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Drugs & Conventional Medicine

Read the latest research-backed articles on drugs and conventional medicine and find out how the Functional Medicine approach differs. Upgrade your knowledge on the conventional medicine fallout and share your thoughts with our community.

RHR: Should You Consider Medical Marijuana?
Medical marijuana is a pretty complex topic. Today I’ll cover the basics and talk about my experience with medical marijuana in my practice.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Two Reasons Conventional Medicine Will Never Solve Chronic Disease
Chronic disease is shortening our lifespan and threatening the health of future generations. Conventional medicine has failed to address it. I outline a new healthcare approach that would more effectively tackle the chronic disease challenge.
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Conventional medicine falls short when it comes to treating chronic illness.
The Promising Potential of Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana is now legal in several U.S. states. Read on to learn about the most promising potential applications of medical marijuana and the current state of marijuana research.
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Medical marijuana
Why You Should Think Twice before Giving Your Child Antibiotics
Antibiotics are sometimes necessary, but they are also overprescribed. Discover when antibiotics are appropriate and how you can reduce your need for them.
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antibiotics for kids
RHR: Dr. Mark Hyman on the Future of Medicine
Mark and I discuss the failures of conventional medicine, research that supports functional medicine and discovering the underlying roots of illness, and what the future holds for the delivery of care.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Coffee Is Good for You—Unless It’s Not!
Numerous studies have linked drinking coffee with generally positive health effects. Recent research shows that coffee may not be a friend for all.
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slow caffeine metabolism
Why We Get Sick—and How to Get Well
With many chronic health problems you will likely be given a drug to manage symptoms and not much else. Successfully treating these conditions means addressing their underlying cause. This is where functional medicine comes in.
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why we get sick
Has Antibiotic Overuse Caused a Celiac Disease Epidemic?
Celiac disease is on the rise, and the population-wide overuse of antibiotics could play a key role in triggering disease onset.
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gluten free antibiotics
Behind the Veil: Conflicts of Interest and Fraud in Medical Research
Recent reports have revealed that conflicts of interest and research fraud are rarely reported. What does this say about the integrity of clinical trials and the reliability of public agencies like the FDA and CDC?
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Medical conflict of interest