Three Reasons Why Your Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working


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In the last post I explained that, for the vast majority of patients, hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease. This isn’t just an academic distinction. It’s the reason both conventional and alternative treatments are so often ineffective.

In this post I’m going to show you why taking replacement thyroid hormones without addressing the underlying immune imbalance is doomed to fail.

The ultimate effect of hypothyroidism, whether it’s caused by iodine deficiency or autoimmunity, is to decrease the amount of thyroid hormone available to the body. The conventional approach is to simply replace these hormones with either synthetic or bio-identical forms.

On the surface it seems like a reasonable approach. Patient doesn’t have enough hormones? Give more hormones. Simple, right?

Not so much.

Once again the conventional approach falls short because it ignores the underlying cause of the problem. It’s like taking Advil when you’ve got a pebble stuck in your shoe. It might work for a little while, and might even be necessary to dull the pain. But you’d be a lot better off if you took the pebble out of your shoe. Right?

Let’s take a closer look at why thyroid hormones often don’t work, or stop working over time. The following diagram illustrates how autoimmunity affects thyroid metabolism:


Immune dysregulation is another term for autoimmune disease. We still don’t know exactly what causes it, but most researchers agree it’s a mixture of genetic susceptibility and environmental factors such as iodine (excess), infection, pregnancy, diet and intestinal permeability.

In autoimmune disease the body attacks itself. It does this the same way it attacks foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses: with T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells, and cytotoxic T cells. The immune response also involves proteins called cytokines, chemical messengers that pass messages between cells.

This self-attack by the immune system increases inflammation. And inflammation has a profound effect on all aspects of thyroid metabolism and physiology.

First, inflammation suppresses the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis. One study showed a single injection of the inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha reduced blood levels of TSH, T3, free T4, free T3 and TRH for 5 days. This shows inflammation disrupts the production and regulatory mechanisms of thyroid hormones. Thyroid medication will increase the levels of T4 (and possibly T3), but it doesn’t address the other effects of HPT axis suppression.

Second, inflammation decreases both the number and sensitivity of thyroid hormone receptors. If there aren’t enough receptors, or they aren’t sensitive enough, it doesn’t matter how much thyroid medication we take. The cells won’t be able to use it. It’s like when my grandpa used to turn down his hearing aids while he was watching the football game. It didn’t matter how much my grandma yelled at him – he couldn’t hear a word she said.

Third, inflammation decreases the conversion of T4 to T3. T4 is the inactive form of thyroid hormone. The body has to convert it to the active T3 form before it can be used. Most synthetic hormone medications on the market are T4. If you give a T4 medication (like Synthroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid, etc.) to someone with inflammation, it’s not going to work because they can’t convert the T4 to T3.

Patients who don’t convert T4 to T3 well do better on bio-identical hormones like Armour, because it contains both T4 and T3 (in a 4.22:1 ratio).

Inflammation disrupts thyroid metabolism in several other ways, but I think these three examples make the point.

Now let’s review.

Inflammation causes HPT axis disruption, decreased receptor function, and decreased conversion of T4 to T3. Thyroid medication only increases the levels of thyroid hormone (usually T4) in the blood. No matter how much we take, it’s not going to restore HPT axis coordination, improve receptor function, or increase conversion of T4 to T3.

The only way to do that is to address the problem at its root by regulating the immune system and decreasing inflammation. Unfortunately, this is rarely done in either conventional or alternative treatment of thyroid disorders.

Before I sign off, I just want to make one thing clear. I’m not saying thyroid medication isn’t necessary or useful. In fact, I think it’s an important part of treating Hashimoto’s – especially when TSH is consistently elevated and T4 and T3 are consistently low. My point is thyroid medication is only one piece of the puzzle, and it won’t be effective on its own unless the autoimmunity and inflammation are addressed.

If thyroid medication is the fantasy magic bullet of conventional medicine, iodine is the equivalent in alternative medicine. In the next post I’m going to explain why supplemental iodine may cause more harm than good in Hashimoto’s patients.

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  1. Katherine says

    After 20 yrs I suddenly became allergic to synthroid and it’s generic, both of which I had no issues with in the past. We attempted Armour which made things much, much worse (severe Neuro symptoms) and finally settled on Tirosint over the course of 5 years. This seemed to help for about three months then all heck is breaking loose again. My levels are fine, both my new Doc’s have Hashi’s, they check everything. But my symptoms are back full force and terrible. It is setting my other autoimmune issues into overdrive and causing a new one making me unable to leave the house due to severe stomach issues. My insomnia is horrid. I DID NOT have any symptoms when I came off everything for 6 months and one Doc scared me into trying again. In fact with my RA, swelling had stopped, all my rashes were gone, I was exercising fully and had a normal life again. My TSH at the end of 6 mo was 14, but NO symptoms. I want my life back and don’t see the point of taking any medication for this. All in all I have worked with 12 Dr’s in 3 states. They are quite perplexed, but are not surprised I’m throwing in the towel on the meds. In fact my symptoms have made me not function so much they aren’t trying to talk me out of it. Should I even be concerned given I have no symptoms off the meds?

  2. Janice page says

    My tsh is 12.56 and my free t3uptake is 50.23. . I feel horrible . I can’t sleep sad mood changes weight lose and Gi symptoms . I was put on levithyroxine 50mcg daily . I had severe diarrhea. The doctor the levithyroxine. I’m now on tyrosint . Still feeling horrible … Help me please!!!!

    • traci says

      When were you put on the levithyroxine ? It usually takes 2-3 weeks to start having it to work . Make sure you wait 1 hr before you eat when you take your thyroid medicine wait til 4 hrs to take something that has calcium in it . If you haven’t felt better within three weeks ask the dr to check your levels as I think with both your tsh and t3 being off as I would think you would be better off taking Armor thyroid meds

  3. Tracylynn says

    Hoping my comment will get some answers from someone. IT’s 3 AM and quite frankly I am so tired I don’t think I absorbed half of what was contained in this article. My question(s) is this: I was born “hypothyroid”, that is, when I was 2 weeks old, an MRI revealed that my Thyroid gland was completely and totally missing. I will add that when I was about 10 or so, my pediatrician found a strange lump on the back of my tongue and sent me to an oncologist who suggested that it may or may not have been my thyroid trying to grow back. It was never biopsied and I don’t even know if it’s still there. Anyway, I was placed on Synthroid, and at some point that was changed to Levothyroxine which I have taken for the past 20 years until around 6 or so months ago when I switched to Armour thyroid. I still have a lot of symptoms that point to hypothyroidism, but I also have PCOS and they share some symptoms. Bottom line, will taking Iodine benefit me? And if so, how do I find out how much to take and all those details? And also, can anyone on here provide me with ANY links/articles/etc. that I can read on treating someone with my condition as naturally as possible? I am 20 years old and was never taught to properly care for my body, but I am so desperate to learn, and to be in good health. Thank you so much and God bless you.

    Acts 4:12

  4. AG says

    Hi Chris, what can you do to decrease the inflammation and increase your receptor sensitivity? I’m on a very high dose of naturethroid and still am having hypo symptoms. It definitely feels like I have thyroid resistance even though my numbers (without taking thyroid) were “normal.” I don’t have Hashimotos. I take an adrenal supplement as well as thyroid co-factors. I’m not living a very stressful life. I work out but try not to push myself too hard so that I don’t crash (like I used to). I’ve eliminated sugar and try to eat as many fresh veggies and high quality meats, beans, nuts as possible. It’s frustrating to still feel sluggish, overweight and have eczema.

  5. kas says

    Read your on body. I read the book and listen to you all and you all are right. I had stage 4 thyroid cancer at 17 I’m now 50. I seen the best doctors in the world. And they would be the first to tell you damn they don’t know. What you all said is right learn from each other no book. Because 30 years will go by and your sick feeling no better. I’m Keith at [email protected] if your know how I can feel just normal again I beg for your answers god bless you all.

    • Cynthia says

      I am not an expert on thyroid problems, but what I can tell you is: I was a walking time bomb about 7 years ago my heart rate was 220 beats per minute, my blood pressure was 198/160, my weight went from 160 to 460 lbs in just under 3 months.
      I never sleep in a moving car, but all I could do was sleep and it did not matter where. My GP sent me to an oncologist who said that I had hyperthyroidism( graves) she wanted to use radiation on my thyroid and put me on hormone replacement, I said ” no” they put me on water pills to reduce the fluid congestion, heart pills to slow my heart and blood pressure medication to reduce my blood pressure , when everything was back to normal for me, I cut all dark leafy veggies from my diet, I already had cut out salt 30 years before, I reduced my breads to just about nill, I have been fine until they found a tumour 3 months ago, I began feeling tired my tsh levels are normal, T3 is .03 and T4 is 15.3 now the Dr is putting me on vitamin B12 and vitamin D, unless your Dr has done blood tests do not take iodine or eat any high iodine veggies.

  6. lilly says

    In 2005 I had 1/2 my thyroid removed along with my cartilage. Within a couple of months I developed nausea and have dealt with it on a daily basis since, only helping myself to minimize it. In late Oct 2014 I loss my appetite sensation, not the sensation to eat just the trigger to, nor does my stomach ever rumble if it’s hungry, in late Nov 2014 my voice went hoarse & has been ever since, in Dec 2014 I developed burping on stupid occasions, like after drinking coffee. Before my thyroid was removed I had no symptoms & after removal, to me I was the same, I’ve also developed tinnitus about 7 to 8 yrs ago. Finally my Dr believes me & is running test, but I somehow this is all linked back to a thyroid issue………..

  7. mark walbright says

    What destroyed my Thyroid was lyme disease! And no meds would work thyroid wise except compounded T4 and T3! And that info came from a PA?? All the Thyroid Drs couldn’t figure it out??

    • mark walbright says

      OH, The same guy said my body sees Amour as a Foreign organ so its fighting it every time I would take it. This guy has helped me more than anyone and its not even his specialty?

  8. Kim says

    I had my thyroid gland removed in August 2014. I have gain weight like crazy !!! I’m counting calories and walking every day. I’m on 200 mcg of thyroid meds, I take every morning with water !! Still gaining weight and no energy ..

    • Karen says

      Try natural dissecated thyroid. I take Armour. Helps losing weight and energy. Start low work up gradually start at 60mg in am. Split dose to evening. I take 30mg at dinnertime with good

    • Deb says

      I went through a lot of that before I went and my blood checked. I have food allergies now and my outdoor allergies intensified. I’m taking natural gluten free,I’ll call them vitamins to help with my adriennals. The food was my weight problem. I finally fell like myself most of the time. I was tired alot too.

  9. Linda says

    Chris I have a few problems, lupus (sle) fibromyalgia, kidney disease, Sjögren’s syndrome, Graves’ disease, is it at possible that lupus may make my thyroid medication inaffective. I have been trying to find an answer.

  10. says

    This article is all about “reducing inflammation” to address thyroid issues but I don’t see any links or information on how to do that. Does anyone know how to reduce inflammation like he says? Paleo?

    • slavica says

      For me, reducing inflammation began with going gluten free and then getting on a program of 2 daily meal replacements with Isagenix protein shakes and cleanse. It has been 5 months and the difference is tremendous. I have no more daily pain from inflammation in my back and I dropped 15 lbs.

      • JaneyG says

        I’ve heard of Isagenix (all good). I’m familiar with their shakes and comprehend meal replacement. But, how is the cleanse product used? How often? How long?

      • Char says

        Can you send me info on your changes? More specific info on where to get products how they worked for you eat.I have FM (fibermyalsia) and take .075 levothyroid daily…I can’t lose extra 15 pounds- always tired when I wake up and never feel rested. Tried to go off medication but was awful emotional mess. Never doing that again.

    • says

      I have hypothyroidism and an autoimmune disease that put me in a wheelchair about 9 years ago. I was on 500 mg of prednisone weekly. I was introduced by a family member to Immunocal a special kind of whey powder which he!PS the body create glutathione. In three months I was walking with a cane. Slowly my neurologist took me off prednisone last July 2014 she took me off all steroids. Still taking the Immunocal daily to keep inflammation at bay. This was wonderful article never realized that hypothyroidism also was affected by inflammation.

    • says

      i gave up milk,yogurt,ad wheat and gluten.i stopped throwing up and stopped being thyroid is starting to settle blood work is in the normal range after 6 months of doing this ,my body thought wheat ,gluten,and dairy was causing me inflamation .start iliminating things that upset you

  11. SD21 says

    I began taking my Synthroid three weeks ago and I feel great. First I began breaking my 25 mcg pills into quarters and started out taking only a 1/4 pill. I do this in the morning with a glass of water. I am now taking one 25 mcg pill. My sleeping has improved, I have more energy, my skin looks better and my face does not look tired. I refused to take this drug initially when I was first diagnosed in 2011 because of a bad scare taking the generic brand, so I let my new meds sit for six months before trying this brand. It works wonders for me and being a life-long gym and karate guy, I have more energy to do laps in the pool and do weights too.
    I have taken iodine and it works ok, but nothing like my Synthroid. Time will tell but for now, I like it.

  12. Gram says

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about 15 years ago, and put on Armour Thyroid initially. Over the next couple of years, I found that the dose would initially help for a couple of months and then I would get symptoms back. Doctor kept changing the dosage to my symptoms and I ended up on Armour 180 mg along with Levothyroid 125 mcg, which normally worked well. But I found I would have to reduce or go off the medications every so often as symptoms of hypo would return and going off the meds for 1-2 weeks could ‘jump-start’ things and my meds would work again for a few months. I would rather have tried to temporarily increase the meds to address the hypo swing, but I would not have enough medication to do that. Unfortunately, the physician I now have is treating me to the lab results, not symptoms. So my blood work will show meds need to reduce, and he reduces; next time it will show they need to increase, so he increases; and so it goes back and forth. I suggested he leave me on the dosage I was, that was working for me, and let me continue to adjust them as I had been but he would not. He has now taken me off the Levothyroid as he does not believe a person should be on both, even though the combination is how I felt best. He also does not believe that the medications have to be adjusted from time to time or that I have symptoms of hypothyroidism on the dosage I am. I’ve tried taking Selenium and did not see any difference, but have not tried taking iodine. I am not sure why it always has to be so frustrating. Sigh….

  13. Lisa says

    Synthroid wasn’t working well for me, so after 10 years I decided to stop taking it, cold turkey. I have Hashimoto’s but I was kinda hoping my gluten-free lifestyle had reversed it. (I also have Celiac disease, diagnosed well after the Hashi’s diagnosis). I fell to pieces over the course of 2 months without thyroid medication. Blood tests showed a TSH of 165, so clearly my thyroid is kaput. I’m not sure how I kept going! I felt horrible. Anyway, I went back on Synthroid, which is miraculously working really well again. It’s been 6 months since my adventure going med-free. I wonder if clearing your body of Synthroid helps with stuff like reverse T3, blocked receptors, or whatever. Any thoughts on that?

    • Ginger says

      My daughter has Hashimoto’s and for years we were on T4 treatment only with no results. She could never loose weight and felt horrible all the time. We have found the NDT works best for her and are trying to level out to the right dose. We have also found a book called Lifestyle Intervention for Finding and Treating the Root Cause by Izabella Wentz. Can I just say…..Love It! We are in the process of reading this and experimenting with the way we eat. I get no kick backs from mentioning this book. I am a mother trying to help reverse or put into remission the damage this Hashi’s has wreaked on my daughters body. We found that going not only gluten free, but also staying away from soy helps. Best of luck!

    • Jan says

      Lisa, have been through a similar journey but tried the T3 and NDT both with disastrous effects. Have a feeling after my next blood tests that may need to raise my thyroxine.

      • Lois says

        What were the negative symptoms you experienced? I’ve been on NDT and feel like my head is going to explode and overall feel awful.

        • J. Perry says

          I felt the same way on NDT. Once I got on the real stuff (a combo of synthroid and armour) I felt amazing again!!

  14. Emily says


    I’m curious what your thoughts are on the relationship between liver health and thyroid disorders.

    Because much of the T4 to T3 conversion takes place in the liver, could it be that thyroid disorders in fact point to a problem with the liver?

    Thanks, Chris, for all your great work!

  15. robin says

    I have read everyone’s comment on this site and just sickened with the lack of appropriate care for our disease. Everyone: please read Dr. Kharrazian’s book, “Why Do I still Have Thyroid Symptoms?” it will answer so many of your questions, address your fears, and give you tangible ideas on how to find the correct provider/treatment. Don’t settle for the agony you are in; you deserve a wonderful happy life!

    • Slavica says

      I looked at the website for this book and it looks interesting. Recently I began on a journey to clean out my gut and liver (a weight loss and cleanse system) and it’s helping tremendously. I still have side effects of the Levothyroxine, which I have been taking for 11 years (headaches, heat sensitivity, dizziness & nausea, gradual/steady weight gain over the years), just not as severe anymore, so I am ready to try something else and I thought I’d try Armour. But my question is, would this book help me if I do not have Hashimoto’s thyroditis? I contracted De Quervain’s Thyroiditis back in 2004 and ended up hypothryroid. So it may not be an auto immune problem. Any suggestions?

  16. Leo V. says

    I am 56 years old. In March 2014 I felt completely tired and other common symptoms of hypothyroidism and did a blood test, my TSH was 8.6. After some research I decided I had to find the causes better than take medication.. What I did was working on my diet. I’am vegan. I eliminated sugar (including sweeteners, honey, sweet fruits…), gluten (wheat, rye..), soy, cruciferous vegetables, coffee, tea, alcohol, soy, switched to a toothpaste without fluoride and I added coconut oil. My symptoms were disappearing gradually. At the end of october I did a new blood test and my TSH is 4,76. I think it had some relation whit candida.

      • Leo V. says

        I’m vegan, fresh vegetables (organic, when I can afford this), grains, beans, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, seaweed…. A lot of salads, sprouts, few fried, no junk food. There is a connection between candida and hypothyroidism, eliminating foods that are bad for hypoth you’re stopping to feed the candida. Apart from this I take a raw garlic in the morning and now I’ve started taking oregano essential oil. Also coconut oil is antifungal

  17. Fiona says

    Very interesting post, thank you. I’d been doing well on a combination of T4 and T3 for three years. I’d also had stem cell therapy early in that time that really made me well for 2 years. Over the last 6 months my thyroid numbers have been decreasing and my doctor and I have been fiddling with my dosage to try and improve things. All the time my weight has been creeping up and my overall flare and inflammation has been rendering me less able to get to the gym. I’ve been on several of the antibiotic protocols, all of which work for a while and then seem to taper off. How do you define addressing the underlying autoimmune issues, please? No one seems to know what works in the long term. How does one address something that seems to have no cure?

    • Poppy says

      I am intrigued by use of the symptom mentioned of inflammation. How is the inflammation measured? Is it the same, similar, or entirely different from something called a SED rate?

      I thank you.

      • says

        Hello…I don’t know if you ever got your question answered but measuring inflammation is done through a blood test called a CRP or C reactive protein. The SED rate you mentioned is entirely different.. SED is short for sedimentation rate and that is the rate or time it takes for your blood cells to settle in a tube once it has been drawn.. Hope this helps…

  18. Angelfire says

    So how do you get your endo physician to listen to you about addressing your hashimotos or immune disorder. I have been to multiple physicians for help but they seem to lack the knowledge. Rhematologist, Endocrinologist, family medicine, ENT, OMFS, they even sent me to a psychologist to say that i’m depressed. I told them if I am depressed its because I can’t get anyone to help me with what is going on with me. I am not feeling myself I have passed out at my son’s football game, I can’t be in the sun because since I’ve been on thyroid meds I am VERY heat intolerant. I feel tired, not focused and sick to my stomach. I have gained weight and my neck looks full, my eyes are puffy, my pupils are extracted most of the time. Ive have painful sore in my mouth, I have glossitis on my tongue, I ve had ear pain with no diagnosis. Ive had a rash all over my body. I had a drink two years ago and my face turned bright red and was burning. My thyroid scan shows atrophic thyroid, hashimotos thyroididis is what they said and are giving me synthroid, vitamin d because my vitamin d is 17, vitamin C is almost depleted. I have positive ANA. and one physician thought I might have lupus but another says no. Any thoughts on this would be very helpful because I’m tired of being sick!

    • LiLe says

      Dear Angle Fire,

      I am in the same situation as you. I was given Synthroid 50mg 6 weeks ago and I started to feel so sick, mood swings, felt like I had the flu. I am a big mess the depression I started to have was given me these awful thoughts. I spoke with my Doc she reduced the meds to 25mg. 3 days later I still felt so sick. I called her again and she told me to get off the medicine. She wants to do another blood test in 5 weeks. We will see where I am then. I wish I could tell you better news but I can’t. Please keep in mind I have been living a glutten free diet, and do yoga 3 times a week and also see a therapist in order to reduce my stress. I have done everything in my power to heal. Personally I think Synthroid is not the best med for me. I wish you the best and please let us know how you are doing.

      • Betsy says

        I wanted to comment from personal experience as I have been on this journey for 8 years now, up down, up down on thyroid meds and various types. I’m currently taking NatureThroid but have done synthroid and other t4 meds and t3 combos. I know that it is horrible to take meds expecting to feel better and you don’t right away. I just want to pass on this piece of advice for anyone out there that is not feeling better within a few days/weeks. At least for me it takes me a good 8-12 weeks on a steady dose of thyroid meds to feel better. It will always get worse before it gets better. I was stupid and didn’t realize there was soy in some Body By Vi shakes I was taking for a month and I believe it blocked my thyroid meds from working therefore I’m having to go through a whole adjustment period again which is horrible. I can barely keep my eyes opened and the join pain among other things make me want to pull my hair out. I know that it’s going to take me a while to adjust to these meds again and even if I don’t believe it at times I know that it’s going to take me a little while. I read alot of posts similar to yours on the internet and how doctors tell you that you’re going to feel better right away and you don’t.. While I do believe that taking a T4/T3 meds combo is what our body needs we also need to give it time. If you can’t find relieve and find yourself frustrated like I did after going up and down on thyroid meds for 5 years switching every 6 weeks give yourself time maybe a good 3-4 months on a steady dose as long as your lab numbers look good. This was the only way that I managed to get my life back.. somewhat.

        • says

          I have been dealing with thyroid disease for 4yrs and the meds it has put so much weight on me that i dont feel healthy i have no energy im sweating all the time moody,does this mean the synthroid isn’t working for me, but my no# are always good since i’ve been on 100 mg of synthroid

          • AnitaP says

            I feel exactly as you do after being on my meds for aprox 3 years. It started as hyperthyroidism and switched to hypo in a matter of weeks. My meds have brought the T3 and T 4 back to normal levels but I have put on excessive weight, feel tired and sleepy, moody, thinning hair and other symptoms. I thought the thyroid meds were supposed to help but they are certainly not helping me! Would like to know if you find an alternative.

            • D Moore says

              I have been on Levothyroxine for a year. Started .25 and it worked great until it didn’t. My doctor raised the mcg to .50, didn’t help, it was raised to.66 still didn’t help. It was raised once again to .88, needless to say, no help. I was getting worse. No energy, dry, brittle hair, weight gain, constipation it was awful! My doctor raised it to 100mcg. My situation did not get ANY better. My mother suggested I go to a health food store that she has gone to. The owner suggested this Thyroid kelp supplement. Amen! I feel so much better! I mean THE VERY NEXT DAY! I have energy, I am regular (BM) I sleep better, my face looks less bloated! I am taking “Thyroid Blend SP-26″ by Solaray! I am joyful and thankful!

      • Poppy says

        Two days ago I was told by a new doctor that my blood test showed my reading on thyroid as almost 0 (zero).

        I am new in Boston just having moved here from Artic and am having a hard time getting provider response when I try to contact them.

        The doctor above has been negligent in responding to me, and I was wondering if I can increase the 88mcg levothyroxine to 178mcg I might feel better. I am exhausted, my hair is falling out. I would like to do this until I can find another doctor.

        Any suggestions? I know it is not smart to self medicate one self.

        • says

          I’m on Boston too and just reading up on thyroid stuff because even Vyvanse isn’t working to keep me energized. Have a LOT of thyroid symptoms too. I just need to feel normal but I’m SOOO FATIGUED all the time. If you find a good Boston doc please let me know! Thanks!

            • Jack says

              You can take lemon balm, motherwort, bugleweed, green tea, l carnitine and b complex to help with your thyroid problems.

            • ddkramer says

              I have been taking Nuri-meds bovine thyroid supplements with FANTASTIC results! Natural hormone + minimal regular vitamin supplements = my teens excitedly telling me that this is the mom they remember! (I have no thyroid – took the radioactive therapy and killed my thyroid many years ago…FINALLY discovered Nutri-meds)

              • Emma Saint says

                Hi I’m on armour thyroid.
                I have tried every other medication . I had rai and it totally killed my thyroid the trouble is as with every other med I’m still getting anxiety and panic attacks I’m already on sodium valproate for this and blood work shows that this is in therapeutic range.
                Yet I’m still experiencing anxiety and there is no reason help ! X

                • Karen says

                  Try natural dissecated thyroid. I take Armour. Helps losing weight and energy. Start low work up gradually start at 60mg in am. Split dose to evening. I take 30mg at dinnertime with good. Try chewable calcium with zinc. Magnesium. Vit D copper included 4 hours after Armour. Will calm you down. Also take Dhea 10mg compounded time release to relieve headaches

            • says

              Coconut Oil Regulates The Immune System and Decreases Inflammation

              Coconut oil has always received a criticism because a group of scientists had incorrectly promoted that it increased LDL cholesterol. However, it never did increase LDL cholesterol, but it did increase HDL or good cholesterol. That distinction was never corrected in the mainstream press and the misconception still continues to this day.

              “Why the mainstream persists in this delusion of criticizing coconut oil is beyond the understanding of many in the natural food industry,” said raw food expert and retailer Ian Macdonald.

              “You know you’re on to something healthy when national and international health agencies are advising AGAINST it,” Macdonald stated. “This is typically due to influences from pharmaceutical and high profile corporations who strive on keeping the population sick and diseased,” he added.

              I also take Vitamin C there are some good ones on health sites make sure its natural imo the best place to order would be at with Mike Adams as he is an activist fighting to expose the greedy ones and keep our foods and supplements as natural as possible. Take a good probiotic to get your gut flora balanced therefor controlling the candida overgrowth. My symptoms is under control the coconut oil is God sent.

              – See more at:

          • sydney says

            I was diagnosed with depression and ADHD before my Hashimoto’s diagnosis. The anti-depressants and Vyvanse had increased the damage to my adrenals. If you are no longer feeling the effects of the Vyvanse, you may want to have your adrenals tested. Adrenal support made me feel better immediately when nothing else seemed to be working. Good luck.

        • Jack says

          You can take lemon balm, motherwort, bugleweed, green tea, l carnitine and b complex to help with your thyroid problems.

          • ddkramer says

            Jack, I’m wondering about the things you suggested. In any form? I have tried taking things that support thyroid function, but I have no thyroid… will they work for me? Do I need to time taking them in some kind of relation to my thyroid replacement?

            ALSO: In my past, my insurance required that I get my meds mail order because it is a chronic condition. Unfortunately, the generic meds that came thru the mail were less effective and had (for me) more side effects than the generic meds I was getting at my local pharmacy…

        • J. Perry says

          I raise my meds on my own when needed. You may need a combo of armour and Levo. That works the best for me and many on this thread it seems.

    • Robin says

      When I took t4 I was so sick I had to be rushed to the hospital fighting for my life. I’m very t4 intolerant. Now I take only t3 and its fine. The reason I reacted so badly to t4, I had another underlying disease- pancreas insufficiency which took another 12 years to diagnose and I’m still fighting with docs. They misdiagnosed my pancreas problem as colitis (even though I don’t have colitis symptoms). Pancreas insufficiency causes malnutrition. The body cannot convert t4 to t3 when there is malnutrition or when iron/ferritin is low etc… So look more closely at this and try switching to pure t3. I think pure t3 is so much easier anyway because each dose increase or decrease takes less then 1week and not 8 weeks like with t4.

      • Jeanine says

        I started T3 a week ago and I’m having a lot of acne and my skin is kind of red has anybody else had that problem with t3? I never get acne until I started T 3

        • Monika says

          Hi there,
          I started a T3 (Thyroid is the name) back in August 2014 and started getting red inflamed acne. I chose now to go off of it for 2 weeks to see if it clears up and in fact it has. The only issue now is do I go back on it? I starting to feel the effects of the hypothyroidism again (nausea, extreme fatigue, and loss of appetite currently..most likely due to the nausea). I am waiting to hear back from my Natropath to see what I should do next.

    • robin says

      Hi Angelfire – I can feel your frustration! I have been on this journey for 4 years, which is when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. At that point, I knew my HMO would just prescribe meds and that would be their only path, which didnt appeal to me because I wanted to get to the root of what caused the Hypo in the first place. So I did some research – read book upon book so I educated myself on what my body was going thru – and came across a doctor in my area (he was referenced in Dr. Kharrazians amazing book “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?”) who is a nutritionist as well. Anyways, he had me undergo an extensive blood/urine/stool/saliva test that culminated in the discovery of my gluten intolerance, as well as egg and dairy allergies (plus a few more!). This test is crucial for us thyroid folks because we need to see “the big picture” of everything involved with our disease, and also gave Dr. Mark the info he needed to suggest different supplements/vitamins to support my body’s weak systems. As for the thyroid meds, as Betsy said it is a “trial and error” process that will takes MONTHS in order to dial in the correct dosage. At first I was on Armour (for about 1 year, dosages varying), but that proved to not bring up my T3 enough, so we switched to Levothyroxine, which I have been on for about 3 years and am now about to add back in some Armour for a combo dosage. I know I have months ahead of me of varying the dosage, experiencing the effects of too high or too low, seeing blood tests to guage the results in my T3 and T4, until I finally get this new combo dialed in. So, in summary, I highly recommend to ALL to spend the money (out of pocket sadly) for a good specialist who thoroughly diagnoses you via blood/saliva/stool/urine tests, eliminate the inflammatory/allergen foods from your diet, and ask your family/friends to be patient with you while you undergo the Dosage Trial. In the end, it will all be worth it! I have been happily “symptom free” for years, and didnt even know my “numbers” were off until my most recent blood test. There is hope; just do your research and find the right professional who has the knowledge and experience to truly treat hypothyroidism.

    • bunny says

      I had alot of the exact same symptoms. Started developing after the Hashimoto diagnosis and onset of menopause. Turned out I have another autoimmune disorder that likes to hang with Hashimoto. It called Sjogrens Syndrome. Hard to diagnose too. Bloodwork turned nothing up. Finally a lip biopsy said it all.

    • ROBYN says

      I had your symptoms and my dentist ended up finding the root of things. My B-12 was so out of sorts. Yes, I still have the hypothyroidism but adding B-12 (I have to have injections since I have pernicious anemia) has helped in many ways, from emotions to giving me energy. Ask your Dr to test you for low B-12. Best of healing.

    • Louise says

      Hello-I read this & some of your symptoms sound like a rare disease a friend of mine has called Bruhcets which is an auto-immune caused by inflammation of vascular system so impacts whole body with symptoms that look similar to lupus-mouth sores very common symptom. I’m not in the medical field so I may be way off, but the mouth sores could be an indicator to get it checked out.

    • Shannon says

      I have Hashimotos and I just found out I have the B 12 deficiency maybe you had that it sounds like you have some of the symptoms I just started taking the b 12 so I’m hoping that it works good luck just look up the symptoms for b12 deficiency and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Good luck shannon

  19. says

    I’ve been on Levothyroxine since I was 10 (back in 1985)…I had Hashimotos. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2006 and had a total thyroidectomy. That was all in England. When I moved back to Canada in 2010, my new doc here (an endocrinologist) put me on Synthroid. My dose has consistently increased since 2010 to the point where I’m not on 200mcg. The doc cannot adequately explain to me why the dose keeps increasing. (This is up from an original dosage of 75mcg). Any ideas or suggestions or even clue as to what I can look into? Much obliged.

    • W says

      Anytime you have to keep increasing your thyroid medicine it is because your body is being depleted of iodine. You might look at some books by Dr. Brownstein

  20. Shawn says

    I take 125mcg of Levothyroxine. I’ve been on this dose for a number of years now and blood levels are normal range. I have many issues with cognitive functioning including: memory, confusion and anxiety. I become easily overwhelmed, stressed and irritable. This makes finding the right job and keeping it very difficult. I simply feel like I’m unable to function. All of this puts my emotional well-being on a see-saw which is also being impacted by the disease. It doesn’t make me want to be around people or go out in public but this is not realistic. I have never found a doctor who takes the realities of this disease seriously. Doctors have been condescending, invalidating, paternalistic, insulting and egotistical. I recently received an MFA with a 4.0 so I’m not a complete idiot. I don’t have money for healthcare nor do I have health insurance. I’m currently unemployed and looking to go back to school because it appears to be my only option. I look very healthy so there is this underlying prejudice that I must be fine. My low energy levels do not benefit from the state of survival I have been in. Like all of us, I simply want greater healing, harmony and balance! Thanks-

    • Betsy says

      I understand where you’re coming from as I’m in a similar boat as you with work and a social life. I have been doing this for 8 years. I know it’s hard and the meds are expensive but try getting a med combo with T/4 T/3 like Armour Thyroid or NatureThroid. Even though I don’t function 100% it’s the only thing that has gotten me to a point where I can function again.

    • darlene says

      Oh my Gosh! I’m not crazy! I need help! I can’t get my health under control. Too weak to exercise, not enough money for really healthy food, and can’t think straight enough to trust my own decisions. Don’t remember anything. Been on 125mcg levo for a year. Took 4 years to diagnose and 4 years to increase thus far and still not okay. Does anyone else deal with a swelled tongue as well?

      • says

        Yes my tongue is also swollen. It is one of the hypothyroid symptoms. So is a sour taste in your mouth. I have put on 10 lbs in 2 weeks and am on 112 mcg of Lovothyroxine. I had blood work done last week and I will have to wait and see what the doctor says today about my numbers.

  21. Tanya Adamson says

    I’m very interested to hear if there are any qualified doctors that have come up with a way to treat the other things that synthroid doesn’t help (restore HPT axis coordination, improve receptor function, or increase conversion of T4 to T3.) because I’ve been taking Levothyroxine for 20 years or more and even though I have my blood checked every 6 mos to a year and I’m told my hormone levels are just fine, I am still exhausted every day, I can look at food and gain weight, and I’m going bald! Not a good look for a 53 year old woman!

    • Doris Drumm says

      Tanya i have all the same issues. I really thought i was reading something i wrote. What you wrote was totally me. I am taking 400 mcg of Levo and it is not doing a thing any more. My Kidneys are not functioning right at all. I will say i have no Thyroid i had cancer and had to have two surgeries to remove it all. It really scares me to think im taking this medication and it is not helping at all. all my levels are at a dangerous stage. The day before i got my last labs i had talked to the doctor about maybe adding a T3 med to mine. he said it would make me have too much energy. I said well that would be better than none. at least i could have energy to do chores, walking and stuff. i have NO ENERGY. my body is going through all kinds of emotions i dont know if im coming or going. I can say my husband of 2 yrs is being patient with me over this, but getting very upset with the doctors. I feel so lost from all this.

      • Jeff Dillon says

        400!!??? JHC, how is that possible? I’m at 120, I didn’t know it could be that high. I wish I could find a doctor, why do I take this pill, forever? Why??? Why???

  22. valarmathi says

    Hi sir,
    I m 22 years old. I have thyroid problem… Before i had taken a treatment, my TSH level was 13.92… I had taken the tablet for six months( medicine: 50mg)…. now the level increased to 25.39… i m scared for this… Why is it increase… please give any suggestion… could you send the details to my mail id ([email protected])… my weight is 72… please sir.. If you give any solution it is really help full to me…..

  23. Carole says

    I suffer with hyperthyroidism, I was taking 100mcg. Started feeling very strange, anxious, stressed, tired etc. Dr. then lowered it to 75 mcg. Still feeling the same, does this need to be lowered again and how long do I wait before another blood test.

  24. libby says

    14 years ago i was diagnosed with Hashimoto with thyroid antibodies 500 and still suffering with horrific symptoms.
    I was denied any meds untill this year. This year antibody were lowered to 200 and I got syndroid which adjusted my appetite and stopped cravings. But my face started looking horrible. hanging eyelids, extremely dry, peeling red skin with severe acne, still no energy, overweight, and severe bloating indigestion and constipation. Than I was given T3 and i could not take it as my joints and body pain increased to the point I could not walk. So I switched to dessicated thyroid, which was gentle but with no any good effect.
    So i stopped it all.
    I started eat a lot of veggies for breakfast with some protein and one raw onion daily. For few days I felt as my immune system switched off and I felt no pain, a lots of energy, perfect digestion and I felt great like never before.
    After a week I am still with this way of eating but my symptoms and pain of joints and ancylosis back.
    It seams to mi that anything that supports thyroid function and good health including diet is overpowered by immune system after few days and I am back to my sickness and big body pain. Is this the end for me ? I know if my Immune System would be switched off my body function would be restored. But how I can achieve this ? any insight Chris ?
    Thank you in advance

  25. Josh Stoppelwerth says

    Hello Dr. Kresser,

    This is a very informative website on a much misunderstood subject. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 08 and have been on a small dosage of Synthroid/levothyroxine ever since. It helped with the breathing trouble at night, blood pressure swings and numerous other problems but I still struggle with hives when getting hot mainly but also getting cold (large temperature swings). Every doctor I’ve been to just wants me to throw large amounts of allergy meds at it. I take Zyrtec daily and that helps lessen the severity but not by much. Benadryl works some to alleviate the horrible welts all over I get from just going to the gym. Any suggestions?

  26. Karine says

    I have made blood analysis. TSH was 3,9 mlU/ml (referance range 0,5-4,1) and TG-ab 296,8 (referance range small 100AU/ml) and the doctor recommended to drink L-Thyroxin 50. After two monthes the blood anaysis show the following results: TSH is 1,32mlU/ml; TG-ab now is 471,8. Two days ago (29.07.14) the doctor recommended to continue drink L-Thyroxin 50 each day and Metypred one drug each 2 days. Today (31.07.14) I am feeling some lump in my throat. I am not sure is it nervious one or something going wrong. She suggeted to make blood analysis after a month and make thyroid ultrasound. I am afraid if I am in right way. What will be your suggetion. I dont want to miss the time. I am 42 years old. Never have serious problems before and my relatives never have such diagnose.

    • Doris Drumm says

      I suggest you go to a cancer doctor and have testing done on it. This does not hurt but you can rule out cancer. I noticed a small bumb on my neck in my 20’s. in my 40’s it was bigger. i always said something to the doctors and they never thought anything about it. Finally 20 yrs later a doctor sent me to a throat, nose and ear doc.. they found out i had cancer. Dont get scared yet, my pators wife also had a lump on her throat. she was tested and she did not have cancer. you just need to get it checked to make sure. If you catch it soon enough you may be able to remove it without removing all your thyroid like i had to do.

  27. mel says

    I am currently taking .5 synthroid (for 5 years or so) and iron supplements. My ferritin was 9 a month ago before the iron. I am still so tired all the time. Doc wants me to go back on BC pills. I have ringing in my ears, frequent candida /sore tongue, hair loss Lately my stomach has felt very bloated and full. I am not over weight. I live a very stressful life. Any ideas suggestions

    • bernadette Andrada says

      You need ferritin to go up by taking iron . Have your b 12 checked too and adrenal glands (cortisol saliva test). YOu might want to join the thyroid adrenal group in yahoo.

  28. Mechelle says

    I was diagnosed with a overactive thyroid when I was 21, I have had the surgery and radio iodine treatment and became underactive. I had no problem for 10+ years on 200 mcg of levo but last august became overmedicated and was cut down to 175mcg, I was still ill and in April this year was told I was still overmedicated and was cut down to 150mcg, my blood test results came back last week as normal but yesterday I started feeling unwell again, could I be undermedicated this time and why at 45 years old is it all of a sudden playing up?

  29. joe says

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when I was 12 yrs old now I took the radio active iodine!have been on levothroxin ever since! I am now 45 years of age and is no longer working body is slowly shutting down! doctor wants me to try synthroid! will that actually make a difference?

  30. Den says

    I was found to have HashiMoto’s a year and a half ago after my thyroid was damaged during spinal surgery. I started at 88 mg, then 100. In February (this year and a year later), I felt like I looked dead, felt dead; my wife took my body temperature and it was 95.2. I was having the most massive headaches you could imagine and felt lifeless. My voice was as if my vocal cords had been damaged, it was very scratchy. She read articles and it suggested I needed to take more thyroid medication. So I doubled it from the 100 to the 200 and my body temperature came up to 98. I felt like a flower that hadn’t been watered for a week and looked dead, and then sprung back to life with water again. Lab work supported that I was on the right track, and my endocrinologist was in shock that I could need that much so quickly but put me at 175.

    A month ago I started to feel the same, took my body temperature and it had slipped to 96.9. So I split one in half and am now taking basically 260. It brought up my body temperature to 97.6. I still have massive headaches that come and go all the time, lack energy, am fatigued, the list goes on. I am very hesitant to take more, and after reading your article think my issue is T4 to T3 conversion isn’t taking place, so no matter how much Levothyroxin I take, the T4 isn’t being converted to T3, so my body temperature isn’t going up proportionally.

    My question is: I assume that the T3 working correctly is what corrects the body temperature, that T4 has no impact on it until it is converted to T3. Is that correct?


  31. joann says

    I have tried 3 hypothyroid meds. Synthroid never worked and I actually gained weight. I used Armour for about 2-3 years and it became ineffective and now after 8 monhts of Naturethroid it is becoming less effective.

    Why would this happen? What else can I do? I feel bad.

  32. James says

    I was recently diagnosed (3 months ago) with Hashimotos. My question is has anyone experienced the medicine working and then all the sudden stopping, I started out on the 50 microgram dose and now am on 75 microgram dose. It seemed to work great within the first week and continued until it was time for a refill then it seemed to slow down and the symptoms returned, then the next round of labs and they up’ed the dose to 75 micrograms. Now it’s time for another round of labs and I feel that the symptoms returned.

  33. alice says

    Hello. While searching for answers about my Thyroid issue/was removed by radiation
    , I came across this site. Have truly been more educated and share everyone’s concern. Currently I take a Synthroid and had blood work by an Endocrinologist.
    TSH. 0.109 uIU
    thyroxine T4. 9.4ug/DL
    T3. Uptake. 28%
    Free Thyroidine index. 2.6
    TPO. >6 IU/ml
    Hemoglobin. 12.4g/DL
    Hematocrit. 38.1%
    I am trying to understand everything
    Doctors havent (well) anyway. Could med be increased. etc. Thanks

  34. Victoria says

  35. Valerie Buck says

    I have hypothyroid and am taking bio identical hormones and am not seeing any results. I would love to try seeing if any inflammation is the problem however when I look anything up it’s either to eat an anti inflammatory diet or the natural way by taking tummeric. How would you recommend combating inflammation?

  36. aurora rodriguez says

    hi my name is aurora an I had my hole thyroid remove and ben taking levothyroxine for 2 years and I don’t know what is wrong with me becase I take a 200 ml and I feel very sick no energy and allways cold and I have gain about 80 pounds mostly on my lower belly and down to my legs very ugly and I don’t understand why because I go 2 the gym every day 2 hours and eat very healthy food I don’t even eat meat or breads r pastas and they test me every 6 months and it doent change im always so sleepy an very tayer

    • Doris Drumm says

      I too had my thyroid removed due to cancer and i have been on levo 400mcg for a long time. it is not working at all and now i am having problems with my kidneys. i need help going to talk to my doctor and see if i need a specialist or what. please any info would be appreciated. thank you.

  37. Lucy says

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the great information. I had a total thyroidectomy two years ago (diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but once it was removed the labs came back clear). And as usual I was placed on levothyroxine. After about 6 months, I was still very hypothyroid, even though my TSH was finally back in the normal range. After a lot of research, I changed to liothyronine sodium (T3 only) meds. I improved a lot, and I am now able to work full time again, but I still have many hypothyroid symptoms. I am taking a lot of supplements to support my adrenals, but I still think there’s another underlying issue. Do you have any suggestions? And just to add, where I am living atm, there are no facilities for fancy tests like RT3, or adrenal saliva tests. Many thanks.

  38. sydney says

    Thanks for the great article Chris! Any tips on the kind of tests we should do to diagnose maybe alternative causes of Hyopthyroidism.. My naturopath put me on naturthroid and now im on levothyroxine , about ten years ago…..would love to know if taking iodine or anything else would be of benefit or if you recommend naturthroid over levothyroixine..?
    Thank you!!

  39. Susie says

    Hi Chris..Great Article!
    I have been on levothyroxine for hypothyroidism for about 7 years..However, whenever I drink warm liquids, eat cooked warm foods, etc, My body gets really really hot..My husband says my thyroid is out of whack..Anyways, yesterday I checked my oxygen because I also have COPD and my pulse was only 47.
    I am somewhat active 54 year old but am by no means athletic..this came as a shock to me as my pulse is usually between 90 and 120 all the time..
    So I was able to get right in to see the doctor and combined with the dizziness, weakness, low heart beat he says “acute onset symptomatic brady cardia”
    Of course, since Ive never had heart problems I raced home (well not really) but see through researching it that hypothyroidism can cause this to happen.
    Im hoping thats what it is. You talk about inflammation? should I be taking the ibuprofen regularly?
    Also, I think it strange that I am also diabetic but have never been overweight, in fact weigh only 130 pounds and am 5’10.
    Doesnt hypothyroidism and diabetes affect mostly persons who are overweight? better yet, don’t both of these cause weight gain?
    I know you are probably thinking “Lady, save it for the doctor” but I do appreciate your taking the time to read my inquisitive post..

  40. KELLY L says

    Hope my comment will help some of you. I had posted a while back asking how we determine where the inflammation is coming from – I knew I was inflamed due to feeling inflamed and having ferritin that was above the range and increasing (and no genetics for hemochromatosis). After a lot of searching and testing, we think we have found my source of inflammation: LYME. I now know a lot of Lyme patients who also have thyroid problems and have been down the same path as me (told they have Hashis without testing positive for it, told they have AID without testing positive, told they have fibromyalgia, and so on and so on and so on). I kept pushing doctors because we weren’t finding answers and I felt as if my body was invaded by some kind of bacteria or parasite. If you have a thyroid problem and you can’t identify the source, it’s worth looking into Lyme as a cause.

  41. Debra says

    I have had problems with my thyroid for over 30 yrs, last year I started loosing weight for the first time and I wasn’t hungry all the time either. I ended up loosing 40lbs in about 3 months and then I had a doctor’s appointment and she checked my TSH level and changed my thyroid med, and the weight just started piling on.
    I went to my doctor today after I have been fighting with myself and taking the synthyoid medicine all these years and ask my doctor if there was another way to trip my thyroid so I could loose the weight, She is a family doctor and not a specialist on this matter but I hope with the above info I can get a little more in-depth help for my thyroid. I have been to a specialist and he gave me the same medicine but he use to do biopics of my thyroid every 3 mths but I never lost the weight like I did last yr.
    I wish there was a way to find out what triggered it? One small little part of the body by your throat that does so much harm.


    • Debra says

      I forgot to mention that I have Lymphedema also and when I had lost the 40lbs last year my Lymphedema had also gotten better. The swelling in my legs and arms went down and I hadn’t felt better in years.
      So for some reason I believe the Thyroid and the Lymphedema have something in common. If anyone has any information on this please let me know.

      Thanks Debra

  42. Darlene says

    I had my thyroid removed in 2009 . Up until then I have felt fine. This past yr I started gaining weight20 lbs and was having severe pain in left arm have lost a lot of range of motion. In Jan 2014 I woke up one morning extremely dizzy and threw up. I went to hospital and was diagnosed with vertigo. That same day I went to my DR and had blood work done. The next day she called and said my thyroid levels were off ( to high)and moved me from 100 to 125. Now roughly 6 weeks later more blood work and my levels are low,moving me to 112.5 I have felt slightly dizzy every day for the past 6 weeks. What caused my levels to change in the first place

  43. Anne says

    My husband was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 4 months ago he is on levothyroxin but it is ruining our lives. Before he was diagnosed he was just a little more tired than usual, now that he has been diagnosed and on meds he is constipated, more tired, depressed, no sex drive, anxious at times needs to move around, I don’t see him smile or laugh, we were always a couple that was close held hands, emotional he has just lost all of that. We have an appt now with an endocrinologist and I just found your blog and just feel I need help. I want my husband back I almost want to tell him to stop taking the medicine but I know thats not the thing to do. What questions should I ask the doc when we go if you can help at all. Thank You.

    • mohamed saif says

      Hi, i can understand the situation you and your husband are going through sounds very similar to my condition. Me and my wife have been going through this from 6 months and all the problem started since i started 100 mg levothyroxine, i remember those days like a very bad dream. then i finally decided to change my doctor someone who would listen to me and consider my feelings rather than dumping me with medicines. My endo took me off the meds and started with 25mg levo for 2 weeks then increased 12.5 mg every week slowly reaching to a target range of 125 mg. I lost the excess weight that i gained, started feeling better, came out of depression, started spending time with my lovely wife and kids. Though i am not 100% and i even dont expect that i will be since meds cannot replace something which God has designed as he is the best of all desingers and free of errors.

      I suggest you review your husbands condition with another doctor anr also watch out for his cholestrol levels as they may get elevated due to hypothyroid, take the meds on empty stomach first thing in the morning do not eat/drink anything until 30-45 mins to allow absorbtion avoid coffee and caffeine products. Slowly get him to excercise for atleast 30 mins. Again he may feel hyper at times due to high levels of t4 but should stabalised gradually insha allah (god willing).

      All the above is based on my personal experience and knowledge gained through reading. I pray that Allah provides your husband and family with good health and well being insha allah. Apart from the above changes i used to take 3 glasses of fresh orange juice daily, 1 teaspoon honey and half teaspoon black seed oil in 1 cup warm water this really helped me. Black seed has a lot of health benefits you can google it. I hope i have tried to be of help to you and your husband, i feel that its my duty to share my experience and help people benefit from it i just request you to remember me in your prayers.

  44. Noelle says

    How do you address the inflammation? I agree with your assessment but I find it extremely difficult to reduce inflammation. Thanks.

  45. matt says

    hey chris i have hypothyroid and been taking synthroid and then later levothyroxine but have been dealing with under eye bags and dark circles for about a year since ive been on medication and tsh is in normal range

  46. Jane Mow says

    I would like to know what do I have to do to obtain Chris,s answers to all the great questions, I have went on all the links shown but still can not find the right place. Thanks Jane

  47. says

    Since both thyroid and parathyroid disease co-exists in many patients, and in light of mention of multiple endocrine glands (i.e. pituitary, adrenals, etc.) which can be simultaneously affected, hopefully each will also keep PHPT (Primary Hyperparathyroidism) in mind. It is very often misdiagnosed as “Fibromyalgia” / “CFS”.

    Thoughts, Dr. Chris?

  48. Patricia says

    Hello! Nice article. I have Graves Disease , and a radiated thyroid. The doctor that (finally) diagnosed me many years ago, commented that my hyperthyroid was probably brought on by family history of auto-immune illness, and by a doctor who was giving me massive doses of iodine in many multiple supplements in an attempt to relieve extreme fatigue.
    Now that I am “treated”, am I still considered to have auto-immune issues? They now call me hypo thyroid. Surprise. I would conclude that just because my thyroid is now low without medication, that the auto immune thing is ongoing. Am I correct?
    Would love a comment.
    Thanks, Patricia

  49. VLC says

    In my early 30’s I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease and took radioactive iodine twice. I’ve also tried every thyroid rx known to man since then.
    In 2007 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after feeling a lump in my neck and having very swollen lymph nodes in my collar bone. It was papillary carcinoma. My thyroid was removed at that time and I’m cancer free. I’m now 54 and have osteo arthritis, joint inflammation, insomnia, complex migraines, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. I take t3 and t4. I started 100 mcg of tirosint about 8 months ago and also take generec cytomel .5 mcg twice a day. My anxiety and depression have never been worse. I started bioidentical hormone therapy and 5 mg dhea a few months ago and thought I was better for a month or so. Now I feel worse than ever.
    I have regular blood work done and my levels started fluctuating. I’m thinking I’m getting too much of something. I don’t feel like eating and have lost about 15 lbs. I’ve been crying for 2 days. What do you know about hormone replacement therapy with thyroid medicine combined? I’m tired of feeling this way.
    Thank you

  50. Anonymous says

    I found this interesting and notice that it is quite like what I have went through. I suffer from Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema so it explains why it was so increasingly worse when I was on Synthroid. My inflammation started after I suffered a traumatic injury from a MVA. I was given about 8 different new medications that had obviously interfered with my Synthroid, my Dr just kept increasing the dose and I just kept getting worse to the point I was continuously swelling and felt like ending my life due to the severity of pain from swelling, heart attack type of symptoms also. Then I started to develop a new Liver condition, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.. I decided to quit all the medications at once since they were not working in any way, only making me worse. I had to seek out an alternative Dr. to prescribe me Natural Desiccated Thyroid because no Dr would Prescribe it for me. I then saw my Liver clear up completely and slowly my Thyroid got back to normal but still swayed back and forth to Hypo and Hyper, I also still had Thyroid Anti bodies but they were more than half what they were prior to the Natural Thyroid. I now have been given HIGH doses of PABA to decrease my Thyroid Anti-Bodies and I went through a Chelation iv and urine test to find out my Metals were way out. Lead, Mercury and Cesium and a few others were very very high, lead and Mercury were the highest, Lead was right off the chart. I am now at this point and in need for Metals detoxing. I am currently taking Natural Thyroid extract, PABA, selenium, ThyroSense and I can already feel the difference, I am glad I learned about the Metals and also about the Paba.. I will post more when I find out what I improve from

  51. Kelly L says

    Hope someone will read this and help:
    What kinds of inflammation cause this and How does one determine the cause of inflammation?

    I’ve been going through this for a while and can’t figure out where the inflammation is coming from. I’m not looking for medical advice about my condition but rather some ideas to research with my doctor.

  52. Cindy says

    I had my thyroid removed at age 36 due to micro carcinoma. After two pregnancies and now age 43 my doctors are at a loss. General practitioner can do no more than check T3 levels and Endochronologist thinks I should be on depression meds.

    Frustration is stetting in! I tried going carb-free, then gluten free. I tried to take 4000mg vitamin D supplements (as per OBgyn), iodine, kelp, etc.

    I am bloated, tired, irritable, spacey. I have insomnia, constipation and waves of depression from these things.

    I switched from CVS prescriptions to a local compound pharmacist. From Levothyroxine to Synthroid.

    I could go on. I’ve done a lot of research, talked to a lot of people. What to I do now?

    • Karen says

      Try NDT. Armour works the best for me. Split the dose morning I take. 60mg evening at 5 I take 30mg with food. If still feel foggy will take 30mg more later. I take Adrenal Complex and extra Vit B Complex. Multivitamin. Calcium Chewable with zinc and magnesium in it. Extra Vit D3. Vit C and Vit E. Fish oil. Iron at bedtime. If headachey I take ibiprophen. Dhea 10mg compounded time release. Relieves headache and lifts mood. Selenium lifts mood too and helps with conversion of T4 to T3. Pregnenolone helps with brain fog. Also from compounding pharmacy 100mg. Find a holistic MD hope this helps. Karen.

  53. saif says

    Dear sir, i am 37 yr male weight 104 kg was diagonised with subacute thyroiditis in august 2013 my t4 was slightly elevated and tsh was low. My esr was high and i had pain in the neck area, later after 6 weeks i started feeling better then after a few days started feeling symptoms of hypo my first hypo testcame tsh 30 and low t4. I was given 100 mg levothyroxine immediately but i was unable to tolerate it and within a week i had all sort of hyper symptoms, later my cardio checked my cholestrol and found it was very high and put me on 40 mg lipitor and asked me to continue 100 mg levo however i statred developing myalgias and could not tolerate the pain my cpk came up high as well. I met an endo who t3sted the tsh and t3 t4 again and said that my thyroid was not functioning and my tsh was > 100 and t4 t3 was low too he then reduced my levo dose to 25 mg and gradually asked me to increase tp 75 for 6 weeks with ezithrol 10 mg with lipitor 10 mg i started feeling better last tests came as tsh 70 and t4 was 14 he has now increased the dosage to 125 mg since 3 weeks now and i can see most of the symptoms have improved since then i will be doing the tests again in march end. I used to take approvel 150 mg and novarsac 5 mg to reduce my bp but now i have limited it since most of the tine my bp is normal and sometimes low like 100/70. I am experiencing myalgias and pains from time to time. Is there any hope of my thyroid getting normal i have done the tests for antibodies and it came back negative. Whats ur advice for me on this doctor.

  54. Marie Aubertin says

    Read all the info on this post- have thyroid problems, after radiation in neck area for breast cancer.\Been on thyroid since radiation(1992) At 72 have weight problems, it is nearly impossible to loose weight.

  55. Lori says

    Hi Chris! Love your articles and find them very educating. I was concerned when I read about birth control pills and Hashimoto’s. Both of my daughters are on the pill for very heavy/prolonged periods. I was put on it at age 20 for same reason. I have Hashimoto’s and my oldest daughter is showing signs of hypothyroidism. When tested her TSH was 2.8, but I think I want them to test her for antibodies. If there is any additional information you have regarding birth control pills and thyroid disease, I would love the hear it.

  56. Giselle says

    I am tryng to get help and more information as my doctor has not been very helpful.
    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and for a week and 3 days ive been taking Levothyroxin 25mcg
    Before i got diagnosed i had all he symptoms. The one symptom that concerns me the most is the weight gain.
    Mydoctor said that aslong as i eat right when the medication starts working it will start helping with stablelizing my weight. How true is that? Is it also tru that Hypothyroidism also can cause your hair to fall out, Skin to be dry and flaky and to retain water?
    If i can get some information it will help me a great deal. Thank you all!!

  57. susan says

    I thought this article was highly informative! I was recently diagnosed with sjogrens disease and placed on plaquenil. I feel slightly better. My neuro opthomologist told me i have thyroid disease, but my thyroid tests are never abnormal. i have almost all the symptoms of hypothyroidism and do not feel very good. my question after reading your article is could my t4 be bad and not doing what its supposed to be doing to get t3 to work? My hypothyroid symptoms have been with me since my late 20’s, and my regular doctor always thought i had it to. I would love to hear your feedback and any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks very much, Susan

  58. susan v. says

    loved the article. my rheumatologist says i have sjogrens disease and my neuro eye doctor says i have thyroid disease. I have so many symptoms of underactive thyroid, but my blood test are in the “normal range”. No doctor will even test me on a low dose thyroid medication. My question is can my thyroid be producing hormones that don’t work in my body and if thats the case how do i treat it? I take Plaquenil and feel very slightly better, and my dr was surprised. I really think there is an underlying 2nd auto immune disease that is being missed. i think it is in fact my thyroid. I would love to here your thoughts. Thank you!

  59. Brett says

    I have had hypothyroidism for at least 7 or 8 years, and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago. Although I have been taking levoxythyroine from my doctor, I recently looked at a list of hypothyroidism symptoms – fatigue, joint aches, weight gain, constipation, dry skin, sexual problems, hearing difficulties, hoarseness, memory and concentration problems, intolerance to cold, and slow body movements….I have them all! So my question is, it is known that fibromyalgia causes inflammation. It is possible all these years my thyroid medication has not been working, despite that my doctor looking at medical tests thinks it was working? Also, what suggestions would you have or articles could you point me to? Thank you.

  60. Brenda says

    I have been hypothyroid since my last child was born in 1987. I was on Levoxyl for years at 137 mcg. About 3 years ago I started to feel like my thyroid was not functioning properly. Thyroid panel depicted all was fine. I asked why do I not feel fine? Within 3 days of doctor increasing thyroid meds to 150 mcg in March of 2012 I developed vitiligo on my hands and feet, which now has spread to my legs and face. I have gained almost 40 pounds and have lost about half of my hair. In April of 2012 doctor reduced thyroid meds back to 137 mcg. I have been going to another doctor, who is a endo, and he has done several test and tells me he thinks I have poly glandular along with hashimoto. He determined this from a ultrasound done on my thyroid that is half their size. He put me on 112 mcg of synthroid and 3 tabs of cytomel at .5mcg. I started feeling like I was on a merry go round. Feeling dizzy and light headed. Realized it was the cytomel. Since I stopped the cytomel dizziness had subsided. And now I am back on the synthroid of 137 mcg. My question is, why am I still suffering from thyroid symptoms and they are telling me my numbers are fine?

  61. chrissy says

    I am on armour thyroid. I started out with 60 mg and increased to 120 mg through my natural doctor. I am having horrible insomnia, cold, constipation, tired, temps are 97.0 and heart rate is 68. It seems like this armour is not working or raising my t3’s and t4’s. My t3 has stayed the same. Any tips?

  62. Betty says

    What are the effects on your body/health of Hashimoto’s after TT (due to cancer)? Are there still antibodies? Do they effect other parts of the body or do they still cause hypo symptoms?

  63. Dianne says

    I have Hashimoto’s and became toxic on levothyroxine, suffering horrible internal shakes and tremors which in turn, caused horrible weakness. I stopped taking the levo, got better after 8 days. Stayed off for 5 weeks, but my TSH went to 138. I had to try Armour. Been on 15 -45 g of Armour now for 3 months. My TSH is down to 8. But the tremors are back. Just like when I was on levothyroxine with a 0.5 level. The tremors are horrible. Feels like a tousand bees buzzing around inside of my body. The vibrations (tremors) have a megahurtz. They can be constant or come in constant waves. They are terrifying and impossible to live with. So I find myself quitting the Hormone replacements, which I should not do, but I can’t take the tremors, nor can I take a high TSH level and all the syymptoms associated with that. What can I do when I need the medication for Hashimoto’s but cannot tolerate any of it? Please help.

    • Jane says

      I had the same problem in my case it is caused by low adrenals.I take Adrenal Formula Dr. Christopher’s 2x a day and Ashwagnada at night 500 mg. It works like magic no more Inner trembling.Feel better.

  64. Tina says

    “The only way to do that is to address the problem at its root by regulating the immune system and decreasing inflammation. Unfortunately, this is rarely done in either conventional or alternative treatment of thyroid disorders.”

    How do you do this ? I could totally see this being my issue.

  65. Emilie says

    Greetings Chris!
    I have had hypothyroidism for a few years and been taking a low dose of synthroid. When I got pregnant this year they kept increasing my dosage (I also got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia). I gained a whopping 100 pounds in a matter of seven months. Once I had the baby they said that my levels changed and they kept lowering my dose. All of a sudden they said my levels were too high bordering hyperthyroidism and recommended that I completely get off my medicine. They tested my levels again and all of a sudden my panel says I am normal. I am losing my hair in clumps, gained 15 pounds in two weeks, have dry skin, etc.. It’s been four months since I had my son and I haven’t a clue what’s causing all this. How can I suddenly be normal when frankly, I feel crazy. I can get more specific data, but until then I just appreciate the fact that you respond to comments and want to thank you for your time!

  66. Diana says

    Dear Chris,

    I live in Canada and around 3 years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (an endocrinologist prescribed Synthroid). I have an adenoma in my pituitary gland. I have been taking 0.05mg of synthroid since the diagnosis. From the past 5 months I have been experiencing lots of symptoms, I feel like a dead woman walking (I am 39 years old).
    I also started reading the book “Stop that Thyroid Madness” (Do you know it?, if yes, can you briefly comment on it?). Through this book I have learned a lot about my condition and Drs/the system’s mentality. I am scared but hopeful that I will have in the near future a better treatment and life. I am considering Armour.
    My endocrinologist found (last time I had an appointment 2 months ago) that my THS levels were high so he increased the synthroid from 0.05mg to 0.1 mg. And is not helping, I am not close to doing well.
    My last lab test (yesterday) showed that my levels (with the increased dosage) are at 1.1 mU/L in a 0.27-4.2 range
    I am going to take a saliva test to check my adrenals for adrenal fatigue.
    I know that I have very low ferritin (I requested the test to my GP).
    So, even though I still have to learn a lot about all this I think I am walking down the right path. What do you think?. Please, comment, it is very difficult to trust the system and the Canadian one is very conservative plus there is no Private system.

    All the best for you!



  67. Carol says

    Hi, My TSH level is .0001 and my T4 is normal. My doctor won’t test T3, until affordable care act takes effect this is all I can do. I have Hashimoto’s disease and have half of my thyroid removed. My doctor has lowered my levithroid from .125 to .100. I know this is a bad idea, but I don’t know why or what’s going on.She won’t give me Armour or T3. My gut feeling is I’m not converting to T3 and my TSH is trying harder, which probably just shows what I don’t understand. But I have had this for 10 years that I know of, I don’t think I’m suddenly have a more productive thyroid. Help!

  68. pATRICIA rAGAN says

    i TAKE Synthroid and have nodule on thyroid. 137 not enough and causes blood pressure to go up and 150 too much, causes stomach to swell and very uncomfortable. I do not know what to do. My doctor does not know what to do., Should I have biopsy done on nodule to see if cancerous? Please help

  69. Vicky says

    Hi Chris! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 5 years ago. I immediately went on synthetic compounded t3/t4 and it worked! At one point I went to a clinic to treat some underlying gut issues and food allergies etc and this alternative doctor was convinced that I did not need my medication. I went off it for a month and immediately gained weight! I went back on and it took about 2-3 months to lose my weight again.

    Fast forward to another recent situation where a new doctor had the same theory, that my body did not need thyroid medication because my TSH was SO low even though my t3/t4 was normal. I went off it for a month and again gained 10/11 pounds in 4 weeks. I am back on a new thyroid (taking armour now) and its been about 6 weeks. I have not lost my weight yet, but my t4/t3 are normal/high normal.

    My question is does it take a longer time to really kick into the body? Or could it be that I am not on the right medication since I was on synthetic compounded before vs. my new dose of armour. Thank you!

  70. Cathy says

    I have been taking thyroid meds for abt 11 yrs now. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid after the birth of my 2nd son. At 1st they seemed to work, but the effects quickly wore off. My dr recently decreased my levothyroxine and added liothyronine sod. I felt even more fatigued than before so I stopped taking the new drug. I know I should consult my dr, but I am tired of going round and round with no real results. Your thoughts?? Also, I was recently diagnosed with an immobile esophagus. I’m not sure what, if anything, that adds to the equation. Any input would be appreciated. I am way too young to feel this tired all of the time. It is very frustrating, and effecting my daily life.

  71. Sian says

    Hi. I am worried as I have been taking thyroid for 3 and a half years and my medication handle gone from 50mg to 200mg but my tyrosine is getting worse. The medication is making me get headaches and my levels went from 8 to 32 and is now 49 even with regular medication and upgraded medication. Someone told me that they had a tumor on their pituatry gland and it caused the same thing. Doctors and specialists are baffled and at only 17 years old and gaining weight rapidly which is affecting my life (even eating nothing but fruit makes me gain weight). Absolutely terrified now as no one knows and this woman told me about her tumor and not sure what’s going on….

  72. Renee says

    Hi there.. About 24 years ago I came down with Hyperthyroidism,/Graves Disease both sides of my thyroid gland had pretty much grown up both sides of my neck. I was treated with radioactive Iodine, and was put on a perpetual Synthroid mix. Now Is leaky gut syndrome also the cause of my original Hyperthyriodism? What can you reccomend for me as a Hyper—> Hypo patient?

    Thank you Renee

  73. Chrysta says

    I was wondering what the percentage is of people with Hashimoto’s needing to have their thyroid removed?

    After years and years of the antibodies produced attacking the thyroid, even with treatment, wouldn’t the thyroid gland be killed off? Also, if having Hashimoto’s means you have to be on hormone replacement for the rest of your life anyway, wouldn’t it just be easier to remove the thyroid and be on the hormone replacement so your body doesn’t produce those antibodies? I don’t assume having those antibodies being produced in your body is very good for the rest of your organs?

    And one more question. I have severe night sweats and my doctors can’t tell me why. I really have no idea if it could be my thyroid causing them. I know that Hashi symptoms can continue even while being treated, but I don’ t know if any of the symptoms I have are caused by my thyroid or some other unknown problem. I don’t think that my results have ever shown that I go hyper as well as hypo, I don’t know if that happens to me or not (before taking Levo or during). As far as I’ve read, night sweats are a symptom of hyper and not hypo. But, could my thyroid being causing night sweats even if I am just hypo and being treated with Levo?

  74. Kay says

    Neeters – I’m a 45 yr old woman who has SERIOUS fatigue (nearly bedridden at its worst) et al issues for 4 years. All the Western med tests were “normal.” What brought me back first was progesterone and Ashwaghanda herb (for adrenal). Then, a Naturopath put me on herbs to balance out my hormones/endoc system and it started working in 3 days. More energy, sleeping without insomnia for first time in those years. Especially since you are in menopause years, I highly recommend looking into herbs. They SAVED my life and are EXTREMELY effective. Western med hasn’t a clue – or pharma comp’s just want it this way. Good luck!

  75. neeters says

    I agree with you chris that the underlying medical issues must be discovered and then addressed. However, for some of us, especially women after Menopause, and in my case specifically, we tried everything, for two agonizing years. tests were normal. GP wouldn’t treat, or even test further than TSH. meanwhile, TSH kept climbing, every 6 months, by at least 1 point. I removed Gluten and grains. increased iron stores and vit. D3, stopped exercising due to exhaustion.. took BHRT (Progesterone, Bi est and Testosterone.) taking all appropriate supplements to help t4/t3 conversion.
    Was treated for Adrenal dysfunction (I believe caused by untreated hypothyroidism). Became so sick and tired and cold, gained 40 lbs in 5 months, had to leave work, accepted for total disability at age 52.
    In the end, the doctor agreed to finally let me try a trial of Natural Dessicated Thyroid. BINGO.
    back to normal in a few weeks. going back to work and enjoying life again.
    Lesson learned? sometimes, thyroid output , whether considered normal by conventional medicine, is not enough for quality of life. Hormone supplementation Is Sometimes Required.
    In my case, I suspected thyroid all along and nobody would listen.

  76. Emily says

    Hi Kris,
    My name is Emily and at 16 i was treated with synthroid after having a high tsh. After having a high TSH my doctor gave me synthroid, however, i felt no better on it. She did not give me any other tests , only free t4 , that is it.. Should she have tested my free t3 , or thyroid antibodies? I am very under educated with the thyroid but all i know is synthroid gave me anxiety and did not make me feel any better… What should I do, and what tests should I ask my doctor for. Could my thyroid condition be due to adrenal fatigue and therefore, I should not be on thyroid medication?
    I appriciate your feedback,

  77. Nili says

    I have , yet another question , as i dive into more info regarding Graves which i was diagnosed with about 6-7 years ago , and reading what you writ i understand that the autoimmune diseases /condition of Graves doesn’t go away , in fact it can attack , now , since my thyroid was destroyed , other organs ? my question is do all autoimmune diseases are like that , from what i know not all …
    if my thyroid was still alive would that have change anything for the better , like centering the Graves on it ?
    last question if the ” Graves ” starts again can the body recall it’s symptoms from the thyroid ( higher hart bit , loss of appetite , anxiety etc. ) and actually make thaws symptoms again even thow the thyroid is no more ? or are thaws symptoms part of Graves no mater what ?

    Thank you for reading

  78. Jule says

    Hi Chris,

    I am curious about what you think regarding people who no longer have a thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease when I was fourteen, and by the time I was nineteen, I had metathesized thyroid cancer. Doctors removed my thyroid, two parathyroid glands and a few dozen lymph nodes. I’m 28 now – a yoga teacher, and vegan and gluten-free. (The health change came as a result of the cancer; previous to this I was an unhealthy Midwesterner.) I do find that whenever I eat gluten (if I slip when out to eat with friends or what not), I will come down with a cold within a week. Anyway, I can never get a straight answer from doctors about what the Hashimoto’s diagnosis means without a thyroid.

    Also, I have taken nascent iodine in the past, but I then read that after having had the cancer and thyroidectomy, this was a mistake. Thoughts on this?

    I would LOVE if you could write an article for people without thyroids. The Western medical approach does not seem enough for me personally.

    And on a note of interest: surgeons removed 2/4 parathyroid glands, though I was told that one was possibly damaged in the surgery (again, this is when I was nineteen). At twenty-five, a few years after a move to the United Kingdom, I started to experience memory loss, peripheral vision loss and hand tremors. For months before these symptoms started, I kept going to the GP saying I felt shockingly lethargic and weak. My GP kept saying it was because I was a vegan. I was adamant that it wasn’t, but he kept recommending dietary changes that completely misaligned with my world views.

    Anyway, come the serious symptoms, I went back to the GP and the one I saw was brand new–on her GP rotation–so she actually seemed to take me seriously. I saw her on a Wednesday and she ran a battery of blood tests. Come Friday night at 10pm, I got an emergency phone call asking me to come to A&E (ER) right away. Apparently my blood calcium had dropped so low that they thought I would seize at any moment (and didn’t know how I was alive and functioning).

    The doctor in A&E prescribed me Rx calcium tabs and also blamed my vegan diet. (WTF, right?) They told me to come back on Monday, at which point my calcium dropped even lower. At this point, they realized the remaining parathyroid function had likely gradually stopped over the years–accustoming my body to lower and lower levels of calcium. The body is amazing!

    I ran into that GP in a non-medical setting about six months later and I couldn’t place her at first and I asked her how I knew her. She said, “Well, your calcium-girl to me,” and she told me it was one of those cases she would never forget in her career. I’m sure I’m in a medical journal somewhere. Ha! So now I’m on calcitriol as well, to manage my ability to uptake calcium. *sigh*

    Anyway – thanks for reading, Chris! I’m sure many out there would love your views on health for the thyroid-less as well!


    • Terry says

      Hi Julie,
      Oh my goodness, I am in the same boat as you are in. My thyroid was removed 4 years ago 80%. My surgeon tried to save my parathyroids, but they did not survive. I would greatly appreciate information on the best meds and supplements to take. I was put on T4 only, which I do not understand. I still cannot believe my old endocrinologist thought that is all I needed!. For Heaven sake I do not have any thyroid or Para’s at all. I have changed doctors and will ask for a change in medication to Natural Desiccated Thyroid meds. I am a calcium crasher too, having spend a few times in the ER on a calcium drip…Naughty me. So, in closing I would love to see more information for us “no-thyroid” patients. Good Luck Julie!

  79. Miki Huber says

    Can you give us an idea of what you mean by “regulating the immune system and decrease inflammation”? I have tried every kind of natural healing and I am finally getting good results with taking dessicated thyroid (Thyroid-S). Thanks.

  80. Danny says

    Hello Chris,
    My name is Danny, i am fixing to join the marines. I have a thyroid problem, and it is a over active thyroid. i would have to stop taking my meds, and it would have to be for six months. I was concerned bout if it would cause heart problems. thank you for

  81. Nili says

    I had Graves then my thyroid was destroyed , i am taking now Synthroid , now that was some years ago about 3 months ago on my regular blood test , i was feeling good , it showed that i had both hyper and hypo at the same time ?!? ( they double checked it and came out the same ) is that at all possible ?

  82. debbie hewitt says

    really enjoyed your site, I had hyperthroid for 28 years, no real problem, slept well no tremors, good bowels, i was tested for graves which was neg. about a year ago I went into a thyroid storm, prier to it I had eaten alot of seaweed wraps, didn’t think about the iodine in them, could this have pushed me over the hill? well that was scary, I drank alot of carrot juice during that time, and it calmed the effects. well long story short, i went thru the rai, doc gave me enough to destroy my thyroid, but it didn’t, she said its still functioning, but I’m on 50mcg of levoxyl I was just wondering is there a way to get my thryroid back to working healthy again, if so how, and by taking the levoxyl is this keeping my thyroid from thriving, thanks for your time, debbie

  83. Brent says

    Chris I have hashimotos for about 8 years my only symptom I have ever had has been A cloudy or foggy head every single day nothing I do seems to help it any ideas

  84. linda says

    I have hypothyroid and feel terrible.. I have no energy and I have slot of problems constantly with my eyes. I am on medication and just went to have a recheckt7. Why the eyes?

  85. Jane says

    I appreciate all your information,have hashimotos and many other problems, went to a naturlist
    and was put on Black Walnut for parasite,now I find it is very high in iodine which you say is very bad for hashimoto,should I discontinue the use. Have also been taking LDN ,so many problems treat one and it make another area worse. Thanks for your help.

  86. Candace says

    Wondering about Hypothyroid cause by removal of 3/4 of thyroid. (tumor, 10+ years ago). What needs to be considered if the cause is not iodine, adrenal, etc…
    My sister has hypothyroid (iodine def) and now takes Armour (her quality of life has increased tremendously). My new client wants me to cook meals for her and I want to lead her in the right direction nutritionally, and to mention your articles, and my sisters relief from synthroid, and other plant based hormone replacements that people say work… like therapeutic grade essential oils, so she can determine if synthetic is the way to go for her. She deals with weight gain and lack of energy. Thoughts?

  87. H&B says

    Hi Chris,

    I have a question. I stopped breastfeed my baby when he was 13months old and on the next week i got some problem with my thyroid. The doctor couldn’t recognize it, but i was complaining at my throat but no other symptoms (i kept my weight since the delivery, no hair loss, no depression, etc.). I asked him and he make a scan and the blood test. I was right, the TSH was 12,8 but T3 and T4 were normal. The interesting thing that i went to this clinic 2 and 2,5 years ago with the same problem and the doctors said something was just in my mind when i told them I felt something strange in my throat and it wasnt a cold. 2 years ago I got pregnant and my little one (thanks God) is very healthy and i had a very very easy pregnancy with sport activities until the last week.
    I took 25mg/day on the first week, and from the second week i m taking 50mg Euthyroy/day. It s time to go back to the clinic to have a blood test after 6 weeks of this pills. To be honest, I feel better but i dont feel that recovery what i expected. The doctor didnt give me any advices, only this pill. How can i figure out if i should have avoid certain food. I drink coconut milk instead of milk, i make low carb diet, i try to eat meat and fishes, fruits like green apple, no gluten.
    Could you give some advices,please? I would love to get back to normal:-)

  88. candace says

    One question – can hypothyroidism be accompanied by tinnitus? (ringing in the ears) Labwork consistently indicates thyroid levels on the rise and doctor says take more thyroid medication to bring it down. Levothyroxine increase in 2/2012 with tinnitus onset. Any connection?

    Thank you for any information you might provide.

    • Tara says

      Hi Candace

      I am apart of a large online thyroid support group. There are many people who talk about ranging in the ears on the forum. . People have switched meds, lowered and raised levels, I even know a guy who had his thyroid removed to stop the ringing but they all still have the ringing.

      • Shauna says

        What is the support group that you belong to? I have been looking for a good one. I was hyper and did the Radio active iodine 8 years ago and still have trouble with my levels going up and down. They did a ultrasound to see if it grew back and they found that I don’t have any left. Had my Pituitary checked and it was fine. Please Help.

  89. Keri Mederich says

    Dr. Kresser,

    I have been experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism for the past 2 years now. My doctor has said my levels were on the lower end, but then started treating my adrenals as well. I have been taking “Nature-Throid 1.5g” for almost a year now and I feel absolutely no different I even bumped it to taking 2 pills in the am, but hasn’t made a difference. I still cannot lose my fat even though I work out everyday and eat healthy. I am always tired, can’t sleep, have headaches, severe chronic constipation, and always bloated and swollen face and eyes (especially in the am). My doctor said he ruled out Hasimoto’s or celiac disease. I can’t find an answer and I am miserable. It’s taking over my life and ruining my spirit. Do you have any input or idea? I have been taking Oxy Elite Pro (fat thermogenic) because that makes me feel great! It burns my fat and boosts my metabolism, gives me energy. The only problem is I can’t sleep on that either.

    Thank you so much! I hope you are able to reply, I know how extremely busy you must be.

    • Ess says

      I have been Dx’d w hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, adrenal insufficiency, among other things. Still trying to balance my body chemistry with bio identical hormones, herbs, supplements, and candida diet thus far. Please be careful with Oxy Elite Pro. I read your post, and looked it up because I wanted to try it. Evidently it is known to cause liver failure among other problems.
      I have appreciated reading people’s posts here!

  90. Amy says

    I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism this past August 2012. My tsh level was 5.3 and my doctor put me on 25 mcg of Synthroid and told me to take that for three months and then come back to recheck my tsh level. Well, during the three month period I went from feeling much more energetic and back to my “normal” self to feeling very lethargic and irritable. So, at my recheck visit my tsh level jumped to 14. So, my doctor told me to take 75 mcg of Synthroid and to recheck in 6 weeks. Also, at that visit she plans to check other thyroid hormone levels. I started taking my new dose and The first two days on the higher dose I felt great and then the days following I feel like i went back to feeling lethargic and irritable. I am not wanting to wait the full six weeks before I see my doctor. I want to be referred to an endocrinologist because I can just tell this medicine isn’t working properly. I need help. I can just tell I have not been myself.

    • nuttmegs17 says

      Hey – Amy, I have been going through something similiar? Did you ever level out? I seem to get better initially on a dose increase, then feel as fatigued as ever but havent come across many others in the same boat. Would love to hear about your experience. Thanks!

      • Amy says

        Hey. Yes I did level out finally. I feel a lot mods like myself nowadays. My dose has been raised once in the past three months. And at first I felt lethargic then by the six week lab I felt energetic and more like myself. My tsh level has been at 2.4. And my free t3 and t4 have been within normal limits. I started seeing an endocrinologist too which I felt helped. It’s given me more peace of mind too talking to a specialist.

      • Christine says

        Nuttmegs17, I have been having similar issues with starting something (Synthroid, supplements, Naturethroid, higher dose NT) and feeling great for a couple of days or a week at the most and then feeling like crap again! I have also been trying to figure out why I can’t find anyone else with this issue. Some information I have found points to my sleep apnea, low adrenal function or low iron.

  91. Lisa says

    I want to hear about your thoughts on iodine – I am on Nature Thyroid and feel MUCH better, but for the belching and gas side affects. Iodine has been recommended. How can I be notified of your post(s)?

  92. megan says

    What about someone who had to have their thryroid removed due to cancer and has no choice but to take medication. What are your suggestions for maintaining optimal health in this scenario? Thanks!

  93. Tuesday says

    Hi Chris,

    I can’t find anything to read about why I am on synthroid, taking it properly and nearly every TSH check I am way hypo such as once 40, then they raised synthroid and soon normal labs again and this August 8.8 and raised to 175mcg and today I am 0.8 but was sent for a second ultrasound the first one was called for in the middle of my exam which was very hard to get through. I can’t even wear a necklace and basically since being diagnosed at about 25 with TSH 10 as hypothyroid after the onset of spine and bone pain that is now severe fibro and a multitude of other problems after growing up so healthy I am so nervous someone is missing something critical but I have fought to look and grown tired and fought again back and forth. Since 2009 the thoracic pain became acute and severe and chrnoic and it never hurt in that area before and hasnt stopped since I even raced for a breast reduction it was so bad. That didn’t take away the pain. On accident they found some “borderline to lymphadenopathy”nodes in my axilla and mediastinum and two shapes in my right lobe of my right lung. I have just moved to San Antonio and my new PCP who sent me for thyroid US will get the results comparing to the one I had in 2008 I dont remember much but there were nodules and a goiter and the middle was thick, im following up on so many things I dont remember what they said except keep taking your synthroid whih I do exactly in the am no food or other meds until 30 minutes at least yet it keeps crashing with no other changes- having the US tech stop in the middle of my test today to call the doctors office in Tyler to obtain the former radiology report scared me- im not an idiot I was just without insurance for a long time when I got sick. My father has non hodgkin lymphoma mantle cell right now, his mom died of leukemia and had five other cancers, An oncologist followed me with repeat CTS which I am past due on another look was supposed to check 2 years ago for any changes and a recent breast mam us and mri detected two lymph to watch as well……. meanwhile my youth is slipping away and i have tried to stay so upbeat. I live in severe pain that went from managable fibro to severe in 2009 and hasnt stopped or responded to anything i have tried it all- I am on 12 drugs none of which have changed during t his last thyroid crash. i run fevers with flares of pain- I flush I feel hot and I run about 101.2 and can tell to go check for fever based on the pressure I feel I have descibed my pain as pressure for so long- my husband keeps telling me one day someone will figure it all out- but I dont know who HOUSE was a tv show……..excuse the typos normally i would correct but im tired and just had my throat smashed in a US and have no idea what I will find out next or do next…… My mother has Graves and had her thyroid Killed with Iodine- her mother had a cyst removed and was military and doesnt remember much about it but my mother does not have the pain and the other things I am going through- my husband was dressing me when I was first diagnosed and once when my TSH was checked while Iwas so sick my white blood cells were at 16 not too high but the TSH was 40…… very hypo I am one tough cookie but tired of thinking and i guess if all along its been cancer, then its too late, isnt it?………..My recent WBC count was only 12 at the time of TSH 8.8…… hypo is -NOS anyway I liked reading your article but still dont understand whats going on and or why these highly educated specialists havent made me well or at least improved me… I have only declined this last year and my child is 6- i only keep fighting for her and I can feel my thyroid choking me but also feel the difference of recent labs TSH 0.8 from Augusts 8.8- at least im not crying everyday and now I can move. Sincerely, Tuesday- PS I have no idea what to expect from todays US I guess we will find out

    • Tara says

      Hi Tuesday
      A few things to google
      Reverse T3, hashimotos, STTM, adrenal fatigue, iron defiencies and thyroid/cortisol, vit d and thyroid/cortisol, natural dessicated thyroid (NDT), cymotel, the gluten connection. The best medicine is to learn yourself what is going on and how it works. We heal ourselves with the assistance of doctors.,

  94. Kathy says

    Katherine — I am a Hashimoto’s patient who has had her mercury fillings removed — and my dentist did not know the proper way to do it! In particular, what he used to replace my fillings was a material I was highly reactive to (not biocompatible with). So I would advise you please, please, please find someone who does the Huggins Protocol — and the best way to be sure you have the right person is to speak to someone on staff at– I say that not because I’m a commercial, but because that is how I got all the materials out of my mouth that were making me sick (more than just Hashimoto’s). I’m confident I’m “on the road” to wellness because getting the noncompatibile materials out is an immense strengthener to the immune systerm. I wish you the very best — Kathy

    • Anonymous says

      I have been on thyroid medicine for about 7 months. It took a few months for me to start feeling better but now im starting to feel bad again. My feet get swollen if i set to long and start to fall asleep. I feel like ive been hit by a bus but didnt do anything the whole day. I started my period and it quit in 3 days. So i thought it was done then all of sudden 4 days later i was bleeding so bad i couldnt get off the toilet. I dont have any idea what is going on with me . I thought the medicine was to make me feel better. Please if you have any info. let me know. Also im so tired when i go to bed but i toss and turn all night with usually 4 hrs. of sleep.

  95. says


    I just found out that I have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. I am 34 and not overweight, and have an excellent healthy, organic diet. I think your information is totally awesome and useful, but what is one supposed to do other than take the synthetic thyroid in this case.

    I’ve researched and found that mine could be due to mercury poisoning, so my first step in healing naturally is to get the mercury amalgam fillings out of my teeth and do a mercury and heavy metal cleanse – as soon as I can get the money to do it. I also do not eat carbohydrates, not even whole grains or legumes, and I even don’t do well with caroots, because when I do, I feel awful ALL THE TIME with headache and nausea, even while taking synthetic thyroid medication. I can actually have days where I have tons of energy eating in this way.

    Thanks so much for any info.

  96. Sarah says

    oh! and make sure you are taking your synthroid properly!! Take first thing in the morning, on a completely EMPTY stomach with a FULL 8 oz glass of water. Then wait 1 hour before eating or drinking anything else. Don’t eat walnuts, stomach meds or tums or calcium supplements within 4 hours of taking it.

  97. Sarah says

    Summer…it can take a long time for the Synthroid to start working. Like say upwards of 3 months. We do tests for thryoid at my job and our patients have to be off their Synthroid for a minimum of 3 weeks before the test can be done. It takes a long time to get in and out of your system. I’m not sure about the birth control pill… endo thinks that may have been a trigger for me to have Hashimoto’s. I am sure Chris can explain it better but something happens to your thyroid while on the pill…it depresses it or something…

  98. Summer says

    Could Lupron injections I received to treat endometriosis have caused or be correlated to my hypothyroidism? After my Lupron tx was finished I went into my OB because I was feeling miserable…lab work later revealed TSH of 72 and T4 of 0.4. I think I passed off a lot of my symptoms to the Lupron. My PCP put me on Synthroid and two weeks later I still feel lousy! I would think at this point after two weeks of Synthroid I would be feeling better. I also need to start taking birth control to keep my endometriosis from returning, but am worried about further complicating my already messed up hormones! Any information would be very appreciated.

  99. Kay says

    Hi, Chris.
    Interesting read. You give the impression (how it reads to me) that taking thyroid “medication” won’t work for most people suffering from hypothyroidism, but how does that explain the fact that most do feel better, improve on it?

    I agree that hypothyroidism is often an effect of another, underlying illness, but you didn’t mention any of them specifically like Adrenal Fatigue, which I think is critical for those who still need a more full, proper diagnosis beyond the low thyroid symptoms (also for keyword searches).

    Nature-Throid by RLC Labs is a natural T3, T4 combination BTW.

  100. lynne says

    Select, yes I have also come to the conclusion that it is the antibiotics that may have tipped me over into Hashimoto’s. I also got tested for mercury toxicity and my levels are in the low end of the acceptable range, so mercury is not the problem. Following advice on one of Chris’ pages I have read Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and she points to damage done to the gut by overload of antibiotics amongst other things, which can trigger auto-immune problems. She has created a diet that seeks to remedy this. You might find that worth looking into.

  101. Select says

    To Lynne:
    I think the heavy antibiotics are much more likely what caused the problem to emerge. I am also very healthy and never had any thyroid symptoms until after I took some strong antibiotics. The ~3 mnths before major ongoing symptoms sounds accurate in my case too.

  102. Chris Kresser says

    Yes. Thyroid antibodies (TPO & thyroglobulin). If her doc won’t order, you can get them at

  103. Scott Kleist says

    Chris, My wife is right in the middle of finding the right doseage of Armour Thyroid with our Dr. How can we determine if her “Thyroid” issues are really being brought on by Immune Dysregulation – is there a test? Like a white blood cell count or something?

  104. Chris Kresser says

    Lynne: autoimmune conditions rarely have a single, isolated cause, and once antibody production begins, it does not stop. That’s the nature of how the immune system works. I don’t think removing the root canal is likely to reverse your Hashimoto’s, unfortunately.

    • Anon says

      PS I apologize to leave three comments but I also forgot to mention that a few years ago, when I first became extremely sick, the city broke a sewer line and my basement apartment was flooded with about 2 ft of raw sewage. The home was built in 1900. They did replace the carpeting but not the wood paneling or the laminate. I cannot move. I have no way to get a new apartment. My landlords are being very generous because I’ve lived here for 8 years now. But I don’t know what to do. I truly believe the sick feeling I’ve been having is from this sewage spill since the main symptoms I have began shortly after that. But the doctor said it’s nothing but thyroid. I even had one doctor tell me I must have been evil in a past life, (not joking) and another who laughed at my red face and said I’m’s just…….your acne….it’s so bad. I am at a total loss. Please if you have any way of sifting through my comments *I left three, sorry) and all I’m looking for really………is what direction can I take to at least feel better? Who can help me? What should I do to make this easier to relay all of this information without overwhelming them and coming across as a hypochondriac? What is the most beneficial way for me to communicate all of my symptoms and issues in an efficient manner that will allow them to look at all possible causes? I have been tested for Lyme disease and autoimmune disease and they have ruled out MS and diabetes, as well as Chrons and Lupus

    • Anon says

      Also if I have the antibody to MCV is that a possible reason for the inflammation on my face as well as my overall ill feeling? Low grade fever, feeling just very ill. It seems to generally coincide with the inflammation on my face. So is this likely a thyroid problem or a viral?

    • Anon says

      Also if I have the antibody to MCV is that a possible reason for the inflammation on my face as well as my overall ill feeling? Low grade fever, feeling just very ill. It seems to generally coincide with the inflammation on my face. So is this likely a thyroid problem or a viral?

  105. lynne says

    Hello Chris,
    Thank you for your interesting information about Hashimoto’s. I have recently been diagnosed with this and was shocked owing to the generally healthy life and diet i had mainly followed. However, about 3 months prior to the first major symptom showing up I had an agonising root canal procedure which lasted over a month with many visits to the dentist owing to massive infection that had to be treated with heavy antibiotics and the difficulty the dentist had in securely locating all the ‘canals’. Could this be the cause and if so would you recommend removing this? Is there some way of diagnosing this as the cause. I am becoming increasingly tempted just to remove it IN CASE it was the cause, and so there may be some chance to recover from the extremely debilitating symptoms I am suffering.

  106. Chris Kresser says


    I’m sorry, I can’t possibly advise without knowing more about your situation. Thyroid physiology is incredibly complex.

    I do work with patients in-person in the Bay Area and by telephone/Skype around the world. If you’re interested in that, please check out my professional site.

  107. lin says

    Each day I take 125mg of thyroxine, 6xmg Norethisterone,
    4-6xtransexamic acid as needed, 250mg Adizem,30mg Lansoprazole. 40mg simvastatin, 6x adcal-d3, 6x 8/500 co codimol, 75mg asprin, 2.5 ramipril, and a weekly 30mg butrans patch for pain. I am exhausted all the time. What can I do instead

  108. Chris Kresser says

    Hi Tracy,

    Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to get the support you need from a PCP or an endocrinologist, unless they are unusually progressive and open-minded. The standard of care for thyroid disorders – whether autoimmune, as most are, or otherwise – is replacement hormone. It’s rare for conventional practitioners to go beyond that and address the underlying mechanisms involved.

    I do work with patients in-person in the Bay Area and by telephone around the world. If you’re interested in that, please check out my professional site.

  109. says

    This article gives me the most plausible explanation to what is going on with me at 14 I was sent to Georgetown university with a goiter I am now 46 and over the last 6 years have gone from .75mcg of synthroid to 4 grains of armour thyroid with no increase in thyroid levels all my muscles ache it’s like a charlie horse in my entire body as well as severe hair loss dry scaly skin abnormal weight gain joint pain and I have trouble maintaining my body temp. it’s like chills but when I take my temp. it’s like 94-90 and I will fall asleep weather I want to or not like hypothermia I was also diagnosed at 25 with reiters syndrom so the autoimmunity issue is also present should I continue letting my family doctor try to level out my thyroid with medication increases and discuss this article with him or am I to a point where I should be seeing an endocrinologist Thank-you for this post it has been most insightful

    • susan says

      Dear Tracy, (How) did you ever resolve the issue when increasing thyroid hormone your muscle ache. (My muscles in addiditon get stiff /weak) I am on 2.75 grains of armour thyroid (and have tried nature thyroid also) . My doc has also tried me on a little bit of Cortif for adrenal fatigue with no results. Susan

  110. pat & jim says

    what are the specialist called that can help my husband
    he gets headaches with most thyroid meds and is now taking shots.

    • says

      Was diagnosed with graves disease 7 yrs ago. The specialist first treated my problem with iodine. First do u think that was a gd idea before evaluating my condition any further. I was treated by him for about 4 &half yrs and he would never talk to me directly only to his interns knowing i was scared and confused. I weighed a bout 113 pds during my first visits and he had me on 125mg for a yr an i rapidly gained weight then he kept me on 100 mg for about 3&half yrs my health was only gettin worst so i found another speciialist. From forst visit he made me feel better by explaining my health n better detail, then he weighed me and sd i was takin way to much levothyroxin and reduced me to 88 mg. Thats been bout 2 yrs ago now . Ive lost my job no insuraance and have been out of meds for 2 wks and i know how imp it is to have them now i feel 1000xs worse then i ever have!!!! Ne advice or explanations or concerns i need to know

    • Leslie Dibble says

      I am just starting to research the HPT axis. Myself and my extended family have a LOT of inflammation, joint, back and hip pain. I had already cut out the gluten and refined sugar and am taking Dr. Royal Lee organic whole food supplements administered by a progressive wellness chiropractic doctor. My local wellness and organic food store advised enzymes and cherry juice extract for inflammation. I take Wobenzym N enzymes, Carlson D3 and OmegaXL and use a Homedics percussion heat massager. All of the above things have had a very significant effect on my joint pain, bloating, weight loss and sense of well being. The enzymes are special kicker. I also pray to Jesus for answers. God bless you all.

  111. Lethal Lee says

    Hi Chris,
    Actually all of the ingredients you listed were already in Armour, to be precise they were since the FIRST REFORMULATION in 1996.
    However in 2008/9 they again reformulated by greatly REDUCING the dextrose & greatly INCREASING the methylcellulose.
    I wrote about it here
    So I’m acutely aware that for MANY it is not as effective anymore. Interestingly back in 1996 there was a similar reaction to the FIRST reformulation.
    I’m in Australia & the only Dessicated Thyroid available here is Compounded using PCCA Thyroid Extract USP. Unfortunately the Compounders ALL use methylcellulose or worse Hydromellose as fillers. I’ve had to resort to T3 only because of that & now doing very well.

  112. Lethal Lee says

    “Patients who don’t convert T4 to T3 well do better on bio-identical hormones like Armour, because it contains both T4 and T3 (in a 4.22:1 ratio).”
    Correction Armour is NOT bio-identical. It is natural, that is, it contains Thyroid Hormones (all of them), made naturally by the pig’s thyroid.
    The synthetics ARE bio-identical but are not natural.
    Note I am NOT saying synthetics are better certainly T4 alone is good for no-one IMHO. I tried NTH unfortunately my conversion is lousy. I do very well now on T3 only.
    Note Armour since reformulation doesn’t appear to be effective for many folks anymore.

    • Chris Kresser says


      Regarding Armour’s reformulation, one reason some patients do worse on it now (and others do better) is that they changed the fillers. It now has calcium stearate, dextrose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate, and opadry white as inactive ingredients. Many patients with Hashimoto’s have polyendocrine autoimmune disorders and react differently to the fillers in different hormone products.

  113. Mario says

    First, I know no better medicine to regulate Th1/Th2 imbalance than LDN (low dose naltrexone).

    Second, I think that avoiding some of the immune triggers/endocrine disruptors is almost impossible in our modern society. How one can avoid bromine, bisphenol and other hazardous compounds present in dust, devices, cloths, foams, carpet, furniture, cars, etc, etc, of almost any ambient of any city around the world?

    • Sarah says

      Dear Sir

      Thank you so very much for reminding us of the link between Low-Dose Naltrexone and autoimmune disease. I have studies this drug extensively for my fathers’ condition. Now I would like to know of any case studies of people who have successfully been helped with LDN for their Hashimoto. Would you know of any?

      Thank you so very much in advance for your reply.

      • Sarah says

        Dear Mr. Kresser

        Thanks for this privilege of writing. We had inquired about Low Dose Naltrexone (not time released) but we finally did our own research on the product. We believe that everyone having Thyroid difficulties or any autoimmune disorder should research this product too since doctors will not talk to patients about it. ( One can research this and see why not.) My husband has had many relapses with his autoimmune disease and twice was bedridden for over two months. He has recently started taking LDN and his symptoms have practically all disappeared. Many people have had similar success!!!

        We hope that this post can help others with similar problems.

  114. says

    Btw, sorry for calling you Eric. Don’t know where that came from. A mental derangement perhaps :-). OK, I’m curious about what you are going to say about the triggers. VBR

  115. says

    Eric, I did not study this subject, but my first reacting would be that “dampening” (reducing) the immune system is not a good idea. How would you like to do this and what would be the other effects of this. I would suggest that people try to find and avoid the things that are causing the auto-immune reactions. Illiminating foods like grains (, soy (, dairy and (perhaps) eggs would be a good start. Are you going to continue on this subject?

    • Chris Kresser says


      Removing potential immune triggers is important. I will discuss this further. But often that’s not enough. Most autoimmune patients have a Th1/Th2 imbalance that must be addressed. This is what I mean by dampening the immune system. “selectively dampening” or “regulating” would have been more accurate terms.

      • Anon says

        Hello, I’m wondering if you can help me. I have been feeling very sick for quite some time. My thyroid levels were 9.5 TSH I believe they said at one point it was 14. When I first became ill I lost about 60 pounds and was very underweight. Now I have gained 115 lbs in a short time. I have tried Levo, Synthroid, and Armour, and I believe something else. Right now I am on Armour. But when I dyed my hair I had a severe allergic reaction which caused me to see urgent care. The doctor prescribed Prednisone and after a day or so I was feeling healthy like I did years ago before I became ill. However, 2 days after the course of pills, I began to become ill again. Now the doctor has prescribed two courses of Methylprednisolone but in the instructions it states that prolonged use of this drug is not recommended. When the Prednisone ended I began to have severe dizziness but not like vertigo, more like I was drunk. Last night I missed the last pill and this morning had the drunk feeling again until about an hour after taking the Methylprednisolone.

        What I’m saying I guess is that the inflammation on my face does seem to coincide with my overall health. It is very severe when I feel the worse, and almost gone completely when I am on the Prednisone and feeling better.

        However, now it seems like my body is getting used to the Prednisone or the Methylpredisolone is not as strong, because I am beginning to return to feeling as I did before I ever began taking it.

        The doctor said that I do not have an autoimmune disorder and that the dizziness they believe is caused by soft tissue on a CT Scan which they believe is a cholosteatoma. I am seeing the ENT doctor in a few days but I’m just curious, what are some options if when the Methylprednisolone prescription ends in a week? Or should that treat this inflammation completely? Along with the inflammation I get this flushing feeling like I’m getting a fever but it never goes above 100.4. It’s usually about 99.4

        Also, last week, after the Prednisone ended I threw up for about four hours, every 20 minutes or so.

        I am on Meclizine 12.5 mg at bedtime only, Armour thyroid, 30MG in the morning, and 15 mg at bedtime, AMOX-CLAV 875 MG as before I threw up the doctor thought I had an ear infection that was causing the dizziness.and Methylprednisolone 4 MGdospak 21’s, which I am to refill on Thursday if I’m not feeling better.

        • Anon says

          Sorry I just realized that I didn’t clearly ask a question… question is what direction of care should I seek if the ENT doctor says it’s nothing and I still feel sick after finishing the Methylprednisolone?

          Should I see an endocrinologist or should I just see my regular internal medicine doctor and try to adjust my thyroid medicine?

          Or, is there another type of doctor who could address this inflammation on my face?

          I should mention that I have had a lot of other health issues over the last few years. I had a non-cancerous growth in my mouth that covered two teeth. I also had severe leg cramping and parasthesias (sp) I was diagnosed with anemia, and scurvy (?) I also had a tooth break off randomly while chewing gum half of it just fell out, and have before this never had mouth issues even with cavities in general. I did also test positive for MCV antibodies but they never said anything about it because the test for an active infection was negative.

          Also I have the feeling of a lump in the right side of my throat near my neck bone. It comes and goes and sometimes feels like pins and needles. Is this just my thyroid? They also removed four other small cysts from my throat and uvula. They thought I had an STD but it came back negative for an STD or cancer. They said, it’s not anything.

          I have a lot of lumps on my neck, lymph nodes swollen I think.

          I also fractured my spine and had some issues with walking about 6 months after that but they seem to have resolved. However, I hit my head at the same time but never mentioned it to the doctor as it didn’t hurt. These dizzy spells or drunk feelings did begin before I dyed my hair so I’m wondering what is the most likely cause of these? The ear build up? The hitting it on a metal car rim then the pavement? The thyroid?

          My question is what can I do after I finish the Methylprednisone? What type of doctor would be good for me to see? I have just been avoiding the doctors for a very long time because I got so tired of it. The thyroid medicine made me feel worse but these episodes are very strange. I don’t drink more than once or twice a year or so but it’s been feeling like I had four drinks or so……and like I said, that started before I was on any medication at all.

          But when I had such a bad allergic reaction to the hair dye and told the doctor about the drunk feeling they put my on the Prednisone and that really seemed to help all my other symptoms too. I’m assuming the Methylprednisone is similar but what can I do when it ends next week? I can barely do anything when I feel that drunk feeling I get without it.

  116. Kathy says

    What do you think of treatment with Cytomel? It’s T3 only. My concern is that I might need some other thyroid fractions (T4, perhaps T2/T1) as might be found in Armour. Thoughts? 

    • Chris Kresser says


      I’m sorry, there’s really no way I can answer that question without doing a full exam and lab work.

      • milli says

        am also suffering thats kind of broblem .iahv thyoride glan my gland become expand day by day and looking very bad but in my test my tsh t1 t2 t3 all the test are normal no deficiency of iodine plz tell me wt i do can i became healthy again iam very dissapoint from life due to this disese operation is not the solotion of this problem plz tell me the way or any good doctor or any website through this my problm solved plz help me and guide me regards milli

  117. says

    I’m personally interested in this series, and hope that you will also be addressing your take on how to ” dampen the immune system and decrease inflammation.”

  118. Chris Kresser says

    It’s entirely possible the doctor didn’t tell you, because it wouldn’t have altered the course of treatment.

    Your husband can have his TSH receptor antibodies tested.  This is sometimes called a TSI test, or a TRAb test.  If these antibodies are elevated, it’s likely he has Graves’.  TPO & TG antibodies are also often elevated, as they are in Hashimoto’s.

  119. says

    Thanks, Chris.  Not sure or not if he had Graves disease. Would the doctor have tested and mentioned that? Is there anyway to test that now?

  120. says

    Hi Chris-
    My husband had hyperthyroidism, which has treated by irradiation. Now he has hypothyroidism and takes Synthroid. Since he thyroid was deliberately damaged, and it isn’t an autoimmune problem, is synthroid his only choice?

    • Chris Kresser says

      Since your husband can’t produce thyroid hormone on his own, replacement is his only choice. That said, are you certain he didn’t have Graves’ disease? Graves’ is the autoimmune form of hyperthyroidism. If he had that before, he likely still has it now and it would be important for him to address the autoimmunity.

      • Alexandra says


        I have been on medication since 2007 for Graves’s disease and I don’t want to go under surgery nor to take radioactive iodine. I know that it’s an autoimune disease and probably will never recover but I did twice and keep falling back in the sickness. You are speaking of adressing the autoimunity and inflamation, and I woud like to know what you would advice for Graves’ case in particular? I have seen various doctors and none helped with the sideeffects, they are only willing to regulate the hormone levels…
        Thank you so much in advance for your help.

  121. Sarah says

    Thanks!  I look forward to your next post :-)
    In reading some more on cortisol and the birth control pill, it seems common place that cortisol is high on oral contraceptives.  Even my lab requisition says it will only test cortisol if patient is confirmed to not be on oral contraceptives.  Could this be a partial link to why so many women suffer from hashi’s?
    Also, to whomever was saying iodine is not an issue…I work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and we test the thyroid gland function by giving the patient a very very small dose of radioactive iodine.  We can then measure, with a radiation detector, how much is in the patient’s thyroid and how much is still circulating in their body.  If the patient consumes even seafood (which relatively speaking is low in iodine content) in the 3 weeks prior to their test, it skews the results a lot!  They actually look like their thyroid is hypofunctioning because their thyroid is so full of iodine (for lack of a more medical description) that it won’t take up the radioactive iodine we give them.  So essentially by having them on a no iodine diet 3 weeks prior to the test we can then get a snapshot in time of their thyroid function.
    Just FYI

  122. Sarah says

    This series is amazing thank you!!!  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a year ago from an antibody blood test even though my TSH was normal I was put on Synthroid.  I also suffer from Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and take Reactine daily to control the hives.
    I am very curious about your next segment as I would love some tips on addessing the autoimmune part of this as I clearly am suffering from two autoimmune diseases, all which came on after the birth of my second daughter.
    I would love to know what you think about high cortisol levels and its effect on thyroid hormones, more specifically the conversion of T4 to T3 and/or antibodies that could be faciliated by high cortisol?  I can remember being 18 years old and put on the birth control pill and having all the symptoms of hypothyroidism after about a year on the pill, but all my labs came back normal (aka my TSH was normal) except my cortisol was very very high.  Dr said this was normal on the birth control pill.  About 6 months after that at a clinic a different dr said my thyroid felt firm and to get it checked out.  I was 19 and stupid and did not.  Since then I have steadily had increasing problems with weight gain, acne, fatigue, allergies, and now hashimoto’s and hives.  Seems connected in my mind but I would love your thoughts…when you have time of course :-)

    • Chris Kresser says


      Birth control pills increase thyroid binding proteins, which in turn decreases the levels of free thyroid hormone (the active forms) available to the body. This won’t turn up on a test unless free hormones are measured, which they rarely are. That explains why you had hypothyroid symptoms on the pill, but had normal test results. Cortisol is a hormone that is elevated during an active stress response. Stress is inflammatory. Inflammation reduces T4 to T3 conversion, dysregulates the HPT axis, and decreases receptor function.

      So yeah, it’s all related.

      In a later post I’ll be talking more explicitly about problems that cause hypothyroid symptoms that won’t show up on normal lab tests. I’ve just mentioned one (increase in thyroid binding proteins), but I’ll go into more detail on that and talk about a few more.

      • Robyn Lynn says

        Hey everyone I absolutely love love this site I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 3 months ago and put on levatroxinen for it and found out I have a autoimmune deisese but my body’s not agreeing with the med I don’t feel any different at all I’m 34 and feel like the walking dead but to get to the ? Has anyone else ever had any issues with the med affecting your heart?My heart rate goes from 79-80 to 110 just out of the blue and also I
        Feel like my hearts just stopping and I catch myself waking up in a gasp for air or I can be sitting around and do the same and I know it’s the thyroid med because I quit taking it over a week Ago and I am not having any of the heart related issues.Still tired and can’t rest hurt all over and my hairs falling out not counting the weight gain and I told my doctor and she did my labs and I’m still waiting in test.anyone else had or having those problems?
        Thanks .

          • bradterrie says

            Khoa Sunshine, can you please elaborate on your comment? I have Hashi’s SERIOUS inflammation and my doctor keeps lowing my Armour because my heart rate is 110 (has been since I was put on Thyroid meds) but now I can’t even leave my house, anxiety, fatigue, feel like my body was hit by a truck..everyday….Can you please direct me to information on t3 only? I am very interested since I have ZERO quality of life. Thank you so much for your time.

            • khoa sunshine says

              Most of my knowledge did come from Chris Kresser .I didn’t even know I was sick until I gave up smoking and put on 5kilo in 5 weeks ,a bit quick I thought.Went for blood test . Antibodies over 1000 tsh,t3,t4 all off the ricter. In other words .Patholgy couldn’t read them. Doctor rang personally and said come in now. He gave me a script for t4 and said have a blood test in a month. Well I wasn’t sick but in 2 weeks I was like a cripple and the pain so severe I couldn’t sleep and I was so depressed with panic attacks . never new what they were either. Had to get some,one to drive me to Dr.He was in shock I was not the same thin bright bubbley person he met. I talked about a thing called RT3 he new nothing of it, so I gave him a copy of Chrisses RT3 site. .I went off the T4 for 8 days and he tested me for arthritis and lymes desease. I went back 8 days later running jumping and laughing. And his results were negative. So he said I could try T3 but I had to get a medi bracelet as I don’t have a thyroid any more hashimotos killed it. I was then stabilized on T3 in less than a month as it is instant in the body but must be taken every 8 hrs or when u feel ur heart flutter. My tsh is 0 my T4 is 0 and my T3 is just above the high range which is 6.2 the perfect T3 reading. Ps I did attempt Thyroid extract as well but this cause an immune attack on my body because the desease thought that the bio,identical was a fresh new thyroid. . This was almost as bad as RT3. I love my life on T3. Thank you for ur knowledge Chris.

              • nabur says

                To koa sunshine:

                I’m happy that T3 is working out for you – some of our doctors won’t prescribe it for us. (I assume you’re talking about Cytomel, and not the timed release T3?)

                — Generic Cytomel, under the name “Cynomel” can, however, be purchased online without a prescription. unfortunately, the smallest cynomel tablet is 25 mcg, which makes it a tad more difficult to cut into smaller doses – “Cytomel” starts at a 5 mcg tablet—

                How can we judge what amount of T3 we should be taking, i.e., should we be checking blood pressures, temps, pulses, symptoms, or all of the above in order to take the amount that might work for us.

                Also, would you mind letting us know how many microgramsyou are taking every 8 hours, how long you’ve been taking it, and what your starting dosage was?

                Sorry for all the questions, but I’m convinced that questions like this, regarding dosages, are the missing link when sufferers are trying to find answers that our doctors simply cannot give us.

                We may all be different (as I’m constantly reminded), but we do have two very important things in common – we are all human beings, and we are all suffering.

          • Delia says

            I have a underactive thyroid as well. Been on levothyroxinefor over a year now.staryed with 50mg. And then 75mg. But im still tired . I feel like ive been run over by a truck everyday allday. I just want my life back. Im so tired of being tired. My doctor just increase the amount, but it doesnt change things. Im so sick ofbeing tired until imerisable. Please help me…anyone I stay in bed allday stuggle to just cook, never finish cleanign up nothing. Im 57yrs old

          • Delia says

            I have a underactive thyroid as well. Been on levothyroxinefor over a year now.staryed with 50mg. And then 75mg. But im still tired . I feel like ive been run over by a truck everyday allday. I just want my life back. Im so tired of being tired. My doctor just increase the amount, but it doesnt change things. Im so sick ofbeing tired until imerisable. Please help me…anyone I stay in bed allday stuggle to just cook, never finish cleanign up nothing. Im 57yrs old.

        • Nili says

          Yes i had that med=levatroxinen and had thesame problems with hart rate + panick attcks that lasted for 8 hours cus’ of this Med now i take Sintro’ i am still Not as good as i used to be But i have taken my helth into my hands leaving the doctors ONLY to writ up prescripshens and for blood tests
          I have/ had Graves , had to have radioactive iodine to remove thyroid , wish some one will talke about ppl , like me , who do Not have a thyroid any more ( hint hint )

          • khoa sunshine says

            Read my post I have found everything I need just by going to Chris Kressers site . Listen to ur body and find it on this site . My life is great now and it was a nightmare. . Don’t give up . Get out of ur own head and see the light its there .Good luck .

          • says

            I also have suffered from Graves’ disease and had radioactive iodine treatment 15 years ago. Recently had a baby n my thyroid levels changed drastically throughout the pregnancy. For me I have to just accept that I cannot do what I “should” be doing. I have to trust that God has a plan for me. I have to be merciful to myself and not beat myself up for being lazy. The guilt of having days where I have to force myself to get out of bed where I actually have to wonder if I can handle my daughter alone. It’s the guilt trip I give myself that wounds me the most. Bad week here sorry :) but I’m on levothyroxine 112mcg cytomel 5 mcg celexa 40 mcg because the depression finally got to me when I noticed it affected my daughter and not just my husband and I. I’m also taking 37.5 mcg of phentermine to lose the baby weight. On the phentermine I was able to lose 20 lbs in 6 months. But people with a thyroid would lose twice that amount. The only drawback is that when I stop taking it I gain the weight back very quickly. I will say that Prozac made me gain weight, celexa makes me severely hypo very quickly, I’m able to lose 3-5 lbs a month eating oatmeal, slim fast, lean cuisines n saltines n chicken noodle soup. I hate for people to see me when I’m hypo, so I hibernate, lay in bed, cry a lot, only want to eat peanut mnms n gummy worms. I get full of paranoia, hate and rage when I’m hyper also severe diarrhea, my hair falls out and I fear the graves will come back and I will have big eyes again. So now I’m 33 and I have an awesome daughter and husband who love me and I don’t know who I am. Am I just an angry/grumpy person? Was I ever sweet or kind? Or am I a sad victim? Was I ever happy? Did my horrible personality make me Ill? Or did my illness give me this horrible personality? I’m hypo currently and on day 3 of med increase n still worn out after a 10 hour shift of work putting on my happy face n now can’t even play with my daughter. She must think I hate her. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent and maybe this info will help someone.

  123. claire says

    I’ve been reading your blog with interest, being uninsured and only able to access my naturopath when I can pay out of pocket. What you report makes me think I’m generally on the right path towards keeping healthy and healing myself as I get older. Here’s my question.
    Will you be talking about the tests to determine the need for iodine? My naturopath suggested I take one and I was put on iodine after that.
    I wonder about all the immune system problems I’ve developed as I’ve moved through my 40’s: Allergies, mild asthma, tinea versicolor, mild eczema, thyroid problems, the list keeps growing.
    I still feel energetic and mostly fine but I can’t help but get stressed out trying to figure out how to keep healthy. What should one do if it seems that their immune system is out of balance? Thyroid is just part of it. A very important part according to this article. Thanks

    • Chris Kresser says


      I wish there was an easy answer to your question. Unfortunately, autoimmune disease is complex and each case must be considered individually. That said, I’ll be providing some general steps to regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation that are applicable to everyone. Stay tuned.

      • Mary B. Montoya says

        Hello ,
        I have hashimoto’s. I used to take T3-T4 for my thyroid and while on it, I felt terrible. I felt I have anxiety and insomnia, irritability and depression. so I went to a nutritionist which helped me to get rid or candida, and told me to stop all medications and vitamins. so , I stopped everything, then after 2 months, I started to feel terrible. my anxiety, irritability and insomnia came back. I did some thyroid tests and and TSH is 218.00, T4free is 0.37, T3 total is 53, total T4 is 2.4. so as you see all my tests are not so good. So I went back to my regular doctor and I told him to give me armour thyroid. So he did, but now I can’t even tolerate 1/4 of the armour pill. I started having shaking, nauseous, panic, irritable feeling. My adrenals are a little elevated, I thought it would be my adrenals, but now reading your blog, it makes me think that maybe I’m feeling these reactions because I might have to much inflammation. do you think if I lower my inflammation, I can start to tolerate the thyroid medication? It would be great if you could help me, I am desperate and don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t tolerate thyroid medication, but I feel irritable without it too. so any advice would really help me. thanks

        • Rex Allis says

          My concern is that we all call it inflammation, when Lyme disease is attacking so many. You all need to be put on antibiotics, but, the insurance companies are trying to cover all of this up. Inflammation needs to be detected to see what bacteria is causing this. Especially people that have been sick for a while.

        • says

          I too have been diagnosed with hashimoto thyroiditis and my tsh is 12. My t3 and t4 are within range. In spite of having plenty of energy the Dr. tried me on levothyroxine at the very lowest dose. For three wks I thought my racing mind was going to explode and I did not make the correlation that it was the med. After one wk. off the levothyroxine I felt myself. I have nodules on both side of my thyroid under one centimeter. They say I have thyroiditis but I feel fine. I don’t understand?

  124. Chris Kresser says


    There’s a difference between suppressing the immune system across the board with steroids and dampening the parts of it that need dampening.  And there are many ways to reduce inflammation that don’t involve immunosuppressive drugs.

    • Susan D says

      So, if I my conversion rate is over 200% (I have hashimoto’s) and I’ve been taking Levoxyl for 4.5 months. I cut out gluten and sugar….they why are my T4 #’s taking forever to come up? Started at .8, just now got to 1.0. I am feeling a little better, but not losing any weight and I am meticulous about eating.

      • micedove says

        I feel ya cut out soda sugar fake sugar then keep gaining…I get blood test… On my doctor appointment paper it read patient very upset about weight. You try hard and gain. I’ve always been chubby now I’m 301 never been that big. I’m real upset

    • Sandy says

      When I was 17 I was diagnosed with the Graves Disease and treated with radioactive iodine. I am now 33 and been taking synthroid and levothyraxine for over 20 years my weight is almost impossible to lose and suffer with irregular periods what do you suggest I do? Thanks

      • Shel says

        I have been on Synthroid since ’99. I felt like a zombie. I finally found a doctor that would prescribe me naturethroid which is generic for Armour. My numbers after three adjustments are perfect and I finally feel normal again. Naturethroid has T3 also and seems to be just what I needed. I would suggest anyone on Synthroid to try the natural replacement.

        • Marian says

          Hi Shel,

          My GP suggested that I see the specialist. He won’t prescribe me any more medication until I see the specialist. Says my numbers are up and down. I’ve been on Thyroid meds for about 18 yrs and this is the first time that I’ve been told my numbers are out of whack.

          I’m about to get an appt. with the Thyroid specialist. I haven’t been on any medication for about 5 weeks now. Is Naturethroid over the counter or a prescription drug?

          For 18 yrs, I’ve been tired – that has never changed. Hate it. Can’t even keep my eyes open on a Saturday night to watch a late movie. :)

          • Pamela says

            Hi Shel, Naturethroid is a prescription medication. It is not compounded but you can get it with a prescription.

      • Amy says

        I have hypothyroidism. I had to have half my thyroid removed due to a nodule. Typically a fine needle biospy would have detected cancer, but in my case, rare cells were found and I had to have surgery. After surgery and taking levothyroxine, I went on a low carb diet. Cutting out all starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, corn, and breads, along with ni sweets of any kind was hard to do, but pure self-discipline got me through it. It was the only diet that worked for me. I lost 60 lbs in just under a year. However, I know that all people won’t have the same results as I did, and all people can’t just do a low carb diet, as some other possible conditions along with a thyroid disorder might prevent that particular diet from working. Always consult with your physician before starting a new diet to be sure the diet is safe for you. Good luck with your weight loss.

    • nabur says

      What are those ways that I can fight inflammation, Chris; I really need to know. I am SO sick. I’ve been battling hypothyroidism for over ten years, and each year I’ve gone further downhill. Today I’m to the point where I can barely function. My legs and arms are so painful, weak and shaky, they are almost useless; consequently, all I am able to do is sit here on this wing chair watching TV, nodding off every hour or so, and periodically shuffling to the kitchen for food. This is not living and i don’t want to do it anymore. (My Blood tests over this ten-year period have consistently shown extremely high c-reactive protein, and no doctor has been able to tell me why.)

      • Sue says

        so sorry you are not feeling well and I understand. Do you have a good integrative dr in your area to go to because they can help you with your c-reative protein being high. Do you have a heart dr as well he/she may be able to help you but for me, it is finding a good integrative dr in your area who can run other tests to see what is going on and help you more than the standard western medicine dr. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

  125. Jesse says

    I’m confused. In the last post you said that depressing the immune system was worse than the disease it would be treating:
    “But in the case of Hashimoto’s, the consequences – i.e. side effects and complications – of using immunosuppressive drugs are believed to outweigh the potential benefits. (Thanks to conventional medicine for a relative moment of sanity here.)”
    But in this article, you say it is unfortunate that this treatment is rarely done.
    Which is it? Am I misunderstanding something?

  126. says

    Great series Chris.  Just a quick question regarding iodine (and I appreciate you are busy atm so no hurry).  While I can appreciate that simply throwing large doses of iodine at the thyroid problem may be an issue (people need to realise that often having too much of something can cause exactly the same sorts of issues as not having enough – iron is the classical example), what are your throughts for those who live in known iodine-deficient areas.  I am based in New Zealand and most of our soils are very low in iodine and iodine supplementation has recently been strongly recommended for all women planning a pregnancy in New Zealand and along the eastern seaboard of Australia for this very reason.  Thanks of ryour preciosu time in advance.

    • Glenys Bungard says

      Jamie,have you sorted your thyriod problem,and would you recommend going off thyriod medication and trying thyriod support

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