slam that UTI down hard.

          Also, for your urethra, when you’re ready to go to bed tonight, open 5-6 of those charcoal capsules into the bowl of a large spoon, and dribble a few drops of water into it and let them soak in to make a thick wet paste. It should look like black grits.
          You take that wet glob of charcoal and put it right on your urethra, like a poultice on a wound. It draws infection out and soothes inflammation all night long.
          It has to be wet to work, so sleep on your side to keep your legs together. It really, really works, though I know it sounds weird. Your poor, tortured urethra will feel better in 10 minutes, and your infection will be much better in the morning.

          • Hi Bekah,
            I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness, advice and words of encouragement! Being in this situation can feel so hopeless.

            I’m following everything you said except for the garlic and cayenne as I don’t seem to be able to keep them down. Do you think that’s okay?
            I did put some cayenne in capsules last night and took some of it that way but my stomach still burned afterwards.
            Would buying raw garlic pills work? I feel it would be more duable for me than swallowing the garlic as I can’t do that any more.

            Again, thank you so much!!

            • Believe or not, the stuff in capsules is worse on your stomach than taking it the way you were! I can take a clove or two with food with no problem, but garlic capsules make me feel ill for hours.
              I wouldn’t worry about it right now, just concentrate on killing off the Candida and then the OLE will have much, much more effect on your bladder.
              Also, you could try substituting ground cloves for the cayenne.

        • Oh, and the stage you’re at right now, with the bloating? That’s going to be over soon: you’re just about to crest the hill, and then your improvement will be very rapid. It’s all downhill, once you punch through the Candida.
          Just hang in there and keep going!

  120. Hi Bekah, I’m having the staphylococcus coagulase negative for the UTI. I’d like to ask which product is great to fight against this bacteria? Thanks

  121. I have been battling Uti for four years since a botched surgery causing nicked ureter left urologist cause he sent me home with 100 cipro and said take it for five days bid every time there is a twinge of pain and come back in a year and we will see where you are
    It occurs every three to four months. Not sure of trigger best guess is following unintentional decrease in Fluid intake over 2 -3 days I have taken cipro but will never take it again after Reading some articles last time it didn’t work either. But a more naturalDO gave me macrobid that did actually work back in January because I can’t seem to get other things like dmannose to work well it’s back since last week
    I know I have uti because it starts with increased urgency and discomfort and strong odor. with an increase in fluids like the first two days over 100 ounces a day then the symptoms go away except odor dip stick shows both leukocyte and nitrite. I have been tested in past and it showed e coli but haven’t been tested in couple years I have taken dmannose powder and capsules for a week and uvi ursa baking soda every two hours on day acv and I’ve been drinking homemade kombucha whole month befor uti came back. Went out of town for weekend and decreased fluids because it’s hard to maintain away from home I’m going to start over with dmannose 500 mgevery two hours and whatever else is suggested but I’m looking for additional suggestions to go along with it there are so many I’ve always had to resort to antibiotic but usually after I ridden it out for weeks to months and there is some back discomfort and fluids cranberry dmannose uvi ursa acv hasn’t worked. I always blame myself well I must not have been faithful is why I always try them again the next uti I have macrobid ready to pick up but there is always fear it won’t work this time. Last time was 17whoping days to go away after 7 days of cipro didn’t work and I was scared to death of the symptoms I felt cipro gave me. – muscular joint pain thank the Lord the pain went away after I stopped. DO said iodine helps clear body of toxins and I take iodoform iodine supplement every day to boost thyroid I am an active fit except this ridiculous problem a healthy 45 yo I know this was long any specific suggestions I will try to follow to the letter. I am very frustrated

    • I feel for you!
      With both leukocytes and nitrites, you definitely have a gram negative infection, like E. coli or Klebsiella.
      Uva-ursi never did anything for me, either.

      The first thing I would do in your place is go to the kitchen for cayenne pepper. You can mix 1/4 tsp of it into a spoonful of honey, or roll it into a bread pill, or stir it into a glass of water, and down the hatch. You may feel a warm tingling in your bladder within 40 minutes or so, that’s the cayenne working, and it will be followed by a sudden decrease in UTI symptoms.
      Repeat that dose every 4 waking hours.

      If you do NOT have that dramatic response to cayenne, you need olive leaf extract capsules, preferably Vitacost brand, and activated charcoal. I’ve left a number of comments about how to take those two, and what to expect, and my e-mail addy in some of them.

      • Will cayenne help by itself…I get reoccuring UTI like every 2 weeks to when I wipe there is blood and it hurts really bad…I do not have insurance but even the Azo pills you can get at like wa)mart or cranberry juice helps. It helps for bout 5 days then it reoccurs..any info is appreciated…thank you!!!❤

        • !!!!!

          Cayenne is better than nothing, and it *may* clear up your infection all by itself, but you should also drink a glass of baking soda water (1/2 tsp baking soda in 8 oz water) IMMEDIATELY, and another glass every hour until the pain is gone, then switch to lemon water. 2 tsp lemon juice per 8 oz water.

          Take 1-2 large minced cloves of garlic with every meal, and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper mixed in a spoonful of honey, and chase with baking soda water. Grated horseradish is also an excellent natural UTI fighter, if you have some.

      • Hi Bekah! I have been getting UTI’s a lot and i was just on antibiotics two weeks ago for one, well now I am suffering from another UTI and I refuse to take any antibiotics because I have taken them too much! I am trying to naturally cure this on my own and I am needing some extra help!! Could you please help me? I took a UTI test strip and it came out positive so I know for sure that I have one… Thank you so much!!

        • Well, I hope you have some of the things I’ve listed on hand already!
          Did both pads turn color, or just one? Do you have raw garlic, cayenne pepper, baking soda, and lemon juice available?
          Have you ordered OLE yet?

      • Thank you thank you for myself and everyone else to take the time
        I took cayenne and garlic till I got OLE and then I got the OLE vitacost brand and gradually got up to 16 and I have been taking 16 (4 at a time with meals/snack) day for over a week. once things got really loose and I took activated charcoal prob too much it sat like a lump of lead even with all the water since then I have continued the OLE and have no loose at all so I have been afraid to take charcoal UTI symptoms come and go strips still test both positive. The OLE makes me feel somewhat nauseated and just not well but not all out sick either. I’m also taking 2-4 capsules cayenne pepper tried fresh garlic but just makes me feel/taste horrible all day and I read capsules can be worse. I’m not all carb free but greatly reduced from my norm. Not sure how long to continue the 16 OLE and if I have to force myself on the garlic and what to do about the charcoal since bowels are not loose. thank you so much I’ve read lots of your replies but while you say very similar things you also include different suggestions too so that why I’m bothering you and I never saw an email.

        • You definitely need to do something to clear your gut out ASAP. Have you tried a natural laxative, like aloe vera?
          Don’t take charcoal again until you’re running like a tap: I would stick with just OLE and cinnamon tea, and take some kind of natural laxative to get things moving.
          Empty your bladder once an hour and drink lots of water.
          They removed my e-mail addy the last time I left it. There’s a form in my name you can fill out to reach me, directly.

          • I have continued the OLE vitacost brand 4 four times a day I may have missed a dose last week My 300 pill bottle is almost gone I took a natural laxative and had immediate results like a tap as you said once then everything back to normal or slower than normal I have drank 24-30 ounces of the cinnamon tea and ginger tea for last three days while I feel fine the infection is still there I visited my natural DO and he liked the idea of taking the OLE. He thought colostrum might be a good idea didn’t know if you ever researched that supposed to kill candida. Anyway not sure what to do next or just keep going and order more OLE not really even too nauseated anymore when taking OLE

            • And you haven’t been taking any charcoal because of the tendency to constipation? Charcoal is the only thing that will finish off that Candida, so if you can’t take it you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle.
              The solution is to get completely empty with a laxative, and then spend half a day flushing dose after dose of charcoal through, and I’m talking about 10-15 capsules at a time, 3x. That will clear your Candida out, and the OLE will become much, MUCH more effective, because it won’t be getting used up killing any Candida. You may have to repeat that laxative/charcoal flush for 2-3 days running to make sure you got it all. Once you do, this issue will dry right up.
              And, you’ll be able to take OLE like candy, and not feel a thing. It’s the Candida making you react like that to it.

              • I am curious why YOU think the OLE is not causing everything to be loose enough to Take the charcoal as it seems is the case for others knowing it did on its own one day but then never again after 1 dose of 9 charcoal You said when candida is gone you can take OLE like candy and have no effect. I feel like I am already taking it like candy with no effect. No nausea any more no headache any more and no loose stools just soft and normal but obviously I have a problem because test strips are positive and my only other symptoms are occasional urgency at night and some mild back pain today I’m not trying to be difficult just trying to understand

                • Since you’re taking Vitacost, the only reason for you not to be responding to OLE is if the majority of your Candida is protected by a biofilm.
                  The only thing that works on that, in my experience, is taking larges doses of activated charcoal when your gut is completely empty. That way, the only thing it can attach to is Candida.
                  You’ll need to take something that cleans you out, then take large doses of charcoal, preferably two in a row, then wait 2 hours and eat and take OLE and garlic, then repeat that routine the next day to make sure you got it all. Candida with a biofilm is bad news: it will keep you infected and re-infected for a long time.
                  If you click on my screen name, I wrote on this exact topic yesterday. It’s the Troubleshooting post.

  122. My wife has a recurring UTI and thru tests her doctor determined that the bacteria is Proteus Mirabilis. Which would be best to take. Interfase Plus, Biofilm Defense or Lauricidin?

  123. hi bekah

    im filling so much better, i got the OLE but i wasn’t able to get the vitals brand, i got cranavtive …

    and im taking sometimes 6 to 9 a day. im doing the coconut bullets but i haven’t had any kind of discharge. i still have some times some discomfort in the urethra, i need to mention that i haven’t been taking the charcoal and the citracylic acid only one at night, because i got a harte burn because of it.

    can i just get an actual bottle of OLE and just apply it to my urethra?, what do you recommend?

    • So weird, I would swear I answered this, but I don’t see my reply anywhere!
      The only thing you want to apply directly to your urethra is a poultice made of activated charcoal with just enough water in it to make a thick paste, like wet sand. You don’t want it to be runny: it should stick to your fingertip in a glob. Put that right over your urethra, and reapply after every trip to the bathroom.
      It draws inflammation and infection from the urethra: you can start feeling the effects in about 10 minutes. It won’t draw infection out of the bladder, but it’s the best thing ever for a tender, inflamed urethra. (Wear a liner: it’s messy)
      You need to get some Swanson or Vitacost OLE from the Internet, and build your way up to taking 1500 mg of oleuropein, the active ingredient in it, per day. That’s 16 Vitacost capsules per day.

  124. hi bekah

    im filling so much better, i got the OLE but i wasn’t able to get the vitals brand, i got cranavtive …

    and im taking sometimes 6 to 9 a day. im doing the coconut bullets but i haven’t had any kind of discharge. i still have some times some discomfort in the urethra, i need to mention that i haven’t been taking the charcoal or the cytracylic acid.

    can i just get an actual bottle of OLE and just apply it to my urethra?, what do you recommend

  125. Hello I wonder if you can help. Last year I had 4 UTI’s but usually by the time I provide a sample it comes back negative but they have already given me antibiotics that help immediately after the first one, I call a few days later and it says it was negative?! I don’t have pain but I consistently need to pee and feel the pee sensation. I get a sore back and lower stomach too – mainly lower back though.
    the last one I had was October until mid May this year. I got a four day antibiotic treatment then less than two weeks later I have symptoms again.. I tend to go a few months then get them within close frequency of each other. I don’t know what to do! The two ones this year so far haven’t been as bad as last year , it sounds silly but I improved my overall health by taking vitamins each day and drinking aloe Vera so I wonder if that helped. I’m terrible for just panicking and because I hate the feeling I don’t wait for it to clear up within a few days as I would constantly be on the toilet and interferes with work so I just go to the doctors. They have never referred me or anything. What would you recommend?

  126. Hi Bekah,
    I´m directing myself at you bc you mentioned Olive Leaf Extract first. I tried it for my UTI and at first it was going beautifully. Now I´ve taken close to 100 pills (judging by whats left in the bottle) and the effect seems to have gone yet the UTI is still there. Granted, I did not really follow the protocol with the garlic and the cayenne pepper.
    I have absolutely no pain and there seems to be no discharge but my urine has a distinct odor. I´ve had this before, I believe the infection is only in my urethra, and ended up treating it with antibiotics but I really want to avoid doing that again. I don´t think the infection is caused by E. coli as I have also tried D-mannose. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • 1. What brand of OLE are you taking? How many per day?
      2. Did you have Candida die-off symptoms? Have they stopped, and if so, how long has it been since you had them?

      OLE is a superb natural medicine, but a lot of brands are horrible quality. Candida complicates a UTI, because the OLE has to kill a lot of it first before it can even be absorbed into your bloodstream. So, by the time the Candida is dead and the OLE is working on the UTI, you’re nearly done with an average-size bottle, especially if you haven’t taken activated charcoal.

      You need around 1500 mg of oleuropein (the active ingredient, look at your bottle to see how many mg are in each capsule) in your system per day to kill off an active UTI.

      It sounds to me like you need to either get a better OLE brand, or increase your dosage, and depending on the type of infection you have, you should increase your firepower by adding a terpene like cayenne or an organosulphur like raw garlic to the mix.
      I would get UTI test strips that at least show both leukocytes and nitrites on them, and test first thing in the morning to see what you’ve got left.

      • Hi Bekah,

        Thanks for your prompt reply.

        I’ve been taking the Vitacost brand OLE, 500mg . Right now I’m taking 12 per day, or 4 at each meal (wow I just did the math – 6,000 mg/day). I did the raw garlic a few days but stopped as I don’t always have access to it at meals. I never took the activated charcoal because I never felt sick ie nauseous.

        Thoughts? Is this concerning??

        • You don’t have a thing to worry about as far as the Vitacost,: OLE is completely non-toxic, and you’ll actually need to take more than you’re currently taking.
          If you feel fine, you can start adding a bedtime dose so the oleuropein will be in your bladder all night long. You want to work your way up to 4 capsules 4x a day.
          Keep going! Remember that your bladder is the last stop in your system, so the OLE is first killing pathogens in your gut, and then in your blood before it ever gets to your bladder.
          All you have to do is keep taking it.

              • Hi Bekah!

                I only saw this today! Pardon me. I actually sent you an email a wk ago or so. I had stopped the protocol and picked it up again recently. I didn´t get strips, and here´s where I´m at:
                -doing the garlic and Vitacost OLE religiously. I’m up to 8 OLE caps 3xday. The good news is that this morning btwn breakfast and lunch I threw up, so something is dying in there. Had just been nauseous for a few days until today. So I went and got some charcoal. My stools aren’t really loose though?
                Am I doing things correctly??

      • Hi. I’m not sure how to contact you. I just stumbled upon this article. Three years ago I started dating my now husband. I have muscular dystrophy and never had a UTI before. I have suffered with BV and frequent yeast infections. Typically, with the BV, after a round of antibiotics my body would adjust to my partners ph and be fine. I’ve had to really go through many bouts of BV and rounds of antibiotics with my husband. I’ve practiced taking a lot of supplements and acupuncture and that has seemed to work.

        But, I had my first UTI as soon as we started having sex three years ago. I had never had a UTI before with any of my partners. I have now had over 30 UTI’s and am desperate to rid my body of them and find answers and solutions. This last infection has been horrendous and ended me up in the ER. They’ve had to keep changing antibiotics, as my body is not receptive it seems. The doctors have me take an antibiotic after sex, and I don’t want to keep feeding my body antibiotics.

        My husband has been waiting 30 to 50 minutes to take me to the bathroom afterward. I tell him I feel that’s too long so now he says we’ll change it. He got me a bidet system to spray myself with afterwards and I feel that really helps.

        I take D Mannose daily, but generally need to use the bathroom more often than I do. Still, I have questions after reading your article. I really feel my issue has a lot more to do than just needing to frequent the bathroom more, etc. is there a way to know which kind(s) of bacteria caused (is causing) the UTI’s? How can I rid myself or adjust my body in relation to these bacteria? Is there something I’m not looking at or thinking of in relation to my UTI’s? Why didn’t I have problems with any of my previous sex partners?

        How long should I let my body heal before having sex again? Should I use a good lube to help prevent UTI’s or would that cause them more? I generally get very lubricated naturally.

        Could it be sexual positioning? Something on my husbands side? Could I reset my body? Would acupuncture help me?

        My urine flow has been tested to be normal, but it’s never been a strong stream to begin with throughout my life and then I sit all the time since I am wheelchair bound. But I have to believe their is something I could do to forever cure myself from all these UTI’s.

        • Wow, I’m so sorry!
          On which bacteria is causing your infection:
          You can take a UTI test that has leukocyte and nitrite indicator pads, and if a test taken first thing in the morning makes both pads change color, you have a gram negative infection, like E. coli or Klebsiella. If only the top pad changes color, you have a gram positive infection, basically any bacteria that ends in ‘coccus’. (Strep, entero, etc.)

          A combination of Vitacost olive leaf extract capsules, cayenne pepper, and raw garlic will kill virtually any UTI pathogen.
          It’s likely that your UTI problem in recent years is due to reaching a sort of critical mass point vis a vis your intestinal health. Every round of antibiotics weakens your gut and makes it more susceptible to an overgrowth of pathogens, which means your infections get closer and closer together and finally become one unstoppable antibiotic-resistant UTI.

          It’s okay, you can fix this. You’re going to need to start slowly, and it’ll probably take a bit, but you can kill what you have now and stop future infections. The best way to start is with ginger or cinnamon tea, as I described elsewhere in the comments.
          They both kill Candida, but they typically don’t overwhelm you with die-off like a dose of OLE can. You start with three doses of tea a day, between meals, then the next day you drink it with breakfast and lunch as well as in between, and by the next day you should have increased bowel movements and they should be getting soft. (Sorry, people. Spelling it out is gross, but it lets you know what to expect:)
          In the meantime, you want to order Vitacost OLE capsules: I order it from their site because it’s cheaper, the shipping is fast, and they often have a sale running.
          They’re the best OLE I’ve found, even Swanson Super Strength, which *should* be stronger, isn’t as good.

          You’re also going to want some activated charcoal. Once your bowels are loose, you can take big doses of it several times a day and exponentially increase your Candida-killing. It both kills Candida and removes the toxins it produces, and stops die-off symptoms. The key is to take it in the middle of a 4 hour fasting window between eating/taking supplements.

          When you get your OLE and you’ve been drinking the tea for a few days, you can start taking one capsule per meal, and a clove of raw garlic and 1/4 tsp of cayenne. You swallow the little pieces of garlic with water, like pills, and you can take the cayenne mixed in a spoonful of honey.
          Increase to 2 capsules of OLE with breakfast and lunch the next day, and keep increasing gradually by 1-2 capsules per day, taking them with every meal along with cayenne and garlic.
          Be scrupulous about taking the charcoal in between, drinking plenty of water with it, and about 5 days of that regimen will have your gut healthier than it’s been in years.

          You’ll also want to follow the instructions I left for overnight vaginal suppositories with coconut oil: those restore vaginal health.
          Once your gut and your lady parts have been cleared of pathogens, the recurring infections will stop. At that point all you have to do is keep increasing your OLE doses till you’re taking 4 capsules 4x a day, and that UTI should be dead. You stay at full strength until you’ve tested clear for 3-5 days, then you slowly taper down like you built up.

          After that, a small maintenance dose of OLE and twice monthly vaginal treatments of coconut oil will keep you from any future infections.

      • Hi Bekah – thanks so much for all your help on here! I’ve had many bladder infections over the years and had to take antibiotics each time as nothing else worked. D-mannose didn’t help me prevent or treat UTIs (e-coli bacteria). I get a UTI almost every time I have sex, and particularly since hitting menopause… I don’t want to be constantly on meds so this site has been a godsend.

        At first the cayenne didn’t work for me and neither did the olive leaf/charcoal. I found out that the problem was complicated by candida and buying the wrong brand of OLE.

        I’ve cured the last two UTIs using your info! First I ditched the OLE that didn’t have enough of the active ingredient and presto it worked! (Only after the candida was wiped out tho.) I had terrible die off symptoms… and the raw garlic made me extremely nauseous. I blame many courses of antibiotics for that candida build up. Within a few days of curing my UTI I got another one and this time was able to treat it with cayenne and lemon juice alone.

        Thanks again for your info, it’s been a HUGE lifesaver!!! <3

        • For some reason, my reply to this got placed randomly way above your comment!

          Thank you SO much for letting me know: I can’t tell you what a blessing it always is to hear from someone who’s been helped by the things I learned through my own painful experiences.
          God bless. <3

      • Hi Bekah,
        I’m 25 years old male and I’m having the symptom of uti. Last morning, i had tested my urine, it showed that top pad changed color and the bottom pad didn’t change color. About 2 months ago, i had the urine test, it showed that i had the “staphylococcus coagulase negative” so i’d like to ask should i take the OLE? How much i should take for the first day and how many times per day? Thanks a lots.

  127. I have been told by UTI has been caused by strep B in which case D mannose will not help. So which of the alternatives would best suit Strep B please ? Three of the four antibiotics I have been prescribed gave me terrible migraines, therefore I was unable to complete the course.

    • Vitacost olive leaf extract and garlic are excellent against Strep B: check out the comments below for details on dosage.

      • If antibiotics are failing. I would consider “silver shield”. Although there is a lot of controversy behind silver, I have done my own research and feel with moderation. It is a great natural antibiotic that can be safely administered. Like everything else, be smart about how much and how often you consume the product. I personally am on this at the moment. I feel great and intend on discontinuing use once I have consumed the entire bottle. Following the manufacturer’s recommended dose is what I personally would advise. However, I am not a doctor. Please read the link below to understand the benefits, but be aware of side effects. Which I feel are extremely unlikely. If administered as proposed by the manufacture.

        – Keith
        Project Walk of Los Angeles

        • I’ve had a gram negative and a gram positive UTI, and my 10 yr old daughter had a gram positive UTI.
          I didn’t bother to get a culture on the gram positive ones because by then I had a good idea how to kill a UTI, and I didn’t want to keep either of them around long enough to get a culture from them: I began treatment right away.
          Strep is a gram positive bacteria, as are all those that end in ‘coccus’. I’ve helped women who had Strep B infections cure them, and I can assure you that Vitacost olive leaf extract capsules, and raw garlic will do the job for you.

          • Bekah,

            I have been struggling with recurrent Group B strep UTI infections for over 1.5 years. I take Synthroid for hypothyroidism and also take probiotics. After many full dose courses of antibiotics I was placed on a daily maintenance dose of antibiotics. That helped for awhile but I developed an allergic reaction. I am now allergic to many antiobiotics. My overall health has been declining and I feel strongly that it is due to the number of antibiotics to which I have been exposed.

            I have also had 1 E. Coli UTI, bacterial vaginosis, and 1 vaginal yeast infection.

            Physicians feel my problem is exacerbated by sexual intercourse. I live in fear of developing yet another UTI and this is starting to affect my relationship with my husband.

            You mentioned in your post that you have been able to help woman in similar circumstances. I would be grateful for your input.

            I am unfamiliar with many of the supplements mentioned. Are these to eliminate active infections, preventitives or both? Also I am having difficulties locating the suggested dosages and durations.

            • Bekah,

              I also forgot to mention that I have had a perforated gastric ulcer in the past. As a result I do have to be careful of any supplements that are too irritating to the stomach.

            • Both!

              Quality olive leaf extract will kill an active infection, and prevent new ones. You don’t have to worry about irritation; it’s completely gentle and non-toxic to human cells, but it’s deadly to fungal/viral/bacterial pathogens.
              However, it does NOT kill beneficial bacteria, making it ideal for the majority of infection types.

              The dosage and duration vary according to the type and strength of the infection, and how much Candida you may have in your intestines.
              OLE kills pathogens on contact, and since it’s anti-fungal, it will kill Candida in your gut. If you have a lot, the OLE gets expended on it and doesn’t move into your bloodstream, at first. Once it kills off some of the Candida in the way, it moves into your bloodstream and kills any pathogens it comes in contact with there: this is the point when people’s chronic ear and sinus problems start clearing up, and then it gets filtered through the kidneys and into the bladder.
              Because the bladder is the last stop in your system, it’s the last place OLE reaches.
              That’s the bad news. The good news is, killing your UTI this way means you fix everything else that was wrong with you, in the process.
              (anything related to any infections, anyway)
              Also, you stop getting UTI’s, because you’ve addressed the reason for most recurring UTI’s: a pathogen-friendly gut environment due to Candida overgrowth. This protocol stops the cycle of perpetually recurring UTI’s.

              You want to get Vitacost OLE capsules, if at all possible. (They have a website, or you can buy them on Amazon) or Swanson Super Strength, which is the second best kind. Get lots, Vitacost has a 300 count bottle.
              Also get activated charcoal capsules, any reputable brand is fine.
              Start by taking one OLE capsule every 3 hours the first day, drinking plenty of water with a little lemon juice in it, and urinating once an hour. Set a timer so you don’t forget.
              (Start doing the frequent elimination now, actually. Just empty your bladder of every drop, once every waking hour.)
              Build up a little every day with the OLE, taking more every day until your bowels are moving freely, then take 3-4 OLE with every meal and 8 charcoal capsules 2 hours after every meal.

              To start killing Candida immediately, make and drink cinnamon tea every day: it should also mitigate your UTI symptoms. I left directions for that tea in a couple of comments a little further down, make cinnamon tea, but not ginger. There’s one type of gram positive infection that feels worse on ginger, terpenoids seem to irritate it.

              • Thank you so much!

                I have taken so many antibiotics that I now have an oral yeast infection. Concentrated on the tongue at this point. Possibly throat and esophagus. The doctor prescribed Nystatin oral rinse and said diflucan would not be effective. Would the OLE eradicate the oral yeast as well? Or is there another protocol you can recommend?

                Bless you for providing help to so many people!

                • You poor dear!

                  Do you have any coconut oil in the house?
                  Ginger? Cinnamon? You can take powdered ginger or cinnamon and make a tea with it, just mix 1/2 tsp powder into 10 oz steaming hot water, and let it steep till it cools.
                  Swish mouthfuls of that for 60 seconds at a time, as often as desired.
                  Expect it to tingle: that’s yeast dying.

                  If you have coconut oil, you can swish a teaspoon or two of that around in your mouth as often as desired, as well.

                  OLE would help: if you have it, take 2 per meal and do the topical treatments with spice water and coconut oil.

                  I don’t suppose you have any activated charcoal on hand? I mentioned the spices first because most people already have those in the kitchen, but if you have charcoal capsules, open about 8 of them into 4 oz of water, and swish that for a few minutes. Charcoal is absolutely magical against even deeply embedded yeast: I couldn’t believe what it did for a rash I had, last winter. It made me a true believer, that’s for sure. It’s the single most powerful topical application for Candida.
                  Expect tingling.
                  Candida likes to go out with a bang, so to speak.

            • I answered your comment, but it’s awaiting moderation because I included a link to the Vitacost site. :/
              It should go through before the end of the day, but in the meantime, make cinnamon tea and drink it: I left the instructions in some comments a little while back, further down the page.

  128. Silver Sol and Colloidal Silver: What’s the Difference?

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  129. If you had to recommend just one thing for chronic UTIs what would it be?

    Also, any recommendations for IC (Interstitial Cystitis)?

    Thank you!

    • Truly, from my own personal experience. The only supplement that really works to prevent UTI and any other infection is “silver shield”. I have been taking this 3x a day. I feel great! The CDC uses this product. It even as a US patent. Please read the link below. I’m sure you will be convinced as much as I am.

      – Keith
      Project Walk of Los Angeles Amb.

  130. I have a spinal cord injury. I have an indwelling catheter. I am constantly plagued with chronic UTI. I am either on antibiotics or infected. I have been going at this 7 years since my accident. I am a 30-year-old guy and healthy all the way around the map, except for my paralysis. I have tried every supplement on the market at its maximum strength and have been consistent with it for years! In fact, sometimes I triple dose myself. I have tried everything! I get my catheter changed halfway through the antibiotic treatment. Still no relief. I have three boys that I fight these infections for every day. To be honest, these infections are worse than being paralyzed! I just want to give up… I cry every day because my quality of life sucks! I hate these infections! I will do anything to prevent them! If there is anyone out there, anyone who has some advice for me, I am all ears. I need a friend to guide me. Please. I am at the point where I am ready to quit. Please help me…

    • I had my first infection for 4 years and 8 months: I got it when my 4th child was less than a year old and had it until my 5th was 3.5 years old.
      Antibiotics not only didn’t kill it: they gave me new problems.
      So, I hear you, and feel for you.
      I finally found a cure for that one, then got a second UTI caused by a different bacteria 2 months later, thanks to the lingering gut effects of that last round of antibiotics. I cured that one after 3 weeks of tinkering around with various things.

      The best thing I can suggest for you is:
      1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 4x a day (you can mix it into a spoonful of honey)
      4 capsules Vitacost OLE 4x a day
      Vitacost Garlic Ultra 1200 mg (How much you take per day depends on how your stomach reacts. These give me nausea for an hour after taking, but they’re producing strong benefits in recent trials. As in, morning UTI test results reduced by 3/4ths after one capsule at bedtime.)

      Also, drink a glass of baking soda water 3x a day, with the last at bedtime. Bringing your pH up discourages all kinds of bacteria from feeding and breeding.

      Take heart: you CAN beat this. 🙂

      • Bekah ,
        I tried the cayenne pepper and it made my blood pressure sky rocket , and I had an headache instantly .
        I have tried the Olive leaf extract but can’t take it at such large doses due to being on a beta blocker for a heart arrhythmia. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I have been battling a UTI for weeks now and am miserable. Thank you so much for any help

        • Oh, boy. That’s a tough one.
          How about organosulphurs like garlic and horseradish? If you can take a little of those, and drink ginger tea, that should give you considerable relief.

        • Never mind, I just looked them up.
          This looks like a case where I would recommend antibiotics for the UTI and something like diflucan for yeast, because it looks like all the most effective herbal remedies clash with beta-blockers: is your infection antibiotic-resistant?

    • Hi! There is this forum for people with in-dwelling catheters who frequently suffer from chronic antibiotic resistant UTIs. They use Microcyn. The initially instill this and leave it and pee it out and if you read the forums, you’d see how it has helped a lot. I’ve tried it myself 2x and it minimized the urinary pain. Apparently you have to be consistent for a few days. I just got so scared of instlling myself.
      Look here:

      • Thank you, Ava! I will visit this site now. Also, I just started something called “Silver Guard”. I have felt good since I started it two days ago. My urine has no odor and is clear. My teeth have stopped chattering and I actually feel good for the first time in a long time! I think this is it. The sky is blue, and I can finally relax. It’s awesome! Anyone else suffering from chronic UTI, whether it is caused by an indwelling catheter or some other reason, really must try this miraculous product. I have tried everything in the book and had very little to no relief until now. I am convinced. Seven years of infection and finally… My urologist could not figure it out, but I did 😉 $18 a bottle. Definitely worth it!

        • When I Google Silver Guard I cannot seem to find anything close to an oral for humans! Could you be more specific?

          • Man… How did I mess that up… It’s is called “Silver Shield”. I’m so sorry! I will try to go back and edit my last post. Here is a link to the proper website with the information that has been so useful to me.


            This is a strange feeling, not to be infected! I am waiting for it to come back… But it’s not. I feel great! I have been infected for over seven years I used to drink almost 2 gallons of water a day. The last two days, I have only drinking half a gallon. This is awesome! If you are having problems, please try this!!

            • How much did you take and for how many days before you noticed that your symptoms were gone? Did you just take as instructed on the bottle or follow a different dose?

    • Keith, GOD bless you honey!!!!! I’m praying for you to get some relief. I’m so sorry you are going thru this.

    • Keith- I just want to tell you about a dna test put out by pathogenius laboratories that can detect bacteria in the urinary tract that is the first of its kind to find bacteria that the “run of the mill” tests cannot find. I am healing myself of IC( 90% better) with the help of an amazing practitioner that uses this test. She told me 100% of her clients with IC have chronic undetected bacterial infections in their bladders. Contact me if you want more information on the practitioner.Many blessings to you on your journey!

      • Tennee, Just saw your post to Keith. Could you provide me with the name of the practioner that uses the dna test and has helped you relieve your IC symptoms?

  131. Yesterday I compared the cost of the Vitacost OLE and found it to be the cheapest at their website. Even with Amazon Prime it was cheaper and with free shipping. And right now you can order a bottle (I got the biggest one) and automatically get another one for half price. A good deal.

    • It IS the cheapest, and their shipping is super fast for me, too.
      Twice, I’ve gotten my order the day after I placed it, and other times it comes in 2-3 days.
      I’ve tried not to boost them too much lest I look like I work for them or something, but they really are pretty awesome.
      I first found them when I was searching for Carlson’s lemon-flavored cod liver oil for the kids to was $50 for the big bottle at the local store! I got it $20 cheaper on vitacost, which is why I thought of trying their OLE when I was researching supplements for my UTI.

      • Bekah, I have felt so grateful just thinking there is hope to get rid of these UTIs that have been plaguing me for the last year. After 7 or 8 rounds of antibiotics my intestines are shot. I have another UTI now. ..antibiotics did not work and I’m desperate. I tried using high doses of D mannose but although it’s better it’s not gone and I still feel some pain. I live outside the USA on an island and am unable to buy the supplements you suggest. I did order them and just today received the OLE. However it is the 250mg from Solar Ray. For my first dose I took 3capsules along w cayenne and garlic. I’ll take 3 again this evening. Is that enough to start up with? Then 4 capsules 3 x tomorrow. I thought I’d build up until I’m taking 9 capsules 3 x a day which =6350 mg. Will that be enough? And how long do people usually have to take the OLE and the cayenne and garlic before it clears the UTI properly? (BTW I do have the activated charcoal too.)
        I’m sure it’s different for everyone but maybe you can give me an idea? I’m praying my capsules will last until I get to the States on Monday in a week. Also should I stay on the D mannose? I also started with Lactoferrin and Nattikinase. The lauricidin has not arrived yet. Those are the setbacks of island living! Thank you so much for you wisdom
        and for taking the time to share it with those of us suffering. You are an angel.

        • Hey Marina. Wow you are in the same boat I was in not too long ago. I have the answer for you. Just one supplement will work for you every single time! Please read the link below! UTIs. No more! I have an indwelling catheter and have been suffering with UTIs for seven years. Not anymore. To everyone’s surprise. Please read the link below and order your self some “silver shield”.

          – Keith
          Project Walk of Los Angeles

        • 250 mg Solaray with 17% oleuropein?

          That’s about 46 mg of oleuropein per capsule, times 3..yes, you don’t want to take more than 3 capsules per dose, today. Expect to feel some die-off by the end of the day, but do NOT take charcoal unless/until your bowels are moving freely. If you have a tendency to constipation, you can get a bunch of die-off blocked up behind a mass that takes forever to move, so stay at 2-3 capsules per dose with no charcoal afterward until your bowels are in full gear.
          Once they are, you can take 8 charcoal capsules per dose, 2 hours after every OLE dose with no eating in between or for 2 hours after the charcoal. Just drink water, water, water.
          After that many antibiotics, your bowels are going to be packed with Candida and cleaning it all out will be a bit of a project.
          Expect to spend some time feeling like complete crap: that means it’s working. Candida punishes you when it dies.

          The more it dies, though, the less severe your UTI symptoms get. You’ll also shed the fluid your body was holding onto to dilute yeast toxins, so expect to lose water weight all over, especially in your waist. The charcoal kills and removes living yeast as well as the dead stuff, so it’s a major player in getting rid of yeast quickly. Once your bowels are running, take big doses of charcoal every time. Eight 300mg capsules is just 1/2 tsp of charcoal: you can take twice that at a time when you’re having watery diarrhea (which means Candida is being killed on a major scale, and your body is dumping toxins and excess water).
          You’ll gradually be able to increase your doses of OLE, and when your die-off symptoms subside you’ll know the Candida is nearly gone, and the UTI should be asymptomatic by then.
          Keep going, because it takes full doses of OLE to completely kill a UTI after all the Candida has been removed.

          (I’ve mentioned this before, but I want to say it again for anyone who hasn’t read that far down the page: Large doses of OLE should not be taken along with meds for high BP, because OLE naturally lowers elevated BP and then the meds take it too low)

          • Thanks so much for response. I didn’t take the charcoal after the first dose but I did take it today and today. My bowels are moving but slow so I may back off on that a little until I feel it really moving.

            Three quick questions: 1: Is it really bad if you have to stop for two doses? I’m waiting for the next bottles of OLE to arrive and I am out. They will be here by tomorrow. If I’m lucky tonight. I’m praying.

            2: How long does this protocol usually take? How many days? What is the most/least? I have to travel next Monday and was wondering.

            3: Should I take probiotics while on the treatment?

            Thank you so very very much. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have a knowledgable person reaching out to me in this darkness. I feel like someone hears me when doc after doc has not. They really try but they don’t know. I think they are tapping in the dark too.
            Blessings and gratitude. Marina

            • 1. Make and drink ginger or cinnamon tea in place of those doses, and take at least one large clove of minced garlic when you eat. Chop it and swallow the little pieces with water, mid-meal. Chase with a glass of baking soda water. That should tide you over till the OLE gets there.

              2. It depends on how quickly you kill off the Candida, but your UTI should be asymptomatic by next Monday, if not sooner. You have to keep going to completely kill it, but it stops hurting pretty quickly on this regimen.

              3. I would wait until the worst of the die-off symptoms are gone, then start probiotics. You want to clear a living area for them a bit, first, because the Candida releases a lot of toxins when it dies so you want that out of the way.

              Believe me, I know how you feel! It’s so hard to struggle with this alone.

              • Thank you so much. I’m on it and will post as soon as this gets better. I actually already feel a little different – still some uti pain but different. Can’t pinpoint it yet..

              • Hi Bekah, Its me yet again. I just wanted to ask you: My OLE did arrive. I have been taking the doses you recommended (just missed one yesterday which I replaced with the tea, garlic and baking soda) and I even took one extra capsule last night and this morning but my bowels are acting very sluggish. Maybe the candida is holding on for dear life!!!
                Any suggestions??
                I want to get things moving and those candida creepies out!

                I am NOT taking the charcoal. However, before we were in contact I had taken two doses of 4 capsules.

                It is interesting that even though I haven’t had the extreme die off symptoms yet —I did have some fatigue and headache last night —my UTI Symptoms seem a bit better. ( Haven’t tested though) But I am carrying on with this regimen, believe me! I want to beat this problem.

                Also should I stay on the DMannose. And what about Vit C?

                Thanks again for your help. I’m so grateful.

                • That can happen for the first couple of days of taking OLE, where things seem to stall in there..but there’s a lot of, um, gurgling and swishing going on, especially if you palpate your abdomen.
                  Expect to enter the bathroom and leave about 3 lbs lighter, in the near future. 😀
                  Keep taking the OLE, increasing the dosage a little today, and drink plenty of water. Take a brisk walk, too, because getting your heart pumping and blood flowing increases peristalsis. Wherever you walk today, walk briskly. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, that sort of thing.
                  There isn’t too much point in taking other things until your bowels get going: a Candida overgrowth buffers the action of things like D-mannose, and you want to concentrate on flushing things out right now.
                  Candida exacerbates UTI symptoms, so just the amount you’ve already killed is starting to decrease them. They’ll keep dropping as the Candida is killed off, so keep going!
                  Drink water and get moving!

              • Hi Bekah,
                I’m hope I’m not a bother by asking more questions but I need re-assurance. So I am taking the OLE. I have Natures Way right now with 20% Oleuropein. The capsules are 250 mg each. I moved up to taking 9 capsules each time along with garlic and cayenne. Been doing 9 caps since last night. Took them this morning and at lunch.
                I had a BM today but I am still waiting for the diarrhea to set in so I haven’t taken the charcoal.

                1. Should I continue like this until the diarrhea happens or take the charcoal regardless?

                2 Also I feel quite a bit of pain in my lower abdomen my back pain is exacerbated too but also I feel vaginal burning. I just want to make sure my UTI isn’t getting worse or could this discomfort be from the OLE? I tested this morning with a strip — no nitrates and only a slight change in color for the leucocytes.
                When that burning happens I get worried.

                3. Also I don’t feel terrible -terrible – more like a general malaise, a bit headsy and nauseous off and on but am I supposed to feel really really bad?

                Can you advise? How can I repay you for your time?
                Thanks so much. Marina

                • Hey, no problem!

                  The headache and nausea are the first signs of die-off: it really does make you feel dreadful. You can drink baking soda water for the nausea, and it will help ease the UTI symptoms, too.
                  The loose stools are the *last* symptom of die-off, so don’t worry, you’re on your way!
                  This stage doesn’t last long…but you *must* keep going in order to punch through the Candida and reach the UTI. Since your bowels did move already and you’re taking large doses of OLE, I think you could take 2 charcoal capsules in between doses of OLE without slowing the elimination should have some pretty major bowels results within 24 hours, followed by a lot of UTI relief.
                  Once your bowels are loose, you can take big doses of charcoal, and at that point the die-off will become almost unnoticeable.
                  2. These symptoms make me think your Candida is basically going haywire in protest. You’re taking a flamethrower to it.
                  You should do an overnight vaginal suppository with coconut oil, preferably with some powdered/grated ginger in it, as I described elsewhere in the comments.

                  3. I’m not going to sugar coat it, Candida die-off *can* make you feel like complete and utter crap. Worst headache ever, throwing up…but that’s why I give detailed instructions about building up gradually, drinking plenty of water, and taking charcoal! Most of the time, you feel very BLAH for about 36 hours, headache-y, upset stomach, tired, foggy…and then it clears rapidly and your UTI symptoms stop and you shed 5 lbs of water weight and Candida toxins, and feel great!

                  So just hang tight! You’re on your way to getting better: you just have to keep going. If you get rapidly worse, take a couple capsules of charcoal, drink water, and cut back on the OLE. I would strongly recommend taking half the OLE at dinner time that you took with breakfast and lunch: the die-off effect is cumulative and you don’t want to be up all night feeling like death.

                  Remember: it isn’t the OLE making you feel bad, it’s the Candida. OLE is completely non-toxic to human cells: when you don’t have Candida you can chug it all day and feel fine.

          • What do you recommend for someone that is on blood pressure meds , I’m actually on them for a heart arrhythmia. Thanks Beka

            • I don’t know how I didn’t see this till now…I’m afraid that everything I can think of has an effect on heart/BP meds. If you google things like raw garlic, OLE, cayenne, ginger, and baking soda, you’ll see they all affect the blood in some way. They’re all *positive* ways, but when you’re already on meds, they conflict.

              • in response to Sherri:

                What do you recommend for someone that is on blood pressure meds , I’m actually on them for a heart arrhythmia. Thanks Beka

                I don’t know how I didn’t see this till now…I’m afraid that everything I can think of has an effect on heart/BP meds. If you google things like raw garlic, OLE, cayenne, ginger, and baking soda, you’ll see they all affect the blood in some way. They’re all *positive* ways, but when you’re already on meds, they conflict
                +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Bekah, I am also on a blood thinner plus a med to keep heart beats down a bit for my arrhythmia. So how will things affect that? You never mentioned things that might not go along well with meds. I haven’t started my new regime yet.


                • Yes, you said you were “taking meds for my Afib but that is all. It’s a blood thinner.” and I said not to combine cayenne with a prescription blood thinner. You’re on something else, too?

    • are you talking about Olive Leaf Extract? Is it good for the kidneys and it doesn’t make you urinate more frequently does it?

      • Olive leaf is a great supplement for UTIs. Yes, this is a great supplement for the kidneys. However, depending upon your medical condition. It would be highly advisable to speak with your physician if you think there may be a problem with your kidneys or happen to be on any blood pressure, diabetic, or any other medications. For a healthy person, this is a great supplement that I personally use on a daily basis. I would also like to recommend, oregano oil. Check this out:

      • It’s excellent for the kidneys, and while it does have a slight diuretic action, it stops the frequent urination of an active UTI.

        You should still empty your bladder as frequently as possible, but if you’re talking about the urgency that’s one of the symptoms of a UTI, yes, OLE will stop that.

  132. what if i can,t get the vita cost brand, can i get just any other brand? what is the minimum percentage of OLE that i need to get?

  133. I have been getting UTI’s since I was 17, I am 49 this month. I must have taken 30 rounds of antibiotics in that time. I got another UTI 1/10/16. I took the antibiotics and they did not work. I have been trying all kinds of remedy’s to get rid of this. Then I read Chris’s article on UTI’s. I went and got the medical record and I have klebsiella oxytoca bacterial infection. I started seeing a nutritionist and an MD, its six months later and the MD wants to put me on antibiotics. In the meantime I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I am really concerned that the antibiotics wont work again, and I will lower my immunity affecting the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. What would be a good protocol to get rid of this UTI? I have frequent urination, burning pain all the time, cloudy, bubbly urine. And yellow and white mucus comes out usually in the morning. Should I try the lauricidin, raw garlic, Oleuropien, cayenne thing? I am so worn down by this whole thing 🙁

    • Go to the kitchen right now and take 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper mixed into a spoonful of honey. Chase it with a glass of baking soda water, 1/2 tsp soda in 8 oz water.
      Then you want to mince a clove of fresh raw garlic and take those pieces like little pills, with more baking soda water. Eat a little something, like a piece of toast with butter.
      Next, take powdered cinnamon or ginger, whichever one you have, heat 10 oz water to the steaming point, and stir 2 tsp of the spice in. Let it sit for 20 minutes, covered, then pour the infused water into a mug, leaving most of the sediment behind, stir a spoonful of honey into that spice water, and drink.

      You will feel much, much better within one hour.
      Repeat as often as necessary until your Vitacost OLE capsules and activated charcoal arrive in the mail, then take the OLE with food and the charcoal in between. Do not eat between meals, or within 2 hours before or after taking charcoal. Drink 8 oz water every waking hour with a little lemon juice in it.
      Start with 2 OLE capsules per meal, and work your way up to 4 per meal and 4 at bedtime. Keep taking the cayenne and garlic with meals, as well.

  134. Macarena

    hi again

    i got the charcoal pills and the caprylic acid but not the ole, i have been taking the caprylic acid with each meal and the charcoal a couple of times because i do eat snacks between meals. I have been taking it for about 5 days but i still feel a little of discomfort in the uretrha at random times, and the burning sensation is almost if not complete gone.

    i jus want to know for how long i need to take the pills and if is better result if i take the OLE, and if is ok just to take the charcoal at night?

    thank you.

    • Yes, you MUST get the OLE because the caprylic acid and charcoal are *only* killing Candida in your gut, they are NOT killing your UTI!
      For some reason, killing Candida hugely decreases the pain of a UTI, but it’s still yhere and it takes good quality olive leaf extract to kill it. Get Vitacost OLE, 500 mg 18% oleuropein: it’s excellent quality.
      In the meantime, take a clove or two of minced raw garlic (do not heat or mix into heated food, swallow with water) when you eat as well as the caprylic acid; it will further reduce your symptoms. Chase the garlic with a glass of baking soda water.
      When you get the OLE, start taking 2 per meal immediately and increase till you’re taking 4 per meal and 4 before bed.
      Yes, you can take the charcoal last thing before bed until then, just make sure to drink a big glass of water with it.

      • what if i can,t get the vita cost brand, can i get just any other brand? what is the minimum percentage of OLE that i need to get?

        • You want 15-20% oleuropein: some brands claim to have more, but I’ve had people trying them tell me they aren’t getting the results they should.

          Nature’s Way with 20% oleuropein is effective: I’ve used it, but the capsules are 250 mg so you have to take a LOT. Vitacost is the most cost-efficient one, if you can get it.

  135. Hi Bekah,

    Read through your comments and have found them extremely helpful! I’ve been doing the Candida diet for the past 2 months and am afraid to use any sort of antibiotics; however, I started experiencing UTI symptoms today. I’m going to try your methods first thing tomorrow, as I want to avoid the antibiotics. I’m curious if you know of alternative ways to clear out candida/intestinal problems rather than the Candida diet? Also wondering if honey will be okay as I’m avoiding all sugar?

    Thank you much!

    • Yes, by taking activated charcoal! It kills and removes Candida by an electrical process called adsorption; it’s negatively charged so it draw things to itself like a magnet.
      You take it with water only, 2 hours before and after eating anything; it needs to be alone in your system with plenty of water. You can take a big dose, 8-10 capsules, right before bed with a large glass of water every night.
      Also, you can drink cinnamon tea every day. Put 4 tsp cinnamon in a coffee filter, tie the top shut with string, and steep in 24 oz steaming hot water for 20 minutes. Pour off 8 oz, stir in a spoonful of honey, if desired, and take 3x a day.
      Coconut oil also kills yeast, as does olive leaf extract.
      Vitacost is the best brand; they ship their big (300 count) bottle free and their shipping can be really fast; I ordered from them yesterday and it arrived 10 minutes ago!

      OLE will kill your Candida and kill a UTI, as well. Start with 1-2 capsules per meal, follow up with a dose of charcoal 2 hours later, and repeat all day. Work your way up to 4 capsules per meal and 4 at bedtime.

  136. Hey Bekah ,

    Ive been reading through most comments and to be honest i got so lost in between what to take .Ive seen a lot of doctors over the last 4 years shoved me with every antibiotic in the market .The last doctor i saw diagonsed me with a chronic uti
    and ofcourse game me antibiotics for 2 month and im still dealing with the same issues here .I dont know if this is very common in men as all im seeing is women here , its kinda making me feel weird posting this online but im at that point where i just wanna know what to take . You have been helping so much people and i was hoping you could tell me what i need to take to destroy every single infection down there .
    The symptoms are
    frequent urination
    tingling feeling 24-7
    Peeing discomfort
    Urine leakage after urination

    So could you please shed some light on what i need to do ,just help me kill the little bastards where they are hiding
    Kindest regards ,


    • I like your attitude. LOL!

      First, mix 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper in a spoonful of honey. Take that 4x a day, once per meal and once at bedtime. Also take a large minced clove of raw garlic, swallowed with water like pills, no mixing into heated food. Chase with a glass of baking soda water, 1/2 tsp in 8 oz water.
      On all those antibiotics, you probably have Candida. Take 4 tsp of powdered cinnamon or ginger, put it in a coffee filter, and tie the top shut with string. Steep in 24 oz steaming hot water for 20 minutes, pour off 8 oz and stir in a spoonful of honey, drink 3x a day, between meals.
      You should experience considerable relief in your UTI symptoms by the end of the day, and loose stools the next day. That’s dead Candida.
      Keep doing that every day while you wait for the Vitacost olive leaf extract capsules you’re about to order to arrive. Get the 500 mg capsules, with 18% oleuropein. Start out taking 1-2 per meal and work your way up to 4 per meal and 4 more at bedtime. You’ll probably need to take activated charcoal too, order that with the Vitacost or pick it up locally, and take that exactly in between doses of OLE (instead of the spice tea), 2 hours before and after.

      Drink plenty of water all day long with a little lemon juice in it.

      • Hi Bekah. I’m confused about the fact that none of the recommendations seem to be like those of the article. I want to try your way, but I refuse to eat garlic. LoL. I’ve had very chronic bladder infection for several years, and actually off and on whole life. I’m not sure if this last one is e-coli or non e-coli. Can you give me your remedy without taking charcoal (which my mum, a nurse, says is carcinogenic), garlic, or baking soda, like say pills with the same effect? Or is that what the article is telling me with the pills listed.. wouldn’t know which ones to get. The only thing I know of for fact is pure unsweetened cranberry treating or preventive, even in lg. doses does not work for me at all (actually makes it worse). I live in a mouldy house. I think I read on a comment here that someone else thought that is a prob. Been in this house 15 yrs sadly. Hopefully moving in Aug. This one specific bladder infection is several years old. Want rid of this infection!! Please help. I even tried colloidal silver, and it did help but is expensive and low and behold still have the infection! Also, I am vegan, so won’t eat meat or honey. Been vegan 2 yrs. Infection started well before that. Then Dr.s are oblivious. God bless them. Thanks so much for any help! Kindly, Leah (Toronto, ON). : )

        • Activated charcoal is a whole different animal than what people think of as charcoal, and isn’t the slightest bit carcinogenic, I promise.

          The very best thing you can do is get high quality olive leaf extract, but it may be hard for you to find some that isn’t in a gelatin capsule…though if I were you I’d consider the UTI much more health-damaging than gelatin and not worry about it.
          Vitacost olive leaf extract capsules are the best, in my experience.
          The recommendations in the article differ from what I’ve said because I have no affiliation with the author. I’m just a commenter..who had a UTI nothing could completely kill for 4 years and 8 months.
          When I finally found a cure, I wanted to tell other people about it and commented here.
          Then I got a SECOND infection two months later, with a completely different bacteria than the first, and through curing that I realized why the first UTI so often turns into a series of recurring UTI’s.

          What I found is that the UTI/s will not quit until the gut and vagina are cleared of pathogens. Candida in the gut interferes with successful UTI treatment, and also leads to subsequent infections.
          The protocols I’ve listed, with the alternating OLE/cayenne/garlic with food and the charcoal afterward for the Candida die-off, clear out the gut and kill the majority of UTI types, both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
          The coconut oil vaginal suppositories I gave instructions for clear all pathogens out of the vagina, restoring a healthy balance of flora and preventing future UTI’s from that source.

          Have you tested with a UTI test that shows both leukocytes and nitrites? You’re going to want to do that to find out whether your infection is gram positive or negative, though I suspect the former, based on what you said.

        • Hey, I answered you earlier today, but my comment is awaiting moderation, probably because I put in links to informational webpages about activated charcoal, and my e-mail address so you could contact me directly. The system probably thought I was a spammer.

          It’s [email protected] (add the dot com) for quick responses to questions.

      • Wow that is a lot of stuff ,
        So everything is clear and im gonna start now i just dont ge the charcoal part when do i need to take those and how much of them ?

        • The charcoal is just for sweeping Candida and its toxins out of your gut, so the dosage depends entirely on how much Candida you have. Since men aren’t near so prone to it as women, it’s hard to say how much could be in there.
          You’ll know, though, once you’ve drunk that tea for a few days, because if you have Candida you’ll get loose stools. Also, once you start taking OLE, you’ll get a vicious headache and nausea if you have Candida.

          If these things happen to you, you’ll know you need charcoal. Wait till your bowels are moving freely, then take 8 charcoal capsules at once, 2 hours after each dose of OLE. Fast between meals, charcoal needs to be alone in your system with water.
          Breakfast: Food and OLE
          2 hours later, charcoal and water
          2 hours later, food and OLE
          2 hours later, charcoal and water

          If you do NOT have die-off, Candida isn’t a concern and you can go straight to large doses of OLE to kill the UTI.

  137. My mom is 66 with lots of health issues….diabetic….stage 3 kidney disease. Please help me someone. She’s had cdiff for 3 yrs. Just had her 2nd fecal transplant 2 weeks ago and still has c-diff. Now she has a uti. They just gave her a perscription of bactrum and I’m scared to give it to her. Please tell me what to do….

    • Wow, I’m so sorry! She needs good olive leaf extract!
      First, I would start her on an activated charcoal slurry (1 tsp charcoal powder in 8 oz water) two hours after every single meal, and again before bed. That will go a long way toward alleviating her gut symptoms, and wiping out any Candida present.
      I take it she has no tendency to constipation, right? That’s the only thing you have to worry about with charcoal, but she shouldn’t have that, with C diff.

      Add a crushed clove of fresh raw garlic to her food (not heated food, *tepid food*) every time she eats, and chase it with a glass of baking soda water, 1/2 tsp soda in 8 oz water. Get Vitacost brand 500 mg capsules: they’re the ones I trust the most. Start off with one capsule with every meal, and work your way up to 4-5, depending on how her system responds.

      To give her immediate relief, mix two cloves freshly crushed/minced garlic into something tepid to eat, and give her a glass of baking soda water with it. That will buffer it in her stomach and raise her urine pH, which discourages UTI pathogens.

  138. This article has so much information on several different treatments and preventions, based on what is causing the UTI…D-Mannose, InterFase Plus, Biofilm Defense, Lauricidin, Nattokinase, lactoferrin. Since I have had chronic UTIs from the age of 12, I would love to try some of these, to see if it helps with prevention, if nothing else. However, I am not sure what to take because the information is a bit overwhelming. I would love to never have another UTI or bladder infection. Help?

    • Hey, Patricia! (Just to start at the most obvious place) Have you tried adjusting your diet at all as a preventative measure? That’s really the first and most important step to long term prevention. No sugar, alcohol, dairy, wheat, etcetera is necessary to bring inflammation down and to also recolonize your body’s natural healthy flora and strengthen your immune system. There is a good chance you will need to do long-term anti-yeast/anti-parasite/anti-microbe cleanse as well as a very low-inflammation diet. Something is clearly stressing out your immune system chronically since it is not able to keep you free of acute infection. Typically that is an invasion or underlying chronic infection such as parasites, bad bacteria, Lyme Disease, etc. I am happy to keep chatting with you about this, it took me several years to figure out why I was so susceptible to UTIs. None of Chris’s recommendations were able to ultimately address the root of my chronic/recurring UTI’s though they are great recommendations. You have to get to WHY your immune system is under-functioning in order to truly stop them from recurring. Hope that makes sense!

  139. I see posts pertaining to the combination of olive leaf extract, cayenne and garlic but nothing in the original article. What is the suggested process to insert into diet for preventative measures?

    • Because the original article was written by Kresser, and the comments you’re referring to are by me, a plain old commenter.
      I struggled with an antibiotic-resistant infection and found out a lot of things the hard way. When I finally cured it, I wanted to share what worked and did so here, because I’d stumbled across it while looking for new ideas. I figured it would be a good place to post the information.

      You need to get either Swanson Super Strength, or Vitacost OLE capsules, and activated charcoal. The OLE will kill any Candida in your gut before it gets to your bladder, and you’ll be sick with Candida die-off symptoms unless you take charcoal 2 hours after every OLE dose.
      You start off taking 1-2 capsules OLE, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, and 1 minced clove of raw garlic with every meal. You can mix the cayenne into a spoonful of honey, and don’t mix the garlic into anything heated. You can swallow the little pieces with water, like pills. Take about 4 charcoal capsules 2 hours later, with a big glass of water.
      If you have a tendency to constipation, do NOT take charcoal until your bowels are moving freely, which generally starts the day after starting OLE.
      Alternate the supplements and charcoal as described, no eating between meals, and no eating within 2 hours before or after taking the charcoal. Drink plenty of water: charcoal needs water to work.
      Gradually build up till you’re taking 3 of the Swanson or 4 of the Vitacost capsules per meal, and when all die-off symptoms stop, start taking one more dose of the same strength right before bedtime.
      Monitor your infection with test strips: they’re cheap and plentiful on Amazon. When all your symptoms are gone and the tests have been clear for 3-5 mornings in a row (use your judgment) start tapering down on the OLE, cayenne, and garlic until you’re just taking 2 OLE per day as general health maintenance.
      You should also do the coconut oil vaginal suppositories I commented about, to prevent future infections from that source.

  140. Do you have a book that discusses all of these types of comments listed above for prevention and treatment of UTI? If so what is it?

  141. Hi… I’m from Asia. And like them, I also have frequent utis since menopausal period last year. I had anti-biotics but it would keep coming back. Right now, I have mild uti since I have it only in the morning. Once I drank plenty of water, it would clear until night time. What’s the best remedy for this? thank you very much.

  142. I followed Dr. Chris’s advise and purchased pure D-Manoose tablets. Immediately I felt better and I was so proud of myself in finding a holistic approach to deal with UTI infections..UNFORTUNATELY, the D-Manoose only MASKED the symptom. I ended up with a serious UTI infection that lead into the functioning of my kidneys. I really HATE scams when you put people’s lives at risk. SHAME ON YOU DR. CHRIS!

    • This is an absurd comment. If you know the science behind how DMannose works it does nothing to ‘mask’ the effects of anything. It’s now recommended by Urologists and clinical trials have seen it effectively treat UTI’s caused by E.Coli. Many people are now effectively treating UTI’s caused by E.Coli with Dmannose. The chances are you had another type of bacteria that caused your infection. Shame on you for directing your frustration at a very informative blog that has helped a lot of people.

    • I have no affiliation with Dr Kessler nor any company that may produce D-Mannose but can confirm D-Mannose worked without a doubt to rid me of a urinary tract infection. As with other natural type of remedies I wonder if the nutrients in your diet or lack of them can affect the efficiency of D-Mannose to an individual?

    • I have taken Dmanose twice for a bladder infection along with cranberry pills and sugar free cranberry juice. I was totally healed. The last time my infection was a bit stubborn. When I stopped the Dmannose and cranberry, I could feel discomfort. I just continued with the treatment and extra week and I was fine.

    • I had recurring UTI’s for years until I turned to holistic medicine. I have not had one UTI in over 20 years. D-Mannose does not mask anything! It has changed the lives of many of my friends who constantly felt the tinge of an infection brewing. Once they starting taking it all symptoms disappeared and urinalysis was negative. You must have had another bacteria along with E-coli. The D-mannose was soothing to the tract and eliminated the one bacteria – the less popular bacteria then emerged.

  143. Bekah, just wanted to thank you for your protocol for curing UTI’s. I have struggled with them for years, and particularly the past year, after I have intercourse, no matter how many precautions I take. Not even D mannose seemed to help (and caused me terrible distress in my stomach/intestines to boot!!). This has been so damaging to my physical and mental health, as well as my intimate relationship with my partner. However, your recommended combination of olive leaf extract, cayenne and garlic (I used capsules as the raw garlic also caused digestive issues) has finally kicked the remainder of my last infection, which just seemed to linger for months. Happily some of my ongoing vaginal yeast issues seem to have cleared, and I feel like I have more vitality and mental clarity…the OLE is amazing!

    I’m incredibly grateful to you for sharing this protocol, and continuing to help people in need on this site. I’ve searched for help for so many years that I had all but given up after my D mannose experiments! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

    • I’m so glad!
      I have something to clear up the vaginal issue for good, too; I send this to all the ladies who e-mail me…

      Coconut oil vaginal suppositories: Take 1 heaping tablespoon of (plain old regular) coconut oil at room temp and drop it into a small Ziploc bag, or a square of plastic wrap. Roll into a cylinder shape inside that plastic, and pop it into the fridge or freezer.
      At bedtime, insert your magic bullet well up in there so it doesn’t try to slide right back out, wear a pad and sleep on your side. In the morning, you’ll see a colored discharge if you had anything up there that shouldn’t be. It looks like mucus when you’re sick, varying shades of yellow/green. That’s dead germs.

      Do that every night until the morning discharge has been clear for 3 days, then do it once a week for a month, and then twice a month as regular preventive maintenance. No more vaginal infections of any sort, ever.

      For anyone with a current yeast infection: Add 1/2 tsp ginger and 1/4 tsp turmeric to the coconut oil in a small bowl, allow to steep in a warm place, like inside the oven with the light on, for 3-4 hours. Then stir and pour into the Ziploc bag so the liquified oil is lying along the bottom seam of the bag in a cylinder, and place on the freezer shelf so it stays in that shape. Be aware that turmeric is a lovely golden dye, so you want to wear old sweats as well as a pad, and sleep on an old towel just to be safe. This will tingle strongly when it begins to melt and work, but that subsides within a few minutes, and so does itching and pain. Do that every night till it doesn’t tingle at all when applied, then go to the 2x a month prevention treatment with plain coconut oil.

  144. Hello again! I just want to Thank You for the advice on my elderly mom it helped so much. Hospice took a urine sample and didn’t see hardly no infection, two I think. But the good news No Antibiotics Needed!!!!! I was very surprised. I never thought garlic, Cayenne pepper, a.c vinger, D-Mannose, and olive leaf extract would help.

  145. Hi
    A few days ago, I had the typical symptoms of a UTI…burning sensation when urinating, tainted pink pee, and needing the bathroom constantly. I began to drink lots of water and took dr rydlands immune formula. by the next morning, I was 90% better. I started taking 4000mg of D-Mannose daily. After 2 days, I began feeling a bit of the burning sensation again and tested myself with the Azo uti home test strips. First time I tested positive on the Wb and negative on nitrites. next day tested positive on both. Went to the gyno and tested negative on everything on their strip 2x. The dr manually checked my bladder and couldn’t detect anything. Not sure what to do at this point? I have minor irritation at this point and continuing to drink d-mannose.

    • You have an E. coli infection that’s being kept in check to the point that you will only test positive first thing in the morning.
      Nitrites are typically only seen in the first urine of the day, unless the infection is full-blown, and when the infection is being fought hard you’ll only see leukocytes in the first test, too.
      That doesn’t mean it’s gone. You need strong OLE like Swanson or Vitacost capsules, raw garlic, and cayenne pepper to kill the bacteria as well as flush it out with the D-Mannose.

  146. hi

    i have been getting 6 uti,s in the last 2 months, i used many kinds of antibiotics and they went away, but they kept coming back, it was just recently that i discovered that the spermicide that i have been using as a contraceptive is the cause of it coming back over and over again, but the first time i go it was because i didn,t pee after sex and stuff. i have been drinking cranberry and taking cranberry pills, can you please recommend me something that i can by on top of this to preventing of coming back? The fact that i suspended the use of the spermicide will stop them from coming back? And the fact that i have got so many in a short period of time those it make me someone that will get a UTI very easily?

    i just want to take care of my self and prevent this from happening again

    Thank you.

    • Yes, this will keep recurring on you until you destroy the pathogens living in your gut and vagina that are re-infecting you.
      You need to take a course of caprylic acid, OLE, and activated charcoal to clear your gut of Candida and other pathogens, and also do some overnight vaginal suppositories with frozen coconut oil to kill any pathogens camping out in your lady parts.
      Plain coconut oil is fine, just put a tablespoon of it in a small Ziploc bag, form it into a cylinder and put it in the freezer. Before bed, insert well up in there, wear a pad, and sleep on your side. (Expect colored discharge in the morning if a large amount of germs are killed)
      Do that every night for 5 days straight before further activity, then one treatment twice a month as regular maintenance.

      Take the caprylic acid and OLE with meals (2 each), and the charcoal (5 capsules) 2 hours afterward to clear your gut. Don’t eat between meals, and keep them two hours before and after taking charcoal. Drink lots of water.
      Expect some headaches, nausea, and diarrhea until the Candida is all dead; charcoal will mitigate those.

      Start taking probiotics after all of your Candida die-off symptoms stop.

  147. Hi Becka!
    You’re so awesomely helpful. Thank you. I’ve ordered the OLE and charcoal to start ASAP. I also ordered d-mannose because I don’t know what kind of infection i have, because when i went to the Dr nothing showed up. It’s been on and off for 4.5 YEARS. It started when we were living in a moldy apartment for 6 months and from using spermicide for several years (once we realized it was moldy we left immediately- that hour! And I now use contragel instead of the horrible spermicides).
    Is there anything else I should add in because of the longevity I’ve had it, and/or because of the mold? I
    Thanks so much,

    • Nothing shows up in your UTI tests when you have symptoms? Or you feel like it’s always there but it doesn’t show up on a test?

      The OLE and charcoal are going to go a LONG way toward cleansing your gut and your blood; just getting rid of Candida is a huge leap forward in your overall health. This issue may clear up just with a complete course of that, alternating them as I described before and gradually building up till you’re taking around 1500 mg of oleuropein (OLE’s active ingredient) per day, and all the Candida die-off symptoms have been gone for about 5 days. This takes a different length of time for everyone, and can take anywhere from a week to a month, or longer, in extreme cases.
      Most people begin feeling much, much better in a week.

      For maximum pathogen-killing impact, you want to take several different types of antibiotic/fungal/viral agents.
      OLE is a phenolic type; cayenne, ginger, and turmeric are terpenes, and raw garlic and horseradish are organosulphurs.
      Because of it’s safety and efficacy, you want to use OLE as your backbone, but you want to incorporate some doses of terpene-type and organosulphur-type things every day, as well.

      This would look like:
      On waking: 12 oz water with 1 tsp lemon juice

      Breakfast: (no sweets or fruit juice, eat protein) Take 2 (Vitacost or Swanson) OLE capsules, 2 capsules horseradish, or 1/2 tsp grated horseradish taken however you can, and 8 oz ginger tea.
      (1 tsp powdered ginger stirred into steaming hot water, steep 10 minutes. Pour off into mug, stir in a little honey and a squeeze of lemon.)

      2 hours later: 4 capsules activated charcoal with 12 oz water

      Lunch: (avoid starch) 2 OLE capsules, 2 cayenne pepper capsules (1/2 tsp baking soda in 8 oz water will prevent any stomach upset from cayenne)

      2 hours later: 4 capsules activated charcoal with 12 oz water

      Dinner: (avoid starch, alcohol, and dessert) 2 OLE capsules, 2 cloves raw garlic, minced and pieces swallowed with water, like pills, do NOT mix into food.

      2 hours later: 4 charcoal capsules, with 12 oz water

      Bedtime: 2 capsules OLE, 2 capsules cayenne, 12 oz water with 3/4 tsp baking soda in it.

      Do not eat between meals. Drink 8 oz of water (with lemon juice in it) every waking hour. If you wake in the middle of the night to pee, take 4 more charcoal capsules and 12 oz water before going back to bed.

      Gradually increase the OLE dosage until you’re taking around 300-400 mg of oleuropein per dose.

      This regimen will cure what ails you, clearing the gut, blood, and organs of pathogens.

      Pay attention to how your body responds; the terpenoids are most effective against gram-negative infections, and the organosulphurs are most effective against gram-positive infections. OLE works against both, but you use the others as adjuncts according to which kind of infection you have. Adjust what you take and how often accordingly.

  148. The citations for biofilm enzymes 7 and 8 are broken. Can you please re-update this citation?

    I am particularly curious if there is any evidence that ingested enzymes actually make it to the urine in any measurable amount. I would think these would get broken down into amino acids in the digestive system since enzymes are just proteins. Thanks.

    • So glad to have found this webpage. At least I don’t feel I’m the only one suffering now. I’m prone to UTiS that hang around. Current one started about 6 weeks ago. Infection showed up in urine so did a course of keflex then some other antibios. No infection showing up in urine test after antibiotics. But symptoms remain – basically feel like I need to still go to loo as soon as I’ve been to loo. Was sent for a renal ultrasound today but thankfully nothing found. However doesn’t help the fact I have this continuing discomfort. Many years ago I used Chinese herbal tincture which worked. Would love your advice this time.

  149. I get frequent UTIs and I have finally found a good natural regimen that works for me. Lots and lots of water and non-caffeinated teas. Lemongrass essential oil: add one drop to coconut oil as a carrier and apply over bladder and (yes) over urethra. OTC cranberry pills and plenty of vitamin C. I haven’t had to use antibiotics for UTIs in over a year! 🙂

  150. Hi
    My son has special needs and he self catheterises several times a day. He’s had many uti and is already becoming resistant to many antibiotics. I don’t want him to be on antibiotics all the time and I am looking for a natural way of preventing uti. He drinks cranberry juice daily and coconut water. I’m desperately scared for his future and if you can recommend anything I would be very grateful

  151. Bekah,
    This article and your responses to the people are so wonderful. This is the only place I’ve found some hope so far. I’m 38 and this is my first UTI. I’ve had it for almost 2 weeks. It started fast and moved into my kidneys within a day or two of the first symptoms. I couldn’t even hold my babies on my hips due to the kidney discomfort. I’ve been able to move it down out of there but it’s hanging on for dear life in my tract. I’ve done everything mentioned here except for the biofilm stuff. I’ve been juicing or vitamixing garlic and ginger for over a week now several times a day. I’m using colloidal silver every few hours
    (which really seemed to help lessen the severity). I’m mostly eating alkalizing foods and drinking 5 quarts of lemon water each day. Yesterday I got OLE, but I bought the NOW brand with 18% and am wondering if that one is okay. I started with one pill, then two today, and I feel zero die off symptoms. I’ve been doing herbal teas that are mixed myself as well and nothing seems to be getting rid of it. I’m beginning to feel really defeated and don’t know how long it’s okay to let this fester. Is it normal to go on so long with all these measures in place? Thank you so much for any help you can give! It’s truly appreciated.

    • I haven’t tried NOW brand, but one or two a day even with the good kind isn’t going to give you noticeable die-off.
      You need to take two per meal (they’re 500 mg?), and by the end of the first day you do that, you’ll be feeling something, unless NOW is useless. You want to work your way up to 1200-1600 mg of oleuropein per day, depending on the severity of your infection. That’s mg of *oleuropein*, not total mg of OLE.
      There’s 90 mg of oleuropein in a 500 mg capsule of OLE, at 18% oleuropein, for example.

      Have you tried cayenne pepper, yet? It helps against gram negative infections like E. coli and Klebsiella, the ones that produce nitrites on a test strip. 1/4 tsp mixed into a spoonful of honey.
      Keep taking everything you’re taking that helps, and step up the OLE.
      I’m guessing you have a Candida overgrowth that’s running defense for your UTI; it buffers the effect of what you’re taking to kill the UTI. You’ll know once you increase your OLE intake, because you’ll feel like death.
      Headache, nausea, diarrhea…that’s why you need activated charcoal.

  152. I have been taking olive leaf extract, cayenne pepper and charcoal for over 6 weeks now, to treat a proteus infection. I was getting significant relief, altho I could never cut back to a maintenance dose, without symptoms returning. Now am having recurring episodes of dizziness/lightheadedness, flank pain and occasional nausea with or without vomiting. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or need to add?

    • Everything except the flank pain sounds like a blood pressure issue.
      What brand of OLE are you using, and how much are you taking of that and the cayenne? The charcoal is just to get you through the Candida die-off period: do you still have die-off symptoms after all this time? Nausea and vomiting can be die-off, but not dizziness/lightheadedness. Those 4 combined sound like your BP is too low.
      Can you test it?
      Have you used a UTI test to measure how strong your infection still is?
      The best combo for a gram negative infection is OLE, raw garlic, and cayenne, along with keeping your pH up with lemon water and avoiding all forms of sugar/starch and alcohol.

      • Thanks for your ideas, Bekah. I normally have very high blood pressure, and take 3 medicines for it. I do have a cuff here, and will check out my bp. I will also add raw garlic, and stop the charcoal and grapefruit extract. Test strips are showing low level infection.
        BTW, I am 5 days into a round of doxycycline (for sinus infection), and yesterday suddenly had a full throttled return to uti symptoms. Couldn’t believe it! Am wondering if doxycycline is interfering with the supplements.

        • Ohhh, there’s your problem, most likely.

          OLE naturally lowers elevated BP, so combined with prescription medications for it, it sounds like you’re lowering your BP too much.
          I would cut back on the BP meds while you’re on OLE. Monitor yourself several times a day and if it drops too low, drink a glass of baking soda water and get moving! OLE restores proper BP, so when you take that and then take meds that lower your BP, you get into dangerous territory.
          OLE won’t lower your BP too much by itself; I have naturally low BP (105/68, typically) and I can be on high doses of OLE for a prolonged period and my BP doesn’t drop.

      • Hi again, Bekah.

        I responded to your helpful comments, then realized I didn’t answer half your questions! I am taking Vitacost olive leaf, 3 caps two times a day. Also taking Swanson cayenne, 2 caps 2 or 3 times a day. I have tried slowly tapering off, to a maintenance dose several times, only to have symptoms start up again.

        I will work on the sugar/starch connection. Makes sense, but oh so hard!

        • You need to take about 3x the OLE you’re taking now to get a an infection-killing dose.
          The bladder is the last stop in your system and OLE is working the whole way there (it kills pathogens in your intestines and then everywhere in your body as your blood circulates), so what ends up in your bladder are the dregs, as it were. It doesn’t reach full strength in your bladder until all the other infections you’re dealing with are killed off. The OLE will kill your sinus infection all by itself, quickly, if you increase your dosage. You want to take 3 *per meal* today, and build up over the next few days till you’re taking 4 per meal and 4 at bedtime. That will punch through the rest of your Candida, clear up the sinus infection, and land in your bladder like a ton of brick on that UTI.
          Take the cayenne with every meal, too, and a clove of garlic helps a lot. Mince it and swallow the pieces with water, mid-meal.
          What you’re doing now is taking just enough to keep it sort of in check; you need to take a baseball bat to it and keep going till you’ve been completely symptom-free and testing clear for 3 full days before you begin to taper down, at all.

          • Thanks, Bekah. This is all very interesting information. I think I once read that urinary and sinus are on the same meridian? Any thoughts on whether or not I should finish the doxycycline?

            • If you’ve cleared out your Candida, you can take large doses of OLE (4 capsules at a time) 4x a day and punch that sinus infection down in less than 24 hours. Raw garlic with every meal will have a significant impact, too.
              Honestly, with those 2, you don’t need any antibiotics. You can feel the infection getting better with every dose of OLE and garlic: it’s amazing.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if you have some lingering Candida, though, because at 3 capsules twice a day, I doubt the oleuropein got far enough through your intestines to clear it out. There’s probably still some of it in your lower intestines, and the antibiotics gave it a boost. Candida overgrowth exacerbates the symptoms of a UTI, somehow.
              I noticed that with my infection; when I killed off Candida, I had almost no UTI symptoms even while tests showed the infection was still very much present.

              You’ll know by the end of the day, if you still have Candida. Keep the charcoal handy so you can take some if the die-off gets bad.

          • Bekah,

            I have an almost 6 year old child who has recurrent sinus issues. Is it safe to give OLE to a child this age? What dose would you recommend – for both active infection and maintenance purposes?

            Thanks so much for your help. It is truly appreciated.

            • Yes! OLE is totally safe and non-toxic: I give it to my children all the time, including the 4 yr old. You can kill an active infection in a young child with just two Vitacost capsules a day: that’s 90 mg of oleuropein (the active ingredient in OLE) per capsule.
              A few weeks before my youngest turned 4, she had a persistent cold and woke up one morning saying her left ear hurt, and she sat listlessly on the couch. I hid the contents of one capsule some cottage cheese (burying a little of the powder in a bite of it, and working our way through the whole capsule a bit at a time: I think it took 8 spoonfuls) and she took it all and sat back down on the couch. 45 minutes later, she got up and started playing with Legos. 15 minutes after that, she was running around the room with her 5 yr old brother, singing. She was totally normal the rest of the day, and the cold was gone. I gave her another capsule before bed to be sure.

              So open a capsule of OLE and hide it in bites of food that isn’t hot, and keep going till you’ve got a whole capsule in him.

              For daily maintenance to prevent colds, I’d probably hide 1/4 of a capsule in a spoonful of honey. No more colds, flu, or infections. 🙂

          • Bekah,

            I have an almost 6 year old child who has recurrent problems with sinuses. Is it safe to give OLE to a child this age? What dose would you recommend – for active infection and maintenance?

            Thanks so much for your help.

            It is truly appreciated.

  153. I get UTI’s occasionally usually with intercourse. I have one right now. I always go to my family doctor for an antibiotic, however, I now have GI issues and avoid antibiotics. I have been diagnosed with Fructose malabsorption so I am on a FODMAP diet. This means I must watch my fructose intake. I’d like to try taking D-Mannose but I’m worried it has fructose. If it has fructose and glucose as long as the glucose levels are higher than the fructose levels I can take it. Can you tell me if it has fructose and glucose and are the glucose levels higher than the fructose? What is the best method of preventing these infections in the future? I have tried cream of tartar and lemon juice in water and that doesn’t work. It only helps relieve symptoms during a UTI.

  154. Bekah, I really really really want to thank you from all my heart! You saved me!!!
    I am 24 now and I had recurrent UTIs for the last 3 years, since I began the relationship with my actual husband. It was worse in the beginning, I somehow managed to “cure” the infections and go further after some rounds of Cipro and Levofloxacin. I started to wash myself RIGHT AFTER sex, no tender moments and cuddling, nothing, just in order to prevent another infection to come. However, I still had one UTI in 4-5-6 months, antibiotics, loads of water etc.
    I had one UTI in august 2015, I took some Cipro and I was ok until this January. We said it’s ok to start “working” for a baby, so he started finishing inside and I had to stay a little more after sex to improve the chances of getting pregnant. January 28 (a few days after our decision) I had the first UTI. I was at work at the front desk in a hotel and I called my baby to get me some Levofloxacin because I couldn’t stand it and I was waiting lots of clients at the hotel that evening. I couldn’t see me dancind the rain dance in front of them because of my permanent urge to pee :))
    I took the anti-b for 5 days, them 2 weeks I was ok. But it came back even worse one morning, at 4:30 a.m. I couldn’t even go to work that day 🙁 But because I didn’t know if I was pregnant or not, I didn’t take another round of Levo or Cipro. I had some sitz bath, drank a whole lake of water, peed all day long and in the evening I was better. I somehow cured it in some days, but when we had sex it started again. And again, and again. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we had sex, the next day I had a stupid UTI. Washing right after didn’t work anymore.
    March was horror for me, I could barely enjoy everything. D-mannose was truly expensive and didn’t help at all. My results from the lab were E-Coli in the urine. But no, D-mannose didn’t do a thing. I tried almost everything, from sodium bicarbonate and sea salt (blah!!), teas and hundreds of plants, ACV and lemon, some garlic (not enough because I had to go to work and not stink) etc. When I was truly desperate because of my UTI driving me crazy, not improving after 1 whole week, I found your website.
    The next day I bought Olive Leaf extract capsules (it says it has >20% oleuropein) and took about 2000 mg per day, every day. I still had one mild uti some days later (symptoms and urine cleared up in 5-6 hours), but that was the last one. Today I am 13 days UTI free, and we had sex more 7 times since that last crisis.
    I am extremely happy now, but because I feel my pregnancy is realy close to happen, I have to ask you if it is ok to take oleuropein while pregnant. I have to take the maintaining dose in order to stay away of infections. What’s your advice?
    THANK YOU A LOT, again! 🙂

    • Yes, olive leaf extract is completely safe for daily maintenance while pregnant! Unlike antibiotics, which can be dangerous while pregnant.
      Just make sure, whenever you buy some, that you look very closely at the label for the total oleuropein content, per capsule. There’s more poor quality olive leaf out there than good stuff, but you can trust Vitacost OLE capsules, and Swanson Extra Strength OLE capsules. Make sure it says olive leaf extract on the bottle, and lists the amount of oleuropein it has, because lots of companies sell plain ‘olive leaf’ with no oleuropein in it, which is useless.
      Keep taking it, and test yourself to make sure the infection is completely dead.
      Also, you can roll a tablespoon of coconut oil into a bullet shape in a piece of plastic wrap and freeze it to make an overnight vaginal suppository that will keep your lady parts healthy. Insert at bedtime, wear a pad, and sleep on your side.
      Doing that twice a month for a healthy vagina helps prevent future UTI’s. Between that and taking 1500 mg of OLE (15-20% oleuropein) with breakfast and dinner, you can be assured that you won’t get so much as a cold during your pregnancy, much less a UTI or any other infection.

      Also, if you suffer from morning sickness, drink a glass of baking soda immediately upon waking (1/2 tsp soda in 8 oz water) and exercise briskly for 10 minutes. This stops morning sickness in its tracks, and you’ll be able to function normally through that phase in your pregnancy.

      • Dear Becka

        First of all thanks for putting so much effort in helping people who are affected with UTI. 

        I was reading an article and got your email address after reading all the comments and advice you had given to other people. 

        I am 30 year old and since I got married in 2015 I am facing UTI .  I got hit by thrush 4 times in 2015 and 6 UTIs . I just resorted on canestin for my thrush and ciproxin for my UTIs.  

        This year in 2016 I got hit by uti in February I treated it wuth ciproxin 500 mg twice a day for five days symptoms were gone . again in April 2016 I got uti but even after finishing the course it did not go away . I have also been taking D Mannose everyday 2 tablespoons twice a day since Feb 2016 . One in the morning and one in the evening . 

        I am a mother of three children and youngest one is 5 year old with serious learning difficulties . UTIs have literally paralysed my life and I spend most of my time either sitting in the toilet or resting in bed with a hot water bottle . I have become seriously constipated over the last year . After reading your advices I took 4-5 raw garlic cloves with a glass of water with baking soda in it . It stopped the pain altogether and I feel fine now . I did my test at home too and there is no infection right now.  I think the remaining infection  is gone due to garlic intake . But the garlic smell is unbearable and makes me feel sick even after hours of consuming it . I have finally been able to pass a stool with a less discomfort after a long time this morning . 

        Please please help me and suggest how many capsules of leaf extract will be good for me not to have a uti in future as right now I don’t have a uti . Antibiotics and raw garlic helped me this time . I want to get rid of this viscious cycle of getting thrush and UTIs and consuming antibiotics.

        Also I got 3000 mg of garlic capsules from health shop and it’s odourless . Will it be as good as having a raw garlic . 

        Please advice  . I need your help 

        May God protect you and keep you in good health forever . 
        I am posting it here too just incase you don’t get my email.

        Kindest regards 


      • Dear Becka
        since I got married in 2015 I am facing UTI .I got hit by thrush 4 times in 2015 and 6 UTIs . I resorted on canestin for my thrush and ciproxin for my UTIs.  in Feb 2016 I got hit by uti I treated it with ciproxin 500 mg twice a day for 5 days symptoms were gone . again in April 2016 I got uti but even after finishing the course it did not go away . I have also been taking D Mannose everyday 2 tablespoons twice a day since Feb 2016 . One in the morning and 1 in evenING. I have a 5 year old with serious learning difficulties . UTIs have literally paralysed my life and I spend most of my time either sitting in the toilet or resting in bed with a hot water bottle . I have become seriously constipated over the last year . After reading your advices I took 4-5 raw garlic cloves with a glass of water with baking soda in it . It stopped the pain altogether and I feel fine now . I did my test at home too and there is no infection right now.  I think the remaining infection  is gone due to garlic intake . But the garlic smell is unbearable and makes me feel sick even after hours of consuming it Please suggest how many capsules of leaf extract will be good for me not to have a uti in future as right now I don’t have a uti . Antibiotics and raw garlic helped me this time . I want to get rid of this viscious cycle of getting thrush and UTIs and consuming antibiotics.Also I got 3000 mg of garlic capsules from health shop and it’s odourless . Will it be as good as having a raw garlic . 
        Please advice. I have emailed you a well . Kindest regards

        • Wow, I got your e-mail yesterday morning, but I only just got the e-mail notification for this comment. I’m glad you e-mailed me!

          Ladies, if you want to ask a quick question, e-mail me. The comment system takes a while to go through, sometimes.

  155. Hello, my name is Kris and I take care of my elderly mom with dementia also. She cries out a lot but we don’t know what’s going on because she can’t tell us. I have been reading everyone conversations, and got 2 cloves of garlic, asparagus, Cayenne pepper, and table spoon of A.C vinger. Blended with little water and mix it in her mash potatoes. She is resting more, peace and Thank God! No more crying. I had a feeling she had a uti but hospice wanted me to give more pain meds. I just want to know how long to do this? Or should I add something else? Help me keep her comfortable please.

    • It’s probably the raw garlic giving her the most relief, that and olive leaf extract are the best broad-spectrum natural antibacterial agents.
      Get some Swanson Extra Strength or Vitacost olive leaf extract capsules and open one of them into her food every time she eats. She’ll probably have some yeast die-off (diarrhea) at first, but her overall condition will improve immensely when you kill the Candida, and she’ll stop getting recurring UTI’s. OLE kills the pathogens in the gut that end up causing UTI’s, and also kills current bladder infections.

      • I had to order that swanson olive leaf extract they do not sell it here. I looked everywhere. Does it have to be those brands? They try to sell me seagate brand.

        • Hi, I’m sorry I only just saw this!
          I don’t know about seagate, but I do know that Swanson Super strength and Vitacost OLE capsules work, because I’ve used the Vitacost and a number of people I’ve helped have used the Swanson. Lots and lots of other kinds are poor quality/low oleuropein, so you have to look carefully at the labels.

    • You want high-quality olive leaf extract, like Swanson Extra Strength with 20% oleuropein, or Vitacost olive leaf extract capsules with 18% oleuropein. Here’s a study on oleuropein..’s a powerful antibacterial/fungal/viral agent. You’ll also need some activated charcoal to alternate with it, because oleuropein kills Candida, and when it does, the die-off toxins released give you headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. Charcoal soaks those toxins up, limiting their deleterious effect on you. Take olive leaf extract with food, and charcoal 2 hours later, with nothing but water. Do not eat between meals, and drink lots of water.

  156. Can this refining be done while taking antibiotics? I have recurring uti that has turned into kidney infection . I will getting the herbs and charcoal tomorro I do need help

  157. Hi!

    Apologies if this has already been covered but I’m at my wits end. 26 and recently started with a new partner 10 months ago. Since then I’ve had recurrent cystitis approximately 7 times. Both of us have been tested so it’s nothing like that but always after sex.
    My most recent culture had enterococcus bacteria now resistant to trimethoprim. They always get better with nitrofuratonin so they do respond to antibiotics but predictably Dmannose does nothing because it’s not ecoli.
    I’m now on nitro prophylaxis but would rather not! Any ideas? Is it worth trying the intraphase or biofilm defence? I’m literally struggling with anything at this point, being intimate, coffee, alcohol. I’m scared to do anything!
    I don’t want to make anything worse but not sure what to try? I need something that’s going to prevent it so that I’m not worried constantly! Is it that the first infection never really cleared up and it’s just reinfection?
    It’s worth mentioning maybe that occasionally my partner has had the odd experience after sex of needing to urinate but can’t, much like symptoms of a UTI.

  158. This article has really helped me! I wasn’t so keen on taking Antibiotics to treat my symptoms. I used this supplement Zahlers UTI Revolution which contains a great blend of different ingredients to prevent and combat UTI’s. This product has literally saved my life!! Try if for yourself and see. Whoever I recommended this to hasn’t been let down.

  159. I have had on and off UTIs since surgery about 10 years ago. I can only assume I picked up some resistant drug in the hospital. I have had antibiotics numerous times and although they seem to work, they only seem to keep the bacteria at bay. It is my feeling that they just linger waiting for me to allow myself to get dehydrated or for my immune system to be taxed in some way and then BANG another UTI. This last time I said, no more antibiotics and I had been treating with baking soda, lemon juice and water concoction which works as a temporary measure but does not seem to clear it up. I read you forum here before the latest infection and read about the grapefruit seed extract. (I have been told in the past my infection is not E. Coli) I bought some and it seems to be working, though when I take it, it seems to get worse before getting better. (there was also a strong smell of bread – which I assume is yeast in my urine) My question. Should I be taking the Olive Leaf too, or stick with just the grapefruit seed, and for how long? BTW after 5 days, urine is completely clear, but I am still taking it.

    • You NEED olive leaf! It and raw garlic are nature’s broad-spectrum antibiotics; nothing else really holds a candle to them when it comes to pure pathogen-killing power. GFSE can be a useful adjunct, but it won’t kill an infection by itself, not even close.
      Olive leaf also kills yeast like a boss; it’ll take care of all that for you. Get Vitacost, Nature’s Way, Solaray, or Swanson Extra Strength.
      Do NOT buy Gaia, Herbal Factors, Nature’s Plus, or anything else that doesn’t have at least 15% oleuropein, olive leaf’s active ingredient.
      Build up from one olive leaf per meal to 4, over the course of about 5 days. You’ll likely have yeast die-off, for which you can take activated charcoal in between doses of olive leaf. Take olive leaf until all your die-off and UTI symptoms are gone, then use a home test strip. Keep going with 4 (500 mg) olive leaf capsules per meal, and 2-4 before bed until the home test has been clear every morning for 3 days, then begin to slowly taper back down like you built up.
      Take 1000 mg of olive leaf with dinner every day as preventive maintenance; it’s the best thing you can do for your overall health, as well.

      • I was so excited to find this conversation! This means the world to me. I have suffered so much. I can only get loose leaf olive leaf from pacific botanicals right now. I hope that is good enough?

        • The important part is the oleuropein content; that’s the active ingredient in olive leaf. It should be labeled “olive leaf extract” and it should tell you the percentage of oleuropein it contains.
          You want between 15-20%. Plain olive leaf with no oleuropein content listed is completely useless. Gaia is one of those useless brands, and Nature’s Way sells both useless olive leaf, and good olive leaf extract; you MUST read the label closely.
          If in doubt, e-mail me pics of the label at [email protected] and I’ll check it out.

  160. Hi there ,
    My mom has urine infection problem since 8years it comes and goes every six months or so. Every time she gets episodes of UTIs Dr give her antibiotics and it does work for the time being but the problem comes back after couple of months. Please recommend something she is suffering alot. Many thanks.

  161. Hello Everyone,

    If someone can help me please!! I started feeling the symptoms of a UTI again and took Bactrim that I had and while I was on my 8th day it gave me a severe allergic reaction, so I had to stop it. Usually the UTI that I get is (klebsiella) and my symptoms are the urgency and weird sensation in my bladder, also some back right kidney pain. After I had to stop the antibiotics I was still feeling some of the symptoms, so I found this website and I bought from Amazon (OLE 750mg with 20% ole from Vitalite) I have been taking between 6-9 per day and today is almost 2 weeks and some days I feel my symptoms improve a little, but since last night I feel as if my symptoms have gotten worse. I have also taken some garlic and some turmeric here and there because I can’t tolerate the smell. I don’t know if I have too much candida in my gut from taking antibiotics for many years with the UTI issues. I also started taking The Interfase Plus (maybe since 4 days). Does anyone think something is not right or I should be taking something else. I also went ahead and ordered the cayenne and I should get it in 2 days. Thank you so much evryone.

    • With those capsules, you’re getting 150 mg of oleuropein each, and you want to take around 1200-1500 mg oleuropein per day to kill an infection. It’s also important to make sure you take a whopping dose right before bed, for an entrenched or recurring infection, so it can’t recover overnight.
      You didn’t mention anything about having yeast die-off symptoms during any of this..and when someone doesn’t have that I wonder about the potency of their supplement. Just about everyone has enough yeast in their system to feel like crap when they first take good, strong olive leaf; I was sick as a dog for 36 hours and I’d only ever been on antibiotics once, for a very short time.
      I helped a lady who’d had a Klebsiella infection for 4 yrs; she was cured in a week with a protocol of cayenne, olive leaf, and raw garlic.

      • Omg Bekah, you truly are an angel sent from heaven, I have been reading all of your comments to other people throughout this whole process. I forgot to mention that I have had the die-off symptoms indeed. The first day I took 3 caps at once and I got a horrible headache, I have gotten nausea, I have lost my appetitem. After almost 2 weeks is that I have been able to take 3 caps together and with food to avoid the symptoms. The first week I had to take 2 each time with food. So definitely I should get a different one. Which one in particular would you recommend? I saw one on Amazon from Sawnson that says 500mg and 75mg of oleu.

        • Ahhh..well that’s good then, because it means your olive leaf works!
          What you need to add is activated charcoal; you take it in between olive leaf doses and that soaks up the toxins causing the misery, and voilà! No more yeast die-off symptoms. That way, you can take big doses of olive leaf to crush the yeast AND the UTI, and still live your life. You can keep taking what you have until it’s gone, and Swanson is good (that’s 15% oleuropein) and Vitacost is excellent (18% oleuropein).
          Swanson makes activated charcoal, and you can probably find it at your local store; it’s an old-fashioned remedy for stomach/gut issues, and they use it in ER’s for cases of poisoning. It’s *that* good.

          The key is to take it 2 hours after the olive leaf, and wait 2 more hours before taking the next dose of olive leaf. Eat when you take the olive leaf and fast in between; the charcoal needs to be in your gut with water ONLY. No food, no supplements.
          You need lots of water, drink a big glass of it when you take the charcoal.

          Feel free to e-mail me if you need to get in contact quickly; the comment notification system here is unreliable sometimes.
          [email protected]

          • Thank you so much Bekha. I will keep taking the OLE and I will buy the charcoal. On Friday I will try the cayenne. I hope it works fast.

      • Can we take Olive leaf extract , activated charcoal, baking soda and garlic clove all together?.
        How many times in a day I have to take baking soda with plain water?.
        Can I take baking soda on regular basis without side effects?
        Can I take garlic cloves on regular basis without any side effects?
        What precaution I have to take during this above natural treatment?.
        How cayennne will help to cure UTI?
        Thank Bekah for giving your valuable time for us

        • Do NOT take activated charcoal with anything but water; it will render your supplements ineffective.

          It MUST be taken separately, in the middle of a 4 hour fasting window between meals and supplements. That’s how it adsorbs the yeast toxins but doesn’t interfere with the action of the supplements.
          Eat when you take the olive leaf, garlic, and cayenne, wait two hours and take the charcoal, wait two more hours and then eat again and take your supplements.

          Side effects of garlic: Lower LDL cholesterol, and garlic breath
          After your UTI is dead, don’t take more than 2 cloves per day on a regular basis, so you don’t strain your kidneys on the sulphur. Short periods of higher intake to kill an infection are okay, especially since you’re drinking extra water to flush out your bladder. Raw garlic cleanses your liver, so you’ll probably have soft, dark stools for two days after you start taking it.

          Side effects of olive leaf: lower blood pressure
          Very safe and non-toxic, can be taken daily indefinitely.

          Baking soda: 1/2 tsp in 8 oz of water may be taken safely 3x a day unless you have a problem with sodium/water retention. Those 3x can be taken in fairly rapid succession if you’re trying to reduce severe UTI pain, quickly. Otherwise, save it for after a dose of raw garlic; it softens the impact on your stomach and cures nausea. Also, deodorizes the garlic somewhat.

          For regular daily water drinking, add lemon juice to gently raise your pH and flush your kidneys.

          The capsaicin in cayenne kills many types of UTI pathogens; it seems to be mostly effective against gram negative bacterial strains like E. coli, Klebsiella, and Proteus. It also thins your blood, increases circulation, and kills the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.

          • I am suffering from low blood pressure (100/60) and sometime it is (95/ 55) .
            Is I have to take some extra precaution during this treatment?
            Thanks Bekah,
            Really I don’t have words for express that how kind person you are

            • Baking soda water tends to increase your blood pressure due to the sodium, so those may cancel each other out when it comes to affecting your BP. Also, you should be drinking a lot more water, overall, during a UTI, so that brings your pressure up.

              The fastest way to bring your BP up when it’s dipping that low is to *get moving*. I had a couple of really bad low BP events during one of my pregnancies, and I had to force myself to walk, holding onto things because I was dizzy. I kept walking until it was all better, and then started walking regularly to keep it up. If you’re worried about your BP, do a set of jumping jacks several times a day; get your heart thumping and your blood moving. Drink lots of water, put a dash of baking soda in it 5x a day, and move, move, move! Be proactive about it and you shouldn’t have any problems.

              My pleasure. 🙂

    • Go on the candida diet for at least 2 weeks and take D-Mannose 9 capsules of 500 mg a day. It will work.

  162. hello brother has ms diagnosis but he has some kind of bacteria infecction related disease they just called it MS got uti ath the moment been k for few years just come back now any suggestions

  163. Bekah,
    I have my daughter who is 6 yrs. old that gets UTI’s due to wiping incorrectly at times. She gets embarrassed, and sometimes doesn’t tell me she “hurts” till she has an accident or her behavior becomes increasingly sensitive, that gives me clues something is wrong. She has a history of seeing a Nephrologist for Hydronephrosis. She got the all clear, and now only sees a urologist once a year or for a uti. She does not have consistent UTI’s, only when she is too busy to remember to wipe correctly. My guess this would be an infection of ecoli. What is your recommendation for her? I know you you possibly can’t give dosages for children, but I can assume a half dose from an adults. I am thinking of D-mannose.

    • You need even less than half an adult’s dose, thankfully!
      D-mannose will help if she has E. coli, but the best thing would be to get olive leaf extract with 15-20% oleuropein, and give that to her a few times a day. If you can find 250 mg ones at your local health food store, just open one into 4 oz of water, stir, and give that to her 3x a day. That will kill her infection really fast; if you get UTI test strips at a drug store you can test her and watch the levels drop. Keep giving it 3x a day till she’s tested clear for 3 days, then give it twice a day for 5 days, then every night before bed on a regular basis. It will also prevent many childhood illnesses.

  164. Hi, I have read several of your feedback and I haven’t been able to find any reference to how to use InterFase Plus. Do you use it in conjuction with other methods? I bought it but don’t know what to do. I have gram positive bacteria, that’s all my urine culture says, I have tried
    cranberry and dmannose
    baking soda and cranberry
    raw garlic and cranberry
    oregano oil, cranberry,
    Thank you for all your feedback

    • Cranberry and d-mannose ONLY help with one type of gram-negative bacteria, they have *zero* effect on gram positive bacteria, so you might as well stop taking them.
      For gram positive bacteria, your best weapons are olive leaf extract and raw garlic.
      Vitacost brand olive leaf is my favorite; it’s 18% oleuropein, 500 mg..
      It will kill your infection, but it also kills any yeast you have in your intestines, so you’ll need activated charcoal to help you deal with that. Alternate them so they’re two hours apart each time, and eat when you take the olive leaf and do NOT eat between meals. Drink lots of water with some lemon juice squeezed into it, and make sure to drink a large glass of water when you take charcoal (2 capsules) and another large glass half an hour later.

        • Take the olive leaf/raw garlic/cayenne alternated with charcoal until all the yeast die-off and UTI symptoms are gone, then test with home UTI test strips. Continue full regimen of everything (except the charcoal, that’s only for yeast die-off) for 3 full days after the symptoms are gone and the test is clear, then begin to slowly taper down over the course of a week, to a preventive maintenance level of 2 olive leaf capsules with dinner, daily.

  165. I have had recurring UTI’s most of my adult life. My last one was in Aug 2015. I try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible so when I found this article, I figured it was worth a try. I started with the D-Mannose and took it every 2-3 hours as recommended and with pure cranberry juice. After about a week my symptoms hadn’t improved so I gave Lauricidin a try. Well wouldn’t you know, after a couple day