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Drugs & Conventional Medicine

Read the latest research-backed articles on drugs and conventional medicine and find out how the Functional Medicine approach differs. Upgrade your knowledge on the conventional medicine fallout and share your thoughts with our community.

RHR: The Link Between Metabolism and Mental Health, with Dr. Christopher Palmer
Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Chris Palmer joins Chris in this episode of Revolution Health Radio to talk about metabolic psychiatry and his brain energy theory of mental illness. They discuss why classifying mental disorders as “separate”...
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RHR: Optimizing Women’s Health, with Tracey O’Shea and Allie Nowak
In this episode of RHR, I talk with women’s health experts Tracey O’Shea and Allie Nowak about how Functional Medicine can help women address and suppress hormone imbalances throughout the body.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Functional Psychiatry: Treating Common Conditions with the Functional Approach
Functional psychiatry can successfully address the underlying causes of mental illness, improving long-term mental health outcomes for patients. Find out how, and get tips you can implement in your practice.
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Functional psychiatry
Becoming a Health Coach? Here’s What to Look For in a Training Program
If you’ve decided to become a health coach, you’ve got a chance to make a difference in your clients’ lives. Here’s an infographic on what you should look for in a health coach training program.
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Becoming a health coach
All about CBD Oil: How It Works and Its Potential Benefits
Have you come across CBD oil and wondered about its potential health benefits, safety, and effectiveness? Read on to learn why you should try CBD oil.
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CBD oil and other hemp-based products like these can carry a number of potential health benefits.
The Top 20 Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu
While exposure to cold and flu bugs is largely unavoidable, you don’t need to suffer through this season. Read on for 20 natural remedies for cold and flu.
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Using natural remedies to prevent or shorten a cold or flu can keep the illness from spreading between families, as it has with this couple.
How Safe Is Your Over-The-Counter Medicine?
While OTC drugs have long been considered relatively harmless, recent research suggests otherwise. Read on to learn about the health risks of common OTC meds, and discover safe alternatives to these drugs.
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This over-the-counter medicine can cause serious side effects.
How to Cure GERD without Medication
While the symptoms of GERD are disruptive, the risks of the drugs used to treat it can be more distressing. Find out how to cure GERD without medication.
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Heartburn sufferers looking for tips on how to cure GERD without medication should avoid this bread.
The Effects of Non-Antibiotic Drugs on the Microbiome
Most people know that antibiotics can have adverse effects on the composition of the gut microbiome. But did you know that nearly a quarter of non-antibiotic drugs can as well?
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Non-antibiotic drugs