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Three Reasons Why Your Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working


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Reviewed by Jessica Montalvo, MD

This article is part of a special report on Thyroid Disorders. To see the other articles in this series, click here.

In the last post I explained that, for the vast majority of patients, hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease. This isn’t just an academic distinction. It’s the reason both conventional and alternative treatments are so often ineffective.

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In this post I’m going to show you why taking replacement thyroid hormones without addressing the underlying immune imbalance is doomed to fail.

The ultimate effect of hypothyroidism, whether it’s caused by iodine deficiency or autoimmunity, is to decrease the amount of thyroid hormone available to the body. The conventional approach is to simply replace these hormones with either synthetic or bio-identical forms.

On the surface it seems like a reasonable approach. Patient doesn’t have enough hormones? Give more hormones. Simple, right?

Not so much.

Once again the conventional approach falls short because it ignores the underlying cause of the problem. It’s like taking Advil when you’ve got a pebble stuck in your shoe. It might work for a little while, and might even be necessary to dull the pain. But you’d be a lot better off if you took the pebble out of your shoe. Right?

Let’s take a closer look at why thyroid hormones often don’t work, or stop working over time. The following diagram illustrates how autoimmunity affects thyroid metabolism (please note, “HPT” stands for “hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis”):


Immune dysregulation is another term for autoimmune disease. We still don’t know exactly what causes it, but most researchers agree it’s a mixture of genetic susceptibility and environmental factors such as iodine (excess), infection, pregnancy, diet and intestinal permeability.

In autoimmune disease the body attacks itself. It does this the same way it attacks foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses: with T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells, and cytotoxic T cells. The immune response also involves proteins called cytokines, chemical messengers that pass messages between cells.

This self-attack by the immune system increases inflammation. And inflammation has a profound effect on all aspects of thyroid metabolism and physiology.

First, inflammation suppresses the HPT axis. (1) One study showed a single injection of the inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha reduced blood levels of TSH, T3, free T4, free T3 and TRH for 5 days. (2) This shows inflammation disrupts the production and regulatory mechanisms of thyroid hormones. Thyroid medication will increase the levels of T4 (and possibly T3), but it doesn’t address the other effects of HPT axis suppression.

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Second, inflammation decreases both the number and sensitivity of thyroid hormone receptors. (3) If there aren’t enough receptors, or they aren’t sensitive enough, it doesn’t matter how much thyroid medication we take. The cells won’t be able to use it. It’s like when my grandpa used to turn down his hearing aids while he was watching the football game. It didn’t matter how much my grandma yelled at him – he couldn’t hear a word she said.

Third, inflammation decreases the conversion of T4 to T3. (4) T4 is the inactive form of thyroid hormone. The body has to convert it to the active T3 form before it can be used. Most synthetic hormone medications on the market are T4. If you give a T4 medication (like Synthroid, Levoxyl, Unithroid, etc.) to someone with inflammation, it’s not going to work because they can’t convert the T4 to T3.

Patients who don’t convert T4 to T3 well do better on bio-identical hormones like Armour, because it contains both T4 and T3 (in a 4.22:1 ratio).

Inflammation disrupts thyroid metabolism in several other ways, but I think these three examples make the point.

Now let’s review.

Inflammation causes HPT axis disruption, decreased receptor function, and decreased conversion of T4 to T3. Thyroid medication only increases the levels of thyroid hormone (usually T4) in the blood. No matter how much we take, it’s not going to restore HPT axis coordination, improve receptor function, or increase conversion of T4 to T3.

The only way to do that is to address the problem at its root by regulating the immune system and decreasing inflammation. (For more on how to address underlying inflammation, check out this episode of Revolution Health Radio with Izabella Wentz.) Unfortunately, this is rarely done in either conventional or alternative treatment of thyroid disorders.

Before I sign off, I just want to make one thing clear. I’m not saying thyroid medication isn’t necessary or useful. In fact, I think it’s an important part of treating Hashimoto’s—especially when TSH is consistently elevated and T4 and T3 are consistently low. My point is thyroid medication is only one piece of the puzzle, and it won’t be effective on its own unless the autoimmunity and inflammation are addressed.

If thyroid medication is the fantasy magic bullet of conventional medicine, iodine is the equivalent in alternative medicine. In the next post I’m going to explain why supplemental iodine may cause more harm than good in Hashimoto’s patients.

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  1. Hi I have hashimotos snd have had pretty good luck for several years on 112 mg of synthroid I recently went for my yearly check up and they stated my levels were low and increased my dose to 125mcg
    I was good for about two to three weeks and now am getting jittery and I have TMJ
    which the clenching had increased since on this new dose. I just went to get a new blood test and now my numbers are worse like my thyroid is not working they want to increase to a higher dose but I do not think I can take a higher dose what is the possible problem?

    • I am also on synthyroid and I have tmj and I just went to get fitted for a night guard iam on 25 of synthyroid and I have tingling all over my body

    • synthroid is the problem. I look at it this way , synthetic to me means fake, sort of . Like as in a synthesizer and while this musical instrument is pretty nifty and pretty much made any songs written that were popular in the 1980’s, it just cannot convert and produce and sound exactly like certain instrument sounds as in a real grand piano, a real violin, and or a real woodwind as in saxophones.
      close but my ear still knows the difference.
      Perhaps our bodies are the same way when it comes to synthetic drugs, it just knows real from synthetic, but when doctors are the ones primarily who dictate whichever medications they learn to prescribe i guess.

      • I am responding to this, because I’ve just went to my second Endo specialist doctor. Went to new GP for first time in 2010, and we did regular first time patient blood work. Question on form was what were parents history. My mother had Thyroid, so I put that down. I HAD NO SYMPTOMS. But blood work showed low thyroid. I am hyper. So Gp started me on .50 Sythyroid. Decided in 2013 to go to specialist. Was diagnosed with Hashimoto Disease in 2013 via a blood test. Had scan on Thyroid. That turned up nothing. So she put the dose down to .25 and sent me on my way. Went for second opinion last week because my regular gp increased my dose to .75. My body went crazy. I had a bowel issues. I lost 25 pounds I didn’t need to lose. I couldn’t eat anything without going to the bathroom. Plus there was blood in my stools. When I went back to my gp. He said it’s in my head? So I made the decision to back off of the medicine slowly. Bowel issue went away, and no more blood. After meeting with 2nd opinion doctor. Came away with they don’t know anything about this Hashimoto. Doctor said Medicine is needed!!! Husband found an article that spoke of the fact that the medical doctor’s don’t know what to make of this disorder. Isn’t it ironic that all of the sudden we’re seeing commercials for IBS??? We know this is a Auto-immune problem. So my next step is too research this, and go that route. It also said to get on with my living my life! I am not giving into the Big Pharma profits, and will fight to try to keep my body drug free. One post stated that the body knows if you try to trick it with a synthetic drug, it will reject it. Makes sense.

        • Hi Julie-
          I like you have been to so so many doctors over the years. None of them seemed to make the connection how could my TSH levels be high then so low they took me off medicine. This went on and off for a few years till I finally got in with a functional medicine doctor (no I am not being paid to say this). He is a D.O., he doesn’t practice with his father but he is an M.D.. Anyway, I’m very opposed to pharmaceutical medicines and have tried to treat my symptoms with natural remedies for over fifteen years. Since functional medicine is the “new” type of doctor everyone wants to see and mine is the only one in town he is backed up for 8 months so I saw his NP. Had at least six vials of blood work, and one test was called Thyroid Peroxidase which was the antibody marker for Hashimoto’s for me but it also detects Graves disease. It’s only been a week on Nature Throid 65 mg so it’s hard to say if its working. Though I’m usually very sensitive to meds. One thing the NP told me was to cut way down on sugar and try to eat a gluten free diet as gluten closely resembles the thyroid gland. Hope this helps. Be Well, JT

        • Consider that Hashimotos, Celiac Sprue Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, CFS, Fibro., and Lupus tend to “Buddy up” so to speak.
          Google adrenal issues, leaky gut syndrome, T4 to T4 conversion issues with Thyroid, and most importantly, be your own advocate and don’t let these Doctors cause you doubt, robbing you of precious months or yrs. of getting well, adds to depression, crazy making sets in etc. make them listen

    • I also have hashimotos and my antibidies were 1553 and I was taking synthroid 175 and felt like it needed increased but my last blood test said I had too much so they lowered it to 150 and I feel awful

  2. Hi – I’m 67 and have been very low on energy and my thyroid tested almost non existent. After tests came back reflecting low thyroid, My dr. immediately prescribed Synthroid (25 mcg) tablets, taking one every morning an hour before breakfast with a full glass of water. I did not purchase Medicare pharmacy coverage so the bottle of 30 tabs cost me $90.00! In the past six months I’ve gained 20 pounds. I’m reading some posts here that people on this medication gain weight. I cannot afford to gain another pound. I’ve revamped my diet and eating better. My doctor insists this pill will eventually give me energy because I currently have none. Thanks.

    • As for the financial side of things I would suggest having your doctor switch you to Levothyroxine which is the generic form. Walmart pharmacies only charge $4 for a month supply with or without insurance. You will have to verify your dose is covered under the special pricing. The second thing is that you need blood work after 6 weeks to see how your dose is doing. 25 mcg is a fairly low dose and it could be that you need a higher dose and still are not getting enough medication. Third, look at your diet. There are certain foods to effect the absorption of the medication. You can find lists of food on line with a google search. Good luck with feeling better!

      • Boy could I write a book on here with all of my Thyroid issues! Have been dealing with it for over 20 years! But the one thing I have learned the very hard way is not to take anything but the Armour!!!!! Please do not whatever take the Levothyroxine!!!! It is synthetic & will cause you to have joint & muscle pain! My insurance wouldn’t cover the synthroid which I did take for a while because you couldn’t get the Armour for due to manufacturing changes. But it didn’t make me hurt but thought I would try the Levo. Wrong move! Thought I was dying! As soon as I stopped it within a few wks the pain all went away! Amazing!!!! So now on Armour again!!!! Just do your research on it & you will see! I had remembered when my Dr that removed my thyroid had told me to never take anything but the Armour for it is the only one that is most like ours! Has the T3 & T4 properties!!! Also when you have your blood work done have them do a freeT3 as well as T4 It needs to be a full work up or your numbers cannot be read correctly. Your numbers are not always telling all your info so listen to your body as well because no one knows it quite like you do!!!! Drs are just practicing physicians not always miracle workers! They are learning just like we are!!!!

    • Your dr is as stupid as my last 2. I almost went to the hospital this am because I honestly thought I was going crazy. Long story short , in 2011 I dropped 30-35 lbs in 2 mos. I was selling cars, had my 4th child was a senior in hs, was running around like a fool, so I just figured I just dropped it. Was already schedule for my 3rd neck surgery, I have DD in my neck, just been doing what I had to to survive. I had severe numbing but I have neck issues. Ended up on graduation day back killing me, long story short again I needed l4/5 surgery sciatic nerve involved would be showing or selling a car and drop w/o warning trying to keep working 12 hr days in dying pain. So we scheduled surgery for back that oct, and because of my work short term dis. I couldn’t use it again for 18 mos well my neck couldn’t survive that long so Nov I had c5/6 removed. Nerve damage from my neck down, can’t survive w/o way too much meds. I had when I had my surgeries also ended up with a paralyzed voc cord now has an implant in it. So I start packing on weight, I drink 2 nutritional shakes a day eat a salad at night, nonkale in it. My Md finally tells me after 2 yrs of watching my cholesterol shoot up way high, never ever had an issue, so I get diagnosed with hashimotos, I hate that word, ended up being label “disabled” due to failed back surgery voc cord damage affects my ability to talk. Long story again my last TSH WAS 18 t4 too low t 3 ok, everytime I take anything at the lowest dose, my nerve damage goes sky high, heart feels like it’s going to explode, freezing with sweet pouring off on my whole body… I would honestly say I’m thinking I’m going nuts. This is the 3 or 4 th med change, now taking synthroid lowest dose cut in half the t4 med lowest dose cut in half, getting up at 2 am that way nothing I eat or drink can mix in with this medication, I thought if I went to the hospital this am they would put me away. I already told this dr it’s happens everytime I take these meds at the lowest dose, she says it’s not working at all, I can’t be numb 24/7, not at the level it goes to I live like this everyday I don’t need it elevated. I’m scared, I dunno what to do, obviously my body doesn’t want my thyroid to work. I had to take a xanax to counter how bad I was the am. ???? What to do??? I would love for someone to advise me. My neurosurgeon says the hashimotos has a lot of the same side effects as my back and neck issues so he’s not doing nothing till it’s regulated, I have double carpal tunnel and a tear in my rotator cuff and no one will fix it because my neck needs surgery but he won’t do it til my thyroid gets fixed and leveled….. my ? Wth do I do, I can’t have another day like the last few…. I will not be participating in this much longer.

      • I would like to suggest getting your iron and b 12 check as it is effected when you get thyroid..I always thought my symptoms of being tired anxiety hair falling out off balance dry pale skin was from thyroid and that I would live like this forever..even came to point I felt like I was losing my mind after getting tested I was told b12 and iron was severely low and started on b12 shots right away..maybe and that is what you have going on as well? Doesn’t hurt to check..hope things get better for you soon.

    • I hate to say it, but the hypothyroidism is making you gain weight, not the medicine. Well, sort of… Thyroid function is very closely tied to your metabolism. It tanks when your thyroid quits and replacing the hormone doesn’t raise it for most people. You do need the hormone in your body, so keep taking your medicine, but a clean, healthy dirty and regular exercise are the only things that are going to make you feel better or lose any weight/prevent any further weight gain, and even that might not work like you’re expecting. Your best bet is to be as healthy as you can be and cleanse your diet/ body of anything bad for you.
      Good luck.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve had Hashimotos for 21 years and have been very stable taking Armour thyroid 60 mg. a day until about 3 months ago. Now every time I take it my heart starts racing and I get very lightheaded. My numbers are going up (my T4 was 4.5 after being 1.3) but I feel awful taking Armour. I’ve tried the synthetic thyrid medicines in the past and have always had a bad reaction to them,similar to what I’m experiencing now. Thank you in advance. Ilse

    • I too was taking armour for about two years. The synthroid and levothyroxvin have gluten so I can’t take them. Over the last year I watched my tsh levels rise as well! I read somewhere that armor has been bought out by another company and they sort of change the formula all I know is I switched to WP thyroid which is the purest of the natural desecrated thyroid medicines I don’t know what’s happening I do have a constant headache nothing I can’t work with but it just seems that nothing is working anymore I am getting my blood work done again but he’s making me wait six months which I think is crazy !
      I could also be that we are not converting T4 and T3 properly and everything needs to be looked at like a complete thyroid panel and have them check your anti-bodies a lot of them don’t do that anymore because they say once you have a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s you don’t need to but I like to do it because I see an increase in my anybody’s as well so something is not working in our bodies I hope you can figure this out I’m going to try too!

    • free t3 needs to be checked , it should be in upper part of range . reverse t3 should be checked , with t4 as high as it is if free t3 is low or not in upper part of range rt3 may be too high . If rt3 is high and free t3 is not in upper part of range you may need to take t3 medication , t3 medication does not get changed to rt3

    • I have had hashimotos for 16 years and I like you have been on armour for most of it as straight synthroid never worked but I started getting heart palps for years now but they have progressively gotten worse. My endocrinologist did say this is an unfortunate side affect to the armour. My endocrinologist decided to mix my meds keeping me on tbe 90 mg of armour and mixing in a synthroid for my lower dosage part I was on a 60 and 90 armour I guess the dosing for 60 to synthroid is 100mg so we shall see how it goes. Little nervous about gaining any weight as with armour I could keep my weight down..I have read it can be very effective to mix the 2 drugs though. We shall see

  4. My Name is Lynn, I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in March this year and I had my Thyroid removed in April. I’m on Synthroid. The issue I’m having is my eyebrows have fallen out and I’ve gained about 15 lbs. My endocrinologist says that these things do not have anything to do with my Thyroid. But everything I have read states these are the systems of Hypothyroidism. Has anyone experience this and if so did your eyebrows grow back?

    • I would get a second opinion. Sounds like your levels are low, although I am no expert. Just speaking from personal experience. I’ve been on thyro meds for 18 yrs.

    • Hello Lynn, My fellow ThyCa friend. I had my thyroid removed in December of 2014. I went the opposite direction. I lost tons of weight and experienced most of the symptoms associated to hyperthyroidism. For me it took about a year for my body to adjust. And yes the symptoms have subsided!! And I did gain some of the weight back that I lost. I lost 38 lbs in a few months. It was very depressing. Occasionally, I feel very tired, brain fog sets in, I feel like I can’t move and feel very sad. I just rest and the next day I’m fine. It is important to find a doctor who you can talk to and is knowledgeable in treating ThyCa. If you aren’t hyperthyroid your cancer can come back. I found that reaching out to other ThyCa patients and survivors to be if great help. I wish you the best!!

    • Lynn the thyroid absolutely is causing that! So many of these doctors don’t really have a clue about the endocrine system it’s so frustrating you really have to be your own advocate my eyelashes have send my eyebrows have thin and I’m on WP thyroid now it’s one of the natural thyroid I had been on armor but that was reformulated by the company that bought them out and I just was not responding well I know Synthroid and it’s generic level thyroxine have gluten in it and I have Hashimoto disease which is auto immune and it’s basically best to stay away from gluten which is an inflammatory ingredient which can cause hair to fall out at Cetra etc. maybe you should try one of the natural thyroid medicines. also your body may not be converting the T4 into T3 and you need a complete work up not just your TSH are a couple other ones you need the whole work up check the panel out at stop the thyroid madness it’s a wonderful book also the root cause another great book both written by the same woman Dr. Isabel went also your body may not be converting the T4 into T3 and you need a complete work up not just your TSH are a couple other ones you need the whole work up check the panel out at stop the thyroid madness it’s a wonderful book also the root cause another great book both written by the same woman Dr. Isabel Wentz. Each of us is unique in our endocrine system my daughter also has Hashimoto disease and several of my friends it’s crazy how many people have issues and everyone responds differently but just stay on top of it and if this doctor is in helping you I’m telling you I switched like three or four times my doctor to her that I have now listens to me and just orders the test so I asked for .

    • When I had my thyroid my hair came out and never grew back I have no hair on top my eyebrows and eyelash did grow back but I lack my hair. The excuses the doctors used that it was hereditary losing my hair. Not true that’s the excuse they use when they don’t know why.

    • My endocrinologist said the same thing, but I have never been this fat in my life I’ve gained 50 pounds the muscle spams and cramps are bad I’m swollen all the time nothing works but? I have found that Jamaican castor oil does help the hair growth I put it on at night and wash it off in the morning. It has helped my eyebrows and eyelashes.

    • Yes absolutely I’ve gained ten lbs and eyebrow loss is the first sign of a thyroid problem every doctor should know that!

    • Yes I have barely any eyebrows I have been looking for someone to tattoo them because my nerve damage is so bad it’s very hard to draw them on every morning and your weight is from it. Sorry but I have been doing this for almost 5 years

  5. has anyone being on ampitripiline . I take it for gastro problems altho when i stopped taking it i wasn’t as tired. I have being on it for 4 years and always being dragging myself daily. Would it put your thyroid blood work out does anyone know?

    • I am on 150mg of levexline for my thyroid s and they are trying to get my levels back up as a other construction up my thyroid table to 300mg and they shouldn’t of now I have no thyroidshe lift desingrated

  6. Hi, I’ve been on thyroid since I was an adolescent. I’m on 65 mg of Nature-throid 3x a day. My BP is: 118/57, my heart rate is: 64, my temperature is: 97.7 °F. Recent blood work shows a FT3 of 142 (75-170 range), FT4 of 1.15 (.93-1.70 range) and a TSH of .01 (.27- 4.20 range). I feel better now than I’ve ever felt before, but based on the TSH my doctor wants me to lower the dose. I say I don’t want to fix what’s not broken. She insists I’m taking too much thryoid. Any ideas what I should do?

    • Yes you are taking too much! Boy i know that feeling of how motivated and emotionally can make decisions better a wAy less tired. I just went thru the same thing as you. Now i have to wait til end of January to retake blood test to check it again.It is not fun and affects our daily life … We can only know our limits and go with it. Too much is not good the heart will be going faster if your getting too much. As long as you have a endocrinologist then go with what he says. It takes time it is 6 years or me and it has taken so long as doctor kept changing too early so numbers would never be right . Keep with your doctor if he is good! Be Healthy! Sheryl

      • If I’m taking too much, why isn’t the FT3 and FT4 out of normal range? If I’m taking too much why don’t I have any symptoms of hyperthyroidism?

                • I had my thyroid burned out about 20 yrs ago . Think vs were great till a year ago when it tanked and they couldn’t get it up. Took them over a year. My question is I have been v omitting up everything I eat. Have been for ten months. Any connection or ideas? I’ve seen a gastro and surgeon already and they were no help.

                • i am going to try try taking thyroid before i go to bed so no food is around it for several hours. It shouldn’t have to be this way altho i have read some comments regarding this. So i will try.
                  Thank you Sheryl

        • Hello. My doctor (very respected here in So Cal) says to ignore the TSH levels once you are on the meds. She ways it’s all about how you feel in conjunction with the Ft3 and Ft4 levels.

          Also, I take my Nature-throid at night. Works well for me.

      • Sheryl you have no idea what you are talking about. While his TSH is suppressed the t3 and t4 are in normal range.
        Unless there are hyper symptoms there is little reason to lower the dose.
        Your reasoning makes not sense either. You lose.

        • Yes john i don’t make a doctor lol! Tommorrow i am seeing my family doctor taking all vitamins everything i am taking to see what could be the culprit of making my thyroid off every 3 months. I no longer drink coffee around it and take it before i go to bed cut off all eating 3 hours before . I am hoping this works.

          • i’m on thyroxine 125 ml i go up down been on them for years no problem but just had blood done doctor says i’m borderline and to get bloods done again in three months he will discuss it with me what is borderline ??????

          • My NP told me not to take calcium or antiacids for up to 3 hours before or after taking Nature Throid. Also, told me to limit sugar and go on gluten free diet as gluten closely resembles thyroid gland.
            I got this info from the Chris Kresser website (no, I’m not being paid to say this or am related/affiliated with him in any way)….”The molecular structure of gliadin, the protein portion of gluten, closely resembles that of the thyroid gland. When gliadin breaches the protective barrier of the gut, and enters the bloodstream, the immune system tags it for destruction. These antibodies to gliadin also cause the body to attack thyroid tissue.” Personally I have noticed when I eat a cracker or bread my stomach does get more uncomfortable.

            • Yes, I feel like a boob… I didn’t realize that I am on the Chris Kresser website.
              Just goes to show you how brain fog can really affect you. Also, it’s difficult to function on 3-5 hours of sleep a day and keep up with my teenager’s antics, taking four college classes (& deadlines)… I’m the slowest reader…re-reader maybe due to hashimoto’s. But I right now am not concentrating. It’s difficult when required reading is a minimum four to six chapters a week plus tests!! I’m hanging in there and am determined not to let this “problem” define me. Once men start getting hashimoto’s in large numbers (especially doctors…) maybe funding will go to the finding a cure (she said optimistically!). Pharmaceutical companies have found a cash cow in all the humans they can subject to their chemicals.
              Maybe we need a commercial…not like the Lupus one though…

        • If my t3 is 19 low t4 free t4 are in ok range then my endocrinologist says it needs to be changed. I am tired since he changed it my heart doesn’t race fast like it did before as i was given too much. So there is mixed conversations on this subject and it makes me confused . ..

    • hi my name is marion and I just started taking wp thyroid I have been through the thyroid ringer I have been on levoxyl synthyroid and armour and levoxyl worked for me for about ten years and then stopped now iam on wp I have hashimotos its not easy to deal with thyroid issues good luck

    • I think you are just fine. You say you feel good. You heart rate and BP are normal. Your other labs are normal. If you take a natural form of thyroid hormone before your lab test then you TSH will be low. And T3 may be high. It is best to take the medication after you have your labs drawn. You should stay on your current dose unless you start to feel hot, anxious and notice a rise in your heart rate and BP. I am also on a natural form of thyroid medication (Armour). I’ve had thyroid disease for 15 years and have switched to Armour for the past year and a half and I feel so much better.

    • You should tell the doctor to re read up on newer research. You have to lower the mess to raise the tsh #. If you feel fine on this dose, do not have history of heart disease or osteoporosis…then don’t adjust it yet! I have fought this for 30 years…new research shows that patients feel BEST when their tsh level is below 0.00 on the scale. But you should take synthroid in the morning…one hour before food…two hours before any supplements…some multivitamins interfere with the absorption of synthroid. Do NOT accept it in generic form…do NOT crush or cut the tablet in half…these things I have learned…may be you should switch and take thyroid mess in the morning and supplements at lunchtime or at supper…good luck! When it isn’t right…it isn’t right…and you don’t feel right…lol. Listen to YOUR body and really convince the doctor to let you stay u til your body says change it! If you take armour…I have been told it fluctuates your numbers because it is from an animal and every animal (like humans) has a different thyroid gland…

    • No, you’re not taking too much. Your doctor doesn’t know what he’s doing. Your temperature is low, which means if anything you are still a bit hypo. TSH itself means nothing once you’re on a certain amount of thyroid medication. It’s not a hormone that will make you sick or well. FT3 is what matters, and yours is nowhere near too high. It’s infuriating trying to get good help with thyroid dosing. I have better luck with naturopaths, but it’s out of pocket.

    • My daughter is like you she’s at the lowest you can be and she’s never felt better and I feel that that scale is insane because they will tell somebody that has a 4.0 TSH that they shouldn’t be feeling bad because they’re in range but your normal and somebody else is normal or two different readings like my daughter said her low normal is the only thing that makes her feel well I am trying my best to level mine out as well mine keeps climbing I was at a 1.0 it’s up to 1.9, I just switched from armor to WP thyroid since I found out armor with reformulated by the company that bought the original one out hoping this makes a difference but so far not feeling it . we truly need to be our own advocate put your foot down and if the doctor insists on lowering it you may need to find a new doctor

    • You feel great. Tell doc to leave it alone. Not everyone is in the blood work bell curve for their normal.

    • Way too much thyroid indeed. The low temp suggests possibly Wilsons low temp syndrome. I have this issue. Your body cannot function optimally when it doesn’t have enough heat to fire up cells etc. find a functional medicine doctor and move to a mostly or straight t3 regimen. This will improve all body functioning.

    • Hi I’ve been battling thyroid disease for 10 years. Do you take 65 3xday? I am on 80 but blood work shows I need more meds. I see A different Dr. Today. He will want me to take Synthroid but I can’t take it. Way too many side effects!! Anxiety attacks for a couple years on it!! Dr. Never believed it was the Synthroid!!I feel well but test weren’t good. Thanks.

    • None. Let me know if you find/found a way out of it. Mine lowered me in January because the blood work showed the dose was too high. I felt great before. Now I feel awful. Going to see her next week and see if I can get back on a higher dose.

  7. I was misdiagnosed in 2000, and my OBGYN performed a balloon ablation for my heavy periods. Then when that did not work, he took in a specialist who gave me (3) shots of LUPRON, (1 every 3 weeks) to prep me for a zag laser procedure. They could not do it because they over shrunk my uterus.
    I left his office after I took an article to the “specialist” that was about “Medical Mishaps”, and low thyroid.
    He looked up at me and asked: “You never had a thyroid blood test?”
    To this day, I cannot get a normal pap smear because my uterus “is like cobwebs, all stuck together.” I had to go into the hospital and have my OBGYN perform a D/C, because of these unnecessary, invasive procedures.

    7 years I was fat, exhausted, and I was eating a very low calorie, mostly protein diet, with a 90 minute bike ride a day, that would put me in a 4 hour nap, afterward. I kept GAINING weight. “You need to stop eating at Burger King”. I do not eat “fast food” at all, but they all just assume and dismiss.

    I am now on 100mcg. Synthroid and weight fell off the first 3 months.
    I seem to have that aspect under control but it took years to get to an ideal weight.

    I am still exhausted and my new endocrinologist, keeps telling me “Your numbers are fine”, while ignoring this symptom.

    I wake up at 7AM take my pill and by 9AM I am falling into a coma.
    I literally cannot ignore the sleep and I have to just go with it.
    WHY do these edo’s NOT hear me? I changed doctors because the last one ignored this as well.
    I have been misdiagnosed then treated like I am exaggerating these obvious symptoms.

    • Hi Kristine, I had this same problem with my medicine. My doctor discover that if you have low cortisol levels you that the medicine can make you extremely sleepy and made need a cortisol supplement. You should have your adrenal glands checked.

    • I have hashimotos and experienced such tiredness that I only wanted to sleep. I told my endocrinologist and they ran my labs, all looked normal but my B12 was very low so she suggested I take 2000mcgs of B12 daily and it has helped tremendously.
      Good luck

    • Oh it’s so frustrating reading about this my daughter went through the same thing hair falling out in college invasive surgery thinking it was from sis during her. Just awful she is doing much better after nine different doctors and finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease as I have as well we were both on armor and doing great because Synthroid and the generic both have gluten in it which is inflammatory, but since armor was bought out and the ingredients changed we both started WP thyroid medicine supposed to be the purest not sure yet what’s happening but I do know that when my daughter and I were on Synthroid we were very sick very very tired as soon as we switch to armor it got so much better , and now with the reformulation of the armor we’re praying that the WP thyroid helps I did see an increase in my TSH levels and I try to up my armor and it made me very very sick so I began to believe it was more the new formulation then the dosage neending to be upped. If you haven’t already read it look up stop the thyroid madness by Dr. Isabel Wentz she also wrote the root cause also pertaining to thyroid issues . We really need to be our own advocate and find doctors that will listen it’s exhausting but it’s better to keep changing till you find somebody that is on board with you and doesn’t shut you down .

  8. I have autoimmune thyroiditis and PCOS with an immediate family history of RA, lupus, and sjogrens. After nearly twenty years of uncontrolled thyroid levels (too-low T4, too-high T3, and almost non-existant TSH), my DR put me on both Armour
    Thyroid and Levothyroxine. My T4 is now in a normal range but my T3 is still too high and my TSH hasn’t changed (still .01). If I decrease my Armour below 60 mg, within two weeks I’ve gained 5lbs and keeps escalating. It not unusual for me to gain 20 pounds in less than one month with 30-carbs a day, healthy, organic foods, and exercise daily. I don’t want to create other health issues by taking too much medicine, but I also can’t gain the weight back either. Should I stop one of the medicines? Raise or lower either? Change from Armour to WP Thyroid? I’m at a total loss.

    • If medicated you should be below 0, in TSH. And a high free t3 is a good thing, (with in reason )But the most important is how You Feel!

      • hi myname is marion and I went to another doctor he gave me levothyroxine 75 and that was not working for me again and went back to my old docorand he put me back on wp thyroid I hope iam doing the right thing and I hope it works for me any suggestions I have hashimotos

        • Hi I have Hashimoto’s is well as my daughter we were both on armor and it was working really well and then suddenly it just wasn’t and we heard it was reformulated so we both started WP thyroid haven’t been on it for a month yet so just waiting to see what my next bloodwork says but I had watched how my TSH was increasingly getting higher the problem with our thyroid and changing medicines is it truly is a waiting game.

  9. Hi there

    it has being 6 years since thyroid cancer had it removed since that time my synthroid medication is low every 3 months go back same thing specialist can’t get it right. I have had antibody tests as well as mri and ultrasound and adrenal testing nothing found. Some days i feel like i am drunk my brain can’t think well etc. I just came back again tsh is low t4 normal . What could be wrong anyone know??

  10. hi my name is marion i have wrote once before i am now taking synthyroid 50 still itch and post nasal drip what could this possible mean do ineed a higher dose of synthyroid or change altogether once again and i have hashimotos can you give me some adviceand i have tinglingalso

      • Hi Marion, I used to get an itch. If it was from drinking soy milk. Have you adjusted your diet to be free from gluten/wheat, corn and dairy? Doing this maybrrally help your itch. Perhaps the filler used in synthroid is causing a reaction. Check into! There are so many alternate option out there. You can even just take Tyrosint which is t4 in its purest form. I take a compounded t3 and t4 and love it. I only buy from one pharmacy as I found that my results varied depending on the pharmacy I used. Hope this helps – good luck!

      • Itching is a sign of being on too much synthroid…hair loss is another sign of too much…ask if you can cut back to .25 and see how you feel…changes take a while after changing the dose…

    • My doctor took me off synthroid because the company put some type of ingredient in it to make the shelf life longer that made it be less effective in controlling the thyroid. That might be why you are having issues still. My doctor now has me on Llyvoxill

    • Have your levels been measured, lately? Dry skim may be sometimes from hypothyroidism. Also, hypothyroidism may slow down the function of the nasal passages.

    • Hello

      I used to itch on Synthroid and break out in hives. Had asthma attcks also. Finally after seeing allergy specialist found out I was allergic to Synthroid. Then started Tirosint. I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease last year. I had RAI. And still struggle finding the right medication. They just switch it 4 weeks ago. Since all of this I have put on nearly 30 pounds. I have never had this trouble losing weight. I think it’s a fix for one problem only to cause another problem. I’ve never had asthma until having thyroid burned out with RAI. I’ve had a stoop up nose and nasal drip since Jan of this yr 2016. I hope I can find help with this new doctor. This will be my third Endocrinologist.

      • I’m in my 25th year since having radioactive iodine treatment for Graves’ disease…they gave me too much radioactive iodine and killed off the entire gland…I have NEVER felt well nor have I ever had blood taken that didn’t indict that we djust it one way or the other…I am planning to talk to my doctor about armor thyroid now…my thyroid has ffected my liver…which has caused high blood sugar…which has caused inflamed liver…and on and on

      • hi myname is marion does levothyroxine cause your gums to bleed I have been on it for about 6 days and my gums are starting to get red which is better I might go back to the levoxyl I don’t know which is better the name or the generic can any one help me thanks

      • How did they find out you were allergic to sythroid? I’ve been on Unithyroid, Levothyroxine and sythroid and feel bad on all? Been to allergist, but don’t believe they tested for allergy to any of these!

    • hi my name is marion and thanks for writing me back now my doctor got me on 50 of levoxyl and still having issues I was off for four weeks and still had post nasal drip and congestion still having issues and losing a lot of weight scared and don’t know what to do canany one help me I also feel electricity going through my body

      • Hey Marion…I saw your post and I was thinking…if you are taking .50 synthroid and losing weight without trying…you might not need that much. If your hair is falling out, you feel itchy, you feel anxious, you have times when you just want to cry, but don’t know why….these are ALL symptoms of HYPER (overactive) thyroid when my Graves’ disease was really active, I thought I was allergic to soap! I itched all the time!
        Do you know what your tsh level is?

        • thanks debra my endo has me on 50 levoxyl and I get nervous head tingling and ears poping I told him to lower me but he wont he said because I went off for a month my levels are tsh is 9.090 ts is 2.3 and t 4 is 0.9 I meant the t 3 is 2.3 is that high or low ami taking to much thyroid meds please someone let me know iam looking for a new endo I live in jersey can ayone help me

          • iam hoping someone can help i think i might be taking tomuch thyroid meds i itch the levoxyl mkaes me itch i am looking for a neew endo i live in jersey can someone help me i am ready to die from all this messwhat is a good thyroid meds without fillers

            • I take WP thyroid. My functional medicine doctor said it had the least fillers and was the cleanest NDT. I could not take synthroid. It made me very sick. I have been on WP thyroid for 9 months now and doing quite well.

              • hi I found out that my thyroid is still to low I got my endo to switch me to wp I hope it helps me better what do you know about wp let me know thanks

                • Hi Marion,
                  First, Debra commented to you about your TSH and she is right. A TSH of 9 means you are hypothyroid and need more medication. Not less.
                  You can google “WP thyroid” and find information about it. That’s what I did when my doctor mentioned it.
                  My body was unable to convert the T4 in synthroid to T3. The WP thyroid has T3 in it. When I first started on it my body went haywire. I felt like my body and brain was zooming. For the first two weeks I had to cut the pill into four pieces (or sometimes even more) and take it every four or five hours. Then my body calmed down and I adapted and now I am able to take the whole pill normally when I wake up in the morning.
                  My TSH was 95! That is not a typo. It was actually 95. My doctor was amazed that I was able to even function. After 7 weeks of taking WP thyroid, my TSH came down to 7 (that’s still hypothyroid), so she increase the dosage a little. After another 7 weeks my TSH dropped to 0.13 (that’s too low and I was hyPERthyroid) and I was having heart palpitations among other things. So my doctor decreased the dosage a little and for the last two months I seem to have stabilized. I go for bloodwork next month so I will know then.
                  It took some fussing around with the dosage and bloodwork every 7 weeks, but my body seems to be tolerating the WP thyroid well. All the brain fog is gone. All the hypo AND hyper symptoms have gone. I’m crossing my fingers that it will continue to work for me. Good luck Marion. Thyroid issues are not fun. You have to be your own advocate with the doctors out there these days! Take care.

                • hi renee thanks I started taking the wpthis morning does thyroid problems cause sinuse issues now iam taking an antibiotic for my sinuses I don’t know this my endo did not want to raise my dose of levoxyl so my wp is 16.25 and the other tablet is 32 .5 mg I was taking 50 of levoxyl is that to muchor is it okay to start that can someone give me adviceway I don’t know too much about the wp

      • Hi Marion. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about 3 months ago. My doctor prescribed Levoxyl. When I first went on the Levoxyl, within a week or so, I also felt like electricity was going through my body. I had these uncontrollable twitches that definitely felt like electrical currents and sometimes felt more like convulsions than twitching, especially when lying still.

        I called my endo’s office and they told me this can be a common reaction when your body is getting used to the medicine. They instructed me to take a half dose for two weeks and then go back to the prescribed dose. They suspected the electrical twitching would stop and to let them know if it did not. Thankfully they were right and I got used to the medicine while on the starter dose without the uncomfortable twitching. After 2 weeks I went back to the full dose with no twitching or feelings of electrical currents.

        Unfortunately, in my case, the weight I gained is still not coming off so easily.

    • Marion

      If your tsh is 9 you need MORE synthroid… but NOT in generic form… ask for name brand and take it first thing in the morning…do not eat for an hour after… if you do not feel better in 3 weeks call your doctor!
      Tsh is measured on a scale of -2 to 5.0 and you want to be in the middle or low side! So try to get it to a 2.0 and see how u feel
      Tsh is a little confusing because if you want to LOWER the tsh… you take MORE Med… to RAISE tsh… you LOWER the meds.
      How long have you been on 50? They have to change it gradually… not raise it too much at once or it can be harmful to your heart… do you sleep a lot or a little?
      [email protected]. Email me!

    • Hi Marion , my daughter was first put on Synthroid when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s the problem with Synthroid is it contains gluten my daughter also has silly act disease so that was really bad I know that just because it has gluten and we have Hashimoto’s does not mean that we should avoid gluten but it is an inflammatory ingredient and when she switch to armor it was fabulous and the same with me and two years into it we just weren’t feeling that well again and it seemed that it had been reformulated we are now on WP thyroid look it up it’s supposed to be the purest of the three natural thyroid medicines . Also as I have suggested to the other people on this thread look up stop the thyroid madness also the root cause both books written by Dr. Isabel Wentz . Very informative and if it any point your doctor is not listening to you or dismissing your symptoms don’t stick with that doctor it’s not fair to you and you need to find somebody that’s on board and listens to your symptoms .

  11. Hi…Im taking 200 mcg :(, n am 20…every thing is just getting worst….Iv been taking medication sins 6 years now…and now it seems to be stopped working..im tired…please HELP 🙁

    • Try another brand of medication. Don’t give up! We have so many choices now. I’ve felt that way before and it turned out that I had reverse t3. Once that got addressed I felt way better.

  12. This article was a huge help just reading it, mentally at least. I’m 40 years old now and I have been taking medication for hypothyroid for about 10 years with almost zero relief from the symptoms. When I get my blood work done (Every 3 to 6 months) I have to up my dose. I take t3 and t4, yet still suffer from severe daily fatigue, dry disgusting bumpy skin, swollen ankles and feet, cramping legs, weight gain and inability to lose weight, extreme intermittent hair loss on my body, face and head, severe relentless depression, anxiety, puffy face, nearly crippling brain fog at times, memory loss, confusion, NO sex drive, sensitivity to hot and cold, dry cracked nails, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and now high blood sugar. I had to have a hysterectomy and ovary removal which made the problem so much more fun to deal with…. mostly, every person ive seen about my hormones has been little to no help. The meds i take simply keep me functioning like a lifeless, joyless zombie merely stumbling through life. The supplements i take are no help (iodine, vit d3, mag, b complex and more…) and the cpap machine has been no help (ive been told my sleep apnea and hypothyroid are connected). I need a miracle, i need an internist who knows half of what this author knows. I need to not have to take 8 medications just to make it another day- 8 meds, and countless suppliments. Why is this thyroid thing so hard??? When will we get some hope? Help? Relief? Anything?!

    • Hi, What are your latest labs? if your tsh is great than 1 or your free t3 isnt in the top 25% of the range, you need to be adjusted. T3 medicine has a half life of like 7 hours roughly. your endo should be able to adjust you pretty fast.

    • I have been on Levoxyl, synthroid and armour for yeas. My blood work is done every 6 to 8 weeks. Nothing is helping. I usually have my thyroid running from 1 to 7. How can it go up and down that much in such a short time.

      • Always take thyroid meds one hour before. Meal…never with food…take your synthroid and wait at least an hour before eating…take it t the same time every day…do NOT miss a dose…and do not take it with vitamins or supplements of any kind…have you tried this?

    • Go see an endocrinologist. I have hashi’s my endo keeps my TSH under or around 1. Sh says hashi’s feel best. I agree unless i lean toward hyper on TSH scale. A TSH of 2 makes me feel like I’m in a daze. My Internest only looks to see if I’m in the range. Endos manage range and symptoms. Search for a good Endo.

    • Have you been tested for MTHFR? Taking methyl vitamins might help with the inflammation. See a doctor to get tested. Also, I read that Synthroid has fillers in it that can cause allergic response / inflammation. I’m switching to a new endocrinologist and will ask him to switch me to the thyroid medicine that has no fillers. I have hashimotos and do not feel well on synthroid for 14 years now, same dose. My T3 was on low side of range, so last doctor gave me Liothyroxine / T3 pills low dose.

    • Can you believe that good nutrition can be the ultimate miracle? Well let me share a little of my story. 10 years ago I had my precious boy and about 6-8 months later noticed so many negative changes, mentally, physically and all the above. I finally was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and put on Levothyroxine. I had little to no positive effects of this drug and did my own research. I found Armor Thyroid which in 4 months I was feeling like a normal human again. I’ve stayed on this medicine but about a year ago I came across Dr. John Bergman on YouTube and he has such wonderful advice about diet, lifestyle, stress and it lead me a plant based lifestyle. Do you really want to feel better? Are you willing to be open minded? A plant based diet has made me feel 10x better in so many ways. Better digestion, healing my gut, better sleep and mood.. it’s endless! Healing the gut is going to play a major role in gaining health back, loosing weight and lifting that brain fog.

    • hi my name is Mario n I got anew endo and he gave me the generic form ov levoxyl 75 I am on levothyroxine and this new endo does not belive in natural he said a t4 and t3 combo can give you heart palps what is better the levoxyl or levo thyroxine can someone give me advice please

    • An Internist is no mire than a family Dr. You need to see an Endocrinologist & some of them are not to up on thyroid issues. I just found a functional medicine Dr. Better so far. Good luck, if it isnt working try someone different. My OBGYN is more knowledgeable than my endo was! Its a maze to work through but keep at it

  13. Thyroid can not seem to be regulated. Taking 105 of desiccated thyroid hormone and trying to come off Resperidone. Every two or three months my TSH numbers rise 1 or 2 points. I am thinking of taking phytoplankton because I was told it would help regulate thyroid.Thanks

    • Maureen there’s no such thing as “regulating ” the thyroid with meds. If you are taking thyroid pills whether synthroid or natural you are on thyroid REPLACEMENT hormones. You have to take enough of the meds to simulate what your thyroid would normally make if it was working. The key is to take enough. If you don’t then due to feedback loop in endocrine system your thyroid will shut off but the amount of meds won’t be enough to make you feel good.

  14. I’m 45 and have been taking synthroid for about 2 years. I can’t tell a difference on it. I’m so tired all the time I gain weight still. I also had a hysterectomy in 06 which helps make all that worse. I’m tired of going to my dr cause nothing gets changed. I am a grandma of 4 now and really want my energy back. What can I do ? Thank u

    • I live in British Columbia Canada, and went through the same with my Thyroid. Our regular Doctors, do not have any training with the thyroid, because they just treat the T4 and not the T3′ I went to a naturopath and he has made all the difference in the world to me. I am an older women also and am a senior. I am also an advocate of B12 and magnesium. B12 deficiency causes fatigue and many other problems as lack of magnesium. They say most people over the age of 40 or 50 is deficient in both of these . B12 causes dizziness, confusion, memory loss which is confused with dementia and Alzheimer’s pins and needles in the body due to poor red cell production and muscle weakness,on and on. Magnesium plays a big part in keeping your heart, kidney and muscles healthy. I very high ratio of Dr. do not test you for the B12 and Magnesium, unless you ask.

      • You are a lifesaver. I have been recently starting to suspect if I am a potential Alzheimers candidate now it makes sense my thyroid has gone crazy.

      • Hi Valerie, I’m 30 years old and had RAI therapy in May (treating hyperthyroidism, which I had for about 6 years). I’m in Hypo now and started taking Levo a month ago. First on 50, now 75. I do blood tests every 3 weeks, the results are still not in range. Every since I started taking Levo I feel awful, I also gained quite a lot of weight, and that was never a problem for me. I was thinking to go to naturopath, but have no idea where to start. I live in BC, too (Burnaby), and would be very helpful if you can share more info, how to find a good one, where to start, what to do…. I’m freaking out, and I want my old life and energy back.
        P.S. I’m taking 2-3 Brazil nuts a day, as it is rich in Selenium and helps convert T4 into T3. Levo is only T4, and I feel like I need to include T3 in my therapy as well. Dr won’t listen, as they always know the best…. It might be too early to judge, but if I start with the right therapy now, the better for me. Thank you!

        • Hi,

          I see an amazing Integrative Medical Doctor in West Van, Dr Anita Tannis. She is very thorough & has managed to help me get off multiple medications for my various health problems.

      • Valerie would you share the name of your specialist. I would really appreciate it.

        Thanks Joann

      • Hi, Valerie

        Can I ask who your naturopath is? I also live in British Columbia and I an struggling to find proper balance of my thyroud levels after surgery to remove the last of my thyroud a few years ago

    • Try natural dedicated thyroid hormone.Synthroid only contains t4 which your body has to convert to t3. Read “stop the Thyroid Madness” Very helpful!

  15. please help with my thyroid issue any body ihave hashimotos and iam taking armour 45 and 30 and I don’t think my thyroid doctor is helping me much ay advice would be helpful

  16. I have a questioniam on 30 armour was on 45 I have liquid that comes out of my nose could that be from the pills I think I might be allergic it the armour I do not know and I am trying to find anew thyroid doctor also please help I have been up and down on my thyroid plus I take lorazepam for anxiety trying to come off of it please help me

    • I think the first thing you want to focus on is getting your thyroid levels straightened out first. Be patient. Some of that anxiety may go away on its own as your thyroid gets in range. How long have you been up and down? Are you having blood work every 6 months? I am 47, and some of the hormonal imbalance that can come with perimenopause can be a factor.

      • It has Benn a struggle for me I went back to armour 45 until I see the doctor I need a new thyroid doctor plus trying to get off lorazapam any advice

        • hi my name is marion I am having problems with my thyroid pills again the doctor put me back on levoxyl I have post nasal drip and itching my levoxyl is 50 and I do not know what to do is it wise to go back off of them please help me any advice would be nice

          • Is levoxyl generic? I stay on branded Synthroid. Many pharmacists will substitute for generic because of profit. Synthroid is one of the few products they say is worth staying on the branded version. Generic thyroid med can flucuate in levels too much.

          • Marion, are you still taking the lorazepam? I had the same symptoms you have, plus constant dizziness and body aches. I was also takin a benzodiazepine at the time and it turns out I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the benzodiazepine. I was still taking them, just the same dose and my body needed more apparently, causing me to go on withdrawal mode. I also have Hashimotos and for 2 years I blamed all my symptoms on my thyroid. I went to 4 different endos and have tried 7 different thyroid mess. Non made a didference because most of my symptoms were not related to my thyroid. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel sluggish and have many hypo symptoms.. but many of my worse symptoms have subsided after getting off the bezo. Look up the symptoms, I think you will find some answers. Talk to a doctor if you are ready to get off the lorazepam.. do not do it on your own. Good luck!

            • romina I went o detox to get off lorazepam in august and now that I got anew thyroid doctor he gave me 75 of levothyroixine I have been taking it for three weeks I hope this is going to work I found out that I needed to go up not down the old doctor had me going down thanks for writing me back

  17. I am so glad I found this. I feel like my energy levels have slowly been zapping over the past few months. And then over the past 3 weeks, my emotions have just nosedived. I’m all over the place. The man I’ve been with for 2.5 years has never seen me like this, and is at his wits end. I’m on Levoxyl and liothyrine, but I feel like it may be time to get my blood levels checked again. And spend the next 30 days on some sort of fast or AIP program (a funeral and a wedding for major family members in a week-and i haven’t been eating all that well, like I usually do) to reset my system. Any other advice?

  18. its all good and well if you find a great endocrine specialist… mine is rubbish, doesnt listen… am told my t4 is way too high and need to reduce dose, but i insist my symptoms are of under active still… i was diagnosed hypo last year and felt ill ever since… my figures go up and down and was accused of messin around with my meds dose! am in despair and am not looking forward to the rest of my life feeling so ill, weak, tired and depressed…. i have brain fog and cold hands, and am losing my hair, which as a woman is devastating…. ave prepared my own suicide as i know i am not getting the help i need, am sooooo frustrated…

    • martine….please please please Don’t do anything like that! i know you feel awful and are depressed, but there is more to life than this! YOU are Important! YOU matter! don’t you dare go thinking about ending life. i would love to write you off this site…. any time … write me: [email protected] please! i Care and will listen and share from my heart…okay??? please!!!

      • I’ve been struggling with my thyroid for 21 yrs. I’ve been having suicidal thoughts myself. Feeling hopeless. It has taken my youth, my career and relationships.

    • Oh my God I had a thyroidectomy May 19, 2016. I am scared, I feel horrible, supposedly my blood work is normal. Excessive sweating, can’t sleep, anxiety, was not like this before.

      • susan…i am so sorry, don’t give up! can you tell us more about your self and condition?? as you have read here, you are not alone! we all are here for you. tell us what you’ve tried and for how long and what your symptoms are currently. please don’t give up.

      • I went through the same thing after my thyoidectomy. I lost everything I had too. What saved me was a compounded thyoid formula. Levothyroxine and regular armour gave me NO ENERGY. I encourage you to try a compounded prescription from a naturopath. It helped me live my life again.

      • Hi Susan.
        I had a total thyroidectomy done back in 2003. Iv been doing ok so far . I do get irritable in hot weather and swet when i never did before. It has changed my body. I dont get depressed though, i wont allow myself. A healthy mind is a healthy body so to speak…although now i am finding the medication to be out of wack. Hopefully i can get that fixed. .like today. ?
        For the rest of us…try stay positive. You can talk yourself into depression…its just as easy to talk yourself back out of it. Its a vicious circle i know but staying positive really really helps. Xxx

        • Hello! I too had a thyroidectomy in Dec ’14 due to papillary carcinoma. I experimented 14 of the 16 side effects listed for synthroid/levothyroxine. I was miserable. My endocrinologist changed my dose. And when that didn’t help we tried name brand synthroid. I did see a difference in how my body reacted to the synthroid in just 2 weeks. I would have days where I actually was able to feel joy instead of indifference, depressed or angry at all times. However, 1 1/2 years after my surgery something clicked in my body. I feel like a normal human being!! Sometimes a side effect kicks in but it’s mild, rare and temporary. So hang in there. Keep in mind that for some a combination of T3/T4 works. For others its a natural hormone like Armour. Due your research, be proactive, be patient and don’t give up! Also, if you had your thyroid removed due to cancer, you need to be hyperthyroid to keepthe cancer from coming back. My blood work was “normal” but I was not fine. My body just needed time to adjust to this change. Others in the same situation say they went through te same thing. Hope this has been helpful. I wish you the best!

    • Martine, suicidal thoughts are a symptom of your under active thyroid and can even deceive you into thinking of suicide as a solution Not what it really is: FINAL! How many suicides have not really been an intentional act of ending one’s life? During the months prior to my diagnosis of hypothyroidism, I thought I was going crazy. Besides the usual physical symptoms, my mental state was bizarre! I would have moments of not knowing where I was, everything foreign until I “snapped out of it” and found I was in familiar surroundings! In my own home (of 30+ yrs), I would reach for things in the “mirror opposite” of where they actually were (& had been for more than 30 yrs)! Dishes that were upper left, I looked lower right on the opposite wall, etc. I would go shopping only to find myself wondering why I was here! My life was 100 times worse than these mere words can describe. In my mixed up mind, I thought that if I killed myself TODAY, I’d be better TOMORROW! I thank the Lord for a devoted loving husband (albeit totally confused!) trying to reassure me. My doctor refused to test my thyroid and chastised me for “self-diagnosis”! I changed Docs right fast! Was tested, treated and horrified to think how close I came to “accidental suicide”! Keep seeking a solution!

      • OMGosh, you just told my exact story!!! I now take Armour thyroid as well as compounded Estrogens, testosterone & progesterone. I am seeing a new Dr next month who hopefully can help with the continued symptoms of hypo thyroid.
        My PCP didnt want to test for thyroid but since all females in my family were already on levo, he decided to do so. He wanted to give me an antidepressant! I was on trazodone for 12 years & never want to go back on that. Fortunately we found the tests confirmed i was hypo. Now the maze of figuering out which meds, which Dr etc. Its a crazy-making situation for sure. But keep persevering, it takes time to get it all right

    • I was in you shoes about 6 year ago. Please find hormone restoration doctor, he will proscribe Armour Thyroid for you and you will see big difference almost instantly. Don’t wait, doctors not gods, you don’t have to put up with that one, fired him! Call around and ask if that doctor prescribe Armour if not call another. I hope you could find one soon.

  19. I might as well toss my hat in the ring too. I’m a muscular 39 year old male. Just over 2 years ago, I started to notice a few changes here an there, as if I was sick with something but not in a vomiting sense. As time went on, I gained weight, realized I was absolutely depressed, bloated, lacked major energy, lost interest in EVERYTHING (emphasis is needed!) and my libido disappeared. I would get so drowsy that it was as if my body was controlling my thoughts. Scary when you think about it, as this happens at random times, even driving.

    What have I done thus far? Since this past February, I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and sleep apnea. Getting ripped off on a CPAP mask still hasn’t netted any benefits, I still feel fatigued and weak, as if I didn’t sleep at all (at least I won’t stop breathing). The damn Levothroxlyn is about as useless of a med I can imagine. I’m constantly made to feel like I’m bullshitting the endocrinologist, each and every time I call to speak with her (which is rare). I will wholeheartedly agree with the countless souls who have shared their misery here that these moronic imbeciles, masquerading as endocrinologists simply DON’T have a clue how to treat this and refuse to seek a new way of attacking the issue (save for the actual good endocrinologists out there, which I’ve yet to meet after seeing 2 of them).

    I was then pushing for Testosterone diagnosis, which I finally got in late May. Results: 147, 301 and 127 (all 3 months apart, starting May 15′). For the men reading this, I gained: my libido back, hair grew back much faster, more strength (I’m a gym rat but I don’t use PEDs), a renewed feeling of courage and standing up for myself again (lost it over the last couple of years, like being pushed around type feelings).

    To you all: please don’t give up. Reading these sad stories has renewed my energy and I’m proud to tell you all I’ve dumped my current endocrinologist (wanted me to wait AGAIN till late July for a lab/check up) and I’m on the search for someone who cares and is willing to listen, not just hear me and take my damn money.

    What do we all have? We now have a voice and the complete and utter confidence in the fact we KNOW WE FEEL LIKE SHIT and WE CAN describe to others how we feel. Don’t let others that judge us for being unmotivated, un-energetic, constantly drowsy, weak, lacking libido, frustrated to the point of classic depression, unwanted/impossible to lose weight gain and the list goes on. Don’t stop fighting and we all know something will turn around in this science to help us all feel normal again, which I can’t remember feeling like now.

    Take care all of you!

    • I fill the same way I’m on 75mcg of the same stuf and fill like hell all the time I sleep but i dont fill rested at all and my moods are all over the place its scarey I I love to work out but with work and life I just don’t have nuthen lift and my sex drive is gone I’m 37 I don’t smoke I eat right and for 5y lifted weights I don’t do drugs and everything I read says I should fill grate there are some days if like I don’t have get up and go to even work but i fight thruw I went to the doc’s and asked for help but i get the same carp he’s wanted to put me on antidepressants I’m not depressed I’m a pretty happy guy but Damm what do I do I get called a slaker at work but I’m a go getter my girl friend love me but when she wants it man I ant got it I fill like I’m falling apart I’m in the best shape of my life and i can’t enjoy it so guys out there that are going threw this help i.d.k what to do

    • My endo at Rush in Chicago says Hashi pts feel best at a TSH of 1 or under. I believe the Endo TSH range is .3-3. I feel like crap above 2 TSH.

  20. Hi again…just wanted to add that i am also taking one of the necessary supplements to go along with the Lugol’s iodine..Magnesium and have just recently studied why the body needs more of this than what we have been told. the md’s have told us that as we age we need more Calcium to keep our bones in check so as not to get osteoporosis, but they have done a terrible job at telling us about the ratio of Mg to Ca and it is extremely important. Magnesium plays a Huge Major role in the uptake of Calcium and without it one’s body won’t get enough Ca and guess what?? one ends up with all sorts of ailments and running to the doctors…hmmm, more $$ they get. do your research and look up the benefits of Magnesium….it will change your thinking and your health. i owe all my research to my good friend Betsy who enlightened me to websites and told me about the Mg to Ca ratio…first thing she asked. wow! Huge difference in my health and well being….day 13 now, with iodine and supplements and watching what i eat/drink and feeling so Awwwwwsome!

    • Laurene, wow is all I can say….I really appreciate u sharing this info bcuz over last 2 months I’ve been suffering with I think low Magnesium levels….not sure about Calcium levels. I started having pains in my groin/glut areas & walking with a limp…which was getting worse daily. I just went to doctor yesterday & he says I probably irritated an old injury….also maybe my daily swim was part of it. Said I needed therapy-X-ray-ibuprofen as needed. He took blood work but no checking mag/cal levels.
      So, coworker suggested I soak in Epsom salt….I did last night & today I’m feeling 109% better & no limping!!! I’m amazed…can u share websites your friend Betsy shared with you?

      • hi Cheryl! first i want to say i am not saying this is a cure-all and i would advise for you and others to do your own research, research and research. i did and still am and i am in good enough health that i could say that i would give it a whirl just to see if my conditions improved and if i noticed any thing at all. the magnesium i am taking is magnesium gylcinnate as my friend said it would be the easiest to digest without having tummy issues. with the lugol’s 2% solution i am taking 6 supplements and an additional 1/4 tsp of unrefined Himalayan pink salt each day. i also continue to take my 30mg of armour thyroid and i have started taking it at bedtime just because i then don’t have mental issues of waking up constantly thru the morning hours seeing the clock and determining what time i need to take it, so that when i do get up i can have a cup of coffee…i not only am sleeping better, but awake refreshed and just go for the coffee whenever. as for the supplements..i take a good women’s multivitamin, D3 1000 iu, Vit C 2000 iu, B50 complex, Selenium 200mcg, and Magnesium Glucinate 400mg daily. i am taking 10 drops of 2& lugol’s first thing in the morning and then when i have my breakfast i have the supplements….at lunch i take 1/4 tsp unrefined salt. i have on occasion taken an extra 200mg magnesium tab at supper to sleep soundly…but sometimes it does upset my tummy. i sleep wonderful…i wake up several times thru the night as usual, but go right back to sleep. you wanted the sites i looked at; i will list a few, but mind you when you visit these sites, you sometimes have a thought or question…write it down and then later research your thought/question…it’s a journey and i have spent hours studying. also, on each site there are comments from readers and i have read thru them and researched more. on Amazon when i read people’s comments…i also read the comments of others to the person who commented…one gets a huge education in this alone and i still haven’t gotten one book yet. with that the 2 books i saw on amazon were: dr.david brownstein’s, Iodine, why you need it, why you can’t live without it. and dr. Carolyn dean’s The Magnesium Miracle (the very first informative comment on amazon is enough right there!) explains why you need Magnesium and opened my eyes! sites: Stop the Thyroid Madness, Hormone-Life Extension Health Concern on thyroid regulation, companion nutrients– the key to success on the iodine protocol, earth clinic: lugol’s iodine: treatment & side effects; gmo foods–what not to eat; lugol’s iodine and supplements to take while taking it, a must! and why. joanne brophy clinic: iodine therapy..iodine the universal medicine; goitrogenic food list– telling of foods to avoid because they disrupt normal thyroid function…thus i let go of the red wine and other veggies that are listed. that’s just a few. oh…and i just want to add that lugol’s does Not taste bad…i grew up with iodine in the water system (am 60 years old) and i thought it was going to taste bad…soon as i drank it, split second image flashed back to when i was a kid and this is just how our tap water tasted. also, when others comment on iodine salt loading…i haven’t had to yet, but it’s when you take the iodine solution and your body has reactions to the bromide toxicity that is already in your body and you may get headaches or rashes …some used to think this was due to the iodine and they said don’t take it, but apparently it is due to the bromides that are forced off the receptor sites that they have been clinging to all this time (poisoning us) and the iodine is reigning their now and the bromide poison has to get out of your body somehow….if one has a bad reaction, you can do the salt loading dose ( 1/4 tsp salt in a cup of warm water..drink and immediately follow with 12 to 16 oz of good water and wait 30 to 45 minutes…to pee it out; if you can’t pee….do this again up to 3x and you are helping your body eliminate the bromides from your body). i still have been waiting for a bad reaction and just wanted to see how 1/4 tsp of unrefined salt would taste…it’s not bad at all, and i actually do this each day at lunch. okay…done; sorry for the long journal. this is my story. research/write things down/research…ask questions and read read read. hope this helps Cheryl. lauree

      • Cheryl….the lugol’s i am taking is 2%, not 2&. (typo). if i continue, i may get the 5% and less drops. lauree

        • Anyone reading this, I would strongly recommend taking selenium with your iodine. Selenium is important for the thyroid, and can actually protect the thyroid from any damage iodine may possibly do to it. Cheers!

          • Yes! Melissa! you are correct! when one does research on taking Lugol’s…there are a few supplements that are a must! and Selenium is one of them; the site goes into the details of why the body needs these supplements and why if you don’t take them, it could lead to havoc.

            • Lauree, I am so grateful for your posts. Can you tell me what the supplements are that are necessary to take with iodine? Is it the ones you listed in your daily routine? I am 41 year old mother and who takes full time care of babies and works at night when they go to bed and have so little time to research. It looks like you are reading ALL the places I used to research when I had time. – The same doctors, sites, and books. I love researching all things health, but have so little time on my hands and am desperate to fix my thyroid problem.

              (My doc took me off naturethroid when I got pregnant 4 years ago and told me to stay off it and take levo while pregnant and breastfeeding with subsequent baby. I’ve just happily gone back on naturethroid and have not taken well to the medication I used to take so well to. I’m going to stick it out though as I think I need to slowly raise my dosage. I’ve always felt inclined to try the iodine plan though and just don’t have the time to research it at the moment and my doctor since I moved is very traditional.)

              • yes Melissa! they are the one’s listed in the posting i wrote. a good Multivitamin and watch the mg’s of Magnesium in the multivitamin! because you also want to take a supplement of Magnesium as well…not too much. i use Magnesium glycinate and a total of 600mg/day between the multivitamin and supplement. you also want a good Vit C 2000 to 3000mg a day…i am taking 2000mg; Selenium 200mcg a day…watch that multivitamin and see what it has as far as selenium….i use a 100mcg supplement to add to my multivit. i also take a good balanced B-50 (50mg of B’s) and D3..i take 2000 iu of D3 since i am in my 60’s now. hope this helps! make sure you take the Vitamin C.. 2 hours after taking the iodine….forgot why, but they seem to stress this. give it a whirl! lauree

                • Thank you so very much! That was so kind of you to reply to my post. I so appreciate the help! It’s a bit of a grim reality that I feel I can trust an anonymous name on this chain more than my doctor! It looks like we look to the same sources ; ) Thank you!

          • Eating 2 Brazil nuts each morning gets you the proper dose of Selenium. Trader Joe’s amd Whole Foods have them.